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武汉包茎手术总共多少钱武汉治疗阳痿费用Wendi: Alright, weve been watching some comedy lately. I wanna know who your favorite comic is?温迪:我们最近看了几部喜剧。你最喜欢的喜剧演员是谁?Ken: My favorite comic? Its a draw between Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock.肯:我最喜欢的喜剧演员?戴夫·查佩尔和克里斯·洛克。Wendi: Is Chris Rock really like, is he still doing something?温迪:克里斯·洛克还有在活动吗?Ken: No, he really hasnt done anything recently, but still like, yeah, hes pretty, a pretty funny guy.肯:没有,最近他没推出什么作品,不过他仍然是非常有趣的人。Wendi: He it totally funny.温迪:他真的特别搞笑。Ken: Hes hard to top.肯:很难有人超越他了。Wendi: When is the last time he was totally working a lot, though?温迪:他上次说脱口秀是什么时候?Ken: Its gotta be maybe five years ago.肯:应该是五年前了。Wendi: Yeah, its been awhile.温迪:嗯,有一段时间了。Ken: Yeah. Now hes like... I dont even know what he does anymore. Maybe hes an actor now.肯:对。现在他……我都不知道现在他在做什么。他可能去演戏了。Wendi: Hes flipping burgers.温迪:也许他去快餐店工作了。Ken: Yeah, he has to feed his family.肯:嗯,毕竟他要养家。Wendi: Yeah, what about Dave Chappele? Whats his deal? Hes kind of?温迪:对,戴夫·查佩尔呢?他怎么样?他的情况呢?Ken: Dave Chapelle?肯:戴夫·查佩尔吗?Wendi: Hes still working?温迪:他还在说脱口秀吗?Ken: Yeah. Maybe. He was really popular a couple of years ago when he was doing the Chapelle Show, a couple of his stand-ups came out, but...肯:对,可能吧。几年前他非常受欢迎,当时他在做《查佩尔脱口秀》,出了几部单口喜剧,不过……Wendi: Is that finished?温迪:那个节目完结了吗?Ken: He...which?肯:他……哪个?Wendi: The Chappelle Show.温迪:《查佩尔脱口秀》。Ken: Its taking a break or something. What I heard was that he went crazy and he like checked himself into an insane asylum.肯:节目可能是暂停之类的。我听说他疯了,住进了精神病院。Wendi: For serious. For real.温迪:真的吗?Ken: Like all the pressure from work was getting to him and stuff. Like he just wanted break.肯:好像是他承受了太多的工作压力。他只想休息一下。Wendi: Thats so amazing.温迪:这太不可思议了。Ken: Or he ran off to Africa or something.肯:还有人说他逃到非洲去了。Wendi: You know what, that is just incredible because, its like you know, the whole grass is greener concept. Its like, you think if youre a comedian and youre making people laugh all day and youre on stage and youre laughing too that youre probably having fun but at the end of the day, I guess works work.温迪:这真是难以置信,这就是不满足于现在的情况。喜剧演员是让人们发笑的人,他们在舞台上表演的时候也会大笑,好像很开心,但实际上每天结束后,对他们来说这其实就是工作。Ken: Yeah, works work and he was doing, like he mentioned in stand-up he was working maybe 16, 18, 20 hours a day.肯:对,工作就是工作,就像他在单口喜剧里说的那样,他一天要工作16或18个小时,甚至是20个小时。Wendi: Really!温迪:真的吗?Ken: Yeah, so even like hard to study...肯:对,要努力研究……Wendi: What was he doing for 20 hours a day?温迪:他一天20个小时都干什么?Ken: Uh, like just doing his show. Like I guess it takes a lot of preparation and...肯:做脱口秀。我想可能需要进行大量的准备工作……Wendi: Thats crazy.温迪:这太疯狂了。Ken: Even with all the help in the world, I guess hes still, you know, you have to make it quality, so it takes time and effort.肯:虽然有其他人的帮助,我想他可能仍要花大量的时间,付出很多努力才能保节目的质量。Wendi: Yeah.温迪:对。Ken: So, even if it is comedy, it might not be fun twenty hours a day.肯:即使是做喜剧,也不可能一天24小时都开心。Wendi: I guess thats like the funny thing, you just think if someones a comedian, it just all comes naturally. Its like it all just comes spur of the moment, but I guess the real thing is that a lot of work goes into it.温迪:一般人们认为对喜剧演员来说,讲出搞笑的事情很正常。他们能在一瞬间想到这些点子,但其实为了做出节目他们有许多工作要做。Ken: Yeah, I think so. Like to be creative on a consistent basis is probably isnt the easiest thing in the world.肯:对,我也这么认为。要一直保持创造力并不是容易的事情。Wendi: Yeah. I think so. It sure is for me anyways. Are you a Seinfeild fan?温迪:对,我同意。对我来说就是这样。你喜欢看《宋飞正传》吗?Ken: Seinfeild...肯:《宋飞正传》……Wendi: Not really. Im ing your body language.温迪:看来你不太喜欢,我可以从你的身体语言上看出来。Ken: No, I did watch a few episodes, here and there, when it was on TV and I was bored, but...