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There are no words to describe the grief and anger that our city is feeling this morning. Tragically, six people have been killed in this sickening attack, and more than 40 injured, some of them critically. I am appalled and furious that these twisted and cowardly terrorists deliberately targeted innocent Londoners and visitors to our city who were just enjoying their Saturday night. I condemn these terrorists in the strongest possible terms. They are barbaric cowards and there is absolutely no justification for their evil and unforgivable actions.My thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims and everyone caught up in this horrific attack. Id like to thank our emergency services who bravely tackled the terrorists and helped the injured. Ive been in close contact with the Met Police Commissioner and senior officers throughout the night and will be attending the governments COBRA security meeting. Id urge all Londoners to remain calm and vigilant today and over the days ahead. We are all shocked and angry today, but this is our city – we will never let these cowards win and we will never be cowed by terrorism.201706/514132。

  • 新东方美国口语学习革命[王强主讲] Lesson 3暂无文本 /200606/7393。
  • Now, I also agree that that is rational, for now.现在我依然觉得这很理性。But it is not, by any means, an optimal situation.但是,无论如何,这不是最佳选项。We have to start making the real world more like a game.我们不得不从现在开始把现实社会构建得像一个游戏。So, I take my inspiration from something that happened 2,500 years ago.因此,我从发生于2500年前的一些事情中获取灵感。These are ancient dice, made out of sheeps knuckles. Right?这些是古老的骰子,由羊的关节骨制作而成。Before we had awesome game controllers,we had sheeps knuckles.在我们设计出游戏控制器前,我们人类已经拥有了羊关节制作的骰子。And these represent the first game equipment designed by human beings.这就是人类设计出的最早的游戏器械。And if youre familiar with the work of the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, you might know this history,which is the history of who invented games and why.如果你对古希腊历史学家的作品比较熟悉的话,如古希腊历史学家希罗多德,你就会了解这段历史游戏发明的历史是什么以及原因是什么呢。Herodotus says that games, particularly dice games,were invented in the kingdom of Lydia during a time of famine.希罗多德说游戏,特别是骰子游戏是由Lydia(小亚细亚西部的富裕古国)王国在一次大饥荒中发明的。Apparently, there was such a severe famine that the king of Lydia decided that they had to do something crazy.显然,历史上曾经有过这么一次严重的饥荒,Lydia国王决定做一些他们不得不做的疯狂的事情。People were suffering. People were fighting.当时人民在遭受痛苦,互相争斗。It was an extreme situation, they needed an extreme solution.形式非常危机。他们需要一个极端的解决方案。So, according to Herodotus, they invented dice games and they set up a kingdom-wide policy:据希罗多德说,他们因此而发明了骰子游戏并且制定了一个全国范围内的政策:On one day, everybody would eat,and on the next day, everybody would play games.某一天,所有人可以吃东西,但是第二天,所有人就只能玩游戏。And they would be so immersed in playing the dice games because games are so engaging,and immerse us in such satisfying blissful productivity,they would ignore the fact that they had no food to eat.人们专心的玩骰子游戏,因为游戏极具吸引力,可以使我们沉浸在如此自我满足的幸福“生产”活动中,人们就会忘掉他们没有食物可吃的事实。And then on the next day, they would play games;and on the next day, they would eat.第二天人们就会通过玩游戏度日,接下来的第二天他们就会去吃东西。And according to Herodotus,they passed 18 years this way,surviving through a famine by eating on one day and playing games on the next.据希罗多德所说,Lydia国的人民用这种方式度过了18年,用吃一天、玩游戏玩一天的方式,他们顺利的度过了大饥荒。Now, this is exactly, I think,how were using games today.这也是现如今我们,如何看待游戏的。Were using games to escape real-world suffering.我们通过玩游戏逃避现实中的痛苦。Were using games to get away from everything thats broken in the real environment, everything thats not satisfying about real life,我们通过玩游戏来避开现实环境中那些,残缺不全、不能令人满意的东西。and were getting what we need from games.同时从中获取我们所需的东西。201606/449160。
