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无锡看痔疮哪里好无锡肛肠疾病有那些Lieutenant Antonello Fava, one of the 11,000 coastguards who every day patrol an area of ocean twice as big as the mainland, speaks in the firm, measured tone you would expect from a military man.每天有11000名海岸警卫队队员在面积两倍于意大利大陆的海域巡逻,安东内洛#8226;法瓦中尉(Lieutenant Antonello Fava)是其中之一,他说话时是军人典型的坚定而沉稳的语气。Except, that is, when the 35-year-old describes the more harrowing sights from his 13 years in the job, pulling thousands of migrants alive and dead from the waves. Then his voice rises and falls like the Mediterranean Sea.但当这个35岁的男人描述起13年的工作经历中那些令人痛心的场景时,他的语气变了。13年中,他从海浪中拖出了数千名或生或死的移民。讲述这些经历时,他的声音就变得像地中海的海浪一样起起伏伏。One such scene brought Lt Fava to the attention of Pope Francis, whom he met this month as part of a delegation of Italian coastguards invited to the Vatican. Before meeting the pontiff — who has berated the EU for letting the Mediterranean become “a watery grave” amid a surge in the numbers seeking to reach Italy’s shores as conflicts flare across the sea — the young lieutenant was largely unknown.其中一次营救行动使法瓦中尉引起了教皇方济各(Pope Francis)的注意。上个月,法瓦中尉作为受邀前往梵蒂冈的意大利海岸警卫队代表团的一份子,见到了教皇方济各。在与教皇见面前,这位年轻的中尉可以说是默默无闻的。由于地中海对岸大陆上冲突不断,希望抵达意大利海岸的难民数量激增。而教皇曾指责欧盟(EU)放任地中海变成了“一片海洋坟墓”。On New Year’s eve, he left his pregnant wife and 18-month-old daughter at home and embarked on a mission to rescue hundreds of refugees abandoned on a merchant ship. The scene he encountered sounds like something from a disaster movie.在新年前夕,法瓦中尉离开了家中怀的妻子和18个月的女儿,接受任务前去营救数百名被弃于一艘商船的难民。他所描述的场面,听起来就像是一部灾难片。“They had signalled to us there were problems on board,” recalls Lt Fava, speaking from the southern port city Bari, an important base for Italy’s coastguard not far from the city of Taranto where he was born. “It was an operation that forced us to do something very difficult and dangerous because in that moment there was no other solution.”“他们用信号告诉我们船上有麻烦,”在距他的出生地塔兰托市(Taranto)不远的意大利海岸警卫队的重要基地——南部港口城市巴里(Bari),法瓦中尉回忆道,“那次任务使我们不得不去做一些非常困难而危险的事情,因为在那一刻我们别无选择。”The target for his five-strong team was a Moldovan-flagged merchant ship spotted careering from Greece towards the southern coast, packed with 800 mostly Syrian migrants. The word was there could be people smugglers on board, armed and hostile. In addition, the seas were stormy and the waves high — five to six metres in some places.法瓦中尉的五人组得到的任务目标是一艘挂着尔多瓦旗帜、实是从希腊飞速驶往意大利南海岸的商船,船上载有多数来自叙利亚的800名移民。海岸警卫队得到的消息是船上可能有充满敌意并持有武器的蛇头。而且海面上风雨交加,浪潮汹涌——部分海面浪高达5-6米。So Lt Fava and two colleagues took to helicopters, landing on deck in driving rain and high winds. “Not without a little difficulty,” he says with characteristic humility of a mission which took most of the night. “There was not a lot of time,” he adds, his voice tightening. He and his colleagues headed for the control room but found no armed men. The smugglers had aly bailed, leaving the controls jammed at 8 to 9 knots on a collision course for the coast. Lt Fava and his colleagues wrested back control of the steering and brought the ship to shore.法瓦中尉和两名队友一起搭乘直升机,在倾盆大雨和狂风之中降落在甲板上。“还是有点难度的,”他以特有的谦逊说起那次差不多耗尽整个晚上的任务。“时间不是很充足,”他补充道,声音紧张起来。他和队友前往控制室但并未发现武装人员。蛇头已经弃船了,控制杆卡在8-9节的速度上,让船沿一条碰撞航线驶往海岸。法瓦中尉和他的队友重新控制了船舵,让船安全到岸。“I don’t know if they knew how much danger they were in but they were clearly distressed after a long journey,” says Lt Fava, who estimates that in another 20 minutes the boat would have hit the coast, creating “an enormous human tragedy”. He recalls: “When I clambered from the bridge to the deck#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;they were cheering and crying with joy and clapping me on the back.”