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Just you.只拍你。Not this. Not Andy.这个不行,不要拍安迪这张。Why not? -Because not.为什么不行?-就是不行。What do you mean you can#39;t photograph Andy Warhol?你为什么说你不能拍安迪·沃霍尔?Who are you kidding? -What do you mean? -That#39;s what he was all about.开什么玩笑?-你什么意思?-这就是他。What? -Being photographed.什么?-他被你偷拍了。I just sold two to China.我刚刚卖到中国两张照片。This is, uh, Bernstein, and he lived here in Carnegie Hall.这个是…伯恩斯坦,他曾经在这儿Carnegie Hall住过。June Carter. See, this is, uh...You know who she is.June Carter。看,这是…你应该知道她是谁…Oh, Tilda Swinton? -Yes! -Tilda Swinton. -Swinton.哦,蒂尔达·斯文顿?-是的!-蒂尔达·斯文顿…-斯文顿。Isn#39;t that nice? Mm-hmm.嗯…这个不错吧?I was here 60 years.I#39;m...I#39;m really a, uh, a legend now.我在这儿待了六十年。我现在…大概可以算是一个传奇了。A legend or a fixture?传奇还是古董?Well, I#39;m both, you know what I mean?我想大概都算吧…你明白的。Does Bill live next door?Bill住在你隔壁么?He#39;s down on the corner.他住在楼的那一角。He#39;s got a tiny little place, yeah.他的那个小房间…It#39;s nothing.这没什么。By the way, this is Lesley Vinson, and Lesley was the art director of Details Magazine.顺便说一句,这个是Lesley Vinson,Lesley是Details杂志的艺术总监。(译者注:Details杂志是Gay大热杂志之一)The original Details with Annie Flanders.现在的Details杂志是Annie Flanders的。(译者注:Annie Flanders是Details杂志的创始人)We worked well together.我们曾一起工作的非常愉快。She took me on and didn#39;t mind how many changes I made...or how many pictures I wanted to put in.她坚持与我合作,无论我的稿子要改多少遍或是我要加进去多少照片。The most extraordinary art director.她是个很不寻常的艺术总监。Incredible. Um...The love of Bill#39;s life, I think.令人难以置信的才华,我觉得…她是Bill的一生所爱。Details got started on the ides of March 1982.Details杂志1982年3月开始做;新娘;这个栏目。The reason I remember that date...was it was the date that the SoHo News went out of business.我之所以记得这个日期,那也是SoHo News破产的日子。The vision that I had for Details was really a continuation...of what I had been doing at SoHo News, discovering people and giving them their first opportunity to be in print.我在Details杂志做的事情大概是我原来在SoHo News做的事情的一种延续,发现一些有趣的人,并第一时间给他们机会把作品出版出来。The reason Annie founded the magazine was to give a platform...to the downtown, independent, small designers,Annie创办Details杂志的原因之一,是提供一个平台给那些城市中的一些独立的、不出名的设计师who no one else would pay attention to until they were successful...and then steal them from Annie.提供一个平台她把机会给那些在出名以前大杂志连看都不会看的设计师。这些人出名后,大杂志便会从Annie这里把他们抢走。Oh, Annie was the Earth mother of downtown.哦,Annie简直是那些小设计师的恩人。I don#39;t know if that#39;s what you called it. Oh, definitely.我不知道你会不会那么叫她,不过她真的是。 Article/201608/459379In many ways the late Jurassic is really the golden age of dinosaurs.从许多方面来讲,晚侏罗世都可以算是恐龙的黄金时期We have a tremendous diversity of different kinds of dinosaurs, meat-eaters and plant-eaters, forms with armour.各种各样的恐龙种类非常之多,食肉恐龙、植食恐龙、有盔甲的恐龙All around the world we see these dinosaurs.世界各地都能见到这些恐龙But it wasn#39;t just the variety of dinosaurs that made this their golden age.可是它成为恐龙的黄金时代并不只是因为种类繁多The late Jurassic was also the era of the giants.晚侏罗世还是巨龙的时代We have dinosaurs of tremendous size, we have plant-eaters 40ft tall,我们发现了体型极其庞大的恐龙,有40英尺高的植食恐龙we have animals that must have weighed 50 or 60 tons,有重达50~60吨的恐龙so these are immense animals and they#39;re everywhere.所以那时有许多巨型恐龙,它们遍布世界各地But the dinosaurs didn#39;t start off like this.不过恐龙刚登场时可不是这样50 million years earlier in the early Jurassic they were very different.