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探索世界奥秘之Life Story(生命物语) 8I can see the muscles that make up my face, my skull, and my own brain. So, now I can take you on that journey into my ear in a way that’s never been possible before. This time we can fly straight through my eardrum. We're inside my head and at last I can show you what we’ve come here to see. On the right, it’s my eardrum again, but now we’re looking at it from the back. And attached to the middle of it is what I want to show you. It’s a bone. Though it’s towering above us, it’s actually tiny, about the size of a grain of rice. It’s the first in a chain of three bones which transfer the vibrations of my eardrum to receptors in my cochlea. They are the smallest bones in my body and they are perfectly engineered to perform their task, yet these bones will reveal how evolution has transformed us because they were once something completely different. Let me take you back even before birth, and the bones will tell us their story: a fetus in the womb, just 12 weeks old and it’s only a few centimeters long, it would fit in an eggcup.---Deep inside its head, its ear bones are forming. Now let’s look at younger and younger fetuses: 8 weeks, 7 weeks, 6 weeks. We are actually witnessing something amazing because at certain times in this early development our human embryo betrays the shapes of the embryos of some of our distant prehuman ancestors. In other words, what we are looking at now is like the embryo of a creature we evolved from millions of years ago. It’s just as if we are journeying back in time virtually rewinding evolution to show episodes in the history of life. ---If we use the magnetic scanner, incredible details are revealed. We can see right through the skin of the brain and the spinal cord beginning to form, and the beginnings of an eye behind the emerging hand. Like some of the creatures that preceded us on the evolutionary tree, it has a curved spine and what might be a tail. And those amazing ear bones we saw earlier are taking shape on the outside of the head. The cells that will make them are located here, tiny grooves almost hidden behind that hand.words and expressionstower:tower vi.(常与above, up连用)高耸;屹立cochlea:A spiral-shaped cavity of the inner ear that resembles a snail shell and contains nerve endings essential for hearing.耳蜗:内耳的螺旋形内腔,像蜗壳,有主要用于听的神经末梢fetus: In human beings, the unborn young from the end of the eighth week after conception to the moment of birth, as distinguished from the earlier embryo.胎儿:人类从开始怀的第八个星期到出生这一期间的有别于更早期的胚胎的幼儿spinal cord :The thick, whitish cord of nerve tissue that extends from the medulla oblongata down through the spinal column and from which the spinal nerves branch off to various parts of the body.脊髓:从延髓开始沿脊柱延伸的粘稠、白色、索状的神经组织,由脊髓开始脊椎神经分叉伸向身体各个部位200707/16008

Series of Crimes Spark Renewed Anger Against US Troops in Japan驻日美军整顿纪律缓解与居民关系 Relations between U.S. military personnel and Japanese communities that host military bases are growing emotional following a spate of crimes committed by U.S. servicemen. The incidents have prompted calls by Japan's opposition party for a re-evaluation of defense pacts, and have led U.S. commanders to clamp down on their troops. 随着美军士兵近来出现一连串犯罪,美军和驻日美军基地附近日本居民之间的关系愈发紧张。日本反对党呼吁重新评估两国间的防务协议。此外,美军指挥官也对部下采取整顿措施。 In early April, Japanese authorities arrested a U.S. sailor on charges of killing and robbing a taxi driver near Tokyo. The serviceman had deserted from the U.S. Yokosuka Naval Base.  4月初,日本当局逮捕了一名美国水兵,罪名是在东京附近谋杀并抢劫了一名出租车司机。此前,这名美国军人从横须贺海军基地开小差逃走。Before that, in February, U.S. military police on the island of Okinawa took a Marine into custody following allegations that he raped a Japanese teenager. The girl's family decided not to press charges, but the Marine faces a possible court martial.  今年2月,美国军警在冲绳岛拘捕了一名美国海军陆战队士兵。他被控强奸了一名日本少女。虽然这名少女的家人决定不提出起诉,但是这名士兵可能面临军事法庭审判 。And next month the military plans to court-martial four Marines accused of gang-raping a woman in the western Japanese city of Hiroshima. 下个月,美国军方打算把4名海军陆战队成员送上军事法庭。他们被控在日本西部城市广岛强暴一名妇女。Each incident has inflamed emotions in the Japanese communities around U.S. bases, and has renewed an old debate about how to keep U.S. troops in line. 每次事件都激发了美军基地周围日本居民的愤慨,而且再度引发如何整治驻日美军的争议。