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香坊区儿童医院的qq号泰来县药流多少钱Don:Yael, every day I grow closer to my goal of mind control.唐:雅艾尔,我觉得每天都离自己精神控制的目标更近了一步。Yael:What do you mean, Don?雅艾尔:此话怎讲?DON:Check out this study from Ohio State University that says nodding your head to signal approval and shaking your head to signal disapproval not only lets others know what youre thinking, but also influences your own thoughts.唐:看看这项俄亥俄州立大学的研究,它指出对赞成信号点头,摇头以示不赞同信号不仅让别人知道你在想什么,而且也会影响你自己的想法。So I figure, Ill just tell our listeners to nod their heads while listening to our show, and then unleash the propaganda!所以我认为,让听众在听我们节目时点点头,然后为我们大力宣传!YAEL:Whoa, there, Don. The study youre talking about never suggested that shaking or nodding your head actually changes your thoughts.雅艾尔:哇,这里,唐。你所谈论的研究从未表面摇动或点头实际上会改变你的想法。DON:It doesnt?唐:难道不是这样吗?YAEL:No. The study found that if you nod your head, even if you do it on purpose, you become more confident about your own thoughts, and if you shake it, you become less confident about them.雅艾尔:不是的。研究发现,如果点头,甚至如果你出于目的这样做,你会对自己的想法变得更自信,如果你摇头,你就会变得不那么有信心。For example, the studys participants were instructed to listen to one of two editorials--one which was well-argued, and one which wasnt.举例来说,这项研究的参与者被要求听两个社论,其中一个论充分,另一个则完全背离。When asked about it later, those participants who nodded their heads while listening agreed more strongly with the good editorial...当之后被问及时,那些听过更为强烈认同的社论后参与者都会点头。DON:See, it is brainwashing!唐:看,这是在洗脑!YAEL:and disagreed more strongly with the poorly reasoned editorial.雅艾尔:并且更为强烈不认同论不充分的社论。By nodding, they confirmed their thoughts, positive or negative.通过点头,他们实了自己积极或消极的想法。And the same thing happened when people were asked to write with their dominant hand, and then with their non- dominant hand.而当人们被要求用惯用手,然后是非优势手书写时也发生了同样的事情。When asked how confident they felt about the ideas they wrote down, those participants who wrote with their dominant hand felt more confident than those who didnt.当被问及对于他们所写的信心如何时, 相比非优势手的试验者,那些用惯用手的参与者们感到更自信。DON:Okay, Yael. Lets try it. Nod your head yes and Ill tell you how great I am.唐:好吧,雅艾尔。让我们试一试。你点头说是,我会告诉你我有多厉害。YAEL:Give it up, Don!雅艾尔:放弃吧,唐!DON:Rats, foiled again! 唐:哦,我又失败了! 201311/264843黑龙江省中西医结合学会医院有四维彩超吗 Business商业报道Schumpeter熊彼得Ideas reinvenTED重塑创意产业的TEDTED has revolutionised the ideas industry, in part by putting old wine in new bottles旧瓶装新酒,TED颠覆创意产业THE first TED conference in 1984 was such a damp squib that the organisers did not hold a second one for six years.1984年的第一次TED大会办得非常失败,以至于其组织者6年后才举办第二场。Today TED is the Goliath of the ideas industry.而如今的TED是创业行业的龙头企业。The heart of the enterprise is TEDs twice-yearly conference at which big ideas are presented in short, punchy talks.TED的核心产品就是两年一届的TED大会,大会由一些呈现优秀思想的短小精悍的演讲组成。On March 17th-21st,今年3月17-21日,around 1,200 TEDsters will gather in Vancouver to listen to the likes of Bill Gates and Nicholas Negroponte celebrating TEDs 30th birthday and thinking great thoughts.将会约有1200TED爱好者聚集到温哥华庆祝TED成立30周年,届时会有像比尔·盖茨或尼古拉斯·尼葛洛庞帝这样的人物来分享一些伟大的思想。