在5亿年前的早侏罗世,它们非常不同We have many fewer different kinds of dinosaurs, they#39;re relatively primitive looking dinosaurs恐龙的种类数非常少,它们是长相比较原始的恐龙and compared to what we see in the late Jurassic, they#39;re much less spectacular animals.与晚侏罗世的那些恐龙相比,这些动物就相形见绌了We don#39;t see the sizes and shapes and diversities that we see at that time.我们没有见到与这个时期一样的体型、模样和多样性They#39;re relatively dull looking animals compared to what we see later.与我们后来见到的那些相比,这些动物显得很不起眼And there was nothing to suggest that these early dinosaurs would grow and diversify to so completely dominate the planet for so long.没有什么能解释这些早期恐龙如何壮大并多样化,成为长久以来地球上的霸主。 Article/201704/502924TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/463918

From its earliest days,Britain was an object of desire.自远古时代起 不列颠就为人所觊觎Tacitus declared it ;pretium victoriae; worth the conquest,塔西佗称其为;值得征的土地;the best compliment that could occur to a Roman.在罗马人眼中 这无疑是最高的赞誉He had never visited these shores but was nonetheless convinced他从未踏足这片土地 尽管如此他仍坚信that Britannia was rich in gold.不列颠尼亚是一个黄金夹道的富庶之地Silver was abundant too. Apparently so were pearls,同样取之不尽的还有白银与珍珠although Tacitus had heard they were grey,尽管塔西佗听说那里的珍珠like the overcast, rain-heavy skies,就像那里常年阴霾笼罩的天空一般灰暗and the natives only bother to collected them when cast up on the shore.却盈千累万 当地人都不需费心采撷 等着珍珠冲上岸就好As far as the Roman historians were concerned,古罗马历史学家曾认为Britannia might be well off at the edge of the world,不列颠尼亚远在世界之端but it was off the edge of their world,not in a howling barbarian wilderness.但事实上 她只是在罗马世界的边缘 且并非未开化的蛮夷之地If the same writers had been able to travel in time as well as space假使这些作家可以穿越时空to the northernmost of our islands, the Orcades our modern Orkney游历至不列颠最北端 如今的奥克尼群岛they would have seen something much more astonishing than pearls:令他们瞠目结舌的将不仅是金山银海The unmistakable signs of a civilisation thousands of years older than Rome.还有这里无疑早于罗马数千年的文明的遗迹 /201606/449917

零起点英语口语 第36讲:星期 月份 季节这是一套初级英语口语书。翻开了“从零开始学口语”,你会发现,学习口语是那么的容易。学好英语的最佳入门法则,就是找对老师,找对教材。本教材先从最基础发音篇开始--字母,音标。发音准确,首先口型就要正确。第二阶段直接进入经典字型,这类表达可以让您触类旁通,举一反三。第三阶段高频口语惯用句,英语中的一些简单而重要的表达语句,大部份都是一些简单的迷你惯用句--二字/三字/四字/五字等。第四阶段,主题单词和情景会话。其实,我们每天所说的中文都是相当简单的中文。那么,简单的中文,当然也能用简单的英文来表达。不需要道理,没有冗长的语法解说。您所要做的就是重复地听,大声地跟着念,很快就能够把它学会。不用再苦苦思量,舌头打结,学过多年英语的你,将会恍然大悟,原来英语可以这么轻轻松松就说出口。从零开始学口语--最聪明的学习方式:躺着学,每天睡觉前固定,反复听一段,10分钟。天天学,不求多,每次只要30分钟。 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200811/54761ISIS has claimed responsibility for a stabbing attack that injured nine people at a Minnesota mall Saturday night.周六晚上明尼苏达一商场发生持刀袭击案,造成九人受伤,ISIS已声称对袭击事件负责。An ISIS-run news agency said Sunday the suspect ;was a soldier of the Islamic State; and was responding to ;calls to target citizens of countries belonging to the crusader coaliton.; 一家ISIS运营的新闻机构周日称,嫌疑人是“伊斯兰国”的一名士兵,是对联军国家公民的回应。An off-duty police officer shot and killed the suspect. Officials say none of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries.一名休班的警员开击毙了犯罪嫌疑人。官员表示,没有受害者遭到危及生命的伤害。It#39;s not clear if the attacker was in contact with ISIS or if he acted alone. Police say he made at least one reference to Allah during the attack. 目前还不清楚袭击者是否与ISIS有关,或是否单独行动。警方称在袭击过程中嫌疑人至少一次提到真主安拉。This attack is the first in the U.S. since ISIS called for terrorists to use everyday items as weapons back in August.早在八月,自ISIS呼吁恐怖分子使用日常物品作为武器以来,这是发生在美国的首次袭击。Authorities say this attack doesn#39;t appear to be related to the pipe bomb that went off in New Jersey or the explosion in New York City on Saturday.当局表示,此次袭击似乎与新泽西的管式炸弹及周六的纽约爆炸案没有联系。译文属。 Article/201609/467045