More than 47,000 U.S. troops are stationed in Japan, about half of them on Okinawa, Japan's smallest prefecture. Residents there are especially sensitive to the latest incidents, because it brings back memories of a 1995 case, when three U.S. servicemen kidnapped and raped a 12-year-old Okinawan schoolgirl.  驻日美军人数总共有四万七千多人,其中有近一半人在日本最小的县冲绳。当地居民对最近发生的事件特别敏感。早在1995年,就曾发生一起美军士兵绑架并强暴一名十二岁的小女孩的案件。That prompted large anti-base protests and strained U.S.-Japan relations. 那一案件激发了大规模的反基地抗议,并导致美日关系紧张。Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Powell is the Marine spokesman on Okinawa. He says although the crime rate among U.S. Marines is far lower than that of the general population, the military is fully responsible for any crime committed by its troops. 道格拉斯.鲍威尔中校是美军驻冲绳的海军陆战队发言人。他说,虽然美国海军陆战队的犯罪率比一般人口的犯罪率低得多,但是美国军方仍然要对部下犯下的任何罪行承担全部责任。"We are guests here in Japan," he said. "Even though we as U.S. military here in Japan have very low crime rate, half that of the local population, still we are guests here and one incident is one too many." 他说:“我们在日本是客人。即使驻日美军的犯罪率很低,只有一般人口犯罪率的一半,但是我们在这里是客人,即使只出一件事也是不可容许的。”Powell says that in 2007 around one percent of all crimes on Okinawa were committed by U.S. personnel, who make up about three percent of the prefecture's population. 鲍威尔说,在2007年,在冲绳地区的全部犯罪案例中,有百分之一是美军士兵所为,而美军人数占冲绳县总人口的百分之三。The crime rate for the military on Okinawa has declined in recent years. The Okinawa Prefectural Police say the number of arrests for felonies or serious misdemeanors by troops and their dependents fell to 46 in 2006 from 133 in 2003. 近年来冲绳美军的犯罪率下降。冲绳县警方说,2006年美军部队及其家属因重罪或严重犯罪行为而被捕的案例有四十六起,而2003年则有一百三十三起。But to improve relations with Okinawans and to reduce the chances of new problems, after this latest rape allegation the military imposed a sweeping curfew on service members, civilian employees and family members. The military also restricted alcohol purchases. The restrictions were eased after two weeks, but servicemen are still subject to a night-time curfew. 但是在最近的这起强暴案之后,美国军方为了改善和冲绳居民的关系并降低更多犯罪事件爆发的可能性,对军人、文职人员及其家属全面施行宵禁。美国军方还限制酒类销售。有关禁令在两周后被解除,但是军人仍然必需遵守宵禁规定。Powell says U.S. commanders and Okinawa officials are discussing other ways to reduce problems, such as joint police patrols in bar districts.But for some people who live near bases, such as Suzuyo Takazato, those measures are not enough. Takazato is a co-founder of the Okinawa Women's Act Against Military Violence. She says residents of Okinawa think U.S. and Japanese officials have let them down, especially after this latest incident. 然而对某些住在军事基地附近的居民,例如高里说来,那些措施还不够。高里是冲绳妇女反对驻军暴力行动组织的共同创办人。她说,冲绳居民认为,美国和日本官方辜负了他们的期望,尤其是在最近的事件发生之后更是如此。She says apologies by U.S. officials, including one in February by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, are appreciated. But she says they do not solve the problem. What would solve the problem, she says, is for the U.S. military to leave Okinawa. 她说,感谢美国官方的道歉,包括美国国务卿赖斯2月的道歉。但是她说,那些道歉没有解决问题。她说,解决问题的办法是美军撤离冲绳。"We feel always they promise that they are so respectful and that they will train, they will discipline their soldiers, but it's really repeatedly it's happening, we don't see the new solution," she said. 她说:“我们觉得他们老是保他们会遵纪守法,会训练并管好自己的士兵,但是这种事情却再三发生,我们并没有看到新的解决方法。”However, many people on Okinawa are hesitant to call for closing the bases, because of the jobs they create for residents of one of Japan's poorest areas. The larger issue for U.S. and Japanese officials is whether these incidents will affect defense ties. 美日官方面临的大问题是这些事件是否将影响防务关系。The outcry after the 1995 rape case was a factor in negotiations between the two countries that led to a decision to move about 8,000 Marines from Okinawa by 2012. 两国已经决定在2012年前把八千名美国海军陆战队撤离冲绳。而1995年强奸案也是两国在谈判中考虑的一个因素。Brandon Taylor is a lecturer at the Strategic and Defense Study Center at Australian National University. He says the outcry could intensify if U.S. crimes are not brought under control. But he says it is unlikely to affect U.S. and Japanese defense relations because of regional security issues. 布兰登.泰勒是澳大利亚国立大学战术及防御研究中心的讲师。他说,如果不能制止美军犯罪的话,这一抗议浪潮将进一步高涨。但是他说,美日防务关系不大可能受地方安全问题的影响。"There's a great degree of apprehension regarding the North Korean nuclear problem and more broadly the prospect of a unified Korea in the future," he said. "And I think that the U.S. alliance is seen as pretty critical to Japan in terms of countering those perceived threats." 