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重庆市星宸整形医院早上几点开门重庆九院属于公立还是私立Xiaomi, the Chinese handset maker that has been nicknamed the “Apple of China,” doesn’t view itself as an Apple copycat. But it is an unabashed Apple admirer.手机制造商小米被称为“中国的苹果”,却并不认为自己在抄袭苹果(Apple)。不过,它的确是个毫不掩饰的苹果崇拜者。Hugo Barra, a Xiaomi vice president who was a Google executive, said in an on-stage interview on Tuesday at a tech conference in Laguna Beach, Calif., that he was a “huge Apple fan.” And he said that Xiaomi’s designers are inspired by great design, including Apple’s, but so are all designers.周二,在加利福尼亚拉古纳海滩举行的一次科技大会上,曾担任谷歌高管的小米副总裁雨果·巴拉(Hugo Barra)在舞台上接受采访时说,他是“苹果的铁杆粉丝”。他还说,小米的设计师受到了伟大设计的启发,其中包括苹果的设计,但所有设计师都是如此。Mr. Barra said the iPhone 6, which he called the “most beautiful smartphone,” is no exception. Its designers borrowed some ideas from past smartphones made by HTC, he said. He added that Apple’s iOS 8 took some ideas from the Android software system and made them even better.巴拉称,iPhone 6也不例外。他把这款手机称作“最漂亮的智能手机”。他说,iPhone 6的设计师从HTC制造的旧款智能手机上汲取了一些灵感。他还表示,苹果的iOS 8从Android软件系统上获得了一些想法,并对这些想法进行了优化。“Point me to a new product that had completely unique design language,” Mr. Barra said. “You’re not going to be able to find one.”“请告诉我,哪一款新产品拥有完全不同的设计语言,”巴拉说。“你肯定找不到。”Mr. Barra was responding to comments made by Jony Ive, Apple’s head of design, at a conference earlier this month. An audience member had asked Mr. Ive how he felt about companies that appear to be copying Apple, including Xiaomi.巴拉是在回应苹果设计负责人乔纳森·艾夫(Jonathan Ive)本月早些时候在一次会议上发表的。一名观众曾问艾夫如何看待小米等似乎在抄袭苹果的公司。Mr. Ive’s response was harsh: “I think it’s theft, and it’s lazy.”艾夫的回答很尖刻:“我认为这就是抄袭,是偷懒。”Critics have accused Xiaomi of blatantly copying Apple, from the design of Apple products to the way Apple introduces products at events. When introducing new products, Xiaomi’s chief executive Lei Jun even dresses in jeans and dark shirts, similar to the iconic outfit repeatedly worn by the late Steven P. Jobs.批评人士指责小米对苹果进行了公然抄袭,从苹果产品的设计到苹果的新品发布会都是如此。每当推出新产品时,小米的首席执行官雷军甚至也会穿上牛仔裤和黑上衣,这与已经过世的史蒂芬·P·乔布斯(Steven P. Jobs)经常穿着的标志性装很相似。Still, Mr. Barra encouraged people to try Xiaomi’s products instead of leaping to the conclusion that the company is a copycat.不过,巴拉还是鼓励人们尝试小米的产品,不要仓促得出结论,认为小米在抄袭。“People who see a picture on a website and criticize us for theft need to take a closer look,” he said. “I invite them to experience our products first hand.”“在网上看到照片就批评我们抄袭的人,应该仔细看看,”他说。“我邀请他们来亲自体验我们的产品。” /201410/339267重庆市第四人民医院好吗 FOR decades, the overuse of antibiotics has encouraged the evolution of drug-resistant bacteria which, though they have never broken out and caused an epidemic in the way that was once feared, have nevertheless been responsible for many deaths that might otherwise have been avoided. Now something similar seems to be happening in agriculture. The overuse of drugs against parasitic worms which infest stock animals means that these, too, are becoming drug-resistant. That is bad for the animals#39; health and welfare, and equally bad for farmers#39; profits.几十年来,广泛使用抗生素促进了耐药病菌的进化。尽管它们从来没有失控,爆发人们一度为止恐惧的大规模瘟疫,但还是造成了大量本来可以避免的死亡。现在畜牧业中似乎也有类似现象。人们对家畜身上的寄生虫过分使用药物,这让它们也有了抗药性。这对动物的健康与安乐绝非好事,同样也会减少饲养它们的农民的利润。This, at least, is the conclusion drawn by Ray Kaplan, a parasitologist at the University of Georgia who has just published a review of research on the problem. His results, which appear in Veterinary Parasitology, make grim ing.