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Thank you very much.Back at you,thanks so much.Back at you万分感谢 所有的热情都如数奉还 谢谢I appreciate you being here,have a seat everybody非常感谢各位观众来到我的节目 大家坐下吧Youve all been dancing like crazy.Ive been watching,sing songs我在后台看到你们 一直在那儿疯狂地跳舞 还唱着歌Today is Groundhog Day,so if,you konw that right今天是土拨鼠日 你们知道吧Ok so if you feel like you keep repeating the same things over and over again,thats why所以 如果你们开始重复做一件事的话 都怪它Today is Groundhog Day,so if you feel like you keep reapting the same things over and over again,thats why今天是土拨鼠日 所以如果你们开始重复做一件事的话 都怪它Today is Groundhog Day,thats all今天是土拨鼠日 没了I cant believe its aly February,can you believe its February aly真的难以置信 已经是二月份了 你们能相信已经是二月份了吗Thats just,January just went flying by,I realize I barely taken the time to look back on the past year一月份已转瞬即逝 我意识到我还没有花时间来总结一下去年的工作So I brought my journal from homoe and I thought I would a few entries from it if you dont mind所以我带来了《Ellen日记》 如果你们不介意的话我准备读几篇Just a few of my personal entries I would share with America and the world几篇我愿意和美国和全世界分享的“私人”日记February 8,2011.Dear journal,youll never believe the news I got today亲爱的日记君 你不会相信这条新闻的Im ninth cousins with Kate Middleton the future queen of England我是未来的英国皇后 凯特王妃的九代表亲Isnt that crazy.Im gonna try and use it to get a discount on a queen size matress听起来是不是很疯狂 我要试试看能不能打着这个旗号 在买大号床垫时杀个价Didnt work.May 25,I jumped ahead a lot.I just watched Oprahs last show,Im gonna miss her.At least I still have rages事实明不能 我往前跳了好多 我刚刚看完了Oprah的最后一期节目 我会想念她的 起码我对她仍有着热爱 /201609/465925Osteoporosis literally means porous bone.骨质疏松从字面意思上讲就是骨组织疏松症状。Osteoporosis is characterized by loss of bone density and the deterioration of bone tissue, which makes bones fragile and more likely to fracture.骨质疏松的特点是骨质密度丧失及骨组织恶化,从而使得骨骼脆弱,更易断裂。The important thing about osteoporosis is figuring out whether youve got it before you injure yourself.而对于这种疾病最重要的一点就是在你弄伤自己前搞清楚你是否已经骨质疏松。And thats pretty easy to do:theres a specialized test that measures bone density, and based on its results, doctors can prescribe various medications to slow the disease down.很容易就可以进行检测:接受专门的骨密度测试,而医生根据结果可以给你开各种药物以延缓疾病。 201501/352522听力参考文本:It began with a concern raised by some Michigan companies: Some foreign visitors cant drive with their foreign drivers licenses, particularly those from China.Could something be done in Lansing to clear the way for a Chinese executive visiting, say, Dow Chemical, to drive on his or her own?The result was Senate Bill 501.Its first ing was a straightforward fix that would allow foreign business visitors to drive in Michigan.But as it moved to the second of three ings, something new was added: a requirement that the driver carry legal documentation to verify his or her legal presence in Michigan.Some are worried that the bill is a dangerous step towards racial profiling, along the lines of Arizonas 2012 ;show me your papers; law.Susan Reed, an attorney with the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center, testified as neutral before the Senate on behalf of the Michigan Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. She tells us the original bill included some vague language regarding valid visitor visas that could lead to complications further down the line.;I just made it clear in my testimony at that time that I would discourage wandering into that very complex territory of verifying legal status,; she says.Despite her warning, Reed says it became clear that it was the intention to add the requirement that legal presence be verified for foreign drivers.Noel Garcia is the chair of the Michigan Hispanic Latino Commission and a retired Lansing police officer. Garcia is concerned about the burden this bill would place on law enforcement.;The big concern is roadside legal presence,; Garcia says. ;When I see roadside legal presence I see that as a challenge to law enforcement.;He tells us law enforcement officers are ;absolutely not; trained to verify legal presence at a roadside stop, a concern that the bill does not address.;To be able to identify 75 different types of visas, to be able to walk away from that roadside