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连云港哪里取环好东海县驼峰中心卫生院肛肠科When I first met Sean Rad, back in 2013, Tinder was a blossoming dating app. It was known primarily for, how shall I put it, casual relationships.追溯到2013年,当我第一次遇见西恩·拉德的时候,Tinder还只是一款在起步初期的约会APP。它主要有名在,怎么说呢,能让人们随机约会。Back then he told me Tinder was ;good for humanity;, a line I instantly latched onto as being faintly ridiculous, and wonderful for a headline.当时他告诉我Tinder是“为了人类的利益”的时候,我的第一反应就是这有点儿可笑,但是会是个精的头条。But now when I think of how Tinder has impacted my life, and those of several people close to me, I start to see what he was getting at.但现在想想Tinder是怎么影响我的生活的,想想那些因此而接近了我的人,我慢慢开始理解他当年所说的东西。Life-changing things have happened to millions of people thanks to that simple swipe-yes-swipe-no interface.当今简便易操作的电子设备界面已经改变了数百万人的生活。I know people who have married their Tinder matches. I know many others who are in serious relationships.我认识一个人,她就嫁给了在Tinder上匹配到的一个人。And yes, I know many people who have had casual hook-ups and one-night stands. Yet why that last point is seen as a negative to be joked about I#39;ll never know. People have been doing that in bars for well over 100 years.我知道有许多人会认真对待一段感情,我也知道有许多人喜欢拈花惹草四处找一夜情。但我不知道为什么后者会一直以来成为人们贬低嘲笑的对象。人们在酒吧里像那样做已经有一百多年了。Anyway, Tinder is growing up. It#39;s now a serious technology company tackling one of life#39;s most important matters, and is by far the most popular dating app worldwide.但无论如何,Tinder正迅速地发展着。一个非常强大的科技公司正试图介入影响人们的终身大事,正是靠这款到目前为止风靡全球的约会APP。Mr Rad is the chairman of both Tinder and Swipe Ventures, the arm of the company designed to buy other dating-related technologies.拉德先生现在是Tinder和Swipe Ventures两家公司的董事长,它们是开发与约会相关的技术的两家巨头公司。One of which is artificial intelligence. And its collision with dating might be the most intriguing application of AI yet.其中一家公司开发的是人工智能,它与约会这种事碰撞产生的火花,或许会让这款智能APP变得极为有趣。Still, even though it can be difficult to admit, dating really is a numbers game, and right now the data Tinder uses is primitive: age, location and mutual friends - as well as a few mutual interests as defined by what you ;like; on Facebook.即使我们不愿意承认,但约会的确就像一场数字游戏,Tinder只是考察最简单最原始的条件:年龄,住址和共同好友 - 就像Facebook通过你点赞的内容从而确定你的兴趣一样。Why not add a few parameters and make it even more likely you will click?为什么往其中不多加几个因素呢?这样我们就更有可能点开匹配给我们的约会对象了。 /201703/496277连云港东海医院妇科医生 1. You never really say goodbye1.你永远不会真正说再见It is sad, unsettling, and a really uncomfortable feeling to be okay for days, weeks, and years, rarely ever thinking about them or their voice or their face. Then suddenly, bam, there they are again, haunting your thoughts. Making you wish you had tried harder to keep them.几天几周几年感到悲伤和真的不舒还好,偶尔还是会想起他们,想起他们的声音或者面容。然后你的感情就突然崩溃了,他们又开始在你的脑海中挥之不去。让你希望自己当时应该更加努力来挽留他们。Maybe you go into Facebook stalker-mode and try to learn everything that has happened since you last spoke. You tell yourself to just say goodbye and let it go. But I am telling you not to. Remember how this person made you feel. Remember that love.或许你会去Facebook开启跟踪狂模式,想知道在你们最后一次谈话之后他身边发生的一切。你告诉自己说再见,让感情消散。但是我要告诉你不要这样做。要记住这个人给你的感觉。记住那段爱青。2. You can love another person2.