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British Leader Warns Global Downturn Could Turn to Recession英国首相:多国实体经济可能衰退 In his first parliamentary question session since last week's European leaders' summit where economics took center stage, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has warned that many countries must brace for recession in the real economy. 英国首相布朗在议会接受质询时警告说,许多国家必须做好应付实体经济出现衰退的准备。这是自从上星期在欧洲峰会上经济成为中心议题以来布朗首次在议会备询。It is the first time Prime Minister Gordon Brown has publicly acknowledged what many average Britons have felt for months: that the global economic downturn is likely to cause a recession both here and elsewhere around the world. And as Mr. Brown underlined in parliament, it was serious. 这是英国首相布朗首次公开承认许多英国人几个月来所感受到的事情,那就是全球经济的下行风险可能会在英国和世界其他地区引起衰退。并且正如布朗在议会所强调的那样,这可能是一次严重的经济衰退。"The Governor of the Bank of England said last night that not since the First World War has the international banking system been so close to collapse and I agree with him," Brown said. "Having taken action on the banking system, we must now take action on the global financial recession which is likely to cause recession in America, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and because no country can insulate itself from it, Britain too." 布朗:“英格兰行长昨天晚上说,国际体系如此接近于全面崩溃,这是第一次世界大战以来从未出现过的情况。我同意他的说法。我们已经就解决系统的问题采取了行动,我们现在必须就应付可能引起美国、法国、意大利、德国、日本经济衰退的全球金融衰退采取行动,因为没有一个国家能够不受到影响,英国也是一样。”Mr. Brown said he looks forward to attending a summit of world leaders soon to discuss cooperative economic recovery measures. That gathering will be held in the ed States sometime shortly after the November presidential election. 布朗表示,他期待出席下个月在美国举行的世界领导人金融峰会,讨论合作制定经济复苏措施的问题。With the British economy shrinking, Mr. Brown is facing many of the same problems being felt elsewhere in the developed world, such as rising home foreclosures that have nearly doubled during the past 12 months. 随著英国经济的收缩,布朗正面临其他发达国家所面临的同样的问题,诸如房屋贷款违约率上升。在过去一年里,英国丧失房屋贷款赎回权的数量几乎成倍增加。In the House of Commons, the prime minister outlined new plans to combat that alarming trend. 在英国下院,布朗首相概述了控制这种可怕倾向的新方案。"Mr. Speaker, I can announce today new guidance - new guidance for the judiciary to halt or adjourn court action on repossessions unless alternative options that help the homeowner including extending the terms of the mortgage, changing the mortgage type and deferring payment have been fully examined first of all. We are determined to do everything we can to help homeowners avoid repossessions," he said. “议长先生,我今天可以宣布新方针,这个新的司法方针要求停止或暂时终止法庭收回房屋的判决,除非法庭判定在此之前帮助房主的其他措施已经得到执行,这些措施包括延长房屋贷款的期限,改变房贷的类型,以及推迟分期付款。”But the economic fight back will take time. Mortgage approval rates are down by more than 70 percent this year compared to 2007.  但是防止经济衰退的措施需要时间才能生效。英国的房屋贷款批准率今年和2007年相比下降了百分之70以上。Unemployment is rising and that is expected to continue into . And the pound has slipped to a five-year low against the U.S. dollar. 失业率上升,预计年还会继续攀升。英镑对美元的汇率已经下滑到5年来的新低。200810/53772Basketball on strike罢工中的篮球运动Second down二次谈判NBA players join their NFL counterparts on the sidelines NBA球员加入到了NFL球员罢工的行列中Jul 7th 2011 | WASHINGTON, DC | from the print edition WHEN the clock struck midnight on June 30th the number of jobless men in America increased by 450. Few, though, will pity these idle labourers. The average among them earned around m last year.当6月30日晚午夜钟声响起的一刻,美国失业男人的人数增加了450人。然而,几乎没有人为这些无所事事的体力劳动者惋惜。去年,他们的年平均收入在500万美元左右。Their employers had long thought that too much. So the owners of the National Basketball Association (NBA) locked out their players after the two sides failed to reach a new collective-bargaining agreement. With the National Football League (NFL) in a similar state of abeyance, sports fans are becoming well-versed in American labour law.老板们已经就球员们的高工资想了很多。因此,当劳资双方未达成一个新的共同商讨的协议时,美国篮球职业联赛(NBA)的所有者们将球员赶出了联盟。同时,美国美式橄榄球大联盟(NFL)也处于相似的停摆状态中,这种状况使得球迷们对美国劳动法变得无比熟悉。As with the NFL, the NBA lockout comes at an inopportune time. The decision was taken just 18 days after an exciting championship that saw the league’s most captivating (and skilled) villain, LeBron James of the Miami Heat, outplayed by a likeable legend, Dirk Nowitzki of the victorious Dallas Mavericks. That capped a season in which sales of tickets and merchandise, as well as TV ratings, were up.与NFL相似,NBA停摆显得那么不适时宜。18天前,一代传奇德克#8226;诺维斯基领衔的达拉斯小牛击败联盟最受瞩目(同时也是技术最佳)的怪兽勒布朗#8226;詹姆士率领的迈阿密热火,夺取了总冠军。18天后,联盟停摆。本赛季的门票和商品收入,以及收视率都增长,但是这些全被联盟停摆的阴影所覆盖。“We had a great year in terms of the appreciation of our fans for our game. It just wasn’t a profitable one for the owners,” says David Stern, the league’s longtime commissioner. He claims that 22 of the NBA’s 30 teams are losing money.“从球迷的欣赏度来讲,我们度过了成功的一年。但对球队老板们来说,这一年没有盈利,”已担任联盟主席很长时间的大卫#8226;斯特恩说道。他称,在联盟30球队中,22正在面临亏损。