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福州泌尿专科男子医院看泌尿科怎么样福州哪个医院看男科好Heres a neat experiment:做一个简单的实验:Find an open doorway and standinside it, facing into the room.找一扇开着的门并站在门口,面向房间。Now press your arms outward until the backs of your hands arepressing into the door frame.接下来向外伸展手臂直到手背是被压入门框。Go ahead and try it.试一试吧,Keep pressing outward, as hard as you feel comfortable with, for the next minute or so.努力向外伸展手臂,接下来的几分钟你将会感到很舒。In the meantime, lets talk about what your muscles are doing.一起来讨论一下这期间你的肌肉发挥了什么样的作用。In order to maintain the rightamount of stiffness, your muscles need to know how much resistance theyre up against.人体肌肉需要了解他们所承受的阻力是多少以便能够保持适当的刚度。To check this, your muscles have sensory receptors inside the muscle tissue itself which tell yournervous system just how stiff or relaxed these muscles are.由此,肌肉组织内部有感觉感受器,通过这些感受器向神经系统传达肌肉的僵硬度或者是松弛度。For example, muscle spindles are thin,fluid filled sacks that measure your muscles stretch.例如肌梭是体内感觉肌肉伸展的细长梭形本体感受器,Receptors in the tendons measure yourmuscles contraction.肌腱中的感受器感觉肌肉的收缩。With this information feeding back from the muscle, your body can figureout how tight the muscle needs to be in order to keep it in the same place.有了这些从肌肉中反馈的信息,本体才能计算出为了使肌肉保持在相同位置需要多大的松紧度。Which, right now asyou press the doorway, is pretty tight.在按住门口时,肌肉绷得很紧。What will happen, though, if you suddenly take the resistance of that door frame away?如果突然移除门框的阻力会发生怎样的事情?Lets findout.一起来寻找。Step into the room again and completely relax your arms.走进房间,彻底放松自己的手臂。If youve been pressing hard enough,youll be surprised to find your arms now drifting effortlessly upward, as though you had heliumballoons tied to your wrists.如果您之前压得足够紧,您会惊讶的发现您可以毫不费力的向上抬起手臂,仿佛有一只氦气球绑在您的手腕上。Whats going on is this: While you were pressing, your muscles learned that they needed to bepretty stiff to stay in the same place.一切缘由如下:在您用力压的时候,肌肉感知到需要崩得很紧才能处于同样的位置,Stepping out of the doorway changed all that–and verysuddenly.而走出门口之后一切在瞬间改变,It takes your muscles a few moments to learn about this new situation.肌肉感受新情形需要花费一些时间,Until thathappens, your arms will continue to press outward against a door frame thats no longer there.在这期间,手臂仍然保持在一种向外继续按压已经不存在的门框的状态。 201410/339264永泰县治疗阳痿早泄 Scottish independence苏格兰独立UK RIP?大英联合帝国要完了?Ditching the union would be a mistake for Scotland and a tragedy for the country it leaves behind苏格兰独立对苏格兰来说会是一个错误。对被其抛弃的英国来说,则更是一场悲剧SCHOOLCHILDREN once imagined their place in the world, with its complex networks and allegiances, by writing elaborate postal addresses. British youngsters began with their street and town. They understood that the UK, and all its collective trials and achievements—the industrial revolution, the Empire, victory over the Nazis, the welfare state—were as much a part of their patrimony as the Scottish Highlands or English cricket. They knew, instinctively, that these concentric rings of identity were complementary, not opposed.城市,这些城市组成了英格兰、威尔士、苏格兰和北爱尔兰,这几个地区组成了大英帝国,然后才是欧洲大陆,世界和宇宙。他们了解自己的国家,了解它所有的历程与成就——工业革命,帝国建立,战胜纳粹,福利国家,而苏格兰高地和英格兰板球一样,也是这个国家历史文化遗产的一部分。他们本能地认为,这几个相互关联的地区是共生的,而非对立。At least, they used to. After the referendum on Scottish independence on September 18th, one of those layers—the UK—may cease to exist, at least in the form recognisable since the Act of Union three centuries ago. As the vote nears, Scotlands nationalists have caught up with the unionist No camp in the opinion polls, and even edged ahead (see article). More and more Scots are deciding that the UK, which their soldiers, statesmen, philosophers and businessmen have done so much to build and ornament, does not cradle their Scottishness but smothers it. This great multinational state could be undone in a single day, by a poll in which just 7% of its citizens will participate. That outcome, once unthinkable, would be bad for Scotland and tragic for what remained of the UK.