The conference has also spawned an array of businesses, albeit not-for-profit ones.TED大会也催生出了一系列的企业,其中也不乏一些非盈利性的企业。The organisation has built an electronic warehouse of more than 1,700 previous talks, at TED.com.TED在其网站TED.com上建立了一个电子仓库,储存了1700多长以往的演讲视频。These are free to view and, so far, they have been watched nearly 2 billion times.迄今为止,这些免费的视频已经被观看了将近200万次。It has generated a mass movement:TED还催生了一个大规模活动:volunteers have put on more than 9,000 TED-like events called TEDx in 150 or so countries since .自年以来,来自150多个国家的志愿者举行了超过9000场类似TED,他们自己称之为TEDx的活动。It has established a TED prize, a TED fellowship programme and a line of TED e-books.TED还设立了一个TED奖,TED奖学金计划和一个电子书计划。它同时也成为了世界上重要的造星工场:And it has become a central part of the worlds star-making machinery:一旦被受邀至TED演讲,一个名不见经传的学者可以变身学界明星,an invitation to speak at TED can turn an obscure academic into a superstar guru and a struggling journalist into a celebrated writer.一个艰难谋生的小记者也可能成为知名作家。Such success has inevitably produced a backlash.如此巨大的成功自然会招来强烈的抵制。Critics dismiss TED as the Starbucks of intellectual life.批评者对TED嗤之以鼻,把它称作知识生活中的星巴克。Evgeny Morozov, a technology pundit, says it has become something ludicrous, and a little sinister.尤金·洛所夫,一位科技界的公共权威,说TED已经变成了一个荒唐荒唐可笑,有点邪乎的东西。Benjamin Bratton, a sociologist, goes further and suggests that TED is a recipe for civilisational disaster.社会学家本杰明·布莱顿则说TED会造成文明世界的灾难,In his view TED really stands for middlebrow, megachurch infotainment.在他看来,TED实际上代表的是通俗,大教派,资讯。The Onion, a satirical website, has produced a series of Onion talks including A future where all robots have penises.讽刺网站《洋葱报》制作了一系列洋葱脱口秀,其中一期名为在未来,每个机器人都会有‘铅笔。There is certainly some truth in these criticisms:这些批评也不是全无道理:any organisation that invites Sting to its 30th birthday party is in danger of jumping the shark.任何一个邀请斯汀参加其三十周年庆典的组织都可能会有走下坡路的危险。But criticism must be tempered by admiration for what TED has achieved.但是,那些对于TED所取得成就的赞誉中和了这些批评。It does indeed have a weakness for celebrities.的确,TED很钟爱名人,But it has also discovered hundreds of lights hidden under bushels:但它也发掘了大量被埋没的人才 :the most viewed TED , with 25m downloads, features Ken Robinson, a once-obscure British educationalist.被观看次数最多的,下载量高达2500万次的TED视频的主角,便是一个一度默默无闻的教育家肯·罗宾逊。It is true that TED shrinks big ideas into bite-like chunks.虽然TED把一些的宏大思想都极度压缩了,But it has also demonstrated that there is a huge market for big ideas.但它也明了这些思想具有巨大的市场。TED is the perfect example of the power of disruptive innovation.TED可以说是破坏式创新的典范:The ideas business was aly overcrowded when it began to flex its muscles.当TED崭露头角的时候,创意行业的市场已然饱和。The B rejected an early TED talk on the ground that it was too intellectual.B曾拒绝转播早期TED的现场演讲,理由是其太过深奥。But TED has rewritten the rules.但是,TED现在已经更改了规则。Conference regulars compare the corporate pabulum that they are served at Davos with the intellectual sustenance they receive at TED.TED大会的常客们拿达沃斯论坛和TED做对比,他们说前者提供的企业方面的内容简单乏味,而TED提供的才是有用的精神食粮。Businesses now hire it to run their in-house conferences.现在,企业会雇TED帮助其举办内部会议,Publishers compete to sign up its speakers.出版商也竞相与TED的演讲者签约。