Insects seem irresistibly drawn towards the source and then get trapped by the sticky lines.昆虫总是禁不住光源的诱惑,结果就被这些粘乎乎的丝拿住了Once stuck, there is no escape.一旦被粘住,根本没有脱逃的机会。Now it#39;s just a matter of reeling in the line and slowly consuming the catch alive.现在,它只需收起丝线,然后慢慢吃掉尚且活着的猎物。By ensnaring the insects that hatch in this cave,通过诱捕洞穴内羽化的昆虫these glow-worms have solved the biggest challenge这些萤火虫成功地解决了终生穴居动物面临的最大难题that permanent cave-dwellers face, finding a regular and reliable source of food.即找到长期而可靠的食物资源One kind of rock makes this whole underground world possible, limestone.这些地底世界之所以会存在,都是因为一种岩石,石灰岩。Most of the world#39;s caves are found within it and it covers nearly 10% of the Earth#39;s surface.世界上大部分洞穴内都存在石灰岩,它覆盖了地球表面将近10%的面积。Limestone is composed of minerals derived from marine shells and corals.石灰岩由海螺和珊瑚中的矿物沉积后形成So although this rocky escarpment in the ed States所以,尽管美国境内的这座石壁,is now hundreds of metres above sea level, it was actually formed underwater.如今矗立在海平面以上几百米高的地方,它实际上却是在水下形成的。 Article/201706/515887Hi guys! What#39;s it like outside this time of year where you live?大家好!这时节你居住地外面是怎样的情景?In our part of the world, the days are getting shorter, and the weather#39;s getting cooler,我们这地区,白天越来越短,气温越来越低and some of the leaves on the trees are starting to change colors.树上的叶子正开始变色This might be happening where you live too—or it might be happening pretty soon.这种现象可能在你的居住地也正上演着,或是即将上演That#39;s because we#39;re heading into one of the most colorful times of year—autumn!那是因为我们正在进入一年中最五缤纷的季节——秋季Nothing says autumn or fall like lots of brightly colored leaves to rake and jump into, or just to pick up and admire.没有什么比色鲜艳的积叶更能代表秋天,我们可以跳进树叶堆中,或者拾起它们慢慢欣赏。Now, some trees—like pine trees, spruces and firs—stay green all autumn and winter.松树,云杉和冷杉等树木在秋冬季节仍旧保持绿色But for many of the trees that have leaves, instead of pointy needles,但在这个季节,除了针木植物,this time of year means their leaves will turn different shades of red, orange, and yellow and eventually drop to the ground.其他有叶植物的树叶都会从红色变成橘色再变成黄色,最后落到地面Have you ever wondered why this happens?你知道这是怎么发生的吗?To find out, let#39;s take a close look at a green leaf.让我们仔细观察绿叶来寻找吧Leaves on most plants and trees are green because of a colorful chemical inside them called chlorophyll.大多数植物的叶子成绿色是因为它们体内有一种叫叶绿素的化学物质Chlorophyll is bright green. But it does more than just look pretty!叶绿素是翠绿色的 但它不仅仅是看着好看It has a special job, because it#39;s able to capture the energy that#39;s in sunlight.它还有一种特殊的功能,能在阳光下吸收太阳能Leaves use this light energy to make sugars, which the tree can then use for its own energy!树叶利用太阳能制造糖类物质,供给树木用作自身能量So chlorophyll is what plants use to make their own food from sunlight!所以,叶绿素是植物利用太阳光吸收能量、给自己制造食物的工具But, Chlorophyll isn#39;t the only thing in tree leaves that gives them color.但叶绿素不是唯一一种让树叶变绿的物质,Leaves have lots of other colorful chemicals—called pigments—inside them, that are red, yellow, orange, and even purple.树叶中还有其他的名为色素的化学物质,颜色包括红色、黄色、橘色甚至是紫色If you#39;ve eaten carrots, cabbage, or cherries,如果你吃过胡萝卜、大白菜或是樱桃,then you#39;ve not only seen these pigments, you#39;ve had them for lunch!