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U.S. President Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai meet Friday at the White House to discuss the future role of the U.S. in Afghanistan, their first meeting since Mr. Obamas re-election. 美国总统奥巴马星期五在白宫会晤阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊,讨论美国今后在阿富汗发挥什么作用。这是奥巴马当选连任总统之后他们双方的第一次会晤。The two leaders will hold a joint afternoon news conference.这两位领导人定于星期五下午举行联合记者会。Current plans call for the U.S. to withdraw nearly all of its nearly 70,000 troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. 按照目前的计划规定,美国将在2014年年底之前撤走目前在阿富汗几乎所有近7万的美军。But that plan hinges on a number of conditions, including whether Afghan forces will be able to take over security at that time. It is also unclear what will be the role of the Americans who stay behind, if any do remain.但是,这项计划取决于很多条件,其中包括阿富汗军队届时是否有能力接管安全事务。目前也还不清楚如果将来有一部分美军留驻阿富汗,他们的使命是什么。On Thursday, Mr. Karzai met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.星期四,卡尔扎伊会见了希拉里克林顿国务卿。Earlier, at the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told Mr. Karzai that the U.S. and Afghanistan have come a long way towards making sure Afghanistan will never again become a safe haven for terrorism.早些时候,美国国防部长帕内塔在五角大楼对卡尔扎伊说,在为确保阿富汗不再成为恐怖分子栖身之地,美国和阿富汗已经做出长时间的努力。Mr. Karzai expressed appreciation for the years of support from the U.S. and Afghanistans other allies.卡尔扎伊对美国和阿富汗其他盟友多年来的持表示感谢。But while Mr. Karzai has often criticized U.S. actions in Afghanistan, he also has spoken about his desire for some U.S. presence to remain.但是卡尔扎伊经常批评美国在阿富汗的行动,不过他仍表示希望一些美军留驻阿富汗。来 /201301/220205

Conversation A: Good morning, what can I do you?A:早上好,有什么能问您效劳的吗?B: Im looking some earrings my wife as a wedding anniversary gift.B:我正在找一些耳环,要送给我太太作为结婚周年纪念礼物A: Youve come to the right store. Weve got a beautiful and wide selection of earrings you to choose from.A:您来对地方了我们有各种各样漂亮的耳环供您选择B: I saw a pair of earrings outside your window. Can you show them to me?B:我在橱窗外面看到一对耳环,你能拿给我看看吗?A: Do you mean the exquisite pearl earrings?A:您是说那些精美的珍珠耳环吗?B: Exactly. How much do you want them?B:正是你要价多少?A: Theyre only three thousand yuan.A:只要3千元B: What is this setting make of?B:这个镶耳环的底座是什么做成的?A: Well, it specially made of a platinum alloy, sir, and the luster will never fade out.A:噢,先生它是由一种白金的合金特制而成的,而且光泽永不会褪B: Ill take them. Please wrap them up me and give me the receipt.B:我买了请帮我包起来,并给我收据A: Youve made an excellent choice, sir.A:先生,您选的真好 7181

8 Conduct research on yourself.8 对自己进行研究Behavioral scientists say the mere act of recording a behavior often leads to a change in that behavior.In other words,make a note of what you normally eat bee cutting back on calories.行为科学家表示,对某项行为作记录常会导致该行为的改变换句话说,在你开始减少卡路里的摄取量前,先对你平常吃的东西作个记录吧Rose Stein,a secretary and mother of three teenagers, had this experience.“My doctor told me to keep track of everything I ate two weeks,then bring the list to her so we could work out a diet.;目前担任秘书且育有三名正值青春期小孩的萝丝·史坦就曾有这样的经验“我的医生要我连续两个礼拜记录所吃下的每样东西,然后把记录表拿给她看,这样我们才能研拟出一份我的节食计划”“I thought I was pretty careful about what I was eating一I made a special eft every day to eat just a simple salad lunch in the company cafeteria.”“我本来以为自己对所吃的东西相当谨慎-一我每天刻意地都只在公司自助餐厅里吃一份简单的沙拉午餐”Writing everything down gave Rose a new self-awareness.记录每天所吃的东西让萝丝有了新的自觉During her first week of record-keeping,she realized that the two or three doughnut holes she thought she ate were actually eight or nine; that her lunchtime salad was really lettuce and tomatoes drenched in creamy salad dressing;that her“occasional; midafternoon candy bar was actually a daily dose; and that after a big dinner with her family, she nibbled on leftovers while clearing up.在她开始记录的第一个星期里,她才了解到,原以为自己只吃了两三个甜甜圈,实际上是吃了八九个;午餐所吃的沙拉实际上是生菜和番茄浸在浓郁的沙拉酱中;下午“偶尔”吃的糖果棒实际上是天天在吃;而且每次和家人吃过一顿大餐后,她还会一边收拾一边吃剩菜;I was really surprised,”Rose recalls. ;Up to then,I thought I was watching my diet. But when I wrote it down in black and white, there was no escaping it-I was eating way too much.”“我真的好惊讶,”萝丝回忆道“在那之前,我一直以为自己是在注意饮食但当我用白纸黑字记录下来时,一览无遗了一一我之前吃得太多了”By the second week, even bee she went back to her doctor, Rose began to alter her diet. She started her day with a piece of fruit and a small bowl of cereal and quit eating doughnuts at the office. She tried a low-calorie dressing on her lunchtime salad(and liked it).And when she saw her doctor again, she suggested that maybe a more substantial lunch, like a sandwich, might cut back on her urge to snack in the afternoon.就在第二个礼拜她要去看医生前,萝丝开始改变自己的饮食习惯她每天起来先吃一片水果和一小碗麦片,在办公室时也不再吃甜甜圈了她试着在午餐的沙拉中改用一种低热量的沙拉酱(她很喜欢这种吃法)当她再去看医生时,医生建议她吃一份像三明治之类较耐饥的午餐,也许可以帮助她抑制下午想吃点心的食欲Try it. Record what you eat two weeks. Include the time you eat,the foods you eat and the amount you eat. Be honest. If you’re not,you’re only deceiving yourself. Make notes every time you have something to eat. You may get if you wait till the end of the day.At this time, don’t make an eft to alter your eating habits--but don’t stop yourself if the urge to do so strikes.试试看连续两个星期记录你所吃的东西,包括你吃东西的时间、吃了什么、吃了多少务必要诚实如果你不诚实记录,就是在欺骗自己每次吃东西都作记录如果等到一天快结束时才记录,你可能会忘记吃了哪些东西这时,别试着改变自己的饮食习惯---一但如果真想改变的话,也不要刻意阻止自己健身短语1. lead to+N 导致……. make a note of...记录……3. keep track of... 注意记住…….work out. . .拟出(计划等)5.make an eft to V 努力……6.write. . . down 写下……7.clear up 清理,整理8.up to. . .直到......9.in black and white (以白纸黑字的方式)写下来.quit+V-ing 停止不再...... 1

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