TED has done more to advance the art of lecturing in a decade than Oxford University has done in a thousand years.在革新演讲艺术方面,TED在十年内做出的贡献,比牛津大学一千以年来做出的更大。The man at the heart of this disruption is Chris Anderson, a journalist turned entrepreneur who calls himself TEDs curator.曾经是一名新闻工作者的克里斯·安德森便是这场创新运动的核心人物,他称自己是TED的守护人。Mr Anderson made his money publishing computer and business magazines.安德森通过出版计算机和商业杂志积累了财富。He bought TED in 2001 and set about turning a cult conference into a multimedia phenomenon,他在2001年买下了TED并在那时就开始将这个小众的集会转变为一种媒体现象。by bringing together the two worlds that he knew best:在此过程中他把他最熟悉的两个领域的知识。the journalistic one of storytelling and the high-tech world of disruptive change.新闻界的的讲故事的技巧和科技界的破坏式创新的理念结合了起来。And he provided TED with both a powerful business model and a pipeline of polished output.他还在为TED创造一个强大商业模式的同时,也建立了一个输出高质内容的渠道。TED uses a shrewd combination of paid-for and free products, the purpose of the latter being to generate buzz.TED巧妙地将付费和免费结合在了一起,这也造成了近来的轰动效应。Tickets to its five-day conferences cost at least ,000.如果要买下一场为期五天的TED大会的所有门票,你至少得花6000美元。It sells an ever-growing array of TED-branded products.TED的产品线还在日益增长。But it has also been generous with its intellectual capital,但是TED对待其知识资产却是毫不吝啬,not only giving away s on the internet but also granting licences to enthusiasts to stage TEDx events.它不仅在网上免费发布它的视频,还为TED的狂热爱好者举行的TEDx颁发许可。To ensure quality it sends all speakers a stone tablet engraved with the TED Commandments, starting with:为保演讲的质量,TED给其演讲者都定下了TED戒律,第一条便是Thou shalt not simply trot out thy usual schtick.勿施黔驴之技。Talks must last for just 18 minutes—Long enough to be serious and short enough to hold peoples attention, as Mr Anderson puts it.安德森规定演讲的长度不能超过18分钟既足够用来讲严肃的问题,也至于太长使人厌烦。Potential speakers are carefully auditioned and extensively trained—and subtly reminded that only successful talks will be put online.被精心挑选出的演讲者会接受多方面的训练,并被暗示说只有成功的演讲视频才会被发布。TED is constantly striving to improve its products and expand its pipeline.TED在努力不断提升产品的品质和并扩宽来源渠道。It has invested heavily in camera crews and stagecraft.它在摄影和舞台技术方面已经投入了大量资金。It has experimented with shorter formats such as TED in three minutes.它还试验了缩短般的三分钟TED。It has even introduced an American Idol element:它甚至引入了美国偶像的元素:about half of the speakers at each conference are chosen by competitive auditions that take place all over the world and are theoretically open to anyone.有将近一半的演讲者是通过全球海选的形式挑选的,理论上所有人都能参加这个选拔。Modern-day missionaries现代传教士TED has become the leading ideas festival of the digital world.TED已经成为数字世界最重要的思想盛会。It draws much of its audience as well as many of its star speakers from the technocracy.它的观众和演讲者很多都来技术专家政治群体。It champions tech solutions to problems:它赞成用科技手段解决问题:its talks tend to give the impression that there is no ill in the world that cannot be solved with a laptop and an internet connection.许多演讲都给人一种这样的印象:世界上没有什么问题是计算机和互联网解决不了的。But there is also something old-fashioned about it.但是TED也有传统的一面。TED meetings have a revivalist feel,TED的集会给人一种像是宗教复兴运动的感觉:from the preachers promises of salvation to the happy-clappy congregation.