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惠州中心人民医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱惠州哪间男科医院比较好European Council President Donald Tusk visits Greece and Turkey Thursday and Friday to discuss the migrant crisis at its front lines.欧洲理事会主席图斯克星期四和星期五访问希腊和土耳其,讨论欧洲面临的移民危机。Tusk is aiming to ease tensions among European Union members before a meeting with Turkey on the migration issue. The meeting is scheduled for Monday in Brussels.图斯克要争取在欧盟与土耳其商讨移民问题之前缓解欧盟成员国间的紧张关系。欧盟与土耳其定于下星期一在布鲁塞尔举行会议。Tusk is expected to hold talks with Greek officials in Athens Thursday, followed on Friday by a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul.图斯克预计星期四在雅典与希腊官员会谈,星期五在伊斯坦布尔会见土耳其总统埃尔多安。Turkey, Greece, and other Balkan nations are dealing with an overload of migrants from the Middle East and northern Africa who want to pass through on their way west, to Germany and other wealthier nations. Greece, which was aly in a tight financial situation before the migrant crisis began, has asked for more than 0 million from the European Union to help it handle expenses.目前土耳其、希腊以及其他巴尔干半岛国家正在应对从中东和北非涌入的大量移民,他们希望取道这些国家前往德国和其他富有国家。在移民危机出现之前,希腊已经处于财政困境,因此要求欧盟提供5亿多美元来帮助希腊付处理难民问题的开。Turkey has offered to sign mission agreements with 14 countries, which would enable Ankara to quickly take back migrants rejected by the EU, a foreign ministry spokesman said.土耳其外交部发言人说,土耳其已经提议4个国家签署重新准入协议,以使安卡拉尽快重新接收被欧盟成员国拒绝接纳的移民。来 /201603/429967惠州惠城区男科大夫 The second Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) foreign ministersmeeting has mapped out the direction of further cooperation and made clear the goal of following efforts, said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday.周五,外交部部长王毅称,第二次澜沧——湄公河合作外交部长会议已经制定出了进一步合作的方向,明确了未来努力的目标。Number One is to set up joint working groups on key priority areas within three to six months and put them into real practice, Wang told a joint press conference with Cambodian Foreign Minister Prak Sokhonn after the meeting had concluded.首先,需要花三到六个月在关键优先事项上设立联合工作小组,并且让他们付诸实践。会议结束以后,王毅在联合记者会上告诉柬埔寨外长Prak Sokhonn。Number Two is to encourage member states to set up LMC secretariats or coordination bodies respectively within next year, Wang said.王毅说,其次要鼓励成员国在明年内分别建立澜沧——湄公合作秘书处或协调机构。Number Three, all 45 early harvest projects will be implemented next year, the minister said.第三,部长说所5个早期收获项目将于明年实斀?Number Three, all 45 early harvest projects will be implemented next year, the minister said.第三,部长说所5个早期收获项目将于明年实斀?Number Four, foreign ministers of the LMC member states have agreed to work out a list of new cooperation projects and a LMC five-year action plan which will be submitted to the second LeadersMeeting for approval, he said.第四,他说澜沧——湄公合作成员国外交部长已经同意制定一份新合作项目和澜沧——湄公合作五年行动计划清单,并提交第二次领导人会议批准。Number Five, the application for the LMC fund and its usage will be formally launched, he added.他补充道,第五,澜沧——湄公合作基金申请和使用将正式启动。Since the first LeadersMeeting, LMC has made remarkable progress and demonstrated satisfactory speed and efficiency, Wang told reporters.自第一次领导人会议以来,澜沧——湄公合作已经取得显著进步并且展示出令人满意的进步速度和效率。王毅告诉记者。The reason why LMC could make so much headway within such a short period of time is that it answered the urgent desire of the six countries to enhance reciprocal cooperation and followed the tide of regional economic integration process, Wang said.王毅说,澜沧——湄公合作之所以能在短时间内取得如此大的进步是因为它回应了六国间提高互相合作的迫切愿望,追随区域经济一体化进程的潮流。China is y to make joint efforts with the other five countries to cultivate a Lancang-Mekong culture featuring equality, mutual assistance and amicability and create a LMC corridor based on the principles of mutual consultation, common contribution and shared benefits, he added.