这一切都可能化为曾经。9月18日苏格兰公投后,三个世纪前,通过联合法案建立的大英帝国可能就不复存在了。公投日渐逼近,而民调显示,苏格兰独派渐渐追上了统派,甚至已经赶超。越来越多的苏格兰人认为,他们的士兵、政治家、学者和企业家为其奉献和出力的英国不仅没有保护好他们的苏格兰传统,反而在损害它。大英帝国这个多民族的国家也许会在一天内分崩瓦解,民调显示,7%的公民将参加公投。苏格兰独立—这件曾以为永远不会发生的事—不仅对苏格兰不利,对英国更是一场悲剧。The damage a split would do苏格兰独立的危害The rump of Britain would be diminished in every international forum: why should anyone heed a country whose own people shun it? Since Britain broadly stands for free trade and the maintenance of international order, this would be bad for the world. Its status as a nuclear power would be doubtful: the countrys nuclear submarines are based in a Scottish loch and could not be moved quickly. Britain would also be more likely to leave the European Union, since Scots are better disposed to Europe than are the English (and are less likely to vote for the Conservatives, who are promising a Euro-referendum if they win next years general election). The prospect of a British exit from the EU would scare investors much more than a possible Scottish exit from Britain .苏格兰一旦分离出去,英国在国家上的地位将一落千丈:一个连自己国民都避之不及的国家还有何声誉可言?而英国一直是自由世界和国际秩序维护的持者,这样的局面对整个世界来说,也非常不利。英国作为一个拥有核能源的国家地位也将备受质疑:英国的核潜艇基地就设在苏格兰,不可能在短期内完成转移。英国也可能离开欧盟,因为苏格兰比英国更愿意加入欧盟,他们也不会投票给准备在明年赢得大选后举办对欧元公投的保守党。英国将脱离欧盟的可能比苏格兰分离出英国的前景更会吓走投资者。The people of Scotland alone will decide the future of Britain, and they are not obliged to worry about what becomes of the state they would leave. But—perhaps not surprisingly, given the endurance and success of the union, imperilled though it is—Scots own interests, and the rest of Britains, coincide.英国的前途现在完全掌握在苏格兰人民手上了!而他们才不会关心这个已经被他们抛弃的国家未来会如何呢。尽管英联邦如今的状况也不佳,但它已团结了百年,也取得了诸多成就,所以不难看出,苏格兰和英国的利益其实是唇齿相依的。At the heart of the nationalist campaign is the claim that Scotland would be a more prosperous and more equal country if it went solo. It is rich in oil and inherently decent, say the nationalists, but impoverished by a government in Westminster that has also imposed callous policies. They blame successive British governments for almost every ill that has befallen Scotland, from the decline of manufacturing industry to ill-health to the high price of sending parcels in the Highlands. Alex Salmond, Scotlands nationalist leader, is broad in his recrimination: Labour and the Tories are of a piece, he suggests, in their disregard for Scotland.苏格兰民族主义阵营的核心理念是,苏格兰在独立后将是一个更为富强和平等的主权国家。他们说,苏格兰石油资源丰富,生来就是一个富饶的国家,但却被英国政府制定的苛刻政策所不断压榨。他们列举了历届英国政府的条条罪状:减少石油加工厂,人民健康危机,以及将石油高价高价卖给苏格兰等。苏格兰民族党领袖艾利克斯·萨尔蒙德(Alex Salmond)更是对英政府百般责难:管你工党还是托利党,还不都是沆瀣一气,全然不顾苏格兰的利益。But Scotlands relative economic decline is the result not of southern neglect but of the shift of manufacturing and shipping to Asia. If Westminster has not reversed all the deleterious effects of globalisation and technology, that is because to do so is impossible. The nationalists know this, which is why, sotto voce, they would continue many of Westminsters policies. Instead they make much of minor adjustments, such as abolishing the “bedroom tax”, a recent measure designed to nudge people out of too-large social housing. To break up a country over such small, recent annoyances would be nuts.但苏格兰经济衰退,其罪魁并非英国政府,而是制造业和运输业向亚洲转移的结果。英国政府也无法阻挡全球化和科技发展所带来的负面效应。偷偷滴说一句,苏格兰民族党也明白这一点,所以他们仍会保留英国政府制定的诸多政策。目前他们只是做出了一些小改变,如废除近期英国颁布的针对空置房屋的卧室税。但为了近期发生的这么点小不满就要分裂一个国家也太不明智了。