你可以爱上另一个人Rekindle it. Recycle it. Put it into something or someone else. Because if you are capable of loving one person this deeply, you can love another. Do not do yourself the injustice of giving up on love just because one got away. We all lose big fish once in a while. Pick up your tackle box. Move on to the next watering hole.重新点燃爱情之火。回收你的感情。将你的爱放到其他事情或者其他人身上。因为如果你能深爱上一个人,你也能爱上另一个人。不要因为一段爱情消散不去,就对自己不公平而放弃爱情。我们都会偶尔错失大鱼。拎着你的钓鱼盒,继续到另一个水坑中钓鱼。3. That rejection prepares you for life3.拒绝是生活给你准备好的礼物It sucks, and it hurts. Your heart remembers the initial shock of realizing they are not yours time and time again. But that is okay too. You know why? That rejection prepares you for life.被拒绝很讨厌,很伤人。你的心里一次次回忆当你意识到他们不是你的时候的最初的震惊。但是这也没什么。你知道为什么。因为拒绝是生活给你准备好的礼物。You get stronger when you realize that you have survived without the person you thought you couldn’t live without. Then take a look at their life, key to their happiness, and realize that while this person is not with you, they are happy as well.当你意识到你之前以为没有那个人你就活不下去,但是你却活得很好的时候,你就会变得更加坚强。然后看一下他们的生活,他们幸福的关键,意识到当这个人没有你的时候,他们也依然快乐。 /201701/489944Airborne dust is normally seen as an environmental problem, but the lack of it is making air pollution over China considerably worse.虽然空气中的灰尘通常会被视为一个环境问题,但缺乏灰尘反而会对中国的空气污染造成相当严重的影响。A new study suggests less dust means more solar radiation hits the land surface, which reduces wind speed. That lack of wind in turn leads to an accumulation of air pollution over heavily populated parts of China.一项最新研究表明,较少的灰尘意味着更多的太阳辐射到达地面,这降低了风速。而风力不足会转而导致中国人口稠密地区空气污染的积聚。The researchers found that reduced dust levels cause a 13% increase in human-made pollution in the region.研究人员发现,由于空气中灰尘减少,导致人为因素引发的空气污染上升了13%。Hundreds of millions of people across China continue to be impacted by air pollution from factories and coal-fired power plants. Studies suggest that the dirty air contributes to 1.6 million deaths a year, about 17% of all mortalities.全国数以万计的人们将继续受到工厂和燃煤电厂所造成的空气污染的影响。研究指出,中国每年有160万人死于污浊空气引发的疾病,约占死亡人口总数的17%。But this new research says that the human-induced pollution is being made worse or better by naturally occurring dust that blows in from the Gobi desert.但这项新的研究表明,戈壁的风沙对人为因素造成的空气污染可以起到调节作用。Using models to simulate 150 years of wind and dust patterns in the region, the researchers found that the dust deflects significant amounts of sunlight.通过模拟这一地区150年以来刮风以及灰尘样本进行分析,研究人员发现,灰尘对阳光能起到显著的散射作用。Differences in the temperatures between land and sea cause the winds to blow. Without the dust, the land warms up more and that changes the temperature differential with the sea leading to weaker breezes - and more air pollution.风的形成来自海洋和陆地之间的温差。如果没有灰尘,地面的温度就会更高,从而改变了陆地和海洋温差的比值,并导致了风力减弱,空气污染就更严重了。;There are two dust sources. One is the Gobi and the other is the highlands of north-west China, but we found the Gobi had much more influence,; said lead author Yang Yang, from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington State, US.来自美国华盛顿州太平洋西北国家实验室、该研究的首席作者杨阳表示:“灰尘来自两个地方。一个是戈壁、另一个是中国西北部的高原,但我们发现戈壁施加的影响更大。”;Less dust in the atmosphere causes more solar radiation to reach the surface. It weakens the temperature difference between the land and the sea and impacts the circulation of the winds and causes a stagnation over eastern China and that causes an accumulation of air pollution.;“大气中由于缺乏灰尘,导致地面接收到更多阳光辐射,弱化了陆地和海洋的温差,并对气流循环产生影响。由此,中国东部地区的空气出现停滞状态,从而导致空气污染的积聚。” /201705/510154连云港国泰便血肛门异物肛瘘肛裂肛周脓肿治疗好吗

