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Everyone wants a piece of Jeremy Lin. From Linsanity to Lin-credible then Va-Lin-tine, news headlines have been trying to find wordplays to match the new sensation on the NBA court with his meteoric shoot to stardom.人人都想跟林书豪扯上点关系。从;林疯狂;、;林不思议;,到;情林节;,新闻标题中变着花样地玩着文字游戏,来描述这位一夜成名的NBA新星。However, ;A Chink in the Armor;, a news headline that blamed Lin for his team#39;s loss of a game, is obviously a turnoff which threw a PR disaster at ESPN, one of world#39;s major sports network. It also cost an editor his job. The charge is racism.然而,一条指责林书豪导致他所在球队输掉比赛的新闻标题;;;盔甲上的中国佬;却令人大倒胃口,也将身为全球最大的体育新闻网之一的体育节目电视网身陷公关危机。一位编辑甚至被炒了鱿鱼,罪名是使用种族主义词汇。The case again reminds Americans that while the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, a wrong choice of word might ignite a bomb.这一事件让美国人再次意识到,虽然美国宪法第一修正案确保了言论的自由,但错误的措辞可能会引起轩然。It#39;s also a warning to people outside the country who engage in international communications.这也为其他国家从事国际交流的人士敲响了警钟。Racism种族主义Put aside the context, the phrase ;Chink in the armor; means the weak point in a supposedly strong defense. It is somewhat similar to ;a fly in the ointment;.如果不考虑具体语境,;盔甲上的破绽;这句短语指的是本该万无一失的防御中出现的弱点,有点类似于;软膏里的苍蝇;这个短语(意为一粒老鼠屎坏了一锅粥或令人扫兴的人或事物)。The phrase is often deployed in sports writing to describe a player#39;s weakness which affects the whole team.这一短语经常出现在体育报道中,用来形容因为某位队员的弱势而导致整个团队受影响。But the word is also a racial slur against Chinese people.但同时Chink这个词也是对中国人带有种族主义的诽谤。With Lin#39;s Chinese heritage, the ;Chink in the armor; was soon bombarded for its racial implication. To quiet public fury, ESPN issued an apology: ;We regret and apologize for this mistake.;由于林书豪的中国背景,这则题为;盔甲上的破绽(Chink在俚语中,贬义指中国佬);的报道因带有种族主义色,很快招致人们炮轰。为平息众怒,ESPN公开道歉:;我们对这一错误表示遗憾和歉意。; /201203/174002Statistics from Shanghai municipal health department show that 20 percent of the patients suffering deafness are young people who often talk or listen to music through earphones for long time, the Shanghai Morning Post reported.据《上海新闻晨报》报道,上海市卫生部门发布的数据显示,在耳聋患者中,有20%的是长时间用耳机通话或听音乐的年轻人。Tests show that a passing-by subway train can produce a noise of 100 decibels. If someone is happening to be talking through earphones, the sound gets to his ears can amount to 120 decibels or more. He could not hear anything the moment he stopped talking.测试显示,地铁列车通过时产生的噪音达100分贝,如此时有人正好在用耳机通话,入耳的声音就会达到120分贝以上。在停止通话的一瞬间往往会感觉不到周边的声音。To avoid hearing damage, experts advise people take off earphones after one-hour wearing, and have a rest for at least ten minutes.为避免听力受损,专家建议人们每戴一小时耳机就将其取下来,并休息至少10分钟。 /201203/173521瑜伽健身之风刮了好几年,不少白领都热衷于下班后到瑜伽会馆舒展一下,放松身体和紧张的神经。身体轻松了,可脸上的皱纹却不会随着消失。于是,有人研究出了一套面部瑜伽手法,通过做各种夸张的面部表情来锻炼面部肌肉,减少皱纹。据说还挺有效,并且得了个可爱的名字“鬼脸瑜伽”。 This is Face Yoga, also called Grimace Yoga.  It's the latest weapon in the fight against the signs of aging. This is Face Yoga, also called Grimace Yoga. It's a yoga technique which requires facial muscles to be stretched as far as possible in order to relieve pressure and prevent wrinkles. Tongues are stuck up and out, eyes are rolled back, eyelids are fluttered, mouths are opened and shut in silent screams or gummed in mock "Grandma without her teeth in" motions, noses are pushed up and back, necks are self-throttled.  面部瑜伽,也叫做鬼脸瑜伽,是对抗岁月痕迹的最新武器。这种瑜伽手法要求将面部肌肉最大程度拉伸,以此来舒缓压力并预防皱纹产生。鬼脸瑜伽的动作有,将舌头立起并伸出,眼睛来回转动,眼皮快速眨动,嘴巴一张一合做出静音尖叫状或者模仿“没牙老太太”的嘴巴活动方式,上下按动鼻头,以及自己掐脖子等。  These strengthen and tone all 57 muscles of the face, neck and scalp. When you start to tone the muscles, it starts to move them back to their regular position. As you strengthen them, you start to see things like the muscles of your cheeks being lifted, your nose lifting up, your eyes becoming wider, your mouth corners turning up, fine lines become smooth.  这些动作能够加强并舒缓面部、颈部和头皮的全部57块肌肉。肌肉得到舒缓时,它们就会回复到正常标准的位置。而当肌肉得到加强时,你就会发现两颊的肌肉有所提升,鼻子也比原来挺了,眼睛变大了,嘴角开始上扬,皱纹也平复了。  The idea behind the facial toning movement in general and Face Yoga in particular is that much as working out tones muscles in your body, the same applies to the muscles of your face。  面部瑜伽舒缓肌肉的原理跟健身活动舒缓身体肌肉的原理是一样的,面部肌肉也可以通过运动来舒缓。 /201109/154062

Rope or Ox?绳子还是公牛? The man in the prison asked a new comer why he was sent there. The new comer answered,; I am out of luck, I think. A few days ago I was walking in the street when I saw a piece of dirty rope. I thought nobody wanted it and so I picked it up and took it home.;  在监狱里,一个人问新来的犯人为什么被关进来。新来的犯人回答说:“我想我真是倒霉。几天前我在街上走的时候,看到一根脏绳子,以为没人要了,便捡起来带了回家。”;But it is not against the law to pick up a piece of rope and take home.;  “但是,捡一根绳子带回家并不犯法啊!”;I told you I had bad luck, didn#39;t I?; the man sighed, ;The trouble is that I didn#39;t notice there was an ox at the other end of that rope.;  “我告诉过你我倒霉了吧?”那个人叹了口气,“麻烦的就是我没有注意到绳子的那一头还有一头公牛。”内容来自: /201206/185839

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