他补充道,中国已经准备和其他五个国家联合努力,培育以平等,互助和友爱为特征澜沧——湄公文化,基于互相协商,共同贡献和利益共享的原则创造澜沧——湄公走廊。The second LMC foreign ministersmeeting was held in northwest Cambodia’s Siem Reap province on Friday, gathering top diplomats from China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.周五第二次澜沧——湄公外交部长会议在柬埔寨暹粒省西北部举行,聚集了来自中国,柬埔寨,老挝,缅甸,泰国和越南的顶尖外交官。At the joint press conference, Prak Sokhonn, who co-chaired the ministerial meeting, said the establishment and development of LMC is in line with the needs of countries in the region.在联合记者招待会上,共同主持部长级会议的Prak Sokhonn说,澜沧——湄公合作的建立和发展符合该地区各国的需要。LMC member states are grateful for China’s attention and devotion to LMC, hoping that China would continue to play a leading role in future cooperation process, he said.他说,澜沧——湄公合作成员国感激中国对澜沧——湄公合作的关注和贡献,希望中国将继续在未来的合作进程中扮演领导角色。Foreign ministers attending the meeting also lauded the achievements that LMC had made over the past year.参加会议的外交部长们还赞扬了澜沧——湄公合作在过去一年里取得的成就。They hoped that LMC could be aligned with the ;Belt and Road; Initiative proposed by China, be more complementary with other sub-regional cooperation mechanisms, and be able to make unique contributions to the benefits of peoples of the region.他们希望澜沧——湄公合作能够与中国提出的“一带一路”倡议保持一致,与其他次区域合作机制更加互补,并能够为该地区各国人民的利益作出独特的贡献。The six countries along the Mekong (known as Lancang in the Chinese stretch) launched the LMC mechanism in 2015 and convened the first LeadersMeeting in March 2016.2015年,湄公河沿岸的六个国家启动了澜沧——湄公合作机制,2016月召开了第一次领导人会议。来 /201612/485837惠州男科最好的医院

惠州市第三人民医院东院区男性专科惠州人民男科医院不孕不育多少钱 How might future historians judge a British to decision to leave the EU in the referendum on June 23? It might well be seen as the moment when the west started to unravel. That is why Barack Obama, US president, is not merely entitled to present his views on “Brexit As leader of the west, he must do so. 未来的历史学家可能会如何评判英国3日公投中决定脱离欧盟(EU)?这很有可能被视为一个西方开始解体的时刻。这就是为何美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)不仅有权陈述他对“英国脱欧”的看法,而且作为西方世界的一位领袖,他必须这么做The choice the UK faces in June is whether to exercise its option to leave the EU now. So long as it is a member, it will always have this option. But it will not be granted the choice to rejoin after it has left. The moment to exercise a perpetual option is when its value is not just high, but unlikely to become much higher. The UK should vote to leave if, and only if, it is sure it will be better off than if it postponed the choice. That is not the case now. It might never be. 英国在今月面临的选择是:是否现在就行使脱离欧盟的选择权。只要它还是欧盟成员国,它就永远有这个选择。但一旦英国脱离欧盟,就不会再被赋予重新加入的选择。行使永久期权应该是在它的价值不仅高、而且不太可能变得更高时。当且仅当英国确定相对于推迟作出选择,现在就脱离欧盟会让英国的境况变得更好时,英国才应投票离开。现在并不是这种情况。或许这种情况永远不会出现Indeed, those in favour of remaining, like me, would argue that, far from bringing gains, exercising the option to depart would deliver immediate losses. This, proponents of Brexit complain, is “project fear That objection is absurd. Avoiding needless and costly risks is how adults differ from children. 实际上,那些像我一样持英国留在欧盟的人认为,行使脱欧选择权不会带来好处,反而会造成立即的损失。脱欧持者们抱怨称,这是“恐惧计划project fear)。这种反对是荒谬的。避免不必要的、代价高昂的风险是成年人区别于儿童的标志Possible economic costs of leaving are laid out in the Treasury’s excellent analysis, published this week. It argues that the UK would be significantly worse off under any of the three most plausible alternatives to membership: membership of the European Economic Area (like Norway), a bilateral trade agreement (like Canada) or shared membership of the World Trade Organisation (like Japan). Under the first, the loss, relative to a baseline of continued membership, would be between 3.4 and 4.3 per cent of gross domestic product by 2030; under the second, it would be between 4.6 and 7.8 per cent; under the third, it would be between 5.4 per cent and 9.5 per cent. Should we believe these numbers? No. But the direction is right and the magnitudes probably too small. In sum, the UK economy would be less open to trade and foreign direct investment than otherwise, if it left the EU. This would then damage its level of productivity and so its output. 