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上海市第六人民医院 韩式三点多少钱上海复旦大学附属闵行医院纹眉毛多少钱The turning of the calendar is both arbitrary and powerful. Each day is just another day, but when the year resets we feel like the slate is cleaned and we can begin anew.日历牌的翻页既随意又意义重大。日子一天天地过去,但新的一年到来时,我们的感觉却是翻开了全新的一页,生活可以重新开始。Here are five ideas to help you get a good start for 2012 ; not just for a new year, but also for the start of a new decade.以下五点建议可以帮助你2012年有个良好的开端,不仅仅为了新的一年,而且是为了下一个新的十年。1. Set up a savings plan.制定攒钱计划Ever since the financial tsunami swept all before it in September 2008, many people have saved furiously. That#39;s a good thing, but there#39;s a temptation to lose that discipline once the storm clouds start to break.自2008年9月金融海啸将一切席卷一空以来,很多人都在疯狂地攒钱。这是好事,不过一旦风暴的阴云开始消散,这样的自律就可能丧失。While the economy remains fragile and many people are still out of work, signs of recovery are becoming more and more apparent. Among your New Year#39;s resolutions include a savings goal that is a function of your regular income, even if it#39;s not a large amount of money. Maintaining the discipline is crucial. The amount of savings can grow over time.尽管经济依然脆弱,很多人仍待业家中,复苏的迹象却变得越来越清晰。在你的新年决心中,制定一个攒钱的目标,与你的固定收入挂钩,即使攒下的每笔钱并不很多。保持自律非常重要。攒下的钱能随着时间的推移而增长。2. Build a rainy-day fund.建立应急基金Advice on how to save for retirement or your kids#39; college is plentiful. Less plentiful is guidance on what kind of rainy-day fund you should have.有关如何为退休和孩子上大学攒钱有很多的建议,但说的较少的是应该建立哪种应急基金。A rainy-day fund, which your savings plan can feed, should cover about six months of income. It#39;s a form of personal insurance, valuable in these rapidly changing times.应急基金的钱可以来自你的攒钱计划。它应该相当于约六个月的收入。这是个人保险的一种形式,在眼下这种迅速变化的时代非常重要。This fund should be kept in safe and easy-to-tap assets. Laddering certificates of deposit out six months is one way.这笔钱应该放在安全且容易变现的资产中。存入六个月的阶梯式定期存款是一种方法。That means buying CDs of one month, two months, etc. to six months. As each CD matures you buy another six-month CD to keep the ladder in place.也就是说存入一个月、两个月,直到六个月的定期存款。每笔定期存款到期的时候,你就再买一笔六个月的定期存款,以便保持阶梯式存款的延续。3. Migrate to a debit card or to plastic that must be paid each month.改用每个月必须还款的借记卡或其他卡。Cutting up credit cards makes a lot of sense and eliminating all credit-card debt makes even more sense. The interest rates associated with credit-card debt can easily overwhelm the returns you can get elsewhere.剪碎信用卡很有道理,消灭全部信用卡债务就更有道理了。信用卡利率能轻易地抹消你在其他地方获得的收益回报。But the world is moving away from cash at a rapid clip. The notion of having no plastic is barely feasible. Try buying a plane ticket with cash and see what that sparks in the government computers.不过,现在世界正在迅速摆脱使用现金的年代。不用信用卡的想法几乎是行不通的。试试用现金买机票,看看这会在政府的电脑里引起什么样的反应。So what kind of card to have? A debit card acts just like cash, which makes it the best option. You can spend only what you have.那么应该拥有什么样的信用卡呢?借记卡就像现金一样,因此是最佳之选。用借记卡,你就只能量入为出。Second best are charge cards that require payment in full each month. Ever since I paid off my last credit-card debt in 1996, I have only used a charge card or a debit card. It gets tough, especially around big events such as Christmas. But it#39;s nice to not have a tempting and expensive option in the wallet.