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赣州性医院哪家比较好赣州市妇幼保健院治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好Six of Europe’s biggest oil and gas companies have banded together to ask the UN to let them help devise a plan to stop global warming.欧洲六大油气企业联合请求联合国(UN)让它们帮助设计一项遏止全球变暖的计划。In a sign of the rising pressure on fossil fuel companies ahead of a UN meeting in Paris to seal an international climate deal, the chief executives of groups including Royal Dutch Shell and Britain’s BP have sought direct talks with governments on creating a global carbon pricing system.包括荷兰皇家壳牌(Royal Dutch Shell)以及英国石油(BP)在内的6家欧洲油气企业的首席执行官已寻求就创建一个全球碳定价体系与各国政府直接对话。这一迹象表明,在联合国在巴黎召开会议签订一项国际气候协议之前,化石燃料企业面临的压力日益上升。“We owe it to future generations to seek realistic, workable solutions to the challenge of providing more energy while tackling climate change,” the executives say in a letter to the Financial Times revealing their plan.这些首席执行官在写给英国《金融时报》的一封透露其计划的信中表示:“为了未来的世代,我们要针对在应对气候变化的同时提供更多能源的挑战,寻求切合实际且可行的解决方案。”The six European companies say shunning use of coal in electricity generation in favour of cleaner burning natural gas, a big source of their revenues, would sharply curb carbon emissions. The chief executives wrote to the top UN climate official, Christiana Figueres, on Friday asking for “direct dialogue with the UN and willing governments” on designing a carbon scheme.这6家欧洲企业表示,淘汰燃煤发电,转向燃烧更清洁的天然气(这些企业的一大营收来源)将大幅缓解碳排放。这些首席执行官上周五致函《联合国气候变化公约》秘书处执行秘书克里斯蒂娜#8226;菲格雷斯(Christiana Figueres),请求就设计一项碳计划“与联合国以及有意愿的政府直接对话”。“We have important areas of interest in and contributions to make to creating and implementing a workable approach to carbon pricing,” said the company chiefs, who include the heads of France’s Total, Norway’s Statoil, Italy’s Eni and Britain’s BG Group.这些首席执行官表示:“在创建以及实施一个可行的碳定价方案方面,我们对重要领域感兴趣而且可以做出贡献。”这些商界领袖包括法国道达尔(Total)、挪威国家石油公司(Statoil)、意大利埃尼集团(Eni)以及英国天然气集团(BG Group)的首席执行官。Energy companies and their trade association representatives have typically preferred to lobby politicians in private meetings rather than via public pronouncements. This highly public proposal marks a shift in the way they typically approach UN climate talks, which they usually attend as observers.能源企业及其行业协会代表一般更愿意在私下会面时游说政治人士,而不是发表公开声明。这一高度公开的提议标志着,这些企业对待联合国气候谈判的方式发生转变,他们通常是作为观察员参加这些谈判的。It comes as nearly 200 countries prepare to sign a global climate pact at a UN conference in December. Some countries want the deal to include a deadline for phasing out fossil fuels that scientists say must be curbed to avoid potentially dangerous levels of global warming.目前近200个国家准备在联合国12月会议上签署一项全球气候协议。一些国家希望该协议将包括逐步淘汰化石燃料的最后期限,某些科学家表示,必须限制使用化石燃料,才能避免全球变暖达到潜在危险的程度。Pressure from politicians and some investors for energy companies to do more has led to splits between European and US energy groups.政治人士以及能源企业的一些投资者要求采取更多措施的压力,导致欧美能源企业出现不同立场。 /201506/378296赣县第二人民医院医院预约 A billionaire Qatari sheikh dubbed ;the man who bought London; was reportedly the anonymous bidder who snapped up a Pablo Picasso masterpiece that smashed the world auction sale record。一个被冠以“能买下伦敦的人”称号的亿万富翁卡塔尔酋长是拍下巴勃罗·毕加索名画的神秘买主,这次交易创下了世界拍卖行的新记录。There has been intense speculation about the identity of the buyer who placed the winning 9.4 million (£116 million) telephone bid for Les Femmes d#39;Alger at Christie#39;s in Manhattan earlier this month。