肯:那部剧在电视上播出时,我无聊的时候断断续续地看过几集,不过……Wendi: Youre not a big fan?温迪:你并不是很喜欢?Ken: Like I started watching it after the show ended like you know when everybody was watching the season finale, like I had never really regularly watched the show and I didnt even catch the season finale, but so, me friends were like, ;Did you watch it? Did you watch it?; and Im like, ;No.;肯:我在那部剧完结以后才开始看,当时所有人都看了结局,可是我基本上还没怎么看过,而且我也没有看结局,我朋友问我你看结局了吗?你看了吗?我回答他说没有。Wendi: I think its brilliant. I think its incredibly brilliant.温迪:我认为那部剧很精,非常非常精。Ken: Yeah, its a good show.肯:对,那是部好剧。Wendi: Yeah.温迪:对。 译文属 /201508/389698大冶市人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱 Todd: Adrienne, we are talking about your family. Can you describe the people in your family? Like, whats your mother like, and your father like and your sister?托德:埃德里安娜,我们来谈谈你的家人。你能形容一下你的家人吗?你的妈妈、爸爸和是什么样的人?Adrienne: OK, well, let me start with my mother. Im hoping she doesnt listen to this, though, maybe. My mother is a very interesting. She has a great sense of humor and shes a very kind woman, very generous woman. Shes also not afraid to say what she is thinking, which is a quality I admire about her very much.埃德里安娜:好,我先说我妈妈吧。我希望她不会听到这期节目。我妈妈是一个非常有意思的人。她有很强的幽默感,她非常善良,也非常大方。她会直言说出自己的想法,我非常羡慕她这一点。Todd: What about your father? How would you describe your dad?托德:你的父亲呢?你会怎样形容你爸爸?Adrienne: My dad is probably the nicest man youll ever meet. Hes very kind, very generous, very warm-heart and hes really a good guy and I love him very much.埃德里安娜:我爸爸可能是你见过的人中最好的。他非常友好,慷慨又亲切,他是一个非常好的人,我非常爱他。Todd: And actually I met your father and hes a very big guy.托德:我见过你父亲,他非常高大。Adrienne: He is. Which means he has a very big heart.埃德里安娜:没错。这意味着他有宽大的胸怀。Todd: Right.托德:没错。Adrienne: He is. My dads very tall and takes up a lot of space. Its true.埃德里安娜:对。我爸爸非常高,他非常高大。这是事实。Todd: Gentle-Giant, right?托德:温柔的巨人,对吧?Adrienne: Something like that. Yeah. Yeah.埃德里安娜:可以这么说。对,是的。Todd: OK, now you have a sister. Is she younger or older?托德:好,你有个。是还是?Adrienne: Younger sister.埃德里安娜:。Todd: Oh, younger sister. How would you describe her personality?托德:哦,。她的性格怎么样?Adrienne: My sister is actually quite similar to my dad in that she has a very good heart and shes very generous and very open, very friendly and giving personality and she is probably the only person on the planet who can make me laugh at any moment.埃德里安娜:我的性格和我爸爸非常像,她也有宽大的胸怀,所以她大方、坦诚而且很友好,她可能是地球上唯一一个能无时无刻都让我笑的人。Todd: Thats nice.托德:真好。Adrienne: She cracks me up. So, Shes got a great sense of humor, but part of that probably comes from being sisters too.埃德里安娜:她会让我大笑。她有非常强的幽默感,不过可能部分原因也是因为我们是。Todd: Now you said that your sister is very similar to your father, so you are very similar to your mother?托德:你刚才说你的性格和你爸爸非常像,那你是和你妈妈像吗?Adrienne: Coincidentally, yes, actually. My mother and I have a lot in common in terms of our personality, which means that we get along very well and then sometimes we dont. Cause we remind each other of each other perhaps.埃德里安娜:碰巧是这样。我妈妈和我在性格上有很多共同点,所以我们相处融洽,不过有时也会有矛盾。可能是因为我们会让彼此想起对方。Todd: So, like what traits do you have in common?托德:你们有什么共同的特性?Adrienne: I would say that we both very often say what were thinking, which not everybody likes all of the time.埃德里安娜:我们两个经常会直接说出我们的想法,可是并不是所有人都喜欢这点。Todd: I think being outspoken is good.托德:我认为直言不讳非常好。Adrienne: It can be. It can be which is why I think its a good quality but it sometimes can lead to more conflict than youre prepared for.埃德里安娜:可以这么说。我认为这是优点,不过直言不讳有时也会引发你意想不到的冲突。Todd: Right. Well, it sounds like you have a nice balance.托德:对。听起来你平衡的很好。Adrienne: Mm, we do.埃德里安娜:嗯,我们都做的很好。 译文属 /201508/392480武汉原发性早泄治疗价格

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