第二个最佳选择是每个月需要全额还款的签帐卡。从1996年我把最后一笔信用卡帐单付清之后,就只用签帐卡或借记卡了。虽然不容易,特别是在圣诞节这样的大日子前后。不过钱包里没有诱人而用价不菲的信用卡,也不错。4. Rebalance your investments.平衡投资Last year, rebalancing meant adding to stock exposure after a year of steep stock losses. That notion felt mildly crazy at the time, but it proved wise.在去年,平衡投资就意味着在一年的股市投资巨亏之后增加股市敞口。当时这种想法感觉有些疯狂,不过事实明是明智之举。That#39;s because stocks rallied from the March lows and put in a remarkably strong year. Now, most of us are probably too heavy on the stock side of the equation. Moving some of the money into bonds or even cash to regain balance would be prudent.这是因为股市从3月份低点大幅上涨,一年的涨势都非常强劲。如今,我们大部分人的投资或许都过于偏重股票。把投资股市的一部分钱用于债市甚至是持有现金,以恢复投资平衡,这会是一种谨慎的做法。5. Plan to reward yourself.奖励自己New Year#39;s resolutions usually don#39;t stick and a big reason is that it#39;s all like eating sawdust. Go on a diet, save money, don#39;t spend. We start the year like ascetic monks and by February we discover that the monastic life isn#39;t for us.新年决心常常无法坚持下去,一个主要原因是这个过程味如嚼。节食、攒钱、不花钱。我们以苦行僧的姿态开始了新的一年,而到2月份之前,却发现这种生活并不适合我们。Therefore, it#39;s important to have one resolution that is fun. A little sugar with the vinegar.因此,制定一个有趣的新年决心很重要。要学会苦中作乐。For myself, it means saving up money for a special family trip later this year. This saving is in addition to the savings plan established in the first resolution.对我自己来说,这意味着为今年晚些时候的家人特别出游攒钱。这是在第一个决心中的攒钱计划之外的。 /201201/168321徐汇区做永久脱毛多少钱 Play is a serious business. The pioneering developmental psychologist Lev Vygotsky thought that, in the preschool years, play is the leading source of development.Through play children learn and practice many basic social skills. They develop a sense of self, learn to interact with other children, how to make friends, how to lie and how to role-play.The classic study of how play develops in children was carried out by Mildred Parten in the late 1920s at the Institute of Child Development in Minnesota. She closely observed children between the ages of 2 and 5 years and categorised their play into six types.Parten collected data by systematically sampling the children's behaviour. She observed them for pre-arranged 1 minute periods which were varied systematically (Parten, 1933).The thing to notice is that the first four categories of play don't involve much interaction with others, while the last two do. While children shift between the types of play, what Parten noticed was that as they grew up, children participated less in the first four types and more in the last two - those which involved greater interaction.1. Unoccupied play: the child is relatively stationary and appears to be performing random movements with no apparent purpose. A relatively infrequent style of play.2. Solitary play: the child is are completely engrossed in playing and does not seem to notice other children. Most often seen in children between 2 and 3 years-old.3. Onlooker play: child takes an interest in other children's play but does not join in. May ask questions or just talk to other children, but the main