这至少是乔治亚大学(University of Georgia)寄生虫病学家雷?卡普兰(Ray Kaplan)在他最近发表的有关这一问题的研究综述中得出的结论。他发表在《兽医寄生虫学》(Veterinary Parasitology)上的文章读来让人心情沉重。Sheep and goats are the worst affected. Studies in Australia, Brazil and the ed States suggest that animals in half or more of farms in many parts of those countries are infested with drug-resistant worms. In some cases the parasites are resistant to every drug that can be thrown at them. The proportion of infested farms is lower in New Zealand, a country that has a huge population of sheep, but even there it is rising at a worrying rate.绵羊与山羊受的影响最大。在澳大利亚、巴西和美国所做的研究表明,在这些国家的许多地区,一半或更多的农场中的家畜身上有耐药寄生虫。有些农场的寄生虫对所有可用药物有抗药性。新西兰的农场饲养着大量绵羊,它们受到影响的比例比较低;但即使在该国,受影响农场比例的增长速度还是令人担心。Cattle, too, are afflicted. Dr Kaplan cites work done in Argentina, Brazil and New Zealand. And horses suffer as well, with resistant worms turning up in both America and Europe.家牛也身受其害。卡普兰士引用了在阿根廷、巴西和新西兰所做的研究工作。马也是受害者,美国与欧洲的马身上都发现了抗药寄生虫。The root of the problem is what Dr Kaplan refers to as ;global worming;-giving drugs prophylactically to all livestock rather than reserving them for use as a treatment when an animal actually becomes infested. It is common sense, of course, to try to prevent infestation rather than merely treating it once it has arisen.问题的根源是卡普兰士称为;全球防虫;的现象——预防性地对所有家畜用药,而不是在动物身上真正出现了寄生虫时投药治疗。当然,防病胜于治病是常识。Unfortunately, such promiscuous use of drugs is the best way to put selection pressure on the worms and encourage the evolution of resistant strains.不幸的是,这样的预防性用药是在寄生虫身上施加选择压力的最佳方法,能够促进抗药品种的进化。What is needed, says Dr Kaplan, is more selective drug use, and better management. Worms are not evenly distributed. Instead, a minority of animals play host to most of them. Aiming treatment at those animals would reduce the likelihood of resistance emerging without harming a farmer#39;s ability to control infestations. Better husbandry might help, too. Not grazing so many animals on a given patch of land would discourage transmission.卡普兰士认为,现在需要做的是加强管理与更有选择性地用药。寄生虫并非均匀寄生在各种动物身上。有少数动物是大多数寄生虫的寄主。集中治疗这些动物则会降低耐药性发生的可能性,同时也不会损害农民控制虫害的能力。改进饲养方法或许也有益处。不在一块草地上过量放牧动物会减轻虫害传播。That, though, would bring problems of its own, as it would reduce the number of animals which could be raised on a given farm. Which leads to the nub of the issue: it is hard to work out exactly how much damage resistant worms are doing, and thus how much effort should be put into trying to stop the sp of resistance-not least because, as Dr Kaplan found out when he conducted his survey, the data are pretty sporadic. But they are worrying enough to be worth following up, for if resistance did get out of hand the consequences could be very expensive indeed.但这本身也会带来问题,因为这会减少一座农场能饲养的家畜数目。这就引出了问题的症结:人们很难确定抗药寄生虫会造成多大的危害,因此也不知道该花多少代价来阻止抗药性蔓延,因为很重要的是,卡普兰士在纵观研究结果时发现有关数据相当零散。但这些数据还是很令人忧虑,值得进一步跟踪,因为一旦人们无法控制抗药性,就确实可能会付出惨重的代价。No one farmer is to blame. This is a tragedy of the commons, in which sensible individual decisions have led to a collective difficulty. But it might behove farmers to think more about how they use anti-worm drugs. If they do not, they may find that those drugs have become useless.无法就此责备某个农民。这是一个公地悲剧 [注],许多明智的个人决定导致了群体的困难。但或许农民们有责任多想想他们应该如何使用抗寄生虫药物。如果放弃这一责任,他们或许有一天会发现这些药物变得全然无用。 /201208/193576重庆市星辰美容怎么样!

