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惠阳区医院治疗龟头炎多少钱Google is planning a futuristic campus that it hopes will live up to its innovative image.谷歌正在规划设计一个充满未来感的园区,该公司希望它能够彰显其锐意创新的形象。Renderings, submitted to the Internet giant’s hometown of Mountain View, Calif., show office buildings enclosed in tents of glass that look like undulating greenhouses. Office walls are designed to be adjustable so that they can be moved like furniture depending on the company’s needs.根据设计公司提交给这家总部位于加州山景城的互联网巨头的效果图,这栋办公大楼被包裹在外形宛如波浪形温室的玻璃帐篷之中。办公室的墙体可以基于该公司的需要,像家具那样任意调整搬动。“Instead of constructing immoveable concrete buildings, we’ll create lightweight block-like structures which can be moved around easily as we invest in new product areas,” David Radcliffe, Google’s vice president of real estate, said in a blog post Friday. “Large translucent canopies will cover each site, controlling the climate inside yet letting in light and air.”上周五,谷歌公司房地产事务副总裁戴维o拉德克里夫在一篇文中写道:“我们不是要建造无法移动的混凝土建筑,而是要打造轻量化的块状建筑,当我们投资新产品领域时,它们能方便地搬来搬去。庞大的透明天棚将笼罩每个区域,它们既能控制室内气候,又能保光线和通风。”The sci-fi campus is Google’s effort to get some elbow room as it continues to rapidly expand while creating more pizazz for its headquarters. The company has nearly 15,000 workers in Mountain View sp across a hodgepodge of dozens of low slung corporate buildings that are if anything, undistinguished.随着谷歌继续高歌猛进,这家科技巨头需要打造一个更富魅力的总部,而这个充满科幻感的园区正是谷歌为获得一些额外办公空间所做的努力。目前在山景城工作的近1.5万名谷歌员工被分散在数座低矮的办公楼里,这些楼大同小异,缺乏辨识度。But the plans are apt to generate opposition from locals who are aly grappling with traffic gridlock and fear environmental damage to nearby San Francisco Bay wetlands. Mountain View’s City Council will have to weigh the concerns against the possibility of losing jobs to neighboring cities.但这项计划很可能会遭到当地居民的反对。严重的交通堵塞已经让他们苦恼不堪,他们还担心附近的旧金山湾湿地受到破坏。山景城市议会将不得不权衡这些疑虑与工作岗位流失到临近城市的可能性。In a slick presentation of images and a , Google GOOG 2.32% cast the new offices as a way to reduce street congestion and suburban sprawl. The company said that the remade campus would free up room for more nature by freeing up space currently used for parking lots.在一段制作精美的视频中,谷歌将新办公区描绘为减少交通拥堵、遏制城区扩张的可行之道。该公司称,全新办公区将空出目前的停车场,把更多空间还给大自然。 /201503/363032惠州哪间医院可以治疗阴茎传染病BEIJING — For 4,000, Yu Hangmei expected a car that could, at the very least, be driven. What Ms. Yu said she got instead was a new electric Tesla Model S sedan and a malfunctioning charging station.北京——俞韩梅原本以为,花了65万元人民币,买到的车至少应该能开。不过,俞女士表示,自己得到的是一辆崭新的特斯拉Model S电动轿车,以及一根不能用的充电桩。While driving through her town in coastal Zhejiang Province recently, Ms. Yu, 45, realized that even though she had plugged in the vehicle, the battery was almost dead. “I thought after a day of charging it was fully charged, but turns out it wasn’t charged at all,” said Ms. Yu, an artifact exporter. Tesla owners need an electric charger specifically calibrated to the vehicle’s voltage and current requirements, still something of a rarity near her home. “Luckily I bumped into a fellow Tesla owner online who let me charge at his place. It took three hours.”不久前在沿海省份浙江的家乡开车时,45岁的俞女士意识到,虽然之前把车接上了插座,但电池还是基本没电。“我以为充了一天应该满了,结果根本就没充上,”从事商品出口业务的余女士称。特斯拉车主需要一种专门适配其电压与电流要求的充电器,而这一要求在她家附近仍然很少能得到满足。“幸亏我在网上碰到了另一个开特斯拉的人,让我到他那里去充电。花了三个小时。”