演讲者像布道者一样给出救赎的承诺,观众们则像一群狂热的教众。It is revealing that Mr Anderson is the son of missionaries, and, in rather Victorian fashion,克里斯·安德森是一名传教士的儿子,而且极具维多利亚时期风格的是,grew up in India before going to Oxford.他在印度长大,后来又上了牛津大学。TEDsters can also sound like modern versions of Dale Carnegie, the author of The Art of Public Speaking and How to Win Friends and Influence People.TED的演讲则也像是现代版本的戴尔·卡耐基,此人是《演讲的艺术》和《人性的弱点》的作者。A striking number of TED talks preach that you can have it all, a great career and a fulfilled life, if only you work hard and follow your passion.大量的TED演讲都宣扬,只要你努力工作并追随自己的,你就可以同时工作和生活的双丰收。The ultimate secret of TEDs success is not its commitment to disruptive innovation but its ability to repackage old-time religion for the digital age.TED成功的奥秘并不是它恪守了破坏性创新的理念,而是它把旧时的宗教重新包装,使之适应数字时代。 /201403/280880哈尔滨九洲医院妇科医生

黑龙江省哈尔滨五院的QQBusiness商业报道Consumer goods in Africa非洲日用消费品市场A continent goes shopping非洲大陆掀起消费潮Africas fast-growing middle class has money to spend迅速壮大的非洲中产阶级群体如今有钱消费了AFRICAN consumers are underserved and overcharged, reckons Frank Braeken, Unilevers boss in Africa.联合利华非洲区总裁Frank Braeken一直认为,非洲消费者所享受的务水平过低且收费高昂。Until recently, South Africans who craved shampoo made specially for African hair,直到最近,除了购买从美国进口的昂贵的日用品,南非人几乎别无选择,而他们真正渴望的是适合非洲发质的洗发水,or cosmetics for black skin, had little choice besides costly American imports.或是适合黑色皮肤的化妆品。Unilever spotted an opportunity:在这里,联合利华发现了商机:its Motions range of shampoos and conditioners is now a hit.其运动系列的洗发水和护发素正受到追捧。The Anglo-Dutch consumer-goods giant is making a big effort to tailor products for African customers:联合利华这家英荷日用消费品巨头正在为生产适合非洲消费者的产品做出巨大的努力:affordable food, water-thrifty washing powders and grooming products to fit local tastes.实惠的食品,省水的洗衣粉以及符合当地审美观的美容产品。It is also helping other businesses.这也带动了其他行业的发展。Last year Unilever opened the Motions Academy in Johannesburg.去年,联合利华在约翰内斯堡开设了一家Motions学院,Each year it will train up to 5,000 hairdressers who want to open their own salons.每年最多能培养5000名美发师,他们希望毕业后能够开设自己的美发沙龙。It is also a laboratory to test products and to try out new business models.联合利华能够利用这家美发学院测试新产品,同时探索新的商业模式。If it works, Unilever plans to replicate it elsewhere in Africa.如果获得成功,该模式将在非洲其他地区获得推广。Africa aly has a .8 trillion economy and is forecast to have a population of 1.3 billion by 2020.非洲经济体规模已达到1.8万亿美元,预计到2020年人口将会达到13亿。Lion economies such as Ghana and Rwanda have grown faster than South Korea, Taiwan and other East Asian tiger economies in five of the past seven years, albeit from a low base.在过去的七年中,像加纳、卢旺达这样的非洲狮经济体国家有五年发展速度超过了韩国、台湾等亚洲虎经济体国家。尽管起点较低,这种增长速度还是很可观的。Unilever is not the only consumer-goods giant moving in.联合利华不是唯一进军非洲市场的日用消费品巨头。Africa accounts for only 3% of group sales of Nestle, the worlds biggest food firm,对于世界最大的食品企业的雀巢公司来说,非洲市场仅占其全球销售总额的3%,but the Swiss behemoth is betting big there too:但这家瑞士巨头也在非洲市场下了很大的赌注:its African investments will total SFr1 billion in 2011 and 2012 against a total capital expenditure of SFr4.8 billion last year.2001和2012年的总投资额达到10亿瑞士法郎,而去年雀巢在全球的总投资额也只有48亿瑞士法郎。