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Gavin, let me ask you a question, you know, #39;cause you a big star on the Internet and everything加文,我问你个问题,我知道你是网络红人,and you got that beautiful girlfriend sitting over there and y#39;all go on dates and everything.你还有个漂亮的女朋友和你约会,等等诸如此类吧。Do you have groupies? I have Gavin#39;s Groupies.你有粉丝吗?我有加文的粉丝。You have Gavin#39;s Groupies? Yes, we raise money for research in LCA.你有加文的粉丝?是,我们为LCA的研究筹钱。What is LCA? It#39;s a type of blindness.什么是LCA?它是一种视障疾病。It looks like 150 people have this type of blindness.大约有150人有这种疾病。So it#39;s really rare, huh? Yes, it#39;s rare.这种疾病很少见,对吗?是的。You had it since birth?你出生就有吗?Yeah, I was born with LCA. I was named after the foundation,我出生就有。我是以这个基金会而命名而,but my mom#39;s the vice president and my dad#39;s the president, but I don#39;t know why they didn#39;t put me on the board.我妈妈是副主席,爸爸是主席,但我不知道他们为什么不把我放在基金会里。And I was named after it. How dare you, guys! Yeah.但我是以这个基金而命名的。你们太大胆了!You know what I#39;m saying? You know what I#39;m saying?你知道我想说什么吗?你知道我想说什么吗?I don#39;t want to leave Little Big Shots.我不想离开“小小达人秀”。No, you not. Hey, man, you one of the biggest stars we#39;ve had on here.你不会离开的,你是“小小达人秀”最伟大的明星之一。Mr. Harvey. Yes? I love you.哈维先生,怎么了?我爱你。I love you, too, man. I love you, too, man. Yeah, I do.我也爱你。我也爱你。我也爱你。嗯You know why I love you? Mm, no.你知道我为什么这么说?不知道。#39;Cause a few reasons. First of all, you have soul. And you come out here.因为几个原因,第一是你有灵魂。你来到这个舞台。In your soul, you judge people for who they are and not what they look like.在你的灵魂里,你判断别人的标准不是长相而是内容。So aly, you just know how to judge people the right way.所以,你已经知道如何正确判断了。See, most people don#39;t have that type of soul.多数人没有你这样的灵魂。They are so busy looking at them and coming away with the wrong opinion without even getting to know people.因为他们总是急于看表面,总是在真正了解他人之前就做出了错误的决定。So that#39;s for number one. You got soul.这是第一,你有灵魂。And then the second reason I love you, man, is #39;cause you brave第二个原因是你勇敢,#39;cause you done come out here, and you ain#39;t letting nothing stop you.你勇敢做自己,且没有退缩。And then the third reason I love you is #39;cause you#39;re 7 years old and you got a 15-year-old girlfriend!第三个原因是你只有7岁,而你有一个15岁的女朋友!Hey, man, what you gonna sing tonight? The National Anthem. The National Anthem.你今晚想唱什么歌?国歌。国歌。Audience, do you want to hear the National Anthem?朋友们,想听国歌吗?He grabbed everybody#39;s attention singing the National Anthem in sports stadiums all across America.加文因在全美运动场歌唱国歌而获得关注。Everybody, please rise for the National Anthem. Here#39;s Gavin!在场的所有人,请起立。下面是加文的国歌演唱!O say, can you see啊!你可看见,By the dawn#39;s early light在晨曦初现时。What so proudly we hailed是什么让我们如此骄傲?At the twilight#39;s last gleaming在黎明的最后一道曙光中欢呼,Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight是谁的旗帜在激战中始终高扬!O#39;er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming我们看到要塞上那面英勇的旗帜,And the rockets#39; red glare烈火熊熊,The bombs bursting in air炮声隆隆,Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there在黑暗过后依然耸立!O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave啊!