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But there is an environmental cost. Shanghai residents now use two and a half times more power per head than their rural cousins.但上海的辉煌背后存在着环境代价。上海居民使用的电力是郊区居民的2.5倍。The city#39;s seemingly insatiable energy demands currently require the output of 17 power stations.这个城市近乎贪得无厌的能源需求需要17个电厂来供应需求。South of Shanghai the city lights gradually fade as we enter an ancient world.上海往南,城市灯光逐渐暗淡好象我们进入了一个古老的世界。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 重点讲解:1. more than更多;较多;eg.It#39;s a good idea to give adolescents a little more information than they ask for.青少年提了问题,不妨在回答后再给点儿额外信息。eg. It will produce electricity more cheaply than a nuclear plant. 它的发电成本要比核电站低。2. south of位于…以南;在…南边;eg. They now own and operate a farm 50 miles south of Rochester.他们现在拥有并经营着一家位于罗切斯特以南 50 英里处的农场。eg. I was living in a house just south of Market Street.我就住在市场街南边的一座房子里。 /201409/326991And in doing so, they discovered an extraordinary affinity过程中他们发现 人类和近亲动物之间with our extended family.有特殊的相似之处Especially with a great ape尤其是和人类with who we share almost 99% of our genes,有百分之九十九相同基因the Chimpanzee.属于类人猿的黑猩猩He was completely asleep just then,它睡得好熟so you just, just rocking to the side as if he might just fall off刚才还翻身 好像要从树上掉下来一样the branch, you could see his lips were twitching like he was in a deep dream,你可以看到它嘴唇抽动 好像睡得很沉在作梦that was really beautiful.真的很平静的画面Chimpanzees are our closest relatives.黑猩猩是与我们最相近的动物Justine Evans spent almost a month with them in the forest of Guinea贾丝汀艾凡斯花了一个月的时间to film their use of tools.在几内亚的森林里和它们相处 她要拍摄黑猩猩使用工具的画面The chimps have disappeared off down there,黑猩猩到那里就不见了they#39;re gonna cross over into another area of forest它们会到另一片森林去and hopefully start using some tools.希望会使用一些工具 Article/201311/265817This Videojug tutorial will help you learn how to lose weight easily and naturally through simple alterations to your everyday diet.Videojug这段视频将帮助你学习怎样通过简单地改变日常饮食来轻松自然减肥。Top Tips小建议One of the key reasons why women gain weight around the waist is because they are stressed. There are glands called the adrenal glands which release stress hormones, and these hormones can affect whether food is used as fuel or stored as fat.造成女性腰部赘肉的其中一个关键原因就是压力。肾上腺分泌压力荷尔蒙,这些荷尔蒙会影响食物是被用作燃料还是作为脂肪储存起来。The diet we are looking at following in order to minimise the effect of stress on your body is a glycemic load diet, which aims to reduce the glycemic load on your body.我们将要看到的这些膳食可以将压力效应最小化,降低身体血糖水平。The basis of a glycemic load diet is to eat a little and often, eating lean protein and not eating foods high in sugar such as refined carbohydrates.降低血糖膳食最根本的就是少食多餐,食用瘦肉蛋白,不要食用精炼的碳水化合物等含糖量高的食品。Thanks for watching How To Lose Inches Off Your Waist With Nutrition.感谢收看“怎样通过调节营养减少腰部赘肉”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201306/2437102012迪奥商业广告视频及广告词,如诗一般优美的广告词,字里行间,写的都是迪奥的孤傲与优雅,写了迪奥真我香水的成分天然。说真的这真的不像我们常见的商业广告,没有创意的同时却充满了创意,不夸张、不做作。不像我们见惯了的商业广告,你必须买我,不买就怎么样,迪奥真我香水的广告,客观的介绍了自己,字里行间都是无声的勾引和诱惑,但是却没有一句直白的话语在向你推销。以下是广告词的中英对照:If it#39;s out there,只要存在,Dior will find it.迪奥就将找到它。The most desired secret ever.最令人渴望的秘密。Born in the sun, water, air, fire, and earth.蕴于阳光,流水,空气,火焰和泥土。Through the rarest flower gardens,穿过珍稀花卉盛开的花园,beyond the deepest seas,超越海洋的最深处,to the edge of the world.直到海角天涯。Where fragility finds her strength,纤弱获得力量,and the material becomes the ethereal花瓣生成芬芳,falling like a drop of gold into your waiting hand.如同一抹灿烂的流金滴落你渴望的双手,Perfectly formed,浑若天成,perfectly free.尽情释放。You don#39;t discover this essence,无需刻意追求,it discovers you.它自会寻你而来。J#39;Adore Dior!迪奥真我香水! Article/201404/285795

一个孩子的成长 需要天赋 但是更需要理解和持 像他的祖父母一样 我们缺的就是这些 如果可以重来 我也会给我的孩子更大的成长空间 Article/201403/280429

Studios Use CGI to Replace Paul Walker, Philip Seymour HoffmanHollywood productions will use CGI to resurrect the actors in their upcoming films. A recent sudden deaths of two Hollywood stars have sent Hollywood studios skramtbling. With Paul walker in fast and furious 7, and Philip Seymour Hoffman in the hunger games.A recent sudden deaths of two Hollywood stars have sent Hollywood studios scrambling with Paul walker, star in fast and furious 7, Philip Seymour Hoffman ,apearing in C, CS to the Hunger Games.Movie makers have been forced to come up with some creative solutions to complete some crucial scene here.But do they have a technology to do it and how audiences response to it at all? A#39;s B is in Los Angeles,certain to more.Good morning B.Good morning B.Good morning D.This is a scenario that Hollywood faces many times over the years. JCM all passed away before finishing a film project. Then dance studio would dotheir best with the body doubles. But today, they have much better options.Coming back to the big screen, actor PhilipSeymour Hoffman will live on as the character in the next to WS of hunger game after dying before filming was completed.And now we#39;re learning, so will Paul Walker in the fast and furious 7.Actor was originally believed the movie would have to be drafted because of too many untapped scene. Instead,the Hollywood reporter is reviewing the studio will use special effect, replacing the actor with Computer Generated Image of him.What you are seeing here is a technology advance appointed wire. They can do things that actors will not possible before.CGI technology is used to put a new face on actors more and more. It is how Army Nett play twins in a social network.How N.P dance so daftly in Black Swan. And even how Audrey Hepburn was resurrected for this Dove chocolate ad. But using an actor#39;s tragic death raise ethical questions.The big issue here is whether you can tell if it is a scene you know that is not real , it gives you a weird feeling when you are watching it. I think the studio is going to be very careful to make thisa scene processed.Now when CGI is used, the seized actors’family are usually consulted it and scripts are sometime changed. Walker Characterwere reportedly got a different ending in the film,a happy ending. Just one more thing in that press studio can do it and make it sure that audiences feel comfortable.Ya,that is appropriate when we chat to their family for permission and understand.Interesting how CGI is becoming stable in Hollywood now. /201404/283718

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