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Don’t Quit, Keep Playing Wishing to encourage her young son’s progress on the piano, a mother took her boy to a Paderewski concert. After they were seated, the mother spotted a friend in the audience and walked down the aisle to greet her.Seizing the opportunity to explore the wonders of the concert hall, the little boy rose and eventually explored his way through a door marked “NO ADMITTANCE.” When the house lights dimmed and the concert was about to begin, the mother returned to her seat and discovered that the child was missing.Suddenly, the curtains parted and spotlights focused on the impressive Steinway on stage. In horror, the mother saw her little boy sitting at the key- board, innocently picking out Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.At that moment, the great piano master made his entrance, quickly moved to the piano, and whispered in the boy’s ear, “Don’t quit. Keep playing.”Then leaning over, Paderewski reached down with his left hand and began filling in a bass part. Soon his right arm reached around to the other side of the child and he added a running obbligato. Together, the old master and the young novice transformed a frightening situation into a wonderfully creative experience. The audience was mesmerized.That’s the way it is in life. What we can accomplish on our own is hardly noteworthy. We try our best, but the results aren’t exactly graceful flowing music. But when we trust in the hands of a Greater Power, our life’s work truly can be beautiful.Next time you set out to accomplish great feats, listen carefully. You can hear the voice of the Master, whispering in your ear, “Don’t quit. Keep playing.”为了让儿子能在钢琴方面有长足的进步,一位母亲带着儿子去听帕德瑞夫斯基的音乐会。待她们坐定之后,那位母亲看到一位熟人,就穿过走道过去跟朋友打招呼。小男孩好不容易有机会欣赏音乐厅的宏伟,他站了起来,并慢慢地摸索到了一扇门旁边,上面写着“禁止入内”。大厅里的灯暗了下来,音乐会马上就要开始了。那位母亲回到座位,却发现自己的孩子不见了。这时候,幕布徐徐拉开,大厅里的聚光灯都集中到了舞台上的士坦威钢琴上。而让母亲吃惊的是,她的儿子竟然坐在钢琴面前,自顾自地弹着《闪烁,闪烁,小星星》。这时候,著名的钢琴大师走上台,并且迅速地走到钢琴旁边,并在男孩的耳边轻声说道:“孩子,别停下,继续弹。”帕德瑞夫斯基俯下身去,用左手在键盘上弹奏低音部分。然后,他的右手绕过男孩的身后,弹奏出优美的伴奏。这位年长的钢琴大师和年幼的初学者一起,将原本紧张的气氛变成了一种全新的体验。全场的观众都听得入迷了。其实,生活也是如此。我们所取得的成就不一定要多么显著。我们尽力了,结果却不一定能演奏出优美流畅的音乐。但是,如果我们相信大师的力量,我们的生活就会变的非常美丽。当你准备伟大作品的时候,仔细地侧耳倾听,你会听到大师的声音,在你耳边轻声说道:“别停下,继续弹!” Article/200904/18069

“为什么要告诉时间呢?”帽匠嘀咕着,“你的表告诉你哪一年吗?” “当然不,”爱丽丝很快地回答说,“可是很长时,里年份不会变的。” `Yes, but some crumbs must have got in as well,' the Hatter grumbled: `you shouldn't have put it in with the b-knife.' The March Hare took the watch and looked at it gloomily: then he dipped it into his cup of tea, and looked at it again: but he could think of nothing better to say than his first remark, `It was the BEST butter, you know.' Alice had been looking over his shoulder with some curiosity. `What a funny watch!' she remarked. `It tells the day of the month, and doesn't tell what o'clock it is!' `Why should it?' muttered the Hatter. `Does YOUR watch tell you what year it is?' `Of course not,' Alice replied very ily: `but that's because it stays the same year for such a long time together.' `Which is just the case with MINE,' said the Hatter. Alice felt dfully puzzled. The Hatter's remark seemed to have no sort of meaning in it, and yet it was certainly English. `I don't quite understand you,' she said, as politely as she could. Article/201102/125221

