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双城区中心医院妇产科肇州县无痛人流要多少钱People in tropical countries are enjoying the heat of the sun, the opportunity to do outdoor activities, travel, and of course everyone#39;s favorite, swimming.热带地区的人享受着阳光的热量,热爱户外运动,热爱旅游,当然还有每个人最爱的游泳。Summer is more felt in those locations, and there are increased number of patrons going to beaches, hotel resorts, private pools, and other places where they could enjoy the invigorating and refreshing feeling of water.这些地区的夏日气息特别强烈,而且还有持续增长的游客来到这里的海滩,假日酒店,私人游泳池以及其他一些可以给人们神清气爽和享受感觉的水的地方。Hence, whether it#39;s summer or not, here are the top 10 health benefits of swimming that you should bear in mind to keep yourself up, energetic, and active.因此,无论是不是夏天,接下来讲的游泳的十大益处你可以牢记于心来鼓舞你自己,让自己积极向上,让自己变得更加充满活力。10. Improves appetite control10. 加强对饮食的控制You don#39;t need to deprive yourself too much just to stop your cravings for food.你不需要过分剥夺自己的权利,你只需要停止你对食物的渴望。Spending regular time each day to swim for an hour or two, would make you feel that your appetite decreases.每天有规律的花上一两个小时游泳,你将会发现你的食欲有所下降。Thus, it helps you to have more control as to how much food you will take in, and when is the appropriate time to eat.因为,游泳帮助你更好的控制你自己的饮食量以及最佳饮食时间。This is an ideal way of doing or practicing a balanced diet without feeling the need to lose weight.这是一个在不需要减肥的情况下养成规律的饮食习惯的好方式。9. It keeps your respiratory tract healthy9. 保持呼吸道健康According to studies, regular swimming boosts up the oxygenation process in bronchi, and lungs that results to an increased capacity of the respiratory system, which people normally gets when they do typical exercises like jogging, walking, and other physical movements.研究表明,经常游泳能增强呼吸道和肺的氧化过程,这将有助于增加呼吸道的容量,人们通常通过做一些典型的运动,比如,慢跑,散步和一些其他身体上的运动来得到这种氧化过程。Of course, you also need to ask for a physician#39;s advice if you have a current respiratory disease or condition that may complicate when you swim.当然,如果目前你身体上存在呼吸道的疾病及问题,你就需要问下医生这种情况下游泳会不会使情况变的更糟。8. It controls blood pressure8. 控制血压Instead of having a regular maintenance of medicines, why don#39;t you opt for free, safe, and easy way of controlling your blood pressure without causing too much cut from your pocket.你为什么不选择用一些花钱少而又自由,安全和简单的方式而不是靠定期的药物来保护身体来控制你的血压呢?According to several studies conducted by health experts, people over 40 and up have experienced great improvement in the systolic blood pressure after two weeks of regular swimming activities.根据一些健康专家的研究表明,超过四十岁的人们在经过两周有规律的游泳后大大的改善了收缩压的情况。It improves the function of the blood vessels that results to a decreased pressure in pumping blood.它提高了血管的功能从而降低了其输送血液的压力。7. It Shapes Body7. 塑造身材Whether you are in shape or not, swimming is a relaxing way of being and getting fit.无论你的身材好与不好,游泳是一种很轻松的塑造身材的方式。The process of doing it regularly will not just assist you in achieving the figure that you want, but you are also creating the habit of focusing to get the size that you want.定期锻炼不仅仅能让你专注于你想要得到的曲线,更让你产生了想得到这种曲线的习惯。Because you enjoy every moment of it, you are not in the pressure of getting to the point of having muscles, and refining other flaws that you might see in the curves or forms of your body.因为每一刻你都在享受,你并没有处于压力的状态下锻炼肌肉或者刻意地改善一些其他的缺点,也许在不经意间你就能看到自己的曲线了。6. It Burns Fat6. 燃烧脂肪All forms of exercise are effective good ways to lose weight and burn unnecessary fats.任何形式的运动都是燃烧不必要的脂肪和减肥的有效的好方法。However, swimming does everything the moment that you jump in to the pool and start doing different strokes; all parts of the body are also moving.但是,游泳的时候能帮助你全身都得到锻炼,当你跳进游泳池并且开始做不同的拍打动作的时候,你的全身上下都在动!You may not be able to see the kind of sweat that you#39;ll get when you walk, jog, and even bike, but swimming firms the muscles of your body, burns calories, and even boosts up the metabolic process that is necessary to burn fat.