你说那星条旗是否会静止,O#39;er the land of the free and the home of the brave你看星条旗将永远高高飘扬,在这自由国家,勇士的家乡。Everybody, show your love! Give your love for Gavin! Gavin in the building!朋友们,为加文热情鼓掌!太棒了! Article/201706/513345If I talk to you about food and then I show you this, you#39;ll put the letter ;U; in there.如果和你谈论食物,并展示给你这个,你会在空白处填上字母“U。”If I talk to you about cleanliness first and then I show you this, you#39;ll put the letter ;A; in there.如果谈论清洁,你会填上字母“A。”This is what is called priming. By simply priming people, you can significantly affect their decisions.这就是所谓的引导效应。通过简单的引导人们,你就可以非常显著地影响他们的决定。There was a study where a wine store played French music on some days and German music on others,有项研究,在一个葡萄酒专卖店,轮流播放法国音乐和德国音乐,and the customers of course would never think that this would affect anything,顾客们当然不会认为这会产生什么影响。but they tended to buy more French wines on the days when French music was played,但是在播放法国音乐的时候,他们倾向于买更多的法国红酒,and more German wines on the days when German music was played.在播放德国音乐的时候会买更多的德国红酒。This is also one of the reasons why when you walk into a store that promotes health and freshness like Whole Foods,这就是为什么,当你走进一个宣传健康和新鲜理念的商店(例如全食超市)的时候,you#39;ll probably be greeted with fresh flowers and fruit.你第一眼看到的很有可能是新鲜的花朵和水果。It primes you for freshness. The first thing you see will never be canned tuna,它会让你想到新鲜。你最先看到的肯定不是金鱼罐头,even though you can definitely buy plenty of canned stuff in there.尽管你肯定也会在那里买很多罐装的东西。If we really like someone, we tend to really like everything they do and say.如果真的喜欢某个人,我们就会喜欢他的言行举止,喜欢他的一切。If they say something average, we might think that it#39;s the best thing we#39;ve ever heard,如果他们说一些稀松平常的事情,我们可能也会认为这是我们听过的最好的事情,and if they say something stupid, we tend to just go along with it anyway.如果他们认为某事很愚蠢,我们也会去附和。And you probably have someone you really admire and if they do say something stupid you#39;ll say,可能你真的很欣赏某人,如果他们做了一些蠢事,你会说,;Oh whatever…Everyone makes mistakes…;“那又怎样…每个人都会犯错…”But then if someone you didn#39;t like did the exact same thing, you#39;d be outraged.但如果是你不喜欢的人做了同样的蠢事,你就会发怒。And the attractiveness of a person along with other irrelevant factors plays a huge role一个人的吸引力以及一些其他无关因素in how much we like what they say and do.在我们对于他们言行举止的喜好程度上,起着重要的作用。If we#39;re presented with two women who committed the same crime,如果我们面对有两个犯同样罪行的女士,we#39;re much more likely to give a lighter punishment to the more attractive one.我们很大可能会给那个更有吸引力的女士从轻处罚。And of course, that doesn#39;t make sense! They committed the same crime! But that is the halo effect.当然了,这根本不合理!她们犯了同样的罪行!但这就是光环效应。So next time an attractive person or someone you#39;ve put on a pedestal is trying to give you advice,所以下次如果一个有吸引力的人或者你崇拜的某人尝试给你建议的话,ask yourself, ;Is this advice valuable because it#39;s actually valuable,问问你自己,“这个建议是真的有价值,or am I blinded by how he looks, or how big his house is, or how much I like him.;还是我被他的外表,他的房子大小,或者喜欢他的程度蒙蔽了双眼。”