They travelled as expeditiously as possible; and, sleeping one night on the road, reached Longbourn by dinner-time the next day. It was a comfort to Elizabeth to consider that Jane could not have been wearied by long expectations.他们匆匆忙忙赶着路,在中途住宿了一夜,第二天吃饭的时候就到了浪搏恩。伊丽莎白感到快慰的是,总算没有让吉英等得心焦。The little Gardiners, attracted by the sight of a chaise, were standing on the steps of the house as they entered the paddock; and when the carriage drove up to the door, the joyful surprise that lighted up their faces, and displayed itself over their whole bodies in a variety of capers and frisks, was the first pleasing earnest of their welcome.他们进了围场,嘉丁纳舅舅的孩子们一看见一辆马车,便赶到台阶上来站着;等到马车赶到门口的时候,孩子们一个个惊喜交集,满面笑容,跳来蹦去,这是大人们回来时第一次受到的愉快热诚的欢迎。Elizabeth jumped out; and, after giving each of them an hasty kiss, hurried into the vestibule, where Jane, who came running down stairs from her mother#39;s apartment, immediately met her.伊丽莎白跳下马车,匆匆忙忙把每个孩子亲吻了一下便赶快向门口奔去,吉英这时候正从母亲房间里跑下楼来,在那儿迎接她。Elizabeth, as she affectionately embraced her, whilst tears filled the eyes of both, lost not a moment in asking whether any thing had been heard of the fugitives.伊丽莎白热情地拥抱着她,两人都热泪滚滚。伊丽莎白一面又迫不及待地问她是否听到那一对私奔的男女有什么下落。;Not yet,#39;#39; replied Jane. ;But now that my dear uncle is come, I hope every thing will be well.#39;#39;“还没有听到什么下落,”吉英回答道。“好在亲爱的舅舅回来了,我希望从此以后一切都会顺利。”;Is my father in town?#39;#39;“爸爸进城去了吗?”;Yes, he went on Tuesday, as I wrote you word.#39;#39;“进城去了,他是星期二走的,我信上告诉过你了。”;And have you heard from him often?#39;#39;“常常收到他的信吗?”;We have heard only once. He wrote me a few lines on Wednesday, to say that he had arrived in safety, and to give me his directions, which I particularly begged him to do. He merely added that he should not write again till he had something of importance to mention.#39;#39;“只收到他一封信。是星期三寄来的,信上三言两语,只说他已经平安抵达,又把他的详细地址告诉了我,这还是他临走时我特别要求他写的。另外他只说,等到有了重要消息,再写信来。”;And my mother -- How is she? How are you all?#39;#39;妈好吗?家里人都好吗?”;My mother is tolerably well, I trust; though her spirits are greatly shaken. She is up stairs, and will have great satisfaction in seeing you all. She does not yet leave her dressing-room. Mary and Kitty, thank Heaven! are quite well.#39;#39;“我觉得妈还算好,只不过精神上受了很大的挫折。她在楼上;她看到你们回来,一定非常快活。她还在自己的化妆室里呢。谢天谢地,曼丽和吉蒂都非常好。”;But you -- How are you?#39;#39; cried Elizabeth. ;You look pale. How much you must have gone through!#39;#39;“可是你好吗?”伊丽莎白又大声问道。“你脸色苍白。你一定担了多少心思啊!” Article/201204/177442

  呼啸山庄 Chapter16 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱 Article/200809/47509

  The US Border Patrol is encountering more problems with drug dealers from Mexico. A few weeks ago, a dealer ran over a border patrol agent. The agent, standing in the middle of a two-lane road, had motioned the dealer’s vehicle to stop. Instead, the dealer ran over the agent, killing him, and then drove back across the border into Mexico. He has not been caught yet. Such incidents are on the rise, said one agent. The dealers are getting braver, because they rarely get caught. “Any agent who tries to stop us deserves to die,” said one convicted drug dealer.The dealers are always devising new tricks to get their drugs into the US. They start dangerous fires near the border to distract agents. They shoot cattle on border ranches so that American ranchers will not call agents about suspicious activity. They use dynamite to blow up bridges so agents cannot follow them. They dig tunnels that start in Mexico and connect with buildings on US soil.Their newest trick is to try to behead agents who ride on ATVs (all-terrain vehicles). When an agent drives into a concealed trap, he activates a "clothes line" wire. This wire stretches tightly across the agent's path, at neck level. It could slice right through his neck. The Department of Homeland Security quickly issued a new protective device for its ATV riders--a plastic neck guard. Using computer simulation, the department determined that the neck guard should prevent beheading; however, critical injuries—including a broken neck—are still possible.“These 'clothes lines' are not a big deal,” said a department official. He criticized the media for making a mountain out of a molehill. “Wait until an agent is actually beheaded—then you’ll have a story,” he said to a group of reporters. Article/201108/147571。

