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哈尔滨医科大学附属肿瘤医院做彩超多少钱Demetris Christofias, who has won the presidential election in Cyprus, and the leader of Turkish Cypriots, Mehmet Ali Talat, have agreed to meet for talks on reunification of the island.There is a new way of electioneering in Cyprus, for the first time, candidates have commissioned slick U.S. presidential styled TV spots, flashy websites with interactive features and have taken part in live TV debates. 塞浦路斯有史以来第一次运用新的选举办法,候选人按照美国总统大选的风格制作了一些电视宣传片,耀眼的有互动功能的网站,以及现场的电视辩论。Just one of the many brash, expensive presidential campaign commercials that is running on Cyprus TV. Campaigning may have changed, but the problems regarding Cyprus three-decade division remain the same. 在众多的集中且昂贵的总统竞选活动商业宣传活动中,在塞浦路斯电视台进行宣传,只是其中的一种。竞选可能已经发生变化,但是塞浦路斯30年以来的分治局面仍未发生变化。The two candidates in the run-off are Communist Party leader Dimitris Christofias and Ioannis Kassoulides, a right-wing moderate and former foreign minister. 参加决选的两位候选人是共产党总书记季米特里斯.赫里斯多菲亚斯和右翼的温和派、前外交部长扬尼斯.卡苏利季斯。Whichever candidate wins, it is almost certain that he will try to kick-start some type of dialogue with the Turkish Cypriots and end the division on the island. 不论哪个候选人获胜,基本上可以肯定的是,当选人将试图和土族塞浦路斯人开始一些对话,并试图结束塞浦路斯岛的分治局面。University of Nicosia analyst Michael Hajimichael says the island now needs unity. 尼科西亚大学分析人员哈吉米歇尔说,塞浦路斯现在需要团结。;It is an election that will decide the progress of new initiatives for a solution, new initiatives for peace,; he said. ;I think people just really want to get on with it and co-operate and work together, because really that is the only way forward. If the election brings about the continuation of hostilities it makes life very difficult I think.; 他说:“这次选举将决定一个新的解决倡议和新的和平倡议的进程。我认为,人们真的是想要取得进展,并且进行合作,因为这是前进的唯一道路。如果选举继续带来两族人民之间敌意的话,我认为这会让生活变得很困难。”One of the candidates needs to secure more than half the vote to be elected president. 其中一位候选人需要得到超过半数的选票来当选总统。According to the betting shops, known locally as bookies, Christofias is the favorite to win this election. It is a view shared by former presidential candidate and European politician Marios Matsakis. 根据当地知名的站“打赌者”,卡苏利季斯更有希望赢得选举。前总统候选人、欧洲政治家马措克斯也这样认为。;The bookies are usually the ones who get it right and I would not disagree with them,; he said. 他说:“打赌者站通常都预测很准。我不会不同意他们的意见。”If Christofias does win, it is likely that he will make contact with Turkish-Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat in the north of Cyprus in the coming week and put an end to the communication-freeze between the two communities. 如果卡苏利季斯获胜,他很有可能会在下周和塞浦路斯北部的土族塞浦路斯领导人塔拉特取得联系,结束塞浦路斯土族和希族之间的交流僵局。Cyprus has been split since 1974 between the Greek-Cypriot south, seat of the EU -recognized government, and the Turkish-Cypriot north, which is recognized only by Turkey. 塞浦路斯自从1974年以来就处于南北分治局面。南部由希腊族塞浦路斯人控制,是欧盟认可的政府,北部由土族塞浦路斯人控制,仅仅得到土耳其承认。200802/27797齐齐哈尔市治疗阴道炎多少钱 哈尔滨哪家医院做阴唇手术最好

哈尔滨中心医院预约What 's Motivating Shift in US-Iran Policy?美国和伊朗决策圈就政策展开辩论   Iran and the ed States have been going through what might be described as diplomatic mood swings. One minute, it seems as if the two countries are on the brink of war. The next, there seem to be small but perceptible policy shifts towards each other. Complex political calculations are being made in the corridors of power in Tehran and Washington. 伊朗和美国正在经历著一场“外交情绪摆荡”。这一分钟,两国似乎还处在战争边缘。下一分钟,双方却在向对方靠拢;政策变化虽然微小,但是却明晰可辨。复杂的政治计算正在德黑兰和华盛顿的权力圈中进行。After insisting it would never take part in negotiations with Iran, the Bush administration recently sent a senior envoy to sit in on international talks with Iranian officials in Geneva on the nuclear issue. And a new offer of incentives aimed at getting Iran to halt uranium enrichment was put on the table by the ed States and the European Union. 在坚持伊朗不停止浓缩铀活动就不参加和伊朗的谈判后,布什政府最近派遣了一位高级特使前往日内瓦,同伊朗官员一起参与有关伊朗核问题的谈判。为了促使伊朗停止浓缩铀活动,美国和欧盟还提出新的鼓励方案。In an interview with N television, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad cautiously welcomed what he described as "new behavior" on the part of U.S. officials. He said if the new U.S. attitude continues to change, Iran would respond positively.  在接受美国全国广播公司的电视采访时,伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德审慎地欢迎他所说的“美国官员方面新的行为”。他表示,如果美国这种新的态度继续改变,伊朗也将做出积极的回应。The Iranian president spoke to N's Brian Williams in Tehran.  艾哈迈迪内贾德在德黑兰通过翻译对美国全国广播公司主播威廉姆斯说:"My question is, is such behavior rooted in a new approach - in other words, mutual respect, mutual cooperation, and justice," Ahmadinejad asked. "Or is this approach a continuation of the confrontation with the Iranian people, but in a new guise?" “我的问题是,这种行为是源于一种新态度,也就是说相互尊重、相互合作和公正呢,还是说,这种态度其实是继续和伊朗人民对抗,只不过是新瓶装旧酒?”But the bottom line is that nuclear negotiations remain in limbo. Iran has not responded to the new P5-Plus One offer, and Iran continues to enrich uranium, using what it said Saturday is a marked increase in the number of uranium centrifuges. 