他说:“北韩的核问题以及未来朝鲜半岛统一这些问题都是十分棘手的问题。我觉得日本认为,与美国的联盟关系对于对付这些人们担心的威胁是相当关键的。”Taylor says Japanese policy makers could be pressured into changing the defense relationship only if domestic anger increases to a point of social instability. 泰勒说,日本的决策者只有在国内的愤慨情绪高升到引发社会动乱的地步,才可能不得不改变美日防务关系。"It remains to be seen, I suppose, whether the protests will continue at the domestic level and that will be the difficulty, I suppose, for the Japanese government - (it) will be to play that little game of balancing that domestic pressure with pressures of the alliance," Taylor said.Opposition parties, which control the upper house of parliament, have petitioned to revise the pact that governs the status of U.S. forces in Japan.  控制日本参议院的反对党派已提出修改有关驻日美军法律地位的美日防务条约。Under the agreement, military suspects do not have to be handed over to local authorities until charged by Japanese prosecutors. After the 1995 rape, Washington agreed to consider handing over suspects in serious cases even if they have not been charged. But the agreement has never actually been changed. Officials in Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda's government, however, say the agreement does not need to be changed. 根据有关协议,美国军方嫌疑人在受到日本检察人员起诉前,不必被交给地方当局。在1995年的强暴案后,华盛顿方面同意考虑在正式受到起诉前交出涉及重大犯罪案件中的美军嫌疑人。但是这一协议实际上却从来没被改动。福田康夫总理的政府官员认为不必改动有关协议。200804/34010

Democrats Worry About Divisive US Presidential Nomination Fight美民主党初选内斗相争利共和党? In the U.S. presidential race, a growing number of Democrats are worried that the long and bitter nomination fight between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton may be helping the presumptive Republican candidate, Senator John McCain. 在这次美国总统大选的竞选中,越来越多的民主党人担心,奥巴马参议员和克林顿参议员之间争夺提名的旷日持久苦战可能有助于可能获共和党候选人提名的麦凯恩参议员。Some Democrats, many of them Obama supporters, argue there is no way that Hillary Clinton can overtake Barack Obama in the delegate count, and they want her to step aside for the good of the party.包括奥巴马的许多持者在内的一些民主党人说,在选举代表人数上克林顿不可能超越奥巴马,他们希望克林顿为了民主党的利益而退出竞选。But out on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton says voters are telling her just the opposite.但是正在竞选途中的克林顿说,选民向她表达了相反的意见。"The most common thing that people say to me, it happened here, it happened last night, it happens everywhere now, is do not give up," she said. "Keep going. We are with you."她说:“人们最常对我说的话是:不要放弃,坚持下去,我们持你。他们在这里这样说,昨晚也这样说过,到处都有人这样说。”Obama leads Clinton in the delegate count by more than 100. Most political experts give Clinton little chance of pulling ahead of Obama in the remaining primaries and caucuses because Democrats award delegates on a proportional basis, making it difficult for challengers to make up ground on the delegate leader.奥巴马赢得的选举代表人数超过克林顿100多人。大多数政治人士都认为,克林顿几乎没有可能在今后的初选和党内基层选举中超越奥巴马,因为民主党人根据比例计算各人赢得的选举代表人数,这使得争夺代表人数的对手难以后来居上压倒领先者。Clinton is favored in the next primary in Pennsylvania. But Obama remains confident that he will win his share of the remaining 10 nominating contests that run into June and will emerge victorious at the Democrat's national nominating convention in August.克林顿参议员在即将举行的宾夕法尼亚州初选中处于优势地位,但是奥巴马仍然坚信,他将在延续到6月的余下10次初选中获胜,而且将在8月的民主党全国代表大会上取得提名。"We will win this nomination, we will win the general election, and, you and I together, we will change this country and we will change the world," he said.奥巴马说:“我们将赢得提名,我们将赢得大选,你们和我一起将改变这个国家,我们还将改变这个世界。”New polls suggest the lengthy and increasingly bitter Democratic nomination fight could hurt the party in the November election.最近的调查结果显示,拖延日久且日趋激烈的民主党提名战可能会不利于民主党在11月大选中获胜。An N News-Wall Street Journal poll has Obama and Clinton tied at 45 percent in a national survey, but also showed a spike in negative views of Senator Clinton. Of those asked, 48 percent had a negative view of Clinton, compared to 37 percent who see her favorably. Obama's numbers were 49 percent positive and 32 percent negative.全国广播公司新闻节目和华尔街日报联合进行的全国调查显示,奥巴马和克林顿的持率都是45%,但是也显示对克林顿持负面看法的人数大幅上升。接受调查人当中,48%的人对克林顿持负面看法,37%的人赞同克林顿。奥巴马的正面得分是49%,负面得分是37%。In addition, a new Gallup poll suggests the presumptive Republican nominee, Senator John McCain, is reaping benefits from the Democrat's infighting.盖洛普最新调查显示,共和党的可能总统候选人麦凯恩参议员正从民主党的内斗中获利。A total of 19 percent of Obama supporters said they would vote for McCain if Clinton were the Democratic nominee, while 28 percent of Clinton supporters said they would defect to McCain if Obama wins the nomination.19%的奥巴马持者说,如果克林顿成为民主党候选人,他们将投票持麦凯恩。