连云港做无痛人流手术费用Living in a culture that is different from your own can be both an exciting and challenging experience.生活在一个和自己文化不同的社会里,可能是一个既令人兴奋、又充满挑战的经历。You have to learn different cultural practices and try to adapt to them. Following are the top six cultural differences between China and the US.你必须了解不同文化的行为习惯,并且努力适应它们。以下是中国和美国之间的六点文化差异。1.Privacy1.隐私Chinese people do not have the same concept of privacy as Americans do. They talk about topics such as ages, income or marital status, which Americans think is annoying and intrusive.中国人的隐私概念和美国人不同。中国人谈论年龄、收入、或者婚姻状况,而美国人则认为这些话题非常令人不快、具有侵入性。2.Family2.家庭In China, elders are traditionally treated with enormous respect and dignity while the young are cherished and nurtured.在中国,老人们通常都享有巨大的尊重和受尊崇的地位,而年轻一辈则被悉心呵护、培养。In America, the goal of the family is to encourage independence, particularly that of the children. Unlike the Chinese, older Americans seldom live with their children.但是在美国,家庭的目标是鼓励独立,特别是孩子们。和中国人不同,美国老人很少和自己的孩子们住在一起。3.Friends3.朋友Chinese people have different meanings to define friends. Just hanging out together time to time is not friendship. Friendship means lifelong friends who feel deeply obligated to give each other whatever help might seem required.中国人对朋友有不同的定义。只是经常一起出门玩的人不叫朋友。朋友是指那些永远觉得有义务向对方提供所需任何帮助的人。Americans always call people they meet friends, so the definition of friends is general and different. There are work friends, playing friends, school friends and drinking friends.美国人经常称呼他们遇到的人为朋友,因此他们对朋友的定义很一般,并且各有不同。有工作的朋友,有一起玩的朋友,有学校的朋友,有喝酒的朋友。4.Money4.金钱As is well known, the Chinese like to save. They are always conservative when they are planning to spend money.众所周知,中国人喜欢存钱。当计划花钱的时候中国人总是很保守。It is different in the USA, where far fewer families are saving money for emergencies and education than their Chinese counterparts.但是在美国则不同,和中国家庭相比,很少有美国家庭为紧急情况和教育存钱。5.Education5.教育Chinese people value education and career more than Americans, who in turn put more emphasis on good character and faith.中国人看重教育和事业,而美国人则更强调好品格和信仰。6.Collectivism vs. Individualism6.集体主义VS个人主义Basically China values the community and the US values the individual. If you achieve something in the US, it#39;s because you were great.总的来说,中国更加看重集体,而美国则更看重个人。在美国,如果你取得了一些成就,那是因为你自己的功劳。While in China, if you achieve something in China it#39;s because the team, or family, or company is great.但是在中国,如果你取得了一些成就,那会被归功于你的团队、家庭或者公司。Everything you do gets attributed to the greater whole, while in America individual merits are celebrated.在中国你所做的一切都归功于更大的集体,但是在美国则更加认可个人的功绩。 /201612/483295连云港国泰医院有微创手术吗 连云港囊肿手术需要多少钱