  班纳特先生尽管在自己太太面前自始至终都说是不想去拜访彬格莱先生,事实上一直都打算去拜访他,而且还是跟第一批人一起去拜访他的。Mr. Bennet was among the earliest of those who waited on Mr. Bingley. He had always intended to visit him, though to the last always assuring his wife that he should not go; and till the evening after the visit was paid she had no knowledge of it. It was then disclosed in the following manner. Observing his second daughter employed in trimming a hat, he suddenly addressed her with:"I hope Mr. Bingley will like it, Lizzy. ""We are not in a way to know WHAT Mr. Bingley likes, " said her mother resentfully, "since we are not to visit. ""But you forget, mamma, " said Elizabeth, "that we shall meet him at the assemblies, and that Mrs. Long promised to introduce him. ""I do not believe Mrs. Long will do any such thing. She has two nieces of her own. She is a selfish, hypocritical woman, and I have no opinion of her. " Article/201011/118431

  #39;Don#39;t you like giving wishes?#39;Anthea asked.“你不喜欢帮人实现愿望吗?”安西娅问。#39;No, I don#39;t,#39;he said . #39; Go away and leave me alone!#39;“对,不喜欢。”它说,“走开,别打扰我!”But Anthea went on. #39; Listen,#39;she said. #39; If you do what we want today,we#39;ll never ask you for another wish. #39;可安西娅接着说了下去。“听着,”她说,“如果你实现了我们今天的愿望,我们就再也不要别的了。”#39;I#39;ll do anything for that,#39;it said. #39; I really don#39;t enjoy giv-ing wishes. It#39;s very hard work, you know, and I get so tired. #39;“那样的话我可以做任何事情。”它说,“我实在是不喜欢实现人们的愿望。这是件难事,你知道,我变得这么累了。”#39;Well, first I wish that Lady Chittenden will find that she has never lost her jewels. #39;“唔,首先我希望奇滕登夫人发现她的珠宝从没丢。”The Psammead got bigger, and then went small again. #39;Done!#39;it said.赛米德变大,又变小。“办好了!”它说。#39;I wish that Mother won#39;t get to the police. #39;“希望妈妈别到警察局去。”#39;Done!#39;the Psammead said again.“办好了!”赛米德又说。#39;And I wish,#39; said Jane suddenly,#39;that Mother and Martha will forget all about the jewels. #39;“我还希望,”简突然说,“妈妈和马莎把珠宝的事全忘了。”#39;Done!#39;the Psammead said, but its voice was tired. #39;Now,it went on ,#39; will you wish something for me?#39;“办好了!”赛米德说,可它的声音显得很累。“现在你们能为我许愿吗?”#39;Can#39;t you give yourself wishes?#39; asked Cyril.“你不能为自己实现愿望吗?”西里尔问。#39;Of course not,#39;the Psammead said. #39;Wish that you will never tell anyone about me. #39;“当然不能。”赛米德说,“希望你们别把我的事告诉任何人。”#39;Why?#39; asked Robert.“为什么?”罗伯特问。#39;Well, you children always ask for stupid things. But adults aren#39;t like that. If they get hold of me,they#39;ll want to wish for real, important things—“唉,你们孩子们老要愚蠢的东西。大人们可不那样。要是他们抓住我,他们就希望要真正的、重要的东西like free houses for poor people,and new schools for children everywhere in the country,and money to give to old people. Boring things like that.——比方给穷人免费住房啦,给全国各地的孩子建新学校啦,给老人们钱啦。就那种使人厌烦的事。And they#39;ll find a way to keep them after the sun goes down. And what will happen to the world if all those changes come at once?而且他们会想办法在日落后留住它们。如果所有的那些变化立刻发生,世界会怎么样?There#39;ll be terrible trouble. So go on , wish it! Quick!#39;那可就会有麻烦了。所以接着许愿!快点!”Anthea said the Psammead#39;s wish,and it got very,very big. When it was small again, it said,#39; Now, I#39;m very tired. Do you want one last wish?#39;安西娅说出了赛米德的愿望,它变得非常非常大。当它又变小了时,它说:“现在我很累了。你们想要最后一个愿望吗?”#39;Thank you for everything,#39;said Jane. #39; Have a good long sleep— and I wish that we#39;ll see you again someday. #39;“感谢你做的一切。”简说,“美美地睡一觉——我还希望有一天能再见到你。”Then,for the last time, the Psammead went big,then small again. It looked at them all once more with its long eyes,and then dug itself quickly into the sand.然后赛米德最后一次变大又变小。它用柄眼把他们全又看了一遍,然后很快地钻进沙子里去了。And when they arrived home again,everything was all right. Mother came home and she and Martha remembered nothing, and Lady Chittenden found that her jewels were not lost.当他们又到家里时,一切都是好好的。母亲回到家,她和马莎什么都忘了,而且奇滕登夫人发现她的珠宝没丢。#39;Will we ever see the Psammead again, do you think?#39;Jane said to the others, later in the garden.“你们认为我们究竟还能再见到赛米德吗?”晚些时候简在花园里对其他孩子们说。And,of course,they did, but not in this story. It was in a very, very different place. It was in a… But I must say no more.当然喽,他们又见到它了,可不是在这个故事里见到的。是在与这里很不一样的一个地方。那是在一个……可我不该再多说了。 Article/201204/176658I hate alcohol. I really don’t understand how or why people drink it. The smell of alcohol on people’s breath is disgusting. It’s expensive and it gives you a bad headache. I drank when I was much younger, but I haven’t touched a drop for years. I hated hangovers so I decided to stop drinking altogether. I have a much better time without alcohol. people say they need to drink to relax. They drink and just act and look stupid. Their face goes red and they can’t walk in a straight line. Alcohol is also the most damaging drug in society. That’s what I think, anyway. Alcohol causes many illnesses, traffic accidents, fights and domestic violence. If you banned alcohol, people would be healthier, richer and have a better family life. Article/201103/129943College brings about a wealth of new experiences. Among these experiences is living with a strange roommate or roommates for the first time. There is an adjustment period each time you get a new roommate as the two of you learn about each other and begin to accommodate each other's needs and schedules. Remember that it's not all up to your roommate to make the living situation a good one. There are some things you can both do to make the experience pleasant, or at least manageable.Make a set of ground rules. Determine bathroom schedules, significant other policies, whether or not food or other resources may be shared, and an acceptable limitation on volume for music or television. Include ways to deal with violations of the ground rules, perhaps involving a third party like a resident adviser.Be considerate. Do not play loud music or watch loud television shows late at night. Respect your roommate's requests to turn the volume down at other times of the day as well if they have a legitimate reason (studying, writing an essay) for asking.Help each other out. Most times you will want to study in your own room, but if re-locating to a computer lab, library or other quiet place will better the situation for both you and your roommate, you might try that as a solution.Respect your roommate's right to sleep. If you return home very late and your roommate is aly in bed, try to make as little noise as possible. Do not turn on bright lights if it is not necessary to do so.Think ahead. If you have a tendency to oversleep or turn off your alarm multiple times, keep your roommate in mind as you set your alarm for the next day. If you wake up before your roommate, respect their right to remain sleeping. This means turning your alarm off in a timely fashion, or not hitting snooze so much that your roommate must be awake as well by the time you finally decide to get up.Practice discretion. If you overhear your roommate talking about a personal problem, or she shares it with you, do not gossip and share it with everyone. Likewise, do not overwhelm your roommate with your own personal life. This extends to romantic relationships. Try to keep romantic or sexual encounters discreet and come up with a system for letting each other know when it is not safe to enter the room.Discuss any problems you might have with your roommate. Do not yell or make insults. Quite often you may be able to come to some agreement that will address your problems. Article/200909/84175