“我不知道他们是否了解自己处于多大的危险之中,但是在经历长途航行后他们显然是痛苦不堪的,”法瓦中尉说,他预计再过20分钟船就会撞上海岸,造成“一场巨大的人间悲剧”。他回忆道:“当我从舰桥爬到甲板上时……他们正在欢呼,留着喜悦的泪水,不断拍着我的背。”And how did he feel? “I ask myself the same question every time we make a rescue,” says Lt Fava — who, according to the interior ministry, has helped rescue several hundred of the 37,580 people saved last year. “We often talk to them, listen to their stories while we bring them ashore, but we cannot begin to understand what brings them to take these journeys that are often suicidal.”那么他当时又怎么想呢?“我每次完成救援行动后都会问自己同样的问题,”法瓦中尉说。据意大利内政部称,在去年获救的37580人中,法瓦中尉帮助营救了数百人。“我们把他们营救上岸后,经常跟他们聊天,倾听他们的故事,但我们丝毫无法理解是什么促使他们走上往往无异于自杀的旅途。”Lt Fava’s tale goes to the heart of the immigration debate embroiling Europe. In Italy, the mood is especially fractious. The country sits at the front line, with its porous 7,600km coastal border a busy entry point for those seeking a way into Europe. Migration agencies warn that a confluence of a mild winter and humanitarian crises in Syria and Libya mean the traditional springtime surge in human smuggling — a trade that began in earnest with the Arab uprisings of 2011 — could grow even deadlier.法瓦中尉的故事也是席卷欧洲的移民大讨论的核心问题。意大利国内对此格外群情激奋。该国位于前线,7600公里漏洞重重的海岸线成了很多寻求偷渡欧洲的移民的繁忙登陆点。移民机构警告称,在暖冬和叙利亚、利比亚人道主义危机的交织作用下,偷渡的传统春季高峰可能变得更具致命性。2011年阿拉伯之春之后,偷渡就开始迅猛增加。An extensive Italian search and rescue operation, Mare Nostrum, was closed last year amid budget cuts and pressure from anti-immigrant parties. The fact that coastguards such as Lt Fava were willing to risk their lives to save migrants only encouraged them to come, some argued. The new Triton operation, a European border control mission, has a reduced mandate — patrolling only 30 miles off Italy’s coast.在预算削减及反移民政党的施压下,意大利大规模的搜救行动——“我们的海”(Mare Nostrum),已经于去年被叫停。一些人认为,像法瓦中尉这样的海岸警卫队队员愿意冒着生命危险去营救移民,只会怂恿更多人偷渡。新的Triton行动(一项欧洲边境控制行动)的任务要求有所降低——仅在距意大利海岸30英里的范围内巡逻。The Pope and UN High Commissioner for Refugees say the priority must be saving lives at sea. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi argues that dealing with the deteriorating situation in Libya would tackle the problem at the root. Meanwhile, anti-immigration rhetoric is rising in Italy, where a triple-dip recession has taken a toll on social cohesion. This Saturday the anti-immigrant, anti-euro Northern League party — so far mainly a northern phenomenon — is taking to the streets of Rome. Opinion polls show Matteo Salvini, the party’s xenophobic leader and an MEP, is the most popular politician after Mr Renzi.教皇方济各及联合国难民事务高级专员公署(UN High Commissioner for Refugees)称,首要任务必须是在海上拯救生命。意大利总理马泰奥#8226;伦齐(Matteo Renzi)认为,处理利比亚不断恶化的局势,将从根本上解决问题。与此同时,三度陷入衰退的经济状况沉重地打击了意大利的社会凝聚力,反移民言论正在升温。上周六,反移民、反欧元的政党北方联盟(Northern League)——迄今主要在意大利北部活动——走上罗马街头。民意调查显示,该党仇外主义领袖兼欧洲议会议员马泰奥#8226;萨尔维尼(Matteo Salvini)是继伦齐之后人气最高的政客。 /201503/362169无锡市第三人民医院治疗脱肛价格 Tokyo is on the wane. After holding the dubious title of the world’s most expensive city for expats for much of the past two decades, Japan’s biggest metropolis no longer even makes the top 10.东京正在走下坡路。过去20年的很大一部分时间里,东京都拥有外侨眼中全球生活成本最高城市的“殊荣”。如今,这座日本最大的都市甚至未能跻身前十名。At least those are the findings of the annual cost of living survey by consultants Mercer. The reason behind its demise — Tokyo slid from seventh to 11th spot after occupying third spot in 2013 rankings — was the weakness of the yen against the US dollar over the past year.至少,这是咨询公司美世(Mercer)在其生活成本年度调查中得出的结论。东京从第七名滑落至第11名,而2013年这座城市还曾占据第三名的位置。东京排名下滑背后的原因是,过去一年里日元相对美元走软。Indeed, exchange rate fluctuations have played havoc with the 2015 rankings, which are now in their 21st year.事实上,汇率波动让2015年排行榜的座次发生了很大变化。