连云港医院检查怀孕It is 10pm in the Madrid neighbourhood ofLa Latina, one of the city’s oldest areas, and the cobbled streets thrum withthe sounds of people enjoying plates of gambas al ajillo (garlicprawns) and cocido Madrile?o (a hearty chickpea, pork and chorizostew). Restaurants are bustling at an hour when, in most other countries, chefswould be hanging up their aprons for the night.夜晚10点,在马德里附近的拉·拉提那——马德里最古老的区域之一,卵石铺就的街道上回荡着人们享用Gambas al ajillo(蒜蓉大虾)和cocido Madrile?o (一种量很大的鹰嘴豆、猪肉和口利佐香肠做成的炖菜)时欢乐的杯盘撞击声。在这个时间段,马德里的餐馆里人头攒动,而在其他大部分国家,餐馆大厨们已经把围裙挂起来下班了。While travellers might attribute Spain’slate mealtimes to the country’s laidback Mediterranean attitude, the realreason is a little more peculiar. Spaniards are living in the wrong time zone,and have been for more than 70 years.游客们把西班牙的迟来的吃饭时间归结为懒散的地中海居民习惯,但真正的原因却有点奇怪。西班牙人生活在错误的时区,而且已经这样生活了超过70年。Spain goes by Central European Time,putting it in sync with Serbia (Credit: Facto Foto/Getty)西班牙采用欧洲中央时间,与塞尔维亚同步(版权:Facto图片/Getty )Glance at a map and you’ll realise thatSpain – sitting, as it does, along the same latitude as the UK, Portugal andMorocco – should be in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). But Spain goes by CentralEuropean Time (CET), putting it in sync with the Serbian capital Belgrade, morethan 2,500km east of Madrid.看一眼地图,你会意识到西班牙处于与英国、葡萄牙和洛哥相同的纬度上——应该采用格林威治时间(GMT)。但是西班牙采用欧洲中央时间(CET),这让马德里跟塞尔维亚首都贝尔格莱德——一座2500公里外的城市的时间同步。So why are Spaniards living behind theirgeographic time zone?那么为什么西班牙人要采用这种跟实际地理位置对不上的时区划分呢?In 1940, General Francisco Franco changedSpain’s time zone, moving the clocks one hour forward in solidarity with NaziGermany.在1940年,弗朗西斯科·弗朗科将军改变了西班牙的时区,把时钟往前提了一小时,以便跟纳粹德国保持一致。For Spaniards, who at the time were utterlydevastated by the Spanish Civil War, complaining about the change did not evencross their minds. They continued to eat at the same time, but because theclocks had changed, their 1pm lunches became 2pm lunches, and they weresuddenly eating their 8pm dinners at 9pm.对西班牙人来说,饱尝了内战痛苦之后,他们压根就没想过抗议时间调整这件事。他们还在老时间吃饭,但因为钟表被调过了,他们下午1点的午餐变成了2点的午餐,晚上8点的晚餐突然变成了9点的晚餐。After World War II ended, the clocks werenever changed back. However, in 2016, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced that thegovernment was working on a plan to implement a new workday schedule ending at6pm as opposed to 8pm. One important element of the plan was uating thepossibility of changing Spain’s time zone from CET to GMT – something that hassparked a heated discussion throughout the country.二战结束后,时钟并没有被调回来。但是在2016年,西班牙首相马里亚诺·拉霍伊宣布政府正在研究落实一个新的工作日时间安排方案,把晚餐从8点提前到6点。这个方案的一个重要因素就是论把西班牙的时区从CET改为GMT的可能性——这在全国范围内引起了热议。With work days ending at 8pm, Spaniardssave their social lives for the late hours (Credit: Stefano PolitiMarkovina/Alamy)工作在晚上8点结束,西班牙人把社交活动留给了深夜(版权:Stefano Politi Markovina/Alamy)Being 60 minutes behind the correct timezone means the sun rises later and sets later, bestowing Spain with gloriouslylong summer evenings and 10pm sunsets. Those who run Spain’s tourist resortsbelieve that more sunlight is a large draw for visitors. The regionalgovernment of the Balearic Islands ? which includeMallorca, Menorca and Ibiza ? is strongly againstreturning to GMT and has even campaigned to maintain year-round summer time(CET+1) to allow visitors to take full advantage of the region’s mild winter climate.由于比正确的时间晚了60分钟,太阳升起时间变晚,落下时间也变晚,这给予了西班牙漫长的夏季夜晚,太阳在晚上10点才落下。西班牙的旅游从业者们认为更长的白天能极大地吸引观光者。巴利阿里群岛——包括了马略卡、梅诺卡和伊比萨岛——的地方政府强烈反对回归GMT时间,甚至为了保留夏时制(CET+1)而抗争,以便让旅游者能够充分享受本地温和的冬季气候。