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重庆唇毛脱毛方法The past week was possibly the most eventful in the history of customer technology markets, or to be precise, the 7-inch (17.8-cm) tablet market. Never before have three of the biggest players in the industry scheduled what could be truly historic product launches so close together.过去一周可能是电子消费市场史上,或者更准确地说,是7英寸(约17.8厘米)平板电脑市场史上的“多事之秋”。有史以来,该行业的三大巨头首次“撞车”般地相继发布了具有历史意义的产品。Not only did Apple officially join the blossoming market by releasing the iPad Mini on Oct 23, but Microsoft launched its Surface tablet on Oct 26, and Google, despite having to cancel events due to hurricane Sandy, annouced its latest Nexus 10 tablet in New York on Oct 29, only two months after the release of its Nexus 7.10月23号,苹果公司正式推出iPad Mini,再次进军蒸蒸日上的平板电脑市场。随后,10月26号,微软公司也发布了自己的Surface平板电脑。此外,尽管谷歌公司受飓风桑迪影响不得不取消了一系列活动,但该公司还是于10月29号在纽约推出了最新的Nexus 10平板电脑,而两个月前谷歌刚刚发布了Nexus7平板电脑。Who do you think will top the small tablet market? Let’s run a quick comparison to find out.谁将称雄平板电脑市场?下面我们来快速比评一下。Apple’s iPad Mini苹果iPad MiniRelease date: Nov 2 (Wi-Fi version)发布日期:11月2号(无线版)Operating system: iOS 6操作系统:iOS6Size: 19.9 x 13.5 x 0.7 cm大小:19.9 x 13.5 x 0.7厘米Prices: 9 (16GB Wi-Fi), 9 (32GB Wi-Fi), 9 (64GB Wi-Fi), or 9 (16GB Data), 9 (32GB Data), 9 (64GB Data)价格:329美元(16GB无线版),429美元(32GB无线版),519美元(64GB无线版);459美元 (16GB Data版),559美元 (32GB Data版),659美元 (64GB Data版)。Despite its name, the 7.9-inch iPad Mini is one of the largest among the mini-tablets. It’s got all the aesthetics of its original 9.7-inch counterpart and is incredibly thin–just 7.2 mm, 23 percent thinner than the iPad. But it falls short of other tablets due to its non-Retina 1024×768 display.尽管名字叫做“迷你”,但这款7.9寸屏的iPad Mini却是迷你平板电脑中的巨人之一。它可以同此前的任何一款9.7寸平板电脑相媲美。7.2毫米的超薄机身,比iPad要轻薄23%。但同其他平板相比,美中不足的是,它只搭配了1024x768的显示屏,未采用视网膜显示技术。The iPad Mini comes in different models–16GB, 32GB, and 64GB–so onboard storage shouldn’t be an issue. The base price, however, is significantly higher than the competition, and the 1024x768 display resolution pales in comparison to the Nook HD’s 1440x900 or the 1280x800 of the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD.iPad Mini型号众多,分为16G、32G以及64G,所以集成存储不成问题。不过,它的最低售价也高出竞争对手许多。而与巴诺Nook HD 1440x900的分辨率,或是与谷歌Nexus7以及亚马逊Kindle Fire HD1200x800的分辨率相比,其1024x768的分辨率逊色了不少。Google’s Nexus 10谷歌Nexus10平板电脑Release date: Nov 13发布日期:11月13号Operating system: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean操作系统:安卓4.2“果冻豆”系统Size: 26.4 x 17.8 x 0.9 cm大小:26.4 x 17.8 x 0.9厘米Prices: 9 (16GB), 9 (32GB)价格:399美元 (16GB),449美元(32GB)Google may have been forced to cancel its Android event in New York City on Oct 29 due to the threat of hurricane Sandy, but that isn’t stopping it from making same big announcements.尽管受飓风桑迪影响,谷歌公司不得不取消本定于10月29号在纽约举行的安卓产品发布会,但却未阻止它发布一个同样重量级的消息。Google has officially revealed the Samsung-made Nexus 10 tablet, and it seems like most of the rumors were true.