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郴州市第一医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱郴州人民医院南院男性专科But you cant help it – at least I cant, and God knows Ive tried.但是你却无能为力——至少我不行,上帝知道我尝试过了。I dont want any ex-boyfriends sitting in church when I marry you.当我迎娶你的时候,我可不想有任何一位男朋友坐在教堂里面。On our wedding day I want nothing but happiness, both for you and me, and I know I wont be happy if there is a church full of your ex-conquests.在我们结婚的那天,我只希望你我都幸福,但是我知道,如果教堂里都是你的前任,我是不会高兴的。When I marry you I will have no past, only a future: I dont want to drag my past into our future and I dont want you to do it, either.当我娶你的时候,我们就忘掉过去,只看到未来:我不想我的过去介入我们的未来,我同样不希望你的过去介入。Remember I am jealous of you because I love you.记住,我嫉妒你,是因为我爱你。You are never jealous of something you dont care about.你不会嫉妒任何你不关心的事。O.K. enough about jealousy.好了,关于嫉妒就到这里。Now let me tell you something.现在我要告诉你一些事情。I have seen a thousand sunsets and sunrises, on land where it floods forest and mountains with honey coloured light,我看过无数次日出日落,在大地上,森林和群山都被笼罩在光芒之中,at sea where it rises and sets like a blood orange in a multicoloured nest of cloud, slipping in and out of the vast ocean.在大海上,为五的云朵增添上一抹血橘色,在无垠的大海上划进划出。I have seen a thousand moons: harvest moons like gold coins, winter moons as white as ice chips, new moons like baby swans feathers.我看过无数次月亮:满月如金币,寒月洁白似冰屑,新月宛如小天鹅的羽毛。I have seen seas as smooth as if painted, coloured like shot silk or blue as a kingfisher or transparent as glass or black and crumpled with foam, moving ponderously and murderously.我看过大海平静如止,颜色如缎,或蓝如翠鸟,或如玻璃般透明,抑或如乌黑褶皱的泡沫,沉重而危险的翻动着。I have felt winds straight from the South Pole, bleak and wailing like a lost child; winds as tender and warm as a lovers breath;我感受过来自南极的烈风,寒冷呼啸着像一个走失的儿童;感受过如爱人呼吸般的柔风;winds that carried the astringent smell of salt and the death of seaweeds; winds that carried the moist rich smell of a forest floor, the smell of a million flowers.掺杂着苦涩的咸味和海草死亡气息的海风;弥散着森林大地肥沃土壤气息和千万种花香的山风。Fierce winds that churned and moved the sea like yeast, or winds that made the waters lap at the shore like a kitten.狂风涛海如同酵母发酵起沫,或使海水轻拍海岸像小猫一般。I have known silence: the cold, earthy silence at the bottom of a newly dug well; the implacable stony silence of a deep cave;我了解宁静:一口新井中寒冷又朴实的宁静;一个深洞中无情冷酷的宁静;the hot, drugged midday silence when everything is hypnotised and stilled into silence by the eye of the sun; the silence when great music ends.炎热迷离的午后万物被炎炎烈日催眠的宁静;一曲美妙音乐结束的宁静。I have heard summer cicadas cry so that the sound seems stitched into your bones.我听过夏日蝉鸣如芒在骨。I have heard tree frogs in an orchestration as complicated as Bach singing in a forest lit by a million emerald fireflies.我听过树蛙在无数萤火虫点亮的森林中演奏着如巴赫管弦乐般美妙复杂的旋律。I have heard the Keas calling over grey glaciers that groaned to themselves like old people as they inched their way to the sea.我听过啄羊鹦鹉飞跃冰川叫喊着,像老人呻吟着走向大海。I have heard the hoarse street vendor cries of the mating Fur seals as they sang to their sleek golden wives,我听过声嘶力竭的街道商贩成交皮草生意的叫嚷,好像是对他们鎏金妻子的赞美;the crisp staccato admonishment of the Rattlesnake, the cobweb squeak of the Bat and the belling roar of the Red deer knee-deep in purple heather.响尾蛇清脆却不连贯的警告声;成群结队的蝙蝠的刺耳叫声;马鹿在齐膝的紫石楠中的咆哮。I have heard Wolves baying at a winters moon, Red howlers making the forest vibrate with their roaring cries.我听过狼群在冬夜对月长嚎,红吼候啸震山林。I have heard the squeak, purr and grunt of a hundred multi-coloured reef fishes.我听过珊瑚群中异斑斓的鱼群发出的吱吱、呱呱和呢喃。I have seen hummingbirds flashing like opals round a tree of scarlet blooms, humming like a top.我见过蜂鸟如同宝石一般围绕着开红花的树闪烁,如陀螺一般哼鸣作响。I have seen flying fish, skittering like quicksilver across the blue waves, drawing silver lines on the surface with their tails.