Tesla owners in China are a well-connected bunch. Not only do they tend to be wealthy, but their avid use of social media means word of such car problems can sp in minutes. And finding charging stations is a regular complaint.中国的特斯拉车主是个有影响力的群体。他们不仅往往很富有,还喜欢使用社交网络。后者意味着,此类用车问题可以不一会儿功夫就传播开来。寻找充电桩是其中一个普遍的抱怨。It is proving to be a major issue for Tesla’s grand designs in the world’s largest auto market.事实明,对于在中国这个世界最大的汽车市场中有宏大布局的特斯拉而言,充电是一个大问题。China would seem to have all the right ingredients for Tesla, which is based in Palo Alto, Calif. The country has the second-highest number of millionaires worldwide, after the ed States. And the government sees electric vehicles as a tool for fixing the nation’s notorious smog problem.对总部位于美国加利福尼亚州帕洛阿尔托的特斯拉来说,中国似乎具备一切它需要的东西。这里有全球第二多的百万富豪,仅次于美国。中国政府也视电动车为解决其恶名远扬的雾霾问题的一种途径。But the company has stumbled in China as it tried to attract customers. Worries about charging infrastructure and an official bias toward bolstering homegrown competition may have contributed to the company’s lackluster Chinese performance last year, which ended with the resignation of Tesla’s China president.然而,在尽力吸引中国客户的过程中,公司却遭遇了麻烦。人们对充电基础设施的担忧,加上官方持国产品牌竞争的偏袒,或许在一定程度上造成了特斯拉去年在中国市场上的平淡表现。这种业绩最终导致了特斯拉中国区总裁离职。China is expected to be a trouble spot in Tesla#39;s earnings, which the company is set to report on Wednesday. Speaking in Detroit last month, Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, acknowledged that sales in China were “unexpectedly weak” at the end of 2014. He blamed a “misperception about charging,” saying owners worried they would not be able to power up their vehicles at home.公司定于周三公布财报,预计中国业务将成为其中拖后腿的部分。上个月在底特律讲话时,特斯拉的首席执行官埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)承认,截至2014年底在中国取得的销售额“出乎预料地疲软”。他将其归咎于“有关充电的误解”,称车主们担心不能在家充电。Tesla is racing to get on Chinese maps. Since the carmaker began delivering its Model S sedans to China last April, it has built 52 free rapid Supercharger stations in 20 cities and set up about 800 other charging stations at malls, hotels and restaurants in over 70 cities. The Supercharger stations fully charge a car in about an hour.特斯拉在争分夺秒地抢滩中国市场。自从去年4月开始向中国用户交付Model S电动轿车以来,特斯拉已在20座城市兴建了52座能提供免费快充务的超级充电站,还在逾70座城市的商场、酒店和餐厅设立了大约800根充电桩。超级充电站可以在一小时左右的时间里为一辆车充满电。There are now nine stores and service centers in metropolises like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, which is aly one of Tesla’s highest grossing stores worldwide, the company reported in its third-quarter 2014 shareholder letter. The ed States has over 60 Tesla stores and more than 40 service centers.目前,特斯拉在北京、上海和深圳等大都市建有九座体验和务中心。根据公司向股东发出的2014年第三季度业绩函,中国已经是世界范围内拥有中心数量最多的几个国家之一。美国有逾60家特斯拉门店及逾40家务中心。“In the past few months, Tesla has made great progress in China,” the company’s China office said in an email.“在进入中国的半年时间里,特斯拉的发展取得了诸多成绩 ,”公司的中国办公室在邮件中这样写道。But the results have been tepid. So far, Tesla has exported around 3,500 cars to China, missing the company’s sales goal of 5,000 in the country, which accounts for 30 percent of its global target. Over all, some 80,000 electric and hybrid vehicles were sold in the country last year, according to Yale Zhang, the managing director of Automotive Foresight, a consulting firm in Shanghai.不过,它的业绩并不亮眼。迄今为止,特斯拉向中国的出口量为3500辆左右,未能达到为这一市场设立的5000辆销售目标——这一数字占到公司全球目标的30%。上海咨询公司汽车市场预测(Automotive Foresight)的总监张豫(Yale Zhang)表示,电动车与混合动力车加起来,去年在中国市场总共售出了大概8万辆。