activity is simply to watch.4. Parallel play: the child mimics other children's play but doesn't actively engage with them. For example they may use the same toy.5. Associative play: now more interested in each other than the toys they are using. This is the first category that involves strong social interaction between the children while they play.6. Cooperative play: some organisation enters children's play, for example the playing has some goal and children often adopt roles and act as a group.Unlike Jean Piaget who saw children's play in primarily cognitive developmental terms, Parten emphasised the idea that learning to play is learning how to relate to others. 玩耍是一项重要的事情.先锋发展心理学家Lev Vygotsky这么认为,在学前的几年里,玩耍时发展的头号来源.孩子在玩耍中学习和联系许多基本的社交技能.他们发展出自我意识,学习如何与其他的孩子互相接触,如何交朋友,如何说谎和角色扮演.在20世纪20年代后期,明尼苏达州儿童发展协会的Mildred Parten发表了玩耍对于儿童发展的经典研究.她密切观察了年纪在2到5岁的儿童并将他们的玩耍分为6个类型.parten收集到的数据通过系统抽样儿童的行为.她在预先安排的1分钟时间内观察到他们具有不同的系统性.要注意的是前四种类型的玩耍没有涉及到太多与他人的接触,然而后两者却有.Parten发现孩子在玩耍的类型中进行转换时,当他们渐渐长大,儿童参加前四种玩耍类型的减少而后两者增多 - 因为后两者有更多的互动.占有型玩耍:孩子相对稳定并表现出没有明显目的随意行为.一种相对罕见的玩耍类型.孤独型玩耍:孩子完全投入到玩耍中而似乎没有注意到其他的孩子.大多数出现在2到3岁的儿童中.旁观型玩耍:孩子对其他在玩耍的孩子感兴趣但不加入他们.可能会向其他孩子提出问题或与其交谈,但对于主要活动只是简单的旁观.类似型玩耍:孩子模仿其他孩子玩耍但并不主动加入他们.例如他们可能共用一个玩具.联合型玩耍:现在对彼此比他们玩的玩具更感兴趣.这就是第一种涉及到在孩子玩耍时需要更多社交互动的类型.合作型玩耍:一些组织加入到孩子的玩耍中,例如有目的的玩耍,孩子经常利用角色和假装是一个团队.不像Jean Piaget 在初级认知发展期间内所看到的孩子们玩耍类型,Parten强调学习玩耍的这个想法就是学习如何与他人交流. /200808/46207崇明激光去痘印多少钱

上海仁济医院纹眉毛多少钱All these looks feature a classic fit white cotton shirt. Make simple interesting by playing with the collar. Turn it up, crunch it back, flick the edges; work out the best way to frame your face and then roll the sleeves to reveal your wrists.时尚潮流风云变幻,白衬衣却始终不为所动。白色衬衣是经典中的经典。玩转不同的领型会散发出不同的气质。你可以把领子翻过来或竖起来或只让领子边缘往上翘,袖子卷起来一些会显得更干练。 /201105/135587上海复旦大学附属浦东医院做双眼皮开眼角手术价格 摘要:在开放的现代社会,跨文化的言语交际显得愈发重要,已经成为现代交际中引人注目的一个特点。交际中的文化差异随处可见,言语环境中的文化因素受到普遍重视。下面是英汉文化中十大常见差异。 1. 回答提问 中国人对别人的问话,总是以肯定或否定对方的话来确定用“对”或者“不对”。如: “我想你不到20岁,对吗?” “是的,我不到20岁。” “不,我已经30岁了。”英语中,对别人的问话,总是依据事实结果的肯定或否定用“Yes”或者“No”。如: "You're not a student, are you?""Yes,I am.""No,I am not."2. 亲属称谓 英语的亲属以家庭为中心,一代人为一个称谓板块,只区别男性、女性,却忽视配偶双方因性别不同而出现的称谓差异。显得男女平等。如: 英文grandparents, grandfather, grandmother, 而中文“祖辈、爷爷、奶奶、外公、外婆”。 再如,父母同辈中的称谓,英文uncle和aunt, 而中文“伯伯、叔叔、舅舅等,姑妈、姨妈等”。 还有,英文中的表示下辈的nephew和 niece是不分侄甥的,表示同辈的cousin不分堂表、性别。 3. 考虑问题的主体 中国人喜欢以对方为中心,考虑对方的情感。比如: 你想买什么? 您想借什么书?而英语中,往往从自身的角度出发。如: Can I help you?What can I do for you?4. 问候用语 中国人打招呼,一般都以对方处境或动向为思维出发点。如: 您去哪里? 您是上班还是下班? 而西方人往往认为这些纯属个人私事,不能随便问。所以他们见面打招呼总是说: Hi/Hello!Good morning/afternoon/evening/night!How are you?It's a lovely day, isn't it?5. 面对恭维 中国人的传统美德是谦虚谨慎,对别人的恭维和夸奖应是推辞。如: “您的英语讲得真好。” “哪里,哪里,一点也不行。” “菜做得很好吃。” “过奖,过奖,做得不好,请原谅。” 西方人从来不过分谦虚,对恭维一般表示谢意,表现出一种自强自信的信念。如: "You can speak very good French.""Thank you.""It's a wonderful dish!" "I am glad you like it." 所以,学生要注意当说英语的人称赞你时,千万不要回答"No, I don't think so."这种回答在西方人看来是不礼貌的,甚至是虚伪的。上海长海医院去痘印多少钱