28%的克林顿持者表示,如果奥巴马获得提名,他们将转而持麦凯恩。Most political analysts believe that the only way Clinton can win the Democratic nomination is for her to continue to attack Obama in the months to come and hope for support from so called super delegates, uncommitted office holders and party activists who will vote at the convention.大多数政治分析人士认为,克林顿要想赢得民主党提名的唯一途径是在今后几个月里不断攻击奥巴马,而且把希望寄托在超级选举代表、尚未表态的政府官员以及将在全国代表大会上参加投票的民主党活动分子的持上。But experts warn that would likely rip the Democratic Party apart.但是专家警告说,那样很可能会导致民主党分裂。Norm Ornstein is a longtime political scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.诺姆.奥恩斯坦是美国企业研究所内的资深政治学家。"So, for Mrs. Clinton, to get to the end of this nominating process if she is behind in elected delegates, overall delegates, popular votes cast nationwide and states, it is hard to imagine a Democratic Party that would nominate her under those circumstances because that would be a genuinely Pyrrhic [costly] victory," he explained.他说:“就克林顿夫人而言,如果在这次提名程序的终点,她所赢得的选举代表人数、代表总数和全国及各州民众普选票数都落后的话,很难想象民主党会在这种情况下提名她为候选人,因为那的确是要付出巨大牺牲才能换取的胜利。”Some of the super delegates want to prevent the Obama-Clinton battle from continuing all the way to the convention in August.Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen is an uncommitted super delegate. Bredesen has proposed that the Democratic super delegates who have yet to commit to a candidate meet in June to settle the fight once and for all."If we go on through the summer with all these things happening behind the scenes, I think it is a terrible image for the party," he said. "Part of the idea of doing it in a public way in June is let us get them together, let us have them listen to the candidates, let us have them publicly declare where they are and let us get out of that backroom mode."Both Clinton and Obama have had to deal with potentially damaging controversies in recent days.克林顿和奥巴马都必须处理近日来的争论可能造成的破坏性后果。Clinton acknowledged that she misspoke when she exaggerated the dangers of a trip to Bosnia as First Lady in 1996.克林顿承认,自己错误地夸大了1996年作为第一夫人访问波斯尼亚时的危险。Obama sought to distance himself from the racial and anti-American statements of his former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.奥巴马泽努力寻求与他以前的牧师莱特保持距离。这名牧师发表了种族主义和反美言论。New polls suggest Obama's speech on race dealing with Wright last week may have limited damage in the short term. But many Republican strategists believe Wright will be a liability for Obama if he faces McCain in the general election.最近的调查显示,奥巴马上周处理莱特问题的有有关种族的讲话可能在近期内造成的损害有限。但是许多共和党策略人士认为,如果奥巴马在大选中迎战麦凯恩,那么莱特将拖累奥巴马。Weekly Standard editor Fred Barnes is a frequent guest on VOA's Issues in the News program.旗帜周刊编辑巴尼斯经常是美国之音新闻节目的佳宾。Barnes says some Republicans now believe Obama would be a weaker opponent than Clinton in the general election.他说,某些共和党人如今还认为,和克林顿相比,奥巴马是位更弱的对手。"They have always assumed up until very recently that Hillary Clinton would be the perfect candidate for them, the Republicans, to run against, because they think she unites the Republican Party and so on," he said. "Now with the Jeremiah Wright affair and Barack Obama, they are not so sure. They think Obama might be an easier candidate to beat."巴尼斯说:“共和党直到最近还一直认为克林顿是他们最理想的对手,因为他们认为克林顿可以让共和党团结一致。但是现在爆出了奥巴马与莱特关系的事情,他们就没那么确定了,他们可能认为奥巴马是更容易击败的对手。”In terms of general election match-ups, the N Wall Street Journal poll shows Obama edging McCain by 44 to 42 percent, while McCain defeats Clinton by a margin of 46 to 44 percent.全国广播公司与华尔街日报有关大选对阵的调查结果显示,如果奥巴马与麦凯恩交锋,奥巴马会有44%的胜算,麦凯恩只有42%,而麦凯恩会以46%的优势击败克林顿的44%持率。200803/32673

  12第十二单元conversation 1会话 1A:Kenvin? Hi,its Alice. I m very sorry that I have a big favor to ask you again.A:凯文?你好,我是爱丽丝。不好意思又要你帮个大忙了。B:How big,Alice? Last time you said that,I ended up working overtime 4 nights.B:多大的忙,爱丽丝?上次你就是这么说的,结果我连加了4个晚上的班。A:Well,Ive got a huge load of typing and Mr. Brown has insis-ted I get it done by tomorrow afternoon. Could you help me to type half of it?A:是这样,我有一大摞东西要打,而且布朗先生要我明天下午前一定干完。你能帮我打一半吗?B:All right, Alice. But this is the last time. I also have a lot of work to do.B:好吧,爱丽丝。但这是最后一次。我也有许多工作要做。A:Thank you,Kenvin,Youre so kind.A:谢谢你,凯文,你太好了。Conversation 2会话 2A:Whos our new office mate?A:谁是我们的新工作伙伴?B:Miss Liu,Id like you to meet Becca, Becca Gritz. She will be working with you starting today.B:刘,介绍你认识贝卡,贝卡·葛莉斯。从今天开始,她将和你一起工作。A:Welcome to Drexler Corporation,Becca! Were really happy to have you.A:贝卡,欢迎加入德瑞斯勒公司!真髙兴你成为我们的一员。C:Thank you. Im glad to be here.C:谢谢。我很高兴能来这里工作。 /201604/439442



