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贵州天伦不孕不育医院王改秀医生贵阳男科医院在线咨询听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Michigan is a top destination in the U.S. for Syrian refugees. Just this year alone, more than 600 have settled here, according to the State Department.Among the hundreds who have fled their homeland for Michigan is a young family of five that we introduced you to almost a year ago.They came here in April of 2016, trading the violence and death in the Syrian city of Homs for a sparsely furnished, rented corner duplex in a modest neighborhood in Dearborn.Maan is a carpenter. His wife Bayan was a teacher before the revolution broke out in 2012. They have three children – two daughters ages seven and three, and a five-year-old son.They invited us back to Dearborn recently to see how they’ve been getting along after a year in their new home. With today being World Refugee Day, we thought it was a good time to share the conversation we had with the family’s matriarch, Bayan.Listen above.201706/514632贵阳天伦医院坐几路 喜欢看电影吗? 喜欢看什么片子? 大家好,欢迎《Faith口语课堂-天天学》的新老学员们,我是Faith老师,今天来做个话题, 讨论一下电影。a. My favorite movies are comedy affectional films; I’ve watched hundreds of them. 我最喜欢的电影是爱情轻喜剧片;看过上百部这类电影了。b. The acting of this film is marvelous in spite of the thin plot. The acting, the music and the scene have won the Academy Award of this year. 这部电影的演技很好, 但就是情节空泛了一点. 演技,音乐和布景都获得了今年的奥斯卡奖。c. I’m sorry for the hero, I don’t think there’s any excuse for his acting in some parts. 我对男主角有点遗憾,不知道怎么搞的,有的地方演得不好。d. Whose part do you think is best played? You’re absolutely right! That of the old man, that’s the very figure I like best. 你认为哪个角色演得最好。 太对了,那个老人,我喜欢的也正是这个人物。e. Some of the scenes moved me into tears. 有些场景感动得我流了泪。f. How do you like other films starring Julia Roberts? I like others, but I really don’t think much of this one. I don’t like the performance. 你喜欢朱丽亚-罗拨兹的其它电影吗?我倒是喜欢,但不太喜欢这一部。我不喜欢里面的表演。g. This movie is really a drag. Hell with it! Nobody will give it an Academy Award. 这部电影太单调乏味了。去它的吧,没人会把奥斯卡授予它。h. I think it’s the most successful film in scene-setting and music. I’ve watched it twice. You know which film I’m talking about? Avatar…amazing. 我认为这部电影最成功的地方是布景和音乐。我看过两次,你知道我说的是哪部电影吗?阿凡达。。。太美了。i. I heard the film was after the novel “The Godfather”. Do you know who are the producer, the director, the stars, the heroine and the hero? 我听说这部电影是根据小说《教父》改编。你知道制片人,导演,主演,女主角,男主角都是谁吗?j. Well, it’s a nice movie; unfortunately, I can’t follow it without Chinese subtitles. 这是一部好电影;可惜的是,没有汉语字幕,我看不懂啊。那么,谈谈你喜欢的电影吧。What are your favorite movies? /201205/182505贵阳黔南州妇幼保健院做不孕不育多少费用