那么你不光看到过这些色素,你还把它们当晚餐吃过All of these colorful pigments have special jobs,所有这些色素都有特定的功能 ,but only chlorophyll helps a plant make the sugar that it needs to live.但只有叶绿素能帮植物产生它生存所需要的糖类物质And since chlorophyll#39;s job is so important,因为叶绿素的功能如此重要there#39;s way more of it in green leaves than any of the other pigments.所以绿叶中叶绿素的含量要比其他色素的含量多得多In fact, there#39;s so much chlorophyll that its green color covers up all of the other colors.事实上 过多的叶绿素把其他的色素都盖住了Through spring and summer, we don#39;t see the red, yellow, and orange pigments in the leaves—we just see the green chlorophyll.在春夏季节, 我们看不到树叶里的红、黄和橘色素,只能看到绿色素But as summer starts to turn into fall, and the days get shorter, less and less sunlight hits the tree#39;s leaves ...但从夏季进入秋季后,白天变短,照到树叶的阳光越来越少so the tree starts to make less and less chlorophyll.所以植物产生的叶绿素也越来越少Then the leaves become less green, and we#39;re able to see more of the other colors that were there all along!因此,树叶的绿色减少, 我们就能看到一直存在的其他颜色了And when that starts to happen, you might want to take the time to enjoy these pretty leaves while you can...当发生这种变化时 你可能想在有限的时间内花些时间欣赏这些漂亮的树叶because not long after they turn color, they begin to fall!因为它们变色不久后就会掉落They fall because, without their chlorophyll to help them make energy, the leaves don#39;t really have a job to do.掉落的原因是没有叶绿素制造能量,树叶就没什么作用了So as winter approaches, the energy that the leaves have made flows into the tree, and gets stashed away.所以冬季来临时,树叶中的能量进入了树中且被储藏起来Then, when the time is just right, they break off from the branches and fall to the ground.时间一到,树叶就从树干掉落到地面The tree can then live through the winter, using the energy that it#39;s saved up,然后树就可以依靠储存的能量度过冬天了,until the days start to get longer and warmer.直到天气变暖,白天变长Then it grows new leaves to capture the sunlight...and the cycle starts all over again.然后树木开始长出新叶吸收太阳能 循环又开始了So when you start to see yellow, orange and red leaves showing up where you live,所以当你看到周围的树叶开始变成黄色、橘色和红色时,你就会知道什么季节了remember those colors were there are all along—Autumn is just their time to shine!记住,这些颜色一直都在,秋天只是它们登场的季节Thanks for joining me on SciShow Kids. What#39;s your favorite colored leaf?感谢收看SciShow Kids,你最喜欢哪种颜色的树叶呢?If you found an extra pretty one, get an adult to help you take a picture of it如果你发现一片十分漂亮的树叶,让大人帮你拍个照and send us an email at kids@scishow.com! And we#39;ll see you next time.然后发邮件到邮箱kids@scishow.com。我们下期见 Article/201706/514149All those little rice grains are actually.Ohh! yow! I#39;m getting devoured here.这些小米粒似的东西 事实上 啊 我被咬了一大口Here you go, some larvae I#39;ve knocked off there.Good just to pick up and eat.拼命咬我 看 把蚁卵甩下来 再捡起来吃掉Pound for pound,the larvae contain more protein than beef.Grab a load.一磅蚁卵 所含蛋白质比一磅牛肉的还高 再来一口But I#39;d have to gather hundreds of them,and that would mean being eaten alive.但生吞几百团卵 才能凑够一磅It#39;s not worth persevering with this one.太麻烦了 半饱足矣Okay, that#39;ll do me. I#39;m out of here.Ahead of me, the ground starts to rise sharply.吃够了 走 前方山坡很是陡峭The jungle just tends to be riddled with these sort of gorges.丛林里这种溪谷特别多Now, they block your path,and trying to find a way across them is always a challenge.很碍事 总是挡路 想要凌空过河 很不容易It#39;s just sheer walls there and a lot of white water, as well.看那峭壁 下面急流白浪的Getting across this could save hours of traversing through thick, overgrown jungle.如果能够过河 就不用在林中摸索几小时了This is definitely, definitely an option.Have a look at this fella.爬树倒是不错 上来看看See, this tree probably goes at least halfway across the gorge,看 这棵树几乎横跨两岸but there#39;s a long way down that and onto rocks if something going wrong.Big branch reached across.不过这特别高 下面是急流岩石 掉下去就惨了 有根粗枝横架着How strong that is, I don#39;t know,but I#39;m normally getting better than this.Okay, let#39;s try this.不知道够不够坚韧 真是环境凶险 行 来吧 Article/201607/454490

