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呼和浩特医院去除胎记呼和浩特溶脂针哪家医院好There are a few pillars of the facebook ecosystem, and one is News Feed. Right, that’s you… you show up, and you could just see all the stuff that is important that’s happening recently with your friends. Another pillar has been Timeline, where each person umm… can share whatever they want with whomever they want on-on facebook, and… your Timeline is your place where you can curate everything that you wanna show up about you, and it’s just everything about you in one place. And… Graph Search is going to be another pillar that’s like that.脸书的生态系统中有几个台柱,其中一个是News Feed(动态消息)。对的,那就是你…你来到这里,就可以看到所有重要的、朋友最近发生的事情。另一个台柱是Timeline(动态时报),在那儿每个人啊…不论他们想分享什么、和谁分享都可以在脸书上分享,还有…你的Timeline是你的领域,在那里你可以融合整理所有你想要展现关于你自己的东西,它就是所有关于你的事情集中在一个地方。然后…Graph Search(社交图表搜寻)将会是另一个像那样的台柱。So there’s really simple things that people wanna do. They wanna find all the photos they’ve liked. They wanna find all the photos of two particular people, um… all the photos of their family. They wanna find all their friends who live in a particular city, because they are going to visit there. And those are really hard things to find right now. You have to go to a bunch of different pages. You have to piece all the stuff together. And now it’s easy. You know, you just… you can say what you want, and you get the results.所以有些人们想做非常简单的事情。他们想找到所有他们曾按过赞的照片。他们想要找到所有特定两人的照片,嗯…所有家人的照片。他们想要找到所有住在特定城市的朋友,因为他们要造访那里。而这些现在是很难找的东西。你得浏览一堆不同的网页。你必须要将所有东西拼凑在一起。而现在这很简单。你知道,你只要…你可以说出想要什么,然后就可以得到结果。In-in web search, uh… it’s very often the case that, you know, if you do a search for, you know, apple, and I do a search for apple, we’re basically gonna get the same results. Um, maybe I’ll get like slightly more technical results based on, you know, Apple computer, and maybe you might care about the fruit a little more, but they are not that different from each other, whereas um… on facebook, when you do the same searches, we get completely different sets of results because of the depth of personalisation that we do.在-在网页搜寻中,嗯… 很常看到有案例,你知道,如果你执行搜寻动作,你知道,查苹果,我也执行搜寻动作查苹果,基本上我们会得到相同的搜寻结果。嗯,可能我会得到稍微多些技术性的结果关于,你知道,苹果计算机,而也许你可能比较关注这水果一些,但搜寻结果彼此并没有那么地不同,然而嗯…在facebook上,当你执行相同的搜寻动作,我们得到截然不同的结果组合,因为我们所做到的个人化深度。The-the types of questions that we can solve are-are kind of this slightly nuance and social questions that you wouldn’t typically think to ask um… other search engine, that you wouldn’t typically think that the internet could solve for. Um… there’s a lot to be said for taste, like what movie should I go and see, uh… what bands might I like, based on the friends that I have.我们能够解决的问题类型是-是有点稍微枝微末节,以及你一般不会想要嗯… 透过其他搜索引擎问的社交问题,你一般不会认为网络可以解决的问题。嗯…有助于发掘你的喜好,像是我们应该去看哪部电影,呃… 我可能会喜欢哪个乐团,以我所拥有的朋友为基准。Well, I had a toothache the other day, and as I’m relatively new to the area, so I don’t have a dentist, and… looking out dentists that my friends liked was really awesome, because I knew that I was gonna go to someone who knew what they were doing, which she did.嗯,有一天我牙痛,而因为我对这区域相当不熟,所以我还没看过牙医,而…搜寻那些我朋友按赞的牙医是非常棒的一件事,因为我知道我要去看某个知道自己在做什么的牙医,她的确知道她在做什么。It’s a shame because, you know, most people today don’t think about facebook as a place to discover places where they can go eat or things that they can go do. Um, but with this product, I mean, that’s just… it’s so… it’s so natural to be able to do that.这令人感到遗憾,因为,你知道,今天大多数的人不认为facebook是一个开发他们可以吃饭的去处或可做之事的场所。嗯,但有了这个产品,我的意思是,那就是…这很…很自然地就可以做到那样。In the past, facebook has really been primarily about… mapping out and staying in touch with and communicating with the people aly know in the real world. But now, we’re building a product that can also be used to finding people you maybe should know — people of common interests, people you wanna work with.在过去,facebook真的一直主要是关于…安排、联系以及与那些在现实生活中已认识的人来沟通。但现在,我们正打造一个产品,可以用来找到你可能应该要认识的人–有相同兴趣的人、你想要共事的人。You can find friends of friends who have common interests: Friends of friends who are interested in ballroom dancing or in running or hiking. And in many ways what this will do is… is make your community feel a bit smaller; make the world feel a bit smaller.你可以找到和你有相同兴趣的朋友的朋友:对交际舞、或跑步、或健行有兴趣的朋友的朋友。