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无锡痔疮手术的方法无锡市锡山区治疗直肠炎哪家医院好排名哪里无锡电子肛肠镜检查准备 The US government has announced that it is launching a cyber warfare campaign against the Islamic State (IS). This is the first instance of the US publicly using cyber attacks as a tool in warfare.美国政府近日宣布,,将对;伊斯兰国;组织(IS)发动网络战。这是美国首次公开将网络攻击作为一种作战手段。;I have given Cyber Command really its first wartime assignment,; said Ashton Carter, the US defence secretary, speaking to the US Senate. ;Even a few years ago, it would not have occurred to a Secretary of Defence to say, #39;let#39;s get cyber in the game#39;, but here we have real opportunities.;美国国防部长阿什顿·卡特对美国参议院说:“我已经给网络司令部布置了第一项真正的作战任务。即使是几年前,一个国防部长也不会说#39;让网络参与战局#39;。但是现在已经具备切实的可能性。”The US will use its arsenal of digital tools to weaken IS#39;s online communications network, and its access to money and trade. Carter said the cyber tactics would look to disrupt ;their ability to command their forces, interrupting their ability to plot;, and hamper ;their finances, their ability to pay people;.美国将使用其数字化工具“武器库”削弱IS的在线通信网络并破坏该组织获取资金、进行贸易的渠道。卡特表示,网络攻击手段将着眼于扰乱他们指挥武装力量的能力,干扰他们策划阴谋的能力,削弱他们的财力以及雇用士兵的能力。Isil#39;s cyber capabilities have been well documented. It released a security manual that revealed part of its cyber strategy in the week after the Paris attacks.“伊斯兰国”组织的网络能力已经有翔实的资料佐。巴黎袭击事件发生后的那周内,该组织发布了一份安全手册,泄露了部分网络战术。Advice included using the Tor browser and secure email. It also places great emphasis on communicating through social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and messaging apps, such as Telegram and WhatsApp. It even launched a #39;help desk#39; on encrypted messaging app Telegram.所提供的建议包括使用洋葱浏览器与可靠的电子邮箱。该组织尤其强调通过社交媒体与潜在的持者沟通,包括脸书和推特以及Telegram和WhatsApp软件。“伊斯兰国”组织甚至在加密即时通讯应用软件Telegram上建立一个“帮助桌面”。Public companies, including Facebook and Telegram have joined the cyber fight against Isil. Facebook, for instance, receives more than a million reports every day about objectionable content, ranging from nudity to terrorism, on the site.报道称,包括脸书和Telegram在内,一些公司已经加入这场对“伊斯兰国”组织的网络战。例如,脸书网站每天收到逾百万份有关违禁内容的报告,内容从色情到恐怖主义。Monika Bickert, who oversees the team that polices content on Facebook, including terrorism-related activity, told the Telegraph: ;One thing we’ve heard time and time again from academics is if you want to find terrorists online or those supporting terrorist ideologies, the best thing is to find their friends. So when we become aware of an account supporting terrorism, we look at associated accounts so we can remove them immediately.;脸书内容管理团队的主管莫妮卡·比克特对记者说:“我们不时从学者那里听到的一点是,要想发现网络上的恐怖分子或者持恐怖主义思想的人,最好的办法就是找到他们的朋友。所以我们发现一个持恐怖主义的账户后,就会查看关联账户,立即清除这些账户。” /201604/437608无锡肛周囊肿不手术可以吗