  An adult wanderer may travel 5, 000 miles, sometimes to Brazil and back, in order to collect squid for its young. This enormous chick weighs 10 kilos, as much as a full-grown swan. It's the biggest of any seabird chick. Although it's a couple of months before it has to face its first flight, it's now at its maximum weight. In fact, it's heavier even, haha, than... heavier than the adult. The spring snows,er, are now beginning to melt, but the chick has aly faced the worst of the winter weather. Hatched last March, it has sat here on its nest mound, unprotected and unshielded for 8 months, while the temperatures may have fallen to minus 10 degrees, and terrible storms raged around. It's so big that it can't possibly grow to this very huge size in the short summer season. So the parents have to come to feed it every 3 or 4 days for 10 months. And in order to do that they have to be able to reach the open sea. Only one other animal breeds throughout the year on the outer islands, King Penguins. They also need continuous access to the ocean to collect food for their chicks.New Words amp; Phrasesunshielded:没有防护的200809/47064探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 07After we had seen how relatively easy it was to change the switches in mouse embryos, we thought that perhaps the same could be true of human embryos. In IVF, you also have the embryo for a brief period of time in a culture dish. And so we were asking the question whether as in a mouse embryo, the mere fact of human embryos having been in a culture dish, or been manipulated, could alter their epigenetic switches?Wolf knew that Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome was caused by a faulty switch. So what we were looking at was a group of babies and children that have the Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome. What proportion of those were conceived by, by IVF. Could IVF be switching genes on or off? Could IVF itself cause the syndrome? What we found was an increased occurrence of this epigenetic syndrome in the IVF population. Although the disease is extremely rare, the risk appeared to increase three to four times with IVF. It seemed that the simple act of removing the embryo from its natural environment could trigger the disease. And, I do feel frustrated that Karen might possibly have Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome as the, because we had IVF. But at the time, it was the right decision to make. And I think that we should look again at the IVF procedures, the conditions that are being used and carry out better and more precise experiments to see how we can avoid throwing these epigenetic switches. Wolf had shown a simple change in environment was enough to turn a gene on or off. But there was more. Everyone thought that any altered switches could not be inherited. He took some mice with altered gene switches and bred them. Our expectation was that as the altered genome was passed to the children that any epigenetic changes would be wiped clean. When he looked at the gene profile of the offspring, he was amazed. You have dots that you were looking at, and every dot means a gene is on. And all of a sudden, you know, somebody said, "Wow, Look at that".The epigenetic switch thrown in one generation was clearly also present in the second generation.200807/44961Beneath the city's skyline, it was time to light the blue touch paper.The Torchlit Procession traditionally kicks off Edinburgh's Hogmanay Festival. This year, more than ten thousand people were happy to oblige, snaking their way through the streets and up the city's Calton Hill.