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父亲节英语祝福作文:给爸爸的一封信 --5 ::7 来源: 这是一篇关于初中英语作文的作文,是一位同学在父亲节期间写给爸爸的一封信,供同学们学习参考  Father's Day  Yesterday was Father's Day. I had planned to give my father a present. But I didn't remember it until in the morning.It was too late to post a card to him. So I decided to buy something. When I was in the department store. I found it was not easy me to choose something right him. Suddenly I  got an idea. I ran home and opened my computer. I made a beautiful card and mailed him through the Internet. then I began to make supper. When father came home, he was very glad to find a big meal on the table. then I asked him to check his e-mail. He was amazed to find a beautiful card in his e-mail-box.  What a wonderful surprise!Do you like me? -- :55:31 来源: Do you like me? Hello! Everyone. I’m a little rabbit. My name is Hanhan. Look! I’m very lovely. My eyes are red. My ears are long. My hair is white. My tail is short. I like carrots very much. I have a good friend. She’s my little master. Her name is Zhou Xun. We always play games together. I like her very much and she likes me, too.气死我了-- :5:   "洋话连篇"口语班上,老师给学员们讲一位母亲看到她岁的女儿竟自已将黑头发染成了紫色,当即惊讶地叫道:"Freak out!"老师讲到这里,询问学员小肖"Freak out"是什么意思?小肖想了想说:"Freak--畸形人?哪里来的畸形人呢?好象是女孩的母亲说她女儿的样子很难看吧?"老师笑着解释说:"不是说小女孩像畸形人,而是母亲说自已简直都成畸形人了其引申意思其实是'我都快被气变形了'或'气死我了'"  老师接着说:"不过,诸位还是少生气为好当有人和你开恶意玩笑时,你也可以说'Freak out',但是可不要真生气呀"学英语的好处The Benefit of Learning English -- :3:5 来源: As English is widely used today, we learn English since primary school. Some students still ask why they should learn English, we learn English because there are some benefits. First, we can know more about a eign language, we can talk to eigners. Second, we can pass the exam and our mother will be every happy, we are not falling behind with others. English is so useful.今天英语被广泛使用,从小学开始,我们就要学习英语一些学生还在问他们为什么要学英语,我们学英语是因为有很多好处第一,我们可以了解多一门外语,与外国人交流第二,我们可以通过考试,妈妈会很高兴,我们不比别人差英语很有用处关于寒假的小学英语作文 -01- 19:5:5 来源: 关于寒假的小学英语作文It's a wonderful winter holiday.这个寒假真棒!I joined the LEGO training school.I had two lessons every week. I can set up many things like houses,doors,and all kinds of animals. Besides ,i travelled to Beijing with my family.We visited the Great wall,the National Palace Museum,and tasted the famous Beijing roast duck. But the happiest thing is the Spring Festival.I ate many delicious food and got many red envelopes.我参加了乐高培训学校我每周有两节课我能搭建很多东西,如房子,门和各种动物另外,我和我的一家去北京旅游了我们参观了长城和故宫,还吃了著名的北京烤鸭但是最让我高兴的事情是春节我吃了好多好吃的,收了好多红包

My family member --1 ::5 来源: My family member  My house contain four people, having me the daddy respectively, my mama, my grandmother, also have me!We live together very happy!But our occupations are all different.  My father does Department of Financial Analysis to do a finance work, my mother also does a finance work in the Department of Financial Analysis, so my house has to compute a good person to hold!  My daddy is a work in samely the hospital with my mama!Still had me the grandmother to also work at the hospital bee of, she is to be a nurse, however retired now!  Although my grandmother at ordinary times very 啰唆 , very big doctor!But she also writes to think our healthy bodies very much!But I be just an inside learn of student!My house is a happy family!

上海英文导游词介绍 --6 :5: 来源: 上海英文导游词介绍上海位于中国东部长江入海口,是中国最大的经济中心,也是四大直辖市之一上海总面积6,0平方公里,长住人口50多万从历史角度上看,上海不仅是一个有着悠久历史文化的城市,而且是一个有着光荣革命传统的英雄城  Shanghai, located at the outlet of the Yangtze River into the sea in east China, is a metropolis, the largest economic center and one of the four cities under the direct jurisdiction of the central government in China.The area of Shanghai totals 6,0 square kilometers. Shanghai has a permanent population of more than .50 million while it sees a large moving population of over .5 million daily.   Historically speaking, Shanghai is not only a city of a long history and culture but also a heroic city with a glorious tradition in Chinese revolution.   When the western Great Powers broke through the closed gate of China with their gunboats during the Opium War Shanghai was ced open by the colonialists as one of the five trading ports. With concessions carved out in Shanghai the area was reduced to be a “pandemonium of adventurers.” Shanghai is also a heroic city with a glorious tradition in Chinese revolution. First of all ,it is the birthplace of the Communist Party of China. To fight the national independence and liberation the people of Shanghai waged a series of such epic struggles as Anti-British struggle at the Wusong Estuary, Uprising of the Small Sword Society, “May Movement” new culture, “May 30th Movement,” three times of armed struggles, “January ”and “August ”anti-Japanese battles in Songjiang and Shanghai. And after the War of Resistance against Japan was over the people in Shanghai again devoted themselves to the struggles of opposing autocratic rule and civil war while fighting democracy and freedom, ming a second battle-line in opposition to the rule of the Kuomintang reactionaries.   With the dying down of rumbling guns in battles the liberation of Shanghai the city returned to the arms of the people on May 7,199,and the next day saw the People’s Government of Shanghai proclaimed to be set up ,May ,199 being defined as the very “Day of Liberation Shanghai.”   Shanghai is an economic city of great importance China. Especially the development and opening of Pudong has pushed Shanghai to the strategic efront of rem and opening up to the outside world.   Shanghai is not only a metropolis renowned in the world but also a great tourist attraction in China. On the one hand it is known to the world with its unique urban-attractions, rich and varied humane and cultural resources ,As from 198 onwards, the overseas tourist hosted in Shanghai has witnessed a number of over one million every year while the domestic tourists have seen a yearly average of more than tens of millions. In future, Shanghai is going to be a city featureing sightseeing tours as a trend in the development of tourism.   With great efts made Shanghai is going to place itself as early as possible among the world famous economic and trade centers, thereby bringing up the new economic boom in the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole area along the mighty river. At present, the rudimentary shape of splendid blueprint has come into being, and it is confident that a new Shanghai enjoying a bluer sky , clearer water, greener land and more sociable people in a more improved and harmonious society will come to appear on the western shore of the Pacific Ocean in not too long a future..   Jinmao Tower Building:There is a gigantic majestic high-rise tower like a bamboo shoot in spring pure pillar, yataghan and magic pen beside Huangpu River and at the seashore of East sea, it is Jinmao Tower which is .5 meters in height and is called “the first building in China” with a surprisingly beautiful appearance .Jinmao Tower has come into being and become a monumental work in the architecture industry of china and a symbol of Shanghai. 上海英文导游词介绍

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