对于这位通过电话竞标,于本月初在曼哈顿克利斯蒂拍卖行以1.794亿美元(合计1.16亿欧元)拍下《阿尔及利亚女人》的买主,外界一直在猜测其身份。Art world sources have now told the New York Postthat the painting was acquired by Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, the former Qatari prime minister。“艺术世界来源”告诉《纽约邮报》:该油画被贾西姆·阿勒萨尼收入囊中。他是卡塔尔前外交部长。Qatar#39;s ruling Al Thani clan has been pursuing an international artwork buying spree as it aims to turn the small energy-rich emirate into a global cultural power ahead of the 2022 World Cup。统治卡塔尔的阿勒萨尼家族近来狂热收购世界艺术名作,打算在2022年世界杯前夕将这个能源富足的小酋长国打造成国际文化强国。But Les Femmes d#39;Alger may never be displayed publicly in Qatar to avoid offending Islamic sensibilities because it depicts women#39;s breasts, even though they were painted in the artist#39;s highly stylised cubist form。但是,为避免伊斯兰敏感话题,《阿尔及利亚女人》在卡塔尔可能永远不会被公开展示。因为油画中有女人的胸部,尽管艺术形式是高度抽象的立体画。It could instead remain at one of the sheikh#39;s multi-million pound homes in London or New York, the newspaper reported。据报道,该幅名画可能就保存在这位酋长位于伦敦或纽约的百万豪宅中。The Anglophile royal earned the nickname of the ;man who bought London; after going on a buying spree in the city with his personal fortune and as head of the Qatar Investment Authority。作为卡塔尔投资局局长,在伦敦用其私人财产疯购名作后,这位亲英派的酋长皇族成员获得了“能买下伦敦的人”的昵称。The state agency invested in Harrod#39;s, the London Shard, Sainsbury#39;s, Barclays and the Stock Exchange, while the Anglophile royal bought three apartments in the One Hyde Park development。卡塔尔国家机关还投资了哈罗德百货公司、伦敦碎片大厦、塞恩斯伯里超市、巴克莱和英国券交易所,而这位酋长国皇室成员则单独买下了海德公园一号的三座公寓。He is also currently renovating a mansion on Manhattan#39;s Upper East Side that he bought for million in 2012.最近他还翻修了曼哈顿上东城的一座公馆。该公馆是他在2012年以4700万美元买下的。Members of the royal family have used their oil and gas wealth to buy several masterpieces in recent years. Some were bought for private collections while others were acquired for a new national museum that will show off its art treasures when it opens next year。近年来,不少卡塔尔皇室家族成员使用本国的石油和天然气财富购买了名作。有的作为私人收藏,其它的作为新国家物馆的收藏,一年后开馆时其艺术珍宝可令人大[微]开眼界。Sheikha Mayassa bint Hamad al-Thani, the sister of Qatar#39;s emir, was initially reported to have been the buyerof the artwork that was previously the most expensive sold at auction a Francis Bacon triptychthat went under the hammer for 2 million in 2013.梅萨公主是卡塔尔埃米尔的,弗朗西斯·培根的一副三联画在2013年以1.42亿美元卖出,成为当时该拍卖行有史以来最贵艺术品。最初媒体报道梅萨公主是该艺术品的买主。But art world sources later said that the buyer who has not been officially identified was Elaine Wynn, the co-founder of a Las Vegas casino empire。但“艺术世界来源”后来发表声明,称非官方实的买主其实是伊莲·怀恩——皇家的联合创始人。Sheikha Mayassa, then head of the Qatar Museums Authority, previously bought ;The Card Players; by Paul Cezanne last year for a reported 0 million in a private sale the highest-price paid for a painting at the time. Her family has also spent heavily on works by Mark Rothko, Richard Serra, Roy Lichtenstein, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons。据报道,作为卡塔尔物馆馆长的梅萨公主,去年从一个私人收藏家手里以2.5亿美元的创纪录高价买下保罗·塞尚的名作《玩纸牌的人》。她的家人同时还重金购买了马克·罗斯科、理查德·塞拉、李奇登斯坦、弗朗西斯培根、安迪·沃霍尔和杰夫·昆斯等名家的画作。There was also speculation that the buyer of the Picasso this month might have been Asian as money from that continent, notably China, fuelled a record-breaking week of sales of nearly billionat Christie#39;s and Sotheby#39;s in New York。