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It#39;s easy to get caught up in stress and to be hard on yourself when it comes to work, finance, and relationships, but the best way to stay happy and healthy is to lighten up a little bit. Here are three ways to cut yourself some slack in the holiday:面对工作、经济问题和人际关系时很容易有压力而且对自己有高要求,但是保持愉快和健康最重要的方法就是放轻松些。下面有三个方法可以让你在假期里“放自己一马”:1. Schedule time for yourself. In between work commitments and everyday errands, it can be tough to find time for the things that fulfill you. Still, it#39;s crucial let yourself indulge. Whether it#39;s exercise, spa treatments, lunch dates, or just 10 minutes to sit and breathe. Even tiny moments of joy will have an impact on your mind-set.1. 自己规划时间。在工作要求与日常琐事间,找时间做自己的事非常困难。但是,让你自己沉浸在喜欢的事中是非常重要的。不管是运动、温泉疗法、午餐约会,还是仅仅花10分钟时间坐下来,调整呼吸节奏,即使是短暂的欢乐时光也会对心态产生影响。 /201309/257879


  Another Valentine#39;s Day. Another night spent ordering in sushi for one and mooning over #39;Downton Abbey#39; reruns. Smarten up, ladies.又是一年情人节。又一个晚上要在一边叫外卖寿司、一边观看《唐顿庄园》(Downton Abbey)的重播中度过。女士们,聪明点吧。Despite all of the focus on professional advancement, for most of you the cornerstone of your future happiness will be the man you marry. But chances are that you haven#39;t been investing nearly as much energy in planning for your personal happiness as you are planning for your next promotion at work. What are you waiting for? You#39;re not getting any younger, but the competition for the men you#39;d be interested in marrying most definitely is.尽管女性在职场上取得的进步深受关注,但对于大多数女性而言,未来幸福的基石仍然是你与之结合的那个人。但很大的可能性是,你为谋求个人幸福投入的精力远远不及你为自己下一次升职所投入的精力。你还在等什么?须知你已青春不再,然而对于你为之倾心、有意委身的男子,你肯定要面对越来越年轻的竞争对手。Think about it: If you spend the first 10 years out of college focused entirely on building your career, when you finally get around to looking for a husband you#39;ll be in your 30s, competing with women in their 20s. That#39;s not a competition in which you#39;re likely to fare well. If you want to have children, your biological clock will be ticking loud enough to ward off any potential suitors. Don#39;t let it get to that point.想想看:如果你大学毕业后头10年只关心事业,当你终于开始考虑寻觅良人时,已经30岁出头了,却要与20多岁的女孩子们竞争。在这场竞赛中,你可能没那么好的运气。如果你想要孩子,你的年龄劣势会更加明显,足以吓退任何可能的追求者。别让事情落到那个地步。You should be spending far more time planning for your husband than for your career-and you should start doing so much sooner than you think. This is especially the case if you are a woman with exceptionally good academic credentials, aiming for corporate stardom.你在规划另一半上面所花费的时间应当远远超过事业――而且你应当比你所认为的更快开始这样做。如果你是那种拥有十分出色的学历、有志在事业上大展身手的女性,就更应如此。An extraordinary education is the greatest gift you can give yourself. But if you are a young woman who has had that blessing, the task of finding a life partner who shares your intellectual curiosity and potential for success is difficult. Those men who are as well-educated as you are often interested in younger, less challenging women.杰出的教育是你能给自己的最好礼物。但如果你是有这个福气的年轻女性,要找到与你具备同样的求知欲、同样成功潜力的终生伴侣,这是个艰难的任务。与你一样受过良好教育的男性有兴趣的通常是更年轻、没那么大志向的女子。Could you marry a man who isn#39;t your intellectual or professional equal? Sure. But the likelihood is that it will be frustrating to be with someone who just can#39;t keep up with you or your friends. When the conversation turns to Jean Cocteau or Henrik Ibsen, the Bayeux Tapestry or Noam Chomsky, you won#39;t find that glazed look that comes over his face at all appealing. And if you start to earn more than he does? Forget about it. Very few men have egos that can endure what they will see as a form of emasculation.你能不能嫁给一个在学识或事业上不如自己的男人?当然可以。但跟一个与你或你的朋友格格不入的人在一起,也可能令人失望。一旦你们的话题转向谷克多(Jean Cocteau)或易卜生(Henrik Ibsen),贝叶挂毯(Bayeux Tapestry)或乔姆斯基(Noam Chomsky),他呆滞的表情不会让你觉得赏心悦目。要是你开始赚得比他多呢?算了吧。极少有男人能忍受他们所谓的“吃软饭”。So what#39;s a smart girl to do? Start looking early and stop wasting time dating men who aren#39;t good for you: bad boys, crazy guys and married men.那么,聪明的女孩应该怎么做呢?早早开始寻觅,不要浪费时间与不适合你的男人约会:坏小子、疯子和已婚男人。College is the best place to look for your mate. It is an environment teeming with like-minded, age-appropriate single men with whom you aly share many things. You will never again have this concentration of exceptional men to choose from.大学是寻觅另一半的最佳地点。这里多的兴趣相投、年龄相当的单身男士,而且与你已经有诸多相同之处。以后你就再也不可能有这么多的出色男士可供选择了。When you find a good man, take it slow. Casual sex is irresistible to men, but the smart move is not to give it away. If you offer intimacy without commitment, the incentive to commit is eliminated. The grandmotherly message of yesterday is still true today: Men won#39;t buy the cow if the milk is free.一旦发现好男人,要慢慢来。一夜情是男人无法抵御的诱惑,但明智之举是不要轻易发生关系。如果你在没有获得对方承诺的时候就与之亲热,就没有什么促使他承担责任了。过去的老话现在依然正确:有免费牛奶的话,男人就不会买奶牛了。Can you meet brilliant, marriageable men after college? Yes, but just not that many of them. Once you#39;re living off campus and in the real world, you#39;ll be stunned by how smart the men are not. You#39;ll no doubt meet some eligible guys in your workplace, but it#39;s hazardous to get romantically involved with co-workers.大学毕业后还有机会遇到才华横溢、值得托付终生的男人吗?有,但为数不多。一旦离开校园、进入现实世界,你会震惊地发现,男人有多么愚钝。在工作中肯定也会碰上合适的人,但与同事相恋有害无益。You may not be y for marriage in your early 20s (or maybe you are), but keep in touch with the men that you meet in college, especially the super smart ones. They#39;ll probably do very well for themselves, and their desirability will only increase after graduation.或许你在25岁之前还没准备好要进入婚姻殿堂(也可能已经做好准备),但要与你在大学时遇到的男生们保持联系,尤其是特别聪明的那些。他们本身可能会有很好的发展,而且毕业后他们只会越来越有吸引力。Not all women want marriage or motherhood, but if you do, you have to start listening to your gut and avoid falling for the P.C. feminist line that has misled so many young women for years. There is nothing incongruous about educated, ambitious women wanting to be wives and mothers. Don#39;t let anyone tell you that these traditional roles are retrograde; they are perfectly natural and even wonderful. And if you fail to identify #39;the one#39; while you#39;re in college, don#39;t worry-there#39;s always graduate school.并非所有女性都想结婚或当妈妈,但如果你想,你必须开始听从自己的直觉,不要迷信多年来误导了众多年轻女性的女权主义口号。受过教育、志向远大的女性想要为人妻、为人母没有任何问题。别相信别人说这些传统角色是倒退的说辞;这些角色是极其自然的,甚至是极为美妙的。而如果你没能在大学时找到命中注定的另一半,也不用担心――还有研究生院呢。 /201402/275810。


  The day began early. By 7:30 a.m., the 56 tourists from China were standing in line in the parking lot of the hotel in which they had spent the night.这是早早开始的一天。上午7:30,来自中国的56名游客排成一队,站在头天过夜的酒店外的停车场。They were eager to do the things first-time tourists do — sail past the Statue of Liberty, stand atop the Empire State Building and stroll through the Metropolitan Museum of Art.他们盼着去做第一次来的游客都要去做的事——坐船看自由女神像,登顶帝国大厦,去大都会艺术物馆逛逛。But first they had to get to the city.但他们得先到达那个城市才行。That meant climbing aboard a shiny tour bus and settling in for a 45-minute ride past roadside billboards and a state prison and through the Holland Tunnel.也就是说,他们要坐上一辆锃亮的旅游大巴,在路上行驶45分钟,沿途经过各种广告牌和一座州监狱,穿过荷兰隧道。It is a scene that is repeated many times each morning in a stretch of New Jersey better known for oil refineries, swamps and traffic-choked highways than for providing beds for tourists from halfway around the world.每一天早上,在新泽西州的某个地方,这样的场面都会出现多次,这里本来以炼油厂、沼泽和堵塞的交通干道而闻名,人们从没想到它还能为跨越半个地球而来的游客们提供床位。But with the number of Chinese tourists to New York soaring, New Jersey has become an unlikely base camp for many of them, including this group, which had spent the night at the Wyndham Garden Newark Airport, a scant quarter-mile from one of the runways at Newark Liberty International Airport.但随着来访纽约的中国游客激增,新泽西州居然成了其中很多人的过夜之地,这个旅行团也是其中之一,头天晚上这些游客就住在纽瓦克机场温德汉姆花园酒店(Wyndham Garden),那里距离纽瓦克自由国际机场的其中一条跑道不足1/4英里。Chinese sightseers are fueling a subculture of hotels that have cheap rooms and early-morning checkouts to give tour buses a chance to beat the traffic. Some New Jersey hotels, like the Wyndham Garden, have expanded their breakfast buffets to appeal to Chinese guests, serving such Chinese favorites as the rice porridge congee alongside American standards like waffles with maple syrup.中国的观光客正在促发一种酒店亚文化:酒店提供便宜的房间,为方便游客大巴避开交通高峰,还有在清早就结账退房的务。有些新泽西的酒店为吸引中国游客还扩展了自助早餐食谱,在经典的美式早餐枫糖华夫饼之外增添了中国人喜欢的稀饭等食品,温德汉姆花园酒店正是这么做的。The number of Chinese visitors to the city jumped 182 percent from 2010 to 2013, according to NYC amp; Company, the city’s tourism marketing agency, and New York ranks second as a destination for Chinese travelers in the ed States, after Los Angeles. How many Chinese stay in New Jersey is difficult to determine, but the tour company that sent the bus to the Wyndham Garden — one of many tour operators in the city that specialize in tours for Chinese people — dispatched 16 buses that picked up more than 600 Chinese tourists from several New Jersey hotels that day. The passengers ventured into the city as day-trippers, spending only a morning and an afternoon in Manhattan.根据纽约旅游促进机构NYC amp; Company的数据,从2010年到2013年,来纽约的中国游客跳增182%,纽约成为赴美中国游客的第二大目的地,仅次于洛杉矶。究竟有多少中国游客在新泽西过夜,这个数字很难统计,但是派车来温德汉姆花园酒店接游客的这个旅游公司当天总共派出了16辆大巴,从新泽西的几个酒店接了600多名中国旅客,而纽约还有其他许多专做中国游客生意的旅行社。Price is the big factor, industry analysts say. The average hotel room around the Newark airport was 6 a night last year, according to Mark VanStekelenberg, a senior vice president of PKF Consulting USA, which follows the hotel industry. The average in Manhattan was 4 a night, he said. But tour companies command discounts that can drive the cost lower.业界分析师说,价格是重要因素。长期关注酒店业的美国PKF咨询公司资深副总裁马克·范斯特克伦伯格(Mark VanStekelenberg)说,去年纽瓦克机场附近的酒店房间均价是116美元一晚,而曼哈顿地区的酒店均价是294美元一晚。不过旅游公司会拿到折扣以降低成本。