The nationalists economics are also flawed. Scotland would not, in fact, be richer alone. The taxes that would flow to it from the North Sea would roughly compensate for the extra cost of its lavish state, which would no longer be funded by Westminster (last year spending was some 1,300 per person higher in Scotland than elsewhere in Britain). But oil revenues are erratic. They would have earned Scotland 11.5 billion in 2008-09 but only 5.5 billion in 2012-13. If an independent state were to smooth these fluctuations by setting up an oil fund, it would have less cash to spend now. In any case, the oil is gradually running out. In order to maintain state spending after it is gone, taxes would have to rise. And a crunch might come much sooner. Foreign investors and big businesses that mostly serve English customers could well move south.民族党经济学家们的观点也同样存在缺陷。苏格兰单打独斗是不可能富强起来的。虽然依靠北海所征得的税收基本可以满足一个国家的其他需求,但它将再得不到英国政府的资金持(去年英国政府向苏格兰提供的资金高达人均1300英镑,这个数字是整个英国地区最高的)。可是石油的盈利是不稳定的。2008年到年间,苏格兰的石油盈利为一千一百五十亿英镑,但在2012年到2013年,石油的盈利就降到了五百五十亿英镑。一个独立国家如果想要通过建立石油资金以稳定这样的收入波动,那它现有的资金就所剩无几了。而且不管怎么样,石油终将会枯竭,一旦如此,国家就必须通过提高税收以继续维持。财政困难的局面可能比预期的会还要早。面对英国消费者的国外投资者和企业也会转移到南部。Westminster has ruled out a currency union—correctly, given that the nationalists propose a deficit-widening fiscal splurge and that the assets of Scottish banks are an alarming 12 times the countrys GDP. It might relent, but only if Scotland agrees to such strict oversight that independence ends up meaning little. The nationalists say that kinks over currency and the like could be worked out amicably—that it would not be in Britains interests to antagonise its new northern neighbour, particularly since (they hint darkly) Scotland could refuse to take on its share of the national debt. They are far too sanguine. If Scotland goes, the rest of Britain will be furious, both at the Scots and at their own leaders, who will be impelled to drive a hard bargain.英国政府已经表示,不会与苏格兰组成货币联盟。这是肯定的,毕竟民族党准备扩大财政赤字,而苏格兰的资产是其国内生产总值(GDP)的十二倍。当然这事还有的商量,但前提是苏格兰必须停止闹独立。民族党说,这些资金问题会得到妥善处理,再说了,英国要与它在北部的新邻国闹别扭对它自己也是有弊无益,尤其他们还再三无耻地暗示,苏格兰可能不会承担那部分原本是他们的负债的。但他们太过乐观了。苏格兰一旦独立,无论是对苏格兰人民,还是对独立党领袖,英国都将大光其火,苏格兰必将与英国进行艰难的经济谈判。Mr Salmond is on stronger ground when he argues that if Scotland does not leave Britain it might be dragged out of the EU against its will. This is indeed a danger, but in going independent Scotland would swap the possibility of an EU exit for a certain future as a small, vulnerable country. Its best hope of remaining influential is to stay put, and fight the Eurosceptics.萨尔蒙德最有利的观点就是苏格兰不脱离英国,它就很可能被迫离开欧盟。这的确是一害。但如果苏格兰独立,作为一个实力不强的小国,它还是可能被逐出欧盟。苏格兰最好的选择还是留在英国,并与欧盟反对者抗争。A lot to lose沉重的代价In the end the referendum will turn not on calculations of taxes and oil revenue, but on identity and power. The idea that Scots can shape their own destiny, both at the referendum and afterwards, is exhilarating. Yet Scotland aly controls many of its own affairs. Moreover, as Westminster politicians of all stripes have hastily made clear, if Scotland votes No, the devolved administration will soon get so much clout that the practical difference between staying in the union and leaving it will narrow. That would also lead to the distribution of power away from Westminster and to other bits of Britain, which should have happened long ago.其实公投的最终目的不在对税款和利益的斤斤计较,而是寻找身份的认同和自我的权力。无论是对公投本身,还是公投之后,苏格兰人民可以决定自己的命运的这一想法,才是最令人激动的。但现在,苏格兰人民已经可以掌握了很多自主权了。萨尔蒙德率领的民族党,及其运营下的政府口中喊着独立,但实际并没有利用自己的权力做出什么实事。此外,英国众多政治家都已经表示,如果苏格兰不分离,各地区政府将获得更多的权力,因此留在联盟内与独立出去其实并无实质差别。这就意味着权力将从中央政府下放到地区政府,这本该是很多年前就应该完成的。