曾经有推测表示,本月这幅毕加索的名画可能是一名亚裔人士购买的,因为从亚洲,尤其是中国汇出的钱款创下了克利斯蒂拍卖行和纽约索斯比拍卖行一周近20亿美元交易的新纪录。The Qatar embassy did not reply to a request for comment and the government rarely discusses the purchases of its ruling royals。卡塔尔大使馆没有作出相关回应,该国政府也很少讨论其统治家族的购买行为。 /201506/378775A Chinese rabbit called Tuzki is winning the hearts of young adults across Asia and reaping riches in merchandise deals for his owners.一只名为兔斯基(Tuzki)的中国兔子,正在赢得全亚洲青少年的心。对这一品牌的商业化运作,更让他的所有者收获大量财富。Cartoon character Tuzki (pronoun#172;ced Tuts-ki), is exceptional, and not just because of his groovy dance moves. It is rare for a Chinese brand to prosper in the international market. Even more unusually, this success has been achieved without any active promotion.作为一个卡通人物,兔斯基的不寻常之处不仅在于他绝妙的舞步。一个源于中国本土的漫画形象能在国际市场拥有如此高的人气,十分罕见。更不同寻常的是,他的成功并不依赖任何主动的市场炒作。Tuzki was designed by Momo Wang, a Beijing artist, in 2006, with China’s millennials — now in their 20s and 30s — in mind. The rabbit has become the default emoticon on WeChat, the messaging platform operated by Tencent, China’s social network and gaming powerhouse. The brand has piggybacked on WeChat’s success, migrating to other countries as WeChat users in China communicate with contacts overseas.兔斯基诞生于2006年,设计者是北京艺术家王卯卯,面向的群体就是中国的“千禧一代”(如今这些人正处在二三十岁的年纪)。这只兔子目前已成为微信(WeChat)免费提供的表情之一。微信是腾讯(Tencent)运营的消息平台,而腾讯则是中国的社交网络及游戏巨头。借助微信的巨大成功,借着中国微信用户与境外人群联系的顺风,这一形象也传播到了其他国家。“He has sp via the Chinese diaspora and is starting to filter through to the wider community,” says Yat Siu, founder and chief executive of Outblaze, a digital media company in Hong Kong. In 2008, Outblaze established a joint venture with Turner Entertainment, which had bought the rights to Tuzki; TurnOut Ventures now owns and manages Tuzki.香港数字化媒体公司网炫(Outblaze)创始人兼首席执行官萧逸(Yat Siu)表示:“兔斯基在海外华人中不断扩散,并开始向更大范围的人群渗透。”2008年,网炫与已经买下兔斯基专营权的透纳(Turner Entertainment)成立了一家合资公司。这家名为TurnOut Ventures的合资公司目前持有并管理着兔斯基品牌。When users send texts on WeChat, they can opt to add Tuzki — in the form of a mini-animation — to the message. Tuzki swings his hips, makes a “talk to the hand” motion, weeps as he waves goodbye, turns his ears into flickering birthday candles, blows kisses and hops into bed. His only facial features are the eyes but with his spindly limbs and decisive movements, he is remarkably expressive. The lively rabbit represents a significant upgrade to the more familiar, less dynamic, smiley faces offered by other messaging services.在微信上发送文本时,用户可以选择在消息中添加微动画形式的兔斯基。在这些表情中,兔斯基要么在晃动着他的臀部,要么摆出一副“懒得理你”的姿势,要么边哭边挥手告别,要么将他的两只耳朵变作摇曳的生日蜡烛,要么打个飞吻,要么一跃上床。兔斯基面部唯一的线条就是两只眼睛,然而纤细的四肢和明快的动作让他具有令人印象深刻的表现力。大部分消息务中提供的仍是更为人熟知的、动态感不那么强的微笑面孔。比起它们,兔斯基算是一大进步。TurnOut has made a number of lucrative licensing deals for Tuzki in China, where the rabbit features on everything from bedcovers to mobile phone cases, and is expanding its business across Asia and beyond. Within China, the number of Tuzki licensees tripled between 2012 and 2014, Mr Siu says, although he declines to give any financial details.TurnOut在中国已达成了一系列盈利丰厚的许可协议。在这里,兔斯基的形象已出现在从床罩到手机外壳在内的各种商品上。TurnOut正在将其业务扩展至全亚洲甚至亚洲以外。萧逸表示,在中国,获准使用兔斯基形象的商家在2012年到2014年间增加了两倍。不过,萧逸拒绝透露任何财务方面的细节。Companies as diverse as Motorola and KFC have co-opted Tuzki for promotional campaigns. “We’ve been surprised by the bth of his appeal. I think Tuzki has this mysterious power of being something for everyone, in a highly individualised way,” says Mr Siu.