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The first China-Arab States Expo has opened in northwest Chinas Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent a congratulatory letter to the Expo.首届中阿览会在中国宁夏自治区开幕。中国国家主席习近平特发贺信表示祝贺。Foreign leaders, including King Abdullah Bin Al-Hussein of Jordan and King Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al-khalifa of Bahrain attended the opening ceremony.包括约旦国王阿卜杜拉·本·侯赛因和巴林岛国王哈马德在内的其他国家领导人参加了开幕仪式。Under the theme of a ;globally oriented China-Arab states cooperation; and the aim of ;carrying forward friendship, cooperation and common development;, the event will feature trade fairs and seminars on agriculture, energy and tourism.该览在“中阿合作-面向世界”的主题下,以弘扬友谊,促进合作与共同发展为目标,将对贸易交易会,农业,能源及旅游合作进行研讨。201309/257212The Mad Ones 创造力是疯狂的;And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.;——Netzsche201407/303146

S.Korea condemns Japanese ministers visit to war shrine韩国谴责日政客参拜靖国神社South Korea has also voiced criticism of Yoshitaka Shindos visit to the Yasukuni Shrine. The South Korean foreign ministry denounced the visit as ;glorifying past aggression;, and ;defying international concerns;.韩国对日本总务大臣Yoshitaka Shindo参拜靖国神社行为表示谴责。韩国外交部谴责日方此次参拜是“美化侵略史”和“挑衅国际关系”的行为。In a statement, it said Japanese politicians should make efforts to mend South Korea-Japan ties through ;humble retrospection towards history.;一份声明指出,日本政客应该通过“谦虚回顾历史”来改善日韩关系。201404/287823