上海市东方医院南院减肥手术价格有报道称,在新生儿出生后的第一年中,父母们预计要花费4000英镑。   Parents of newborn babies can expect to spend around pound;4,000 before their first birthday, according to a report.  除了配备婴儿室,还要准备衣,尿布,寝具,玩具以及食品,为此成千上万的家长真是挥金如土。   Millions of parents are left with a substantial hole in their pocket after kitting out a nursery, coupled with the added cost of clothes, nappies, bedding, toys and food.  接下来,新手父母们还要承担汽车安全座椅,婴儿推车以及其他的一些零零碎碎的花销。   On top of that car seats, pushchairs and other bits and pieces also send the cost soaring for first-time mums and dads.  仅有三分之一的家长承认自己“有点高兴过头了”;为了迎接新生命的到来,他们已严重超。   But one in three parents admitted they 'got a bit carried away' and overspent hugely in preparation for their new arrival.  在兴奋与荷尔蒙的共同作用下, 以上物品采购中有52%发生在期前半段。   And 52 percent of these purchased made during the first half of pregnancy as excitement and hormones kicked-in. /201004/102565 Businesses are offered software that spots which customers will pay more.能发现愿意多付钱客户的软件现可供企业使用。IN MANY types of face-to-face retailing, it pays to size up your customer and tailor your offering accordingly. In a 2006 study of Fulton fish market in New York, Kathryn Graddy of Oxford University found that dealers regularly charged Asian buyers less than whites because the Asians had proved, over time, more willing to reject high prices, and ier to band together to boycott dealers who ripped them off.在许多面对面的零售过程中,揣测客户需求并对其进行针对性销售往往会得到应有的回报。根据2006年牛津大学Kathryn Graddy对纽约Fulton海鲜市场的研究,跟白人相比,卖家经常以更低的价格卖给亚洲人。因为经验显示亚洲人更容易对高价产生反感,而且更愿意很快地联合起来抵制奸商。The internet, by allowing anonymous browsing and rapid price-comparing, was supposed to mean low, and equal, prices for all. Now, however, online retailers are being offered software that helps them detect shoppers who can afford to pay more or are in a hurry to buy, so as to present pricier options to them or simply charge more for the same stuff.具有隐身浏览和快速价格比较功能的互联网,本应代表着所有人都能享用低廉,平等的价格。然而现在,网上零售商可利用软件帮他们筛选出更有承受能力或急着埋单的消费者。对应地,零售商可推荐更昂贵的商品或直接将同样的商品标更高的价格。Cookies stored in shoppers#39; web browsers may reveal where else they have been looking, giving some clues as to their income bracket and price-sensitivity. A shopper#39;s internet address may be linked to his physical address, letting sellers offer, say, one price for Bel Air, another for Compton. Doug Bryan of iCrossing, a digital-marketing consultancy, explains that the most up-to-date “price customisation” software can collate such clues with profiles of individual shoppers that internet sellers buy from online-data-aggregation firms. All this is fairly cheap, he says.存储在消费者浏览器内的小型文字档案(Cookie)可能透露了他们曾经逛过哪里,并提供了估算他们收入状况和价格敏感度的信息。一名消费者的网络地址可以跟所在地地址联系在一起,这让卖家给贝沙湾(Bel Air洛杉矶富人区)可标一个价,给康普顿(Compton肯塔基州穷人区)标另一个价。数字市场营销咨询公司iCrossing的Doug Bryan解释称,时下大多数;个性化价格;软件可以使用自身收集的数据对网络卖家从其他在线数据汇总企业的数据进行校验。而且他称这一切都十分便宜。One of the few big online firms to admit to using such techniques is Orbitz, a travel website. Its software detects whether people browsing its site are using an Apple Mac or a Windows PC and, since it has found that Mac users tend to choose pricier hotels, that is what it recommends to them. Orbitz stresses that it does not charge people different rates for the same rooms, but some online firms are believed to be doing just that, for instance by charging full whack for those assumed to be willing and able to pay it, while offering promotional prices to the rest.