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A 36-year-old man stormed into the Ramona post office yelling at everyone to get out of his way. Carrying a shotgun, he climbed up onto the countertop and told everyone to lie on the floor. Then he pulled the trigger and fired a round into the ceiling. Plaster splattered onto the floor and the customers.The man ordered all the customers and employees to sit up and look at him. He said, "Repeat after me: I hate the post office!" Everyone repeated the words. He fired another round, but this one he aimed at the front plate glass window. Shattered glass went everywhere.Three minutes later, five police cars pulled up in front of the post office, lights flashing and sirens wailing. Using a bullhorn, a police officer told the man to walk out backwards with his hands up. The man fired another blast out the shattered window. The police officer and his bullhorn were uninjured. However, one police car had three little pit marks in it.The man yelled, "I'm not coming out until the post office pays me for pain and suffering. A postal truck ran into my car two years ago. My back is killing me. I can't work anymore. My wife left me. I can't take it anymore."After a while, the man calmed down. He released all the people inside. At 7:00 p.m., the man walked out backwards with his hands up. The police handcuffed him, put him in the back seat of the car, and drove him to the police station.A post office official said that they had tried to settle with the man out of court, but he refused anything less than a million dollars. "So the whole thing went to court," he said. "I guess he got tired of waiting for the trial to begin. He'll probably go to jail for a few years because of this stunt." Article/201106/142673The Coffee Cup 06All I got back in return was a quiet, forlorn, “I don’t know where I am.” Then the figure was not there anymore. He just vanished.   Terror took over me and I ran out into the lobby where there was light. I did not tell the desk clerk what had happened as I knew that would make me look really stupid. I finally got myself composed and decided that I had to go back in the dining room to see what was going on. I turned on the lights and looked over at the table. An almost empty cup of coffee was sitting on it.  That was the last time, however, that I or anyone else ever found a cup left on the table. After that morning, it never happened again. The other busboy never saw the man and I never told anyone what I had experienced. I quit in September when school started. Who the sad man was or why he was in that dining room, I have no idea to this day. 神秘的咖啡杯 06我得到的只是一句平静且凄凉的回答.”我也不知道我在哪.”接着那个身影就不见了.他就这样消失了.  我吓呆了,飞快地跑到开着灯的大厅里.我没有告诉前台我看到的一切,因为我知道如果我说了,他们会觉得我很傻.最后我终于镇定下来,决定要回餐厅看看怎么样了.我打开灯,看了看那张桌子.桌上摆着一个快要空了的咖啡杯.  但是,自那以后,无论是我还是别人都没有再发现过桌上有杯子.那天早上以后,再也没有过了.另外一个负责在周末开门的务生从没看见过那个人,我也不会告诉任何人我看到的一切.九月份开学后我就辞职了.直到今天我也不知道,那个伤心人到底是谁,他为什么会在餐厅呢. Article/200812/59360

“来!如果你愿意的话,抱他一会儿!”公爵夫人一边对爱丽丝说,一边就把小孩扔给她,“我要同王后玩链球去了,得准备一下。”`Here! you may nurse it a bit, if you like!' the Duchess said to Alice, flinging the baby at her as she spoke. `I must go and get y to play croquet with the Queen,' and she hurried out of the room. The cook threw a frying-pan after her as she went out, but it just missed her. Alice caught the baby with some difficulty, as it was a queer- shaped little creature, and held out its arms and legs in all directions, `just like a star-fish,' thought Alice. The poor little thing was snorting like a steam-engine when she caught it, and kept doubling itself up and straightening itself out again, so that altogether, for the first minute or two, it was as much as she could do to hold it.

Our nose is the strangest of all body parts. It’s such a funny thing. And where is it? Right on the front of our face. Right in the middle. It would be OK if everyone had exactly the same nose. But we all have a different nose. Some of us have a big nose, some a small nose. Some of us have a crooked nose with big nostrils. My nose is one part of my body I’d really like to change. It’s too big for the size of my face. When people talk about why other people are beautiful or handsome, no one says, “because he or she has a nice nose,” or “oooh, his (or her) nose is just soooo sexy”. I suppose if you really don’t like your nose, you can have a nose job. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford cosmetic surgery. Article/201106/141244

  《哈克贝里·费恩历险记》第5章:第2节 相关专题:· 有声读物-安徒生童话故事·有声读物-浪漫满屋· 新概念优美背诵短文50篇 Article/200809/47161

