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Empathy is at the heart of the actors art. And in high school, another form of acting took hold of me. I wanted to learn how to be appealing. So I studied the character I imagined I wanted to be that of the generically pretty high school girl and I researched her deeply, that is to say shallowly, in Vogue, in Seventeen, and in Mademoiselle Magazines. I tried to imitate her hair, her lipstick, her lashes, the clothes of the lithesome, beautiful and generically appealing high school girls that I saw in those pages. I ate an apple a day, period. I peroxided my hair, ironed it straight. I demanded brand name clothes, my mother shut me down on that one. But I did. I worked harder on this characterization really than anyone I think Ive ever done since. I worked on my giggle. I lightened it. Because I like it when it went, kind of ;ehuh; and the end ;eheeh;, ;ehaeaahaha;. Because I thought it sounded child-like, and cute. This was all about appealing to boys and at the same time being accepted by the girls, a very tricky negotiation. Often success in one area precludes succeeding in the other.移情是表演艺术的核心。高中的时候,我对另外一种表演很着迷:我想学习如何让自己有吸引力。所以,我想象出一个受欢迎的校园美女,深入地研究她,简单地说,就是模仿《时尚》、《十七岁》或者《女王杂志》中那样的女孩。我模仿杂志页上那些温柔的漂亮、而有魅力的校园美女。模仿她们的发型、唇膏、睫毛、装。我有段时间一天只吃一个苹果,我染了头发,拉直了它。我要买名牌装,但是我妈妈不同意,事实上我还是买了。我付出比以前任何时候都多的努力来实践这个角色。我还在笑声上下功夫,轻声地咯咯笑,我喜欢这样是因为笑声快消逝的时候,有“嗯哼”或者“嗯哼哼”这样的声音,显得很孩子气,而且很可爱。这一切都是为了吸引男生,同时被其他女生接纳,事实上,这是棘手的事情。通常在一个领域取得成功就会失去在其他领域取得成功的机会。201403/278965。

  • 你会看到学生们亲身解决一些身边的问题,领导同龄人,甚至教育他们的父母。201506/380920。
  • Id like to just take a moment and thank the outgoing Board members. I think it has not heen an easy job to be a Board member of Apple over the last few years. These are very decent people and theyve been trying very hard to do the right thing for the company. To welcome our new Board members, I think we have a really exciting task ahead of us: to help the management team and guide Apple back to health and to prosperity. And so I hope youll agree that this is a pretty sweeping change. Were adding a tremendous amount of industry expertise. We are not naming a Chairman at this time. Were going to wait till we have a new CEO, and sort things when that happens.我想要用一点时间去感谢那些即将离任的董事会成员。我想这些年来作为苹果的董事会成员,并非易事。他们是非常不错的人,一直试图为公司做正确的事情,可谓尽心竭力。同时也欢迎新董事会成员的加入,我想我们有非常振奋人心的任务在眼前:管理整个团队并且引导苹果重新恢复生机和繁荣。因此,我希望 你们也认同,这是一个意义深远的变革。我们注入了巨大的行业知识和技能,我们这次不会指定一个董事长,而是等待一个合适的首席执行官出现,到时让他掌管—切。OK, next. Market focus. I cant get anyone to tell me the definitive market share number for Apple, but its around 7%, from what I can gather. And the question is where is Apple relevant? Where is Apple still the dominant player? Which market segments? And there are two. The first one, I call creative content. Its publishing, design, pre-press, etc. Its creative professionals using computers. And whats interesting is that Apple is still the dominant market leader for creative professionals, by far. Its like 80% of the computers used in advertising and graphic arts, design, pre-press are all Macintoshes. And 64%, thats the best number I can find, 64% of all Internet websites are created using a Mac. Its amazing.好,接下来要谈市场定位的问题。是的,我不可能让任何人告诉我苹果确切的市场股份数字,但超过7%的部分是我能收集到的。问题的关键是,哪个领域对苹果来说意义重大?苹果在哪个领域仍然是主控角色?市场的主导在哪里?有两个。第一个我称之为创新产品, 也就是出版、设计、预印等等。 这是创新领域的专业人士使用的电脑。有趣的是,苹果仍然是为创新领域专业人士提供产品的市场主导。到目前为止,有约80%左右的Mac电脑被运用于广告及制图艺术、设计和预印方面。并且有64% 的互联网网页是用苹果电脑做的,这是我所发现的最棒的数字。这太不可思议了。201407/310102。
  • Id like to start with a short story.我想先讲个故事。Its about a little boy有个小男孩whose father was a history buff他父亲是个历史爱好者,and who used to take him by the hand常牵着他的手to visit the ruins of an ancient metropolis去造访他们小镇的on the outskirts of their camp.一个古城市遗迹。They would always stop by to visit他们总是去看these huge winged bulls that used to guard那个守着古城门的the gates of that ancient metropolis,带翅膀的牛,and the boy used to be scared那时的小男孩of these winged bulls,在害怕那些带翅膀的牛的同时,but at the same time they excited him.也很兴奋看到这些。And the dad used to use those bulls父亲就用这些牛to tell the boy stories about给小男孩讲that civilization and their work.那个文明的故事和他们的工作Lets fast-forward to the让我们“快进”到数十年后的San Francisco Bay Area many decades later,旧金山湾区,where I started a technology company我在那儿成立了一个家公司that brought the world its first研发出了世界上第一个3D laser scanning system.3D镭射扫描系统。Let me show you how it works.现在让我为您展示一下它是怎样工作的。Female Voice: Long range laser scanning女声:长距离镭射扫描by sending out a pulse thats a laser beam of light.通过发出一束激光。