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江西省赣州奥美定取出多少钱上犹县中医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱赣州妇幼保健医院美容整形科 Adele, the biggest-selling recording artist of the past decade, will breathe new life into the ailing album mat later this month with 5, her new release, which is on course to top the charts the year.过去年专辑销量最高的唱片艺人阿黛尔(Adele)本月将为陷入困境的专辑市场带来新的生机,她的新专辑《5即将登上今年排行榜榜首(注:根据最新的报道,阿黛尔的新专辑《5发行后首周的销售量在英国和美国都打破了以往的纪录)But as consumers embrace streaming services from Spotify and Apple, she has left music executives in the dark over her digital distribution plans the album, the hotly anticipated follow up to 1, which was the biggest-selling title of and .但随着消费者青睐Spotify和苹果(Apple)的流媒体务,她没有让音乐界高管知晓该专辑的数字发行计划备受期待的《5是《1的后续之作,后者是年和年的销量冠军The singer is leaning towards “windowing” the album — making it available on CD or as a paid download a period of time, bee putting it on streaming services, according to people familiar with the situation.知情人士称,阿黛尔正倾向于为这张专辑“开窗”,这意味着该专辑将先在一段时间内通过CD或者付费下载提供,然后再放到流媒体务上This would be the same strategy she employed 1, which was initially kept off streaming services to maximise retail sales.这将是她曾对《1运用的同样策略,后者最初没有放到流媒体务上,以便尽可能地扩大零售销售1 sold more than 30m copies worldwide — and spent 3 weeks at the top of the charts in the UK — during a period of significant decline albums. In the US, the total number of CDs sold fell from 767m in to 1m in , according to figures from the Recording Industry Association of America. Sales of albums via digital download have increased over that period, but not enough to offset the decline, rising from .6m in to 7.6m.在唱片销售大幅下降期间,《1在全球销售了逾3000万张唱片,在英国排行榜榜首盘踞了3周美国唱片业协会(Recording Industry Association of America)的数据显示,在美国,CD总销量已从年的7.67亿张下降至年的1.1亿张同期通过数字下载的专辑销量有所增长(从年的60万次升至1.6亿次),但还不足以抵消总量的下降1 was made available to stream on Spotify 18 months after the album’s release. The star’s stance this time appears to be shifting: while she is unlikely to put the full album available on Spotify immediately, its first single “Hello” was made available to stream last week on the same day it went on sale.发行18个月后,《1被放到了Spotify流媒体务上阿黛尔这次的立场似乎有所转变:尽管她不太可能将全部专辑立即放上去,但该专辑首单曲《你好(Hello)在上周销售当天就被放到了Spotify上The track is on course to break the record the largest number of downloads in a single week and has been streamed more than 7m times on Spotify. The has been viewed more than 180m times on YouTube.该专辑即将打破单周下载量最多的纪录,它在Spotify上的播放超过700万次该专辑在YouTube上已被观看逾1.8亿次Taylor Swift, whose album 1989 was released last year, pulled her catalogue from Spotify when the streaming service refused to take her music from its free tier.去年发行《1989专辑的泰勒斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)从Spotify上撤掉了自己的曲目,原因是Spotify拒绝将其音乐撤出免费类别Mark Mulligan, a music industry analyst with Midia Research, said Adele was unlikely to take a similar approach because her audience was broader than the typical Spotify listener — which is typically younger — so the availability of her singles on the service will not dent full album sales or downloads. “It would be a safer bet [ the new album] to not be on Spotify but it won’t be a huge risk if it is,” he said.MIDiA Research的音乐行业分析师马克穆里根(Mark Mulligan)表示,阿黛尔不太可能采取类似举措,因为她的听众比典型的Spotify听众(通常较为年轻)更广泛一些,她在该务上的单曲不会影响整个专辑的销售或下载他说:“(对新专辑而言)不放在Spotify上将是更安全的押注,但如果放了,风险也不会太大”Sony Music, which will release the record in the US, declined to comment on its plans the album. Spotify and Apple Music also declined to comment.将在美国发行该专辑的索尼音乐(Sony Music)拒绝就其发行计划置评Spotify和苹果音乐(Apple Music)也拒绝置评Downloads and new income from streaming services will lift global digital revenues from music above revenue from physical sales the first time in , according to a new report from Ovum, the consultancy.咨询公司Ovum发布的一份新报告显示,来自流媒体务的下载和新收入,将会让全球音乐市场的数字收入在年首次超过实体销售 98;The Vampire Diaries; spin-off backdoor pilot, ;The Originals,; has just cast its first character that isnt aly a part of Mystic Falls lore. Deadline confirms that Daniella Pineda will play Sophie, a witch who will be a series regular character if ;The Originals; gets picked up to series.《吸血鬼日记衍生剧《The Originals又有新的演员消息来了,这是该剧确定的第一位非《吸血鬼日记演员Deadline报道,Daniella Pineda将会在剧中扮演一个名叫Sophie的巫女,而且这是一个常规角色The casting breakdown Sophie is as follows: ;Strong and driven, Sophie is a warrior. Sophie is quietly sowing the seeds of a revolution amongst her peers. She a leader.;Sophie这个角色是这样的:“强大而有雄心,Sophie是一个战士,在同辈中播撒革命的种子她是一个领导型角色”Under the rule of a maniacal vampire, New Orleans witches arent allowed to practice true magic... but Sophie isnt interested in being helpless anymore. We can expect to see her m a tentative alliance with Elijah, who is focused on keeping his brother, Klaus, in line.在被吸血鬼统治的新奥尔良,巫师们是不允许练习真正的魔法的...但是Sophie却无法忍受这种现状我们将会看到她试着跟想让Klaus不要越界的Elijah组成同盟 3赣州哪脱毛效果好

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