谷歌正式推出了由三星公司打造的Nexus10平板电脑,此前大多数的传闻都被实为真。For starters, Google has confirmed that the Nexus 10 will be running Android 4.2 out of the box, so get excited. It will also come equipped with a 10-inch display running at an impressive 2560x1600 resolution. On the inside, it’ll have a A15 dual-core processor running alongside 2GB of RAM, so expect the Nexus10 to be a speedy little tablet.首先,谷歌已实,Nexus10平板电脑将创造性地搭配安卓4.2系统,这无疑是个令人振奋的好消息。它配有10英寸显示屏,分辨率达到2560x1600,着实令人赞叹。内置A15 双核处理器,2GB内存。所以,想象一下吧,Nexus10会是一台高速的迷你平板。Microsoft’s Surface微软Surface平板电脑Release date: Oct 26上市日期:10月26日Operating system: Windows 8 RT操作系统:Windows 8 RTSize: 27.5 x 17.2 x 0.9 cm尺寸:27.5 x 17.2 x 0.9厘米Prices: 9 (32GB Wi-Fi)售价:499美元(32GB Wi-Fi)Surface is being launched alongside Windows 8, Microsoft’s overdue operating system, which is being described as the biggest change in the history of Windows.Surface平板电脑与微软公司备受瞩目的Windows8操作系统几乎同时上市,外界也称其为Windows历史上最大的一次变革。It is a bold product with some great touches, like the magnetic cover that turns into a keyboard, and a minimal, Apple-like design. It doesn’t feature a camera and focuses on Office software, which suggests Microsoft is pitching this gadget as an executive toy. There’s no 3G connection (only Wi-Fi) so owners won’t have to worry about an extra contract.这是一个十分大胆且独具特色的产品,拥有可以变身为键盘的磁性保护盖,以及类似苹果产品的极简设计。它并未主打拍照功能,而是将重点放在了Office软件上,这也意味着微软公司将这款电子产品定位为高管人员的装备。该产品不提供3G务,只有Wi-Fi版本,所以用户不必为额外协议而担忧。The real delight, however, is Metro, the impressive navigation interface. It is beautifully designed with a zingy typography and brightly colored squares for navigation. Pre-orders for Surface in the US sold out over the weekend, so it would seem customers are excited.而真正的亮点是Metro,这款导航界面令人印象深刻。它设计精美,拥有漂亮的字体和颜色鲜明的导航方格。在美国,Surface在一个周末的时间便被预订一空,由此可见顾客们为之狂热。 /201211/208282 In July 2012, the Presidential election was kicking into high gear, the Olympics were about to begin, and most people thought it was a matter of time before shares of Apple hit ,000.2012年7月份,美国总统选举步入高潮,伦敦奥运会即将开幕,而大多数人都认为苹果(Apple)股价涨到1,000美元只是一个时间问题。Google (GOOG), meanwhile, was just muddling along. After doubling during 2009, its stock had been ting water around 0 a share for three and a half years. Apple (AAPL), too was trading around 0 a share, but the iPhone 5 was coming and the company Steve Jobs built seemed to have the wind at its back.与此同时,谷歌(Google)股票可谓“虚度光阴”。在2009年股价翻倍之后,谷歌股票在随后三年半的时间里一直徘徊在600美元上下。去年7月份,苹果股价也处于600美元左右,但iPhone 5即将推出,而乔布斯缔造的苹果公司似乎正一帆风顺。Oh, how things have changed since then. Apple#39;s stock has fallen 29% since mid-July. And Google? It#39;s gained 46%, pushing past the 0 milestone while Apple languishes near 4 a share. Apple is tussling with investors over whether to pay more dividends, while Google rallies merrily on.哦,自那以后,情势发生了多大的变化啊。 自去年7月中旬以来,苹果股价已经下跌了29%。而谷歌呢?它的股价上涨了46%,突破了800美元大关,而苹果却趴在424美元附近。苹果正在与投资者就是否增加派发股息的问题进行争斗,而谷歌股票则在欢快上涨。