The result is that many New Jersey hotels are filling rooms, even if they do not offer the same amenities as the Waldorf-Astoria. “People in New York and New Jersey think of Newark and New York as two different places,” said Sean Hennessey, the chief executive of Lodging Advisors, a hotel industry consulting company. “Outside this area, it’s all New York.”其结果就是新泽西的酒店虽然不像华道夫-阿斯托利亚酒店(Waldorf-Astoria)那样便利,但也住满了人。“纽约和新泽西人都觉得纽瓦克和纽约是完全两个不同的地方,”酒店业咨询公司“租房顾问“(Lodging Advisors)的首席执行官肖恩·亨尼西(Sean Hennessey)说。“出了纽瓦克才是纽约。”New Jersey had benefited as the economy strengthened with the end of the recession and business travel to Manhattan rebounded, said Warren Marr, a managing director of the consulting firm PwC. “When you get to where demand in Manhattan is really strong and rates in the hotels go up, you get this swoosh through the tunnels, and the hotels near Newark Airport fill in.”PwC咨询公司的总经理沃伦·马尔(Warren Marr)说,随着经济衰退的结束,经济开始好转,前往曼哈顿的商务旅游亦出现反弹,新泽西也从中受益。“去曼哈顿的需求增强了,而酒店价格也增长了,这时就出现了商机,纽瓦克机场附近的酒店就填补进来了。”Chinese travelers are hardly alone in New Jersey — tourists and tour operators from other countries book thousands of rooms a year there, especially for groups that fly into Newark. But a surging middle class in China and relaxed visa restrictions have opened leisure travel abroad to a much larger share of the population. Still, Mr. Hennessey said, tourism from China “remains significantly more cost-conscious than tourism from a lot of other countries.”住在新泽西的并不只有中国游客——其他国家的游客和旅游团组织者们每年也会在这里预订成千上万个酒店房间,特别是那些飞往纽瓦克的旅行团。但随着中国中产阶级的增加,以及签限制放松,中国人去海外旅游度假的人数大大增长。不过,亨尼西说,中国的旅行团“明显比其他国家的旅游团对价格更为敏感”。New York tourism officials, not surprisingly, are striving to draw visitors to hotels on the other side of the Hudson.不出人所料,纽约旅游行业的官员们正在努力把游客从哈德逊河对岸的酒店吸引过来。NYC amp; Company has set up what it calls a training academy in Shanghai for Chinese travel agents who dream of breaking into the New York market. New York State opened a tourism office in China this year, and state tourism officials presented workshops, “Becoming China Ready,” in upstate New York in July to teach travel agents and local governments how to promote themselves to the Chinese market.NYC amp; Company在上海建立起一个培训机构,为梦想打入纽约市场的中国旅行社提供培训。今年纽约州在中国设立了一个旅游办事处,今年7月,旅游业官员在纽约州北部举行了名为“为中国做好准备”的研讨会,向旅行社和地方政府传授在中国市场上做推广的经验。China Southern Airlines, the country’s largest passenger carrier, recently added another destination: John F. Kennedy International Airport. China Southern is scheduling four flights a week from its hub in Guangzhou, in southeastern China. (There are aly more than 24 flights a week from China at Kennedy and 14 at Newark Liberty.)中国客运量最大的航空公司中国南方航空公司最近新添了一个目的地:约翰·F·肯尼迪国际机场。南航每周从位于中国东南部的航空枢纽——广州向肯尼迪国际机场安排四个航班(目前中国每周至少已有24个航班飞往肯尼迪机场,14个航班到纽瓦克自由机场)。For tourism-dependent businesses like hotels, the appeal is straightforward. The average spending by travelers from China totaled about ,427 a person last year, 1 more than in 2012, according to the Commerce Department. More than that, though, the Chinese market promises significant growth. Some projections put the increase in Chinese travelers to the ed States at 35 percent a year.对于酒店这样依赖旅游业的行业来说,吸引力是显而易见的。根据商务部的数据,去年中国游客在美国的人均消费是7427美元,比2012年增长了941美元。不仅如此,中国市场还有可能出现显著增长。一些机构预测前往美国的中国游客将以每年35%的速度增长。Tour operators who specialize in bookings for Chinese say there are two main areas where Chinese tour operators look for hotel rooms in New Jersey, one around the Newark airport, the other along the New Jersey Turnpike around the exits for North Brunswick and Edison. They appeal to tour wholesalers booking groups that have spent a day in places like Washington or Philadelphia and plan to spend the next day in Manhattan.专门针对中国游客做酒店预订的旅游从业者说,中国的旅行商主要在新泽西的两个地区找酒店房间:一处是纽瓦克机场附近,另一处是在新泽西收费高速公路靠近北布伦瑞克与艾迪森出口一带。它们对那些计划在华盛顿或费城之类地方游览一天,之后在曼哈顿游览一天的旅游团特别有吸引力。For the Wyndham Garden, Chinese tourists provide “a steady flow of regular business” that cushions the ups and downs of the domestic market, said Don Sheneman, the general manager. Chinese guests, he said, represent 25 to 30 percent of check-ins, and one of the owners, Steven Wu, said the Chinese had pushed the hotel’s occupancy rate as high as 85 or 90 percent.温德汉姆花园酒店的总经理唐·舍尼曼(Don Sheneman)说,中国游客已经成为该酒店的“日常稳定客流”,缓和了国内市场的高低起落。他说,中国游客占入住人数的25%到30%,酒店的另一位拥有者史蒂夫·吴(Steven Wu,音译)说,中国人将酒店的入住率提高到85%至95%。To accommodate more guests, the hotel recently converted 50 of its 349 rooms to what are called double doubles. The hotel took one king bed out of each of those rooms and installed two double beds, so that more travelers could double up.为了容纳更多宾客,酒店最近把349个房间中的50间改造为所谓的“双重双人间”——将这些房间里的一张超级大床搬出去,换成两个双人床。这样更多游客可以挤着住进来。Even so, Michael Tchong, a tour operator who often books groups at the hotel, said New Jersey did not always have enough rooms to handle reservations for Chinese guests. “That’s how many there are,” he said.尽管如此,经常在这家酒店为旅游团订房的旅游从业者迈克尔·洪(Michael Tchong,音译)说,在新泽西,有时不能为中国游客订到足够的房间。“中国游客就有这么多,”他说。Mr. Tchong said that when Chinese visitors were told they would be staying in New Jersey, 30 minutes from New York City, some complained. “They say, ‘We’d rather be 15 minutes away, not 30,’ ” he said. “We put them in Secaucus.” (Secaucus is about six miles from the city.)洪先生说,当中国游客得知自己将住在新泽西,离纽约市有30分钟车程时,有些人会抱怨。“他们说:‘我们想住开车15分钟就能到的地方,不是30分钟’,”他说。“我们会把这样的游客安排在锡考克斯。”(锡考克斯距离纽约市有六英里。)Mr. Hennessey cited another advantage of hotels in New Jersey: Tour buses can return to the hotel during the day. “When you stay in the city, you have to worry about where you park the bus,” he said, while in New Jersey, “the bus can park over there.”亨尼西说,新泽西的酒店还有一个优点:旅游大巴可以在白天回到酒店。“呆在城里的时候,你还得操心把大巴停在什么地方,”他说,而在新泽西,“大巴可以停在酒店。”David Zhao, the tour guide on the bus from the Wyndham Garden, said the concept of staying in New Jersey on a trip to New York was hard for some Chinese to understand. “In China, hotels are usually all inside the city limits,” he said. “It’s just the opposite of the situation here.” He added, “In Chinese cities there are always hotels that are affordable.”大卫·赵(David Zhao)是从温德汉姆花园酒店出发的那辆大巴上的导游,他说“去纽约旅游,住在纽瓦克”这个概念对于有些中国人来说很难理解。“在中国,酒店通常都在城区之内,”他说。“这儿的情况却正相反。”他还说,“中国城市里,总会有人们住得起的旅馆。”As if to compound the confusion, some of the Chinese on Mr. Zhao’s bus had arrived a day or two earlier and had stayed in hotels in the city. Xia Yuyan, 32, and her father, Xia Xinhua, 74, said a Best Western hotel in Flushing, Queens, had let her father “acclimate to the ed States first.”更麻烦的是,赵先生这辆大巴上,有几个中国人是提前一两天到达的,他们住在城里的酒店。32岁的夏雨燕(音译)说,皇后区法拉盛的“最好的西部”酒店让她的父亲,74岁的夏新华(音译)“先适应了美国”。He had arrived from Wuzhou, in eastern China. Ms. Xia had traveled from Versailles, Ky., where she has taught for a year and a half. She said she would not have known that she was not in New York if Mr. Zhao, the tour guide, had not mentioned it. “What’s the difference between New York and New Jersey?” she asked. “I know they’re in two different states, but what’s the difference?”夏新华来自中国东部的婺州,夏雨燕则是从肯塔基州的凡尔赛赶来,她在那里教了一年半书。她说,如果导游赵先生不提,她根本不会知道自己没有住在纽约。“纽约和新泽西有什么不一样?”她说,“我知道它们属于不同的两个州,但这有什么关系?” /201409/328355An American friend living in Beijing oncesaid she refused to communicate with anyone whose email address consisted of astring of numbers, such as 62718298454@163.com. This made sense to me at thetime—why make email addresses as difficult to remember as phone numbers? But Isoon realized that issuing a blanket ban on number-based communications wouldmean cutting off just about every single Chinese person I knew.我一位住在北京的美国女性朋友说过她拒绝接收任何带数字的电子邮箱地址,(urlmailto:比如62718298454@163.com)比如62718298454@163.com(/ur)。当时我也是这么认为的——为什么要把电子邮箱地址搞得和电话号码一样难记呢?但是我很快就意识到如果不接受中国人的这种习惯,那么你根本无法与任何中国人交流。In the U.S., you really only have toremember two long numbers, ever: Your phone number and your Social Securitynumber. In China, you’re constantly barraged by digits: QQ numbers (QQ isChina#39;s most popular chat service), email addresses, and even URLs. Forexample, the massive online retailer Jingdong Mall is at jd.com or, if thattakes too long to type, 3.cn. Check out 4399.com to seeone of China’s first and largest online gaming websites. Buy and sell used carsat 92.com. Want to purchase train tickets? It’s as easy as 12306.cn.在美国,你只需记住两串长号码,分别是你自己的电话号码以及你的社保号码。在中国,你需要记住的数字号码真是太多了:QQ号码(QQ是中国最著名的聊天工具),电子邮箱号码,甚至是网站网址。举个例子,京东的网址是jd.com,或者如果你觉得太长的话,直接输入3.cn就可以。4399是中国首个也是最大的在线游戏网站。92.com是二手车买卖网站。想购买火车票吗,那就直接输入12306.cn。Why the preference for digits over letters?It mostly has to do with ease of memorization. To a native English-speaker,remembering a long string of digits might seem harder than memorizing a word.But that#39;s if you understand the word. For many Chinese, numbers are easier toremember than Latin characters. Sure, Chinese children learn the pinyin systemthat uses the Roman alphabet to spell out Mandarin words (for example, the wordfor ;Internet;, is spelled wangluo in pinyin). And yes, Arabic numerals (1-2-3)are technically just as much a foreign import as the Roman alphabet (A-B-C).But most Chinese are more familiar with numbers than letters, especially thosewho didn’t go to college. To many, ;Hotmail.com; might as well beCyrillic.为什么中国更喜欢数字,而不是字母呢?这与记忆相关。对于英语为母语者的人来说,记住一长串的数字比记住一个单词要难得多。当然,首先你要对这个单词熟悉。而对于许多中国人来说,记住数字比记住拉丁字母要容易。当然,中国的小孩使用罗马字母的拼音来学习汉语单词(比如,中文中的“网络”,拼音就是wangluo)。当然,阿拉伯数字(1,2,3)和罗马字母一样也是舶来品。但是大多数中国人更熟悉阿拉伯数字而非罗马字母,特别是那些没接受过高等教育的中国人。对于许多中国人来说,Hotmail.com就如同斯拉夫字母一样难懂。The digits in a domain name usually aren#39;trandom. The Internet company NetEase uses the web address 163.com—a throwbackto the days of dial-up when Chinese Internet users had to enter 163 to getonline. The phone companies China Telecom and China Unicom simplyreappropriated their well-known customer service numbers as domain names, 10086.cnand 10010.cn, respectively.