The Chinese government aims to put half a million electric cars or plug-in hybrids on the roads by this year and five million by 2020. To encourage drivers to go green, domestic electric cars receive a combined subsidy from the central and local governments of 120,000 renminbi, or about ,000. While Tesla owners are not eligible for those subsidies because the cars are foreign-made, the city of Shanghai offers free license plates for all electric car brands, saving drivers around ,000 in fees. These include 400 Tesla owners who received the plates in October.中国政府的目标是,今年让50万辆电动车及插电式混合动力车上路,到2020年则是500万辆。为了鼓励车主绿色出行,国产品牌的电动车可以从中央和地方政府那里获得共12万元人民币的补贴。由于特斯拉为国外生产的车辆,车主不能享受这样的补贴,但上海市出台的为所有电动车免除牌照费的规定,能为他们省下7.5万元左右的费用。去年10月,拿到免费牌照的车主中,就包括400名特斯拉用户。However, given the six-figure price tag — compared with ,000 in the ed States — the lack of subsidies is not a dealbreaker for Chinese Tesla owners. “Frankly, it really makes no difference to the people who can afford a Tesla,” Mr. Zhang said. “Tesla has succeeded not as a popular model but by being perceived as a rich person’s toy.”不过,考虑到特斯拉六位数的价签——相比之下在美国的售价则为7万美元(约合44万元人民币)——缺乏补贴并不会让中国车主望而却步。“说实话,对于能买得起特斯拉的人,这也没什么区别,”张豫说。“特斯拉的成功,不是因为车受欢迎,而是因为被人看成富人的玩具。”A bigger concern for them is where to charge their vehicles. Unlike car owners in the ed States, many of whom live in houses with a garage, the majority of Chinese urban housing consists of low-rise multifamily units. Thus, installing residential charging facilities means negotiating with property managers or neighbors.在他们看来,更大的问题是到哪里去给车充电。美国的小汽车所有者中,许多人居住的房子都有车库,而大多数中国城市的住房是由多户人家共用的低层单元楼。因此,安装家庭充电设施意味着要与物业经理或邻居进行协商。Xie Yujian, 39, the owner of an international trading company in coastal Hangzhou, parks four of his cars at his apartment garage but had the Tesla charger installed at his factory. “I heard you have to apply with the property company to get that type of wiring so I just couldn’t be bothered,” he said.39岁的谢玉坚在沿海的杭州市经营着一家国际贸易公司,他把自己的四辆车停在公寓的车库里,但在自己的工厂里安装了特斯拉的充电器。“我听说必须向物业公司申请,才能架设这种线路,我不愿意找这个麻烦,”他说。Mr. Xie enjoys taking his Tesla on short trips, though not the wait that comes with recharging. In Hangzhou, it takes him two to three hours total for supercharging, including the journey, he said. “I think this is probably one of the biggest challenges Tesla has to overcome.”谢玉坚喜欢驾驶他的特斯拉进行短途旅行,但不喜欢充电需要的等待。他说,在杭州,用超级充电站充电总共需要两到三小时的时间,包括路上的时间。“我认为这可能是特斯拉需要克的最大挑战之一。”Tesla is hampered by concerns over its relatively tiny charging network compared with traditional gas stations or charging stations in overseas markets. While China has 52 free Supercharger stations, it lags Europe, which has over 120, as well as the ed States, home to more than 150.与传统的加油站和海外的充电站相比,特斯拉在中国的充电网络相对较小,这阻碍了特斯拉的普及。尽管中国拥有52个免费的超级充电站,但这个数量远远落后于欧洲和美国,欧洲有超过120个这样的充电站,而美国则有超过150个。“It will take time to build out a comprehensive charging infrastructure across the whole country,” Tesla’s China office said.“在全国范围打造综合的充电基础设施需要花费一定的时间,”特斯拉的中国办公室说。In addition to building more Supercharger stations, Tesla plans to deliver to China high-power wall chargers for home use in the first half of this year. These will reduce the time it takes to achieve a full charge — which lasts 310 miles — to five hours, from 10.除了建造更多超级充电站,特斯拉还计划在今年上半年向中国提供大功率的家用墙体充电器。这些充电器把为一辆车充满电所需的时间从10小时减少到了5小时。一次充满电后,特斯拉汽车可以连续行驶310英里(约合500公里)。