traffic stop and say, OK, I have confirmed legal presence, is a burden that I think is putting on law enforcement,; he says.Secretary of State spokesman Fred Woodhams explains there are individuals in Michigan, particularly family members of foreign nationals with work permits, who dont have the ability to drive legally.;The intent of the legislation was to help those people out and find a way to allow them to drive because theyre not residents in Michigan,; Woodhams says. ;Were continuing to work with our legislative partners to make Michigan friendly to visitors, students and business people, while also ensuring everyone on the roadway is driving safely and will face driving penalties when theyre not.;201604/437538

Climate change气候变化Raise the green lanterns高举环保大旗China is using climate policy to push through domestic reforms中国以环境政策推动国内改革WHEN world leaders gathered in Paris to discuss cutting planet-heating emissions, a pall of smog hung over Beijing. In parts of the capital levels of fine particulate matter reached 30 times the limit deemed safe. Though air pollution and climate change are different things, Chinese citydwellers think of them in the same, poisoned breath. The murky skies seemed irreconcilable with the bright intentions promised in France.当各国领导人齐聚巴黎讨论有关减少温室气体排放的问题,北京被厚厚的雾霾笼罩。在首都的某些地方,大气细颗粒物的含量达到了最低安全指标的30倍。尽管空气污染和气候变化不是一件事,但生活在城市的中国居民认为他们都会在我们呼吸的过程中毒害我们的健康。灰蒙蒙的天空似乎和领导人在法国所承诺的美好意愿不太相符。Yet a marked change has taken place in Chinas official thinking. Where once China viewed international climate talks as a conspiracy to constrain its economy, it now sees a global agreement as helpful to its own development.然而中国官员的思维模式开始有了显著的变化。曾经中国认为国际气候谈判是一场阻碍其发展的鸿门宴,现在中国领导人将全球气候协议看成是有助其发展的一种推动。China accounts for two-thirds of the worlds increase in the carbon dioxide emitted since 2000. It has come a long way in recognising the problem. When China first joined international climate talks, the environment was just a minor branch of foreign policy. The ministry for environmental protection had no policymaking powers until 2008. Only in 2012 did public pressure force cities to publish air-pollution data.自2000年以来,全球三分之二二氧化碳排放量的增长量都来自中国。而中国在很长一段时间后才开始正视这个问题。当中国第一次参加国际气候谈判时,环境问题仅仅只是其外交政策的一个小分。环境保护部在2008年以前都没有制定政策的权利。而出于公众舆论的压力,各市政府在2012年才公布了空气污染数据。Yet today China pledges to cap carbon emissions by 2030 (reversing its former position that, as a developing power, it should not be bound to an absolute reduction); and it says it will cut its carbon intensity (that is, emissions per unit of GDP) by a fifth, as well as increase by the same amount the electricity generated from sources other than fossil fuels. The latest five-year plan, a blueprint for the Communist Partys intentions that was unveiled last month, contains clear policy prescriptions for making economic development more environmentally friendly.但是中国决定在2030年前控制碳排放(该决定与中国过往的立场完全不同,中国之前的立场是作为发展中国家的中国不应该被规定做出绝对数目的减排目标),宣布大幅减少碳浓度(即每单位GDP的排放量)达五分之一,同时中国将增加五分之一用除化石燃料以外的清洁能源来发电的电量。在上个月最新出炉的五年计划包含着共产党对中国未来的规划,其中明确包含促使经济更环保发展的政策。Theres more更多内容Right after the Paris summit, however it ends, China is expected to make more promises in a new document, co-written by international experts, that presents a far-reaching programme of how China should clean up its act. It is based on models that account for both economic and political viability. On top of existing plans, such as launching a national emissions-trading scheme in 2017, the government may even outline proposals for a carbon tax, something that has eluded many prosperous countries in the West.不管过程如何,各国在巴黎峰会上通过了一份由各国专家共同撰写的文件,其中要求中国在环境问题上给出更多的承诺,同时该文件中还有一个计划长远的项目用以指导中国该如何规范其行为。该文件是基于那些给出经济可行性和政治可行性的模型。在现存计划之外,如2017年开始运行的全国碳排放交易系统,中国政府甚至开始拟定征收碳排放税,而在许多发达的西方国家,这都是一件避而不谈的事。The big question is why China is now so serious about climate change. The answer is not that Communist leaders are newly converted econuts. Rather, they want to use environmental concerns to rally domestic support for difficult reforms that would sustain growth in the coming decades. Since a global slowdown in 2008 it has become clear that to continue growing, China must move its economy away from construction and energy-intensive industry towards services. At the same time, China faces an energy crunch. For instance, in recent years China has been a net importer of coal, which generates two-thirds of Chinas electricity. It all argues for growth plans that involve less carbon.