The system measures the beams time of flight,系统测量光束传播时间,recording the time it takes for the light纪录下它从接触到一个表面to hit a surface and make its return.到返回的时间。With two mirrors, the scanner calculates扫描仪通过两个镜子计算the beams horizontal and vertical angles,光束的水平垂直角度,giving accurate x, y, and z coordinates.得到精确的X,Y,Z轴距。The point is then recorded这个点就被into a 3D visualization program.3D可视化软件记录下来。All of this happens in seconds.所有这些只要几秒就能完成。Ben Kacyra: You can see here,本·凯萨拉:可以看到,these systems are extremely fast.系统运行速度非常快。They collect millions of points at a time能一次性with very high accuracy高精度高像素地and very high resolution.收集上百万个点。A surveyor with traditional survey tools一个使用传统工具的测量员would be hard-pressed to produce要在一整天内绘制500个点maybe 500 points in a whole day.都力不能及。These babies would be producing而这些小家伙something like ten thousand points a second.能在一秒内绘制一万个点。So, as you can imagine,你能想到,this was a paradigm shift这不仅是测量和建筑业in the survey and construction一个范式转变as well as in reality capture industry.也是摄影摄像产业的新标杆。Approximately ten years ago,大约十年前,my wife and I started a foundation to do good,我和我妻子建立了一个慈善基金,and right about that time,那时候,the magnificent Bamiyan Buddhas,巴米扬大佛,hundred and eighty foot tall in Afghanistan,一座矗立在阿富汗的180英尺高的佛像,were blown up by the Taliban.毁于塔利班之手。They were gone in an instant.顷刻之内佛像被毁。And unfortunately, there was不幸的是,no detailed documentation of these Buddhas.没有任何关于这些佛像的详细资料保存下来。This clearly devastated me,这深深触动了我,and I couldnt help but wonder about我不由得想到the fate of my old friends, the winged bulls,我的老朋友 那头带翅膀的牛的命运,and the fate of the many, many还有世界各地heritage sites all over the world.其他文物古迹的命运。Both my wife and I我和我妻子were so touched by this受此激发that we decided to决定expand the mission of our foundation将基金承担的业务范围to include digital heritage preservation延伸到世界文物古迹的of world sites.数字化保存。We called the project CyArk,我们称之为“数字方舟”计划,which stands for Cyber Archive.代表着数字档案To date, with the help of迄今为止a global network of partners,在全球合作伙伴的帮助下,weve completed close to fifty projects.我们已经完成了近50个项目Let me show you some of them:这是其中一部分:Chichen Itza,奇琴伊察,Rapa Nui --复活节岛and what youre seeing here这里你看到的是are the cloud of points --数据点集合—Babylon,巴比伦,Rosslyn Chapel,罗斯林教堂,Pompeii,庞贝遗址and our latest project, Mt. Rushmore,和最近的一个项目:总统山which happened to be one of这是最具挑战的our most challenging projects.项目之一。As you see here, we had to develop可以看到,我们得开发a special rig to bring the scanner一种特殊钻机up close and personal.人工作业把扫描仪戴上去201409/329597。
  • The reality is, in Western countries, quite often we do focus on the pursuit of happiness as if happiness is something that we have to go out -- an object that were supposed to get, or maybe many objects. Actually, in fact, if you look in the dictionary, many dictionaries define pursuit as to ;chase with hostility.; Do we pursue happiness with hostility? Good question. But back to Bhutan.事实上是,在西方国家,通常我们注重对快乐的追求正如快乐是一种我们必须非常从外部才能得到的一种我们我们理应得到的东西,和很多其他的东西一样而事实上,如果你查查字典看一下的话,许多字典把这种追求定义为“带着敌意的追逐”。我们是带着对抗的情绪追求快乐的么?问的好。再回到不丹。Bhutans bordered on its north and south by 38 percent of the worlds population. Could this little country, like a startup in a mature industry, be the spark plug that influences a 21st century of middle-class in China and India? Bhutans created the ultimate export, a new global currency of well-being, and there are 40 countries around the world today that are studying their own GNH. You may have heard, this last fall Nicolas Sarkozy in France announcing the results of an 18-month study by two Nobel economists, focusing on happiness and wellness in France. Sarkozy suggested that world leaders should stop myopically focusing on GDP and consider a new index, what some French are calling a ;joie de vivre index.; I like it. Co-branding opportunities.实际上,在不丹南边和北边的边境生存着这个世界百分之38的人口。这个小国在一个成熟的工业社会中刚刚起步,就放出万丈光芒,影响了整个二十一世纪的中国和印度的中产阶级?不丹实际上创造了一种终极的输出,一种新的全球通用的福祉。这个世界上有40个国家正在研究他们自己的GNH。你也许听过,去年的秋天法国的尼古拉·萨科齐,宣布了获得了诺贝尔奖的经济学家一项18个月研究的研究结果,这项研究关注于法国的快乐和幸福。萨科奇提出世界的领导人应该停止目光短浅地只关注GDP关注一种新的指数,法国人称之为“幸福指数”我喜欢这个提法。一个品牌合作的机会。Just three days ago, three days ago here at TED, we had a simulcast of David Cameron, potentially the next prime minister of the UK, ing one of my favorite speeches of all-time, Robert Kennedys poetic speech from 1968 when he suggested that were myopically focused on the wrong thing and that GDP is a misplaced metric. So it suggests that the momentum is shifting.就在三天前,在我来的TED的三天前,我们和大卫.喀麦隆有一个同时联播节目,他可能是下任英国首相,引用了一个我最爱的一句演讲,罗伯特肯尼迪在1968年的诗歌演讲当时他提出我们只把目光放在那些错误的事情上GDP是一个错位的度量标准。这预示着动机发生了转变。201402/275419。
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