英国财政部在上周公布的精分析中列出了脱欧可能付出的经济代价。分析认为,如果抛弃欧盟成员国身份,不论英国在如下三种看似最合理的替代选择中选哪一个,境况都将显著变糟:加入欧洲经济区(European Economic Area)(像挪威那样)、缔结双边贸易协议(像加拿大那样)、或者仅依靠世界贸易组织(WTO)成员国身份(像日本那样)。在第一种选择下,相对于继续留在欧盟,030年,其损失将相当于英国国内生产总GDP).4%.3%;在第二种选择下,损失在GDP.6%7.8%之间;在第三种选择下,损失在GDP.4%.5%之间。我们是否应相信这些数据?不。但其方向是正确的,只不过可能低估了损失规模。总的来看,与留在欧盟相比,脱欧后的英国经济对贸易和外国直接投资的开放程度将降低。这将进而损害英国的生产率水平以及产出Some proponents of Brexit argue that this is incorrect, because the UK economy would become more deregulated and dynamic outside the EU. Yet the UK is aly one of the least regulated large high-income economies. Furthermore, the worst UK regulations those on land use are homegrown. Again, the biggest intervention in the labour market in recent years has been the government’s decision to impose a big jump in the minimum wage. (See charts.) 持脱欧的一些人认为,这么说不对,因为脱欧后的英国经济将解除更多监管,也更有活力。然而,英国已是监管最为宽松的大型高收入经济体之一了。另外,英国最糟糕的监管规定(有关土地使用的规定)是英国自产的。再者,最近几年对劳动力市场的最大干预,是英国政府决定大幅上调最低工资。(见图表) Proponents of Brexit will also argue that the UK economy need not become less open. But this argument has a catch. The more the UK wished to preserve its privileged access to the EU market (by becoming a member of the EEA) the less sovereignty it would regain. It would not gain control over immigration and would have to accept single market regulations without any influence on them. If, to take an opposite extreme, the UK chose the WTO option in its trade with the EU, but decided unilaterally to keep its tariffs against the EU at zero, it would be obliged to offer the same deal to all other WTO members. Such unilateral free trade is an option. But it would also remove virtually all the bargaining chips needed to negotiate preferential access to non-EU markets. This is quite apart from the fact that the UK would have far more clout in such negotiations if operating via the EU than if acting all on its own. 脱欧持者还会辩称,英国经济不一定会降低开放程度。但这种观点存在误导。英国越是希望保留其进入欧盟市场的特权——通过成为欧洲经济区成员实现——其能够重新获得的主权就越少。英国不会获得对移民的控制权,而且将不得不接受单一市场规则,却对后者产生不了任何影响。举一个极端的反面例子:如果英国在其与欧盟的贸易中选择WTO规则,但又单方面决定保持对欧盟的零关税政策,那它将不得不向WTO所有其他成员国提供同样的优惠。这样的单边自由贸易是一种选择。但这样做将使英国失去与非欧盟市场谈判优惠进入条件所需的所有筹码。与之截然相反,比起单打独斗,通过欧盟进行协商,可以让英国在此类谈判中获得大得多的影响力Another objection is that the EU is becoming a less important market for the UK. Yet the absolute increase in UK exports to the EU over the 10 years to 2014 was still far larger than to any other market even though the growth rate was far slower. This is because the base is so huge. The UK is also the largest recipient of inward foreign direct investment within the EU. It is inconceivable that the attractions of the UK to investors would not be diminished if it did not have access to the EU market on a par with that of members. (See chart.) 另一种反对意见认为,对英国而言,欧盟这个市场的重要性正在降低。然而,在截014年的10年间,英国对欧盟出口的绝对增长仍远远大于对其他任何市场的出口增长,尽管增速慢得多。而增速较慢是因为基数太大。英国也是欧盟内接收外国直接投资最多的国家。