但问题的关键是,伊朗核谈判仍然毫无进展。对于安理会五加一所提出的新方案,伊朗仍然没有回应,而且继续浓缩铀,星期六甚至声称用于浓缩铀的离心机数量再度增加。Would Obama Presidency Affect US-Iran Relations?An Iran affairs analyst at the non-partisan Congressional Research Service, Ken Katzman, says the Iranian leadership is essentially stalling for time until a new U.S. president is elected. 美国无党派的“国会研究务处”的伊朗事务分析家肯.卡兹曼说,在美国新总统选出之前,伊朗领导层基本上不会做出反应。"The Iranians are betting that Mr. Obama is going to win the election and are forecasting that there will be a much softer line from the ed States after that," Katzman said. "In that respect I think they are trying, the Iranians are trying, to stave off any U.S. or Israeli military action or even another sanctions resolution." 卡兹曼说:“伊朗现在笃定奥巴马会当选总统,而且预期美国往后的路线会柔和得多。就这个角度,我想伊朗人试图推迟美国或以色列的任何军事行动,或者新的制裁决议。”Katzman adds that the softer tone of Iran's firebrand president reflects a wider debate in Iranian power circles. 卡兹曼还补充说,伊朗总统语调软化,反应了伊朗权力圈里正进行著范围更广的辩论。"He is trying to adjust his demeanor to fit with some shifting opinion in Tehran. And I do think there is shifting opinion in Tehran," he added. "But I think that Ahmadinejad has successfully prevailed on the Supreme Leader and on the system for now not to make any dramatic concessions. What makes me somewhat optimistic about what is going is that there is a battle at all inside Iran as to what to do." 他说:“他试图调整他的言行举止来符合德黑兰某些改变中的意见,而且我确信德黑兰正在改变意见。但是我想,艾哈迈迪内贾德成功地说伊朗最高领导人和整个伊朗领导层,目前还不要做出任何巨大让步。我对此有点乐观的是,伊朗内部各层面都在为该怎么做进行争议。”What's Behind Shift in Bush Administration Stance?The shift in the U.S. stance by the Bush administration is both puzzling and disappointing to American neoconservatives like former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton, who scoffs at the idea of an internal policy debate in Tehran on the nuclear issue. 布什政府立场的改变不但令人困惑,也让像前美国驻联合国大使约翰.伯尔顿这样的新保守主义者感到失望。伯尔顿嘲笑伊朗内部会为核问题进行辩论的想法。"The State Department search for Iranian moderates is comparable to Captain Ahab's search for the great white whale," Bolton said. "It is an obsession within the State Department. There are obviously differences within the leadership cast inside Iran. But we have never detected any differences over the fundamental strategic objective of getting a deliverable nuclear weapon." 伯尔顿说:“国务院想寻找伊朗的温和派,就好比阿哈布船长想找寻大白鲸一样。国务院对此十分着迷。显然,伊朗领导层内部有意见分歧。但是在获得可投射的核武器这一终极目标上,我们没有发现任何不同。”In his interview, President Ahmadinejad reiterated that Iran harbors no ambitions to build nuclear weapons. 在接受采访时,伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德重申伊朗没有生产核武器的野心。Is Deal With Iran in The Works?Some analysts think a deal with Iran may aly be in the works.  有些分析家认为,和伊朗的一项交易也许已经在达成之中。Reva Bhalla of Stratfor, a private intelligence firm, believes there is some similarity to 1980 and 1981, when negotiations to free American hostages at the Tehran Embassy were conducted under President Jimmy Carter, but the Iranians would not release them until Ronald Reagan was sworn in. 私人情报机构“斯特拉福”的丽娃.巴赫拉相信,眼下的情况和1980年及1981年有某些类似。当时卡特总统已经在暗中和德黑兰就释放美国大使馆的美国人质问题进行谈判,但是伊朗一直等到里根总统上任后才把人质释放。"They still at the same time deprived Carter of that foreign policy victory," Stratfor noted. "Instead, it went to Reagan. But the work was all done under Carter. So it could be the same kind of calculation where the Iranians may not want to give that foreign policy [victory] to the Bush administration, but are putting everything in place right now for that deal to happen. Because they really cannot take too many risks, not knowing what the next administration might bring." 巴赫拉说:“他们仍然没有让卡特享受到这场外交胜利,而是让里根享受了胜利的果实,尽管所有谈判工作都是在卡特任内完成的。所以伊朗人现在也可能会有同样的计算,他们或许不希望把外交政策胜利的果实交给布什政府,而是把所有事情准备好等待最好的时机。因为他们真的无法冒太多的风险,他们不知道下一届美国政府会带来什么。”But other analysts say more and tougher economic sanctions will still have to be levied on Iran before there are significant concessions from Tehran. 但是其他分析家表示,在德黑兰做出比较大的让步之前,还是应该对伊朗施加更多而且更严厉的经济制裁。