  • 本单元是关于夏日的烦闷的对话Alice: It's nice to be back but I do miss the excitement of the World Cup. I'm bored! Helen: Oh thanks very much!Alice: I didn't mean you! I just mean it's a bit hard to come back to reality that's all. Tim: Who says we have to? Why don't we do something to cheer ourselves up? Alice: Like what?Michal: Go to the pub. Alice: No, it's too smoky.Tim: Go to a nightclub. Helen: It's too noisy. Michal: How about going to the cinema?Alice: There's nothing on I really want to see. Michal: We could have a party.Alice: What are we celebrating? Michal: You know it's almost a year since I came to live here. Tim: Perfect! We'll have our first anniversary party!Vocabulary:(字汇)to cheer someone up:(让某人高兴起来)to make someone feel happier an anniversary:(周年)a day that is exactly a year or a number of years after a particular event (for example, It's our 25th wedding anniversary next week) a fancy-dress party: (化妆宴会)a party where people dress up in costumes (often dressed as famous people) 本单元的语言点是后缀,在一个单字的后面加上字尾就可以将名词转为形容词,或是将形容词转为名词。举例来说,将名词 'noise' 字尾的 e 去掉,加上 Y 就成了形容词 'noisy' 。 SuffixesYou can make some nouns into adjectives or adjectives into nouns by adding suffixes (extra letters at the end of the word). For example, you can make the noun 'noise' into an adjective by taking off the 'e' and adding 'y' to make 'noisy'. Here is some of the most common suffixes: Making nouns into adjectives:(名词转为形容词)-able knowledge - knowledgeablefashion - fashionablecomfort - comfortable-al nature - naturalaccident - accidentalmusic - musical-ous danger - dangerousfame - famousadventure - adventurous-y health - healthycream - creamymess – messy /200707/16055。
  • 美国习惯用语-第29讲:rain checkIt never rains but it pours 今天我们要讲的两个俗语是和下雨有关系的。下雨是不可捉摸的,有时你不要它下,它却突然下个不停,可是,到了十分需要雨水的时候,它却偏偏又不下。就拿美国人喜欢的棒球赛来作例子吧。正当三万个球迷在看一场紧张的球赛时,突然下起暴雨来了。球员和观众一个个地四处乱跑去找地方躲雨。可是,那些出了五块或十块美金买一张票的球迷却不会空手回家的。在美国,只要在球赛开始以后下雨,每个人在离开体育场的时候都可以得到一张特别的票子,你可以用这张票子下回免费看一场球。这种特别的票子就叫 rain check。Rain 就是雨,check 就是票。Rain check 的意思就是,你买了票,但是因为下雨而没有看成球。为了补偿你的损失,就给你一张下次可以用的免费票。可是,rain check 这个词已经不局限在体育球赛方面了。它已经应用于生活的各个方面。它的意思是:给予第二次机会。 比如说,一个百货公司减价出售电视机一个星期。可是,不到一个星期,所有减价的电视机都已经卖完了。在这种情况下,店员就对顾客说: 例句-1: "Say, I'm sorry but we just sold the last TV set we had on sale. But I'll give you a raincheck so you can still get the special price when we get in a fresh stock a couple weeks from now." 这个店员说:“对不起,我们刚刚把最后一架减价的电视机卖掉了。但是,我会给你一张 rain check,这样过两个星期我们进了货以后,你仍然可以按减价的价钱买电视机。” Rain check 这个词也可以用在社交场合。假如一个男学生要请一个女孩子去吃晚饭,可是这女孩当天已经有了约会。不过她很喜欢这个人,很想跟他出去玩。这时候,她就说: 例句-2: "I'd love to go out with you, Ben. I'm sorry I'm busy tonight, but I'd like a rain check." 她说:“本,我很愿意和你出去玩。但是,非常抱歉的是我今晚很忙。我们下回去玩好吗?” 下面我们要讲的一个和雨,也就是 rain 这个字有关的成语就是 It never rains but it pours。It never rains but it pours 这句成语翻到中文就是“祸不单行”的意思。我们举个例子来看看 It never rains but it pours 这个成语在句子里是怎么用的: 例句-3: "I really feel sorry for Mike. First his wife left him. Next he lost his job. Then somebody stole his car. Like they say, it never rains but it pours." 