网址中的数字通常来说并不是随机挑选的。网易的网址是163.com,这可以追溯到以前的中国网民上网时都得先拨163才能连上网络。而中国移动和中国联通干脆用自己的热线电话来做网址,10086.cn 和 10010.cn。Digits are even more convenient when youconsider that the words for numbers are homophones for other words. The URL forthe massive e-commerce site Alibaba, for example, is 1688.com,pronounced ;yow-leeyoh-ba-ba;—close enough! Those digits can just as often haveindividual meanings. The sharing site 6.cn works because the word for ;six; is a near-homophone forthe word “to stream.” The number five is pronounced wu, which sounds like wo,which means ;I;. The number one is pronounced yao, whichwith a different tone means ;want;. So the job-hunting site 51job.com sounds alot like “I want a job.” Likewise, to order McDonald#39;s delivery online, just goto 4008-517-517.com, the ;517; of which sounds a bit like ;I want to eat;. (AnEnglish equivalent might be the oldradio jingle, “How many cookies did Andrew eat? Andrew 8-8000.”)数字的另外一个好处是可以用来做同音异形异意字。比如阿里巴巴,其网站就是1688.com,在音调上非常相似。还有视频分享网站6.cn,其中的6发音相当于流量的“流”。5就是我,1就是幺,还可以是“要”的意思。所以求职网站51job.com听起来就像“我要工作”。还有麦当劳的订餐热线,4008-517-517.com,517读起来就像“我要吃”。This kind of number-language has become aninfinitely malleable shorthand among Chinese web users: 1 means ;want;, 2 means;love;, 4 means ;dead” or ;world; or is, ;5 ;means ;I;,7 means ;wife; or;eat;, 8 means ;get rich; or ;not;, and 9 means ;long time; or ;alcohol;.Thenumbers 5201314, for example, mean 我爱你一生一世,or “I will love you forever”; 0748 means “go die”; and 687 means;I#39;m sorry;. (See herefor more examples.) Chinese has plenty of other number-based slang, such aserbaiwu, or ;250;,which means ;idiot;, or ;38;, pronounced sanba, which means;bitch;. And of course there’s the association of certain numbers with good orbad luck, and the subsequent demand for addresses and phone numbers with lotsof 8s (;get rich;) and minimal 4s (;die;). Back in 2003, a Chinese airline paid 0,000for the phone number 88888888.这种数字语言在中国网民中的应用可以说是屡试不爽(1就是要,2就是爱,4就是死或者世或者是,5就是我,7就是妻子或者吃,8就是发或者罢了,9就是长久或者酒精。比如5201314,就是我爱你一生一世;0748就是你去死吧;687是对不起的意思。中国还存在其他一些数字俚语,比如250代表白痴,38代表三八,4是最少使用的。2003年,中国一航空公司花重金28万美元买下88888888这个电话号码。Why don#39;t Chinese web addresses just useMandarin characters? Because that’s a pain, too. The Internet Corporation forAssigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which sets the rules for web addressesglobally, has periodicallyhypedthe expansion of domain names to include non-Latinate scripts, but Chinese websites have yet to take full advantage. Some devices require a special plug-into type in Chinese URLs, and even then it takes longer to type or write outcharacters than to input a few digits. Plus, for web sites that want to expandinternationally but don’t want to alienate foreign audiences with unfamiliarcharacters, numbers are a decent compromise.为什么中国网址中不直接使用汉语呢?因为这对中国人来说简直是一种痛。为全球网站地址设置规则的是互联网名称与数字地址分配机构,该机构定期的进行域名扩张,以涵盖更多的非拉丁文本,但是中国的网站并不能充分的享受到这种好处。一些设备需要特殊的插件才能输入中文的网址,即使能够输入中文,其速度也比直接输入数字来得慢。此外,如果某些网站想打入国际市场,那么就不宜使用中文,所以数字就是个很好的选择。Still, the numbers/letters divide isemblematic of the Internet#39;s built-in bias: Even more than two decades afterits birth, it#39;s still a fundamentally American system. (Sorry, Tim Berners-Lee.) ICANNis an American non-profit corporation, though the U.S. recently agreedto hand it over to a ;global multi-stakeholder community; in 2015. ASCII, thecharacter-encoding scheme that was long used on most web pages, is short forthe ;American Standard Code for Information Interchange.; In 2012, the edStates refusedto sign an international telecommunications treaty, supported by bothRussia and China, that would shift the Internet away from its currentU.S.-centric form of governance. In other words, the structure of the Internetis a constant reminder of American digital hegemony, from WiFi standards toGPS. Even the ;.cn; at the end of Chinese URLs comes from the English word forChina, not the Chinese word for China. You can’t blame other countries forwanting to tell the American 250s to 0748.然而,数字与字母的分别实在是因特网固有偏见的象征:即使因特网诞生20多年后的今天,其本质上依然是美国的系统(蒂姆·伯纳斯-李乃互联网发明者)。虽然美国同意在2015年将该机构交给一家全球多方利益相关组织管理,但互联网名称与数字地址分配机构依然是美国的一家非营利性公司。长期以来大多数网页上所使用的都是美国信息交换标准码——一种字符编码方案。2012年,美国拒绝签署一项受俄罗斯和中国持的国际通讯协议,该协议的目的是使互联网摆脱以美国为中心的管理架构。换句说话,目前的互联网结构总会让人想起美国的数字霸权,从WiFi标准到GPS。甚至中国网址末尾中的.cn都是“中国”的英文缩写,而非中文。所以难怪其他国家会用0748来骂美国250们。 /201407/312902Garden Islands花园群岛AZORES // Pico is the second-largest island in the Azores, with a unique topography defined by terraced hillside vineyards. These distinctive stone-walled lots are a Unesco World Heritage Site, rich with volcanic soil and densely planted with white Verdelho wine grapes. Fall marks the start of festival season here--capped in October by the annual food festival, where free-flowing Verdelho is served with local cheeses and charcuterie.亚速尔群岛(AZORES) //皮科(Pico)是亚速尔群岛第二大岛屿,它拥有独特地形,以梯田状的葡萄园区为主。这些特色鲜明的石垒 是联合国教科文组织世界遗产(Unesco World Heritage Site) ,它们富含火山土,上面密集地种植着酿造华帝露(Verdelho)干白酒所需的葡萄。秋季标志着此地佳节的开始——10月份将举办一年一度的美食节,到时会提供自由畅饮的华帝露酒以及当地的奶酪和猪肉熟食。ITALY // The Lake Region is best-known as the stomping ground of cinematic royalty. But Lake Como and Maggiore#39;s real stars are the island gardens developed over centuries by the region#39;s actual aristocracy. On Isola Bella, the Borromeo family has created a garden compound so fanciful it appears like a floating wedding cake. The nearby Villa Balbianello, set on a 12-hectare isthmus, pairs protected woods with meticulously tended gardens and elegant architecture.意大利 // 湖区(Lake Region)作为影片中皇室的落脚点而闻名于世。但科莫湖(Lake Como)和马焦雷湖(Maggiore)真正的明星是几个世纪以来由这一地区真正的贵族打理形成的岛屿花园。在美丽岛(Isola Bella)上,罗梅奥(Borromeo)家族已建立了一座梦幻的花园群区,它看起来就像一块漂浮的婚礼蛋糕。附近的巴比安内罗别墅(Villa Balbianello)坐落在12英亩(约合4.9公顷)的地峡上,它还坐拥起保护作用的树林、精心打理的花园与雅致的建筑。SPAIN // It#39;s easy to dismiss the Canary Islands as a package-tourism no man#39;s land. But that would mean missing out on the archipelago#39;s lush tropical landscapes and increasingly upscale waterfront resorts. Enjoy both at the Abama Golf and Resort ( abamahotelresort.com ), set on a cliff above a private slice of sandy shoreline. The 18-hole golf course is enlivened with over 25, 000 palm trees and hundreds of semitropical plants.西班牙 // 人们容易将加那利群岛(Canary Islands)视为组团旅游项目中的一处无人区而不予考虑。但这意味着将错过这些群岛上繁茂的热带植被景观以及不断增长的高档海滨度假村。在阿巴马高尔夫度假酒店(Abama Golf and Resort, 网址:abamahotelresort.com)享受前述两种景观吧。该酒店坐落在沙滩海岸线私人片区的一处悬崖之上。25,000多颗棕榈树和成千上百种亚热带植物给这片18洞的高尔夫球场增添了生机。Summer Sun夏日阳光TURKEY // The Aegean Riviera continues to rev up its boho bona fides as artists and designers join moguls and media makers along its crystalline coastline. The area#39;s latest gathering spot is the hamlet of Alacati, near Izmir. This season#39;s best beds are found at La Capria, a 20-room hotel with Moroccan-meets-Mediterranean furnishings and its own 25-meter gulet for island hopping in the late-summer sun. lacapriasuitehotel.com土耳其 // 随着众多艺术家与设计师加入到滑雪行列、媒体制造商来到其水晶般清澈透明的海岸线,爱琴海里维埃拉(Riviera)的波西米亚风潮继续升温。该区最大的聚集地是伊兹密尔(Izmir)附近的小镇阿拉恰特(Alacati)。你能在拉卡普里亚(La Capria)酒店里找到这个季节中的最佳床铺。该酒店拥有20个房间,内配有融合了洛哥与地中海风情的家具,它还拥有自己25米高的帆船,这是为夏末阳光中的环岛游配备的。(网址:lacapriasuitehotel.com)PORTUGAL // For centuries, the beach town of Cascais has lured both surfers and nobility to its sun-kissed shores, barely 45 minutes from Lisbon. Drenched in the stark Atlantic sun, the coastline is dotted with historic forts. Make like a soldier and head to the new 126-room Pousada de Cascais hotel, a converted 16th-century citadel that marries new-build rooms with a historic core--including a handful of guest rooms within the original barracks quarters. pousadas.pt葡萄牙 // 几个世纪以来,海滨小镇卡斯凯什(Cascais)不断吸引着冲浪者与名流显贵来到其阳光热吻下的海岸,该地离里斯本只需45分钟车程。沐浴在大西洋耀眼的阳光中,这片海岸线遍布着诸多历史悠久的古堡。你要像战士一样前往这座拥有126个崭新房间的卡斯凯什古堡酒店(Pousada de Cascais)——这座16世纪的城堡经过翻修后将新建的房间与历史核心因素融为一体——包括建在原先兵营宿舍内的少数几间客房。(网址:pousadas.pt)CYPRUS // The azure seas fronting the resort-town of Paphos are a world away from the island#39;s cookie-cutter package hotels. Here, where Aphrodite is fabled to have journeyed and Roman governors later ruled, archaeology is as abundant as the bronze sandy beaches. With summer weather lasting well into fall, book a room at the Modernist Almyra Hotel, where whitewashed villa suites include private rooftop decks. almyra.com塞浦路斯 // 度假小镇帕福斯(Paphos)前方的碧海是远离该岛上千篇一律酒店的另一个世界。传说爱和美的女神阿芙罗狄(Aphrodite)曾到过这里。后来,该地由罗马官员统治,所以这里的古迹多得就像古铜色的沙滩一样。由于夏季的天气会很好地延续到秋季,你就在现代主义雅尔蜜拉酒店(Modernist Almyra Hotel)预定一间房吧,这里刷得雪白的别墅套房配有私人屋顶甲板。(网址:almyra.com) /201310/260655