(It) wasn't enough. You'll get to walk through the streets of Edinburgh, bonding torches and prevent burning things dying. It's always....Let me say, fun because every(one) comes together. It's a group.I have never been here before. Sure there're some novelties and real spinnings for us to join then.It's the twelfth year of Edinburgh's set peace Hogmanay party which stretches over several days. Now it combines with that Christmas festival and both flew under crowds. This year around half a million people will witness the sights and songs of this city at play.It's just the most beautiful setting in the world. It is a beautiful city that lends itself to, you know, open their stuff even in the middle of winter, but we light it with fire and music and dance and the atmosphere of this place changes incredibly over these few days.This year's Edinburgh Hogmanay has a Catalonia feat, so Catalan acts and theme performances will combine with Scottish traditional entertainment. The highlights being at the midnight are tomorrow of course,where a hundred thousand people will gather in Princes Street to bring in the new year.This of course is the warm-up for the main event. It seems to please everybody here and aslo makes good business sense. Edinburgh's Hogmanay Festival is worth more than 14 million pounds to the local economy.It can hardly get bigger. The challenge this year like every year is in trying to make it better.James Matthews,Sky News ,Edinburgh本期难点1.light the blue touch paper: Touch paper is the correct name of the impregnated material used in fireworks fuses. The original phrase (the instructions on fireworks) s "Light the blue touch paper and stand well back." As an idiom it means to initiate some sort of process or actions.2. oblige: provide a service or favor for someone, as in: The players are generally happy to oblige with autographs.200805/39183

  Bush 'Deeply Troubled' by Extension of Aung San Suu Kyi's Detention美批评缅延长昂山素季软禁期 The ed States Tuesday sharply criticized the Burmese government's decision to extend the detention of democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi. But President Bush said U.S. cyclone relief for Burma will continue. 美国周二尖锐批评缅甸政府决定延长软禁民主运动领导人昂山素季的时间。不过,美国总统布什说,美国对缅甸强热带风暴的救援将会继续。U.S. reaction was led by President Bush, who said he is "deeply troubled" by the extension of Aung San Suu Kyi's latest house arrest, which dates back to what he termed a "murderous assault" by government-backed thugs on her motorcade five years ago. 在美国作出的反应中,布什总统首先说,他对延长昂山素季的最新的软禁“深感不安”。布什总统说,这一举动可以追溯到他所说的缅甸政府怂恿暴徒五年前对昂山素季的车队进行“血腥袭击” 。Mr. Bush, in a written statement, called on the Burmese military government to release all political prisoners and begin a genuine dialogue with Aung San Suu Kyi, her National League for Democracy Party, and other democratic and ethnic minority groups on a transition for democracy. 布什在一份书面声明中呼吁缅甸军政府释放所有政治犯,并开始与昂山素季以及她的全国民主联盟党,和其他民主和少数民族团体就向民主过渡进行真正的对话。Aung San Suu Kyi has been under detention most of the time since her party won national elections in 1990 but was barred by the military from taking power. 自从昂山素季的政党在1990年赢得缅甸全国大选以来,她的大部分时间都处于被软禁的状态。虽然她的政党赢得大选,但军方拒绝交出政权。In comments here, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said the extension on the Nobel Peace laureate's house arrest was hardly a surprise, but a sad commentary on the state of political freedom in Burma. 美国国务院发言人麦科马克在美国国务院发表说,延长对这位诺贝尔和平奖得主的软禁并非出乎意外,但此举是对缅甸国家政治自由的可悲注释。As did President Bush, McCormack said the latest action will not affect U.S. efforts help the Burmese people recover from the May 3 cyclone disaster: 和美国总统布什的讲话类似,麦科马克也说,缅甸最新的行动将不会影响美国帮助缅甸人民从5月3号遭受的风灾中恢复的努力。"We've tried to separate out these two things," McCormack said. "While we're going to continue to speak out about the nature of the regime. And certainly our previous public statements about the terrible state of human rights in Burma stand, and we'll continue to speak out on behalf of human rights. But part of trying to do what is right for the Burmese people is to provide humanitarian assistance in this time of extreme need." 他说:“我们试图把这两件事区别对待。一方面我们将继续揭露缅甸政权的性质。显然我们以前曾经公开表示缅甸人权状况不佳的立场,我们将继续为人权大声疾呼。但是,对缅甸人民来说,正确的行动部分是为他们提供人道主义援助,而在目前这个时刻更是极端的需要”。 The ed States has committed more than million to Burmese cyclone relief, and has been airlifting basic supplies to Rangoon. 美国已承诺向缅甸风灾提供2千多万美元援助,同时还向仰光空运必需品。But the Burmese government has refused to admit a U.S. disaster team to assess actual needs in the devastated Irrawaddy delta, and has spurned offers of direct U.S. military deliveries to the stricken region. 但缅甸政府一直拒绝美国灾难研究队入境以评估受灾的伊洛瓦底三角洲地区的实际需要,缅甸政府还拒绝美国军方直接向受灾地区运送救援物品。In a statement Sunday on the Rangoon aid conference organized by the ed Nations and ASEAN, the State Department reaffirmed the U.S. offer of aid experts and resources to help what it said were "the millions still in need." 美国国务院星期天在一份就联合国与东盟组织的仰光援助会议发表的声明中,重申了美国愿意提供专家和其他资源帮助 “数百万仍然亟需”援助的缅甸灾民 。 It stressed the urgency of the Burmese government living up to its commitment last week to give international relief teams full access to cyclone-affected areas. 美国国务院的声明强调,缅甸政府必须信守上星期的承诺,允许国际救援队全面进入受风灾影响的地区。It also expressed dismay that in the midst of the disaster, the government conducted voting last Saturday on its widely-criticized draft constitutional referendum in regions affected by the cyclone. 声明对缅甸在风灾中举行全民公决表示失望。缅甸政府在一些受到强热带风暴影响的地区进行受到广泛批评的新宪法草案的公投。 200805/40324