今年是美世第21年发布这一排行榜。“Currency movements will always play a really big part in the rankings but the impact this year has been particularly acute,” said Kate Fitzpatrick, a consultant at Mercer.美世咨询师凯特#8226;菲茨帕特里克(Kate Fitzpatrick)表示:“汇率波动总是会对排名产生很大影响,但今年它的影响格外突出。”Both the yen and the euro have weakened markedly against the US dollar and Chinese renminbi, while the Swiss franc has also strengthened after the surprise lifting of its currency cap at the start of the year.日元和欧元相对美元和人民币都已大幅走软。此外,今年初瑞士出人意料取消汇率上限后,瑞士法郎的汇率也已走强。As a result, Zurich and Geneva have both moved up one place to occupy two of the five top spots in the rankings. Bern slid one place to ninth but only because of a strong showing from Shanghai, Beijing and Seoul.因此,苏黎世和日内瓦双双上升一位,在前五名中占据两席。瑞士首都伯尔尼下滑一位至第九名,但这完全是因为上海、北京和首尔的表现太过抢眼。 /201506/381553Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has sent a ritual offering to a Tokyo shrine that many of Japan#39;s neighbors see as a symbol of the country#39;s imperialist past.日本首相安倍晋三向位于东京的靖国神社供奉祭品。日本很多邻国将靖国神社视为日本帝国主义历史的象征。Mr. Abe sent a traditional potted plant to the Yasukuni Shrine on Tuesday, the first day of a three-day spring festival, officials at the shrine said.靖国神社的管理人员说,安倍晋三星期二将一株传统的盆栽植物送到靖国神社。星期二是春季三天庆祝活动的第一天。The prime minister#39;s offering is likely to upset many in China and South Korea, two main victims of Japan#39;s pre-World War Two colonial aggression.安倍此举很可能会激怒中国和韩国。中韩两国是二战期间日本侵略的主要受害者。But the offering means Mr. Abe is likely to refrain from visiting the Shinto shrine, a move that would have drawn much harsher criticism.但供奉祭品也意味着安倍很可能不会前往靖国神社进行参拜,而参拜靖国神社将招致严厉得多的批评。The central Tokyo religious facility honors 2.5 million of Japan#39;s war dead, including several convicted war criminals from World War Two.位于东京市中心的靖国神社供奉着250万日本战争死难者的灵位,包括几名二战战犯。Mr. Abe last visited the facility in 2013. He defended the move by saying it is natural for him to pay respects to the country#39;s war dead.安倍上次参拜靖国神社是在2013年。他辩解说,向本国的战争死难者表示敬意,对他而言是很自然的事。 /201504/371463无锡开囊肿那家医院好

无锡得了肛裂咋办China said it would agree to open more of its vast government market to foreign firms as part of a decadelong bid to join a global pact on government purchases, which could ultimately benefit Chinese companies too.中国表示,将同意向外国公司进一步开放规模巨大的政府采购市场。这是中国10年来争取加入《全球政府采购协议》(Government Procurement Agreement)所做努力的一部分,而加入这个协议最终也有利于中国国内企业。As part of the annual U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, China#39;s vice minister of Commerce, Wang Chao said that Beijing sought to #39;accelerate negotiations#39; on what is formally called the Government Procurement Agreement. Beijing would agree to terms that are #39;basically the same of other participating nations,#39; Mr. Wang said in a press conference at the end of the two-day session.中国商务部副部长王超表示,作为美中商业贸易联合委员会(U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, 简称:美中商贸联委会)年会议程的一部分,中国已寻求加快《全球政府采购协议》方面的磋商。他在两天期会议结束时的新闻发布会上说,中国将接受与其他协议国基本一致的条款。He didn#39;t provide further details of the offer which he said would be made next year. U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said that #39;we look forward to seeing that offer and seeing if there is a basis on which to consider accession to the GPA.#39;他没有进一步给出他所说的中国明年将提出方案的细节。美国贸易代表迈克尔#8226;弗罗曼(Michael Froman)表示,我们希望看到中国的方案,看看其中是否具备考虑接纳中国加入《全球政府采购协议》的基础条件。The U.S. Trade Representative, citing the Chinese Ministry of Finance, estimates government procurement for 2011 was at least 0 billion.弗罗曼援引中国财政部的数据估计,2011年,中国政府采购市场的规模不低于1,800亿美元。