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Donald Trump has upset Sir Cameron Mackintosh and co-creators of the stage musical Les Misérables for playing one of their songs at his Miami rally.唐纳#8226;特朗普在迈阿密的竞选集会上播放了音乐剧《悲惨世界》中的一首插曲,引起了制作者卡麦隆#8226;麦金托什和其它音乐剧主创的不满。Mackintosh, a leading British theatre impresario, is to make his objection felt in a joint statement with Alain Boublil, the musical’s librettist and others who own the copyright.麦金托什是英国著名戏剧经理人,他将同剧作者阿#8226;布比尔等其它版权人一起发布联合声明提出抗议。A copy released to the Guardian said: “The authors of Les Misérables were not asked for permission and did not authorise or endorse usage of Do You Hear the People Sing? at last [week’s] Trump rally in Miami, and have never done so for any of the songs from the musical for this or any other political event.”刊登在《卫报》上的声明写道:“《悲惨世界》的作者们没有收到许可申请,也没有授权或允许特朗普在上周迈阿密集会上使用《Do You Hear the People Sing?》,歌剧中的任何一首歌曲从未被允许在这次或任何其他的政治活动中使用。”Les Misérables has broken box office records worldwide, seen by more than 70 million people in 44 countries. It is a story of “broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption with songs that include I Dreamed A Dream. In Miami, the Republican presidential nominee took the stage as Do You Hear the People Sing? blasted through the loudspeakers.《悲惨世界》已4个国家演出,观看人次达七千多万,打破了全球票房纪录。它讲述了一个关于“破碎的梦和暗恋、热烈的情欲、牺牲和救赎”的故事。《I Dreamed A Dream》也是歌曲之一。在迈阿密,集会上的扩音喇叭高声唱着《Do You Hear the People Sing?》,共和党总统候选人在一片音乐声中登台亮相。Mackintosh’s statement said: “As the musical’s popularity and universal message have been part of international popular culture for more than 30 years now, countless political and social movements around the world, including the first Bill Clinton and Obama campaigns, have independently embraced songs from the musical as a rallying cry for their own cause.”麦金托什的声明中说道:“因《悲惨世界》的知名度和辨识度,这部歌剧0多年来已成为国际流行文化的组成部分。全球无数政治和社会运动,包括比#8226;克林顿和奥巴马的首次竞选活动,都各自使用了音乐剧中的歌曲作为个人竞选的战斗口号。”Trump has upset musicians before. In May, he faced demands by the Rolling Stones to stop playing their music at his campaign events. Earlier, he faced criticism from Neil Young for using his Rockinin the Free World. Whether Mackintosh takes legal action remains to be seen.特朗普的侵权行为早有先例。五月份,滚石乐队曾向特朗普提出停止在竞选活动中播放其音乐的要求。更早时候,尼尔#8226;杨批评特朗普使用了他的歌曲《Rockinin the Free World》。麦金托什是否就此采取法律行动仍有待观察。The intellectual property lawyer Mark Stephens of Howard Kennedy, said politicians were supposed to clear the use of songs. Sometimes permission was obtained without disclosing it was for a political purpose and there could be a question about whether Trump’s campaign said it would be used at a rally.霍华#8226;肯尼迪律师事务所的著作权律师马克#8226;斯蒂芬森表示,政客们应该澄清对歌曲的使用情况。他补充说,有时出于政治目的会对获得的使用权进行保密,但特朗普的竞选团队有无说明歌曲将在集会上使用还有疑问。Asked whether Mackintosh could potentially have a legal case against Trump, he said: “Assuming that there wasn’t a fully disclosed, informed consent given, then he can sue for infringement of copyright.”当被问道麦金托什是否可能起诉特朗普时,斯蒂芬森说:“假如歌曲使用没有经过完全公开、知情的同意,他可以因著作权受到侵犯而起诉。”The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.特朗普的竞选团队未对请求作出回应。Trump is among numerous politicians who have upset musicians. Bruce Springsteen objected to Ronald Reagan’s attempt to use Born in the USA as a backdrop for his re-election in 1984, and Mick Fleetwood has said that Bill Clinton’s campaign never sought permission for his 1992 campaign anthem, Don’t Stop.