You probably know people who constantly feel the need to say,你可能知道有些人会时常觉得有必要说,;Well, I knew that was going to happen…; ;I knew that stock was going to fall…;“我知道那会发生…”“我知道那股票会跌…”;I knew that we were going to lose that war…; ;I knew that stock was going rise…;“我知道那场战争我们会失败…”“我知道那股票会涨…”This is called the hindsight bias. We tend to be experts at events after they have aly occurred.这就是所谓的后见之明。在某事发生之后我们就成了专家。It#39;s really weird how you know exactly which stock is going to rise很奇怪你怎么能确切的知道哪股票会涨and which stock is going to fall because you#39;re completely broke.哪股票会跌,因为你破产了。If you actually knew that information, you#39;d be a really rich person by now.如果你真的知道那些信息,你现在肯定非常富有了。And the hindsight bias can go from just annoying to simply dangerous事后的偏见就会从恼人变为简单的危险when we start to blame other people for not being able to see something so obvious.当我们开始指责别人没能够看清如此明显的事情时。You blame the government for making a certain decision and think, ;How could they not see that?;你指责政府作出的某项决定,并想,“他们怎么没有预计到某事”Your girlfriend hits a pothole and you get a flat tire and you get all pissed off, ;How did she not see that pothole?;你女朋友撞到一个坑,轮胎漏气了,你很生气,责怪她“你怎么没看见那个坑?”Well… Because if you were in government, you might have thought因为,如果你在政府工作,你可能会想that the decision was actually a good decision at the time it was made,在做那个决定的时候,确实是个不错的决定,and if you were driving and looking in the mirror so you could make a turn,如果你开车的时候看看镜子就能转弯了,you might have not seen the pothole yourself.可能你自己也看不见那个坑。So don#39;t be that annoying person who feels the need to tell everyone所以不要那么招人讨厌,还感觉有必要告诉每个人how you knew exactly who was going to win the finals and how the stock was obviously going to rise.你是多么准确的知道谁会赢得最终的比赛以及股票会有多明显的涨幅。And definitely don#39;t blame others for something that seems so obvious just because it#39;s aly happened.不要因为某事而责备别人,它也仅仅因为发生了才变得显而易见。Of course it#39;s obvious now, but it wasn#39;t obvious before it actually happened.当然了现在看是很明显的,但是在它发生之前就没有那么明显了。So the 3 big ideas are…所以三大思维模式…1. Priming. Realize the power of even the simplest suggestions and what that does to people#39;s behavior.引导效应。意识到最简单建议的功能,以及会对人们的行为产生什么影响。2. The halo effect. Stop thinking everything someone says is pure gold just because you really like them.光环效应。不要因为喜欢某人就认为他说的都是真理。Chances are everything they say isn#39;t that flawless.可能他说的每一件事都不是那么的完美。3. And the hindsight bias. Realize that anyone can be an expert after an event has aly occurred.事后偏见。要知道在某事发生之后任何人都可能成为专家。 Article/201706/515429

In the early hours of Sunday September 2nd,9月2日 星期日凌晨the Lord Mayor of London was woken from his sleep to be told that a fire had started in a baker#39;s shop in Pudding Lane.伦敦市长从睡梦中被叫醒 并被告知 布丁巷一家面包店燃起大火His response was ;Pish! A woman might piss it out!;而他却应了一句 ;呸 叫个女人撒泡尿火就灭了;As he snored on,the flames reached the warehouses flanking the Thames就在他倒头大睡时 火势蔓延到了泰晤士河畔between the Tower and London Bridge,brimful of tallow, pitch and brandy.殃及伦敦塔与伦敦桥之间 储藏着牛奶 沥青及白兰地的仓库A monstrous fireball came roaring and sucking out of the narrow streets,巨大的火球 怒吼着冲入狭窄的街道feeding on overhanging bays and gables.吞噬着河边的房屋In another hour,200 to 300 houses had been swallowed by the flames.