我见过飞鱼如水银一般穿越蓝色海浪,用他们的尾翼在海面上划下银色痕迹。I have seen Spoonbills flying home to roost like a scarlet banner across the sky.我见过琵鹭像朱红的旗帜从鸟巢飞往鸟群。I have seen Whales, black as tar, cushioned on a cornflower blue sea, creating a Versailles of fountain with their breath.我见过漆黑洳焦的鲸鱼,在如矢车菊般的蓝色海洋中停留,呼吸间创造了一个凡尔赛宫的喷泉。I have watched butterflies emerge and sit, trembling, while the sun irons their wings smooth.我见过阳光熨展蝴蝶的翅膀,它浮现、停顿、又扇动。I have watched Tigers, like flames, mating in the long grass.我见过鲜如火焰的老虎在长草之中亲昵。I have been dive-bombed by an angry Raven, black and glossy as the Devils hoof.我曾被愤怒的乌鸦俯冲攻击,如魔鬼的爪牙黑暗顺滑。I have lain in water warm as milk, soft as silk, while around me played a host of Dolphins.我曾躺在温暖如牛奶、柔顺如丝绸的水中,任一群海豚在我身边嬉戏。I have met a thousand animals and seen a thousand wonderful things …我曾遇到过无数生灵,曾看过无数美景……All this I did without you.这一切却未与你共度。This was my loss.这都会是我的损失。All this I want to do with you.这些事情我都想与你共度。This will be my gain.这一切才会是我的收获。All this I would gladly have forgone for the sake of one minute of your company, for your laugh, your voice, your eyes, hair, lips, body,为了有你一分钟的陪伴,我愿放弃这一切,为你的笑声,你的声音,你的眼睛,头发,嘴唇,身体,and above all for your sweet, ever surprising mind which is an enchanting quarry in which it is my privilege to delve.尤其是你善良又令人惊喜的心,那时只有我有权利开采的宝藏。201704/502162苏仙区看泌尿科怎么样 Yet he chose to embrace his enemies instead, while forcing his own party to compromise.但是他选择了拥抱自己的敌人,同时迫使他所在的政党去妥协And Trudeau pushed everyone to stop thinking in tribal terms特鲁多促使大家都不再去想部落and to see multiculturalism, not language and not skin color, as what made them quintessentially Canadian.并且去考虑用多元文化主义,而不是语言和肤色,去作为典型加拿大人的标志Nobody got everything they wanted, but everyone got just enough that the bargains held.没有人得到了自己想要的一切,但每一个人通过讨价还价都得到了满足So at this point you may be thinking, ;OK, Tepperman,所以此时此刻你可能在想,“好吧,特普曼if the fixes really are out there like you keep insisting,如果这些修复像你所坚持的那样真的存在then why arent more countries aly using them?;那么为什么没有更多的国家使用它们?”Its not like they require special powers to pull off.不是说它们需要什么特别的力量去实现。I mean, none of the leaders weve just looked at were superheroes.我是说,我们刚才所说的几位领导人没有一个是超级英雄。They didnt accomplish anything on their own, and they all had plenty of flaws.他们个人并没有达成什么成就,他们都有一大堆的缺点。Take Indonesias first democratic president, Abdurrahman Wahid.就说印尼的第一位民选总统阿卜杜勒拉赫曼·瓦希德This man was so powerfully uncharismatic that he once fell asleep in the middle of his own speech. True story.这么一个魅力强大的人,有一次竟然在自己的演讲中睡着了。这是真事。So what this tells us is that the real obstacle is not ability, and its not circumstances.这个故事告诉我们真正的障碍不是能力,不是环境Its something much simpler.而是一些更简单的东西Making big changes involves taking big risks, and taking big risks is scary.要做大的改变就要承担大的风险,而承担大的风险是很可怕的。Overcoming that fear requires guts, and as you all know, gutsy politicians are painfully rare.克那种恐惧需要勇气,而正如你所知,勇敢的政治家少之又少。But that doesnt mean we voters cant demand courage from our political leaders.但那并不意味着我们这些选民不能要求我们的政治领导人拿出勇气来。I mean, thats why we put them in office in the first place.我的意思是,那正是当初我们选他们的原因。And given the state of the world today, theres really no other option.考虑到当今世界的现状,我们真的没有其它的选择。The answers are out there,就在那but now its up to us to elect more women and men brave enough to find them,现在就靠我们去选出更多有足够勇气的女人和男人去找到它们to steal them and to make them work. Thank you.窃取它们,并使它们为我所用。谢谢。201706/514052郴州包皮系带手术