There has been a lot of discussion over Apple#39;s decline in recent months, and comparatively less about Google#39;s corresponding rise. But the difference in between the two boils down to this: Apple is increasingly seen as coming off one of the greatest runs in the history of Silicon Valley. And Google may just be at the start of one.近几个月以来,人们对于苹果股价下跌展开了许多讨论,而相对而言,对于谷歌相应的上涨却较少讨论。但两者之间的这个差异可归结为这点:苹果创造了硅谷历史上科技公司业绩增长最辉煌的一个阶段,但现在人们越来越倾向于认为,这个阶段已经结束,而谷歌可能正处于这样一个阶段的开始。That is the new image of Google after two quarters of impressive earnings and more signs that the company is laying plans for long-term growth. ;Looking at the consumer technology world over the next 10 to 20 years, we believe Google is far and away the best-positioned company,; wrote Gene Munster, an influential tech analyst at Piper Jaffray.这就是谷歌在连续两个季度获得不俗业绩——而且有更多迹象表明该公司正在制定长期发展计划——之后给人留下的新形象。“展望未来一二十年的消费科技领域,我们认为谷歌无疑是占据最佳优势的公司,”投资派杰(Piper Jaffray)颇具影响力的科技产业分析师吉恩?蒙斯特写道。Munster pointed not to search or other advertising, which still accounts for 87% of the company#39;s revenue, but to new ventures that have yet to hit the market, like Google Glass and self-driving cars, which he called one of Google#39;s ;biggest opportunities in the next 10 years.;蒙斯特话中指的并不是搜索或其他广告业务(这部分业务在谷歌的营收中仍占据87%的份额),而是指那些还没有投入市场的新开发项目,比如谷歌眼镜和无人驾驶汽车——他称后者为谷歌“未来十年最大的机遇之一。”Compare that with Apple, which is seeing its share of the smartphone and tablet market erode over time as lower-margin, lower-cost Android rivals sell more products, and as Apple responds with its own lower-margin products like the iPad Mini.与此相比,苹果看到自己在智能手机和平板电脑领域的市场份额正在随着时间的推移而逐渐缩水,同时那些低利润、低成本、采用安卓移动操作系统的竞争对手则提高了产品的销量,而且苹果也在推出迷你iPad等自己的低利润产品予以反击。Although Apple infamously holds its cards close to its vest, it#39;s working on its own new products -- some that could create an entirely new category like the rumored iWatch. Apple is also taking time to create a new TV device. Such new products could offer Apple new areas of growth -- the iWatch alone could produce billion in revenue -- and beef up the company#39;s profit margins to levels that would impress investors again.虽然苹果素来以守口如瓶著称,但我们知道,它正在开发自己的几款新产品——有些可能会形成一个全新的产品类别,比如传闻中的智能手表iWatch。此外,苹果还在投入时间开发一款新的电视产品。这样的新产品可为苹果提供新的增长领域——仅iWatch就可产生60亿美元的营收,而且可把该公司的利润率提升到再次给投资者留下深刻印象的水平。For now, however, sentiment is against Apple and strongly in favor of Google. This week, more analysts have joined the Google ,000 club, citing other factors that could propel the stock higher in the coming year. Jeffries amp; Co. argued that a four-digit price is possible, given improvements in the Motorola handset business and non-search areas such as YouTube and commerce initiatives. Perhaps more encouraging, clickthrough rates on mobile ads are rising, Jeffries analyst Brian Pitz wrote.然而,目前投资者并不看好苹果,相反却强烈看好谷歌。上周,更多的分析师认为谷歌股价将会上涨至1,000美元,他们认为其他一些因素可能会在未来几年内推高谷歌股价。投资杰富瑞公司(Jeffries amp; Co.)