无锡有痔疮怎么办啊Yahoo secretly scanned millions of its users#39; email accounts on behalf of the US government, according to a report.据一份报告显示,雅虎曾协助美国政府对其数百万用户的邮件进行了扫描。Reuters news agency says the firm built special software last year to comply with a classified request.据路透社表示,雅虎去年开发了一款特殊软件来满足分类要求。;Yahoo is a law abiding company, and complies with the laws of the ed States,; the tech firm said in a statement provided to the B.雅虎公司在一份提供给B的声明中说道:“雅虎是一家守法公司,遵守美国的法律。”The allegation comes less than a fortnight after Yahoo said hackers had stolen data about many of its users.在这起指控之前不到两周的时候,雅虎曾经宣称黑客窃取了该公司许多用户的数据。Yahoo is in the process of being taken over by Verizon Communications in a .8bn (3.8bn pound) deal. The telecoms provider declined to comment on the report.雅虎正在被威瑞森通讯公司收购的过程中,据悉该公司以48亿美元(约合38亿英镑)的价格收购了雅虎。威瑞森通讯公司拒绝就这份报告发表。Reuters reports that the scans were requested by either the National Security Agency (NSA) or the FBI, according to three sources - two of whom it says were ex-Yahoo employees.据路透社报道,三名知情人士(其中两人以前是雅虎的员工)透露称,扫描邮件是受美国国家安全局或者联邦调查局的要求。The news agency says that the software scanned for a string of characters within all incoming emails, but adds that it was unable to determine what information was handed over or if other internet companies had received a similar demand.路透社表示,这款软件在所有载入的邮件里检索了一个字符串,但是该社也表示无法确定雅虎到底移交了什么信息,也不能确定其他互联网公司是否也收到了类似的要求。US law allows the country#39;s intelligence agencies to order the release of customer data that they believe could prevent a terrorist attack, among other reasons.美国法律允许该国情报机构在认为可以防止恐怖袭击或者其他原因的情况之下,命令企业公布客户的数据。Companies can challenge such orders behind closed doors in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.在“外国情报监控法庭”上,企业可以对这些命令提起反对。But Reuters reports that Yahoo decided not to fight the matter because it thought it would lose. It adds that some Yahoo employees were upset by that decision.但是据路透社报道,雅虎决定不反对这件事,因为它知道自己一定会输。据悉,当时雅虎一些员工对这一决定感到非常失望。The whistleblower Edward Snowden, who previously revealed details about the US#39;s cyber-spying efforts, has tweeted in response to the unverified allegations: ;Use @Yahoo? They secretly scanned everything you ever wrote... close your account today.;斯诺登是此次雅虎事件告密人之一,他之前曾经公布过关于美国从事网络间谍活动的详细信息,他在推特上回应这起尚未被实的指控说:“还在用雅虎?他们偷偷地扫描了你写的所有东西,马上注销账号吧!” /201610/470192无锡二院看外痔多少钱 “极限工作”--性生活杀手Extreme jobs can ruin sex livesExtreme jobs play havoc on sex lives, according to a new study.Millions ofhigh flyingexecutives are risking divorce as the long hours they workplay havoc ontheir sex lives, a new study has found.Ambitious professionals are sacrificing their personal lives and ignoring their children because of the so-called "the extreme job".Research, published by the Harvard Business Review, identifies this new type of worker who regards a 10-hour day at work as part-time.It is "wreaking havoc on private lives and taking a toll on health and well-being", the research warns.The research estimates 45 per cent of high-earning people working for large global companies have "extreme jobs".For starters, an extreme job involves working at least 60 hours a week, although many work 100 hours or more.The biggest losers are the spouses and families of workers with extreme jobs.Nearly half of men and women who took part in the international research project said their jobs "interfere with having a strong relationship with my spouse/partner."At the end of a 12-hour or longer day at work, 45 per cent of all respondents in the global companies survey are too tired to say anything at all to their spouses or partners.The same number said that their jobs, which involves regular travel and evening entertainment, make it "impossible" to have a "satisfying sex life." 