  Sandra had not been to Las Vegas in more than a year. She was excited. Her sister Janice was coming by to pick her up in about ten minutes. Sandra finished putting her toothbrush and toothpaste into her travel bag; those were the last two items on her “to pack” list.She had called ahead, of course, to get a room for Janice and herself. The hotel told her that no more rooms were available at the price that was advertised in the newspaper. This was no surprise to Sandra. So, she put down a 0 nonrefundable deposit on a room for two nights. The cost for both nights was going to be 0 plus taxes, surcharges, and other fees.She looked at her watch. Janice was late, of course. Sandra had forgotten to remind Janice of today’s departure time. To put it kindly, Janice was not exactly the most organized person in the world. Sandra called Janice up. She left a short message: “Where are you? It’s time to go to Vegas!”A few minutes later, Janice called back. She had a big problem—a schedule conflict. She had aly promised to attend her daughter’s eighth-grade graduation ceremony this very weekend.“Oh, Sandra, I’m so sorry,” Janice said. “I know how much you had wanted to do this. I thought Alice’s graduation ceremony and party were next week. I get so confused sometimes. I’ll make this up to you, I promise. Maybe you can call up Lily; she might be available, even though it’s really short notice. If not, don’t worry, I’ll pay you for everything and we can make plans again.”Sandra sighed and dialed her friend Lily. She wondered how Janice had made it through life so unorganized. Article/201107/144904I was working as a Shift Commander in the patrol division for a large private security firm in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Part of the duties of said position is the locking down and opening up of certain office buildings on the west side and downtown patrol districts.   One of these buildings was a very old building constructed on or around 1880. Rumors about this building and its goings on had circulated among the ranks for as long as we had the contract. Many other supervisors reported seeing green colored mists, dark figures tailing them, voices whispering when there was no one there, lights in offices going on and off by themselves, and the sounds of footsteps and jingling keys.  The building was originally constructed as a hotel for upper crust springs society, but has long since been converted into offices for lawyers, accountants and such.  In order to keep these folks' offices safe, we were to enter the building and climb up the West stairs and lock the access doors to each floor after turning off the lights to that floor using antique switches next to the West stairwell access door. The building has 6 stories, 7 including the basement that has its own access from the outside, and has been converted into a Gothic dance club known as "The Underground".  Once you reached the 6th floor, you were to lock yourself in, turn off the lights and proceed across the floor to the East stairwell, where you would lock those doors working your way down. Article/200902/62789

