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This is the Yellow River. Each year the Yellow River carries billions of tons of sediment from the Loess Plateau eastwards to the crop fields of the Chinese heartland.这就是——黄河。每一年,黄河夹带着数十亿吨的泥沙从黄土高原奔流而下,往东流向中国心脏地带的耕地。Historically, the Chinese relationship with the river has been uneasy. Sediment, building up on the riverbed, has caused the Yellow River to burst its banks periodically, unleashing devastating floods, resulting in millions of deaths.历史上桀骜不驯的黄河曾多次泛滥,泥沙大量积聚在河床上,导致了黄河周期性的溃堤。释放了毁灭性的洪水无情地吞没了数百万计的生命。But when tamed with dykes and channels, the river#39;s bounty is legendary. Even today, half of China#39;s wheat comes from the Yellow River floodplain.但却被水渠和堤坝所驯。黄河的丰饶育了一方水土,即使如今,中国半数的小麦仍然来自黄河流域的漫滩。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 /201408/320008UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It#39;s time for the shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which U.S. national park is home to Half Dome, Mount Lyell, and El Capitan? 半圆顶、莱尔山和酋长岩在哪个美国家公园里?If you think you know it, then shout it out. Is it Glacier Bay, Yellowstone, Great Smoky Mountains or Yosemite? You#39;ve got 3 seconds. Go.如果你认为你知道,那么就大声喊出来吧!它是冰河湾、黄石公园、大雾山还是约塞米蒂国家公园?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!These are some of the most well-known features of Yosemite National Park in California. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.这些是加利福尼亚州约塞米蒂国家公园的一些最有名的特色。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: A huge wildfire in California is torching its way into Yosemite National Park. 一场大火正一路烧到约塞米蒂国家公园。The Rim fire doubled in size late last week. 这场边缘起火在上周底火势扩大两倍。So far, it#39;s consumed 130,000 acres, which is larger than the city of San Jose. 至今,它吞噬了十三万英亩土地,比圣何塞城还大。Firefighters have only a small percentage of it contained, partly because of wind changes and it#39;s hard to get into the canyons where this fire is burning.消防员只只控制住了火势的一部分,一部分原因是因为风向的改变和难以进入起火的峡谷。 /201309/254937

The only way to get deep into the jungle深入丛林的唯一方法is to follow these trails.就是顺着这些小路前进Trails made by dangerous forest elephants.危险的丛林象开辟出的小路The first thing you need to know about the forest elephant is,关于丛林象 你首先需要知道的是you don#39;t want to meet one.你不会想要遇见一只象Cause running away can elicit a charge,因为你逃跑会招来他的攻击and it could be exactly the wrong thing to do.非常危险 那是绝对错误的做法Our team are completely dependent on their Bayaka guides for safety.巴彦喀向导负责保障摄制组的安全But it#39;s these same forest elephants that James has come to film.但詹姆斯计划拍摄的正是这些丛林象And just to make the challenge harder,但难度更大的是he#39;s here to film them in the dark.他将在夜间拍摄他们Nobody knows exactly what they get up to at night,没有人知道晚上会遭遇什么状况they haven#39;t been filmed like this before.此前从未有人在夜间拍摄过 Article/201403/280392

Airline merger opposed by government The government is looking to block a proposed merger between American Airlines and US Airways. CNN#39;s Rene Marsh reports.It would be the largest airline in the world,but Tuesday before the 11-billion-dollar deal could take off,the justice department filed a lawsuit challenging the merge of American airlines and US airways,saying passengers would lose big.Consumer advocates agree.Cause you#39;ve been saying all along that this should not happen.This is really good news for consumers,because we are gonna lose an incredible amount of competition within the ed States.And when we lose competition that#39;s never good when it comes to price control.The justice department use a flight today to illustrate what#39;s at stake.They say this round trip from Miami to Cincinnati cost 471 dollars on US airways.And 751 dollars on American.If the two airlines merge,the justice department says US airways aggressive discounting could disappear.Opponents say it will reduce competition,cut service and increase fees.At airports like Reagan National where the two carriers operate,a combined airline would control 69% of the take-off and landing slots.In a joint statement,the airlines say they plan to fight the lawsuit,dayspring the CEOS,defend the merger.By putting two networks together,we will provide better service,more effecient service to consumers.This is creating an enhanced competition in the US,because today you have two really big global airlines,ed and Delta,and that creates a third as a competitive counter-balance to that.The justice department says the companies can thrive on their own.So they are gonna do just fine.They are not gonna go way and be reduced to nothing.All right,the justice department thinks they don#39;t have problem with airlines to make money,they have a problem with reduce competition.It says that the two airlines compete directly on thousands of rows. /201308/252747

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