从托罗拉(Motorola)到肯德基(KFC),各种各样的公司都在将兔斯基用于促销活动。萧逸说:“他的号召力之大令我们惊讶。我觉得兔斯基有种神秘的力量,能以一种高度个性化的方式,在每个人心中都留下一席之地。”The first country Tuzki colonised outside China was South Korea. In 2012 Kakao Talk, the messaging app used by more than 90 per cent of smartphone owners in South Korea, adopted Tuzki as a paid-for emoticon, turning him into a household name. TurnOut Ventures struck licensing deals there, swiftly followed by deals in Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan.韩国是兔斯基走出中国进军海外的第一站。2012年,Kakao Talk将兔斯基选入付费表情,令他成为家喻户晓的名字。Kakao Talk是一款消息应用,为韩国90%以上的智能手机用户所使用。继韩国就兔斯基与TurnOut达成授权使用协议之后,日本、泰国、香港和台湾也紧随其后。As Tuzki’s virtual territory grows, TurnOut is receiving licensing requests from further afield. Last year it negotiated a deal with a bag company in Spain, but for the most part TurnOut does not yet have the capacity to handle contracts outside Asia.随着兔斯基在虚拟空间攻城略地,TurnOut收到了来自更遥远地区的授权申请。去年,TurnOut曾与西班牙一家箱包公司经磋商达成协议。不过在大多数情况下,TurnOut仍无力承接亚洲以外的合同。“Our infrastructure hasn’t kept pace with the growth of the brand,” says Mr Siu, “but we’re tracking Tuzki’s pro#172;gress though his Facebook page with a view to monetising his popularity. He has a lot of fans in the US and Latin America, especially in Mexico, Peru and Brazil where the Asian diaspora are relatively wealthy and perceived as trend setters”. In Europe, he adds, there is growing interest in Spain and Italy. “Italy’s not a typical Chinese diaspora market, but there’s a lot of interest in Asian design there.”萧逸表示:“我们的基础设施跟不上这一品牌成长的步伐。不过,我们正通过他的Facebook主页追踪他的步伐,希望能将他的人气货币化。他在美国和拉美地区拥有大量粉丝,尤其是在墨西哥、秘鲁和巴西等国,那儿的亚洲侨民相对较为富裕,而且被视为潮流引领者。”萧逸补充说,在欧洲的西班牙和意大利,人们对兔斯基的兴趣也越来越浓厚。“虽然意大利传统上并不是中国侨民市场,但那儿的人对亚洲设计有很大兴趣。”A recent deal with Facebook, which offers Tuzki stickers on its messaging service, is expected to expand the rabbit’s pawprint further.最近,Facebook也与TurnOut达成了协议,在其消息务里提供兔斯基贴图。在该协议的推动下,这只兔子的步伐预计会进一步向外扩张。Mr Siu believes that the enthusiasm for Tuzki reflects wider cultural shifts. “Tuzki shows us that millennials in China have more in common with their overseas counterparts than we might assume,” he says. “Young people of different nationalities share certain values, and cultural boundaries are becoming messy.”萧逸认为,兔斯基狂热反映了某种更深层次的文化变迁。他说:“兔斯基告诉我们,中国千禧一代与其海外同龄人的共通之处比我们想象得要多。不同国家的年轻人分享着特定的价值观,文化上的疆界正变得越来越模糊。” /201504/370908大余人民医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱

赣州好的皮肤医院赣州人民医院精子 于都县岭背镇上营村卫生所治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好

赣州长安医院皮肤科医生 When you starting dating someone new, the possibility always exists that your budding relationship could lead to a permanent commitment. Given this possibility, you want to leave nothing to chance about your future or that of your family if you and the girl you have begun dating get married or have children together. As you contemplate whether or not to ask her out, you should know these 10 things about a girl before dating her.当你与某人开始约会时,初识的怦然心动渐至日久情深,最终你可能就这么被拖进了婚姻的坟墓。鉴于这一可能性,如果你与这个女孩可以修成正果从此走上人生巅峰,那么你一定不想在未来的某个日子里突然“被小三”或者“喜当爹”。所以,在考虑要不要约她出去前,请务必了解以下10件关于这个女孩的事情。10.Relationship Status10.