It has 29 factories on the continent and wants to build more. SABMiller, the worlds second-largest beermaker, is planning to invest up to .5 billion in Africa over the next five years to build and revamp breweries.雀巢公司在非洲拥有29家工厂,将来还会建得更多。全球第二大啤酒制造商—南非米勒正计划在未来的五年中向非洲投资25亿美元用以建造、改造啤酒厂。In the year to March 2012, the continent was SABMillers fastest-growing region, with volumes up by 13%.到2012年三月为止,SABMiller在非洲地区销售量上升13%,非洲成为SABMille业务发展最快的地区。Africas attractions stem from its new middle class, loosely defined by the African Development Bank as anyone who spends between and a day in purchasing-power parity terms.非洲市场之所以如此诱人,原因在于新生的中产阶级,非洲发展将其大致定义为日均消费额在2美元到20美元之间的群体。The bank estimates that more than 34% of Africans fit this description, up from 27% in 2000.该估计,非洲符合这一描述的人口比例由2007年的27%上升到如今的34%以上。The challenge is to make stuff such consumers can afford, says Sullivan OCarroll, the boss of Nestle South Africa.南非雀巢总裁Sullivan OCarroll表示,最大的挑战在于—要生产非洲中产阶级消费得起的产品。Nestle offers wares called Popularly Positioned Products.雀巢将这类产品称作大众消费品。The name may not be snappy but the products are cheap and address common nutritional deficiencies.也许这个名字不够大众化,但这类产品价格低廉,并且能够决绝普遍存在的营养不良问题。For instance, Nespray, an instant milk powder, contains calcium, zinc and iron—all essential for children.例如Nespray,这是一种速溶奶粉,含有钙、铁、锌这些儿童必需的矿物质。It is sold in a 250g pouch that costs only a few rand.这种奶粉的250克装仅售价几个兰特(南非货币单位)。Designing products that appeal to locals is only part of the challenge.设计符合当地需求的产品仅仅是挑战的一部分。Even in South Africa, which has the best infrastructure, consumers may be eager but hard to reach.即使在基础设施状况最好的南非,也存在市场需求旺盛但物流不便的问题。Nestle delivers directly to spaza shops, that make up about 30% of the national retail market.雀巢公司直接向spaza日常便利店供货。Many of these are in remote areas and owners often cannot afford delivery vans.许多spaza都位于偏远地区,店主无力购买厢式货车来运货。Nestle has set up 18 distribution centres that deliver to spazas.雀巢已经建立了18个配送中心来为spaza店家供货,It charges them the same prices as bigger outlets.收取的费用与那些较大的品牌直销购物中心是一样的。Security is a problem too.安全也是一大问题。Just as Nestles milk powder is fortified with iron, so its distribution centres are fortified with steel.例如雀巢奶粉是强化铁配方的,于是其配送中心中备有钢铁。The boss of the one in Soweto, has been tied up and held at gunpoint by burglars and threatened several times.索伟托地区配送中心的老板曾被持的窃贼绑了起来,还被威胁过好几次。Delivery vehicles that collect the spaza owners payments, called cash vans, used to be adorned with branding. That was like sticking on a sign saying rob me.以往,装载着spaza 店主付款的厢式货车一般都打着商标标识,它们被称作运钞货车,这简直是在招呼人们来抢我吧。Today they are nondescript white cars.如今,这些货车被没有任何标识的白色轿车所替代。Sowetos spazas range from a hole in the wall on a dust road in a squatters camp to a proper mini-market with a bright-green fade.索伟托的spazas便利店规模大小不等,千差万别—有的位于非法聚居点,门前是灰尘扑扑的马路,所谓的便利店只是在墙上掏出一个洞;有的则坐落在合法的小型市场内,建筑表面刷着鲜亮的绿漆。Many of the owners are canny in dealing with customers.多数店主都很精明,招呼客人很有一套。But for the supplier, working with them is tricky.但对于供货商来说,他们却很难以对付。Few have much working capital—5,000 rand is typical.