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Lesson 12Text AWhat a Mess!Bill Lane has just touched some wet paint. MR FIELD: You mustn't touch the wet paint, Bill. BILL: I'm sorry. I won't do it again. MR FIELD: Try to be more careful in future. BILL: I shall. I wasn't as careless as John Sampson. He walked across that wet cement over there. MR FIELD: The workmen oughtn't to leave it without a no tice. BILL: The headmaster asked them not to do so. MR FIELD: Then why isn't there a notice? BILL: They went to their stores to get one. Here they come with it now! MR FIELD: But look at them! They've forgotten about the wet cement and they're walking across it to put up the notice!   Text BA Tall and Slim Girl At five feet six inches , Rosa was taller than every other student in the sixth grade. She worried about this alt the time, in school and at home. Her mother told her to stand up straight and be proud that she was so tall and slim. "Someday , " her mother said , "you'11 be happy that you're tall. "This made Rosa happier, but she was still afraid her classmates were making fun of her behind her back. One day , all this changed when Mr Ransom, the coach from the youth club , asked Rosa to play center on their basketball team. He said that Rosa was a good ball player and her height would make her valuable as center. Now, she really was proud to be tall. She was someone special.Questions on Text B7. Read the following passage once. Underline the key words while ing and retell tbe story to your partner.Better Be a Stupid Man It was a beautiful spring morning. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and the sun was warm but not too hot . so Mr Andrews was surprised when saw an old gentleman at the bus-stop with a big, strong black umbrella i' his hand. Mr Andrews said to him, "Are we going to have rain today, do you think?" "No , " said the old gentleman , "I don't think so. " "Then are you carrying the umbrella to keep the sun off you?" "No, the sun is not very hot in spring. " Mr Andrews looked at the big umbrella again, and the gentleman said, "I am an old man, and my legs are not very strong, so I really need a walk- ing-stick. But when I carry a walking-stick, people say, `Look at that poor old man' , and I don't like that. When I carry an umbrella in fine weatber, people only say, `Look at that stupid man'. " /200907/76251台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:I know I saw you this morning but it seems like it#39;s been forever.We gotta celebrate. What do you wanna do?我记得早上才见过你,但是感觉好像过了很久似的。我们应该庆祝一下,你想做点儿什么呢? /201406/303043

资料来源于EnglishPod,内容覆盖生活、学习、工作、等各个方面的小专题,纯正地道的美音,内容非常的实用,希望对大家喜欢。The Weekend - F1 Racing (C0077)A: Welcome back racing fans! My name is Rick Fields and, as always, I am joined by my partner in crime, Bob Copeland.B: We’re in the last stretch of this very exciting race,and Kimi Rikknen is leading the pack with only four laps to go! They are heading to turn three and Lewis Hamilton tries to pass Rikknen! It’s a close one and, oh no! Hamilton hits the wall!A: He came in too fast, jammed on the breaks and spun out. We have a yellow flag and the pace car is making its way onto the track.B: The cleanup crew is towing the heavily damaged car and the green flag drops! Rikknen is still in the lead with only two laps to go!A: Smoke is coming out of his car! He seems to be having engine trouble! He makes his way into the pit, and Fernando Alonso takes the lead!B: How unlucky for Rikknen, and this race is over ladies and gentlemen, Alonso takes the checkered flag! /201003/99825

英语口语900句视频精讲音频版详见口语900句 /201402/277567【语义表述】她是管辖着过去是她上司的人。 【错误表述】She now has authority to the people who used to be her bosses. 【讲解辨析】我们来谈谈authority这个名词的意思和用法。Authority在这里是表示“权利”的意思,其英文解释为:give orders to other people。作为这个意思解释时,它是不可数名词。用它来表示“拥有权力管理某人,拥有权力管辖某人”,应该用have authority over somebody。请看下面的例句: Your headmaster has authority over all the staff. 你们的校长有管理所有职工的权力。 【正确表述】She now has authority over the people who used to be her bosses. PS: 注意表示对.......有权力管理,虽然authority是不可数名,也不要用冠词the,have the authority over somebody 这样表达也是错误的。 /201406/304687

台湾籍旅美老师Regina今天交给我们的句子是:I#39;m tired. I want to go. Are you gonna walk me home or what? You have poor social skills.我累了,我想回家,你要陪我回去还是怎样?你很不会跟人相处耶。 /201404/284690Count me in 带我玩一个Count me in的意思是;算上我;. 翻译的痞一点,就是;带我玩一个;Count me in-to include me in the activity /201403/281808Ordering At An Italian Restaurant 在意大利餐馆点餐 A: Good evening ladies. My name is Josh and I'll be your server tonight. May I take your order? 晚上好,女士们。我是务生Josh,为您务。准备好要点餐了吗?B: Do you have any recommendations? 你有什么要推荐的吗?A: Well, I personally like the chicken penne with cream mushroom sauce, but the prawn fettuccine is also very nice. 我个人喜欢鸡肉通心粉配奶油蘑菇酱。不过明虾宽面也不错。B: Hmm. I'd like to have the grilled chicken, but can I have spaghetti instead of penne? 我要烤鸡肉。可不可以把通心粉换成蝴蝶面。A: Of course, mam. And for you? 没问题。那您呢?C: I ... ah..I'll have the horse tripe. 我,呃,我要马肚。重点注释:recommendation n. 推荐,建议penne n. 通心粉prawn n. 对虾,明虾fettuccine n. 意大利宽面grill v. (用烤架)烤(鱼、肉等)spaghetti n. 蝴蝶状的意大利面tripe n. (可食用的动物的)肚多说两句: 意大利面,又称之为意粉,是西餐品种中最接近中国人饮食习惯,最容易被接受的。关于意大利面条的起源,有说是源自古罗马,也有的说是由马可·波罗从中国经由西西里岛传至整个欧洲的讲法。作为意大利面的法定原料,杜兰小麦是最硬质的小麦品种,具有高密度、高蛋白质、高筋度等特点,其制成的意大利面通体呈黄色,耐煮、口感好。意大利面的形状也各不不同,除了普通的直身粉外还有螺丝型的、弯管型的、蝴蝶型的、贝壳型的林林总总数百种。 /201110/156794

1) control freak 控制狂My boss is such a control freak. He has to review and approve EVERYTHING I do!我老板是个控制狂。我做的每一件事都要得到他的批准!2) clean freak/neat freak 有洁癖的人My mom is such a clean freak. If I leave one cup in the sink she freaks out!!我妈有洁癖。如果我把杯子放在水池里不洗,她会崩溃的!3) health freak 健康控Melissa is a real health freak. She only eats salads and drinks green tea.Melissa是个健康控。她只吃沙拉,只喝绿茶。 /201403/275789听力口语课程,为您提供轻松的地道英文学习氛围。 /201112/165523

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