很快 便有200至300间房屋被火焰吞噬John Evelyn, who#39;d said for years that overcrowded London was a disaster waiting to happen,约翰·伊夫林一直抱怨 拥挤的伦敦简直是一颗定时炸弹took no joy in the fulfilment of his prophecy.此刻 他却无暇为这精准的预言喝Oh, the miserable and calamitous spectacle.放眼望去 哀鸿遍野God grant mine eyes that never behold the like again,who now saw 10,000 houses all in one flame.愿上帝让我的双眼 再看不到如此情景 成千上万的房屋已被烈火包围The noise and crackle and thunder of the impetuous flames.凶猛的火焰噼啪作响 有如雷鸣The shriek of women and children, the hurry of people,妇孺惊呼 众人奔走the fall of towers, houses and churches like a hideous storm.塔楼倾颓 房屋教堂如山崩London was... but is no more.伦敦 已不复存在 /201704/504761

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201607/453447

  Google DeepMind is training its artificial intelligence software to detect early signs of eye diseases.谷歌DeepMind正在训练其人工智能软件来检测眼部疾病的早期症状。It#39;s aimed at detecting two diseases — age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. The latter can lead to blindness if not detected early.它的目的是检测两种疾病,即老年性黄斑病变和糖尿病视网膜病变。如果没有及早发现,后者可能导致失明。DeepMind is analyzing about 1 million eye scans to develop an algorithm that can catch early warning signs of the conditions. DeepMind通过分析约一百万份眼部扫描来开发一种算法,能够捕获眼部情况的早期预警信号。If you have an OCT scan done, a machine learning algorithm will be able to tell you if it#39;s urgent versus something that#39;s not so urgent.It will allow us to get much earlier detection of the blinding disease.如果你已经完成一次光学相干断层扫描,机器学习算法将能告诉你情况是否紧急,将让我们更早的检测到致盲的疾病。The company has caught flak from privacy critics in the past. It was using patient data to develop an app that identifies the risk of kidney failure. Some said it was allowed too much access to patient information. 谷歌公司过去因隐私问题受到指责。它使用病人的数据开发一个确定肾功能衰竭风险的应用程序。有人称其太多获取病人的信息。But DeepMind says the eye scans were handed over without any identifying information about the patients they came from and are supposed to be completely anonymous. 但DeepMind称眼部扫描不会登记病人信息,患者是完全匿名的。The U.K.#39;s National Health Service and Moorfields Eye Hospital in London partnered with DeepMind to develop the machine learning system. 英国国民健康务和伦敦眼科医院与DeepMind合作开发这项机器学习系统。译文属。 Article/201607/453020

  She returns with nothing.这一次它无功而返Golden eagles patrol these cliffs in search of the weak or injured.金雕在悬崖边巡视,搜寻着老弱病残的动物With a two-metre wingspan, this bird could easily take a young markhor.靠着两米长的翼展,这些大鸟能轻松抓起一只小羊羔Eagles hunt by sight and the thickening veil of snow forces them to give up.金雕捕猎靠的是视力,雪越下越密,它们只好选择放弃For the leopard, the snow provides cover and creates an opportunity.不过雪却能为雪豹提供掩护,使它有机会捕猎The worsening weather dampens the sound of her approach,恶劣的天气掩盖了它逼近的脚步声allowing her to get within striking distance.它正逐渐进入攻击范围It was an act of desperation to try and catch such a large animal.它已被逼上了绝路,所以才会捕捉如此大的动物Wolves have made a kill, giving other hunters a chance to scavenge.狼刚进行完一场屠杀,为其它掠食者留下了残存的肢体。 Article/201704/502582。