This Christian holiday and festival is known as Pasca in non-English-speaking countries. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today well be learning more about Easter.这个基督教节日及节庆在非英语系国家以Pasca着称。欢迎收看WatchMojo.com,今天我们会学到更多关于复活节的事。Ill show you how we color eggs.我会示范给你看我们怎么绘蛋。You get the eggs y, and Ill mix up all the colors.你把蛋准备好,我会把颜色全都调好。Easter is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ.复活节是由基督徒庆祝以纪念耶稣复活的宗教节日。As written in the New Testament of the Bible, Christians believe Jesus was betrayed by His disciple Judas shortly after the Last Supper. Because of this, He was arrested by Temple Guards in the Garden of Gethsemane, and crucified by Pontius Pilate over accusations that He claimed to be the Son of God. The day of His crucifixion is commemorated by Christians as a holiday called Good Friday.如同新约圣经里所记载的,基督徒相信耶稣在最后的晚餐不久后被他的门徒犹大背叛。因此,他在客西马尼园被神殿卫兵逮捕,且因为他声称是上帝之子的指控而被彼拉多钉上十字架。他被钉在十字架上处死的那一天,被基督徒当做一个称为耶稣受难日的节日来纪念。After His death, Jesuss body was wrapped and laid to rest in a tomb by Joseph of Arimathea. His subsequent resurrection is revealed two days later when female visitors discover His empty tomb. It is His rising from the dead that is celebrated as Easter.在他的死亡后,耶稣的躯体被包裹起来,并由亚利马太的约瑟放进一座墓里安息。他接下来的复活是在两天之后,当女性访客发现他空空荡荡的墓时被揭露的。正是他的死而复生被当作复活节来庆祝。Since Easter falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox,it takes place between March 22 and April 25 in Western Christianity. As Jesuss resurrection proved to Christians He was truly Gods son and that, with faith, they too will be given new life,it is one of the cornerstones of the religion.因为复活节落在春分之后的第一次月圆后的第一个周日,所以在西方基督教中它在3月22日至4月25日间举行。因为耶稣的复活向基督徒明了他确实是上帝之子,且有着信念,他们也将会被给予新的生命,所以这是这宗教的基石之一。Preceding Easter Sunday is Holy Saturday, which is the last day of what is known as Holy Week. Holy Saturday marks the end of a time of fasting, self-denial, and repentance of sins called Lent. It also symbolizes the period between Jesuss death and His resurrection.在复活节周日前是圣周六,那是以圣周着称的日子里最后一天。圣周六标记了斋戒、自我否定、叫做大斋节的罪过悔改这段时光的结束。它同样也象征了耶稣的死亡及他的复活间那段时期。The first celebration at Jesuss resurrection by many traditional churches is the Easter or Paschal Vigil. This important service and Mass is usually held at midnight between Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, and includes the blessing of the Paschal candle, the celebration of the sacrament of Baptism, the chanting of Alleluia, and the Eucharist for Catholics.许多传统教堂第一个庆祝耶稣复活的活动是复活节或是守夜礼。这个重要的仪式及弥撒通常举办在圣周六及复活节周日之间,且包括了复活蜡烛祝福、受洗圣礼、圣歌咏唱、以及给天主教的圣餐。Easter is often celebrated by believers with a feast featuring blessed food, such as lamb, eggs, and ham.复活节通常让信奉者以一顿以祝福食物为特色的大餐来庆祝,像是羊肉、鸡蛋、以及火腿。Despite its holy significance to Christians, Easter has become quite commercialized. In the 1200s, people started painting hard-boiled eggs, with the egg representing Jesuss empty tomb. Today, these decorated eggs are sometimes used in Easter egg hunts, though man-made, chocolate eggs are used as well. Every year, the President of the ed States invites young children to participate in The White House Easter Egg Roll.不论它对于基督徒的神圣意义,复活节已变得颇商业化的。在1200年间,人们开始绘水煮蛋,那蛋代表耶稣空荡荡的墓。今日,这些装饰蛋有时被用在复活节寻蛋活动,虽然是人造的,也会使用巧克力蛋。每一年,美国总统邀请年幼的孩子参加白宫复活节滚蛋大赛。It is believed the rabbits were first linked to Easter by European Protestant in the 1600s.This idea has evolved into the figure of the basket-carrying Easter Bunny, who distributes Easter eggs and candies to children.据信兔子是在1600年代由欧洲新教徒首先连结到复活节的。这个点子已演变成提着篮子的复活节兔这角色,牠分送复活节蛋及糖果给孩子们。Despite its importance in Western and Eastern Christianity, Easter is not celebrated by all Christian groups. Some believe there is no biblical basis for the moveable feast. Since Easter Sunday is not necessarily a public holiday in all Christian nations, Easter Monday is sometimes celebrated as one instead.即便它在西方及东方基督教中的重要性,并不是全部的基督教团体都庆祝复活节。有些人相信这个不固定日期的节日并没有圣经依据。因为复活节周日并不一定在所有基督教国家中都是国定假日,复活节周一有时被作为替代来庆祝。The 50 days following Easter are known as Eastertide or the Easter Season, which celebrates Jesuss new life after His resurrection, including His Ascension into heaven. For some Easter cooking ideas, or for more great historical s, be sure to subscribe to WatchMojo.com.复活节接下来的五十天以Eastertide或是复活季为人所知,那庆祝耶稣在他复活之后的新生命,包括他的升天。想要一些复活节的烹饪点子,或是更多很棒的历史影片,一定要订阅WatchMojo.com。Its Easter, and they aly have the Christmas decorations up.才复活节,他们已经把圣诞装饰摆上了。Good grief!我的天啊!201501/352444