  Understanding Anxiety Disorders "躁"化弄人Anxiety disorders are the most widesp of emotional disorders. They affect millions of people every year, and cause their victims to suffer from tremendous worry and nervousness for no apparent reason. Clues as to why anxiety disorders develop can be found in one's genes, psychological make-up, life experiences, or biochemical changes in the brain. Anxiety disorders come in many shapes and forms. People with panic disorder have chronic, unexpected, and repeated panic attacks where they feel an overwhelming sense of being in danger. Sufferers of generalized anxiety disorder have persistent and exaggerated worries and constantly expect disaster. Those with obsessive-compulsive disorder have unreasonable fears that they try to deal with through repetitive, ritualized activities such as hand washing. A phobia is an irrational and uncontrollable fear of a specific thing, while post-traumatic stress disorder occurs after a terrifying event and causes its victims to have flashbacks or frightening thoughts of the incident. Although anxiety disorders are devastating to the sufferer and damaging to his or her relationships with loved ones, there is some good news. People afflicted with anxiety disorders can get treatment, and the treatment is generally effective. Treatments for different anxiety disorders range from medication, including antidepressants and antianxiety drugs; to psychotherapy, including cognitive-behavioral therapy; to relaxation techniques and biofeedback. The majority of patients report significant relief after receiving help. 忧郁症是最普遍的一种情绪失调。它每年都会困扰无数的人,患者无缘无故感到极度焦虑和紧张。忧郁症发病的原因可从一个人的基因、心理素质、生活经历或脑内的生化改变中找到线索。 忧郁症的表现多种多样。患有恐慌症的人,一旦感到自己身处危险之中,就会长时间反复地感到恐慌。综合型忧郁症患者则时时过分焦虑,刻刻杞人忧天。强迫症患者则会有难以理解的恐惧,会通过习惯性的动作来排除不安情绪,如洗手。恐俱症是指对某种特定事物怀有非理性并且难以控制的恐惧。还有创伤后精神的紧张不适,患者在遭遇过一次可怕的事件后,脑子里会不时地出现过去的那件事,而且一想起来就害怕。 忧郁症非但会对患者本身造成伤害,还会危及他(她)与亲密伴侣间的关系。但还是有些好消息的,忧郁症患者可以接受治疗,而且疗效一般不错。 针对不同的忧郁症患者,治疗的方法从药物治疗(包括抗忧郁、抗焦虑药物)、精神疗法(包括认知行为疗法), 到放松技巧及生物反馈不等。大部分的病人反映,经过治疗,症状都有明显的缓解。 Article/200803/29366。