男女关系情况This tip may seem rather obvious; however, some ladies may not be upfront with you about their real relationship status. They could be wanting to start an illicit affair behind their partner or spouse#39;s back. They also may be on a relationship hiatus, but not fully available for a long-term commitment because of the possibility that their former boyfriend or spouse wanting to get back together. Either way, taking the time to pose this question to a girl that you are interested in dating can save you future heartache and emotional turmoil later. You should not assume that this girl will want to be with you exclusively even if she is in a romance with someone else.这则贴士的含义显而易见,然而,有些女人可能不会对你坦白她真实的感情状况。她们可能只是想背着配偶来段婚外恋,或是正处于感情空窗期,还抱有前男友或前夫会回头的幻想,想来段不以结婚为目的的恋爱。不管是哪种情况,你都有必要花点时间跟你的意中人聊聊这些问题,这样可以避免日后出现令人头疼的局面或感情的变数。如果你的意中人正跟别人热恋,那你就别幻想着她有朝一日能死心塌地跟你在一起啦。In fact, as silly as it may seem, you would fare well to ask a girl that you want to ask out if she is seeing or dating anyone exclusively. If she answers that she is seeing someone else, but open to dating you, you may proceed with caution and gauge your time with her accordingly to avoid any romantic complications. If she answers that she is not in a relationship with anyone, you can then proceed as you normally would in a new dating situation. When you have this information upfront, you can can figure out if asking her out is worth your time and effort.事实上,询问你想勾搭的女生是否名花有主似乎是一件很愚蠢的事情。如果她回答说自己正和别人谈着,但也可以给你个机会,那么你就得谨慎行事,并合计一下你们可以约会的时间。若是她表示现在还是单身,那么你就可以照常开展一段新的恋情。在正式开始约会前了解这些信息,你就知道该不该为了这段恋情付出时间和精力了。It can be difficult to know if someone is available for dating exclusively or not if you are not friends with this person or in that individual#39;s same circle of acquaintances. In this situation, you should trust your gut instincts and look for signs that this person may be dating someone else in addition to you. Further, if you both are new to each other, you should proceed slowly and get to know that person very well before taking your romance to the next level.如果你不是她的朋友,或只是与她的朋友圈有所交集,要了解她是否有恋人其实是一件很难的事情。在这种情况下,你应该相信自己的直觉,寻找她与别人约会的蛛丝马迹。长远的来说,在你俩还不熟的时候,别陷进这段感情,不妨先放慢进度,相识相知方可水到渠成。9.Age9.年龄Good manners dictate that a man should never ask a woman about her age. However, if you are unsure whether or not she is a minor, it is always best to err on the side of good judgment instead of good manners. Each state has different age of consent laws, which puts you at risk of committing a felony if you become seriously involved with someone who is underage. If the girl you want to ask out looks like she could be under the age of consent in your state, you should ask how old she is to protect yourself legally.有教养的男人是永远不会向女士询问年龄的。然而如果你不确定她是否已成年,比起保持风度矜持不问,还是“失礼”地坚守自己理性的判断较为明智。各州的法律对年龄的规定都不尽相同,这就导致你若是与未到法定年龄的女孩纠缠不清,会面临触犯重罪的危险。如果你想约的女孩看上去很“嫩”,即有可能未达到你所在州的法定年龄,为了避开“雷区”,你还是问一下女孩的年龄吧。Again, you can get this information from outside sources if you and she belong to the same circle of friends or acquaintances. However, if you are both unknown to each other, it would not be out of place to explain to her your concerns and gently insist that you be assured of her age before asking her out. If she refuses, you can chalk up her denial of your request as her loss rather than yours. If she agrees and shows you an identification card or some other proof of her age, you can take it as a sign that she is perhaps flattered and willing to go out with you after all.同理,你和她有共同好友或是朋友圈有交集的话,也可以从这些外来资源中获取你想要的信息。