贵州火车站到贵阳天伦医院怎么走International国际Prizing Girls: Like Father, like daughter珍惜女儿:有其父必有其女How South Korea learnt to love baby girls.韩国是怎么学会爱女婴的。“I cried when I heard,” writes one blogger, recalling the moment she learned that her baby was a boy.一个主回忆当她知道她怀的是个男孩儿的时候,写道:“当我听到这个消息的时候我哭了”。Those were bitter tears.这是苦涩的泪水。The woman was “so envious” of a mother who had just given birth to a daughter.这个妈妈嫉妒那些刚刚生了女儿的母亲。She was not at all unusual.这并不是特例。South Koreans of reproductive age now prefer girls to boys.现在韩国生育年龄阶段的人们喜欢女孩多过于男孩。They have created a new term, “ddalbabo”—“daughter crazy”—for men who go loopy over their female offspring.他们创造了一个新词,;ddalbabo;——女儿狂——那些疯狂喜欢女儿的父亲们。Until the early 20th century failure to bear a son was grounds for divorce.直到20世纪初,未能生育男丁还是离婚的理由之一。Koreans greatly preferred boys, who could not only support their parents financially but also carry out ancestral rites.朝鲜民族非常偏爱男孩,男丁不但可以经济上赡养父母,还能延续先祖的宗法。When ultrasound technology became widesp in the 1980s, many South Koreans used it to detect female fetuses and then have them aborted.当超声波技术在20世纪八十年代广泛应用时,许多韩国家庭借此检查胎儿的性别,打掉女孩。Sex ratios became skewed.因此性别比率出现了倾斜。In 1992 twice as many fourth babies were boys as were girls.1992年的时候,男孩是女孩的两到四倍之多。In response to these trends the South Korean government made it illegal for doctors to reveal the sex of a fetus.韩国政府为了应对这些趋势,将医生向准父母告知胎儿性别列为非法行为。It produced pro-girl slogans: “There is no envy for ten sons when you have one well-raised daughter.”并提出了持女孩的口号:“养好一个女儿,胜过十个男孩”。That may have helped, but not as much as economic change.那或许有些帮助,却不如经济变化的作用大。Following the Asian financial crisis of 1997, many women took part-time jobs to supplement the family income.随着1997年亚洲金融危机的到来,许多妇女通过做兼职工作来补贴家用。Parents noticed, and began to invest more heavily in educating girls.父母们都意识到了,并且加大对女孩们在教育方面的投资。In 2015 three-quarters of South Korean female secondary-schoolers went to university, compared with two-thirds of their male peers.到2015年,已经有四分之三的中学女生进入大学深造,相比较而言中学男生大学升学率是三分之二。Aborting girls simply because they are girls has become so unthinkable that the law has been relaxed.仅仅因为怀的是女孩而堕胎,已经变得无法想象,因此上述法律也被放宽了。Since expectant parents have been allowed to know the sex of their baby after 32 weeks’ gestation.自年,准父母在怀32周后可以知道他们孩子的性别。Many will have found out before, from doctors who trust that parents’ attitudes have changed.许多准父母也能更早的从医生那里得知,这些医生相信父母们的观点已经改变。201703/497399遵义医院在哪 每一个女生都会拥有自己心爱的八音盒,旋转、起舞,然后成长。《Jasmin口语八音盒》,陪你在口语的世界舞动自己。可可的朋友大家好,欢迎来到《Jasmin口语八音盒》。 每个人都在为了自己的梦想而努力奋斗,都梦想着自己在不久的未来能够成为一个在某个领域有成就的人。那么“有成就”在我们英语口语中应该怎么表达呢?今天我们就来学习下吧! 1. She was a successful novelist.她是一个有成就的小说家。 2. The boy is clever and will go far in his job.这男孩很聪明,工作会有成就的。3. He was a Chinese, and of accomplished scholarship, both Latin and Greek. 他是中国人,一个很有成就的学者,拉丁语和希腊文都行。4. The Chinese way of practice skills is called Kung Fu. It means it makes time to get achievements.中国的练功叫做功夫,意思就是花时间才有成就。5. Contrary to legend, the golden boy did have some lean times.和传说相反,这个有成就的男子确实几度陷入困境。6. Being ambitious and diligent, he is sure to get there.他雄心勃勃又勤奋好学,一定会有成就的。7. Be fruitful and do long division or something!有成就,在某些事上表现得不平凡。8. This kid is definitely going places someday.这个孩子有一天必定会很有成就的。 相反地,go nowhere就是“没有成就”的意思。 今天要推荐的电影同样是奥斯卡影片“Juno”《朱诺》,影片讲述了一个16岁女孩未婚先,然后经过了生活的历练,最后从阴霾中走出来,正确面对自己的问题,寻找属于自己的净土。相信这部影片也是大家的一个不错之选。 OK,今天的节目就到这里了,我们坚信说好英语口语不是难事,practice makes perfect。这里是《Jasmin口语八音盒》,我是Jasmin。感谢大家收听此次节目,下期节目,我们再见。JasminMSN: jasminecho@msn.cn /201109/153078贵阳梅毒医院

贵阳人民医院男科怎么样? 一个iPad商标,引发了一场知识产权的血战,也引发了网友的围观。苹果公司在与唯冠科技(深圳)有限公司的商标侵权案中一审判决败诉,唯冠申请禁售令,苹果公司iPad在中国各地的专卖店遭遇下架。请看中国日报网的报道:The tablets have been confiscated from shelves in many retail shops and electronic stores due to a Chinese companys lawsuit against the Apple Inc over the trademark infringement, in Shijiazhuang city, capital of North Chinas Hebei province.在河北省省会石家庄市,由于苹果公司商标侵权案,使得多处零售商店和电子产品商店中的iPad平板电脑遭遇下架的命运。文中的confiscate [k#596;nfis,keit] 没收、充公、查抄,trademark infringement就是指;商标侵权;,是指行为人未经商标权人许可,在相同或类似商品上使用与其 trademark registration(注册商标)相同或近似的商标,或者干涉、妨碍商标权人使用其注册商标,损害商标权人legitimate interest(合法权益)的其他行为。行为人销售明知或应知是counterfeit registered trademark(假冒注册商标)的商品, right to exclusive use of trademark(商标专用权)被侵权的natural person(自然人)或者legal entity(法人)在civil affairs(民事)上有权要求侵权人cessation of fringerment(停止侵害)、eliminate ill effects(消除影响)、redress damage(赔偿损失)。唯冠科技(深圳)有限公司是在2011年年初提出上诉,起诉苹果公司iPad商标侵权,并开始了court proceedings(法律诉讼程序)。公司还向北京工商管理部门提出投诉,并向其他三地的法院申请禁售令。双方自此陷入了trademark infringement(商标侵权)的诉讼混战中。 /201203/174348贵阳/阳痿早泄检查医院贵阳市花溪区中医院泌尿系统在线咨询



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