  The subject of today's talk is interviews.The key words here are preparation and confidence, which will carry you far.Do your homework first.Find out all you can about the job you are applying for and the organization you hope to work for.Many of the employers I interviewed made the same criticism of candidates. "They have no idea what the day to day work of the job brings about. They have vague notions of 'furthering the company's prospects' or of 'serving the community', but have never taken the trouble to find out the actual tasks they will be required to do."Do not let this be said of you. It shows an unattractive indifference to your employer and to your job.Take the time to put yourself into the interviewer's place. He wants somebody who is hard-working with a pleasant personality and a real interest in the job.Anything that you find out about the prospective employer can be used to your advantage during the interview to show that you have bothered to master some facts about the people who you hope to work for.Write down (and remember) the questions you want to ask the interviewer(s) so that you are not speechless when they invite your questions. Make sure that holidays and pay are not the first things you ask about. If all your questions have been answered during the interview, replay: "I did have several questions, but you have aly answered them all."Do not be afraid to ask for clarification of something that has been said during the interview if you want to be sure what was implied, but do be polite.Just before you go to the interview, look again at the original advertisement that you answered, any correspondence from your prospective employer, photocopies of your letter of application or application form and your resume.Then you will remember what you said and what they want. This is very important if you have applied for many jobs in a short time as it is easy to become confused and give an impression of inefficiency.Make sure you know where and when you have to report for the interview. Go to the building (but not inside the office) a day or two before, if necessary, to find out how long the journey takes and where exactly the place is.Aim to arrive five or ten minutes early for the actual interview, then you will have a little time in hand and you will not panic if you are delayed. You start at a disadvantage if you arrive worried and ten minutes late.Dress in clean, neat, conservative clothes. Now is NOT the time to experiment with the punk look or (girls) to wear low-cut dresses with miniskirts. Make sure that your shoes, hands and hair (and teeth) are clean and neat.Have the letter inviting you for an interview y to show in case there is any difficulty in communication.You may find yourself facing one interviewer or a panel. The latter is far more intimidating, but do not let it worry you too much. The interviewer will probably have a table in front of him/her. Do not put your things or arms on it.If you have a bag or a case, put it on the floor beside your chair. Do not clutch it nervously or, worse still, drop it, spilling everything.Shake hands if the interviewer offers his hand first. There is little likelihood that a panel of five wants to go though the process of all shaking hands with you in turn. So you do not be upset if no one offers.Shake hands firmly - a weak hand suggests a weak personality, and a crushing grip is obviously painful. Do not drop the hand as soon as yours has touched it as this will seem to show you do not like the other person.Speak politely and naturally even if you are feeling shy. Think before you answer any questions.If you cannot understand, ask: "Would you mind rephrasing the question, please?" The question will then be repeated in different words.If you are not definitely accepted or turned down on the spot, ask: "When may I expect to hear the results of this interview?"If you do receive a letter offering you the job, you must reply by letter (keep a photocopy) as soon as possible.Good luck!我们今天的话题是面试。这里送你一句话:有备而往,信心当强。相信这句话会让你受益匪浅。首先要做好面试之外的工作。尽可能地了解你所申请的工作和希望为之工作的机构的情况。我所采访的许多雇主对应聘人做了相同的批评:"他们对这项工作的日常事务会带来什么一无所知。他们对'拓展公司的前景'、'进行社会务'只有模模糊糊的认识,但从不下工夫对他们要做的实际工作作深入的了解。"不要让人这样评价自己;那样的话,说明你对雇主和工作太不在乎,这可不是个好印象。不妨设身处地替雇主和工作太不在乎,他要的是勤奋的、性格让人喜欢的雇员,而且对所做的工作真正感兴趣。对未来的老板所做的任何了解都可以用于面试上,这对你有利。表明你对希望为之效力的雇主的情况曾下过一番功夫了解。把要询问考官的问题写下来或记住,这样当他要你提问时不至于无话可说。不要上去就问假期如何,工资如何。如果你准备的所有问题在面试过程中都已得到了回答,你可以说:"我刚才确实有一些什么问题要问,但您现在已全部解答过了。"如果面试中你想弄明白对方所说的某些话有什么隐含意思,就要请对方说明,不必畏缩,但一定要有礼貌。去面试前,你应把征聘的广告的原件、未来雇主给你的复信、求职书或申请表及个人简历的复印件再看一遍。然后记住你讲过的话和对方要求什么条件。如果你在短时间内应聘好几个工作,这样做就很重要,因为应聘一多就容易搞混,这就给人家留下了工作能力低的印象。一定要弄清楚何时何地前去面试。如有必要,可以面试前一两天去看看办公楼,看看要走多远的路程,详细地址在哪儿。真正面试时,最好提前五至十分钟赶到;这样中间你就有点时间,万一有所耽搁,也不至恐慌,如果慌里慌张地赶去面试,或者迟到了十分钟,那么一开始你就处于不利的境地。着装要整洁、传统一些;面试可不是尝试朋克式打扮的时候,也不是上穿袒胸上衣,下身穿超短裙的时候,另外鞋子和头发一定要干干净净。带上约你去面试的信,以备双方交流方面有问题时用。面试时面前可能是一个雇主或是一个面试小组。几个人一同来考你的确比单独的一个人考试你叫人害怕,但也不过分担心。主考官可能在他的对面放一张桌子,但你可不要把东西或手臂放上去。如果你带有手提包或手提箱,就把它放到桌椅旁的地上,不要紧张得抓着不放,更糟糕的是把包或箱子摔在地上,让东西撒了一地。对方先伸出手可以和他握手。如果有五个考官一起面试你,一般不会逐个跟你握手,所以没人与你握手也不必感到不安。握手时要有力――没有力量的手让人感觉没有个性,但用力太猛让人感到疼痛;也不要一触到对方的手就马下放下,那样的话似乎让人感到你对对方没有好感。就是自己感到不好意思,说话也要礼貌、自然。对任何问题都要先想后答。如果你听不懂对方的提问,就说:"对不起,您刚才的问题能再说一遍吗?"一般对方会换一套说法把问题重复一遍。如果对方当时既没有明确接受你,也没有回绝你,你可以问:"请问我什么时候能知道面试的结果?"如果你真的收到一封信,让你去工作,你应该赶快写封回信。祝你好运! Article/200802/28002