店主们几乎都没有太多的钱—大多数人的运营资本只有5000兰特左右。Many have no ambition to grow.许多店主并没有扩大营业规模的打算。Some are hard to find.还有的找不到人。Nestle views microdistribution as a marketing expenditure:雀巢公司把微观分销microdistribution 视作市场营销出的一部分:its staff can talk spaza owners into trying new products and check that its wares are prominently displayed.公司职员可以说spazas店主尝试售卖新产品,检查雀巢公司的产品是否摆放在显眼的位置。The goal is to make what it calls microdistribution break even.之所以这样做是为了保微观分销不会赔本。South Africas roads and railways are much better than the rest of Africas.南非的公路和铁路设施比非洲其他地区要好得多。Danone, a French food firm, delivers its yogurts and other delectables twice a week to 8,500 outlets in South Africa.法国食品公司达能集团每周发两次货,把酸奶等美味食品运送到南非8500个品牌直销店中。We cannot do this in Angola, Nigeria or Gambia, says Mario Reis, its local boss.南非区总裁Mario Reis表示:我们无法再安哥拉、尼日利亚或冈比亚做到这一点。He adds that in most of the rest of the continent, firms need to dig their own wells and generate their own electricity.他补充道,在非洲其他大部分地区,公司需要自己挖井取水、自己发电。In Dar es Salaam in Tanzania electricity is on only for two unpredictable hours a day.在坦桑尼亚首都达累斯萨拉姆,每天只能供应两个小时电力,还是不定时的。South Africa is a good base from which to penetrate the rest of the continent,要想把商品推广到整个非洲大陆,南非是一个很好的起点,but it is a mistake to assume that what works south of the Limpopo will also work north of it.但是如果简单地认为把林波波河以南地区的经验应用到林波波省以北地区就能取得成功,那可就大错特错了。More than two-fifths of all Africans still subsist on .25 a day.2/5以上的非洲人每天的消费水平仅为1.25美元。Brands matter less than price in most of Africa, says Simon Crutchley, the boss of AVI, a big South African consumer-goods firm with businesses across Africa.在非洲大部分地区,价格比品牌更重要南非日用消费品企业AVI公司总裁Simon Crutchley 表示:Many Africans are too poor to be brand aware, he says.许多非洲人过于贫穷,没有什么品牌意识。They have not grown up bombarded with advertising and barely recognise even famous brands.他们不是在广告轰炸下成长起来的,甚至连著名的商标也认不出几个。But this is changing quickly, thanks to television and mobile phones.但多亏了电视和移动电话的普及,这些正在很快转变。Corruption is a huge headache.腐败是一个让人深感头痛的问题。At the border of Tanzania and Kenya lorries are kept waiting for a week or more if the right palms are not greased.在坦桑尼亚和肯尼亚边境,如果没有给关键位置的人贿赂,运货卡车可能要等一个星期或者更久才能跨越边境。Companies shifting perishable goods risk losing the lot if they refuse to pay up.如果不交这笔钱,运输易腐商品的公司就面临着损失全部货物的风险。Ports are a problem, too.港口也是一个问题。Durban, in South Africa, is perhaps the most efficient:南非东部的德班港也许是非洲效率最高的港口:containers whizz through in a few days.集装箱在几天之内就能通过。In other ports, the process can drag on for weeks.在其他港口这一过程要耗费几周的时间。The longer the delay, the greater the pressure to pay bribes, moans a long-suffering company boss.延误的时间越长,行贿的压力就越大一位长期忍受这些的老板抱怨道。He adds that Dar es Salaam, the main port of Tanzania, could double its capacity by bringing its management up to Durbans standards.他又补充道:要是达累斯萨拉姆的管理水平能够上升到和德班港一个档次,港口吞吐量就能翻一番Gareth Ackerman, the boss of Pick n Pay, a large supermarket chain based in Cape Town, says that his companys strategy is African creep—conquering new markets one at a time, moving steadily northward.