  Bai Jialing remembers most of the classic lines from Rhino in Love, a hit play from director Meng Jinghui. But for the fourth time this year, the 24-year-old Beijing-based violin mentor went to the theater to take in the play’s familiar love story and “experience the unique appeal of the stagecraft”.白佳玲(音译)是一位24岁的小提琴教师,同时也是孟京辉的热演大戏《恋爱的犀牛》的粉丝,戏中的经典台词她已经烂熟于心。但即便如此,她今年第四次走进剧院,去体验这部剧“独一无二的舞台魅力。”“Every time I sit there and watch the actors perform the same story, I see something new,” said Bai.白在接受采访时说,“每次我坐在台下看台上演员们的表演,都会有新的感受。”With living standards and cultural tastes steadily rising alongside China’s economic prowess, many like Bai are pursuing opportunities to witness refined theatrical presentations.随着中国的经济迅猛发展,中国人的生活水平和文化品位也逐渐提高,很多像白佳玲一样的人开始走进剧院欣赏高雅的戏剧表演。According to the Beijing Trade Association for Performances, in 2013, over 10 million people went into theaters in the country’s capital to see its 23,155 stage performances. Total box office revenues exceeded 1.44 billion yuan.据北京演出行业协会统计,2013年,超过1千万人走进首都各大剧院,共计观看了约23,155场演出,总票房逾14亿元。According to Sun Jianqiu, an English professor at the University of International Business and Economics who is a veteran researcher of European and US theater, the appeal of stagecraft is that it is different from mass produced entertainment like television and film. Theater affords audiences the chance to see performance art, rehearsed and improvised, unfold in real time.对外经贸大学的英语教授孙建秋,同时也是欧美戏剧方面的专家。他认为,舞台表演,不论是预先排练过的还是临场发挥的,都让观众有机会在现场体验表演艺术。它与“批量生产”的影视剧作品的这种不同正是舞台艺术的魅力所在。“Every performance is a brand-new effort to drive stage art to perfection,” said Sun. “In an era of mass production, even in the arts, ‘hand-made’ stagecraft sends a more humane message that resonates with viewers.”孙教授说,“每一次演出都是一次迈向完美舞台艺术的全新的努力,在艺术领域都开始批量生产的时代,‘纯手工’的戏剧,传递了更多人文情怀,引起了观众的共鸣。”To the delight of theater fans, from early November to the end of December, Beijing will host the sixth Theater Olympics, an international event promoting the development of theater arts.推动戏剧艺术发展的国际盛事——第六届戏剧奥林匹克,将于11月初到12月底在京举办。这无疑是戏剧粉们的福利。Top thespians from across the world will perform about 45 plays, 30 with foreign origins and 15 written in China.全世界最顶尖的演员将为大家奉上45场演出,其中包括30部国外作品和15部本土作品。 /201411/340990Small art by the big guys is hitting the market in rising numbers. Some lower-priced works are unsigned, undocumented, poor quality or just plain ugly -- while others are charming bargains luring established collectors and newcomers alike. Below, a survey of mini-markets: 越来越多艺术大师的小作品正在涌入市场。有些价格较低的作品没有签名,没有明文件,质量差或者干脆就是不好看——而其他一些作品则是物美价廉,吸引了许多知名藏家和新兴买手。下面是关于这些迷你市场的一则调查:Backstory: From 1946 to 1971, Picasso collaborated with a pottery in the south of France to create 633 different plates, bowls, vases and other works in limited editions ranging from 25 to 500. 背景故事:据法国拍卖数据库艺术价格网(Artprice)称,在某种程度上由于利希滕斯坦的一幅波普艺术帆布画创下了560万美元售价的历史纪录,所以去年一年是迄今为止该艺术家作品拍卖总额最高的一年。即便如此,他的小作库存依然充足:艺术价格网报道称,这位已故艺术家约有一半的作品售价在7,000美元左右。$$: Prices range from around ,500 for an ashtray with a bull to nearly 4,000 for a gold platter that Christie#39;s sold last year. Aside from one single lot, Christie#39;s has sold out its entire Picasso ceramics auctions since 2009 -- including a 539-lot Picasso sale in 2012, said Christie#39;s specialist Michelle McMullan. 价格:在2014年,至少有15幅版画以低于1万美元的价格落槌成交。而在10年前以同一价位拍卖出的类似版画如今可以卖出至少两倍的价钱。Competition: It is getting harder to find ,000 ceramics -- many now start at ,000. Auction prices for a limited-edition Picasso owl pitcher: ,400 in New York in 2009 and ,600 in Hong Kong last year. 需求:伦敦布卢姆斯伯里拍卖行(Bloomsbury Auctions in London)的亚历山大·海特(Alexander Hayter)说:“他被大大低估了。你可以以低于1万美元的价格买到60年代中期非常非常好的作品。这太荒谬了。”Collectors: Paul Banwell, a 46-year-old British surgeon who owns about eight pieces, said bidding has gotten so intense he#39;s making his next purchases at #39;a secret little gallery#39; he won#39;t name. Swann Auction Galleries斯旺拍卖行画廊(Swann Auction Galleries in New York)的托德#8226;韦曼(Todd Weyman)说,伦勃朗在世期间创作的一些普通画作也能以低于1万美元的价格起拍。去年在佳士得,一幅伦勃朗描绘父亲的蚀刻画以6,500美元售出。 Backstory: In 2012, Christie#39;s brokered a deal with the late artist#39;s foundation to sell the remaining original works from his estate, many of them smaller pieces like unique photographs and drawings. 价格:斯旺拍卖行画廊(Swann Auction Galleries in New York)的托德·韦曼(Todd Weyman)说,虽然一流的蚀刻画在拍卖会上的价格已飙升至50万美元,但据信于伦勃朗在世的这个期间创作的一些普通画作也能以低于1万美元的价格拿下。$$: At Christie#39;s, Warhol#39;s photographs have sold online for an average ,700; small drawings of shoes, jewelry and dresses can fetch similar prices. 建议:有些物件已经升值,但相似蚀刻画的价格区间却很大,这取决于印制的质量和保存状况。作为买家要精明:现在还很难精准无误地确认某些作品的创作日期。 /201404/293733


  Stephanie Falk and her husband like smoothies from Jamba Juice. But the San Diego-based couple boycotted the chain for several months last year because it served its drinks in plastic foam cups.斯蒂芬妮#12539;福尔克(Stephanie Falk)和她的丈夫都喜欢Jamba Juice的奶昔。但是这对来自 地亚哥的夫妇去年连续数月拒绝购买这家连锁店的饮料,因为店里用泡沫塑料杯盛装饮料。#39;It#39;s the biodegradable factor. There#39;s no excuse. Everybody knows better,#39; said Ms. Falk, who like her husband is a wedding photographer.“我们考虑的是生物降解。店家不该找借口。所有人都明白这一点,”福尔克说,她和丈夫都是婚礼摄影师。Now, though, Jamba Juice Co. and several other food chains are starting to serve the same drinks in paper cups. Ms. Falk is a fan; her drink stays just as cold in Jamba Juice#39;s new doubled-walled paper cup, she said.而现在Jamba Juice和其他几家连锁餐厅都开始改用纸杯装饮料。福尔克表示持,她说她的饮料在Jamba Juice的新双层纸杯里同样清凉。The paper industry likes it a lot too. Production of white copy paper and other forms of #39;uncoated#39; paper has fallen about 38% since 1999, while demand for paper cups is growing as much as 5% a year, according to industry analysts. Environmental concerns from consumers and new bans on plastic foam in more U.S. cities are prompting food chains to make a switch.造纸行业对此也非常持。行业分析师表示,1999年以来,白色复印纸以及其他“裸”纸的产量下降了约38%,而纸杯的需求量则以每年5%的幅度递增。消费者对于环保的考量以及美国越来越多城市对于泡沫塑料的禁令促使连锁餐厅做出改变。Jamba Juice said last year it would adopt paper cups for its smoothies and other cold drinks #39;to improve our environmental footprint.#39; McDonald#39;s Corp. is replacing plastic foam cups with McCafe paper cups at all 14,000 McCafes across the country. The company says it is trying to be more environmentally conscious and cut costs on trash. Dunkin#39; Brands Group Inc. has said it is testing paper cups.Jamba Juice去年表示,他们将采用纸杯来装奶昔和其他冷饮,“以改善我们的环境记录”。麦当劳公司(McDonald#39;s Corp.)正在将全美14,000家麦咖啡 (McCafe)的泡沫塑料杯替换成纸杯。该公司表示,他们现在更加注重环保并缩减垃圾处理开。Dunkin#39; Brands Group Inc.说他们正在试用纸杯。These companies join Starbucks Corp. and some other chains that have been using paper cups for years. Production of paper used to make cups has risen about 16% over the past five years in the U.S., according to industry group American Forest and Paper Association.这些公司加入了星巴克等多年来都在使用纸杯的连锁店的行列。行业组织美国林业与纸业协会(American Forest and Paper Association)的数据显示,过去五年美国用于制造纸杯的纸类产量上升了约16%。Hoping to take advantage of the growth in demand, International Paper Inc. plans to double the size of a paper-cup manufacturing facility it runs in Kenton, Ohio. The company is coming up with new cup designs--like one aly in production that is fully biodegradable with a plant-based lining--and aggressively marketing the benefits of paper to potential customers.为了迎合这种增长的需求,International Paper Inc.计划将位于俄亥俄州肯顿(Kenton)的纸杯生产设备规模扩大一倍。该公司将推出新的纸杯设计,例如已投产的一款可完全降解的纸杯,内层采用植物原料;他们还努力向潜在客户营销,强调纸杯的优势。Paper cup and plate production volume is equivalent to about a quarter of the volume of the U.S. copy-paper market, according to consulting firm Fisher International Inc., which specializes in data on the pulp and paper industry.咨询公司Fisher International Inc.专长于纸类和纸浆行业的数据分析,其数据显示,美国纸杯和纸碟的产量相当于复印纸产量的四分之一。Still, #39;It seems like a moment in time where the big brands are choosing to take a public position for sustainability,#39; said Michael Lenihan, director of sales and customer relations at International Paper. Food businesses #39;are now recognizing it as a brand opportunity on a much broader scope.#39;不过,“似乎现在大品牌都选择站在公众立场来关注可持续发展”,International Paper 销售与客户关系总监迈克尔#12539;勒尼汉(Michael Lenihan)说。食品行业“如今在更广的层面上将其视为品牌的发展机遇”。Environmental advocates say paper is easier on the environment than plastic foam because the latter tends to break up in landfills and then is mistaken by animals for food. Plastic foam is difficult to recycle unless it is kept clean and separated from other types of plastics--so many plants in the U.S. don#39;t take it. It isn#39;t biodegradable.环保者表示纸杯比泡沫塑料杯更有利于环境,因为后者会在填埋时碎裂而被动物误以为食物。泡沫塑料很难回收,除非它仍然干 并且和其他类型的塑料分离,所以美国的许多回收站并不接受它。它也无法进行生物降解。Such worries led San Francisco in 2007 and Seattle in 2009 to ban plastic foam, instead requiring food vendors to provide compostable or recyclable to-go containers. Other West Coast cities have followed suit, and New York#39;s City Council voted to ban plastic-foam containers in December unless the industry can prove it is recyclable.出于这样的担忧,旧金山在2007年、西雅图在2009年禁止使用泡沫塑料,而要求食品销售者提供可分解或者可循环使用的外带容器。其他西海岸的城市紧随其后,纽约市议会2013年12月投票禁止使用泡沫塑料容器,除非业者能够明泡沫塑料可以回收。#39;Customers are still trying to figure out how prevalent this is going to become,#39; says Alec Frisch, vice president and general manager of Georgia-Pacific LLC#39;s beverage category, which produces a range of paper cups, including double-walled and plastic-coated paper cups.“消费者仍在关注此类措施的普及情况”,乔治亚#12539;太平洋公司(Georgia-Pacific LLC)负责饮品类的副总裁兼总经理亚力克#12539;弗里施(Alec Frisch)说。该公司生产各种纸杯,包括双层纸杯以及外层覆有塑料的纸杯。The plastic-foam industry disputes the notion that foam is less environmentally friendly, chalking it up to misinformation. #39;I think there are a lot of misconceptions around polystyrene foam versus paper,#39; said Keith Christman, managing director for plastics markets at American Chemistry Council, which represents the industry. Foam is #39;composed 95% out of air, so you use less material in the first place making it.#39; That also results in less energy use and less bulk waste, he added.泡沫塑料行业对于产品不环保的观点并不认同,认为这是误传。“我认为人们在将泡沫塑料和纸比较时存在许多误解,”行业协会美国化学理事会(American Chemistry Council)塑料市场运营总监基思#12539;克里斯特曼(Keith Christman)说。泡沫塑料“95%由空气组成,所以在最初的生产环节可节省用料”。这也减少了能耗以及废料体积,他补充道。A survey commissioned by the ACC shows that in the 50 biggest U.S. cities, about 16% of the population is able to recycle food-service items made out of foam, compared with about 10% for paper.美国化学理事会开展的一项调查显示,在美国前50大城市中,16%的人会回收泡沫塑料制成的食品容器,相比之下纸制的回收率为10%。Indeed, paper cups aren#39;t as environmentally friendly as they seem. Only about 11% of recycling plants in the U.S. currently can recycle them, according to the American Forest and Paper Association, because they are typically coated in plastic or have beverage residue. The lack of an #39;easily recyclable cup designed for hot beverages#39; is one reason Dunkin#39; Brands is still weighing whether to switch to paper, Karen Raskopf, chief communications officer, said.