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盘锦市附近美甲培训学习学校渐变美甲黄陂区日式法式美甲美发业彩妆培训宿松县美甲培训班的费用 As U.S. Vogue's editor-in-chief, it is likely that few people say no to Anna Wintour.  作为美国版Vogue的主编,恐怕没有多少人会拒绝安娜·温图尔。  But one of the exceptions, it seems, is the Duchess of Cambridge, who the 61-year-old is said to be desperate to feature on the magazine's cover.  但凡事都有例外,现在,这位61岁的时尚女魔头就绞尽脑汁地想说凯特王妃当她的。  According to new reports, Ms Wintour has asked photographer Mario Testino to use his Royal connections to persuade Catherine, 29.  据称,温图尔已经让皇家御用摄影师马里奥·特斯蒂诺去游说29岁的凯特了。  Mr Testino who regularly shoots cover images for the title, and was a favourite with Princess Diana, has long been friends with Prince William.  马里奥是拍摄杂志封面的专业户,也是戴安娜王妃生前喜爱的摄影师,跟威廉王子同样很熟谙。  He took the Royal couple's official engagement photographs last November, and it appears Ms Wintour hopes that taking advantage of this trusted relationship will give her an edge over rival titles.  马里奥去年十一月曾为威廉夫妇拍摄订婚照。很显然,温图尔希望可以凭借马里奥的关系近水楼台先得月。  The celebrated photographer's efforts may be in vain though. So far, the Duchess is believed to have aly turned down the offer of a British Vogue cover.  但是,这位名摄影师的努力可能要白费了。据悉,凯特王妃早前曾婉拒了拍摄英国版Vogue封面的邀请。  Another source said: 'Every magazine has been trying to get Kate, and many assume it will eventually be Vogue. But even with the Mario Testino relationship, it is not clear when this will happen. The Palace must approve it, and they are very protective of Kate.'  另有消息称,所有杂志都在争取凯特,但大多数人都认为Vogue会最后获此殊荣。尽管有马里奥的关系在,但王妃何时会登上时尚杂志封面还是个未知数,因为这必须要得到皇室的批准,而皇室显然很保护凯特这位新王妃。  The Duchess of Cambridge has been feted by the fashion world since her engagement last year. Almost every item of clothing she wears sells out, and her wedding dress, by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, was hailed an important moment for British fashion. Even the hard-to-impress Ms Wintour is a fan: There’s nothing trashy or vulgar about her,' she has said. 'She dresses her age and never looks out of place.'  自从去年十一月订婚以来,凯特就成了时尚界的宠儿。她穿的每件衣都销售一空。她穿着由执掌Alexander McQueen的莎拉·伯顿设计的婚纱也被认为是英国时尚界的重要一笔。就连难伺候的温图尔也成了王妃的粉丝,她夸赞凯特说,“她穿着得体,符合她的身份,她的穿衣风格从来都不会是平凡低俗的。” /201110/155750六盘水市学会美甲技术全套美甲视频教程大全分享

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龙凤区美甲精英全科培训班图片New York Fashion Week came to a close yesterday, and while we’re a little sad to have the fun end until next season, we’re excited to try all of spring’s dynamic beauty looks showcased on the runway. We rounded up our ten favorite trends seen on the catwalk—from bright blue eye shadow to detailed nail art—see them all in the gallery!纽约时装周昨天落下了帷幕,在下一季开始前我们有点伤感地享受着这最后的乐趣。T台上展示的所有春天充满活力的美丽装束都让人跃跃欲试。我们排出了秀场上看到的十大最爱趋势,从明亮的蓝色眼影到具体的指甲艺术,下面展览上都能见到!1. Blue Eye ShadowThe makeup artists at Michael Kors, Rebecca Minkoff, Jenny Packham, and Kate Spade channeled spring#39;s blue skies with a dramatic sweep of cerulean shadow.蓝色眼影化妆师在穿Michael Kors、Rebecca Minkoff、Jenny Packham 和Kate Spade礼的模特脸上戏剧化地扫了一层蔚蓝色的眼影来象征春天的蓝色天空。(英文名为国外知名品牌名称,后文皆是如此。)2. Nail ArtDeemed ;the new accessory; by manicurists, talons at Charlotte Ronson, Prabal Gurung, Rachel Antnoff, and 3.1 Phillip Lim were adorned with fun designs.美甲被美甲师视为的“新配件”出现在Charlotte Ronson、Prabal Gurung、Rachel Antnoff的时装上, 带着有趣设计的菲利林3.1受到了推崇。3. Bare-Faced BeautyThe look was pure minimalism at Diane Von Furstenberg, Vera Wang, Ruffian, and Alexander Wang. Models accented their clean skin with a bold brow and muted lip.裸妆之美Diane Von Furstenberg、Vera Wang、Ruffian和Alexander Wang时装秀是纯粹的极简主义。模特用光洁的额头和柔和的唇来突出她们干净的肤质。4. Pink Eye ShadowNow here#39;s what we call looking pretty in pink! Chris Benz, Donna Karan, Monika Chiang, and Creatures of the Wind re-purposed the rosy shade typically used on the lips to accent the models#39; lids.粉红色眼影现在就是我们所说的用粉红色看起来很美!Chris Benz, Donna Karan, Monika Chiang和Creatures of the Wind时装展时重新在唇上运用典型的玫瑰色来突出模特的眼睑。5. Dark Manicure with Light PedicureWhile many opt to pair a light-hued manicure with a darker color on the Pedicure, Jason Wu and Naeem Khan pulled a complete 180, placing the deeper hue on the fingers and the lighter on the toes.深色手指甲搭配浅色脚趾甲虽然很多人倾向于选择涂浅色手指甲来搭配深色脚趾甲,Jason Wu 和 Naeem Khan来了个180度的反向逆转,把较深的颜色涂在手指上和而较轻的涂在脚趾上。6. Graphic Cat EyeDramatic sweeps of liquid liner at Betsey Johnson, Alice + Olivia, Marc Jacobs, and Erickson Beamon elongated the models#39; eyes and made for a high-impact statement.生动的猫眼Betsey Johnson、Alice + Olivia、Marc Jacobs和 Erickson Beamon展时采用戏剧化的眼线拉长了模特的眼睛并带来了很强的冲击效果。7. Old Hollywood WavesRetro finger waves made an appearance on the Zac Posen and Thakoon runways.老式好莱坞波浪卷发复古手指形波浪出现在了Zac Posen和Thakoon的T台上。8. BraidsPretty plaits added extra dimension to the styles at Marchesa, Tory Burch, and Jeremy Scott.麻花辫漂亮麻花辫的采用使Marchesa、 Tory Burch以及Jeremy Scott的风格更加多维立体。9. Technicolor StrandsThe color may be temporary, but we don#39;t see these trendy hues fading from the beauty radar anytime soon! Hairstylists at Oscar de la Renta, Theyskens, Anna Sui, and Peter Som added day-glo extensions to the models#39; strands.挑染色可能是一时的,但我们没有看到这些流行色很快从美丽浪潮中消退!发型设计师给Oscar de la Renta、 Theyskens、 Anna Sui和Peter Som的模特挑染了几缕头发。10. Pin-Straight StrandsSuper-sleek blowouts reigned supreme on the Cushnie et Ochs, Lacoste and Carolina Herrera runways.直发在Cushnie et Ochs、Lacoste 和Carolina Herrera的T台上超顺滑直发风靡并占领时尚高地。 /201209/200167 达拉特旗2016全新美甲诀窍教程美甲培训视频利津县学会美甲技术全套美甲视频教程大全分享



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