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Shanghai may be well-known for being a fast-paced city that never sleeps, but there is one thing that its residents will slow down for-food.众所周知,上海的生活节奏快,但上海人愿意为一件事驻足停留,那就是美食。The latest food craze in the city involves a palm-sized bun topped with dried-meat floss and shredded sea sedges, something many Shanghai-nese normally dislike because of its coarseness.受上海人民追捧的最新美食是一个巴掌大小的面包,里面塞满了肉松和海苔。有些上海人对此并不感冒,因为其口感较为粗糙。The bun is sold by Master Bao, which was first established in a quiet residential neighborhood in Beijing in 2009. The company opened its first Shanghai outlet in People#39;s Square in early February.该面包是鲍师傅糕点店出售的,其第一家店位于北京的一安静住宅区附近,于2009年开业。上海的第一家分店位于人民公园,于2017年2月开业。Today, the line outside the shop can stretch hundreds of meters and customers have waited for several hours during peak times. The snack sells for between 19 and 29 yuan per 500 grams, depending on the type of floss.如今,店面外等待购买糕点的人群排起了百米长队,高峰期排队数小时也司空见惯。糕点售价19~29元/斤,具体价格取决于馅料。Bao Caibin, the store manager of the Shanghai outlet, says that the craze in Shanghai is even bigger than what took place in Beijing and Tianjin. He says the line starts to form as early as 5 am and lasts till midnight. The store is currently limiting each customer to 2 kilograms of b.上海分店的经理鲍斌表示,上海消费者的热情程度远超北京和天津,凌晨5点便有排队的人群,一直持续到午夜,为了保供应,每位顾客最多只能购买4斤糕点。It remains a mystery to most foodies why the snack has become such a phenomenal hit because there is nothing new or innovative about Master Bao#39;s buns. Similar products have been sold at most bakeries across the city for many years.对于很多吃货来说,鲍师傅受捧至此实属罕见,因为糕点本身并没有什么创新,类似的产品已在大多数糕点铺在市多年。Most of the customers who were waiting in the line said they were simply influenced by social media posts.排队等候的大多数顾客反映,他们只是受到社交媒体宣传的影响。Taobao showed that more than 10,000 such deals for the buns were made over the past 30 days. A shop assistant says that nearly one-third of the orders are placed by customers in Shanghai.据淘宝的数据显示,在过去的一个月里,鲍师傅糕点的订单超过10000笔。店铺的一位助手表示,近三分之一的订单是来自上海的顾客。 /201703/498566Many studies have hinted that alcohol, in moderation, can do a heart good. But new research suggests that moderate drinkers are no more likely than teetotalers to have clear arteries.很多研究暗示,适度饮酒对心脏有好处。但是新的研究表明,适度饮酒者并不比不饮酒者的动脉更顺畅。The scientists looked at almost 2,000 patients who underwent CT angiography -- an imaging test that detects ;plaques; in heart arteries.科学家观察了大约2000名经历了CT血管造影的患者,血管造影是一种检测心脏动脉中的;斑块;的成像测试。Overall, there was no association between people#39;s drinking habits and their odds of showing clogged vessels.总体而言,人们的饮酒习惯和他们出现血管阻塞的几率之间没有联系。Researchers said an advantage of the new study is that it used objective measurements.研究人员表示,这项新研究的一个优点是它使用了客观测量的方法。;No prior studies have assessed the relationship between alcohol consumption and the presence of coronary heart disease,; said lead researcher Dr. Julia Karady. ;We could not find any relation between the presence of coronary artery disease and alcohol consumption.;首席研究员朱莉娅·卡拉迪士说:;之前的研究没有评估饮酒与冠心病之间的关系。我们没有发现冠状动脉疾病和饮酒之间的任何关系。;At the same time, she added, there was no evidence that heavier drinking raised the risk of clogged arteries.同时,她补充说道,没有据表明重度饮酒会增加动脉阻塞的风险。However, groups like the American Heart Association (AHA) warn against excessive drinking, because it can raise blood pressure and contribute to heart failure and other cardiovascular problems.然而,美国心脏协会(AHA)等团体告诫人们不要过度饮酒,因为它可以使血压升高并导致心力衰竭和其他心血管问题。In general, ;moderate; is defined as no more than one glass of alcohol a day for women, and no more than two a day for men.一般来说,;适度;定义为女性每天不超过一杯酒,而男性每天不超过两杯。But those studies do not prove that alcohol, itself, protects the heart -- in large part because alcohol also carries risks.但是这些研究不能明酒精本身能保护心脏--很大程度上是因为酒精也会带来风险。 /201612/483863Does the world need yet another drama about Queen Elizabeth II? British actress Helen Mirren famously played the tough *monarch in her Oscar-winning turn in The Queen (2006). 世界上还需要多一部关于英国女王伊丽莎白二世的戏吗?在电影《女王》(2006)中,英国女演员海伦.米伦恰到好处地扮演了强势的君主,并一举拿下了奥斯卡小金人。And now Netflix’s new series The Crown, which premiered on Nov 4, presents us with a different side of the British monarch–the young Liz, who’s portrayed with emotional depth and humanity.