当你散步,慢跑,甚至是骑自行车的时候,你也许看不到身上的汗水,但是游泳能塑造你身体上的肌肉,燃烧卡路里甚至增强新陈代谢,这些必然会燃烧脂肪。5. It Gives Healthier Skin5. 打造更健康的肌肤Aside from water intake, swimming does the job of making your skin soft, younger, and healthier.除了水分的吸收,游泳这项工作会让你的皮肤更加柔软,年轻和健康。This is another form of exercise where it boosts up the pumping of blood that automatically results to a healthy skin color.这也是增强血液运输的另一种形式的锻炼,这往往会让我们的皮肤变成健康的肤色。Don#39;t forget to apply sun screen protection, especially if you are in tropical countries where sun is at its peak, where it can leave harmful effects not just on the skin, but within the skin too.别忘了用防晒霜来保护自己的皮肤,尤其在一些热带国家,当太阳达到顶峰的时候,将不仅仅对皮肤表层更会对皮肤里层造成有害的影响。4. It Reduces Muscle Tension4. 缓解肌肉紧张As swimming improves the blood flow in your body, it also relaxes the muscles that frees up the tension that the muscles feel.游泳不但能增强身体的血液循环,它还能放松肌肉从而缓解肌肉的紧张感。Since this involves physical exertion, it is expected to see and experience this healthy result in your body.由于这个涉及到物理运动,你最好亲身体验这种健康效果。Hence, make sure that you do it correctly so you won#39;t feel any negative or stressful effect in your body, especially if you have done it in an excessive amount of time.你要确保自己做对了特别是当你在这上面花费了很多的时间的时候,这样你的身体才不会因此感觉到任何的负担和压力。More so doing the right strokes will help you avoid any injury or pain as you consult any professional trainer or swimming coach.而且,如果你请了专业的培训师或者教练的话,正确的拍打姿势将会帮助你避免任何伤害和痛苦。3. Keep Away Stresses in Life3.远离生活中的压力According to surveys, there are 74% of people who have shared that the stresses and tensions that they have felt before they started to swim have greatly reduced, and in fact, some of them did not feel the pressure that life gives them whether the sources are from work, family, and other aspects of life when they find themselves in the water.根据调查显示,74%的人在游泳前都感觉到了压力和紧张感,但是当他们开始游泳的时候这种感觉会大大的减少。事实上,很多人在水里的时候根本就感觉不到来自生活上的无论是工作,家庭抑或是其他方面的压力。Moreover, it also relaxes their mind that creates positive feelings and impressions that make them forget any concerns and challenges that bother them.此外,游泳还可以放松他们的大脑,创造一些积极向上的感觉从而让我们忘记任何烦扰他们的忧虑和挑战。It does not matter if you are doing it for fun or if it#39;s a regular physical work out, but it invites positivity and increases self-confidence.无论你是出于对它的爱好还是为了做有规律的身体锻炼,这都不重要,但是它融入了积极性,提升自信心。2. It#39;s Free Most of the Time2. 免费的Whether you are swimming in the pond, lake, bathtub at home, and other public resorts or beaches, most of them are free.无论你是在池塘,湖泊, 家里的浴缸,公共的度假村或是海滩边游泳,大部分都是免费的。You don#39;t need to spend too much.你不用花很多钱。Of course, if you want other amenities, you have to spend extra money for it.当然,如果你想要其他的,你就要付额外的钱。Nonetheless, it#39;s still a cost effective way of enjoying, at the same time, you free yourself from worries about how much would you have to pay after.尽管如此,它还是一项值得消费的享受方式,与此同时,它还能让你远离一些日后不知道要花费多少的担忧。1. Its Enjoyable1.令人享受的Pleasure is the number one benefit that one gets from swimming.游泳的最好好处就是享受快乐。Playing with water makes you feel young, and it washes away all the negative feelings that you have.和水嬉戏不但能让你感觉年轻,还能冲掉你身上所有负面的情绪。It automatically cools down your mind, and all other parts of your body.它能自然而然的让你头脑和身体的其他部位都冷静下来。In fact, even if you have not yet thrown yourself to the pool or to the water, you#39;ll aly feel the different kind of excitement and happiness that affects your mood.事实上,即使你还没有下游泳池或者下水,你就能够感觉到它在影响着你的情绪,给你带来了不同的兴奋和幸福感。In return, you also reciprocate that positive emotion to the people around you.作为回报,你也能将这种积极的情绪传给你身边的其他人。This is a proactive way of releasing your anger, problems, and fears.这是一个积极主动的释放你的愤怒,问题和恐惧的方式。There is something in water that drowns away all your troubles, even the greatest anxieties in your life.水里面总有些东西能将你所有的麻烦甚至是你生命中最大的焦虑淹没和冲走。 /201305/240238平房区妇女医院网上咨询 哈尔滨市九洲妇科医院怎么样?