But for many Spaniards, living in the wrongtime zone has resulted in sleep deprivation and decreased productivity. Thetypical Spanish work day begins at 9am; after a two-hour lunch break between 2and 4pm, employees return to work, ending their day around 8pm. The laterworking hours force Spaniards to save their social lives for the late hours.Prime-time television doesn’t start until 10:30pm.但是对很多西班牙人来说,错误的时间让他们睡眠不足,工作效率降低。西班牙标准的工作时间从上午9点开始,在下午2点到4点是午餐时间,之后雇员们要工作到晚上8点才下班。这让西班牙人不得不把社交活动放在了深夜。电视的黄金时段从夜里10点半才开始。Meanwhile, in the northwestern region ofGalicia, the sun doesn’t rise until after 9am in winter, meaning that residentsare starting their day in the dark.同时,在西北部的加里西亚,冬季太阳升起时间晚于上午9点,这意味着居民们要摸黑上班。The time difference results in long summerevenings and 10pm sunsets (Credit: PhotoStock-Israel/Alamy)错误的时区划分使夏季夜晚变长,太阳在晚上10点落山(版权: PhotoStock-Israel/Alamy)“The fact that the time in Spain doesn’tcorrespond to the sun affects health, especially sleep,” said José Luis Casero,president of the National Commission for the Rationalization of SpanishSchedules, an organisation that has been campaigning for Spain to return to thecorrect time zone since 2006. “If we changed time zones, the sun would rise onehour earlier and we’d wake up more naturally, meal times would be one hourearlier and we’d get an extra hour’s sleep.”“事实上,西班牙目前采用的时间跟太阳照射时间不符,这会影响健康,尤其是睡眠,”胡塞·路易·卡塞罗——西班牙时间合理化国家委员会的主席说。这一组织从2006年起开始为西班牙回归正确的时区而奋斗。“如果我们改变时区,太阳会提前一小时升起,我们也会更自然地醒来,饭点会提前一小时,我们就多了一小时的睡眠时间。”Spaniards have traditionally coped withtheir late nights by taking a mid-morning coffee break and a two-hour lunchbreak, giving them the opportunity to enjoy one of the country’s most infamoustraditions: the siesta.西班牙人为了适应迟来的夜晚,会在上午设一个喝咖啡时间以及两个小时的午休,这让人们能够享受这个国家最声名狼藉的传统:午睡。Changing the workday would threatenSpaniards’ customary naptime, although whether or not citizens would mind isstill up for debate. A January 2017 study byresearch company Simple Lógica found that less than 18% of Spaniards napregularly, while nearly 60% never take a siesta. In fact, business owners inmany of the country’s major cities and holiday resorts remain open during themidday break to cater to tourists.改变工作时间会威胁到西班牙人习惯的午睡时间,尽管人们是不是介意这一点还有待争论。一项在2017年1月由Simple Lógica公司所做的调查显示不到18%的西班牙人有午睡习惯,而将近60%的人从不午睡。事实上,在这个国家的大城市和景区的店主们在午休时间仍然营业,以便赚游客们的钱。Meanwhile, those who do nap expressfrustration when changes in their daily routine prevent them from sleepingmid-day.同时,午睡者们抱怨对他们日常生活节奏的改变让他们不能睡午觉。“We should really banish the siesta inSpain because it doesn’t fit with reality,” Casero said. “And with the changeof time zone bringing meal times forward and giving us an extra hour of sleep,there would be less need for a rest at midday.”“我们应该在西班牙取消午睡制度,因为这根本不实际,”卡塞罗说。“随着时区的改变,晚饭时间提前,我们就多了一个小时的睡眠时间,这样就不需要睡午觉了。”Changing the workday would threatenSpaniards’ customary siesta (Credit: Ignacio Perez Diez/Getty)改变时区会威胁到西班牙人的午睡习惯(版权:Ignacio PerezDiez/Getty )When it comes down to it, economist NuriaChinchilla, an expert in work-life balance at the Instituto de EstudiosSuperiores de la Empresa business school in Barcelona, feels that quality oflife for Spaniards is more pressing than preserving an extra hour or two ofevening light for tourists.总结起来,经济学家努利亚·钦奇拉——巴塞罗那IESE商学院的工作生活平衡研究专家——认为提高西班牙人的生活质量远比为旅游者多保留一个或两个小时的夏夜来得重要。