而如今,11月4日首播的网飞新剧《王冠》则向我们呈现了英国女王的另一面——年轻的莉兹,她情感丰富,人情味十足。The 10-episode first season of The Crown follows the early years of Elizabeth’s long reign, opening on the eve of her marriage to Prince Philip (Matt Smith) in 1947. 电视剧《王冠》的第一季共有十集,讲述了伊丽莎白二世漫长统治岁月的早年时光。全剧先以1947年她和菲利普亲王(马特.史密斯饰)的婚礼前夜开篇。It then jumps ahead to 1952, when Elizabeth (Claire Foy), at the age of 25, unexpectedly *ascends the throne after the death of her father, King George VI.然后时间便跳转到了1952年前夕,当时,伊丽莎白(克莱尔.福伊饰)只有25岁,因其父亲国王乔治五世的突然离世,而登上了王位。Though much has been made of the series’ *sumptuous production value and reported 0 million (687 million yuan) budget, The Crown is a psychologically *astute portrait of the tension between the public sovereign and the private person. 《王冠》不光在制作水准上投入了大手笔,曝光的预算就高达1亿美元(约合人民币6.87亿元),还在心理上精准地刻画出了公众的君王和个人角色之间的冲突。As a *figurehead, Elizabeth has great symbolic power but little *autonomy. 作为没有实权的国家元首,伊丽莎白有很强的象征意义却并没有多少自主权。She is unable to choose her last name or even the home where her family, which then included two small children, will reside.她不能选择她的姓氏,甚至无法决定要和两名年幼的子女以及她的家人们在哪儿安家。It’s not all twinkle, twinkle, twinkle and look at all the finery, says 32-year-old British actress Claire Foy. 这部剧并不只有闪闪发亮的华,现年32岁的英国女演员克莱尔.福伊表示。It’s what’s going on between people.它更关注人与人之间的关系。The drama explores Elizabeth’s *fraught relationships with aging prime minister Winston Churchill (John Lithgow), her uncle, the Duke of Windsor, who famously *abdicated the throne, 这部剧也深度探索了伊丽莎白和年迈的首相温斯顿.丘吉尔(约翰.利特高饰),以及因退位而轰动一时的叔叔温莎公爵之间的紧张关系。And her only sister, Princess Margaret, whose romance with the divorced Peter Townsend led to scandal.而她唯一的,玛格丽特公主又爱上了有过婚史的彼得.汤森,这一系列皇室丑闻也令她头疼不已。Elizabeth’s new responsibilities also put enormous strain on her marriage to Philip. 伊丽莎白的新职责也给她和菲利普的婚姻带来了巨大压力。Often *caricatured as a politically incorrect *toff, the Duke of Edinburgh is portrayed with surprising sympathy by British actor Matt Smith, 34, as a dashing young naval officer *emasculated by his role as *consort to the queen. 爱丁堡公爵经常被夸大为一个政治不正确的,但34岁的英国演员马特.史密斯的刻画下却极富同情心。作为女王的配偶,这位年轻英俊的海军军官毫无丈夫的威信可言。Literally, people would look past him at his wife. 事实上,人们往往会忽略他,只关注他的妻子。Yeah, it’s the 1950s, blah-blah, but even now people would struggle with that, Foy says.没错,那是在上世纪50年代,但就算到了今天,人们也会对这些事情很在意,福伊说道。Despite these tensions, the Queen manages to maintain her public poker face along the way.除了这些矛盾之外,女王还要一如既往地在公众面前保持严肃形象。There is something innately fascinating about somebody who is innately a more public figure than any politician and yet has a very private life, says 71-year-old US actor John Lithgow. 她生来就比任何政客都引人瞩目,并且保留着生活中十分私人的部分。这样的人与生俱来便有股魅力。现年71岁的美国演员约翰.利特高表示。Certainly, Queen Elizabeth is the most important monarch in the world. 毫无疑问,伊丽莎白女王是世界上最重要的君王。It’s the last *viable monarchy–if you can call it viable–and still has a stronghold on Britain, even though its place is a bit of a mystery.这也是最后被保留下来的君主政体——如果你认为它保留了下来——并且在英国仍具有相当的影响力,尽管如何能做到这一点,现在仍是一个谜。Having played both the public and private Elizabeth, Foy admiringly sees the monarch as a very, very, very good, good, good person who has given her life for her country, 在刻画了伊丽莎白公众和私人的一面之后,福伊十分崇敬女王,认为她是个非常非常伟大的人。whichever way you look at it, and has done the most incredible job.无论从什么角度出发,她都将一生献给了她的国家,并且做得非常出色,无人可比。 /201611/479848

The Use of Jade in Ancient Times古代对玉的使用Jade articles produced in ancient China were used in sacrificial ceremonies ,rituals,funerals,and adornments. With their solid and smooth quality, and lustrous doors,jade products have always been famous for their beauty and style.玉器起源于中国古代,被用于祭祀,宗教礼仪,丧葬,以及装饰。凭借其坚固光滑的质量,有光泽,玉制品一直以美丽和时尚著称。In ancient times, jade was only used for personal ornaments. After the middle and later period of the Neolithic Age,large jade articles replaced#8195;small ones. Large jade articles, usually symbolizing a certain political prestige, began to reflect the ideas of the social class system and ancient religions, Until this time,jade pieces had been regarded as merely ornaments, but the stone now became closely connected to a ritual system.在古代,玉只用于个人装饰品。新石器时代的中后期后,大型玉器取代小的。大型玉器,通常象征着一定的政治威望,开始反映社会阶级制度和古老宗教的想法,直到今天,玉片被视作装饰品,但石材现在与礼节制度紧密相连。 /201610/472994

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