其中一个少数承认使用该手法的大型网络旅行社企业是Orbitz。公司使用的软件检测用户究竟是用苹果电脑还是普通电脑浏览公司网站。因为公司发现用苹果电脑的用户更倾向选择更贵的酒店,所以网站也应势推荐给他们。Orbitz强调他们绝对没有同房不同价,但是人们相信一些网上公司就是这么操作的。例如对那些有能力也愿意付全价的用户则收全价,而对其它用户打更多折扣。Allocating discounts with price-customisation software typically brings in two to four times as much money as offering the same discounts at random, claims Ravi Vijayaraghavan of [24]7, a Bangalore-based firm that develops and operates such software. One way to do this is to monitor how quickly shoppers click through towards the online seller#39;s payment page: those who aly seem set on buying need not be tempted with a special offer. Firms like [24]7 and RichRelevance, another price-customisation software firm, from San Francisco, are somewhat keener to talk about their software than the internet retailers who are trying it out. Mr Vijayaraghavan names ed Airlines, for example, as among his big clients, but the airline declined to comment for this article.基于班加罗尔开发和运营这种软件的公司[24]7,该公司Ravi Vijayaraghavan称,通过个性化价格软件来分配折扣,通常可以带来比随机分配折扣多两到四倍的营业额。其中一个方法是监测消费者在网站点入付账页面的速度:那些看起来已经决定了的买家不需要通过特价来吸引。另一家来自三藩市的价格个性化软件公司RichRelevance和[24]7公司一样,它们跟尝试软件的网上零售商相比,感觉更愿意畅谈这类软件。Vijayaraghavan称联合航空(ed Airlines)便是他们其中一个大客户。然而该航空公司拒绝对此文章置评。Andrew Fano, a consultant in Accenture#39;s Chicago office, reckons that at least six of America#39;s ten biggest web retailers are now customising prices in some way, but it is hard for shoppers to spot when this is going on. If they knew, many would feel that it is ;pushing the boundaries; of fairness, notes Werner Reinartz, a University of Cologne marketing professor and consultant to two Fortune 500 companies that use customisation techniques.埃森哲咨询公司(Accenture)芝加哥分部的顾问Andrew Fano称,美国最大的十家的网络零售商中,最少六家现在或多或少地在使用个性化价格,但消费者本身很难发现自己所在的处境。如果他们知道,很多人将感觉在试探公平原则的底线。这是由Cologne大学市场营销教授Werner Reinartz提出的,他同时也是财富500强里两家使用价格个性化技术公司的顾问。Mr Reinartz preaches caution lest companies be dragged through an ordeal pioneered by Amazon in the autumn of 2000. Word broke that the internet giant was selling DVDs at differing prices, to see which web browsers happened to be favoured by shoppers least concerned about cost, former executives say. The resulting backlash prompted it to refund those who paid more, and Amazon now declines to discuss its pricing system.Reinartz提醒公司要预防陷入2000年秋亚马逊为此成为先烈的经历。时任总裁称,在网上流传这家互联网巨头以不同价钱卖DVD,用来分析哪个浏览器的用户更不在意价格。引起的反弹致使公司给多付钱的客户退款,亚马逊现已拒绝对其标价系统置评。Users of price-customisation software have so far been reluctant to peep at potential customers#39; social-media pages, for fear that this would provoke a privacy backlash. But the operators at the call centres [24]7 runs for its clients are beginning to scan Twitter for gen on the shoppers they are talking to—and sometimes, says Mr Vijayaraghavan, their tweets give useful hints about whether a discount is needed to clinch the sale.个性化价格软件的用户至今还不敢窥视潜在客户的社交网页,因担心这将引起关于私隐的反弹。但24[7]公司中心的客户代表,已经开始代客户在Twitter上追溯消费者聊天的关系网。Vijayaraghavan称,有时候用户的微会透露究竟是否需要折扣来达成交易。 /201208/193148上海做溶脂的医院闵行区哪家医院开眼角技术好



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