问题是中国为什么现在对气候变化如此重视?不是因为共产党领导人向环境保护论低头。相反,中国领导人希望用环境问题来召集国内持,增援改革瓶颈,维持接下来几十年的经济增长。自2008年全球经济增长放缓以来,中国领导人开始明白,要实现经济的持续增长,中国经济需要摆脱建筑业密集型和能源密集型的特点,转向务集中型经济。与此同时,中国面临能源枯竭问题。举个例子,近几年中国是煤炭净进口国,而煤炭发电量占中国总发电量的三分之二。这些都让低碳经济增长计划成为讨论热点。This is where signing international accords, such as the one hoped for in Paris, come in, for they will help the government fight entrenched interests at home. Observers see a parallel with Chinas joining the World Trade Organisation in 2001. It allowed leaders to push through internal economic reform against fierce domestic opposition. In the same way, a global climate treaty should help it take tough measures for restructuring the economy.正如巴黎气候大会所预设达成的协议一样,签署这些国际协议能够让各国政府更有利地对抗国内根深蒂固的利益集团。有分析人士认为中国2001年加入世贸组织的行为也同样有着这一目的。此举让中国领导人能够在强烈的国内反对声音中继续推动内部经济改革。同样,全球性的气候条约能够使得一些重构经济的硬措施成为可能。It will not be easy. Provincial party bosses and state-owned enterprises hate to shut factories, particularly in those parts of the country, such as Shanxi and Inner Mongolia in the north, where coal is a big employer. Cutting demand for energy is even harder. Even if the amount of electricity used by state industry falls, that used by private firms and households is bound to increase. What is more, environmental regulations and laws laid down by the centre are routinely flouted.但是这不会是件简单的事。各省级政府以及各个国企领导不希望关闭工厂,特别是像山西和内蒙古这些以煤矿业提供工作岗位的北方省份。降低能源需求就更苦难了。即使国有产业的用电量下降了,民用和私营企业的用电量一定都会上升。另外,由中央政府制定有关环境的法律法规常常遭到各地政府的无视。But cleaning up Chinas act has, for the central government, become a political necessity too. Environmental issues have been major public concerns for over a decade, says Anthony Saich of Harvard University, which has conducted polls. True, rural people fret most (and with good reason) about water pollution. But those in the cities gripe about their toxic air. Both represent a reproach to the government over its neglect of peoples lives and health.但对于中央政府来说,变更中国的行为模式也开始有了政治必要性。哈佛大学的安东尼·塞挈进行了一项投票调查,称环境问题在过去十年中变成了公众关心的一大问题。事情确实是这样的,比如农村居民最担心的是水污染问题(这个担心也是非常合理的)。但那些居住在城市的人抱怨空气中的毒害成分。这两种人都表达了对政府忽略人民生命健康的斥责。That is why national economic goals, political goals, public opinion and international pressure all point towards trying to cut emissions, pollutants included. In particular, says Zhang Zhongxiang of Tianjin University, now that dealing with climate change is a pillar of Chinas diplomacy, the government must show it can keep its promises. It has some tools at its disposal. Across the country, the environmental record of government officials has become a crucial part of their evaluation by the Communist Party; and cadres will be held accountable for their actions even after leaving their position. Several provinces have aly punished officials for environmental accidents and for not enforcing environmental laws.这也是为什么国家的经济目标、政治期望、民众意见以及国际压力都将矛头指向了减少某些污染物在内的排放量。就像天津大学的张忠祥所说的一样,现在气候变化问题成为中国外交的重点之一,政府必须要拿出遵守承诺的行动。中国有着其自身可用的方法处理环境问题。环境行政档案成为了共产党评定一个政府官员的重要依据,各级政府官员即使在离职后依然要对其在职时所作的决策负责。某些省份已经因为出现有关环境问题的事故或者没有依环境法行政等问题对一些官员进行了惩处。Fifty shades of grey五十度灰But there are obstacles to real change. The electricity grid and national power market are ill-equipped to increase renewable generation by much. Corruption in industrial procurement remains widesp, which does nothing to promote long-term efficiency or reductions in emissions. Competing incentives are also in play: earlier this year, the authorities forced a big Chinese investment company to buy back shares it had sold in old-fashioned industrial fields, for fear that it might depress share prices (which crashed anyway in a more general stockmarket meltdown). The government will not trust market mechanisms alone, says Yang Fuqiang of the Natural Resources Defense Council, an activist group.但想要真正做到改变,前面还有一些拦路虎。国家电网和国家能源市场对于新能源大量涌入没有足够的准备。行业采购中的腐败行为依然泛滥,这对于提高长期效率以及减少排放没有好处。竞争激励依然起作用:今年早些时候,一家大型中国投资公司在旧工业领域出售了许多股份,但有关部门因为担心抛售会使股份价格贬值(虽然其股价在股市暴跌情况下依然跌至低谷),于是强制要求其购回相应股份。