13 Likes and Dislikes喜欢和厌恶Asking if somebody likes(doing)something询问某人是否喜欢(做)某事Are you interested in detective stories?你对侦探小说感兴趣吗?Does boxing interest you?你对拳击感兴趣吗?What are your interests?你有什么爱好?Is music your chief interest?音乐是你的主要爱好吗?Are you keen on disco?你热衷于迪斯科吗?Do you enjoy Beijing opera?你喜欢京剧吗?Do you like meeting people?你喜欢与人交往吗?Do you enjoy painting?你喜欢画画吗?Do you go for jazz?你喜欢爵士乐吗?Are you fond of movies?你喜欢看电影吗?Are you a film goer?你是电影迷吗?Are you a party goer?你热衷于聚会吗?Does boxing appeal to you?拳击对你有吸引力吗?Stating one#39;s likes or dislikes陈述喜欢或厌恶I#39;m interested in meeting VIPs.我对与名人交往感兴趣。Figure skating interests me a great deal.花样滑冰使我很感兴趣。My chief interest is writing novels.我的主要爱好是写小说。I#39;m keen on classical music.我热衷于古典音乐。I really enjoy attending parties.我确实喜欢参加聚会。I like fishing.我喜欢钓鱼。I#39;m really fond of collecting rare books.我特别喜欢收藏珍本图书。I really go for oysters.我特爱吃牡蛎。I#39;m a football fan.我是足球迷。I#39;m crazy about skating.我迷恋滑冰。I#39;m mad about skating.我迷恋滑冰。I#39;m wild about skating.我迷恋滑冰。I have a passion for Shakespeare#39;s wroks.我酷爱莎士比亚的作品。I have a liking for Beethoven#39;s symphonies.我喜欢贝多芬的交响乐。She doesn#39;t like anything I do or say.我的一言一行,她都不喜欢。I didn#39;t like the taste of the medicine,but I took it anyway.我不喜欢这种药的味道,但不管怎么说我还是吃了。I don#39;t care much for tomatoes.我不太喜欢西红柿。Frankly,I think it#39;s terrible.坦率地说,我认为这太糟糕了。To tell the truch,they made me sick.说实话,一见到他们我就讨厌。I hate going to the theatre.我讨厌看我。Conversations会话 /200706/14691新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson38:Sorrow悲伤556. I’m so sorry this has happened to you. 你发生了这种事情,我感到很难过。557. I can’t deal with this right now. 我现在应付不了这个。558. This is awful. 这太糟糕了。559. Are you crying? 你在哭吗?560. I’ll be okay in a moment. 我过一会儿就没事了。561. I miss my wife. 我想念我的妻子。562. These pictures make me sad. 这些照片让我伤心。563. He’s still grievingv for her. 他还在为她伤心。564. She hasn’t gotten over the death of her child. 她还没有从丧子的打击中恢复过来。565. I just don’t feel like talking about it. 我只是不想谈这个。566. Why are you so upset? 你为什么这么沮丧?567. I feel like my heart is breaking. 我感觉我的心碎了。568. I’m not in the mood to talk right now. 我现在没心情谈话。569. I’m really upset right now and I think I’d rather be alone. 我现在心情很不好,我想一个人呆一会儿。570. In these cases, time to heal is the only thing that can help. 在这些情况下,只有时间能让你恢复过来。【生词解读】1. sorrow [5sCrEu] n. 悲痛,悲哀,悲伤,忧伤2. grieve [5^ri:v] v. (使)悲痛 /200812/19261吴大维洋腔洋调英语口语视频第一册第6集,今天大维带我们去吃美国最风行的食物之一比萨,来了解一下这都有哪些风味的比萨吧。 吃比萨相关词汇和短语:1. pizza 比萨饼2. slice of piazza 一片比萨3. pizza pie 一个比萨派4. toppings 佐料,配料eg. What kind of toppings would you like?5. crust 比萨饼,底盘6. cheese 乳酪7. extra cheese 乳酪加多8. pepperonis 意大利香肠9. Canadian bacon 加拿大腌肉10. mushrooms 蘑菇11. sausages 香肠12. vegetables 蔬菜13. seafood 海鲜14. chili peppers 辣椒15. plain 原味比萨相关专题推荐:色拉英语乐园视频新英语900句视频从零开始学口语 /200809/48277

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