  Days went by, and Howard saw fewer and fewer roaches. He didn't like the gecko running around his house all the time, but what's one gecko to a thousand roaches? He shrugged it off, and tried to suck it up. One thing he did do, however, was close the door before he went to bed. But no matter what he did, somehow the lizard always got into his room.  One day after work, he was getting some dinner when he saw the gecko chase one of the last cockroaches on the house under the refrigerator. He saw the cockroach scurry under it with the gecko far behind struggling to go under. That's when Harold realized. It was getting bigger. That night he did everything he could to keep the Gecko out of his room. He fell into a deep sleep.  All the police found the next morning was a small stain on the bed that looked like blood. They searched everywhere in the house for Harold after a worried neighbor heard a slight scream and a haunting "GECKO, GECKO," that morning, but no one could find anything. No Harold, No Gecko, No cockroaches, nothing. They left that house confused and wondering, never to see Harold again. The only place they didn't check was under the bed, where the gecko was - big as ever, and full at last.  日子一天天过去,霍华德家的越来越少。其实他并不喜欢壁虎天天在家里跑来跑去的,但是如果不那样的话一只壁虎怎么对付一千只呢(但相对于容忍上千只来说,一只壁虎又算得了什么呢)?他也只有耸耸肩,尽量去适应了。不过有一件事他还是一直坚持做的,那就是每天睡觉前都会关上房门。但是无论他怎样做,壁虎也总是有办法进入他的房间。  一天下班后他正在吃晚饭,只见壁虎正在冰箱底下追着一只,眼下屋子里已经没有多少了。急匆匆的从冰箱底下跑过去,壁虎在后面也努力的想要钻过去。这时霍华德才注意到,他的壁虎长大了。那天晚上他想尽了办法才把壁虎挡在房门外,随后就沉沉的睡去了。  转天早上,警察在床上只发现了一小块污渍,似乎是血迹。有个邻居早晨隐约听到一声尖叫以及让他印象深刻的“咕咚、咕咚”声后报了警,他们为了找到霍华德于是搜遍了整间屋子,但是什么也没发现。没有霍华德、没有壁虎、没有,什么都没有。他们满腹狐疑的离开了,但是从此再也没见到霍华德。只有一个地方他们没有检查,那就是床底下,壁虎其实就在那儿——还是那么大,但是终于吃饱了。 Article/200809/49113有声名著之化身士 Chapter10英文原著:Dr.Jekyll.and.Mr.Hyde化身士文本下载 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200810/51911

  Digital cameras are so useful. I love my digital camera. I take it everywhere with me. My friends think I’m mad, but I’ve got thousands of really good photos. Digital cameras are so much better than the old cameras with film. They’re also much better than mobile phone cameras. My digital camera fits in my pocket and takes great photos. I usually take a few photos every day and then put them online for my friends to see. The best thing about digital cameras is that they are so easy to use. It’s child’s play. The good thing is that digital cameras today give the same quality photos as you could only get on really expensive cameras. All you need is 10 to 12 megapixels. That’s more than enough. Article/201104/131789The well-dressed, gray-haired woman was crying her eyes out. She had just been fined 0 by the judge because a month ago her dog made a mess on the front lawn of the courthouse. “I just got out of the cab and I leashed Poopsie to the light pole. After I paid the fare and gave the driver a dollar tip, I turned around and saw that Poopsie had made a mess. I didn’t have any plastic bags, so I said, ‘Well, Poopsie, let’s go home. There’s nothing I can do about this now.’ “We were just starting home when I heard this voice out of nowhere: ‘Excuse me, ma’am. Is that your dog?’ I turned around. It was an officer of the law. Well, of course, it was my dog. ‘That dog just made an illegal deposit on the courthouse lawn. As its owner, it’s your responsibility to dispose of that deposit. See the sign over there? I’m going to have to write you a citation.’ “I asked him what sign he was talking about. He pointed all the way down to the end of the block. One little sign, a block away! How could anyone see that? I couldn’t see that sign with my best opera glasses. The officer said that I could fight the ticket. He said the judge was a nice old man who owned four dogs. So I said, ‘OK, thank you, I’ll fight the ticket.’ “So when I went to court, I dressed Poopsie up in his prettiest ribbons and made extra sure he did his business first. We were both so excited. I just knew the judge and Poopsie would hit it off. “But do you know what happened when we got inside? They had a different judge, a judge who is allergic to dogs, and he immediately started sniffling, coughing, sneezing, and looking around. And then he yelled at me to get the dog out of the courtroom. He fined me 0 on the way out without even giving me a chance to talk about Poopsie’s chronic dyspepsia. It was terrible! I’m still upset.” Article/201106/141522