So by staying in, Scots will not just save the union but enhance it, as they have for 300 years. For the UK, with all its triumphs and eccentricities, belongs to Scots as much as it does to the English—even if increasing numbers of them seem y to disown that glorious, hard-earned heritage, and to simplify their identities by stripping out one of those concentric rings. That goes against both the spirit of this fluid century—in which most people have multiple identities, whether of place, ethnicity or religion—and the evidence of the preceding three. For all its tensions and rivalries, and sometimes because of them, the history of the union shows that the Scots, Welsh, English and Northern Irish are stronger, more tolerant and more imaginative together than they would be apart.因此,留在联盟内的苏格兰不仅拯救了已屹立了三百年的英帝国,更是增进了其团结。即使如今有越来越多的人在否定英国历经百年才努力获得的光荣成就,并想通过分离独立以纯粹其自我身份,这个国家的伟大和特性依然属于苏格兰和整个英国,这点事实是不会改变的。独立的想法与如今这个多元的时代是背道而驰的。无论是在出身,民族,还是宗教上,现代人本就拥有多重属性。历史明了,即使出现过紧张和对立的局面——但有时也正是因为这些紧张和对立—苏格兰、威尔士、英格兰、北爱尔兰的联合反而会比它们各自分裂时,更加团结、包容和富有创造力。 /201409/328757邵武市立医院泌尿外科

福州哪家医院治疗慢性软下疳好The ed States, Japan and trade亚太贸易协定:美国与日本Dont treat trade as a weapon别将贸易协定作为武器An Asian-Pacific trade deal looks within reach, but politicians should stop seeing it as a way to contain China亚太贸易协定似乎触手可及,但政客们应该停止将其视为牵制中国的一种方式GOOD news out of Washington is rare. Last week congressional leaders agreed on a bipartisan bill which, if passed, would for the first time in years give the president “fast-track” authority when negotiating trade deals. The bill would be a boost for the prospects of a huge trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), binding America with 11 economies (including Japan but not China) around the Pacific rim. Now, as if on cue, come welcome signals about the TPP itself. As Japans prime minister, Shinzo Abe, prepared to head to Washington for a much-anticipated trip including an invitation to address a joint session of Congress (see article), he claimed that America and Japan were close to agreement over their bilateral terms—on which the whole TPP deal hinges.从华盛顿传来了罕见的好消息。上周美国两党达成共识,如法案通过,美国总统在贸易协定谈判领域可获得快车道授权。该法案将成为促进贸易协议的最大助力点,且能促进跨太平洋伙伴关系(TPP)的形成。TPP即指,美国联合环太平洋的十一个国家(包括日本,但不包括中国)而形成的经济战略伙伴关系。现在,不出人所料,一切的好消息都是向着TPP顺利谈成而发展的。备受瞩目下,日本首相安倍晋三 (Shinzo Abe)将前往华盛顿,包括受邀在国会议席上发表讲话(见文章),他声称美国和日本正在就TPP协定关键的双边协议条款进行商讨,就快达成一致了。Yet there are two big caveats. First, fast track, formally known as Trade Promotion Authority, may still fall foul of Congress. Second, Japan may not make any serious cuts to tariffs that protect its farmers. Those outcomes are more likely because the Obama administration and the Japanese government have made a similar mistake: both have been too quick to cast the TPP as a weapon in the containment of China.但有两大阻力值得引起重视。首先,快车道授权(正式上称为贸易促进授权),仍会受到国会的干涉。其次,日本为了保护农民,不可能果断地削减关税。就目前的阻力而言,奥巴马及安倍晋三政府都犯了一个极为相似的错误:过快的将TPP作为牵制中国的武器。Flanked by Japan and America, the TPP would link countries which make up 40% of global GDP. It could boost world output by 0 billion a year by 2025. It is supposed to reform difficult areas such as intellectual property, state-owned firms and environmental and labour standards. It would join economies—from Vietnam to Australia—that lie at different ends of the spectrum of development.TPP以日本和美国为两个最大的经济体,其覆盖的国家GDP总值能够占全球GDP的40%。且TPP预计可于2025年,为世界经济每年带来2200亿美元的额外收益。同时TPP还在一些困难领域上持改革,比如知识产权、国有企业及环境问题,以及劳工标准。协议将覆盖从越南到澳大利亚的众多经济体,尽管它们处在不同的发展领域。