维权团体自然资源保护委员会的杨富强称,政府不会把宝都压在市场机制上的。Nor are leaders yet pushing for change on all fronts. For instance, government efforts to cut emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are greater than for many other greenhouse gases. Scarce and polluted water, one of Chinas most severe environmental challenges, is almost entirely beyond the scope of the current raft of reforms. And China refuses to publish its estimate of the environmental toll of economic growth.但政府也没有在每个方面都推进改革。例如政府对于减少二氧化碳和氮氧化物所采取行动明显大于其他温室气体。稀缺且日益受到污染的水资源是中国最严重的环境威胁之一,但却几乎没有没能在这一轮改革的方案之中看到相关措施。而且中国政府拒绝透露经济增长所带来的环境破坏预估值。Sceptics scoff that Chinas promises in Paris are irrelevant because emissions will probably peak regardless, long before the promised 2030. Nor has the government said how high that top might be. Yet the sceptics underestimate the importance of an international agreement for China and beyond. Like other countries, China has to date followed a pattern of “grow first, clean up later”. Yet very quickly it has recognised the dangers and drawbacks of such a policy and has been pouring money into clean energy and other innovations it hopes will provide green growth. In that, it may prove a model for other fast-developing countries. That might signal a small patch of blue sky.持怀疑态度的人嘲弄称中国在巴黎气候大会上的承诺根本毫无意义,因为远在2030年前,全球温室气体排放量不论如何都会达到最大。尽管没有政府预计过这个最大的具体数值是多少,但这些人都低估了国际协议对于现在和以后的中国的重要性。和其他国家一样,中国曾经采用“先污染后治理”的模式。但是很快中国政府就意识到了其中的危害和缺点,并投入大量资金建设清洁能源和其他有助于绿色增长模式的研发。因此,中国或许能够成为其他高速发展国家的可模仿的例子。这可能标志着天空那一抹蔚蓝色出现。 /201512/414736

When you think of Cuban exports, you probably think, cigars, sugar, and rum. But Cuba exports something of much greater value to third-world countries: doctors. Cuba has trained 23,000 foreign physicians for free at the Latin American School of Medicine near Havana.In 2001, Cuba opened the school to Americans.While in Cuba, we met one such American, Samantha Moore of Detroit, in her final year of medical school.Medical school is no picnic—whether youre in Cuba or the U.S.The day we met, it was nearly 90 degrees, and Moore had just finished a more than 24-hour shift on her surgery rotation. Yet she appeared cheerful and full of energy. ;There were so many cases last night for surgery alone, so we got swamped,; Moore says as she both laughs and sighs. ;I was in an operation at 5:00 a.m. this morning. Una appendicites.; (Appendicitis in English.)She takes us on a tour of the main hospital, which seems dated but not that different from U.S. hospitals—except many of the hallways and courtyards are open air. Many other buildings on the sprawling campus are a bit shabby. Some are being reconstructed.Moore rates her education in Cuba highly. Her textbooks are the same as those in American medical schools. She has a lot of interaction with patients. In her fourth year, her class went door-to-door for several weeks, teaching Havana residents how to protect themselves from dengue and the Zika virus.Shes assisted in many procedures as well.;Ive got to see hip surgeries, knee surgeries...and I can cast you, I know how to do the casting and everything. Its one of my favorites.;When I look surprised, she says, ;It is! I like putting people in casts!; and laughs.U.S. medical school was out of reach—so the dream was deferredWe sit under the shade of gigantic trees on the campus and I ask Moore to tell me her life story.Her path to medical school wasnt linear. She got a bachelors degree in math and computer science at the University of Detroit Mercy, and a masters in computer science at Lawrence Tech. She worked.;It wasnt that I didnt want to go to medical school,; says Moore. ;I couldnt afford to go to medical school.;Then, one day, she got a call from her dad, with news. ;You can become a doctor if you want to,; he said.Moores father had about the Latin American School of Medicine in the Michigan Chronicle. He urged her to apply, and he kept urging her, until she did. ;Youll be bilingual,; he argued, ;and youll be a doctor. You have nothing to lose and—its free!;With the average medical school debt in the U.S. about 0,000 dollars, free had a good ring to it. She applied, was accepted in the program, and, seven years later, seems to have no regrets.Not everything in Cubas health care system is rosyMoore says the big weakness with Cubas government-run health care system is financial. Theres not enough money to pay doctors, for medicine, for buildings, for tests. Thats not surprising, given the Cuban governments limited budget.And Moore says the U.S. embargo doesnt help. If a hospital in Cuba acquires a U.S.