郴州市第一人民医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱We create our ;others.; As parents, as neighbors, as citizens,是我们创造了“其他人”的概念。作为家长,邻居,公民,we witness and sometimes ignore each other into being.我们见,有时也忽视他人的存在。You were not born vengeful.我们并非生来就复仇心切。I have some role in whatever thirst you now feel for revenge,我也饰演一些角色,无论你现在是多么渴望复仇,and that thirst now tempts me to plot ever more elaborate escapes from our common life,那些复仇的渴望感诱使我设计前所未有精密的路线,去逃离我们共同生活,from the schools and neighborhoods and airports and amusement parks that we used to share.逃离学校和邻里,逃离机场和游乐场,逃离那些我们曾经共有的地方。We face, then, a problem not of these large, impersonal forces.之后,我们面对的不是那些远大的非个人的问题,We face a problem of your and my relations.我们面对的是你我的关系问题。We chose ways of relating to each other that got us here.我们选择了相互关联的方式,让我们走到了今天这地步。We can choose ways of relating that get us out.我们也可以选择相互关联的方式,让我们脱离这里。But there are things we might have to let go of, fellow citizen,但我们必须放弃一些,我亲爱的公民伙伴们,starting with our own cherished versions of reality.首先是我们自身珍视的现实视角。Imagine if you let go of fantasies of a society purged of these or those people.想像你们放弃那些对没有这样或那样人的社会的幻想。201703/497182永兴县不孕不育预约 Hi, everybody. Ive delivered a few hundred of these weekly addresses over the years.嗨,大家好。这些年来我已经做了数百次周末例行演讲了。And you may have noticed a theme that pops up pretty often:你可能已经注意到一个主题出现得相当频繁:The Republicans who run this Congress arent doing their jobs.控制这届国会的共和党人无所作为。Well, guess what? Congress recently returned from a seven-week vacation.好吧,你猜怎么了?国会最近刚刚结束七周休假。Theyve only got two weeks left until their next one.离他们下一次休假只有两周时间。But theres a lot of business they need to get done first.但有大批事项需要他们优先处理。First – even as were seeing more and more Zika cases inside the ed States,首先,我们看到在美国即使寨卡病例越来越多,theyve refused to fund our efforts to protect women and children by fighting Zika in a serious way.他们拒不批准专款给我们抗击寨卡病毒,以保护妇女和儿童。Second – they still need to provide resources to help the people of Louisiana recover from last months terrible floods,第二,路易斯安那州上月发生严重洪水,灾区仍然需要提供资源帮助灾民从洪灾中恢复过来,and to help communities like Flint recover from their own challenges.像帮助弗林特一样使当地社会从面临的挑战中恢复过来。Third – they have made Merrick Garland, a Supreme Court nominee with more federal judicial experience than any other in history,第三,提交国会的麦瑞克·加兰德法官提名,他是最高法院被提名人中联邦司法历史经验最多的法官,wait longer than any other in history for the simple courtesy of a hearing, let alone a vote.却为听会这么简单的程序遥遥无期地拖着,历史上绝无仅有,更不用说国会表决了。All because they want their nominee for President to fill that seat.都是缘于共和党希望他们的总统上任后再提名。There are plenty other bipartisan priorities they should finish this year as well.还有许多其他两党合作的优先事项,他们也应该在今年完成。Passing criminal justice reform. Attacking the opioids epidemic.通过刑事司法改革。抵制鸦片类药物泛滥。Funding Joe Bidens cancer moonshot.资助乔?拜登的抗癌登月计划。Finishing a Trans-Pacific trade agreement that will support American jobs and boost American wages.批准持美国就业和提高工资的跨太平洋贸易协定。201609/468363郴州永兴县人民医院妇幼保健男科大夫

郴州市东方医院包皮手术怎么样What is your true calling? What is your dogma? What is your purpose? 你的原始动机是什么?你的信仰是什么?你的意图是又什么?For me, that discovery came in 1994. When I interviewed a little girl who had decided to collect pocket change, in order to help other people in need.我是在1994年认识到这一点的当时我采访了一位小女孩她决定积攒零钱帮助其他有需要的人She raised a thousand dollars all by herself, and I thought: Well, what that little nine-year old girl.她凭一己之力积攒了一千美元当时我想一个九岁大的小女孩With a bucket and a big heart, could do that, and I wondered what I could do? So, I asked for our viewers to take up their own change collection.仅凭一个存钱罐与雄心壮志 就能做到这样那么我可以做些什么呢?于是 我号召我的观众们捐出他们的零钱And in one month, just from pennies, and nickels and dimes, we raised more than three million dollars that we used to send one student.在一个月内 仅仅是那些面值极小的零钱我们就募到了三百多万美元我们用这笔钱将每个州的一位学子From every state in the ed States to college. That was the beginning of the Angel Network. And so, what I did was I simply ask our viewers.