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哈尔滨看妇科哪家医院更专业看白领压减新玩法White-collar workers going to great lengths for stress reliefWhite-collar workers going to great lengths for stress relief A soldier of the South Korean special attack corps paints his eyes during a friendly Taekwondo match at a South Korean Army Base in Pochon, north of Seoul. Stressed out white-collar workers are scaling skyscrapers, camping out on rooftops, smashing up restaurants, pretending to be children and even visiting cemeteries in a bid to relieve the pressure of modern life.As the country's economy continues to steam ahead, once popular forms of entertainment, such as karaoke, card games and even boxing bars, appear to be losing their appeal.Consider the members of Shanghai's Cat Rain club. By day, this group of young women works executive jobs, but by night they climb buildings so they can spend the night on the roof."It's a good way to release our pressure. You feel relaxed when you're sitting on the roof, looking up to the sky and chatting with intimate friends," said Gong Ying, 25.The stress of work is not just limited to people in Shanghai.A recently opened restaurant in Beijing encourages customers to smash plates - as long as they are willing to pay to replace them.Though there has been some debate about the extravagance of such services, some psychologists say the activity reflects the desire of some white-collar workers to vent their angst.Some workers even appear eager to return to their childhoods. This May, hundreds of people took part in a festival in which adults pretended to be children. It was an adults-only event, and participants could comics and eat sweets all day.Scenic places such as parks and rivers can also help people relax and put things in perspective. But a cemetery?Cemetery companies in Shanghai organized visits to local graveyards for stressed-out workers in March. The participants were taken to quiet spots in the cemetery where they could contemplate life and their futures.Roof-camper Chen Bin, an IT marketing professional, said she had camped out on a rooftop about 30 times. When she's not sleeping out under the stars, she also has several other adrenalin-fueled interests, such as downhill racing and paragliding."Pressure may bring us distress, but it doesn't mean we can't find ways out," Chen says. "Life should be imaginative."(China Daily) 压力过大的白领们正在用爬楼、露营屋顶、去发泄餐厅砸盘子、“扮嫩”、甚至游墓地的方式给自己减压。随着中国经济蒸蒸日上,卡拉OK、打牌以及拳击俱乐部等曾经流行的方式如今已失去吸引力。在上海的Cat Rain俱乐部,白天,一群年轻女孩做做行政工作;到了晚上,她们就爬到楼顶上去过夜。25岁的宫颖说:“这是释放压力的好方法。当你坐在楼顶上,看看天空,和好朋友聊聊天,你会感到很放松。”不仅仅是上海人工作压力大。近日在北京开业的一家餐厅为顾客提供“砸盘子”务,砸碎的盘子由顾客买单。尽管这种“奢侈”的务引发了一些争论,但一些心理学家分析说,这种做法反映出一些白领人士想要发泄心中郁闷的愿望。一些白领人士甚至想“还童”。今年五月,共有几百人参加了一个“成人儿童节”。这个活动只允许成年人参加。参加这一活动的人可以一整天都看漫画书、吃糖果。公园、河流这样的景点也有助于人们减压,理清头绪。但墓地呢?今年三月,上海陵园公司组织了一场白领减压墓地游活动。活动参与者被带到墓地中安静的地方,他们可以在那儿思考人生和未来。IT界营销人士陈斌就比较喜欢在楼顶上露营,她说,她已经在楼顶上露营了大约30次了。除此之外,她还有其它几个“刺激”的爱好,比如滑降和滑伞。她说:“压力会导致情绪低落,但这并不是说没有办法来减压。生活应该有点想象力。” /200803/30014 一位父亲为庆祝宝贝女儿出生!要把“克莱尔”译为中文,献给自己的小仙女!伴随她成长… 另外,小宝宝中文名还没有确定,但是英文名只有一个:Claire... 这就是天意吧… 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:我是剩女我怕谁?最佳损友会来陪!译者:koogle平房区中医院顺产多少钱哈医大一院可以刷医疗卡吗



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