-made MRI or other machine, and it breaks down, it can mean long waits for patients who need tests.;They eventually find the parts, but its not something they can fix right away,; notes Moore. ;Where in the U.S., Oh, we need this part, we can special order it, and have it there in the afternoon or the very next day.;Whats next for MooreThe main goal of the Latin American School of Medicine is training primary care physicians to serve impoverished and underserved people in their home countries.Moore would like to be a family physician, but says the paperwork and staffing required to run such a practice in the U.S. is daunting; perhaps shell specialize in internal medicine and work in a clinic or hospital.;I would like it to do it in Michigan. I really would like to stay in Michigan.;Shell graduate in June. Cubas top leader Raul Castro is expected to attend the graduation ceremony.Like all doctors in the U.S., Moore will have to run the gauntlet of passing her exams when she returns to her native country—and then go through the nail-biting process of being matched with a hospital for her residency years.Meanwhile, medical students from Michigan State University found much to admire and criticize—when they saw Cubas approach to health care first-hand. Well have that story later as part of our series, Pure Cuba: Opportunities for Michigan.201605/441775As the siege tower rose, it claimed lives of many Guge slaves.随着高塔越建越高,许多战俘也因此牺牲生命。Ancient stories tell how the slaves were beaten so mercilessly, through their organ show to their flesh.传说这些战俘,因受到残忍的拷打,而使器官破裂露出体外。But building a 100-meter structure of this kind would have been a near impossible engineering feat for its time.但要兴建一百公尺的高塔,在当时几乎是不可能的工程。Instead, experts believe the Ladahki siege tower was a psychological rather a physical gambit.学者相信这座拉达克高塔打的是心理战。How long could King Khri bKra shis Grags pa lde bear to watch the daily torture and suffering of his captured subjects?赤扎西扎巴德国王可以忍受多久,眼睁睁看着他的人民日夜受到折磨?As legend has it, the last king, Khri bKra shis Grags pa lde, seeing the great suffering that his people were enduring building this wall without food and as a, died and succumbed to the pressures of construction.传说当中提到那位末代君王赤扎西扎巴德眼睁睁看着他的人民历经挨饿死于建墙的庞大压力之下。He saw the great suffering that his people were undergoing.亲眼目睹他的子民蒙受巨大的痛苦。And he had a great pity, the king of Guge, and he decided, it must have been a difficult decision, but he decided, in the end, to surrender.这让他心如刀割,这位古格国王最后做出了决定,在当时一定是个相当为难的打算,但他还是决定以投降结束这一切。According to legend, in the final hour of Guge, King Khri Kra shis Grags pa lde and his retinue made their poignant descent from summit to base, even bearing gifts of gold and silver to appease the invaders.传说赤扎西扎巴德及他的大臣悲痛从山顶步向山下,甚至带着金银财宝讨好入侵者。But the reception they received from the Ladahkis is surrounded in controversy.但拉达克人却将他们团团围住。In one fell swoop, the 700-year-old kingdom of Guge had been conquered.七百年之久的古格王朝终于被征。But what happened after the king surrender is still shrouded in mystery.但国王投降后发生什么仍笼罩着谜团。 译文属201605/442055My car is stupid, Don.Don,我的汽车真笨。What do you mean, Yael?Yael,你什么意思?I turn the key, the engine ignites.我拧车钥匙,引擎发动。I turn the steering wheel,the wheels move. And thats it!我转方向盘,轮胎转动。就是这样。Well, what you expect? Thats how a car works.汽车都是这样呀,你还想怎么样呢?I know, but cars are so rigidly mechanical,我明白,可是这也太机械化了吧。you know, its likewhen we removed the horses to make horseless carriages;我们用汽车代替马车,they took away the only intelligent partof the carriages!但是却卸下了马车唯一智能的部分。So you want to go back to the horse-baggage days?那么,你想回到马车时代?No, but it would be cool, if cars are more intelligent.我不想,要是汽车能更智能就太好了!You mean like be able to sense things and react to them, like a horse mind?