  TED演讲视频:你的医生不愿透露什么难道你不想知道你的医生是否是被制药公司付费的发言人吗?或者说他们个人的信念和你想要的治疗是矛盾的?在美国,你的医生至少根本不需要去告诉你这些。当莲娜·文问她的同行医生们去公开这些信息,她收到的反映是让人不安的。 Article/201705/511519新英语900句视频版 第30课:问路 文本如下:MR.YAMAMOT:Excuse me, sir.先生请问您,MR.YAMAMOT:Can you tell me where the Japanese Garden is?能不能告诉我,日本花园在那里?BILL: It#39;s quite a long walk from here. Why don#39;t you take the Fair bus? It stops right over there, in the Plaza of Nations. Between the statue and the fountain.从这里走到那边相当远,您不妨搭乘览会公车,它就停在那边,在广场里的雕像和喷水池之间.MR.YAMAMOT:The statue? Excuse me, I don#39;t see as well as I used to.雕像啊?对不起,我不像以前看得那么清楚.ALI: Hi, Mr. O#39;Neill.嗨,欧尼尔先生.BILL: Oh, hi, Ali.哦,阿里你好,BILL: Would you do me a favor?你愿不愿意帮我一个忙?ALI: Sure.好.BILL: Would you take this gentleman to the bus stop over there?请你带这位先生到那边巴士站,好不好?ALI: Sure. Hi. Where do you want to go?好,嗨,你要去那里?BILL: The gentleman wants to go to the bus stop, Ali.这位先生要到巴士站,阿里.ALI: But where are you going after that?然后你要去那里呢?BILL: He asks a lot of questions.他问了许多问题.ALI: My father says I shouldn#39;t ask so many questions.我爸爸说我不该问这么多问题,ALI: He says it#39;s not polite. So I#39;m sorry. But I still want to know.他说这样不礼貌.所以我道歉,但是我还是想知道.BILL: Ali, the next bus will be here any minute.阿里,下一班车随时会来.MR.YAMAMOT:I#39;m going to the Japanese Garden.我要到日本花园去.ALI: Are you Japanese? I#39;m from Iran.你是不是日本人?我是伊朗人.MR.YAMAMOT:I was born in Japan.我在日本出生.ALI: I went to the Japanese Garden last week.我上个礼拜到日本花园去过.MR.YAMAMOT:Did you?噢,你去过啦?ALI: Yes, it#39;s very pretty. My mother liked it very much. I think it#39;s too quiet there,是的,非常漂亮,我妈妈很喜欢.我觉得那边太安静了,ALI: but I#39;ll go with you if you want.不过,如果你要去的话,我就陪你去.MR.YAMAMOT:Thank you. But if you come with me, your parents won#39;t know where you are.谢谢.不过,你如果陪我去,你父母就会不知道你到那里去了.ALI: If you wait, I#39;ll tell my parents where I#39;m going.你若能等我一下,我就告诉我爸爸妈妈我要去那里.MR.YAMAMOT:You are a good boy.你真乖.MR.YAMAMOT:Maybe some other time.或许,改天吧.ALI: Do you come here a lot? I#39;m here every afternoon. My father works in that bank. That#39;s my friend, Mr. O#39;Neill, the ice cream man.你常常来这里吗?我每天下午都在这里.我爸爸就在那个里上班,那位是我的朋友,欧尼尔先生,冰淇淋摊贩.MR.YAMAMOT:Here#39;s the bus. Good-bye, Ali. And thank you.巴士来了,再见,阿里,谢谢你! /200809/47605栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201606/452060

  This teacher has left his mark on every student he has ever taught.这老师对他所教过的每个学生都留下深刻的影响。leave one's mark (on)留下某人的永久影响力或印象,如果表明对谁人造成影响要用介词on.The scary experience left its mark on every victim.这可怕的经历让每个受难者都留下难以磨灭的印象。 /200802/27246I hear that you#39;re very, very happy. I am very, very happy我听说你现在非常 非常 开心 是的 我确实非常非常开心You#39;re en she#39;s engaged, everybody. Thank you.你是 嗯 她订婚了 各位 谢谢Just so happy. I-life is so good right now. I cannot even tell you.真的太开心了 我…生活现在真的太好了 难以形容的好Love is a good feeling, isn#39;t it? Yes, we are so happy. Yeah.爱情是种幸福的感觉 不是么 是的 我们在一起很开心 太好了Now, people don#39;t understand, I think, you know, #39;cause you-it#39;s new.现在 人们不能理解 我觉得 你懂么 因为你们俩 很迅速Like, how long have you known him? Not-it#39;s-it#39;s newer. It#39;s newer.就像 你们相识多久 不 是 是挺迅速 挺快I know it looks-it#39;s looked a little crazy to some people.我知道什么感觉 就像对其他人来说有点疯狂No, I#39;m saying I know what it#39;s like, Because I, you know, portia and I met.