But current drivers have aly found a workaround of sorts for their charging needs. Hundreds of Tesla owners are members of group chats on the popular social messaging platforms QQ and Weixin, which they use to talk shop, share complaints with upper management and arrange to charge their cars at one another’s homes. They call it “stealing electricity.”但当下,司机已经为自己的充电需求找到了各种变通方案。在颇受欢迎的社交即时通讯平台QQ和微信上,数百名特斯拉车主加入了群聊,利用这些平台交流、分享对上层管理的不满以及安排去彼此家里充电。他们称之为“偷电”。Xiao Zufu, 44, who works in brand sales, needed to do just that on a recent trip from his home in Zhejiang Province to Shanghai, about 380 kilometers or 236 miles away. In an unfamiliar town and his battery down to about 60 kilometers of charge left, he used QQ to find a fellow Tesla owner nearby who let him charge his battery.44岁的萧祖付从事的是品牌销售工作。前不久从浙江的家里开车去大约380公里外的上海时,他就需要这么做。当时,在一个人生地不熟的城镇中,他的电池所剩电量只够再行驶大约60公里。于是他通过QQ找到了附近的一名特斯拉车主,对方让他给电池充上了电。“It was a bit embarrassing,” he said. “If I’m driving a diesel car, even if the light has turned yellow I’m confident there’s still about 50 kilometers left in the car. But with electric cars I don’t really know for sure.”“有点尴尬,”他说。“如果我开的是柴油车,即便是亮了黄灯,我也有把握还能再开大约50公里。但对电动汽车,我就真的不确定了。”Still, most Tesla drivers appear to be forgiving of the company’s growing pains, particularly those among China’s equivalent of Silicon Valley. “We chose to be lab rats,” said Chen Zhong, 32, the chief marketing officer of an online media company in Beijing who bought a Tesla Model S last year. For these early adopters with money to spend, the car symbolizes the high-tech culture they adore. “The first time I drove it I thought I was driving an iPad.” Owning a Tesla, he added, “makes us Internet technology people feel superior.”但大部分特斯拉司机,似乎都原谅了该公司给人带来的日渐增多的麻烦,特别是相当于中国的硅谷一族的那些人。“我们选择了当小白鼠,”32岁的陈中说。去年,在北京一家网络媒体公司担任首席市场官的他买了一辆特斯拉Model S。对于这些较早购买特斯拉的多金人士而言,这款车象征着他们所崇尚的高科技文化。“第一次开的时候,我感觉开的是一台iPad。”他还说,有一辆特斯拉“让我们互联网技术人感到高人一等”。Wei Jianguo, 40, an angel investor in Hangzhou, owns a Tesla in addition to a Mercedes-Benz S350 and a BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo. He does not mind the headache of finding charging stations, a problem he expects will disappear as China expands its electric vehicle infrastructure.40岁的魏建国是杭州的一名天使投资人。除了特斯拉外,他还有一辆梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)S350和一辆宝马(BMW)3系列Gran Turismo。对找充电桩这个令人头疼的问题,他并不介意。他预计,这个问题会随着中国扩建自己的电动车辆基础设施而消失。“It’s just like when cars first came out and affected the businesses of horse rides,” he said.“就像汽车刚问世的时候影响到了骑马出行的业务一样,”他说。 /201503/363011惠州不孕不育医院三甲

河源紫金县妇幼保健人民男科中医院治疗早泄多少钱惠州市医院不孕不育收费好不好The moment Google announced it was letting users download their entire search histories, I clicked — and downloaded a cache of 128,948 searches, the sum total of my last 12 years, five months, one week and three days online. I fully expected to be reminded of those repeated requests for ‘‘Finnish gymnastics’’ and ‘‘comorbidity of insomnia and brain lesioning,’’ but what surprised me was how regularly I searched for other search engines: ‘‘alternative search engines,’’ ‘‘alt search engines,’’ ‘‘search engines that aren’t Google,’’ ‘‘search engines better than Google.’’谷歌(Google)刚一宣布用户可以下载完整的历史搜索记录,我就去点了——于是下载了128948条搜索缓存,这是我过去总在网时长——12年5个月1周零3天——的搜索量。我期待着被一些重复的词条提醒:“芬兰体操”、“失眠共病与脑损伤”。然而让我感到惊讶的是,我搜索其他搜索引擎的频率竟如此之高:“其他搜索引擎”、“替代搜索引擎”、“除谷歌以外的搜索引擎”、“比谷歌好用的搜索引擎”。