China has said for years it will join the World Trade Organization#39;s GPA, which assures that nations don#39;t discriminate against foreign companies in government bids. Unlike other WTO deals, the GPA doesn#39;t set rules that all WTO members need to follow. Instead, the 15 members of the GPA make commitments of various kinds to open their government bidding processes and those commitments apply to other GPA members.多年来,中国一直表示将加入世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization, 简称WTO)的《全球政府采购协议》,加入这一协议的国家必须确保在政府采购项目招标时不对外国公司采取歧视的态度。与WTO的其他协议不同,《全球政府采购协议》没有针对所有WTO成员国制定统一的规则。该协议当前的15个协议国就公开政府招标过程作出了不尽相同的承诺,而这些承诺同时也适用于其他协议国。Countries that want to join the pact make offers and the GPA members judge whether the offer is sufficient to join.那些希望加入《全球政府采购协议》的国家需要提出自己加入该协议的方案,并由现有的协议国判断方案是否满足加入条件。Since 2001, China has made offers that have been judged by the U.S. and European Union as inadequate. They want Beijing to include purchases by local governments and state-owned enterprises. It wasn#39;t clear from Mr. Wang#39;s statement how broad China#39;s offer would be.自2001年以来,中国已经为申请加入《政府采购协议》提出过多份方案,但被美国和欧盟(European Union)认为不够充分。欧美希望中国提出的方案能涵盖地方政府和国有企业采购。王超的讲话并未说明中国所作承诺的范围有多大。In the JCCT talks, China pushed for greater exports of high-tech goods from the U.S. and sought to clear the way for Chinese investment, Chinese and U.S. officials said. If China were a GPA member, its companies could have an easier time bidding for U.S. and state government contracts.中美官员表示,在美中商贸联委会的谈判中,中国希望美国扩大高科技产品的出口,并希望为中国在美国的投资铺平道路。如果中国成为《政府采购协议》的成员国,那么中资企业竞标美国联邦和州政府的采购合同时会更加方便。The JCCT focuses on a variety of technical issues, including intellectual property protection, export rules and specific trade disputes. On Friday, for instance, China announced that it had blocked the import of 545,000 metric tons of U.S. corn so far in cargoes that contained MIR162, an insect-resistant strain of the grain that is permitted in the U.S., Japan and Europe but not approved by China#39;s agriculture ministry. That issue became a subject of discussion at the talks.美中商贸联委会主要讨论各种技术问题,包括知识产权保护、出口规则和具体贸易争端。比如中国周五宣布今年截至目前已经阻止54.5万吨美国玉米的进口,因这些玉米含有转基因成分MIR-162。MIR162是一种抗虫害基因,在美国、日本和欧洲都允许使用,但尚未获得中国农业部批准。这一问题也成了美中商贸联委会讨论的话题。Chinese Vice Agriculture Minister Niu Dun said the corn was rejected #39;because safety assessment procedures for export of GMO corn weren#39;t completed,#39; using the term for genetically modified organisms. Mr. Froman called the matter an #39;area of continuing work,#39; but didn#39;t say whether any progress had been made.中国农业部副部长牛盾表示,这些玉米之所以被拒绝进口是因为没有完成美国转基因玉米出口的安全评估程序。弗罗曼称将美方将在这一问题上“继续努力”,但没有说明是否取得了进展。U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker said in an interview that one of the most important aspects of the session was for U.S. cabinet officials to get to better know Vice Premier Wang Yang, who headed the talks for the Chinese, so they can defuse trade and investment problems when they arise.美国商务部长普利茨克(Penny Pritzker)在接受采访时称,对美国内阁官员来说,本次美中商贸联委会会议最重要的问题之一就是更好地了解中方会谈代表、国务院副总理汪洋,这样在出现贸易和投资问题时双方可以及时化解。The meeting comes a month after a Communist Party policy conference, known as the Third Plenum, that issued a broad agenda for economic reform. The U.S. officials cited the document regularly in their arguments that China ought to make policy changes sought by Washington.就在此次美中商贸联委会会议召开前一个月,中共十八届三中全会公布了范围广泛的改革方略。美国官员在阐述自己的观点时经常引用这份文件来说明中国应该做出美国所希望的政策变革。Mr. Wang #39;was joking with us that maybe we knew the Third Plenum better than he did,#39; said Ms. Pritzker. #39;We were ing from it.#39;普利茨克称,汪洋与我们开玩笑说,美方可能比他更了解三中全会,因为美方常常会引述其中的内容。 /201312/269927无锡肛泰医院专家门诊预约挂号 无锡医博肛肠医院看便秘好不好

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