不 我是说我知道这种感觉 因为我 你知道 波西娅和我相遇We kind of moved in within two weeks. We#39;ve been together nine years, and--我们相识两周不到就同居了 我们已经在一起9年了 而且Is that true? Yeah, yeah. Is that really true? Yeah.真的么?是的 是的 真的么?是啊I mean, you can-- I love that story.我是说 你也可以 我喜欢你们的故事When you know it, when you feel it, You just know it, and so...当你意识到 感受到 你知道就是他了 然后You know, that is definitely what happened with us.你知道的 这完全就是我们的写照I kind of an interesting situation over the summer,我这个夏天有点像在一个有趣的状态And i was kind of in a weird place, and a very close mutual friend of ours had said,然后处在一个奇怪的地方 我们一个很亲密的共同朋友说;Oh, my god. I have you met this guy ryan?;“哦 上帝啊 你见过这个赖安么?”I was like, ;No,; And they had told him the same thing,我就说 “没有” 然后她们也去跟ryan问了同样的问题And i was just not in a good place to meet anyone. I said, ;I#39;m not y.但是当时我的状态不想跟任何人约会 所以我说 “我还没准备好I#39;m taking-taking time away from love for a while.; I was very sad.我还需要一段时间 不想恋爱” 我那时候很伤心And they said, ;You know, he#39;s coming to town, and you#39;ve got one day, meet him,然后她们说“你知道么 他要来了 你找一天和他见一面You know, have a drink, meet him, meet him,;知道么 去喝一杯 见面 见他”And I said, ;Ehh,; And I was putting it off然后我说 “呃” 然后我就拖啊拖And really nervous about it and just not wanting to do this.然后对这件事也很紧张 完全不想见面And so they gave him my number, and he-he texted me,所以然后她们给了他我的号码 然后他…他给我发消息And he was just like, ;I#39;m coming to L.A., and...; You know, I#39;m like, ;Oh, my god.然后他就像 “我要来洛杉矶了…然后” 你知道么 当时我感觉 “哦 我的上帝啊”;So now I have to see this guy. ;Do I have to hang out with him all weekend?所以现在我要去见这个人了 我需要跟他共度整个周末么?;Like, he#39;s gonna be here for days. Like, ugh,; And effort and this whole thing.“好像 他会在这待好几天 就像 额” 然后要见面 这整件事情And so I said, ;Okay, I#39;m gonna meet him. I#39;m gonna meet him. I#39;m gonna meet him.然后我就说 “好吧 我要见他了 我要见他了 我要见他了I#39;m gonna meet him. I#39;m gonna meet him.我要见他了 我要见他了So we go and have a dinner date, and we#39;re still on our first date.所以我们一起出去吃了一顿晚餐 然后我们还像初次约会He never went home. He never went home. You know, he#39;s from florida.他就再也没回过家 他再也没回去过 你懂的 他来自佛罗里达He was on a-he plays tennis. He#39;s a professional tennis player.他是个…他是个网球运动员 他是个职业网球选手Yeah, yeah, so he was finishing up a little mini tour, i guess you call it.是的 是的 所以他刚结束 一个小型巡回 我猜应该是这么说I#39;m gonna get something wrong, but... Yeah, and so he had a little stop in L.A.,可能是我说错了 但是……嗯 然后他在洛杉矶停留了一段时间And he#39;s originallyor he#39;s from florida.他原本是 或者说他来自佛罗里达的He lives in florida, and he never went back to florida.他住在佛罗里达 但是他再也没回去过That#39;s where every tennis player lives.几乎所有网球选手都住那儿So wait, doesn#39;t he have to be on tour with playing tennis?所以 等等 他不需要在去别的地方打网球么He had back surgery right when i met him.我和他相遇的时候他刚动完手术That#39;s what he was slightly coming out here for.这也是他来洛杉矶的原因之一He met with his doctor, and i kind of nursed him back to health.他要来复查 所以我也在某种程度上护理他帮助他恢复健康And, you know, by day two, i was like, ;Oh, my god.; It hit me.所以 你懂么 第二天 我就感觉 “哦 上帝啊” 我突然意识到It was so unbelievable. I said, ;This is it. This is it.