  有声名著之了不起的盖茨比 Chapter7 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影 Article/200809/48423

  New hope in Aids fight 抗争艾滋病的新希望Drugs should be more affordable (艾滋病药物应更便宜些) Some of the world's biggest pharmaceuticals firms have announced dramatic reductions in the price of Aids drugs in the developing world where many sufferers are priced out of treatment. The move is a huge boost for Africa where the UN estimates more than 11 million people have died of the disease and more than 22 million have HIV which can lead to Aids. A spokesman said prices would be cut immediately by 85%. 几家世界头号药品公司宣布将大幅度降低艾滋病药物在发展中国家的售价,因为这些国家的很多艾滋病患者因药物价格过高而得不到治疗。这一行动给非洲的患者带来了希望。联合国预测在非洲已有11,000,000人死于艾滋病,有22,000,000艾滋病病毒携带者。一发言人说,药物将很快降价85%。 Article/200803/32035。

  It took only one trip to get all my stuff upstairs. I got the west bedroom that faced out over the front yard. The room was familiar; it had been belonged to me since I was born. The wooden floor, the light blue walls, the peaked ceiling, the yellowed lace curtains around the window ;these were all a part of my childhood.   只用一趟,我所有的东西就全搬到楼上去了。我住西边面向前院的那间卧室,这间屋子我很熟悉;我一生下来它就归了我。现代化的地板,深红色的墙壁,尖顶型的天花板,镶黑边的窗帘,这些都是我童年的一部分。The only changes Charlie had ever made were switching the crib for a bed and adding a desk as I grew. The desk now held a secondhand computer, with the phone line for the modem stapled along the floor to the nearest phone jack. This was a stipulation from my mother, so that we could stay in touch easily. The rocking chair from my baby days was still in the corner.查理惟一变了变的,就是随着我慢慢长大,把婴儿床换成了一般的床,添了一张写字台。现在这张写字台上有了一台二手电脑,外带一根连着调制解调器的电话线,电话线是顺着地板走的,另一头插在离得最近的电话插孔里。这是妈妈提出来的一个要求,这样,我们联系起来就比较容易了。我儿时的那把摇椅还放在那个角落里。There was only one small bathroom at the top of the stairs, which I would have to share with Charlie. I was trying not to dwell too much on that fact.  只有楼梯顶上惟一一个小浴室,我只好跟查理共用了。我尽量别让自己老惦记着这事。One of the best things about Charlie is he doesn#39;t hover. He left mealone to unpack and get settled, a feat that would have been altogetherimpossible for my mother. It was nice to be alone, not to have to smileand look pleased; a relief to stare dejectedly out the window at thesheeting rain and let just a few tears escape. I wasn#39;t in the mood to goon a real crying jag. I would save that for bedtime, when I would have tothink about the coming morning. 查理最大的优点之一就是爽快。他让我自己整理行李,这要是换了我母亲,是万万不可能的事情。一个人袋着真好,不必面露微笑让自己看起来很愉快;沮丧地凝视着窗外如注的大雨,掉几滴眼泪是一种解脱。我没有痛痛快快大哭一场的心境,我会把它留到睡觉的时候,因为那个时候,我将不得不想一想来日的早上。Forks High School had a frightening total of only three hundred andfifty-seven ; now fifty-eight ; students; there were more than sevenhundred people in my junior class alone back home. All of the kids herehad grown up together ; their grandparents had been toddlers together.  福克斯高中部总共仅有357个;;当然,现在是358个学生,这实在令人吃惊;而我家那里仅初中部就超过700人,这里所有的孩子都是一起长大的;;他们的爷爷奶奶在蹒跚学步的时候就在一起。I would be the new girl from the big city, a curiosity, a freak.我将成为从大城市新来的女孩,一个稀奇罕见、行为怪异的另类。Maybe, if I looked like a girl from Phoenix should, I could work this tomy advantage. But physically, I#39;d never fit in anywhere. I should be tan,sporty, blond ; a volleyball player, or a cheerleader, perhaps ; all thethings that go with living in the valley of the sun.  或许,要是我有一副凤凰城女孩子应有的模样,我可以将它变成我的优势。可身体不争气,我到哪儿都不适应。按说我应该是晒得黑黑的,像运动员,比方说,排球运动员啦,啦啦队长什么的,或许应该具有与住在阳光之谷的人相称的所有特点。 Article/201203/173089

