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299. 那位有钱的女人从头到脚都珠光宝气的。 [误] That rich woman is covered with jewellery from head to foot. [正] That rich woman is covered with jewellery from top to toe.注:虽然人有十个脚趾,但英语的“从头到脚”却要用单数的 toe 来表达,这也是约定俗成的问题。 /200812/59195119. ---想喝点什么? ----来杯淡茶吧! [误] ---What would you like to drink? ----A cup of light tea, pleas. [正] ---What would you like to drink? ----A cup of weak tea, pleas.注:一般说来,形容食物“清淡”用 light,例如:light soup(清汤),a light diet(清淡的饮食)等。形容烟、酒等“味淡的”则要用 mild,例如:The tobacco is very mild(这烟草儿很淡)。而“淡茶”的表达是 weak tea。与“淡”相对的是“浓”,可以翻译成 strong ,例如:strong drinks(烈性酒),strong tea(浓茶);也可以译成 thick,例如:thick soup(浓汤)等。 /200807/43925看报纸不用付钱,这样的事情没有见到过吧,可是这样的新鲜事在这里却发生了,究竟是什么特殊情况呢? Listen Read Learn May: Come back. You haven't paid yet.Boss: May, just let him go.May: But he took some newspaper away without paying.Boss: I know.May: Why? You make me confused.Boss: He lives nearby and he would just glance at the newspaper headlines, the political sections and return them later.May: Why does he have such a privilege?Boss: He used to be a hero during the war time and everyone respect him.May: I see. Does he live by himself?Boss: Yes, he has no children and his wife passed away when he was in the battle.May: He must be lonely?Boss: I bet. But he is always busy telling the children stories.May: How respectable! 听看学阿美:请回来。你还没有付钱呢?老板:阿美,让他走吧。阿美:但是他没有付钱就把报纸拿走了。老板:我知道。阿美:为什么?你把我弄糊涂了。老板:他住在附近,他只是浏览一下报纸的大标题,等一下就会把报纸还回来的。阿美:为什么他有这种特权呢?老板:战争时期他曾经是个英雄,这里的人都尊敬他。阿美:知道了,他一个人住吗?老板:是的,他没有孩子,他的妻子也在战争时期去世了。阿美:他一定很孤独了?老板:我猜是的。但是他总是忙着给孩子们讲故事。阿美:真是可敬! 经典背诵 RecitationBoss: I run a newsstand. I find that people love ing newspapers in different ways. Some of them never the whole thing but just glance at the headlines to get the main information. Others do the opposite. Anyhow I don't really care about how people their newspapers but I do want to know what their favorite newspapers are? 生词小结nearby adj. 附近的glance vi. 瞥见headline n. 大标题political adj. 政治的privilege n. 特权pass away 去世respectable adj. 值得尊敬的 单词扩展 Vocabulary Builder报纸版面的词汇基础词汇 headline 大标题column 专栏scoop 特训feature 特写big news 头条新闻hot news 最新消息book review 书评letters 读者投书栏 提高词汇 exclusive news 独家新闻the page 头版criticism editorial 社论icality 时事问题serial story 新闻小说public notice 公告city news 社会新闻 家庭总动员 Do it together两人一组,一方随机大声读出上面词汇的英文和中文,另一方用该词汇填入下面的句子,大声朗读并表演出来,并用中文给出一个理由。He would just glance at the newspaper's ( ).[例] 家长读 column 专栏孩子读 He would just glance at the newspaper's column. 因为他只喜欢那个版块。 /200805/40603这几个小人物的生活,不仅带给我们欢笑,也在学英语上帮了我们大忙。继续学习这些为你精选出来的口语精华吧!记得要多多使用哦。I was hoping you wouldn't remember. 我正希望你没想起来。I remember the day I got my first pay check. 我还记得我拿第一份薪水的那天。Why's he getting my books? 他为什么拿走我的书?It is fine for a first job. 对于第一份工作而言,算不错的了。You guys can pee standing up. 你们男人可以站着撒尿。You know what blows my mind? 你知道什么让我最妒忌吗?You know what I don't get? 你知道我不明白的是什么吗?No plans, huh? 没有计划?Not a one! 一个都没有。I finally get up the courage to do it. 最后我鼓起勇气去做。Why do you have to break up with her? 为什么非要和她分手?Be a man, just stop calling her. 争气点,不要打电话给她了。If you want, I'll do it with you. 如果你愿意的话我可以跟你一起做。They are ganging up on me. 他们联合起来对付我。He burns me up. 他真让我生气。I hate when my father calls me that. 我受不了我爸爸这样叫我。Are you gonna go over there? 想过去吗?I don't wanna seem too eager. 我不想显得太急。You don't say. (你不用说)我可以看出来。Was that not clear? 那还不够清楚吗? /200802/26766李华和Larry一起开车去参加人材招聘会。今天我们要学习两个常用语: butterflies in one's stomach和go overboard. LH: Larry, 我心里特别紧张。你怎么样? LL: Yeah, I have to admit that I'm a bit nervous as well. Every time I have to go to one of these events, I get butterflies in my stomach. LH: 肚子里面有蝴蝶?真有意思。你不是说真的吧! LL: The expression 'butterflies in my stomach' describes the feeling you get in your stomach when you are nervous. That fluttering feeling that can make your stomach feel a bit unsettled is a result of such nervousness. LH: 这种说法真形象。就是形容心里紧张,七上八下,好象在打鼓。Well, Larry, I've definitely got butterflies in my stomach right now! LL: I'd tell you not to worry, but I'm worrying myself. Ok, let's take a deep breath, exit the car, and go into the job fair! (Sound effect - Inside the job fair building) LH: Wow,你看,这次来参加招聘的公司还真不少呢!看来我们有机会。可我怎么好象越来越紧张了呢? LL: Me too! Let's start off together, and then we'll split up if we see other things that fit our taste. Did you bring your resume? LH: 我带了三十份简历。你觉得够不够? LL: I brought 20 resumes, so I think you definitely have enough. But, are you mentally prepared to make a good impression? You don't want to show that you've got butterflies in your stomach. LH: 我知道。虽然心里七上八下的,可表面上还得装得镇定自若。哎呀,你怎么紧张得手都在抖啊。别抖,你看,简历撒了一地。 LL: (Flushed) Well, I guess that's a fast way to get my name and experience out there! Thanks for helping me pick these up. Ok, so how do I look? LH: 你看起来特专业。来,放松点,喝口水,深呼吸,We need to get those butterflies out of our stomach. LL: Thanks! You look fine, too. Let's go to the first company booth over there! ****** LH: 这些人真有礼貌。他们说"keep in touch"保持联络,是不是有希望啊? LL: I'm not sure, Lihua. You may have gone overboard. LH: Gone overboard? 这是什么意思啊! LL: I mean - you may have said and done too much to them. 'Going overboard' means putting too much effort or action into something. LH: 我想起来了,go overboard不是从船上掉下去的意思吗? LL: It stems from the meaning of when a person walked too far on the edge of a ship - so far that they fall off of the boat and into the water! LH: 你意思是说我表现得很差吗? LL: No, I mean that you said and did too much. Perhaps you can keep your answers shorter - more direct. And how many resumes did you give them? LH: 我怕他们u会丢,所以给了他们一人两份。 LL: See - one resume is enough. What you did is called 'going overboard.' Understand? LH: 明白了,我以后一定注意分寸,除了工作经验,什么都不提。 LL: Yes! That's it! See, the first booth, you talked about your family and even your dog! LH: Hey! 我可不许你说我宝宝的坏话。 LL: Ok. Watch me on this one. I'll try not to go overboard, so you can watch and learn, Li Hua. LH: 好,我就在这观。Good luck! You need it. Haha LL: Hi there, my name's Larry. I've heard a lot about your company and... (声音变弱) LH: 这么快!你留下简历了吗? LL: Ah! I forgot! (to booth) I'm sorry, here's my resume, sir. LH: So, did you go overboard? (laughing) LL: Funny, Li Hua. Very funny! LH: 你连名字都忘了告诉人家。他们谈到你,肯定会说,“就是那个不留姓名、不留简历的神秘人”。 LL: Enough about me! I failed miserably. Let's see how you do this time. Let's see if you go overboard. LH: 一、二、三 (数简历) LL: Lihua...Why are you taking so many resumes with you? LH: 我宁可go overboard, 我也不愿意忘记递简历。Wish me luck! 今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是butterflies in one's stomach, 意思是心里紧张,七上八下。另外一个是go overboard,意思是做事过份,走极端。 /03/65091