这真是太难以置信了 我说 就是他了 就是他了This is it. This is it. This is it. This is it.; You just knew. Yeah.就是他了 就是他了 就是他了 就是他了 你就是能感觉到 是啊So you#39;re engaged, and he obviously felt the same.所以你订婚了 他肯定也是这样觉得的I hope so, #39;cause he gave me this, so i hope... Yeah, that#39;s nice.我希望是 因为他给了我这个 所以我希望他也这样想 是啊 太好了He felt we were-- that#39;s really pretty. Thank you. Thank you.他觉得我们 这个很漂亮 谢谢 谢谢So i know he#39;s backstage. He#39;s here. He is here.所以我知道他在后台 他在这里 他在If-my head writer kevin over the summer became ordained to marry.如果…我首席编辑凯文 这个夏天 被任命为了牧师He married a couple, so we have this y. Should you-should you choose...他为一对夫妻婚过 所以我们帮你准备了这个 你可以…你可以选择He can do it. Whoo! Wait. I#39;m supposed to marry him?他可以婚 哇哦!等等 我要嫁给他?No, he can-he#39;s ordained. He can marry the two of you.不是 他可以…他是婚人 他可以为你们两个婚It will save you so much money. Yes. We have a package.这能帮你省一大笔钱 是的 我这里有个包You can dance. There#39;s dancing afterwards. Oh, my god.你可以跳舞 之后会有跳舞环节 哦 我的上帝啊This is so unexpected. The wanted is here. The wanted could play.太出乎意料了 The wanted组合在这里 他们可以伴奏You#39;ve got a band. Like, I mean, it#39;s like... We could be the best men.你现在有个乐队了 就像 我的意思是 这就像是 我们可以当伴郎They couldthey#39;ll be your best men. Oh, wow. And I can walk you down the aisle.他们可以 他们可以当你的伴郎 哦 哇哦 我可以陪着你结婚We have things that-- Oh, no. Like... Oh, my god.我们有……哦 不是吧 就像……哦 天啊I mean, we have, like, a veil. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. No, no.我是说 我们有 像是 一个头纱 哦 天哪 天啊 不是吧 不是吧We have, like, a pretty necklace that you can put on.我们有 你看 一个漂亮的项链 你可以戴上It#39;s magnetic. You just put it on. Oh...这是磁性的 你可以直接戴上 哦……This is the most beautiful necklace I#39;ve ever... Look at the veil.这是我戴过的项链中最漂亮的 看看这个头纱You#39;re y to go. You know what? I#39;m y. Yeah. Ryan. Where is he?你准备好了 你知道么 是的准备好了 好的 赖安 他在哪里Call her over. Oh. Okay, let#39;s do it.叫她过来 哦 好的 来吧Are you gonna walk me down the aisle? Yeah, yeah. Baby. Yeah.你准备好结婚了么 是的 是的 宝贝 嗯Are you gonna walk me down, ellen? Yeah. Wow, i even wore a white dress. Hi muah!你要陪我走么 艾伦?好的 哦 我今天甚至穿着白裙子 嗨 Mua!We just wanted dohi, how are you? Good.我们正准备 嗨 你好么 很好All right, just do it real quick, real quick, real quick, do it, just real quick.好 我们赶紧吧 赶快 赶快 来吧 抓紧时间Okay. Okay, just real quick. Okay, okay. Which way-whichwhere do i go?好的 好的 来赶快 行 行 这边… 这 你去哪里You got the rings? Oh, god, i need rings. Take my rings. Here, take them.你们带戒指了么 哦天啊 我需要戒指 用我的 来 用我的- ;Take my rings.; Here, take-here. Oh, my god. This isn#39;t legal, right?“用我的” 这个 拿着…这里 哦 上帝啊 这不合法吧 是么No, it#39;s legal. He just asked if this was legal. Just say some stuff, kevin.不 这是合法的 他刚才竟然问这合不合法 赶紧说些什么 凯文Go ahead. Who#39;s giving kaley away? I will. All right.继续 谁负责把凯莉交给新郎 我来 好吧Do you? That was reallyyes, i do. Do you? Hell, yeah, i do. I-i do. Really?你愿意? 这真的是…是的 我愿意 你愿意娶她为妻么?天啊 是的 我愿意 我…我愿意 是么By the power investment me in california to google search,以加利福尼亚赋予我的合法权力 我现在宣布You guys are married. Whoohoo. Whoo! Oh, ring. Oh, we suck at this.你们正式结为夫妻 哇哦 哦 哇哦! 哦 戒指 哦 我真的不太会戴戒指Oh, that#39;s beautiful. Oh. It#39;s so beautiful. Thanks, man. That#39;s so beautiful.哦 太美好了 哦 真的太美好了 谢谢你 太美好了 Article/201706/512966