你是说能像马一样识别事物并做出反应?Right, actually there are designers and engineers at MIT working on a new kind of three-wheeled car–a new kind of wheel actually.没错,事实上,麻省理工学院的设计师和工程师已经在研究一种新型三轮车。Its a sort of “smart” wheel that contains most of themechanical parts of the car—drive train, suspension, and braking.这是种车的“智能”轮胎具备大部分汽车的机械部分功能—驱动系统、悬置系统、制动系统。And the wheels have artificialintelligence–they can sense obstructions and potholes in the road.轮胎人工智能:能识别障碍物和道路的坑洼。And since these smart wheelscan communicate with each other, they could allow cars in cities to move in flocks, like birds orsheep.另外,智能轮胎能相互交流,让车子像鸟和羊一样成群结队。Also, the wheels can turn 360 degrees, so the car can move in any direction.轮胎还能360度转弯,这样车可以向任何方向移动。That sounds kind of futurist.这听起来很前卫,Do these kinds of cars actually exist?这种车确实存在吗?Sort of, there are computer models and prototypes, but its not like you can buy one at a cardealership. 算吧,已经有计算机模型和汽车原型了,但是想在车行买到可能还不太现实。Well, let me know when you can.那么,可以的时候别忘了告诉我。 /201409/331018

On a previous show we mentioned how not all shooting stars have the same speed.前面的文章中我们提到为什么不是所有流星都有相同的速度。Some disappear almost immediately, while others make a nice slow line across the sky.有些几乎立即就消失了,而有些拖着长长的尾巴穿过天空。If you enjoy watching the slow ones, there is a way of upping your chances of seeing them.如果你喜欢观看缓慢的流星,那么有一种方法可以增加你看到它们的几率。Go out just after sunset.日落后就出门。Thats because the slowest meteors come in the evening and the fastest ones come in the morning, just before sunrise.最慢的流星在夜晚出现,最快的流星出现在早晨,就在太阳升起之前。Can you guess why?你猜猜为什么呢?The speeds of meteors we see are increased or decreased by the earths motion.我们看到的流星的运动速度随着地球的运动情况而增减。If we charge into them head-on our speed is added to their speed.如果地球正对着流星的方向运动,那么我们的运速就会增加至它的运动速度中。If, on the other hand, we aremoving away from them, our speed is subtracted from their speed.反之,如果我们背向它们运动,那么它们的运速中就会减去地球运速这一部分。Now imagine yourself standing at the north pole, facing the direction the earth is moving through space.现在想想你自己站在北极,面向地球穿过空间移动的方向。You rise up magically, far enough away that you can see the whole planet rotating underneath you while you yourself remain stationary.你奇迹般地上升,远到可以看到整个地球在你的脚下转动,而你自己保持静止。Which direction is it turning?它是在向哪个方向运动呢?Counterclockwise. Where is thesunlight?逆时针。太阳光在哪里呢?From your perspective, its on the left side of the planet.从你的角度来看,在地球的左侧。That means that the front of the planet, or the part thats charging into oncoming meteors, is the placewhere morning is beginning for people on earth.这意味着在地球的前端,或者是在正对流星运动的地方,就是早晨的开始。The back of the planet, meaning the part thats movingaway from meteors, is where evening is beginning.地球的背面,也就是背向流星运动的地方,就是夜晚的开始。It may seem funny, but every morning when you look up into the sky, you are looking in the same direction as the planet is moving.这似乎非常有趣,但是每天早晨当你仰望天空时,你就是望着与地球转动相同的方向。In the evening you are looking the other way.晚上,你就是望着相反的方向。And the speed ofshooting stars confirms it!流星的速度实了这一点。 201411/343639Italian politics意大利政治A golden opportunity绝佳机会The split of Silvio Berlusconis party could boost the governing coalition贝卢斯科尼政党的分裂将推动政治联盟T WAS meant to be a christening, but it turned into a funeral. On November 16th Silvio Berlusconi, a media tycoon, rebranded his party, the People of Freedom (PdL). Henceforth it will be Forza Italia (Come on Italy), the name of his political vehicle before 2007 when he merged it with the more right-wing National Alliance to form the PdL. But the much-vaunted rebirth provided the occasion for a split. A faction loyal to the interior minister, Angelino Alfano, stayed away from the relaunch congress. And on the same day Mr Alfano, once the billionaire businessmans designated successor, announced a new group in parliament called the New Centre Right (NCD). This looks as if it will evolve into a separate party.字母T意味着一场宗教洗礼,但结果却是一场葬礼。在11月16号传媒大亨贝卢斯科尼重新命名了自己的政党人民自由党。因此人民自由党会改名为加油意大利,这个名字还是在2007年他与右翼国家联盟融合而形成自由人民党之前取的名字。但是这场声势浩大的更名事件成为了政党分裂的导火线。持内政部长安杰利诺·阿尔法诺 (Angelino Alfano)的一些派系不持重新召开国会。在同一日阿尔法诺这位曾经身为亿万商贾的既定继承人,宣布国会出现一个新的政党即新中右翼党。按发展形势看它将发展为一个独立的政党。