  一天,两个工程系的学生在校园里碰面了。一个大声地招呼另一个:“嗨!这单车真棒!你在哪弄到的?” “哦”另一个回答,“有一天,我在去教室的路上遇到一个年轻漂亮的姑娘骑着这辆车,她跳下车,脱掉所有的衣,说,‘你要什么都可以拿去!’”。 “选得真不错”,第一个说,“你穿她的衣肯定不合身。” Article/200804/33958

  Their party in the dining-room was large, for almost all the Lucases came to meet Maria and hear the news; and various were the subjects that occupied them: Lady Lucas was inquiring of Maria, after the welfare and poultry of her eldest daughter; Mrs. Bennet was doubly engaged, on one hand collecting an account of the present fashions from Jane, who sat some way below her, and, on the other, retailing them all to the younger Lucases; and Lydia, in a voice rather louder than any other person#39;s, was enumerating the various pleasures of the morning to anybody who would hear her.他们饭厅里人很多,卢卡斯府上差不多全家人都来接玛丽亚,顺便听听新闻,还问到各种各样的问题。卢卡斯太太隔着桌子向玛丽亚问起她大女儿日子过得好不好,鸡鸭养得多不多;班纳特太太格外忙,因为吉英坐在她下手,她便不断向她打听一些时下的风尚,然后再去传给卢卡斯家几位年轻去听;丽迪雅的嗓子比谁都高,她正在把当天早上的乐趣一件件说给爱听的人听。;Oh! Mary, ; said she, ;I wish you had gone with us, for we had such fun! As we went along, Kitty and I drew up the blinds, and pretended there was nobody in the coach; and I should have gone so all the way, if Kitty had not been sick; and when we got to the George, I do think we behaved very handsomely, for we treated the other three with the nicest cold luncheon in the world, and if you would have gone, we would have treated you too. And then when we came away it was such fun! I thought we never should have got into the coach. I was y to die of laughter. And then we were so merry all the way home! we talked and laughed so loud, that anybody might have heard us ten miles off!;;噢,曼丽,;她说,;你要是跟我们一块儿去了多有趣!我们一路去的时候,吉蒂和我放下车帘,看上去好象是空车,要是吉蒂没有晕车,就会这样一直到目的地。我们在乔治客店实在做得够漂亮,我们用世界上最美的冷盘款待她们三位;假使你也去了,我们也会款待你的。我们临走的时候,又是那么有趣!我以为这样一辆车子无论如何也装不下我们。我真要笑死啦。回家来一路上又是那么开心作乐!我们有说有笑,声音大得十英里路外都能听见!;To this Mary very gravely replied, ;Far be it from me, my dear sister, to depreciate such pleasures! They would doubtless be congenial with the generality of female minds. But I confess they would have no charms for ME--I should infinitely prefer a book. ;曼丽听到这些话,便一本正经地回答道:;我的好,并不是我故意要杀你们的风景,老实说,你们这些乐趣当然会投合一般女子的爱好可动不了我的心,我觉得读读书要有趣得多。;1.draw up 使靠近Draw up a chair and sit down.拉把椅子过来坐下。2. be y to do 准备去做某事She is always y to help others.她总是乐于助人。3. be congenial with sb. 和某人志趣相同,congenial 是形容词,表示; 同性质的, 趣味相同的,;I met few people who are congenial with me in that city.我在那个城市没有遇到几个意气相投的。 Article/201112/165120

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