一项最新调查发现,很多高级白领由于工作时间过长而使性生活受到危害,因而正面临着离婚的危险。一些雄心勃勃的“职场精英”为了“挑战”所谓的“极限工作”,不惜牺牲自己的家庭生活和照顾孩子的时间。这项由《哈佛商业》公布的调查将那些每天工作超过十个小时的人称为“极限工作者”。调查报告中说:“这种工作严重危害了个人的生活质量、健康状况和家庭幸福。”调查显示,在供职于大型跨国公司的高收入人群中,有45%的人是“极限工作者”。从事这种极限工作的人一开始每周要工作至少60个小时,不过很多人都达到了每周100个小时,甚至更多。这种工作的最大受害者则是这些人的配偶和家庭。在参加此项国际性调查的男性和女性中,近一半的人说他们的工作“影响了他们和伴侣之间的关系”。在跨国公司的调查中,45%的调查对象说,一天工作了12个小时或更长时间,到家之后连跟家人讲话的精力都没有了。另有45%的调查对象说,由于工作需要,他们经常出差而且晚上总有应酬,所以“不可能”有“满意的性生活”。Vocabulary:high flying : 高层的;高级的play havoc on : 对…造成严重破坏 /200803/30964无锡惠山区治疗肛裂医院

无锡市新吴区治疗结肠炎多少钱 If you wear a diamond on your finger, it likely has flaws, even if you can’t see them. 如果你手上戴了一颗钻石,那它很可能存在瑕疵,即便你用肉眼看不到。Don’t blame your partners for your flawed engagement rings, thank them. 别因为订婚戒指有瑕疵而指责你的伴侣,而是要表示感谢。You could be flaunting the future of data storage on your digits.因为你或许可以向人炫耀,数据存储的未来就在你的手指上。A paper published Wednesday in Science Advances shows how diamonds can be harnessed to store data for the long term. 周三发表在《科学前沿》(Science Advances)上的一篇论文,展示了利用钻石长期存储数据的方法。Right now, a tiny diamond — about half as long as a grain of rice and thinner than a sheet of paper — can hold a hundred times more information than a DVD. 现在,一丁点儿钻石——长度与半粒米相仿,厚度还赶不上一张纸——可以存储的信息量要比一张DVD多出百倍。That’s not much within the context of the world’s growing data hoard. 相较于世界上日益增大的数据存储量,这不算什么。But in the future physicists could access a diamond with storage capacity a million times greater than that of a DVD, maybe more.但在未来,物理学家可能会让一颗钻石具有比一张DVD大100万倍的信息存储容量,也许还会更多。Groups all over the world are scrambling to find a place to cram all the data we’re generating taking selfies, 当我们自拍、刷信用卡,乃至在今时今日处理一切事情的时候,都会生成数据。swiping credit cards and doing just about everything we do today. 全世界的许多组织都在争先恐后寻找一个可以把所有这些数据塞进去的地方。They’ve proposed DNA, holograms, old-fashioned magnetic tape and other ideas. 它们曾提议使用DNA、全息图、老式磁带以及其他一些载体。Diamonds aren’t new to the memory game, either. 在数据存储领域,钻石也不是新鲜事物。They’ve been proposed for quantum data storage, which is kind of like teleportation. 一直有人提议用它们进行量子数据存储——有点像隐形传输。But this isn’t that. 但这里说的跟那种不是一回事。It’s basic storage 101 — 010101 (and so on).它是基本存储101—010101(以此类推)。It starts with a tiny, atomic-sized imperfection known as a nitrogen vacancy center in your otherwise perfect diamond. 它首先需要你那看似完美无缺的钻石内存在原子大小的瑕疵,名为氮原子空缺中心。These flaws occur when a stray nitrogen atom — or a few of them — sneak in among its carbon structure. 当一个或者几个游离的氮原子在钻石的碳结构中潜行的时候,这些瑕疵就会产生。Deleting a carbon atom near the nitrogen leaves an empty space perfect for stashing data.剔除氮原子附近的一个碳原子,便会留下一个适合存储数据的完美空间。The researchers, a team of physicists from City University of New York, 研究人员是来自纽约市立大学(City University of New York)的一组物理学家。used lasers to encode and data on these tiny spaces, which they treated like magnets that could repel or absorb an electron. 他们用激光在这些微小的空间中对数据进行编码和读取,并把这些空间当成是可以排斥或者吸收电子的磁铁。