The split offers Enrico Lettas coalition a glittering opportunity to introduce the economic reforms that Italy urgently needs if its economy is to move ahead in the years to come at more than a snails pace. The OECD this week predicted that unemployment (12.5% in September), and debt as a proportion of GDP (133%) would both continue to rise, even as the economy creeps out of recession next year.人民自由党的分裂将给莱塔提供一个绝妙的机会来引进经济改革,如果意大利的经济不想在接下来的几年再以蜗牛的速度增长的话,这个经济改革是迫切需要的。本周经济合作与发展组织预测失业率(9月份是12.5%)和债务占GDP(133%)的比例将会持续增长,尽管明年经济会爬出衰退的困境。Cohabitation between the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), to which Mr Letta belongs, and the NCD may never be easy. But the government will be able to get on with its job now without having to worry that Mr Berlusconi might at any moment pull the rug from under it. That threat had aly receded: Mr Alfano and his fellow-rebels blocked an attempt by Mr Berlusconi last month to destroy the coalition. The formation of the NCD makes the threat even more remote. All the PdLs ministers joined the rebellion, pushing Mr Berlusconi and his reborn Forza Italia into opposition alongside the Northern League and the maverick Five Star Movement of Beppe Grillo, a comedian.莱塔所属的中右翼民主党和新中右翼党的联合从来就没顺利过。但是现在政府可以不用担心贝卢斯科尼说不定在什么时候跑出来捣乱。这种威胁以及变弱了:阿尔法诺和他的叛军伙伴们在三个月就阻碍了贝卢斯科尼对联盟的摧毁。新中右翼党的形成让这种威胁变得更加遥远。所有自由民主党人士都加入了反抗,这导致贝卢斯科尼和他重生的加油意大利党站到了北方联盟和喜剧演员毕普·格里罗(Beppe Grillo)领导的特立独行的五星运动的对立面。Mr Berlusconi launched his failed coup last month in retaliation for what he sees as the PDs refusal to prevent his expulsion from parliament following his conviction for tax fraud in August. The senate is expected to vote for his ejection on November 27th. Disagreements over his fate are not, however, the only reasons for the split in the PdL. The rebels tend to be closer to the centre. And they are impatient with Mr Berlusconis autocratic style of leadership.贝卢斯科尼自认为人民党拒绝阻止自己因为8月份被定罪为税收诈骗而被驱逐出国会,为了报复这一事件,他开展了一个失败的政变。在11月27号参议员要求对是否驱逐贝卢斯科尼做出投票。然而,就他的判决结果产生的分歧不是人民自由党分裂的唯一原因。反派者越来越中立。他们已经对贝卢斯科尼专制的领导风格失去了耐心。That was also the reason for the last big split on the Italian right. In 2010 a previous Berlusconi lieutenant, Gianfranco Fini, stormed out of the PdL to form his own party. He and his followers have since been reduced to virtual irrelevance, a point the television magnate made forcefully to Mr Alfano in the gruelling negotiations that failed to prevent the latest split. But there are differences between the two revolts. Mr Alfanos followers in parliament are more numerous: 30 in the 321-member senate and 27 in the 630-seat chamber of deputies. And whereas Mr Fini led his disciples into the wilderness of opposition, Mr Alfano is assuring his of a place in the governing majority, if not the government.这也是上次意大利政权严重分裂的原因。2010年前贝卢斯科尼中尉芬妮(Gianfranco Fini),迅速的离开自由民主党创建他自己的政党。他和他的跟随者从此沦落为无关紧要的人物,这是在那次激烈的谈判上电视巨头向阿尔法诺强调指出的,尽管这次谈判未能阻止的了最近的这场政党分裂。但是这两次反抗还是有不同之处的。阿尔法诺在国会的跟随者占多数:在321个参议员中有30人,在630个下议院人员中有27人。尽管芬妮只是与自己的跟随者做出公开的反对,但是阿尔法诺在执政岗上保了自己的地位,就算不是在政府里面。His rebellion poses the intriguing question of whether, as Mr Berlusconi reportedly fears, Italys newly fortified coalition might be the basis for something more ambitious. Since the early 1990s, when Italy began experimenting with bipartisan politics as an alternative to the broadly based coalitions that had governed Italy for the previous 40-odd years, some have insisted that the country is inherently unsuited to two-party democracy and would benefit from a powerful centre party. Mr Alfano and Mr Letta, who are on good personal terms, both emerged from Democrazia Cristiana, the old Christian Democratic Party, which spanned the middle of the political spectrum and dominated Italys post-war politics.他的反叛存在着一个耐人寻味的疑问,正如报道所称贝卢斯科尼也有所忌惮的,那就是意大利新强化的联盟或许是一些更加雄心壮志的事情的基础。自90世纪早期,即意大利开始尝试着把两党政治作为之前统治意大利40多年的多党联盟的替代品以来,一些人坚持认为意大利的国情不适合搞两党民主,国家会从一个强大的中心政党中获利。有着良好个人关系的阿尔法诺和莱塔,来自基督民主党,这个党派曾扩张到政治权利的中心并主宰着战后意大利的政治。Much will now depend on the achievements of their coalition and on whether it can reignite economic growth. And for that, the government will need more courage than moderation.现在更多的是取决于联盟的成效以及这是否会重新促进经济的增长。所以,政府需要的不是中庸之道而是勇往直前。翻译:谢林红 译文属译生译世 /201511/408688West Tibet, the roof of the world.