连锁超市Pay总裁表示其公司战略为African creep—每次只开设一家新店,稳扎稳打向北方扩展。We need the supply chain, he explains.我们需要这样的供应链。他解释道。No longer the shopless continent 非洲不再是没有购物生活的大陆Unilevers push into Africa is a return to familiar territory.对联合利华来说,进军非洲市场实际上是重回他们熟悉的战场。The firm made a fifth of its profits in Africa until the 1970s, when it shifted its attentions to Asia.直到20世纪70之前,联合利华总利润的1/5的还来自非洲市场,从那之后,联合利华转攻亚洲市场。Now it is back, employing 30,000 people on the continent and shifting soap, soup and so on worth 3 billion—out of total worldwide sales of 46 billion.现在它又回来了,在非洲大陆上雇佣了3万名员工,销售日用品、食品等总价值约30亿欧元的商品—其全球销售总额为460亿欧元。It is aly Africas biggest supplier of consumer goods, and aims to double sales in the next five years by beefing up investment and bringing in more of its brands.联合利华已成为非洲最大的日用消费品供应商,并打算在未来五年内通过追加投资、引入更多品牌等措施,将非洲地区的销售总额翻一番。In spite of the risks, businessfolk are upbeat.尽管有风险,这些企业还是非常乐观的。A couple of decades ago, most African governments made life very hard for business.几十年前,大多数非洲政府对商业管束的很严。Now policies are more market-friendly, albeit with frequent relapses:如今的政策更有利于市场运行,不过时有反复:Zambia, for example, recently banned the use of American dollars in local transactions—a needless extra hassle for firms operating there.例如赞比亚最近禁止在国内交易中使用美元——这为在当地有业务的国际企业增添了许多不必要的麻烦。Still, the corridor chatter at sub-Saharan conferences these days is cheerful.不过,这几天就撒哈拉沙漠以南走廊地带经济状况召开的会议还是鼓舞人心的。Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, says that cynicism about Africa has turned to optimism.世界经济论坛的创建者Klaus Schwab认为,以往人们对非洲的嘲笑态度已被一种乐观的情绪所替代。We have a sense that things are really getting better, says Mr Braeken.Mr Braeken 则表示我们感觉到,非洲确实在朝着好的方向发展。Africa is not only about mining and oil any more.非洲不再只有石油和矿产。But, he says, the continent still needs to overcome what George Bush, in another context, called the soft bigotry of low expectations.但Mr Braeken还表示,非洲必须克乔治.布什所谓的软偏见导致的低要求问题。 /201308/251536松北区中医医院名中医 哈尔滨九州专家咨询

巴彦县儿童医院上环 Shark Bay, Western Australia, home to more than 3,000 bottlenose dolphins.澳洲西部的鲨鱼湾,3000多宽吻海豚的家园。Here, a devoted mother called Puck battles to keep her little calf Samu alive in a very dangerous world.就在这里,一位充满母爱名叫帕克的母亲为保护它的幼崽山姆而与自然界无处不在的危险搏斗。Every summer thousands of tiger sharks come to the Bay looking for an easy meal, many of the calves are taken.每个夏天,数以千计的鲨鱼会来到这里寻找易捕食的猎物。许多海豚幼崽会被吃掉。;...the shark! the shark!;鲨鱼,鲨鱼!The survival of Pucks baby calf Samu will depend on the devotion of his mom and the strength of his family.帕克的孩子幼崽山姆的存活取决于母亲对于它的爱以及整个家族的力量。For the first time the extraordinary behaviour of a family of dolphins has been captured on camera.摄像机首次捕捉到了海豚一家的奇特行为。All the drama of Samus first few months is played out in the shallow waters of Shark Bay where only the lucky few survive.山姆头几个月的戏剧生活在鲨鱼湾的浅水区上演了。在那里只有少数幸存者能够存活下来。800 miles north of Perth, a group of islands stretch out into the rough waters of the Indian Ocean, sheltering a vast shallow bay beyond.距离帕斯北部800公里处,一群岛屿坐落在波涛汹涌的印度洋中,在更远处,潜藏着巨大的浅水湾。201403/282541哈尔滨省七院口碑咋样啊哈尔滨妇幼医院专家




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