  In the summer of 1664,a comet appeared in the skies over England.1664年夏 一颗彗星划过英格兰的天空Its sallow tail could be seen with unprecedented clarity国王使用一种新型望远镜through the lens of the new telescopes owned among others, by the king.比其他人能更清晰地 观测到灰黄色的慧尾But what most people saw was disaster in the offing.而在大多人眼中 这预示着灾难的降临They had all their almanacs.人们都看过黄历They knew that the Apocalypse would be heralded by pestilence, fire and war.他们知道 大难将至 首先降临的就是瘟疫 火灾与战争A year later, thousands of bodies killed by bubonic plague were being tossed each week into the great pit of Aldgate一年后 每周都有成千上万黑死病者的尸体 被埋进阿尔盖特的大坑and there was nothing science could do about it,所有科学对此都束手无策except count the dead with the care demanded by modern statistics.只能运用现代统计学的严谨汇总死亡数字My part of death,No one so true,Did share it,Come away,Come away Death我已死去 无人真心 为我哀伤 降临吧 降临吧 死神One-sixth of London#39;s population perished.六分之一的伦敦人丧生The infection ebbed with the onset of autumn,入秋后疫情渐止but the trepidation hung around for the number of the Beast was 666.但恐惧仍旧弥漫 因为魔鬼的代号为666And sure enough, up from the smoky regions of Hell,果不其然 1666年9月的第一个礼拜in the first week of September, 1666,came the diabolical fire.恶魔之火从烟雾缭绕的地狱 扑面而来 /201704/504660

  栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。 Article/201608/430411。



  But with Canute#39;s death in 1035 began a chain of events that would culminate in the one invasion1035年 卡纽特的死引发了一系列事件 并最终以一次入侵而告终that Anglo-Saxon England would be unable to swallow.And what a saga it was.盎格鲁撒克逊英格兰是无法被吞并的 多么气势磅礴的英雄史诗啊It started with a bloody and unsparing fight for Canute#39;s throne amongst the surviving elite.一切始于精英阶级为争夺王位而展开的一场 血腥而残酷的战争Treachery, murder and mutilation were par for the course.背叛 谋杀和残害成为了常态The last man standing with any kind of claim to the throne was a descendant of Alfred the Great,a prince of the Saxon royal house.而伫立到最后 夺得王位的 是阿尔弗雷德大帝的后裔 一位撒克逊王室家族的王子He was called Edward.He would become forever known as The Confessor.他名叫爱德华 后以;忏悔者;而闻名于后世He was crowned on Easter Day, 1043.他在1043年的复活节加冕But he inherited more than just the crown.但他继承的不仅仅是这顶王冠He also got Earl Godwine, in no mood to lose power just because there was a new king.还有不想因新王上位 而失去弃权力的戈德温伯爵But unlike Canute, Edward had good reason to hate the right-hand man forced on him,但和卡纽特不一样 爱德华有充分的理由 憎恨这位得力却无法摆脱之人for Godwine had arranged his older brother#39;s murder.因为戈德温策划谋杀了爱德华的哥哥But there was nothing he could do about his bloodstained rival,not yet anyway.但他却不能惩治这位双手沾满血腥的政敌 至少现在不能King Edward knew that Godwine held the keys to the kingdom.爱德华国王知道戈德温手中握有实权When Godwine offered Edward his daughter in marriage,what could he do but take her?当戈德温提出把女儿嫁给爱德华时 除了答应以外 他还能怎么办呢Godwine was not Edward#39;s only problem.戈德温并不是爱德华面对的唯一难题He also got to learn how to govern a country he knew little about,他还得学着治理一个对其知之甚少的国家for he#39;d grown up in exile in a very different world across the English Channel in Normandy.因为他成长于流放地 一个截然不同的世界 英吉利海峡对岸的诺曼底 /201607/456113

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