  Grady was rich, but he was 78 and on his deathbed. No amount of money—or love—could save him now.In his youth, Grady had been a major skirt-chaser. No woman was safe from his charm. He used to juggle three or four girlfriends at a time.He’d often accidentally call them by the wrong names. The first time that happened to a new girlfriend, she would get upset. Instead of lying, Grady would admit that he had another girlfriend—or two. “But,” he would quickly add, “you are my number one. You’ll always be my number one.”Somehow, this little white lie often worked. Sometimes his various girlfriends would even end up meeting each other and become fast friends.Any attractive woman was a target for Grady. He would walk right up to her and say, “You’re very attractive. Are you single and unattached?” If she said yes, he’d invite her out for a cup of coffee right then and there. If she said yes, but she didn’t have time just then for coffee, he’d get her phone number and ask for a rain check. If she said no, he’d ask her if she had a twin sister who was single and unattached. This often made the woman smile or laugh. Sometimes she would change her no to a yes.Grady was a wonderful dancer. He was just average-looking, but he carried himself with confidence and had a y smile and a pleasant laugh. He was well-, he knew a thousand jokes, and he had no bad habits. Perhaps most important, he made a woman feel like a woman, according to many of his girlfriends.Even in his old age, Grady hadn’t slowed down. Tending to his dying needs were Didi and Mimi, a pair of 40-year-old twins that Grady had finally “settled down” with. Article/201107/143973

  People joke that no one in Los Angeles s; everyone watches TV, rents s, or goes to the movies. The most popular ing material is comic books, movie magazines, and TV guides. City libraries have only 10 percent of the traffic that car washes have. But how do you explain this? An annual book festival in west Los Angeles is “sold out” year after year. People wait half an hour for a parking space to become available. This outdoor festival, sponsored by a newspaper, occurs every April for one weekend. This year's attendance was estimated at 70,000 on Saturday and 75,000 on Sunday. The festival featured 280 exhibitors. There were about 90 talks given by authors, with an audience question-and-answer period following each talk. Autograph seekers sought out more than 150 authors. A food court sold all kinds of popular and ethnic foods, from American hamburgers to Hawaiian shave ice drinks. Except for a parking fee, the festival was free. Even so, some people avoided the food court prices by sneaking in their own sandwiches and drinks. People came from all over California. One couple drove down from San Francisco. “This is our sixth year here now. We love it,” said the husband. “It's just fantastic to be in the great outdoors, to be among so many books and authors, and to get some very good deals, too.” The idea for the festival occurred years ago, but nobody knew if it would succeed. Although book festivals were aly popular in other US cities, would Los Angeles residents embrace one? “Angelenos are very unpredictable,” said one of the festival founders. Article/201106/141682。