  Hello again.又和大家见面啦。Things havent been going well at Tip Top Trading.Tip Top Trading公司今天看起来情况似乎不太妙啊。There was a fire in the warehouse, caused by Mr Ingles cigarette and now Mr Socrates – the big boss from America – has turned up unexpectedly.库房发生了火灾,是英格尔先生吸烟引起的,而现在苏格拉底先生——美国的大老板突然出现了。So honey, are you…?亲爱的,你是……?Anna. Im Anna, I work here as a sales executive.安娜,我叫安娜。我是这的销售代表。We havent met before.我们之前没见过。We sure aint. Looks like Ive arrived just in the nick of time.的确是。看来我来的不太是时候啊。Whats going on… oh, Mr Socrates!怎么了……噢,是苏格拉底先生!Golly gosh, what an unexpected...天啊,可真是意外的荣幸啊。Unexpected alright. Looks like this company is in a mess.意外是真的。看来我们公司一团糟啊。Err yes. It was OK when I popped out for some biscuits… erm, would you like one?不过我出去买饼干的时候还好好的呢。来一块吗?Biscuits? ! Theyre cookies man.饼干?不就是曲奇饼吗。Look, now what do I have to do to get a triple shot, organic, skinny cappuccino round here?现在谁给我弄一杯有三份浓缩的有机低脂卡布奇诺来?Ill get you one Mr Socrates.我去给您拿来,苏格拉底先生。Its OK honey. I need you to book me a hotel room.没事了,亲爱的,我需要你帮我订一间酒店。You...whats your name again… Paul… can you fetch me one?你……你的名字叫什么来着……保罗……你来帮我拿一杯来吧。Right Anna. Booking a room for Mr Socrates.好的,安娜。给苏格拉底先生定酒店。This is something you cant get wrong.有些事你可千万不能弄错。Well Ive never done it before.可是我之前没做过这种事情。Im sure youll be OK.我相信你肯定行的。When you book a room, heres what you could say.订酒店的时候,你会用到下面这些句子。Hello, Id like to check availability and prices for a room please.你好,我想查一下有没有空房间以及房间的价格。Does the price include breakfast?价格里面包括早餐吗?Are there any business facilities such as internet and wi fi?里面有没有办公设施,比方说互联网或者无线网? /201702/491108

  to flake out ------ 爽约,失职(俚语)英文释义(SLANG) To fail to keep an appointment, or to fulfill a duty or promise.例句My brother promised to play golf with me yesterday, but he flaked out, and so I played alone.我兄弟昨天答应陪我打高尔夫球,但是他爽约了,所以我只好一个人去打。 /201611/471224。

  McCain Visits Iraq, Clinton Promises to End War麦凯恩访伊不忘批民主党竞选对手Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain is visiting Iraq, as part of a trip to the Middle East and Europe that highlights his foreign policy and national security experience. In Washington, Democratic candidate Senator Hillary Clinton has given a major speech on the Iraq war, criticizing both McCain and her Democratic rival, Senator Barack Obama.  美国共和党总统候选人麦凯恩参议员目前正在伊拉克访问,这是他这次中东和欧洲之行的组成部分,出访的目的是展示他的外交政策以及在国家安全领域的经验。在华盛顿,争取民主党总统候选人提名的希拉里.克林顿参议员针对伊拉克战争问题发表了一次重要演讲,批评麦凯恩和她的民主党对手奥巴马参议员。Just days ahead of the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Senator McCain is in Baghdad to meet with Iraqi leaders and senior U.S. military officials. He has stressed that he is on a fact-finding mission for the Senate Armed Services Committee, and says he is not there for a photo opportunity for his campaign.  在美国发动对伊战争5周年的几天之前,麦凯恩参议员将在巴格达会晤伊拉克领导人和美国高级军官。他强调,这次访问的使命是为参议院军事委员会了解真实情况,并表示他访问伊拉克并不是为了给自己的竞选造势。McCain has aly clinched the Republican presidential nomination, while his two Democratic rivals remain locked in an extended battle to be their party's candidate for the White House in November. 麦凯恩已经获得共和党总统候选人提名,而他的两个民主党对手在竞争本党总统候选人提名的长期选战中仍然处于胶着状态。Senator McCain strongly supported sending additional troops to Iraq last year to improve the security situation so that the Iraqi government would have breathing room for political reconciliation. Speaking to A news while in Iraq, he again defended the so-called "surge" of U.S. troops and the Iraqi government, while criticizing Clinton and Obama.  麦凯恩参议员去年坚决持增兵伊拉克以便扭转那里的安全局势,为伊拉克政府赢得争取政治和解的喘息之机。他在伊拉克对美国广播公司新闻节目发表谈话时再次为增兵行动和伊拉克政府辩护,并批评克林顿和奥巴马。"Senator Obama and Senator Clinton said the surge would never work, it has worked," he said. "Now they say that they [the Iraqi government] can not function politically. They are functioning politically - very poorly, two steps forward and one step back.  