事实上,纸杯并不像看起来那样环保。美国林业及纸业协会的数据显示,目前美国只有约11%的回收站能够回收纸杯,因为它们通常有塑料覆膜或者有饮料残留。缺少“适合热饮的易回收的纸杯”是Dunkin#39; Brands仍旧在权衡是否换为纸杯的原因之一,首席公关卡伦#12539;拉斯科普夫(Karen Raskopf)说。#39;At this point, we don#39;t know if our end solution will be paper or another material,#39; she added.“现在我们还不知道最终解决方案会是纸还是其他材料,”她补充道。Paper cups are slightly more expensive than foam, usually by a couple cents. Extras like double walls for insulation or plant-based lining to make it compostable add to the price.纸杯比泡沫塑料一般贵几分钱。像双层隔热的或者内层为可分解植物材料的纸杯价格更高。McDonald#39;s has been using double-walled paper cups--which have a small pocket of air between them to increase insulation--at about 2,000 restaurants along the West Coast since 2012. Now it is expanding into the Midwest and parts of the East Coast, says Ian Olson, director of sustainability.麦当劳从2012年起在美国西海岸的约2,000家餐厅使用双层纸杯,两层之间有空隙可容纳空气从而增强隔热效果。如今使用范围扩展到了中西部以及东海岸部分地区,可持续发展总监伊恩#12539;奥尔森(Ian Olson)说。While the paper cup is more expensive, McDonald#39;s says it will make up the difference in the trash. Most of the chain#39;s waste is paper-based--think wraps, fry cartons and Big Mac boxes--so paper cups can go into the same trash bin, and eventually into recycling bins.麦当劳表示,尽管纸杯更贵,但它在垃圾处理方面的优势可以补偿其高价格。这家连锁餐厅的大部分垃圾都是纸制的――比如包装纸、薯条盒和汉堡盒――所以纸杯可以放入相同的垃圾桶,最终进入回收桶。The main challenge for food companies is to find a cup that functions as well as plastic foam and doesn#39;t cost the consumer more, said Bonnie Riggs, a restaurant industry analyst with consumer market research firm NPD Group. #39;I think it really doesn#39;t matter if it keeps everything hot and keeps everything cold and consumers don#39;t have to pay extra for it,#39; she said.食品公司面临的最大挑战是找到一款和泡沫塑料功能相同又不增加成本的杯子,消费者市场研究公司NPD集团的餐饮业分析师邦尼#12539;里格斯(Bonnie Riggs)说。“我认为只要能保冷保热,而且消费者不用额外付钱,什么样的杯子都没关系,”她说。 /201405/295041。

  “I went to Graceland once,” Nick Cave said. “The rest of the band went in, but I stayed out on the curb, smoking cigarettes and feeling sorry for myself. Those last Elvis performances — the ones for television, when he was aly sick — I must have watched those clips a hundred times. They’re like crucifixions.” He paused for a moment. “I couldn’t bring myself to go inside.”“我去过一次格雷斯兰(Graceland,埃尔维斯·普莱斯利在孟菲斯的故居,现已成为物馆——译注),”尼克·凯夫(Nick Cave)说,“乐队其他人都进去了,但我留在外面,在路边抽烟,觉得很难过。埃尔维斯的最后几场演出录像我看过一百多遍,就是他在电视台的演出,当时他已经病了。它们就像是十字架上的受难。”他停顿了一下。“我真是没法走进去。”It was a bright afternoon in early February, and Cave was in a boutique in Berlin’s trendy Friedrichshain district, buying souvenirs for his sons. “Do you have these in kids’ sizes?” he asked, holding up a belt with the word “kleptomaniac” engraved across its buckle. The saleswoman was making a serious effort not to seem star-struck, but Cave’s attention was elsewhere. “These might work,” he said in his travel-worn Australian accent, as he squinted fiercely at a pair of fuzzy white abominable snowmen. “My kids are at that lovely age where they’re just figuring out what’s good in music,” he said. “They’re just grabbing stuff, on Spotify and all that, and occasionally they’ll find something that’s really mind-blowing. But sometimes I hear what they’re playing, and I just want to cut my wrists.”这是二月初一个阳光明媚的上午,凯夫在柏林时尚的弗里德里希海因区一家精品店里给儿子们买纪念品。“这个有儿童型号的吗?”他举着一条搭扣上刻着“偷窃癖”字样的腰带问道。女店员尽力让自己看起来不是追星族的样子,但凯夫的注意力已经转移了。“这个可能还行,”他斜眼瞪着一对丑陋的白色毛绒雪人,澳大利亚口音里带着旅途劳顿的疲惫。“我的孩子们正在可爱的年纪,开始从音乐中发现美好,”他说,“他们什么都听,从Spotify(一种数码音乐务——译注)之类的地方,有时候还能找到非常惊人的东西。但有时候我听着他们放的音乐简直想割腕。”Cave, perhaps best known as the frontman for the seminal postpunk groups Birthday Party and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, was in Germany to promote “20,000 Days on Earth,” a film about his life, which was showing at the Berlin film festival. At 56, Cave can claim at least half a dozen vocations: songwriter and performer with the Bad Seeds and their garage-rock offshoot, Grinderman; screenwriter of the acclaimed (and extremely gory) movies “Proposition” and “Lawless”; novelist; film-score composer; lecturer; script doctor; and on certain (perhaps thankfully) rare occasions, even actor. His books are best sellers; his film scores have won prizes; musicians as far-flung as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and St. Vincent cite him as an influence; and the Bad Seeds’ most recent album, “Push the Sky Away,” has proved to be one of the most commercially successful of the band’s career, reaching No. 1 on the UK Independent album chart.凯夫以影响深远的后朋克乐队“生日派对”(Birthday Party)和“尼克·凯夫与坏种子”(Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)的主唱而为人们所知,他来到德国是为了宣传关于他生平的电影《地球两万日》(20000 Days on Earth),当时该片正在柏林电影节上放映。尼克今年56岁,可以说同时身兼好几种角色:“坏种子”和其车库摇滚风格的衍生乐队“研磨者”(Grinderman)的词曲作者及主唱;极度血腥、备受好评的电影《关键协议》(Proposition)和《无法无天》(Lawless)的编剧;小说家;电影配乐作曲家;演讲者;剧本“医生”;偶尔(或许幸亏是偶尔)甚至还客串演员。他的书是畅销书;他的电影配乐得过奖;从“红辣椒”(Red Hot Chili Peppers)到圣文森特(St. BVincent),各种各样的乐手都声称受他影响;“坏种子”最近的专辑《推开天空》(Push the Sky Away)被明是乐队商业上最大的成功之一,在英国独立唱片排行榜位居榜首。“As far as work goes, I’m something of a megalomaniac,” Cave told me later that day. “But a megalomaniac with extremely low self-esteem.” We were sitting in the restaurant of his hotel in Berlin Mitte, trying to have a conversation in the face of frequent interruptions from festival staff, acquaintances and a seemingly never-ending stream of admirers. Tall, gaunt and slightly ungainly, in his snakeskin shoes, chunky rings and rakishly well-tailored suits, Cave resembles nothing so much as a postmillennial hybrid of bookie and peer of the realm. His long, backswept hair, dyed black since the age of 16, frames a face that has been described both as “angelic” and “hideous to the eye,” the latter by Cave himself, in song. It’s the kind of look only a rock star could get away with, especially at his age, but on Cave it seems as dignified — as inexplicably appropriate — as those rhinestone-studded jumpsuits did on Elvis in his later years. Cave’s public persona has been called “theatrical,” but a more precise term might be cinematic. Like many self-mythologizers, charismatics and plain old eccentrics, he has always appeared to be performing in a movie only he himself could see.“在工作方面,我是个自大狂,”当天晚些时候,凯夫对我说。“但也是一个自尊心很低的自大狂。”他的酒店位于柏林米特区,我们坐在酒店的餐厅里勉强交谈,不时有电影节的工作人员、熟人和没完没了的崇拜者来打扰。凯夫高大瘦削,稍显不利索,穿着蛇皮鞋,戴着粗大的戒指,穿着精心裁剪、潇洒帅气的西装,看上去不折不扣是千禧年后登记赌注者与贵族的混合体。他的长发向后梳去,自从他16岁后就总是染成黑色,衬托他那张既可以描述为“天使一般”,也可以描述为“看上去很丑”的面孔——后一个是凯夫自己在一首歌里唱的。这样的相貌只有长在摇滚明星脸上才能让人受得了,尤其是到了他这样的年纪,但是凯夫穿着这样的衣显得很庄严,有一种无法言喻的恰如其分,就像埃尔维斯晚年穿着镶满水钻的连身衣裤那样。凯夫的公众形象可以被称为“有戏剧性”,但其实“有电影感”才是更合适的字眼。就像很多缔造自我神话的人、拥有领袖魅力的人与所谓怪人们一样,他仿佛总在出演一部只有他自己能看到的电影。The closest the rest of us may come to seeing that movie may well be “20,000 Days on Earth.” Cave co-wrote the film with its directors, the artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, with whom he has collaborated on a number of smaller projects — music s and short films. It’s unorthodox, to put it mildly, for the subject of a documentary to be given a screenwriting credit, but very little about “20,000 Days” could be described as orthodox. As its title suggests, the film is an investigation into the passage of time, into memory and aging and artistic survival, as dramatized by a single imaginary day in the life of its subject, the musician Nick Cave. While working on a song, Cave began to play with the idea of measuring his life in days instead of years, and Forsyth and Pollard, who were documenting the band as they recorded “Push the Sky Away,” saw potential for a film. When I asked Cave what drew him to the notion of Day 20,000, he regarded me dryly. “ ‘Fifty-four Years and Nine Months on Earth’ didn’t have quite the same ring to it, somehow.”关于这部电影,我们其他人所能看到的最接近的版本可能就是这部《地球两万日》,凯夫与该片导演伊埃恩·弗希斯(Iain Forsyth)、简·波兰德(Jane Polland)合写了剧本,之前他曾经和这两位艺术家合作过若干音乐录像和电影短篇之类的小项目。委婉点说,一部纪录片还要有编剧,这种做法不算正统,不过《地球两万日》里几乎根本没有什么正统的东西。正如片名所示,影片是在探索时间的流逝、记忆、老去,以及艺术的生存,通过呈现本片主角,音乐家尼克·凯夫生活中虚构的一天来将这种探索戏剧化。凯夫在写歌的时候,开始思考以天数为单位,而不是以年为单位来计算自己的生命,弗希斯和波兰德在拍摄乐队录制《推开天空》时,觉得素材有可能拍一部电影。我问凯夫是怎样得到“两万天”这个概念的,他面无表情地回答:“《地球45年零9个月》可没这么顺口。”A number of recent documentaries have explored the nebulous boundary between reportage and fiction, but in “20,000 Days,” Pollard and Forsyth try to dispense with that boundary altogether. From the first frame to the last, the film was plotted and set-dressed and professionally lit and has all the glitter of a big-budget feature; but, while a series of voice-overs by Cave were scripted, every on-screen interaction — from a visit to a therapist to a ride in his Jaguar with Kylie Minogue — was spontaneous and unrehearsed. In the case of figures from Cave’s past with whom he had fallen out of contact (like the founding Bad Seeds guitarist Blixa Bargeld, who left the group abruptly more than 10 years ago), the co-directors went even further: No conversation about the scene was allowed until the camera was rolling.最近,有很多纪录片都在探索事实报道与虚构之间的朦胧边界,但在《地球两万日》中,波兰德和弗希斯试着干脆甩掉这个边界。从第一个镜头到最后一个镜头,影片情节和场景都是设计好的,有专业照明,还有各种花费不菲的大制作;但是,片中凯夫的画外音(有字幕)都是自发的、未经排练的——先是去看治疗师,然后又和凯莉·米洛(Kylie Minogue)一起开着捷豹车兜风。在处理那些和凯夫的过去有关,但已经失去联系的人们时(比如“坏种子”最早的吉他手布里克萨·巴格尔德[Blixa Bargeld],十几年前突然离开了乐队),合作导演们甚至走得更远:在拍摄之前,不许谈论相关场景。“Nick would have never gone for a straightforward rock-doc,” Forsyth told me in Berlin. “We decided to go in a direction that combined reality with fantasy as seamlessly as possible — which, if you think about it, isn’t too far from the transaction between a rock star and his fans. People want desperately to enter the world Nick creates in his songs. You can look around when the Bad Seeds are playing and see precisely which version of Nick — the junkie, the outlaw, the lover — each person in the crowd wants to be.”