That’s how I first found my way to Mystery Google, a site that within a year of its introduction in 2009 rebranded itself as Mystery Seeker, the name under which it still operates. The site, in any iteration, has always been an enigma. It’s not clear who founded it, or who runs it, or whether it changed its name because Google threatened legal action or just acquired the domain. By contrast, what the site does is remarkably transparent. You type what you please and click Search; what you get in return are the results for the last query given to the site.我就是这样发现了“Mystery Google”。它上线于2009年,在不到一年时间里重新做了品牌推广,更名为“Mystery Seeker”,现在也还叫这个名字。不管叫什么,这个网站一直都是一个谜。创建它的人未知,运营它的人未知,更不知道更名是否是迫于谷歌的法律威胁,还是谷歌吞掉了这个域名。与此相反的是,这个网站的工作机制很容易理解。用户随便敲进去什么喜欢的东西,点击“搜索”,收到的结果是网站收到的最后一个搜索请求的结果。For example, just now I typed “Who runs Mystery Seeker?” and received results for ‘‘lesbian kittens’’ — apparently the request of the user just before me. The site is an exercise in collective perversion, an antisocial yet communitarian prank. You have to give before you receive, so while I began every session trying to baffle the subsequent seeker, I always ended up off-site, having been outclassed by a stranger: pages on Lincoln-assassination conspiracy theories, Nazi time travel, Mesoamerican apocalypse prophecies and, inevitably, pornography.举个例子,现在,我打入“运营Mystery Seeker的人是谁?”,收到的结果是关于“同性恋小母猫”的搜索内容——显然,我之前的一个用户搜索了这个词条。这个网站是一个集体变态下的行为,一种反社会但又彼此相交流的恶作剧。收到结果之前,你必须给予结果,每次我开始想要给下一个搜索者制造点困惑,我都被陌生人比下去,以出局收场:刺杀林肯阴谋论的文献资料,穿越到纳粹,中美洲末日预言,还有无法避免地,色情。Whenever the results I got were smutty, or racist, I’d respond — I flattered myself that I was responding — by searching for ‘‘feminism’’ or ‘‘peculiar institution.’’ If I got results pertaining to ‘‘Mad Men’’ or ‘‘The Office,’’ the next search I’d log would be for Shostakovich or Goya. These were feeble, futile gestures, of course, self-congratulatory exercises in compensatory karma. I was telling my successor to get some culture. I should’ve been telling myself to get a life.只要得到荤一点的结果,或者种族主义的,我都会回应——我让自己觉得我是在回应——通过搜索“女性主义”或者“奴隶制度”。如果我得到了《广告狂人》(Mad Men)和《办公室》(The Office)的搜索结果,我的下一条搜索会是“肖斯塔科维奇”或“戈雅”。这些是羸弱而又无意义的举动,当然,也是一种自吹自擂的自作自受。我是要告诉我的下一位,有点文化吧。其实我也应该告诉自己,有点生活吧。At the same time, I was investigating the more practical, or just more traditional, alternatives to Google: Bing (owned by Microsoft), Yahoo (operated by Google back then and by Bing now), Info.com (an aggregator of Yahoo/Bing, Google and others) and newer sites like DuckDuckGo and IxQuick (which don’t track your search history), Gibiru and Unbubble (which don’t censor results) and Wolfram Alpha (which curates results).与此同时,我确实在深入研究更加实用,或者说更加传统的谷歌替代品:微软所有的必应(Bing),以前由谷歌运营而现在归于必应的雅虎(Yahoo),雅虎、必应、谷歌和其他引擎的集合品Info.com,还有一些新一点的网站,如DuckDuckGo和IxQuick。IxQuick不记载用户的搜索历史,另外还有Gibiru和Unbubble,不审查结果审查,以及对结果进行编排处理Wolfram Alpha。They were all too organized, too logical — the results were all the same, with only slight differences in the order of their presentation. It seemed to me that the Search Engine of Tomorow couldn’t be concerned with the best way to find what users were searching for, but with the best way to find what users didn’t even know they were searching for.不过这些都太过组织化、逻辑化,它们的搜索结果都差不多,仅在展示的顺序上有细微差别。对我来说,未来的搜索引擎不是去搀和着研究什么最好的方式,以知道用户在搜索什么,而是去研究用户自己都不知道他们在搜索的东西。