Rufus与Lily对于Jenny和大使之子Damien的关系起了疑心。Chuck察觉那个他爹坟头上的神秘女人可能不是他妈。Dan和Vanessa各自约会却内心纠结。…… /201003/99051

Lie low这个习惯用语大约从十九世纪开始流行的。想象一下:一个猎人低低地伏在树丛草堆中,屏息静待一头大意的鹿走到他的射程范围内。这个猎人是在“打埋伏”或者“潜伏”,也就是lie low。让我们通过一个例子来体会lie low这个习惯用语的含义。这段话讲的是真人真事。二十多年前美国一名女学生在越战期间参与了反战运动,后来她帮助一个地下组织抢劫并杀死了一名警卫,然后她销声匿迹几十年,但是最近她突然向警方自首了。She changed her name and moved across the country. It would have been easy for her to lie low the rest of her life. Except for one thing - she couldn't get over her sense of guilt over the killing. 她隐姓埋名又远走他乡。原来也许一辈子都可以蒙混过关了。然而瞒得过他人却瞒不过自己;她一直都摆脱不了沉重的罪恶感。从这段话里我们看出lie low意思是“隐蔽,不露形迹”。但是lie low这个习惯用语除了表示“隐蔽你的身体之类有形的东西”之外,也可以表示“隐藏某种无形的东西”。让我们再看一个例子:I know Senator Blank wants to run for president. Right now he's lying low, not saying anything, but he's waiting for the right moment to announce he's in the race. 我知道Blank参议员想要竞选总统。只是目前他不露声色,闭口不谈,但是等到时机成熟,他会宣布自己参选的。从这个例子我们可以看出lie low不但可以指隐蔽有形的身体,也可以用来说“不露声色”,“隐藏某种意图”。 /200812/58279

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