认为,考虑到托罗拉手机业务的业绩改善、YouTube等非搜索领域以及电子商务计划,谷歌股价可能会上涨至四位数。或许更令人鼓舞的消息是,移动广告的点击率正在持续攀升,杰富瑞公司(Jefferies)分析师布莱恩?皮兹如是写道。How deserved is this reversal of fortune between Apple and Google#39;s stocks? Perhaps not as much as the stock charts might suggest. For much of the three years when Google was trading around 0 a share, it was subject to speculation that, first, it couldn#39;t thrive in the era of Facebook (FB), and then later uncertainty around the new CEO Larry Page. The effectiveness of Page#39;s bold steps are only now becoming apparent to investors.苹果和谷歌股票之间的这种运势逆转有多少合理的成分呢?实际情况或许并不是股票走势图可能展现出来的模样。过去三年谷歌股票徘徊于600美元附近的大部分时间里,人们一直存在如下的猜测:首先,谷歌无法在以Facebook为代表的社会化媒体时代实现繁荣发展,之后人们对谷歌联合创始人拉里?佩奇出任首席执行官的表现没有把握。对于投资者而言,佩奇实施的一系列大胆举措直到现在才显现出其预期效果。Apple, meanwhile, was riding a multi-year wave of bullishness and strong earnings growth that was driven by the iPhone and iPad. Those two products took years to conceive, design, and execute into the products we know. One thing that is certain about Apple -- it#39;s not sitting quietly counting its pile of cash. It#39;s trying to design new category-defining products. The real question is whether those products will resonate with consumers the way the iPad has.与此同时,苹果已被投资者持续看涨多年,而且在iPhone和iPad的推动下,它的盈利增长表现强劲。这两款产品经过了多年的构思、设计以及执行,才形成我们如今所知道的产品。对于苹果,我们可以确定一件事,那就是它不会静静地坐在那里,数着自己积累起来的巨额现金。这家公司正在设法设计自创类别的新产品。真正的问题在于,这些产品是否会像iPad那样,得到消费者的认可和共鸣。In other words, there are real, fundamental changes going on at both of these companies, but the effects of those changes are greatly enhanced in the stock performance. Just as Google was underappreciated two years ago, so Apple could be today. Just as Apple was revered with blind bullishness then, so Google is at risk of being overvalued if it does reach ,000 too quickly.换句话说,这两家公司都正在发生着一些实实在在的根本性变化,但这些变化的影响正在各自的股票表现中被显著放大。正如两年前谷歌失宠那样,苹果今天可能也是如此。正如那时那些盲目乐观的投资者极力推崇苹果那样,如果谷歌股价过快上涨到1,000美元的话,它现在就面临着股票估值偏高的风险。That doesn#39;t mean Google is doomed or that Apple is set to rebound quickly. Both of these companies are going to have, at different times, their fallow periods as well as their blowout earnings reports. Both are going to keep working on projects that will offer growth for investors with a long-term focus.并不是说谷歌在劫难逃,也不是说苹果股价马上就会反弹。这两家公司都将在不同的时候经历无所作为的低谷时期以及盈利报告大幅超预期的高潮时期。这两家公司都将注重于长期发展策略,继续开发为投资者提供增长前景的项目。But for now, consider that Google is trading at 18 times its expected earnings this year, double the ratio for Apple. That shouldn#39;t surprise anyone, but it also suggests that the recent reversal of fortunes making financial headlines today are priced into both of these tech giants. What is much less certain is where they will both be in a year or so from now.但现在,考虑到谷歌目前股价已达到其今年每股预期收益的18倍,是苹果的两倍。这个数字不应该有任何人会感到意外,但它同时也表明,这两家公司最近成为财经头版新闻的运势逆转已反映在这两家科技巨头的股价上。现在难以确定的是,一年左右的时间之后,这两只股票各自又会处于什么价位。 /201303/229675重庆美容祛黄褐斑哪家医院好重庆祛斑中医



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