这在许多方面这将会做到的是…是让你的生活圈感觉小了些,让世界感觉小了些。Today, we’re really just starting off with a few basic types of things that you can search for: people, photos, places, pages for businesses, and… that’s just the start.今天,我们真的才刚开始几个基本你可以搜寻的事物类型:人、照片、地点、公司页面,而…那只是个开端。We wanted to get this out as early as possible so we could get feedback from the users. Iterate, make the product better, and get it to a point where we can launch this to everyone.我们想要尽早推出,这样我们就能得到使用者的意见回馈。反复修改,让产品更好,并达到我们可以向所有人推出这项产品的水平。We just view this as a project that we’re gonna be working on for years and years to come, but um… as it gets more completed, it just gives me this amazing resource for, you know, a lot of people around the world to use.我们只将这视为一项还要年复一年地持续研发的企画案,但嗯… 当它的完成度更高时,就提供了我们这个很棒的资源,你知道,让全世界许多人使用。 /201302/225081呼和浩特哪家美容院可以打瘦腿针 Early signs show that bigger iPhones are aly leading to bigger sales for Apple.初步迹象显示,尺寸较大的iPhone在为苹果公司(Apple)带来更高的销售额。The company on Monday said that early orders for the new iPhones — the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — topped four million in the first 24 hours that they became available for order online over the weekend. That is double the number of early orders that came in for the iPhone 5 when it first went on sale online two years ago.该公司周一表示,新款iPhone,即iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus,从上周末起可以在线预订以来,最初24小时里收到的预售订单就高达400万份,与两年前iPhone 5刚刚在线发售时的预售订单数据相比翻了一番。Both new iPhones unveiled last week are significantly larger than previous models. The iPhone 6 screen measures 4.7 inches diagonally and the iPhone 6 Plus screen measures 5.5 inches. The earlier iPhone 5S had a four-inch screen. The new phones arrive in stores on Friday.上周推出的这两款新iPhone都比过去的型号大很多,iPhone 6屏幕对角线尺寸有4.7英寸,而iPhone 6 Plus屏幕尺寸则为5.5英寸。此前的iPhone 5S屏幕为4英寸。新款手机将于本周五在店铺里上架。By increasing the screen size of the iPhone, Apple was responding to a broad market trend: Consumers, especially those in China, are gravitating toward bigger and bigger screens on smartphones, just as they did with televisions.苹果扩大屏幕的尺寸是在回应一种广泛的市场趋势。消费者,尤其是中国消费者,都被智能手机上越来越大的屏幕所吸引,就像他们对电视的态度一样。Some financial analysts are optimistic that the early orders will amount to record-breaking iPhone sales over all. Maynard Um, an analyst for Wells Fargo, said that Apple was on track to meet expectations for sales of millions in the “low teens” range in the first weekend. That would be much higher than the nine million in first-weekend sales last year for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.一些金融分析师乐观地认为,预售订单的趋势能够使iPhone取得创纪录的整体销量。富国(Wells Fargo)分析师梅纳德·乌姆(Maynard Um)说,看趋势,苹果能够在第一个周末达到略高于一千万台的销售预期。这比iPhone 5S和iPhone 5C去年推出时900万台的首周末销量高出很多。It can be easy to lose perspective on what those numbers mean. For comparison, Motorola Mobility shipped 6.5 million smartphones in the first three months of the year. Apple’s iPhones are expected to sell at least double that number in just their first weekend in stores.这些数字的意义或许很容易就被忽略。相比之下,托罗拉移动(Motorola Mobility)在今年头三个月里的智能手机出货量为650万台。而按照预期,苹果的iPhone在上架的第一个周末,就能达到这个数字的两倍。Toni Sacconaghi, a financial analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein, said that although the recently introduced Apple Watch and mobile payments service may create new revenue streams for Apple, the company’s financial situation remains fundamentally unchanged: Its financial earnings still lean heavily on sales of the iPhone, which accounts for about 70 percent of Apple’s profit.桑福德·伯恩斯坦公司(Sanford C. Bernstein)的金融分析师托尼·萨克纳吉(Toni Sacconaghi)说,尽管新推出的Apple Watch和移动付务可能会为苹果公司创造新的收入来源,但该公司的财务状况基本上不会变化:很大部分盈利仍然需要依靠iPhone,该产品贡献了公司70%的利润。Still, it remains unclear, Mr. Sacconaghi said in an email, whether the new iPhones will ultimately help the company’s profits.不过萨克纳吉在电子邮件中说,还不清楚新款iPhone最终是不是有利于该公司的利润。“Can Apple sustain iPhone margins in the face of higher costs on both new phones (larger screen, battery, more memory, better processor, etc.) and a price increase on only the larger offering?” he said.“这两款新手机成本提高了(屏幕更大、电池更大、存储量更大、处理器更好,等等),而只有较大型号的价格提高了。苹果还能维持iPhone的利润率吗?”他问道。 /201409/329201内蒙古骨科医院整形中心

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