“尼克从来没拍过那种平铺直叙的摇滚纪录片,” 弗希斯在柏林接受采访时说。“我们决定尽可能地把现实和幻想天衣无缝地结合起来——如果你仔细想想,这就和摇滚明星与歌迷之间的互动差不多。人们迫切渴望着走入尼克在歌曲中创造的世界。当‘坏种子’演奏的时候,你四下张望,就看到尼克的形象,他是瘾君子、不法之徒、爱人,是那种人群里所有人都想成为的人。”The film had its premiere at Sundance in January (it won the world documentary awards for best directing and best editing) and will be released nationally in September, following preview screenings this summer that coincide with Cave’s North American tour. That such an idiosyncratic movie would capture not just the imagination of the festival crowd but also of a U.S. distributor is testament, contrary to what even the most ardent fan in his gutter-punk glory days could have foreseen, to the remarkably broad appeal that his elegant, lecherous, literate, unapologetically romantic persona has come to have in recent decades.影片于1月在圣丹斯电影节首映,赢得了最佳导演和最佳剪辑两项国际纪录片大奖,9月将在全美公映,今年夏天将有配合凯夫北美巡演的试映。这样一部奇异的影片不仅能迷住电影节的观众,也能抓住美国电影分销商的心,这也确实明几十年来,他这种优雅、好色、文艺、固执的浪漫人格有着广泛的魅力,在他“流浪汉朋克”的全盛时期,即便最忠诚的歌迷也无法预见这一点。Perhaps more than any of his contemporaries — many of whom have gradually faded from view (Bauhaus, the Pop Group) or been relegated to the purgatory of back-catalog tours (the Sisters of Mercy, the Cure) — Cave has managed to invent a self-contained, coherent fictional world that both he and his followers can enter at will; a kind of exercise in collaborative mythmaking that seems to deepen with each variation on the theme. “If Nick Cave decided to start a cult,” I heard one woman say after the Berlin screening, “I’d be the first to join.”他的同代人已经有许多渐渐淡出人了人们的视野,比如“包豪斯”(Bauhaus)和“流行组合”(Pop Group),还有很多人则进入了只靠老歌到处巡演的炼狱,比如“仁慈姊”(the Sisters of Mercy)和“治疗”(the Cure);或许凯夫与他们不同,他创造出一个自给自足、条理分明的虚构世界,他和歌迷们可以随心所欲地进入;这是一种合作创造神话的做法,随着每一次主题的变更而深化。“如果尼克·凯夫决定创造一个邪教,”柏林的上映之后,我听到一个女人说,“我肯定第一个加入。”“Nothing happened in my childhood — no trauma or anything,” Cave said, when I asked after the origins of his sensibility. “I just had a genetic disposition toward things that were horrible.”“在我的童年里什么事都没发生——没有创伤之类东西,”当我问到他何以如此敏感的时候,凯夫回答,“我只是对可怖的东西有一种遗传的特殊感觉。”Nicholas Edward Cave was born on Sept. 22, 1957, in Warracknabeal, Victoria (population now 2,745), northwest of Melbourne. His mother and father, Dawn and Colin Cave — the librarian and English teacher of the high school he would eventually attend — instilled a reverence for the arts in their children from an early age. “My father me the first chapter of ‘Lolita’ when I turned 12,” Cave told me. “Something happened to him when he it aloud. He became a different man. He became elevated. I felt like I was being initiated into this secret world: the world of sex and adulthood and art. At the same time, though, I was only a kid, and I couldn’t always meet his expectations. He’d catch me ing some nasty little thriller, and he’d rip it out of my hands and tell me: ‘You want a bleeding body count? Read “Titus Andronicus”!’ ”尼古拉斯·爱德华·凯夫(Nicholas Edward Cave)于1957年9月22日生于墨尔本西北部维多利亚的瓦拉克纳比尔(现在这里的人口是2745人)。母亲多恩(Dawn)和父亲柯林·凯夫(Colin Cave)是同一所中学的图书管理员和英语教师,尼克后来也上了这个学校。父母很早就把对艺术的崇敬注入了孩子们心田。“12岁的时候,爸爸就给我读《洛丽塔》(Lolita)的第一章,”凯夫说,“在他高声朗读的时候,有些事情发生了,他成了一个完全不同的人,他得到了升华。我觉得自己被引入了这个秘密世界,这个由性爱、成人与艺术构成的世界。但是,与此同时,我还是个孩子,我总是达不到他的期望。他看见我在读低劣的惊悚小说,就把它从我手里抢走,说:‘你想看流血的身体?去看《泰特斯·安德洛尼克斯》(Titus Andronicus,莎士比亚作品——译注)吧。’”In spite of (or perhaps because of) his parents’ presence both at home and at school, Cave lasted barely a year at Wangaratta High before being expelled (“for general disruption,” as he described it to me.) His mother maintains that he was pulled out before he could be kicked out, but either way, his departure was of little consequence to him. He had decided that he was going to be a painter. “I had huge artistic ambitions as a kid,” he told me. “I liked a lot of the tortured, gothic, religious stuff — Matthias Grünewald and Stefan Lochner and the Spaniards — and I wanted to make paintings with that kind of power. There was something about just being in a room by yourself and making art that excited me. It’s exciting to me still, this weird medium of applying paint to a canvas and the restrictions of a square, two-dimensional frame.” He paused. “It’s not unlike the restrictions of a song, in a way.”尽管(或者说是因为)父母既出现在家里,也出现在学校,凯夫在万格拉塔中学只呆了一年就被除名,他对我说是因为“经常搞破坏”。他的母亲则说被开除之前他就已经退学了,但不管怎样,离开学校对他来说不算什么,他已经下决心要当画家。“我小时候很有艺术抱负,”他对我说。“我喜欢酷刑、哥特和信仰方面的主题——马蒂亚斯·格吕内瓦尔德(Matthias Grünewald)、斯特凡·洛赫纳(Stefan Lochner)和西班牙画家——我也想用那种力量去画画。独自呆在一个房间里进行艺术创作,这种行为令我兴奋。现在仍然令我兴奋,把颜料涂在帆布上,在正方形的两维框架限制内进行创作,这让我兴奋。”他停顿片刻,“这在某种程度上和创作一首歌的限制并没有什么不一样。”Cave ended up at a boarding school in Melbourne, where he fell in with a crew of degenerates in training who had more or less taken over the school’s art department, and they soon founded a band, the Boys Next Door. The songs that Cave wrote with Mick Harvey, the band’s stoic, clean-cut guitarist, formed the beginning of a collaboration that would last from 1974 to well past the end of the millennium. The Boys Next Door soon won a small but rabid following, in part by carrying audience confrontation to extremes that not even their primary points of reference — the Stooges and the New York Dolls — saw fit to explore. “The only places that would have us were beer barns and [military] league clubs,” Cave told me, smiling nostalgically. A typical show might include brawls with the audience, instruments being played in incompatible time signatures and passed-out band members, to say nothing of the lyrics themselves, which one critic described as “a mixture of paranoia, demented self-parody and neurotic, inebriated passion.” By the time the band rechristened itself the Birthday Party, in 1978, the number of clubs they were banned from outnumbered those that would have them, and their cult status in Australia was assured.凯夫后来去了墨尔本的一所寄宿学校,和一伙坏孩子们混在一起,他们多少控制了学校的艺术系,很快就组了一名叫“邻家男孩”(the Boys Next Door)的乐队。歌是凯夫和米克·哈维(Mick Harvey)合写的,哈维是乐队的吉他手,性格坚韧克己、鲜明清晰。两人的合作就这样从1974年一直延续下来,直至度过20世纪的终点。“邻家男孩”很快赢得了一批拥趸,人数虽少却很狂热,他们让观众去面对极端的事物,这些东西就连“傀儡”(Stooges)和“纽约妞儿”(New York Dolls)等他们组乐队时最重要的参照者们也不曾去探索。“让我们去演出的只有啤酒大酒吧和(军队的)社团俱乐部,”想起往事,凯夫面带微笑。演出的时候他们总会和观众打架,乐器的拍子都互相合不上,乐队成员们喝得烂醉,更别说他们自己写的歌词,有个家说它们是“混合了妄想狂、精神错乱的自我戏仿,以及神经质与醉酒的热情”。1978年,乐队改名为“生日派对”,禁止他们入内的酒吧比允许他们演出的酒吧还多,他们在澳大利亚被视为怪人。Cave’s life had begun to embody the degradation and excess that the Birthday Party celebrated in its songs. His casual use of heroin and speed grew into a full-blown dependency, and he was acquiring an estimable record of arrests. On Oct. 11, 1978, when Cave was being held in a Melbourne police station on charges of vandalism and theft, the police informed Cave and his mother, who came to post bail, that his father had just been killed in a car accident. This conjunction of events is one he still has difficulty discussing. One of the most revealing scenes in “20,000 Days” comes during Cave’s morning therapy session, in which the therapist, Dr. Darian Leader, tries to explore the subject of Colin Cave’s death. “I was 19,” Cave begins, speaking with obvious effort, “and that really just came out of the blue. That was something that kind of rocked the whole family.” He then reverts to a tense and stony silence. Leader finally says, “Shall we stop there?”凯夫的人生开始像“生日派对”的歌中所唱的那样,变得堕落放荡。他以前只是偶尔才使用海洛因和“极速”安非他命,到这时却开始上瘾,还被逮捕了很多次。1978年10月11日,凯夫被墨尔本警察局以破坏他人财产和盗窃罪名拘留,警方通知他和来保释他的母亲,他的父亲刚才在车祸中去世了。这个巧合他到现在都不太愿意谈起。在《地球两万日》中,凯夫接受晨间治疗,这是片中最为真情流露的一刻,治疗师达利安·里德士(Dr. Darian Leader)想深入探讨柯林·凯夫去世这个话题。“我当时19岁,”凯夫一副尽力去表达的样子,“这确实来得太突然。震撼了全家人。”然后他开始变得紧张,像石头一样沉默。最后里德说:“我们要不就到这儿吧?”In the winter of 1980, the Birthday Party moved to London, where it released two brilliant albums, “Prayers on Fire” and “Junkyard.” Cave, who at first didn’t care much for London — perhaps because he spent much of his time there in a Maida Vale squat, going through periodic heroin withdrawal — felt himself drawn to Berlin, where rent was cheap, amphetamines were plentiful and the band had played some memorable shows. “We found a genuine artistic community in Berlin,” Cave told me. “Filmmakers, musicians, painters. . . . There was a level of inclusion that we never had in London.”1980年冬,“生日派对”迁往伦敦,在那里发行了两张精的专辑《火焰上的祈祷》(Prayers on Fire)和《垃圾场》(Junkyard)。凯夫一开始不怎么喜欢伦敦,或许是因为在伦敦期间他大部分时间都在梅达谷的一处住所里,忍受海洛因的戒毒反应;后来他觉得柏林很有吸引力,那里房租便宜,有大量安非他命,乐队曾在那里有过几场令人难忘的演出。“我们发现柏林是一个真正的艺术家社区,”凯夫对我说,“有拍电影的、音乐家、画家……那里有一种我们在伦敦找不到的包容性。”In Berlin, Cave became a regular at a Kreuzberg bar called Risiko, whose sometime bartender, Blixa Bargeld, fronted the industrial-music pioneers Einstürzende Neubauten (Collapsing New Buildings), whose militant anti-commercialism Cave admired. Bargeld contributed his radical sensibility to the final Birthday Party recording sessions (“He’s always approached the guitar with reticence and loathing,” Cave told me appreciatively) and stuck with Cave in the wake of the band’s dissolution, as did Mick Harvey.在柏林,凯夫经常去克罗伊茨贝格的一家名叫利希科的酒吧,那里的兼职酒保布里克萨·巴格尔德是工业音乐先驱“倒塌的新建筑”(Einstürzende Neubauten)乐队的主唱,凯夫敬佩他激进的反商业精神。巴格尔德把自己激进的情绪带入了“生日快乐”的最后几次录音之中(“他弹吉总是带着含蓄和厌恶,”凯夫带着赞赏的口吻说),也让凯夫和米克·哈维产生了解散乐队的念头。In September 1983, Cave traveled to Garden Studios in London to record for the first time under his own name. The album that resulted, “From Her to Eternity,” was even less classifiable than the music Cave made with the Birthday Party or the Boys Next Door: an echoing, loose-limbed collection of seven ominous, stomping, meandering dirges that managed to transmit all of punk’s anger and abhorrence while avoiding most of the clichés of an aly stultifying genre. The album established Cave and the Bad Seeds, as his crew of collaborators was now called, virtually overnight. The New Musical Express, probably Britain’s most influential music magazine, began its review with: “Nick Cave’s ‘From Her to Eternity’ is one of the greatest rock albums ever made.”1983年9月,凯夫去伦敦的花园录音室录制第一张以他个人名义发行的专辑。