201107/144661Let me see that thong... lawsuit A California woman is suing Victoria's Secret because she says she was injured while putting on her thong. Willie Geist has the story on today's News You Can't Use. (Oh, is that time?) It's time for a quick version of (Oh, Willie.) News You Can't Use. We only have time for one story. So, Mica, (Oh, dear.) I have to give you the one I promise you. You asked for filth, I give you filth. (Oh, dear.) A Californian woman is suing Victoria's Secret because she says she was injured while putting on her thong underwear. (That'll do it?) (Okay.) Seeking unspecified damage, the 52-year-old woman (Come on.) says she was injured by a defective, low-rise, V-string from the "Sexy Little Thing" collection of Victoria's Secret. She says a design problem cause a decorative metal piece on that throng to strike her in the eye as she was putting on the underwear, so she's damaged her cornea, and she wants Victoria's Secret to pay. Again, recapping our top story, "Woman suing Victoria's Secret after she was injured by her own underpants." Uh, Mica what do you think of that story. Um, I'm, I`m good, that's fine, thank you Willie, haha. You know, Willie, (yeah, yeah.) sometimes, the cable guys smile upon you in a way that makes me think that though you are not Irish, you do have a luck of the Irish, (Well I'm gonna be following the story very closely for us to have an update tomorrow.) that, is great, that is a good example of the glass half-full for Willie guys all the time. (seriously, ) And the , (Don't you hate those defective thongs.) and Willie, where did you, where did you select ah, (I thought the product was all right) the for that, because some of that really didn`t even go along with the story. Well, that's hardly the point, is it? It's uh, you get the, you get the idea, thongs like, thongs you're seeing here. (Ok, thank you.) File, it's file footage, file thongs footage, we've dug it up. (You know.) (Stop it) You know, (You got, ah…) Oh, Jesus, oh, I'll tell you what, you know the thing that we only, we only gave Willie 35 seconds this entire hour, (Yes, I make the most of it), we, we, we, we try to save the Earth, we try to solve the immigration, (you did) we try to talk politics, (But he can save people from thongs, that's okay, too.) but in 35 seconds, you`ve taken it so far off the ditch, that Mica is feeling a little dirty. That's why I'm here, well Mica you asked for it, you got it.200812/58993Kate Winslet 'freaked out' by sex scenesKate Winslet "freaked out" when she had to perform sex scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio.The Oscar-winning actress was so disturbed by the relaxed attitude of her husband Sam Mendes - who she is now separated from - to the raunchy scenes in 2008 film 'Revolutionary Road' it made her question her marriage.Leonardo told Reveal magazine: "It was certainly a difficult time. She was really worried that Sam wasn't bothered by the fact that his wife was making out with another guy right in front of him. I told her it was only acting, but she kept on saying, 'This is really weird.'"When Sam started telling her exactly how to have sex with me she didn't like it at all. She was freaking out because she was supposed to be having sex with her best friend - me - while her husband directed. But I didn't find it weird at all. It didn't bother me, because that's part of acting."Kate and Sam - who married in secret in the Caribbean in May 2003 - split in March by "mutual agreement" and Leonardo thinks Hollywood was responsible for the death of their marriage.The 35-year-old actor - who has been close friends with Kate since they starred in 'Titanic' together - said: "She loved being a wife. Some people are meant to be married and I think Kate's one of them, but Hollywood and this movie business can be a killer for marriages."Shortly after their split it was reported Kate and Sam had a trial separation in after falling out while working together on 'Revolutionary Road'.A source said: "Working and living together was incredibly intense and basically overwhelmed their relationship."The pair have a very different work ethos - Sam wanted to switch off after a long day and Kate liked to analyze every nuance of her performance. It was just too much."The couple raise two children together, son Joe, six, and Kate's daughter Mia, nine, from her marriage to Jim Threapleton.Vocabulary:freak out: to lose or cause to lose emotional control from extreme excitement, shock, fear, joy, despair, etc.(紧张害怕,行动反常)raunchy: openly sexual; lusty; earthy(下流的,肮脏的) fall out: to quarrel; disagree(争吵,闹翻)nuance: a subtle difference or distinction in expression, meaning, response, etc.(细微差别)ethos: the distinctive character, spirit, and attitudes of a people, culture, era, etc.(理念,思潮,风气)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111154Bacon price hike to save industry A national pig petition is set to back UK pig farmers whose livelihoods are threatened by high feed prices and cheap foreign meat.Now a national pig petition is being launched today to support British pig farmers who say their livelihoods are threatened by soaring feed prices and competition from cheap imports.The campaign is backed by celebrity chefs from Gordon Ramsey to Rick Stein, and launched by Waitrose. But in a global market should consumers be expected to pay more for products just because they're British? Here is Jane Dodge.Most of us have a soft spot for pigs, not enough though to stop us eating them. Bacon is the nation's favorite meat. But the butties we know and love could become a luxury in the future according to pig farmers. They say they're struggling to survive, a big rise in the cost of feed means they're no longer making a profit. Some are quitting. Others like Martin Martindale in Hampshire have scaled down production.Solely, we've seen our overdraft rise, uh, some 3 times, uh, triple in size over the last 6 months, um, if the, if the situation continues, um, then we will find it increasingly difficult to stay in businesses, we