But the TPP will not happen without fast track, which forces Congress into a yes/no vote on any pending trade deal and so avoids the risk that it will be amended into oblivion. And the passage of fast track faces a lot of scepticism from Democrats (see article). Some are implacably opposed. Others want America to have a bigger arsenal with which to fight against unfair traders. Driven by a conviction that China artificially holds its currency down and destroys American jobs, Charles Schumer, a powerful senator from New York, is determined that fast track should include a provision that would make sure a trade deal included sanctions on currency manipulation.但TPP必须以快车道授权为先决条件,才有其存在的意义。这也迫使国会尽快对这个一直悬而未决的贸易协定进行投票,以避免该法案被遗忘。但快车道授权仍受到许多来自民主党的质疑(见文章)。其中一些人对此法案表示坚决反对。而其他人则希望美国有一个更为强大的军力来对抗不公平的交易。 来自纽约的强有力的参议员查尔斯?舒默(Charles Schumer),坚信中国人为的控制人民币汇率并破坏美国的就业机会, 因而他认为快轨授权应包括一项足以确保贸易协议能对汇率操纵进行制裁的条款。Attaching a currency-manipulation clause to trade deals is a poor idea, both because the practice is hard to define and because the addition of such clauses makes reaching an agreement less likely. But since the Obama administration has pitched TPP as a counterbalance to an assertive China, Mr Schumers demands are harder to ignore.在贸易协议上增加人民币汇率操纵的条款,这是一个卑鄙的想法,原因有两个:其一操纵作法很难定义;其二,添加这样的条款只会让协议达成一致遥遥无期。但是因为奥巴马政府是把TPP作为牵制强硬的中国的一种手段,所以舒默的提议更不容忽视。Give trade a chance、给达成贸易协定一个机会The same mistaken logic looks set to cause problems in Japan. Mr Abe committed his country to joining the TPP on strategic grounds—as a counterweight to China—rather than because he is a born admirer of free trade. When he entered negotiations, some of his backers thought that, by playing the China card, Japan would be spared from making real concessions: that America would care more about a pact that excluded China than about prising open Japans most protected markets, particularly rice. Even now, Japan seems to want to keep tariffs high. The best it may offer is to allow in a fixed a of tariff-free rice from the TPPs other members, America included.相同错误的逻辑似乎会给日本带来问题。安倍承诺日本将加入TPP的战略基础是因为想牵制中国发展,而不是因为他是一个天生的自由贸易的崇拜者。当他加入谈判,他的一些持者认为,只有打中国牌,日本才能免于真正去承认:美国更关心摒弃掉中国市场的协定,而不是撬开日本一直以来最受保护的市场,尤其是大米市场。即使是现在,日本似乎仍想保持高关税。而最好的解决方案是从包括美国在内的TPP其他成员国那里,准予日本需以一个固定的大米免关税配额进入。If the China-containment logic leads to a minimalist agreement, then the economic gains from TPP will be slim. TPPs real value is to set high new standards for world trade, and that demands the boldest possible agreement. And in the long run the world gains most if China joins. The rhetoric makes trade negotiations sound like a contest. In fact, it is a battle where the more you give away the more you win.如果说牵制中国这一逻辑造就了极简主义的协议,那么从TPP获取的经济收益将会减少。TPP的真正价值是为世界贸易设置更高的新标准,并要求尽可能大胆的提出协议。从长远来看,如若能让中国加入TPP协议,世界获益也最大。现在的措辞使贸易谈判听起来像一场竞争。事实上,这是一场你放弃越多,赢得的也就越多的战斗。翻译:杨霭琳 校对:颜琪琳 译文属译生译世 /201504/372797福州泌尿专科医院的咨询电话是什么 南平市包皮手术哪家医院最好

福州滴虫性尿道炎 North Korea leader Kim Jong Un said that his country has ;the sure capability to attack; U.S. interests in the Pacific Ocean. 朝鲜领导人金正恩称,朝鲜拥有了“可靠能力对美国在太平洋发起攻击”。This statement comes after UN supervised a test launch of a ;medium long-range strategic ballistic missile; on Wednesday. 这一声明是在联合国周三监测到朝鲜试射一枚“中型远程战略弹道导弹”后。The test-fire was successful but did not impact the security of any neighboring countries. 试射是成功的,但并没有影响任何邻国的安全。South Korea and the U.S. condemned the test as a direct violation of ed Nations Security Council resolutions. 韩国和美国谴责试验直接违反了联合国安理会决议。The Japanese Defense Ministry also stated that the missile launch was a threat to its safety. 日本国防部还表示,导弹发射对其安全构成威胁。According to South Korean officials, North Korea is believed to have up to 30 Musudan missiles in their possession.韩国官员称,朝鲜被认为拥有超过30枚舞水端导弹。译文属。201606/451013福州经济技术开发区医院不孕不育多少钱福建省福州治疗阳痿哪家医院最好



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