最后的成果名为《从她到永恒》(From Her to Eternity),它比凯夫与“生日派对”和“邻家男孩”一起做的音乐更加难以分类:是一张充满回响,结构松弛的专辑,收入七首充满不祥预兆、沉重婉转的哀歌,朋克当时已经变得沉闷乏味,这张专辑却在传达出朋克的愤怒与厌恶的同时,又避免了其中的大部分陈词滥调。凯夫的合作者们如今自称为“坏种子”,这张专辑几乎令他们一夜成名。《新音乐快报》(New Musical Express)或许是英国最有影响力的音乐杂志,它给这张专辑的是这样开头的:“尼克·凯夫的《从她到永恒》是迄今为止最伟大的摇滚专辑之一。”Cave now lives in Brighton, England, with his wife and twin 14-year-old sons, in a residence that would have seemed, for a number of reasons, inconceivable to the scarecrow-haired punk he was back in Berlin. When I met him this winter, he was renting a modest office a short walk from his house, keeping regular office hours like a bona fide salaryman. (“I used to go six days a week, till I couldn’t stand it anymore,” Cave said with a grin. “Now I go Sundays as well.”)凯夫如今和妻子以及14岁的双胞胎儿子住在英国的布莱顿,他的住宅看上去怎么都不像是柏林的那个乱发朋克住的。今年冬天我见到他的时候,他在家附近租了一个朴素的办公室,像真正的工薪族那样去固定办公(“我曾经每周上班六天,后来受不了,”凯夫笑着说,“现在我连星期日都去上班。”)。Apart from a small upright piano off to one side, a microphone stand and a haphazard-looking collection of photos and pages torn from magazines pinned to the wall, the room itself could have passed for the office of a determinedly anachronistic clerk: a good-size desk, a manual typewriter and a well-used bottle of whiteout. His work ethic has long been legendary. While writing one of his best-known songs, “Red Right Hand,” from the 1994 album “Let Love In,” Cave filled an entire notebook with descriptions of the imaginary town the song was set in, including maps and sketches of prominent buildings, virtually none of which made it into the lyrics. “It’s good to have a place to go and just write,” Cave told me in Brighton. “I haven’t always had that luxury.”办公室一侧放着一架小小的直立钢琴,一个麦克风架,墙上用大头针随意订着一些照片,以及从杂志上撕下来的页面,除此之外,这个房间可能被误认为是一个搞错了时代的职员的办公室——一个大大的办公桌、手动打字机和一瓶看来是时常使用的涂改液。凯夫的敬业精神早已成为传奇。在写他最著名的一首歌,收录于1994年的专辑《让爱进来》(Let Love In)中的《红色右手》(Red Right Hand)时,凯夫用了一整个笔记本描写这首歌中想象的小镇,还画了地图和镇上著名建筑的草图,最后这些东西都没有出现在歌词中。“能有个地方可去,在那儿写作,这感觉很好,”凯夫在布莱顿对我说。“我并不是总能有这样的奢侈。”It was in Berlin that Cave undertook the first of the extramusical forays that would eventually come to define him as the renaissance man of the “postpunk” generation: a grotesque, blood-spattered, Faulkner-saturated novel titled “And the Ass Saw the Angel.” Set in the imaginary valley of Ukulore in some fever-dream iteration of the American South, the novel chronicles the nightmarish sufferings and stomach-churning appetites of Euchrid Eucrow, an inbred and mentally ill mute, whose fixation on the local prostitute, Cosey Mo, and Beth, her saintly, otherworldly daughter, does not, to put it mildly, turn out well. The novel obsessed Cave completely, often at the expense of more lucrative work, and took him three years of almost daily effort to finish.在柏林,凯夫初次开始了音乐之外的冒险,最终令他成为“后朋克”一代中的文艺复兴式全才:一本怪异、血腥的,带有福克纳色的小说,题为《而蠢人看见天使》(And the Ass Saw the Angel)。故事发生在一个想象中的山谷尤库洛尔,以美国南方式的狂热梦呓,按时间顺序记载了近亲结婚生下的精神病哑巴尤奇里德·尤克鲁(Euchrid Eucrow)噩梦般的痛苦与令人恶心的嗜好,他对本地柯西·莫(Cosey Mo)与她圣洁超脱的女儿贝丝(Beth)的迷恋,婉转点说吧,结果不怎么好。这本小说让凯夫彻底沉迷其中,经常放弃更加有利可图的工作,花了三年时间,几乎每天都在写作,最后才告完成。“It definitely had something to do with my father, that book,” Cave told me in Berlin. “He was an aspiring writer himself as a young man, and literature was a matter of life or death to him. My mother recently showed me a letter he wrote her, about this theater piece he was directing, and it’s written with such intensity — his frustrations with the actors and with the budget and so on. There’s this mania and enthusiasm for the work that’s very beautiful to me. Then, at the end, you find out he’s talking about a school play. So, yeah, the book may have felt on some level like unfinished business. But it took over my life in a way that wasn’t healthy, for me or the people around me. And as soon as I’d finished it, I left Berlin.”“这本书绝对和我父亲有关,”凯夫在柏林告诉我,“他年轻时是个很有抱负的作家,文学对他来说是生死攸关的大事。我的母亲最近给我看了一封他给她写的信,内容是他当时在导演的舞台剧,这封信感情非常强烈,写了关于演员和预算之类东西带来的挫折感。我觉得这种对工作的狂热与非常美。到最后,你才发现他说的是一出学校话剧。是的,这本书在某种程度上像是个未完成的东西。但它占据了我的生活,在某种程度上,对于我和我周围的人是不健康的。一写完它我就离开了柏林。”Cave spent the next three years in S#227;o Paulo, Brazil, where he moved after meeting the fashion stylist Viviane Carneiro. Shortly after the birth of their son, Luke, Cave returned to London with his family and began to work on a new album, comprising songs about violent death. The album — titled, appropriately enough, “Murder Ballads” — would prove a pivotal one in Cave’s career, furnishing him with his first mainstream radio hit (“Where the Wild Roses Grow,” featuring Kylie Minogue), and propelling him, by way of a duet with the British alt-rock star P. J. Harvey, into a relationship with which he is associated to this day, not least because it resulted, in 1997, in what many regard as his masterpiece: “The Boatman’s Call.”后来凯夫遇到了时尚造型师薇薇安·卡耐罗(Viviane Carneiro),接下来的三年,两人在巴西的圣保罗度过。两人的儿子卢克出生后,凯夫带全家回到伦敦,开始创作新专辑,写一些关于暴力死亡的歌曲。专辑的名字名为《谋杀的歌谣》(Murder Ballads),真是恰如其分。它成了凯夫的关键作品之一,其中与凯莉·米洛合唱的《野玫瑰在哪里生长》(Where the Wild Roses Grow)成了他第一首打入主流电台的金曲。这张专辑中,他也和英国另类摇滚歌星P·J·哈维(P. J. Harvey)唱了二重唱,两人有了一段恋情,他至今还会提起,特别是因为这段关系导致了他在1997年做出了专辑《船夫的呼唤》(The Boatman’s Call),很多人都认为这是他的代表作。“People often compare ‘Boatman’s Call’ with ‘Blood on the Tracks,’ ” Cave told me during one of our conversations in Brighton, referring to Bob Dylan’s breakup-themed magnum opus. “Too much for my liking, I have to say. I’ve got no idea what led Dylan to make that album, but in my case, there was a coming together of a particular bunch of unfortunate events — brokenhearted moments but epiphanies, as well — that hit me all at once and became what the record was about.” He smiled. “Not a happy time, particularly. At least I got some songs out of it.”“人们经常把《船夫的呼唤》和《歌中的血迹》(Blood on the Tracks)相提并论,”我们在布莱顿谈话时,凯夫说起鲍勃·迪伦(Bob Dylan)那张以分手为主题的代表作。“我得说,这对我来说太过了。我不知道迪伦是怎么写下那张专辑的,但是对于我来说,当时有很多不幸的事赶在一起——既有痛苦的时刻,也有顿悟的时刻——这些感觉一下子同时击中我,就成了这张专辑,”他微笑着说。“那不是一段特别快乐的时光。至少我为它写了些歌。”The 12 tracks on “The Boatman’s Call” chronicle both the dissolution of Cave’s relationship with Carneiro and the arc of his brief but passionate love affair with Harvey, which played out very much in public: The couple’s first kiss took place on camera, during the filming of their “Murder Ballads” duet, “Henry Lee.” The album’s spare, candid songs allowed a listener, perhaps for the first time, to guess at the human being behind Cave’s outsize persona and freed him from the restrictions of the “Old Testament by way of Southern gothic” genre that he, with a good deal of help from Mick Harvey, Bargeld and the rest of the Bad Seeds, had invented.《船夫的呼唤》中的12首歌既有凯夫与卡耐罗的分手,也有他和哈维那段短暂但充满的情事,这段关系相当公开——两人第一次接吻就发生在镜头前,为《谋杀的歌谣》中的二重唱《亨利·李》(Henry Lee)录像的时候。或许《船夫的呼唤》中简单、坦白的歌曲令听众第一次去猜测凯夫那特大号的自我背后的人性,让他从那种“《旧约》式的美国南方哥特”类型中摆脱出来,那种形象是他和米克·哈维、巴格尔德以及“坏种子”的其他成员们共同营造出来的。Since that high-water mark, Cave has released seven studio albums, appeared in three films, written two produced screenplays and published a second novel, “The Death of Bunny Munro”; but possibly the two most pivotal events in that time stand apart from his creative life. Shortly after the release of “The Boatman’s Call,” Cave met the British model Susie Bick, to whom he has now been married for a decade and a half, and he soon kicked heroin for good after more than 20 years of addiction. As Cave himself puts it, in a recording featured near the end of “20,000 Days”: “The first time I saw Susie was at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. And when she came walking in, all the things that I have obsessed over for all the years, pictures of movie stars, Jenny Agutter in the billabong, Anita Ekberg in the fountain . . . Miss World competitions, Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Jones and Bo Derek . . . Bolshoi ballerinas and Russian gymnasts . . . the young girls at the Wangaratta pool lying on the hot concrete, all the stuff I had heard and seen and . . . all the continuing never-ending drip-feed of erotic data . . . came together at that moment, in one great big crash bang, and I was lost to her. And that was that.”在这次高峰之后,凯夫又发行了七张录音室专辑,在三部电影中露面,写了两个已被搬上银幕的电影剧本,出版了第二部小说《巴尼·芒罗之死》(The Death of Bunny Munro);但或许那段时间里他生活中最重要的两件事不是关于创作。《船夫的呼唤》发行不久之后,凯夫遇到了英国模特苏西·比克(Susie Bick),两人结婚至今已有15年;之后他很快戒掉了成瘾已有20年之久的海洛因。正如凯夫自己在《地球两万日》快到片尾的地方中说的,“我第一次见到苏西是在伦敦的维多利亚与阿尔伯特物馆。她一走进来,我多年来迷恋的那些东西,电影明星的照片,珍妮·艾加特(Jenny Agutter)在死水里、安妮塔·艾克伯格(Anita Ekberg)在喷泉边……世界竞赛,玛丽莲·梦露(Marilyn Monroe),詹妮弗·琼斯(Jennifer Jones)和波·德里克(Bo Derek)……莫斯科大剧院的芭蕾舞女演员和俄罗斯体操运动员……旺加拉塔泳池边躺在炎热的水泥地上的姑娘们,我听过、看过与阅读过的一切……所有这些色情的点点滴滴……全都在这一刻汇聚起来,成了巨大的冲击,我迷上了她。就是这样。”Cave’s life in Brighton is that of a conventional family man, with certain noteworthy exceptions. On a recent afternoon, we were having lunch in a pub called the Ginger Dog with Warren Ellis — the Bad Seeds’ wild-bearded multi-instrumentalist and Cave’s closest collaborator for more than a decade — when a tweedy-looking man in his 60s approached us. “Excuse me, but are you Nick Cave?” he asked bashfully. “I’ve just moved to Brighton, you see, and I do bronze heads.”凯夫在布莱顿过着传统居家男人的生活,当然也有值得一提的例外。不久前的一个下午,当我们在一家名叫黄的酒吧和沃伦·埃里斯(Warren Ellis)共进午餐,埃里斯是“坏种子”的多乐器演奏者,留着狂野的大胡子,是凯夫十几年来最亲密的合作者。这时一个60多岁、乡绅模样的男人走近我们:“对不起,请问你是尼克·凯夫吗?”他羞怯地问道,“我刚搬来布莱顿,我是做青铜头像的。”“Heads?” Cave said matter of factly, as though this sort of thing happened on a regular basis. “I’ve been looking to get a life-size portrait done, on horseback. You couldn’t do that?”