Among the more entertaining challengers was Bananaslug.com: You type in a word and choose a category — Archetypes, Colors, Emotions — from which the site selects its own word to search in tandem. For instance, I typed in ‘‘Guantánamo’’ and chose the category Jargon Words; the site appended the word ‘‘parse.’’ The results of this collaboration comprised two types of hits: op-eds about the effects of closing the Guantánamo Bay prison and op-eds about the effects of keeping it open. Both sides found the future difficult to parse.存在一些更具精神的挑战者,Bananaslug.com是其中之一:你敲进去一个词,选择一个种类——原型,颜色,情绪——从你选择的种类里,这个网站会选择它自己的关键词来叠加搜索。比如,我就敲进去“关塔那”,然后选择“行业术语”这个种类;网站会挑选“分析”。这样的结果是两个,一个是关闭关塔那监狱的观点,另一个是开放的观点。两边都觉得未来很难分析。Millionshort.com elides the top 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 or one million results of your search, providing more direct connection to less popular chatter. Wackosearch.com determines pertinence by impertinence: Search for “surrealism,” and get sites for the I.C.B.E. (the International Center for Bathroom Etiquette) and an online pregnancy test; search for “socialism,” get sites called Corpses for Sale or Create Farts, and feel proud that in America even irrelevancy is calculated — and while that irrelevancy is free, its method of calculation is proprietary.Millionshort.com则会忽略用户搜索结果的前100、1000、10000、10000或1000000个,这样,它提供了一种联系,让用户接触到不那么流行的话语材料。Wackosearch.com则以不合理性定义合理性:搜索“超现实主义”,得到国际洗手间礼仪中心(the International Center for Bathroom Etiquette),还有,一个线上怀测试;搜索“社会主义”,得到“待售死尸”(Corpses for Sale)和“制屁”(Create Farts)网站,然后你还会感到骄傲,因为在美国,连非相关结果都被计算了。虽然非相关结果是免费的,但这种计算方法是有专利的。Today, most search engines can differentiate among the meanings of “free,” though I’m not always convinced their users can. Google might cost nothing to use, but it compiles dossiers on consumers that it charges advertisers to access. The hope, and the pleasure, of tinkering around with nonsensical search engines has always been the generation of nonsensical data: a man (me?) clicking links for what he doesn’t need or want (latex lederhosen?) can’t be marketed to. There was joy in this, a pubescent pride in having jammed the system and evaded its consequences. This was recreation as political act — or so it seemed.如今,许多搜索引擎都可以区别“免费”这个词的多种含义,虽然我并不觉得他们的用户都能分辨其中的差别。使用谷歌可能不会花任何钱,但谷歌整理了关于用户的私密数据,并以这种档案的接近性向广告商要价。修改这些无意义的搜索结果的乐趣和希望在于,产生出无意义的数据:一个点击了他并不需要或者想要(上胶的皮短裤?)的链接的男人(我?),无法成为市场推广的目标了。这其中自有快乐,就像是一种青春期时期的自豪,给系统添点堵,并逃离后果。也像是类似政治行为的一种消遣——或者,看上去是吧。But as I immersed myself in the workings of search as research for a novel, I became disabused of the idea. My mode of protest was too quixotic: A number of the alt-search engines I’ve mentioned are built on the Bing platform, or are ‘‘Powered by Google,’’ according to the tagline that such sites are required to display. After all, the biggest companies have the best algorithms; smaller sites merely engineer filters and tack their humor on.不过,随着我慢慢像为一本小说做研究一样沉浸在这些搜索的运行原理中,我开始不这么信任这种想法了。我的反抗模式过于浮夸:从网站上被要求显示的标语中可以看到,好几个我提到的替代的搜索引擎,其实是在必应上建立的,或者由谷歌持的。总之,最大的公司拥有最好的算法。小网站仅能够做些过滤,然后融入他们自己的幽默。Even if the joke was on me, I liked it all the same. Besides, it was worth it for the education. I enjoyed the laughs; let them enjoy the data.就算我自己成了一个笑话,也还是乐此不疲。无论如何,这个过程总值得学习。我享受这些笑点,那么,也让那些人去享受他们的数据吧。 /201508/392906The chairman of HS has said that regulators in China and elsewhere are starting to consider more seriously whether technology companies that provide financial services should, like banks, be regulated more heavily.