这是说:“我真是为迈克感到难受。先是他的太太把他甩了,然后,他又丢了工作,接着,他的车又被人偷了。这真是像人们所说的,祸不单行呀。” 不过,看来倒霉的人似乎还不止他一个。下面说话的人也是够倒霉的: 例句-4: "Oh boy! You can't believe the trouble I had today. My alarm clock didn't go off, so I missed biology class. Then, I lost my home work assignment for math. I invited my girlfriend to lunch and after we ate, I found I'd left my wallet at home. It never rains but it pours." 他说:“咳,你真不会相信今天我有多倒霉。首先,我的闹钟没有响,所以我没有上生物课。然后,我又把我的数学作业给丢了。我请女朋友吃午饭,吃晚饭我才发现我把钱包忘在家里了。呵,这可真是祸不单行呐。” 今天我们讲了两个和雨有关的俗语,它们是 rain check 和 it never rains but it pours。「美国习惯用语」第二十九讲就到里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200601/2984。
  • I have seen him fight for his family. I have seen him fight for his employees. I have seen him fight for his company. And now, I am seeing him fight for our country.我见过他为家人而战、为员工而战、为公司而战,现在我看到他正为我们的国家而战!Its been the story of his life and more recently the spirit of his campaign.这是他一生的故事,也是近期他竞选的精神。Its also a prelude to reaching the goal that unites us all. When this party and better still this country knows what it is like to win again.这也是当这个党,甚至这个国家再一次品尝胜利的滋味,从而实现团结所有人目标的前奏。If its possible to be famous and yet not really well known, that describes the father who raised me.我的父亲名声在外,但又不是众所周知,这就是养育我的父亲。In the same office in Trump Tower, where we now work together, I remember playing on the floor by my fathers desk, constructing miniature buildings with Legos and Erector sets, while he did the same with concrete steel and glass.在川普大厦我们现在一起工作的一间办公室里,我还记得曾在父亲办公桌旁的地板上玩耍,用乐高和建设者积木搭建微型建筑,而他用混凝土、钢铁和玻璃建造他的建筑。My father taught my siblings and me the importance of positive values and a strong ethical compass.我父亲教导我们兄弟要具有积极的价值观和强烈的伦理导向,这至关重要。He showed us how to be resilient, how to deal with challenges and how to strive for excellence in all that we do.他向我们展示了在我们所做的一切中如何坚忍不拔、如何应对挑战、如何追求卓越。He taught us that theres nothing that we cannot accomplish, if we marry vision and passion with an enduring work ethic.他教导我们,如果我们将视野和嫁接在持久的工作热情之上,我们将无所不能。One of my fathers greatest talents is the ability to see potential in people, before they see it in themselves. It was like that for us too growing up.我父亲最伟大的才能之一就是能在人们看到自身的潜能之前就发现这种潜能。我们的成长过程,也是如此。He taught us that potential vanishes into nothing without effort.他教导我们,没有努力,潜能便会消失得无影无踪。And that like him, we each had a responsibility to work, not just for ourselves but for the betterment of the world around us.他还教导我们,要像他一样,我们每个人不仅要为自己工作,也要为了我们身边的世界变得更加美好而努力,这是我们的责任。Over the years, on too many occasions to count, I saw my father tear stories out of the newspaper about people whom he had never met, who were facing some injustice or hardship.多年来,在太多次场合,我看到父亲撕掉报纸上关于一些他从未谋面人的故事,他们正遭受不公或面临困境。Hed write a note to his assistant, in a signature black felt tip pen, and request that the person be found and invited to Trump Tower to meet with him.他会用签名专用黑色毡尖钢笔给助理写个便条,要求助理找到此人并邀请他到川普大厦与其见面。He would talk to them and then draw upon his extensive network to find them a job or get them a break.他会与他们交谈,然后利用自己庞大的关系网为他们找份工作或让他们时来运转。And they would leave his office, as people so often do after having been with Donald Trump, feeling that life could be great again.当这些人离开他的办公室时,他们往往像那些曾与川普会过面的人一样,觉得生活可以再次回归正轨。201611/480105。
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