“头像?”凯夫见怪不怪地说,好像这种事经常发生。“我一直都在找一尊真人大小的雕像,骑在马背上的。你有吗?”The man stammered a bit, but eventually responded in the positive.男人迟疑了一下,但最后还是给了肯定的答复。“In gold, wasn’t it?” Ellis added.“金的吗?”埃里斯说。“That’s right,” Cave said, taking the man’s card politely. “A mounted equestrian portrait, in gold. Would that be in your line?”“对,”凯夫礼貌地收下了男人的名片,“一尊骑在马上的塑像,金的,你有吗?”After assuring the artist, who looked pleased, but bewildered, that he would visit his website, Cave took up the conversation where we left off. I had asked why he thought his music, which can be as graphic as the most brutal death metal or gangsta rap, has always found, in marked contrast to, say, death metal, such a wide and passionate following among women.凯夫向那个看上去既高兴又迷惑的艺术家保自己会去看他的网站,之后接着进行我们被打断的谈话。之前我问他对自己的音乐怎么看,他的音乐和最残酷的死亡金属与匪帮说唱一样有画面感,但却和死亡金属之类音乐不同,在女人当中拥有大量热情的拥趸。“I have a female audience in my mind when I write,” he said. “That being said” — he smiled wryly at Ellis — “I’m often flabbergasted by what some women find sexy in my music.”“在写歌时,我心里会想象一个女性听众,”他说,“虽说如此”——他对埃里斯苦笑——“有些女人说我的音乐性感,还是让我挺惊讶的。”“In a lot of what Nick writes, there’s a woman’s voice in there,” Ellis said. “Nick’s a writer, you know? He takes things like voice and point of view seriously.”“尼克写的很多东西里都有女性的声音,”埃里斯说。“尼克是个作家,你知道。他很严肃地对待声音和观点。”“Not all women like it,” Cave added. “I’ve been called all sorts of things. But even the material that’s the most. . . . ” He cast about for the word. “The most forceful sexually, it’s always riddled with anxiety. If my songs came off as just a male thing, I wouldn’t have any interest in that whatsoever.”“不是所有女人都喜欢,”凯夫补充。“人们用各种东西形容我。但就连最……”他谨慎挑选着词句。“就连在性方面最有力量的东西也总是掺杂着焦虑。如果我的歌让人感觉只是男性化的东西,那我也不会对它感兴趣的。”Cave and Ellis had been up until the wee hours in a nearby studio, trying out ideas for the Bad Seeds’ next album, and the talk turned to a new songwriting method that the band developed over the course of their most recent recordings, a topic that made them both seem, in that instant, like two boys who had just started their first band.之前凯夫和埃里斯在附近的录音室里一直呆到凌晨,为“坏种子”的下一张专辑想点子,我们的对话转到了乐队在最近的录音中新发展出来的写歌方式,这个话题让两人在那一刻变得好像两个刚开始组乐队的孩子。“What we do is we record nonstop,” said Cave, with a sudden animation that surprised me. “We go in in the morning, and we just sit there for seven or eight hours with headphones on and just play anything, no matter how awful. The songs are completely abstract when we start; no one even knows what key we’re in — ”“我们就是不停地录音,”凯夫突然活跃起来,把我吓了一跳。“我们早上一进棚就坐下来,七八个小时戴着耳机,什么都弹,不管有多糟糕。刚开始歌曲都是完全抽象的,甚至没人知道我们在弹什么调——”“Well, I know,” Ellis said amiably.“啊,我知道,”埃里斯开心地说。“ — and there’s something going on between the musicians, about discovering something, that can be impossible to repeat. It couldn’t be more different from the way I wrote for some of my earlier albums, like ‘The Boatman’s Call’ or ‘No More Shall We Part.’ It’s more the way we did it back at the beginning, making the first Bad Seeds record with Blixa and Barry” — Adamson, bassist for the group — “and Mick.”“——然后就有些东西在乐手们之间发生了,我们发现了什么,这是无法重复的。这和我之前做《船夫的呼唤》和《我们不再分离》(No More Shall We Part)的时候太不一样了。更像我们当初一开始时候的样子,和布里克萨还有巴里一起做‘坏种子’第一张专辑时的样子”——巴里是指巴里·亚当森(Barry Adamson),乐队的贝斯手——“还有米克。”“ ‘Push the Sky Away’ feels like a first record, in a way,” Ellis said. “It felt that way to make it.”“某种程度上,《推开天空》有点像第一张专辑,”埃里斯说。“方法有点像。”“Now comes the ded follow-up,” Cave added, not looking as though he was ding it at all.“现在是让人担心的续作,”凯夫补充,不过他看上去可一点不担心。Exactly 24 hours after our lunch at the Ginger Dog, Cave was reclining in a swivel chair in the gleaming, walnut-paneled control room of AIR Studios in the discreetly upscale Hampstead neighborhood, listening to the ever-voluble Ellis joking and cajoling an 18-piece orchestra into playing the score the two of them wrote for the film “Loin des Hommes” (a French production starring Viggo Mortensen) with just an iota more bite. “I love what the celli are doing!” Ellis said at one point, which caused Cave to arch an eyebrow. “Is that how you say it?” he murmured. “I’d always thought it was cellos.” This was practically all he said for the next hour.在“黄”吃过午饭的整整24小时之后,凯夫来到AIR录音室,它坐落在汉普斯蒂德隐蔽的高尚住宅区。凯夫坐在一把转椅上,听着总是喋喋不休的埃里斯开玩笑,哄劝一个18人组成的管弦乐队演几段他和凯夫为电影《远离人迹》(Loin des Hommes)写的配乐,这是一部法国电影,由维果·莫腾森(Viggo Mortensen)主演。“我喜欢这段大提琴(celli)!”埃里斯说,凯夫听了扬起眉毛。“你们是这么说的吗?”他小声说,“我还以为应该叫‘cellos’呢。”接下来的一个小时里他都没有开口。Over and over, on two large flat-screen monitors suspended from the mixing-room ceiling, Mortensen and his co-star, the French-Algerian actor Reda Kateb, walked to the crest of a hill, exchanged a few words, then made their way down a winding stone path, to the fervent accompaniment of the musicians on the far side of the glass. While Ellis talked a blue streak, Cave maintained his remove. He’d brought a heavily annotated paperback with him: a copy of a novel he was considering adapting into a screenplay for Forsyth and Pollard. Beside it on the table, in no discernible order, lay an oversize copy of the score (“Loin des Hommes, by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis”), a CD of “The Boatman’s Call” and a page of mysterious notes that I allowed myself to sneak a glance at. They were attenuated and cryptic and either had to do with the film adaptation, ideas for the next album, a screenplay he was currently script-doctoring or an exegesis of Dante’s “Inferno.” Based on what I knew of Cave, it might easily have been all of the above.两个平板监控器从混音室的天花板垂挂下来,里面一遍又一遍地播放着莫腾森和阿尔及利亚裔法国演员希达·卡特(Reda Kateb)的镜头,他们走上山顶,说了几句话,然后又走上一条蜿蜒的石头路,玻璃另一侧的乐手们热情地为他们伴奏。埃里斯继续滔滔不绝,凯夫也仍然一言不发。他带了一本厚厚的平装书,里面写满批注。他想为弗希斯和波兰德把这本小说改编成剧本。此刻它就放在桌上,旁边随意放着其他物品:一份特大号的乐谱,上面写着“《远离人际》,尼克·凯夫与沃伦·埃里斯”、《船夫的呼唤》的CD唱片,还有一页纸,我偷看了一眼,只见上面写着神秘的句子。字体细小,如同密码,可能和电影改编、下一张专辑的创意、帮别人修改的剧本或者但丁《神曲》的注释有关。根据我对凯夫的了解,说不定以上这些都有。As “20,000 Days On Earth” nears its end, Cave slouches happily on the couch in front of the TV, his sons on either side of him, watching a movie. The viewer can’t see what the Cave clan is watching —— judging by the dialogue, it could be Brian De Palma’s “Scarface,” but it isn’t hard to imagine Cave screening “The Proposition” or “Lawless” for his boys. (“We used to have something called inappropriate-film night,” Cave told me earlier. “I’d sit my boys down and show them something no sane father would ever show his young sons — ‘Dawn of the Dead,’ something that scared the hell out of them — and it was a wonderful bonding moment. Now there’s no other kind of film night at all.”) It’s an oddly affecting scene, and watching it, I couldn’t help thinking back to something Cave said at our first meeting, describing his emotions when his own father to him from “Lolita”: “I was 12 years old at the time, so I didn’t understand half of what I was hearing. ‘Fire of my loins’? What on earth did that mean? And some of it made me very uneasy. But more than anything else, the words he was ing excited me. I knew nothing would ever be the same.”在《地球两万日》即将结束时,凯夫兴高采烈却又懒洋洋地坐在电视机前的沙发里上,儿子们坐在他身边,一起看电影。镜头中看不出凯夫一家在看什么,听对白可能是布莱恩·德·帕尔马(Brian De Palma)的《疤面煞星》(Scarface),不过不难想象凯夫给儿子们放《关键协议》或《无法无天》时的情景(“我们有‘不适合儿童电影之夜’这样的活动”,早些时候凯夫告诉我,“我让儿子们坐下,给他们看些明智的父亲们绝不会给小儿子们看的电影,比如《活死人黎明》[Dawn of the Dead]之类的,把他们吓得半死,这可真是美妙的亲密时刻。现在我们晚上根本不放别的电影了”)这是异常动人的一幕,看着它,我忍不住回想凯夫在我们第一次见面时描述父亲给他读《洛丽塔》时的心情:“我那时12岁,有一半东西我根本听不懂。‘我的欲念之火?’这到底是什么意思?有些东西让我觉得很不安。但是不管怎样,他读的东西让我兴奋。我知道一切都将有所不同。” /201407/312765

  When Lady Gaga releases a catchy new single, it quickly goes around the world. Now scientists have discovered the same thing happens with the songs of another exotic creature – the humpback whale. The mammals become fixated on new tunes just like people do, and the most popular original whale songs sp globally like hit singles. Number one artist? Humpback whales become fixated on new tunes. The most popular original whale songs sp around the world like hit singles当“闻名遐迩”的音乐奇才嘎嘎发行自己的又一张新专辑,再一次“轻而易举”地将自己的音乐享誉全球的时候,科学家惊喜地发现同样的音乐天才不仅仅局限于人类这个物种,在海底的鲸鱼也同样有“发行音乐专辑”并“唱歌”的权利。科学家还实,这一类哺乳动物(座头鲸)可以像人类一样“有音调” “带感情”地唱歌,据悉,座头鲸是鲸类中最大者,成体平均体长雄性为12.9米,雌性为13.7米,体重25~35吨。其前缘具不规则的瘤状突如锯齿状,口大,进食时上下颌间特殊韧带结构可使口张开90度的角度。The discovery has stunned marine experts who say it is the first time such a large, ‘population wide cultural exchange’ has been seen in the animal kingdom. Male humpback whales are famed for the loud, long and complex songs they make during the mating season. Scientists are unsure why the males sing. Some believe it is a way of advertising themselves to females, others that it allows migrating whales to stay in contact。这一发现彻底震惊了很多海洋专家,让他们“大开眼界”,对于鲸鱼发行音乐专辑事宜,他们认为这是在生物物种,不同生物之间最大的一次 “文化交流”活动。雄性座头鲸以“嗓门大”“身型长”“擅长复杂歌曲”闻名于世界。专家称,特别在交配季节的雄性座头鲸们可以更能展现、展示他们的“歌唱才华”。然而,对于鲸鱼为什么会唱歌的原因,科学家至今还未能总结出个什么结论,有一些人是认为这是雄性座头鲸为了吸引雌性座头鲸做出的“雄性荷尔蒙举动”,也有一些人认为这是为了与“迁徙”举家搬迁的“移民鲸鱼”联系感情的一种方式。Each song lasts for ten to 20 minutes and the males can sing continuously for 24 hours. At any one time, all the males in a population sing the same song. But a study, published in the journal Current Biology, shows that this song changes over time and sps around the oceans. Dr Ellen Garland, of Queensland University, said: ‘Our findings reveal cultural change on a vast scale. Songs move like cultural ripples from one population to another, causing all males to change their song to a new version.’据悉,鲸鱼们唱歌课不轻松,一首曲子至少能维持20分钟,而且雄性座头鲸常常能唱歌长达24小时。科学家发现,在任何时间,雄性座头鲸都会“演唱”同一首曲子。在一本期刊《当代生物学》发表的研究上指出,这首座头鲸唱的曲子在全世界通用,在任何海域都能听得到。可谓在鲸鱼界“不分地域”“享誉全球”的曲子。有专家Dr Ellen 说:“我们的研究目的是表明一个道理,那就是文化交流是在任何一个物种之间都存在的。” /201403/282954


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