  Your workspace should be a breeding ground for creativity and productivity, not bacteria and germs.你的工作场所应该是创意和效率的温床,而不应该容忍细菌滋生。You Will Need你需要Disinfectant wipes消毒剂A houseplant室内植物Antibacterial hand wipes or gel抗菌剂或凝胶Steps步骤Step 1 Designate a time each day to clean your workspace with disinfectant wipes. Make sure to include your desk, phone,mouse, and keyboard.1.每天固定一个时间用消毒剂清洁办公场所。确保办公桌,电话,鼠标和键盘清洁到位。Keep your workspace tidy and clutter-free. There will be less mess where germs can accumulate.保持办公环境整洁,没有垃圾。这样就不会乱糟糟的导致细菌滋生。Step 2 Green your workspace with a houseplant. Plants help filter the air and can help squelch airborne bacteria.2.放置一盆绿色植物为办公环境增添一点绿色。植物帮助过滤空气,还可以抑制空气传播的细菌。Step 3 Clean up thoroughly before and after lunch if you eat at your desk. Wash glasses and mugs frequently. Keep refrigerated food and dry food in separate closed plastic containers in the office kitchen.3.如果在办公桌上用餐,餐前餐后彻底清洁。经常清洗玻璃和杯子。冰冻食品和干燥食品分别存放在办公室厨房不同的塑料容器中。Step 4 Wash your hands after each trip to the restroom. Use soap and warm water and rub vigorously for 20 seconds.4.每次去洗手间之后洗手。使用肥皂和温水用力搓洗20秒钟。Step 5 Keep antibacterial hand wipes or gel on your desk and use them when you can’t get to a sink.5.办公桌上放有抗菌剂或凝胶,不方便去洗涤槽彻底清洗时使用。Avoid contact with sick co-workers. It may seem rude, but you won’t be the one calling in sick the next day.避免接触生病的同事。这或许有点不礼貌,但是你肯定不想第二天也病泱泱地来上班。Step 6 Go home or stay at home if you are sick. It’s the best way to avoid contaminating your office and sping germs to co-workers.6.如果生病,立即请假回家或直接不来上班。这是避免污染办公室,将细菌传播给同事的最佳方法。A University of Arizona study found the average desktop had 21,000 germs per square inch; office toilet seats only had 49.亚利桑那大学一项研究发现,普通电脑桌面每平方英寸有21,000个细菌。办公室马桶座圈上只有49个。视频听力由。201311/265526

  Im European champion, so Im not one of the bottle.我是欧洲冠军,我不是普通的一个。I think Im the special one.我觉得我是特别的一个。重点词汇:special one 特别的一个例句:Could you make it a special one?你能不能搞一个特别点儿的?201406/307041Most of us will never have the chance to experience life in space. So questions like how do astronauts sleep and bathe are common for many. Now lets listen to some of the questions students from around the world have for the three astronauts.对于大多数人来说,都没有机会体验太空生活。所以,大家提的很多问题都是关于宇航员如何睡觉,如何洗浴等等。那现在让我们听听来自世界各地学生对这三名宇航员的提问吧。A Cuban student said, ;What does space look like? What are the other planets like? Is it true that there is fire on Mercury? Is there any life?;一名来自古巴的学生问道,“太空是什么样的?其他星球是什么样的?水星上真的有火吗?那里有生命存在吗?”An Israeli student said, ;How do they sleep? They must be tied to the bed.;一名以色列学生问道,“宇航员是如何睡觉的呢?他们一定是被绑在床上的。”A Brazilian student said, ;I want to know if the astronauts miss their home and family members. What can they do up there? It is difficult for the female astronauts to overcome.;一名巴西学生问道,“我想知道宇航员会想家吗?会想念他们的家人吗?他们在太空都做些什么?女航天员在太空生活会有什么不方便吗?”201306/244889