  When the bell finally rang, Edward rushed as swiftly and as gracefully from the room as he had last Monday. And, like last Monday, I stared after him in amazement.  终于打下课铃了,只见爱德华和上个星期一一样,迅速而又优雅地冲出了教室。而且,同上个星期一一样,我也目瞪口呆地目送了他的背影。  Mike skipped quickly to my side and picked up my books for me. I imagined him with a wagging tail.  迈克迅速地蹿到了我的旁边并帮我把书捡了起来。我想象他和他说的那条金毛猎犬一样,在把东西找回来的时候可以摇他的追击者。  ;That was awful,; he groaned. ;They all looked exactly the same. You#39;re lucky you had Cullen for a partner.;  ;太难了,;他抱怨道,;看上去全都一模一样。你真走运,有爱德华做你的搭档。;   ;I didn#39;t have any trouble with it,; I said, stung by his assumption. I regretted the snub instantly. ;I#39;ve done the lab before, though,; I added before he could get his feelings hurt.  ;看这个我倒没有什么问题,;我说,他的主观臆断我听了很不是滋味。可话一说出去,我马上就后悔了。;不过,我以前做过这个实验。;我趁他的感情还没受到伤害,赶紧补上了一句。  ;Cullen seemed friendly enough today,; he commented as we shrugged into our raincoats. He didn#39;t seem pleased about it.  ;卡伦今天似乎挺友好的嘛。;在我们套上雨衣的时候,他道。对此,他似乎不太高兴。  I tried to sound indifferent. ;I wonder what was with him last Monday.;  我努力装出一副不在乎的语气:;我不知道他上个星期一怎么啦。;  I couldn#39;t concentrate on Mike#39;s chatter as we walked to Gym, and PE. didn#39;t do much to hold my attention, either. Mike was on my team today. He chivalrously covered my position as well as his own, so my woolgathering was only interrupted when it was my turn to serve; my team ducked warily out of the way every time I was up.  去体育馆的路上,迈克唠叨个没完,我却老走神,没听进去多少,而且体育课也没强到哪里去,我同样也是老分心。今天迈克和我在一个队,他很有骑士风范,除了守自己的位以外,还守了我的位,所以,我的胡思乱想只是轮到我发球时才得以打断;每次我跳起来的时候,我们队都得小心翼翼地躲闪避让。  The rain was just a mist as I walked to the parking lot, but I was happier when I was in the dry cab. I got the heater running, for once not caring about the mind-numbing roar of the engine. I unzipped my jacket, put the hood down, and fluffed my damp hair out so the heater could dry it on the way home.  我去停车场时,雨已经只是一片雾雨了,但坐进了干爽的驾驶室后,我还是更为高兴一些。我打开了空调,一时也顾不得发动机那极度的轰隆声了。我拉开了上衣的拉链,把帽兜放了下来,抖开了湿气沉沉的头发,以便回家的路上空调可以把头发吹干。  I looked around me to make sure it was clear. That#39;s when I noticed the still, white figure. Edward Cullen was leaning against the front door of the Volvo, three cars down from me, and staring intently in my direction. I swiftly looked away and threw the truck into reverse, almost hitting a rusty Toyota Corolla in my haste. Lucky for the Toyota, I stomped on the brake in time. It was just the sort of car that my truck would make scrap metal of. I took a deep breath, still looking out the other side of my car, and cautiously pulled out again, with greater success. I stared straight ahead as I passed the Volvo, but from a peripheral peek, I would swear I saw him laughing.  我朝四周瞧了瞧,以确定周围没有东西。也就是在这时,我看见一个静止的白色身影。爱德华·卡伦斜靠在离我有三辆车远的沃尔沃的前门上,正目不转睛地盯着我这个方向。我迅速将视线移开并猛地倒起车来,匆忙之中,差点儿撞上了一辆破旧的丰田花冠。幸亏我及时猛踩了一脚刹车,那辆丰田才逃过一劫。而丰田的车,正好是撞上我的卡车就会碎成废铜烂铁的那种车。我长吸了一口气,眼睛依然看着车子另一边的外头,又小心地往后倒起来,这一次成功多了。我从沃尔沃旁边经过时,眼睛盯着正前方,不过我还是用余光偷看了一眼,我敢发誓,他正在笑话我. Article/201205/180666

  What would society be like without the police? They do a very valuable job. Without them, our society would be less safe. The police are the people we call when we are in danger or something bad has happened. Even people who say they don’t like the police will call them for help. I think being a police officer is an interesting but risky job. Police officers must see lots of strange things every day. I guess there is never a boring day in a police officer’s life. I wanted to be a police officer once but decided it would be too dangerous. I didn’t want to be in the middle of a riot or chase people with guns. I think we must respect the police because they do a difficult job. It seems as though their job is getting more difficult. Article/201106/142687

  A middle-aged man with a long beard was arrested by the police for disorderly conduct and property damage. “More charges might be added later,” said a police officer. The man, identified as Bill Wild, checked into the Motel Five last night about an hour after sunset. Telling the clerk that he would be staying four nights, he paid cash in advance. He then asked her where a grocery store was. She said that the nearest grocery store was John-Johns, which was only two blocks away. The police said that Wild went to John-Johns and purchased three gallons of honey and four gallons of chocolate syrup. The checker asked him what the occasion was. He replied, “I'm trying to become a sweeter person.” The checker smiled at the joke. Wild drove back to the motel. He opened all seven containers and poured them into the bathtub. He added warm water to the mix. Then he placed his boom box on the bathroom floor next to the tub. He tuned the radio to an opera station. He got undressed, hopped into the tub, and started singing loudly with the music. Fifteen minutes later, the lodgers in the room next door phoned the clerk. She banged on Wild's door, but he kept singing. She phoned his room, but he didn't answer. Then she called the police, who arrived quickly. “Well, at least he paid in advance,” said the clerk. “That money will help pay for the plumber.” The bathtub drain was completely clogged. The tub remained full of chocolate and honey. “You just never know about people,” said the clerk. “He seemed so nice and friendly. Who'd have thought he was a bathtub-singing nut?” The police said this was the third time that Wild had been arrested for this kind of behavior. Article/201106/142377

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