送入了大学的殿堂天使网络便从那时开始运作了我所做的仅仅是号召我们的观众Do what you can, wherever you are, from wherever you sit in life, giving your time, your talent, your money if you have it, and they did.尽己所能 无论地域与地位如果可能 请拿出你们的时间 智慧与财力他们也的确鼎力相助Extend yourself in kindness to other human beings wherever you can. And, together, we built 55 schools in 12 different countries, and restored nearly 300 homes that were devastated.无论你在哪里 请为他人送去自己的仁爱之心与此同时 我们在12个州成立了55所学校修缮了300栋曾被飓风丽塔By Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. So, the Angel Network, ive been on the air for a long time. But it was the Angel Network that actually focused my internal GPS.与飓风卡特里娜摧毁的民宅天使网络的想法在我心中萦绕已久正是天使网络让我确定了心中的那个导航仪It helped me to decide that I wasnt just going to be on TV every day, but that the goal of my shows, my interviews, my business, my philanthropy, all of it.它使我决定 不再单一地从事电视事业还要关注我的栏目目标 我的采访我的业务 我的慈善事业 等等201608/462491 VOA流行美语 122: on edge/give it a rest李华和Larry今天又到购物中心去采购圣诞礼物。李华会学到两个常用语:on edge和give it a rest.(Crowded mall FX)LH: 我真搞不懂耶!还有几个星期就要过圣诞节了,可是有些人看起来好像不是很开心,好像很紧张,很烦躁呢!LL: Oh, well, when people are busy doing their Christmas shopping, they can sometimes be a little on edge.LH: 你说他们怎么啦?Edge不是指在某个东西的边缘吗?On edge。那是什么意思呢?LL: No, no, I said, everyone is on edge that means everyone is a little nervous or in a bad mood.LH: 原来,on edge就是紧张不安的意思。可是我以为大家都喜欢过圣诞节,不是都要高高兴兴的吗?为什么不开心呢?(grumbles) 哎呀!那个挤到我前面了。这里好挤噢!LL: People do love Christmas, and Americans are always try to be kinder and friendlier this time of year. But people are under pressure to buy Christmas gifts for all of their friends and family members, which is why a lot of them are on edge right now.LH: 嗯,忙着采购给每个家人朋友的礼物,是挺有压力的。我其实也有不少压力,学期快结束了,我得交报告,还得买礼物,还要批改学生的考卷。Hey! (yells in English) Watch where you're going!LL: Calm down Li Hua! I know that you're on edge right now, but try not start any arguments, OK?LH: 我才没有要和人吵架呢!我只是要那个人小心一点!LL: Look, everyone's on edge around here, and so are you. It's really easy to start an argument in this kind of situation. Just calm down.LH: 好嘛!对不起嘛!我想我真的需要冷静一下。Larry我们能不能找个地方坐下,喝点东西?咦!这儿有张桌子,我们坐这儿吧!LL: Why don't we come back some other time when it's not so crowded. When you're on edge like this, it's better to stay away from other people.LH: 那怎么行!我们已经费了这么大功夫到这儿来。没买到礼物就回去呢?你怎么啦?LL: Sorry, Li Hua, I guess I'm a little on edge myself. I still have a lot school work to do for next week, and I want to finish my shopping early so I can relax during Christmas break.LH: 好,那我们就尽快把礼物买好,赶快回家罗!******LH: 快点,Larry你动作真慢耶! 我还有一些东西要买呢!LL: Give it a rest, Li Hua. I told you, I can't move quickly and carry all of your bags as well.LH: A rest? 你又要休息啦?我们不是半个小时前才坐下来休息的吗?LL: No, that's not what I said. I said give it a rest that means stop complaining, talking about, or doing something.LH: Give it a rest,是停止抱怨或停止做某件事。你的意思是我抱怨太多了?哎!是你浪费太多时间,首先,你到我家时就已经迟到半个小时...LL: Oh, give it a rest, Li Hua, I told you, I had to wait because of a traffic accident.LH: 因为交通事故你迟到,这还说得过去。可是我们来购物中心的路上,你又迷路了3次!LL: Give it a rest, Li Hua. We finally got here. Anyway, you weren't much help.LH: 好啦,好啦!算了啦!我也受不了在这么挤的地方逛。我今天实在不应该来的!LL: Well, I'm starting to get tired of carrying stuff for you. These bags are heavy!LH: (In English) Give it a rest, Larry! 你是大男生耶!这些东西对你来说不算什么啦!LL: Look, I'm tired, I'm a bit on edge, and I have a lot of work to finish this weekend. Can't we just give it a rest and go shopping next weekend?LH: 好吧!好吧!我们两人今天都有点急躁。也许我们真的应该回家,等有空再来买礼物吧!今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是on edge, 意思是紧张不安,脾气急躁。另一个常用语是give it a rest。意思是停止抱怨或是停止做某件事。 /200602/3342郴州私人医院郴州医院预约



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