  This respect for wildlife extends beyond the monasteries and into the wider community. One of Tibets most sacred creatures is the black-necked crane.对野生动植物的尊重已经从寺庙,延伸到了更广阔的社会中西藏。最神圣的一种动物是黑颈鹤。In summer they live and breed out on the plateau, but in winter they congregate on farmland. 70% of the worlds population can be found here.夏季它们在高原上繁衍生息,冬天它们聚集在农田里。世界上70%的黑颈鹤都生活在这里。The species was only recently identified by scientists, but its been known to Tibetans for hundreds of years.尽管科学家最近才发现这种生物,但是西藏人认识它们已经有几百年了。In the 17th century, Tibets supreme lama wrote, ;Crane, lend me your wings, I go no farther than Lithang county, and thence return again.;西藏的达赖喇嘛写到“天空中洁白的仙鹤,请借给我你的双翅,我不飞往远处,只到理塘就回。”Tibetans believed he was predicting the site of his own reincarnation and in due course his successor was found, sure enough, living in Lithang county.西藏人相信他在预言他的转世,在适当的时候可以找到他的继承者,当然他的继承者一定是在理塘生活。Even today, black-necked cranes are treated with reverence and are welcomed by farmers as they land in the fields around the villages.即使在今天,黑颈鹤落在村庄附近的农田时农民都会尊敬地欢迎它们的到来。 /201403/280777Lees use of real martial arts combined with the speed and directors eye was groudbreaking.李小龙的真功夫,加上出手快速以及导演似的眼光 很具突破性。Bruce Lee totally revolutionalized the way emm...unarmed combat would be presented on the screen or Bruce Lee had done because he worked in Hollywood with so many qualitied film makers.李小龙改变了 呃...电影里表现空手格斗的方式 或者说是他会如此,正是因为在好莱坞与许多优秀电影制作人合作过。He came back he learned which lens to use,how to move the camera, how to ... where to edit.回到香港后 他学会了聚焦,怎样移动镜头 怎样... 如何剪辑。Theseare ... What makes his fight so remarkable,the technique sometimes was really quite basic.那是一种... 让格斗非常精,有时那技巧真的很基础。The way he shot them was revolutionary.Yeah, his action is a kind of new-way of action.You know he, emm... he changed the whole thing.他拍摄的方式也是革命性的,是的 他的格斗动作是种新方式,可以说 呃... 他改变了一切。You know, emm... cause we have never seen a fighting like that.呃... 因为我们从见过他那样的格斗方式The whole sort of, like fast and slow thing he did with the tension and then release.The scenes would move then stop, then move again.移腿动作时快时慢 有种压迫感 然后出腿,场景前移接着停下 接着再前移。Bruce Lee really made that stylized,really built that up and turn that into something that...李小龙真正地让它特化,成形 变成了某种...I think thats the influenc for western movies.He made fighting entertaining.He made it fun.He made it dramatic.He made it emotional.我认为这影响了西方电影,他让格斗化,变得有趣,夸张有戏剧性,带有感情。And he really brought martial arts to the rest of the world.他确实将武术展现给世界201403/277883

  Greece secures bailout deal with Troika At least .4 billion in bailout funds were approved by the IMF, ECB and EU to continue Greeces reform efforts.欧元集团主席戴塞尔布卢姆宣布,希腊将有条件从欧盟获得30亿欧元的贷款、欧洲央行20亿欧元的购债注资,国际货币基金组织向其提供约18亿欧元的援助,援金总计68亿欧元。由欧盟、欧洲央行和国际货币基金组织组成的“三驾马车”对希腊的评估报告称,希腊正在推进各项措施以实现改革目标,在多个领域取得了重要进展。IMF总裁拉加德说,希腊为改革付出的努力令人尊重,相信希腊偿债能力具有可持续性。欧盟委员会负责经济和货币事务的委员奥利·雷恩说,希腊近期在改革方面虽取得进展,但仍需更多决心和努力。希腊应着力刺激市场竞争,促进发展私有制。Greece looks y to get its next installment of bailout money. It’s money to convince the Troika that its economic reforms are on track. The IMF, the ECB, the Commission had reached a deal with Greece on a set of controversial cuts and reforms, now paves the way for Euro Zone finance ministers to approve the next payment of around .4 million. The Troika get warned that Greece was behind in some areas and the economic outlook was uncertain. The situation is so flawed that the mayor of Athens was assaulted on Sunday outside a meeting where cuts were being discussed. Elinda Labropoulou is in the Greek capital and joins us this evening. Elinda, where here we go again? The Greek, the Greek, their government get their money; the Troika has probably turned a blind eye to things that maybe they shouldn’t have done. But the fact is nobody is going to say whether or not, this is well and truly off track or not. Well, you are absolutely right about that. This is a situation that we have seen a number of times before.But it seems that right now it’s not the time to upset these balances. We have seen a lot of instability in the overall region. We have seen also a lot of instability in the neighboring Portugal. So in that sense it seems that the Troika really now wants to keep tones much lower; it wants to help Greece, if you like, to try and push these reforms. But those are very difficult reforms to push through, simply because it’s something that Greece has done on a number of occasions, and things are just getting tougher and tougher all the time. The unions are back on the streets, people are mobilizing. And what the Greek government hasn’t managed to do until now for years effectively until now, the cuts in the civil sector are once again coming up on the agenda. So what Greece is gonna trying and do, is look, looking at very tough reforms in a very short phase of time. Ahead of it, most of it has to do with mobility putting people in labor reserve and effectively having to fire thousands of people. In the civil sector, it’s looking at privatization that has still not been completed. The number of these deals have fallen through. It’s also looking at cuts in the Health sector. It’s a very difficult time perhaps for Greece. /201307/248025