西藏,世界的屋脊。In the thin air, 6000 metres high, a vast area of wasteland as far as the eye can see.在六千公尺高的稀薄空气中,放眼望去是一片荒漠干地。In this remote corner of western Tibet, lie the ruins of a mysterious kingdom-a kingdom whose army was feared by all its neighbours, a kingdom which once dominated trade in gold, silk and spices between India and China.在遥远的西藏一角,一座神秘的王朝遗址述说着故事,这个王朝曾令所有邻国畏惧,主宰着中印间的黄金,丝绸及香料贸易。It was a kingdom of fabulous wealth and great religious significance.坐拥万甲财富及浓厚宗教重要性。Scholars argue that without this kingdom, Tibetan Buddhism would have withered and died centuries ago.学者认为没有这个古王朝藏传佛教几世纪前就已经没落失传。Yet the spiritual and commercial harbor, which prospered for seven centuries, vanished almost without a trace since 1630s.然而这座曾经是精神及贸易枢纽的王朝在历经七世纪的盛世后却在1630年消失。What happened to bring this great civilization to an end?这个伟大的古文明王朝为何消失?Was it the arrival of the first ever westers to visit Tibet?是因为西方传教士吗?Or was it the intense rivalry between two brothers fighting for power?或是因为两兄弟间的争权夺利?Why was it completely abandoned? And what silent secrets do these decapitated remains tell?为什么这座古城整个荒废,这些遭斩首的尸骸述说着什么秘密?To unravel this mystery, a Tibetan historian and an American archaeologist travel to the far reaches of Tibet to these 400-year-old ruins where they will discover the answers to what happened to the extraordinary kingdom of Guge.为了解开谜团,一位西藏历史学家及一位美国考古学家前往遥远的西藏,调查这座四百年之久的遗址他们将解开古格王朝的秘密。 译文属201512/418481

Alex Young is the James Beard Award-winning chef at Zingermans Roadhouse in Ann Arbor and the founder of Cornman Farms in Dexter.Hes cooked all over the world, and really loves fall and early winter in Michigan.;Theres so many beautiful things to play with. All the roots and the wild rice just got harvested, and its duck season. I like to make duck gumbo,; he says. ;Its a great time of year.;Young loves cooking this time of year because ;its when everything kind of happens,; explaining that historically, this is when youd be ;putting up foods to get through the winter.;Young has a few suggestions for those looking to cook up a nice, seasonal meal using local ingredients:;I would do something warm and cuddly and comfortable, like roasting some celery root, roasting some carrots. Maybe cook some nice organic rice, a little fresh apples, Michigan apple season, cook them down, nothing makes me feel more comfortable than that.;He talks more about Michigans seasonal offerings and gives us some additional suggestions in our conversation above.201512/417816Raine Island has the biggest concentration of wildlife on the Barrier Reef, but many of its animals are visitors and at departure time they leave behind the sanctuary of one of the worlds largest marine parks.雷恩岛是大堡礁上最大野生动物集中区,但是许多动物都是访客,在离别时刻它们要离开,这个世界上最大的海洋公园之一的避难所。The migrants cross international borders travelling to places where animals are not protected.候鸟穿过国境线,飞到保护区之外。It means their survival is linked very much to events in other parts of the world.这意味着它们的生存与世界其他部分的状况,紧密相连。The Great Barrier Reef is still an amazing place.大堡礁仍然是一个令人惊异的地方。Its a magical, underwater world, stunningly beautiful and a never-ending source of wonder.这是一个不可思议的水下世界,美丽的让人目瞪口呆,一个永无止境的奇观。But how will it be when our turtles return?但是当海龟回来说它又会变成什么样子?The reef has proved to be resilient in the past,surviving great natural changes.珊瑚礁被明过去有自我恢复能力,从而能够在自然界的变化中生存下去。But nothing like the pace of man-made change today,especially the pace of climate change.但是这个变化不像今天人类产生的环境变化速度之快,尤其是气候变化的速度。Weve seen how the Great Barrier Reef is connected to the rest of the world, in many ways.我们已经看到大堡礁很多方面,跟世界其他地方紧密相连。It means were all, no matter how remote, involved in its future.它意味着无论我们有多遥远,都与大堡礁的未来息息相关。Now, only we can decide what that future will be.现在只有我们能够决定大堡礁的未来是什么样子。Whether it remains the glorious marine spectacle of today,one of the richest and most diverse of all environments and the largest biological structure on the planet or whether it become something much poorer.或者保持它今天这样的美丽海洋景观,这个地球上最富饶最多变的环境之一,也是地球上最大的生物组织,或者变成贫瘠的东西。Its a future that is entirely in our hands.它的未来完全掌握在我们手中。 译文属201512/416055

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