除特朗普外,引起音乐人不满的政客还大有人在984年罗纳德#8226;里根在第二次总统竞选中试图使用《Born in the USA》,遭到歌手布鲁#8226;斯普林斯汀反对992年比#8226;克林顿使用《Don’t Stop》作为竞选歌曲,而米#8226;弗里特伍德说这从未征得他的同意。Sometimes, however, there is harmony between musicians and politicians. The Northern Irish group D:Ream approved Tony Blair’s use of Things Can Only Get Better during the Labour party’s 1997 campaign.不过,音乐人和政客也有和平相处的时候997年,北爱尔兰组合D:Ream就同意了工党托尼#8226;布莱尔在英国大选中使用他们的作品《Things Can Only Get Better》。来 /201609/468049Scientists say the world has edged closer to apocalypse in the past year amid a darkening security landscape and comments by Donald Trump.科学家们表示,过去一年,随着暗淡的安全环境和唐纳德·特朗普的言论,世界已经逐渐接近末日。The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BPA) moved the minute hand of the symbolic Doomsday Clock from three minutes to two-and-a-half minutes to midnight.《原子科学家公报》将象征性的末日时钟的分针从距离午夜3分钟移动.5分钟。BPA chief Rachel Bronson urged world leaders to ;calm rather than stoke tensions that could lead to war;.《原子科学家公报》的执行长雷切尔·布朗森敦促世界领导人“平缓而不是加剧可能导致战争的紧张局势”。In a report, the BPA said President Trumps statements on climate change, expanding the US nuclear arsenal and the questioning of intelligence agencies had contributed to the heightened global risk.在一份报告中,《原子科学家公报》表示,特朗普总统关于气候变化、扩大美国核武库和情报机构问题的声明,导致了全球风险的加剧。It is the closest the clock has come to midnight since 1953, when the minute hand was moved to two minutes away following hydrogen bomb tests by the US and Russia.这是953年来时钟最接近午夜的一次,上一次是美国和俄罗斯的氢弹试验,分针移动到距离午夜仅两分钟。The minute hand on the Doomsday Clock is a metaphor for how vulnerable to catastrophe the world is deemed to be.在“末日钟”上的分针是对世界性灾难的一个隐喻。The symbolic device was created by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in 1947. The BPA was founded at the University of Chicago in 1945 by a group of scientists who helped develop the first atomic weapons.这个标志性设备是由《原子科学家公报》组织在1947年创建的。该组织是由一群科学家945年在芝加哥大学成立的,他们当时帮助开发了第一个原子武器。来 /201702/491961

The Netherlands and Belgium last Monday signed a treaty to exchange pieces of land along the Meuse river border.荷兰与比利时在上周一签订协议,互换默兹河边界沿线的部分领土。In accordance with the treaty, the Belgian peninsulas Presquile de Lllal and Presquile dEijsden will be traded for the Dutch peninsula Petit Gravier. As a result, the Netherlands will become about 0.1 sq km larger.根据这一协议,比利时将用日安半岛和艾斯登半岛交换荷兰的Petit Gravier半岛,荷兰的国土面积将因此扩.1平方公里。The signing occurred during a three-day visit to the Netherlands by Belgiums King Filip and Queen Mathilde.比利时国王菲利普和王后马蒂尔德是在荷兰进行为期三天的访问时签订的该协议;This unique border agreement is an example of our excellent cooperation with the Belgian people. We have shown today that the Netherlands and Belgium succeed as good neighbors to adjust borders in a peaceful way,; said Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Bert Koenders.荷兰外交大臣孔德尔斯表示:“这一独特的边界协议是我们与比利时人民保持着良好合作的例。我们今天的行动表明,荷兰和比利时是好邻居,能够用和平方式来调整分界。;You do not see so often that changing borders without firing a shot, but there was an excellent collaboration,; Netherlands Limburg Gov. Theo Bovens said to broadcaster NOS.在接受荷兰广播联NOS)的采访时,林堡省省长西奥·文斯表示:“改变国界而不费一兵一卒,这种情况很少见的,却是一次非凡的合作。”If the parliaments of both countries adopt the treaty next year, the border correction will take effect on Jan 1, 2018.如果两国议会明年批准这项协议,边界更改将018日生效。来 /201612/482324

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