  Negotiating the channel is her first challenge.它的第一个挑战是游过水道The water near the mouth of the pool is slightly deeper.水池开口处附近的水深较深Here she sets her ambush,它在这里准备突袭waiting for a seal to stray out of the shallows.等候远离浅水处的象海豹出现For mother and calf, this is an extremely risky ploy.对杀人鲸母子来说 这种作法风险极高She must continuously assess how big the waves are, how deep the water is它必须不断评估浪的大小and what the tide is doing.以及水深和潮汐One bad decision would see both mother and calf stranded.一个错误决定 就可能让它们母子受困浅滩The seals lie in the shallows,躺在浅水池的象海豹距离太远just out of reach and unaware of her presence.也不知道母鲸在这里But she is more than aware of the dropping tide.但母鲸很清楚现在已经退潮A floundering seal catches her attention...一只涉水的象海豹引起它的注意..and with her calf, she slowly moves towards it.它带着幼鲸缓缓逼近The seal is lying right on the edge of a rocky ledge,象海豹躺在一片岩架边缘oblivious to the danger.浑然不觉危险将至201309/258669。


  Studios Use CGI to Replace Paul Walker, Philip Seymour HoffmanHollywood productions will use CGI to resurrect the actors in their upcoming films. A recent sudden deaths of two Hollywood stars have sent Hollywood studios skramtbling. With Paul walker in fast and furious 7, and Philip Seymour Hoffman in the hunger games.A recent sudden deaths of two Hollywood stars have sent Hollywood studios scrambling with Paul walker, star in fast and furious 7, Philip Seymour Hoffman ,apearing in C, CS to the Hunger Games.Movie makers have been forced to come up with some creative solutions to complete some crucial scene here.But do they have a technology to do it and how audiences response to it at all? As B is in Los Angeles,certain to more.Good morning B.Good morning B.Good morning D.This is a scenario that Hollywood faces many times over the years. JCM all passed away before finishing a film project. Then dance studio would dotheir best with the body doubles. But today, they have much better options.Coming back to the big screen, actor PhilipSeymour Hoffman will live on as the character in the next to WS of hunger game after dying before filming was completed.And now were learning, so will Paul Walker in the fast and furious 7.Actor was originally believed the movie would have to be drafted because of too many untapped scene. Instead,the Hollywood reporter is reviewing the studio will use special effect, replacing the actor with Computer Generated Image of him.What you are seeing here is a technology advance appointed wire. They can do things that actors will not possible before.CGI technology is used to put a new face on actors more and more. It is how Army Nett play twins in a social network.How N.P dance so daftly in Black Swan. And even how Audrey Hepburn was resurrected for this Dove chocolate ad. But using an actors tragic death raise ethical questions.The big issue here is whether you can tell if it is a scene you know that is not real , it gives you a weird feeling when you are watching it. I think the studio is going to be very careful to make thisa scene processed.Now when CGI is used, the seized actors’family are usually consulted it and scripts are sometime changed. Walker Characterwere reportedly got a different ending in the film,a happy ending. Just one more thing in that press studio can do it and make it sure that audiences feel comfortable.Ya,that is appropriate when we chat to their family for permission and understand.Interesting how CGI is becoming stable in Hollywood now. /201404/283718


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