“We have continuous jetlag,” she said.“Tourism will always be there and tourists don’t care. The number of hours ofsunlight will be the same, whether it is an extra hour in the morning or in theevening.”“我们的时差倒不完,”她说。“旅游业一直都有,旅游者们也不在乎。白天的时长不会变,不管所谓早上多了一小时还是晚上多了一小时。” /201705/508453 Brazil Nuts巴西坚果These potent seeds hail from South American countries like Venezuela, Colombia, and more. They may not be as common as peanuts or walnuts, but there#39;s good reason to seek them out at your local health food store or online: ;One ounce of brazil nuts, which is about six to eight nuts, has 777 percent of the daily value for selenium, an antioxidant that plays a critical role in DNA synthesis and helps protect our body from oxidative damage and infection,; says Alexandra Miller, a corporate dietitian at Medifast. ;Inadequate concentrations of selenium may be associated with age-related declines in brain function,; she adds. Selenium concentrations in your body naturally decline with age, so load up.这些强有力的种子来自委内瑞拉、哥伦比亚等南美国家。也许巴西坚果不如花生或核桃那般常见,但有充分的理由从当地的保健食品店或从网上购买这些坚果:;一盎司的巴西坚果(6至8个左右)含有777%日常所需的硒元素,该元素是一种抗氧化剂,在DNA合成中起着关键作用,同时还能保护身体免受氧化损伤和感染,; Medifast的企业营养师亚历山大·米乐说道。;硒浓度不足可能会导致与年龄相关的脑功能下降,;她补充说。身体内的硒浓度会自然的随着年龄的增长而下降,所以补充起来吧。Sesame Seeds芝麻籽;These are high in calcium and rich in other minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorous, fiber, and more,; says Annie Kay, lead nutritionist at Kripalu Center for Yoga amp; Health. ;Bones are made of more than calcium, so a mineral-rich diet, along with adequate and appropriate movement are a recipe for healthy bones for life.; Try using tahini (which is made from sesame seeds) as a base in vinaigrettes or sprinkling a handful or two into pasta salads for a nice element.;芝麻籽的钙元素含量高,同时富含铁、镁、磷,以及纤维等元素,;克力帕普瑜伽与健康中心的首席营养师安妮·凯说道。;骨骼不仅仅由钙组成,所以一顿矿物质丰富的饮食以及充分而适当的运动是生命拥有健康骨骼的秘方。;试着在香醋里放点芝麻酱(由芝麻籽制成)作底料吧,或在通心粉沙拉中撒一两把芝麻籽,这可是非常好的元素呢。Mushrooms蘑菇;Mushrooms are one of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D, a vitamin most people don#39;t have enough of,; say Lyssie Lakatos and Tammy Lakatos Shames, The Nutrition Twins. ;Without vitamin D, you can#39;t properly absorb calcium, which will lead to osteoporosis, broken bones and a hunched spine, and nothing ages you more than that.;;蘑菇是少数天然含有维生素D的食物之一,大多数人的维生素D摄入量都不够,;营养双胞胎(The Nutrition Twins)的Lyssie Lakatos和Tammy Lakatos Shames说道。;没有维生素D,人们就不能适当的吸收钙元素,从而导致骨质疏松、骨骼断裂和脊椎棘突,没有什么比这些让你老得更快了。;Dark Chocolate黑巧克力Sorry, milk chocolate doesn#39;t count. ;Dark chocolate is loaded with flavanols, which are believed to benefit appearance by increasing blood flow to the skin,; says nutritionist Mitzi Dulan. ;Flavanols also absorb UV radiation, protecting your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.; It is high in calories, though, so to avoid weight gain, be sure to eat it in moderate amounts - a square or two as a afternoon treat is all you need.不好意思,牛奶巧克力可不在此列。;黑巧克力富含黄烷醇,人们认为黄烷醇能增加皮肤的血液流动,因此能让人们面色红润,;营养师米茨·杜兰说道。;黄烷醇还能吸收紫外线,保护皮肤免受太阳的破坏。;然而,黑巧克力卡路里含量高,所以为了避免增重,一定要确保适量摄入--午后只要吃一两块就够了。译文属 /201704/506015连云港市海州区妇幼保健所治疗不能怀孕云港市打掉孩子多少钱




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