汇丰(HS)董事长范智廉(Douglas Flint)表示,中国和其他国家的监管者正开始更为严肃地考虑是否应对提供金融务的科技公司进行更严格的监管。The comment from the chairman of one of the world’s biggest lenders underlines the risk for large technology groups such as Alibaba in China and Apple in the US that they could face stricter regulation as they move further into financial services.来自全球最大之一董事长的这番言论,突显出中国的阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和美国的苹果(Apple)等大型科技集团所面临的风险:随着它们继续进军金融务领域,它们可能面临更为严格的监管。Douglas Flint said in a speech at Cass Business School in London on Thursday: “Regulators all around the world are reflecting on the extent that internet companies are providing banking services and whether they should be regulated as such, or whether they are just providing access to banking services.”范智廉周四在伦敦卡斯商学院(Cass Business School)的一次演讲中称:“全球监管机构正考虑互联网公司提供业务的范围以及是否应对它们严加监管或者它们是否只是为使用业务提供途径。”But he said: “My view is that most technology companies will want to be partners of banks” because they would find the extra “burden of regulation” — such as compliance and anti-money laundering rules — is “not something they want to take on”.但他表示:“我认为,大多数科技公司希望成为的合作伙伴”,因为它们认为更多的“监管负担”(例如合规和反洗钱规定)“并非他们希望承担的”。He also called for regulators to address the questions around the use of consumers’ financial data. “The big public policy question that you all should be thinking about is who owns your data, how safe is it and who is responsible if it goes wrong.他还呼吁监管机构解决有关利用客户金融数据的问题。“你们都应思考的一个重大的公共政策问题是谁拥有你们的数据、数据是否安全以及如果数据安全出了问题谁对此负责。”Responding to a question on the competitive challenge HS faces in China from technology companies such as Alibaba and Tencent, Mr Flint said: “That is a good question and one that Chinese authorities are starting to grapple with.”在被问到汇丰在中国面临来自阿里巴巴和腾讯(Tencent)等科技公司的竞争挑战的问题时,范智廉回答:“这个问题问得好,中国政府正开始解决这个问题。”The HS chairman works closely with Chinese regulators as an adviser to the mayors of both Beijing and Shanghai. He is also chairman of the Institute of International Finance, which interacts with regulators and policymakers on behalf of 500 of the world’s biggest financial institutions.作为北京和上海市长的顾问,范智廉正与中国监管机构密切合作。他还担任国际金融协会(Institute of International Finance)主席,该协会代表全球最大的500家金融机构与监管机构和政策制定者沟通。In June, Alibaba’s financial affiliate company launched MYBank, its internet bank, with executives pledging to use the Chinese ecommerce group’s vast amounts of customer data to target lending to small businesses. That followed the launch in January of WeBank, an internet lending joint venture led by Tencent.今年6月,阿里巴巴的金融子公司推出在线网商(MYbank),其高管承诺将利用这家中国电商集团的大量客户数据,将贷款瞄准小企业。今年1月,腾讯推出在线贷款合资公司微众(WeBank)。In the US and Europe, Apple has moved into the payments market by launching Apple Pay to let customers pay for goods using their phones, while Google and Facebook are also building up their financial services offerings.在美国和欧洲,苹果已进军付领域,推出Apple Pay,客户可以用手机为商品付款,谷歌(Google)和Facebook也在推出各自的金融务产品。Many bankers hope that their market position will be protected from the challenge of technology groups both by the barrier of extra regulation and the belief that consumers will not trust internet groups to protect their financial data.很多人士希望,更多的监管壁垒以及认为消费者不会相信互联网公司会保护他们的金融数据的看法,会让的市场地位不受科技公司挑战的影响。 /201509/399844广东惠州治疗男性不育多少钱惠州市友好泌尿专科男科专家挂号

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