will have to charge more for our product.To make that palatable to consumers, a campaign has been launched today called "Save Our Bacon".According to the industry the cost of rearing a pig is around 106 pounds. But farmers only get 80 pounds when it's sold, so that's a loss of 26 pounds. Farmers now want consumers to pay more for their pork.Aren't you just at the end of the day asking us to buy British?That's part of what we're trying to do, but the problems behind the British product, the freshness, the welfare standards that we've produced to are all far better than there is available from imported product.Standards may well be high here. But competitors argue their product is just as good and cheaper.There are occasions I would say where individual governments, uh, go ahead of the basic EU legislation which is, uh, to which we must alter it here, uh, that has happened in this country we would accept, with certain aspects of uh, pig welfare, but Danish farmers would also point to areas, in the area of welfare where their government has gone further than the government here.Ultimately this is a fight for hearts and minds - British pig farmers have to persuade consumers that quality is worth paying more for.200810/54099

Lehman's CEO to testify Lehman Brothers' former CEO is being called to testify about the investment bank's collapse. CNN's Ali Velshi reports. We are learning more now about the breaking news story we told you just a few moments ago that Lehman Brothers’ former CEO has been called to testify about the investment bank’s spectacular collapse last, last month. Let’s go now to correspondent Ali Velshi in New York for more details no this. So Ali, what have you been able to learn about this. Ralitsa, this is a major development in the effort to understand how the US financial system suddenly spiraled out of control, starting on September 15th with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. That was the biggest bankruptcy filing in US history. Now we have learnt the source directly involved with, the bankruptcy filing has conformed to CNN that former CEO, the CEO in place at the time of the bankruptcy D. Fuld is one of the people who has been called to testify in the Grand Jury, that is part of plus three investigations going on, two in New York, and one in the State of New Jersey. But federal investigations into what led to the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Now this is an interesting development because prior to the Enron and WorldCom scandals, there, it wasn’t necessary a federal offense to materially mislead investors but the// bill made that a material offense. So that meant that financial statement had to be signed up by the CFO and the CEO of the company and they had to attach to the fact that they knew what was in them and that they knew that information to be true. Well just days before the collapse of Lehman Brothers on Sept. 10th. There was a conference call with the company’s executives and analysts and investors and the investigations may be centering on whether the information that was disseminated at that point was accurate; whether anybody knew anything else; whether the executives of the company or those who had been subpoenaed had other information. Now we don’t the details of the investigation or the grand jury, but the grand jury in the ed States is called to investigate whether federal crimes were committed in the particular incidence. And that is what we understand D. Fuld has to be subpoenaed to testify at.Yeah. That’s could possibly be huge. Ali, let’s look at the other side of the story. Uh, when he was testified in front of Congress, he pointed the finger at the government’s inaction. He said that had caused it.Yeah, look, this is what..this is going to be seen as the turning point in this economic crisis. Until then we knew the ed States was in a recession; we knew that the investment banks were having the trouble raising money and the federal government has stepped in a number of cases including that of Bear Stearns, try to guarantee purchase, guarantee the finance of these companies. That the federal government went into that weekend meeting prior to Sept. 15th with the understanding that they were going to try and find a buyer for Lehman Brothers and they emerged. You may recall what Bank of America which is one of the potential buyers ending up buying Merrill Lynch but nobody’s buying the Lehman Brothers. And the collapse of Lehman Brothers led us to this credit freeze because we realize that somebody’s company’s of no value, or will have no value even to the lowest bidder. So we have to understand what happened there. Was there information the public didn’t know? Uh, it seems very strange that they pointed the finger at the government. But what we do know is regulatory oversight in the ed States did seem to not be in order. We have more than a dozen regulatory agencies dealing with financial institutions in the ed States. I liken that / of having a regulatory system like a highway system that was built for cars that go 25 miles an hour when all your cars can go 100 miles an hour. There’s definitely something to be said for government oversight but I think this investigation’s gonna look very specifically at what executives of Lehman knew and that they told the investors.200810/53539

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