200807/45131 Scripts:Host: The internet search giant Yahoo is fighting a high profile lawsuit which accuses the company of helping suppress free speech in China. Yahoo is asking a US federal judge to throw this censorship case out of court. Of more on this, we are joined now by Nick Thompson. He is a senior editor at Wired magazine. And there's just a little bit more background for this story. Yahoo is being accused of handing over information to the Chinese government which led to the arrest of two dissidents. Now looking at Yahoo’s position, they are saying we have to abide by Chinese laws. Isn’t that a fair point?Editor: It is a fair point and I think it’s gonna be one of the central points in the case if you their motion to dismiss. Their central argument is, as they say, we can’t be asked, much less compelled to violate the laws of a country in which we operate.H: But there are also US laws. Are there not, that, sort of forbid this sort of behavior? I mean, Should there be some sort of recalls to the US courts for this at all?E: Right, and so that’s what the plaintiffs are arguing.They are arguing that there are two major US statutes. The Alien Tort Statute and the Torture Victim Protection Act. And they say, look, the US has agreed with all these treaties, the US agrees that it must follow some sort of international law and international human rights standards and that’s more important than the particular laws in the country in which these companies operate. So they are saying, you have to appeal to a higher law; Yahoo is saying, hey, we just have to deal with China's laws.H: And Yahoo is being slightly hypocritical about this, isn't it? Because it was fined by a French court a couple of years ago, because it allowed people to trade Nazi memorabilia on its auction site, and it turned to the US to get that French decision overturned .So there is a bit of hypocrisy going on here , isn’t there?E: Oh, there is absolutely hypocrisy. I mean another argument that Yahoo makes and Yahoo defenders make is that, overall, the benefit of Yahoo is good. They allow people to communicate through the Internet which will actually help, eventually bring democracy to China. So they are saying that overall, the benefits outweigh the cost. The other important legal argument that we haven’t touched on is, Yahoo is saying" Look, these people might have been tortured. But Yahoo didn’t torture them. If you wanna sue somebody, sue the government of China.'' And that’s another important legal claim that I think will affect the way this case turns out.H: Is there suggestion that Yahoo handed more information over them was necessary?E: Oh, absolutely. So what the plaintiffs are saying is they actually weren't compelled to do almost anything. They think it was more like Yahoo sort of was trying to ingratiate itself, or lower level employees at Yahoo wanted to do somebody a favor. So they gave a whole bevy of information. They gave IP addresses; they gave actual E-mails; they gave tons of stuff to China.H: It’s not just , I'd see, the legal implications here, it's also the court of public opinion, isn’t it? And I wonder how this could affect Yahoo’s business?E: Oh, I think it’s terrible for yahoo. My personal instinct is that they’ll probably win the case. It depends on the judge who handles the next stage, but their legal arguments are pretty strong. But the question of how this affects the way we look at Yahoo? I think there’s gonna be a very big hit to the company because of this. Each time this plays out, the company looks worse and worse. Because what they did, whether it was legal or whether it was illegal, certainly doesn't seem like the right thing to have done.H: And can people or would people migrate to Google, coz they have had their own issues with China as well?E: Well, people will certainly migrate to Google, Google things are a little different, google's are things of omission not commission. What google does is it sets up its search engine in China, so that you can’t search for certain terms. If you type in “human rights” in Google China, you get different results, if you type from what you get if you type in “human rights” in Google America. But that’s quite different from sending information on a particular dissident and then having him get arrested and tortured.H: So if Google were asked to do the same thing, would it under Chinese law be compelled to do so?E: Well, it might well be compelled under Chinese law to do so, and then Google would have to decide whether it wants to follow along with that particular Chinese law? Or whether it wants to say'' Hey, we are an American company. We have to follow these international standards and then let's make China, see what China does next.H: En, fascinating,and this one will really sort of shape the future of the moral question here, won't it?E: Oh, It is an incredibly interesting moral question. What do American companies do in places like China, where they are probably aiding and abetting censorship which is one of the things the Internet is supposed to help break down. It’s a marvelous question.H: Nick Thompson ,senior editor with Wired. Thank you so much for joining us.E: Thanks a lot for having me here.Notes:Aid and abet: help, assist, or facilitate200807/44132哈尔滨市医科大学附属第三医院网络咨询哈市医院收费高吗



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