当然啦,你俩之前没有交集的话,那就得向她说明你的担忧并委婉地坚持一下自己的立场:为了保险起见,还是得先问清年龄再考虑约会的事。如果她拒绝回答,那么你要坚信她拒绝你的请求就是她的损失。如果她同意回答并给你看了身份或任何可以明她年龄的据,这就表明她在讨好你,也很乐意跟你约会。It is well known in today#39;s media that young girls lie about their ages all the time to get the attention of older teenage boys and men. Rather than get into a legal mess that could alter your future in devastating ways, you should make it a point to make sure that the girl you want to date is truly above that age of consent mark in your state. If she works with you or goes to college, for example, you can safely assume that she is of legal age. However, if you both are unknown to each other and meet by a chance encounter, you must use other tactics to ensure that this girl is genuinely and legally available for dating.众所周知,在现今的传媒生活中,小姑娘们为了吸引心智成熟的男性,总是会谎报自己的年龄。你应该时刻牢记,确保你想约的女孩的真实年龄超过所在州规定的年龄,如若不然,你将陷入一场法律纠纷,自毁前程。如果她是你同事或是校友,那就不必担心她的年龄问题了。但是你们俩若是意外邂逅的关系的话,那你还是得旁敲侧击,确保这个女孩达到法定年龄。8.Criminal History8.犯罪史Your legal future may not solely be tied up in whether or not the girl you are interested in is above the age of consent. It also may depend on what kind of criminal history she has. In the perfect scenario, the girl you want to date would have a clean criminal record and not even the slightest traffic infraction on it. However, statistics show that more people than ever have at least one arrest on their record, giving way to the chances that the girl you want to ask out has some sort of criminal past.未来你想没有麻烦也许不仅仅和你约会的女孩年龄相关,也取决于她有什么样的犯罪史。最好是你想约会的那个女孩很清白,甚至连交通违章都没有过。然而,数据表明,比以前更多的人都至少有一条被捕记录,所以你想要约会的女孩如果有犯罪记录,还是给她个机会吧。If the infraction was minor, such as speeding or littering, it more than likely will have little bearing on your possible future with her. However, if she has previously been arrested for drug possession, DUI, identity theft, assault, or some other serious charge, she may compromise your future significantly if you and she forge ahead with a relationship. Many people who have arrest records find it difficult to get a job, secure housing, and live a normal life after they have been released from jail or probation. Her inability to get a job or even approved for an apartment could leave you with the security you need to build a life with her.如果是小违章的话,比如超速或者乱扔垃圾,对你的未来不会有什么影响。然而,如果她之前因为藏毒被捕,酒后驾车,身份盗窃,人身攻击或者其他一些严重的指控,如果你执意要和她发展下去,可能会严重影响你的未来。大多有过逮捕记录的人出狱后或在缓刑期间很难找到工作,住房得不到保障,无法过上正常的生活。她想给你安全感,却连工作都没有,房子也没有,你还怎么和她生活下去呢。Further, depending on the nature of her crime and how well she has been rehabilitated, the possibility always exists that she could reoffend. You could inadvertently be putting yourself at risk of being an accomplice to her crimes or at least having knowledge about her behavior. You may be questioned by the police and cast in a suspicious light, which puts the burden on you to prove your own innocence. Before you ask out the girl you are interested in, you should verify if she has a criminal background. You can do this by researching online or checking the county court records in your city.此外,根据她犯罪的性质以及她洗心革面的程度,她再犯的可能性是一直存在的。你可能面临成为她犯罪同伙的危险或者至少你该她的行为有所认知。你会被警察传讯,并一直在警方怀疑之列,想明自己是清白的就难了。在你想约感兴趣的女孩之前,你应该查清她是否有犯罪记录。可以通过网上调查或查询你所在城市的地方法院记录。审校:小飞侠 编辑:Freya然 校对:丸子 /201507/386143瑞金市人民医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱赣州男性康复医院




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