麦凯恩说:“奥巴马参议员和克林顿参议员曾经说过,增兵绝对是无效的,但现在增兵已经产生了效果。现在他们又说,伊拉克政府在政治上不能发挥效能。伊拉克政府正在发挥政治效能,但状况很差,进两步退一步。”Earlier in the presidential campaign, McCain was asked how long U.S. troops would need to remain in Iraq, and he said its possible they could remain for 100 years, if necessary. He tried to explain that comment from Iraq. 在竞选早期,麦凯恩曾被问到美国军队还需要在伊拉克留驻多少时间。他回答说,如果有必要,美军可能在那里再待100年。在伊拉克,麦凯恩试图对这一立场加以解释说:"When I said 100 years, it was obviously after the war is over," he said. "After wars are over, we most of the time have a military presence there." “我说过100年,这显然指的是战争结束之后。战争结束后,我们在多数情况下都要在当地保留军事力量。”Senator Clinton gave a major speech outlining her Iraq policy. She said McCain would stubbornly continue what she termed President Bush's failed Iraq policy. 克林顿参议员发表了一次重要演讲,阐述自己的伊拉克政策。她说,麦凯恩固执地坚持她所说的“布什总统失败的伊拉克政策”。"Senator McCain will gladly accept the torch and stay the course, keeping troops in Iraq for up to 100 years if necessary," she said. "They both want to keep us tied to another country's civil war, a war we cannot win. And that, in a nutshell, is the Bush-McCain Iraq policy - 'Do not learn from your mistakes, repeat them.'" 希拉里.克林顿说:“麦凯恩参议员将愉快地接过火炬,继续走这条路,如果必要,就让军队在伊拉克再待100年。他们都要把我们束缚在另一个国家的内战上,而这是一场我们不能打赢的战争。很简单,这就是布什和麦凯恩的伊拉克政策,也就是‘不从错误中吸取教训,而是重复错误。’”Clinton outlined her policy to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq within 60 days if she becomes president, saying she would redeploy one to two brigades per month. She accused Senator Obama of merely giving speeches and making promises on the war, and said he had failed to take action in the Senate until he began running for president.  克林顿阐述了自己的政策。她说,她如果当选总统,首先就要在60天之内开始从伊拉克撤军,每个月撤出一两个旅。克林顿指责奥巴马参议员只是发表演讲,对战争问题作出许诺,并说奥巴马在开始竞选总统之前一直都没有在参议院采取任何行动。Speaking on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania Monday, Obama denied that he has been inconsistent on the Iraq war, saying he had opposed it during a speech in 2002 and ever since. 奥巴马星期一在宾夕法尼亚州进行竞选活动时发表讲话,否认他在伊拉克战争问题上的立场不一致,表示他早在2002年发表演讲时就反对这场战争,而且立场一直没有改变。"I opposed this war in 2002, I opposed it in 2003, '04, '05, '06 and '07," he said.  他说:“我在2002年反对这场战争,而且我在2003年、04年、05年、06年和07年都反对这场战争。”He said Senator Clinton has still not taken responsibility for her vote to authorize President Bush to invade Iraq five years ago. 奥巴马说,克林顿参议员5年前投票持授权布什总统出兵伊拉克,而至今都不肯对此承担责任。200803/31233

  US Presidential Candidate McCain says al-Qaida 'On The Run'麦凯恩感谢英国持伊拉克战争 U.S. presidential candidate John McCain met Thursday with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and told reporters afterwards that "al-Qaida is on the run" in Iraq. He also warned against a withdrawal from Iraq and allowing al-Qaida to declare victory.  美国总统参选人麦凯恩星期四会晤了英国首相布朗。麦凯恩在会晤结束后对记者说:“基地恐怖主义组织在伊朗仍然很活跃。”他还警告说,联军不要从伊拉克撤军,他说,这会让基地组织宣布取得战争的胜利。As the Iraq engagement entered its sixth year, Republican presidential hopeful John McCain said that the "surge" of increased U.S. troop levels was succeeding in bringing stability to Iraq and that the strategy must continue. 随着伊拉克战争进入第六年,稳获共和党总统候选人提名的麦凯恩说,在稳定伊拉克方面,美军的增兵计划正在奏效,因此必须继续执行这项增兵策略。Senator McCain, who has been on a weeklong congressional "fact-finding" tour that has taken him to Iraq for the eighth time, said Iraq would likely be the key issue of the U.S. presidential election. 在为期一周的国会“真相调查”的访问中,麦凯恩参议员访问了伊拉克,这是他第八次访问伊拉克。他说,伊拉克可能是美国总统大选中的关键性问题。The Republican candidate thanked Britain for its support in Iraq and for "the enormous service and sacrifice" that its military men and women have made there and in Afghanistan.  麦凯恩参议员感谢英国为伊拉克战争所提供的持,感谢在伊拉克和阿富汗的英国军人所提供的“大量的务”和“巨大的牺牲”。"I fully appreciate that British public opinion has been frustrated by sometimes our lack of progress in both areas, but all I can do is express my gratitude to the British government and people and especially the young people who are serving," he said. 麦凯恩说:“我充分了解英国民众因我们在伊拉克和阿富汗有时候缺乏进展而产生的沮丧心情。但是,我唯一可以做的就是向英国政府和英国人民表达我的谢意,尤其是感谢那些在战场上役的年轻人。”Britain has remained the U.S. government's closest ally in Iraq, although its continued military presence there is unpopular at home. It currently has about 4,000 troops stationed in southern Iraq but plans to reduce that to about 2,500 later this year. It has reduced troop levels in the last two years, as its military commitment in Afghanistan has increased.200803/31661


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