To encode simple grayscale images like a smiley face, Albert Einstein and Erwin Schr#246;dinger they added an electron by shining a green laser and took one away with a red laser. 为了对简单的灰度图像——比如笑脸,以及阿尔伯特#8226;爱因斯坦(Albert Einstein)和埃尔温#8226;薛定谔(Erwin Schr#246;dinger)的形象——进行编码,他们通过发射绿色激光增加一个电子,并通过发射红色激光减少一个。They their data like a computer s 0s and 1s, but instead of digits there was light, which indicated the presence or absence of electrons.读取数据时就像电脑读取0和1时一样,不过这里涉及的不是数字,而是光,它会显示电子存在或者不存在。While both use light to data, the concept is a little different from DVD storage, said Jacob Henshaw, a graduate student who worked on the study.一名参与了这项研究的研究生雅各布#8226;亨肖(Jacob Henshaw)说,虽然都是用光来读取数据,但这一概念与DVD存储有所不同。A DVD is like a 2-D puzzle, and this diamond technique is like a 3-D model, he said. DVD就像2D拼图,这种钻石技术则像3D模型,他说。Unlike the DVD, which has only one surface, a diamond can store data in multiple layers, like a whole stack of DVDs.与只有一个表面的DVD不同,钻石可以对数据进行多层存储,相当于一大摞DVD。This storage would also work differently than a magnetic hard drive, because diamonds, as they say, are forever. 这种存储方式与磁性硬盘驱动器的运行也不一样,因为正如人们所说,钻石恒久远。Every time you access or rewrite your hard drive, the material it’s made of degrades, and after five or 10 years, it’s dead. 每当你访问或者重写硬盘的时候,构成硬盘的材料都会发生降解,五年或者十年之后它就报废了。But the defects in the diamonds don’t change, and if you do nothing, your data could last as long as your diamond.但钻石内的瑕疵不会发生改变,如果你什么都不做,你的数据会像钻石一样恒久远。There is a no way you can change it. 没有任何办法能改变它。It will sit there forever, said Siddharth Dhomkar, the lead author on the study.它会永远待在那里,论文的第一作者悉达多#8226;多姆卡(Siddharth Dhomkar)说。Veterans in the data storage industry, like Jon Toigo, are skeptical. 数据存储行业的一些资深人士,比如乔恩#8226;托伊戈(Jon Toigo),对此抱有疑虑。He worries that the only people fluent in this data exchange might be men in lab coats, that there will be flaws in the data, and that cost will be high, even with imperfect diamonds. 他担心能熟练进行这种数据交换的或许只有实验室里的研究人员,以及数据会出现瑕疵,还担心成本过于高昂,尽管所用的钻石是有瑕疵的那种。It’s usually a 10-year interval before the tech is released for commercial use, he said.通常而言,这项技术再过十年才能实现商用,他说。The researchers say their industrial fabricated diamond, which cost about 0, was the cheapest thing in their experiment. 研究人员称,他们在实验中用到的最便宜的东西是以大约150美元(约合人民币1000元)购买的工业用合成钻石。Their concept works on any material with the same flaw and any flawed diamond — not just lab ones. 他们的概念适用于任何具有同样瑕疵的材料以及任何一颗有瑕疵的钻石——不只是实验室里的那些。The bigger the diamond, the more defects, the more places to put information, said Mr Henshaw.钻石越大,瑕疵越多,存放信息的空间就越多,亨肖说。Whether or not your diamond engagement ring could one day also hold your wedding photos is something lab members have joked about. 实验室成员会拿有朝一日是否也能用你的钻石订婚戒指储存婚礼的照片来开玩笑。A ring on your finger has the same defects as a ring in the lab. 你手上的钻石和实验室的钻石有着同样的瑕疵。But light exposure will scramble the diamond’s data: You can put something on top of the diamond, but if you were to walk around in sunlight, you would erase your wedding photos, most likely, he said.不过,光暴露会让钻石内的数据遭到破坏:你可以在钻石上放点儿什么,但你如果走在阳光下,婚礼的照片极有可能被抹掉,他说。 /201610/474619无锡慢性结肠炎的中医治疗无锡老便秘治疗医院要多少钱



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