如果英国没有与欧盟成员国同样的进入欧盟市场的权利,很难想象,英国对投资者的吸引力不会下降(见图表)These arguments, however, relate only to the long term. Despite absurd attempts to deny this fact, it is also true that nobody knows what would follow a vote for Brexit. First, proponents of Brexit do not agree on which alternative to pursue. Second, we do not know what the UK’s partners might want. Some foolishly assume that latter will be generous. But a partner who has been repudiated is unlikely to be generous in a divorce. Moreover, the overwhelming aim of the rest of the EU will be to keep it together. They will want to make any exit painful. Finally, Brexit will mean a long period of turmoil and uncertainty. The financial crisis has shown how costly such uncertainty can be, not just for a few years, but far into the future. 然而,这些观点只与长期相关。虽然有人荒唐地试图否认,但没人知道英国退欧之后会发生什么,这也是事实。首先,退欧持者对于退欧后应选哪种替代选择意见并不一致。第二,我们不知道英国的合作伙伴想要什么。有人愚蠢地认为,他们将会很慷慨。但一个被抛弃的伙伴不大可能在分道扬镳后还对你慷慨。此外,欧盟其他国家的压倒性目标将是保持欧盟完整性。他们将会让任何退出都付出痛苦的代价。最后,退欧意味着英国将迎来长时期的动荡和不确定性。金融危机已经展现出这种不确定性会带来多大的代价,不仅殃及近几年,对遥远的未来都会产生影响For all such reasons, foreign friends are appalled by the potential damage done by Brexit and not just to the UK, but more widely. Foremost among these is the US. It behoves those who prate of violated UK sovereignty to remember that, had the US not become engaged, the UK would now be a Nazi or Soviet satellite. US resources and will sustained the west during the second world war and the cold war. Pressed itself, the US desires a prosperous and outward-looking Europe, capable of sharing burdens in the decades ahead. The US has long regarded the UK’s active participation in the continent, of which the latter will always be a part, as a vital interest. The UK is not the great power of the past. But its actions still have consequences. It is not and must not wish to be a European Singapore. Only the west’s enemies would welcome such a folly. 鉴于所有这些原因,外国朋友害怕英国退欧对英国以及更广范地区造成的潜在破坏。首当其冲的就是美国。那些空谈英国主权遭侵犯的人应当记住,如果美国不介入,现在的英国或许是纳粹国家或者苏联的卫星囀?美国的资源和意志在二战以及冷战期间撑着西方国家。本身感到压力的美国希望看到一个繁荣、开放的欧洲,希望欧洲能够在未来几十年与其分担负担。美国长期以来一直将英国积极参与欧洲大陆事务(并且英国将永远是欧洲大陆的一个部分)视为重大利益。英国不再是昔日的日不落帝国。但其所作所为仍会产生巨大影响。英国不是(也绝不能希望成为)欧洲的新加坡。只有西方的敌人才会对如此愚蠢的行为表示欢迎How do most informed Americans, Australians or, for that matter, other Europeans, react when they see the UK considering the end of a relationship that gives it a voice in the direction of the continent, while being free from so many of the burdens and mistakes of our partners? They think it mad. Nicely, but firmly, Mr Obama should say so. 当看到英国正考虑结束一段关系——而这段关系使它在对欧洲大陆发展方向拥有发言权的同时,又不用承担太多负担及伙伴国的错误——大多数明智的美国人、澳大利亚人或者(就此事而言)其他欧洲人会作何反应?他们会认为英国疯了。奥巴马应当温和而坚定地说出来(编者注:奥巴马上周访英时表示,如果英国离开欧盟,英国“在欧洲的影响力会减弱,在全球的影响力也会随之减弱”)。来 /201604/439691惠州治疗男性早泄的医院

惠州割包皮过长费用Taiwan has accused China of abducting eight of its citizens from Kenya as cross-strait relations come under strain before the inauguration next month of a new Taiwanese president who is less friendly to Beijing. 台湾指控中国大陆从肯尼亚强行押走8名台湾公民。与北京方面不那么友好的台湾新总统将于下个月宣誓就职,眼下台海两岸关系正处于紧张状态Taiwan’s foreign ministry said the citizens were deported to China on a Chinese airliner on Friday after being acquitted of phone fraud in Nairobi earlier this month. 台湾外交部表示,这几名台湾公民上周五被一架大陆班机遣送至大陆。本月早些时候,这几人在内罗毕被宣判电信诈骗罪名不成立The foreign ministry accused Beijing of an “uncivilised act of extrajudicial abductionand called for the release of its citizens. It said on Tuesday that the Kenyan police were trying to deport to China 37 more Taiwanese citizens connected to the case. 台湾外交部指控北京方面的行为是“非法掳人的不文明行径”,并要求大陆释放其公民。周二,该机构表示肯尼亚警方正试图将与该案有关的另外37名台湾公民遣送至中国大陆Since their split at the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949, Beijing has claimed that self-governing Taiwan is one of its provinces. 1949年中国内战结束时两岸分裂,自那以来北京方面一直声称台湾是中国的一个省Only 22 nations maintain diplomatic relations with Taipei, while the vast majority of countries including Kenya respect Beijing’s “One Chinapolicy by refusing to acknowledge Taiwan as a separate entity. 只有22个国家维持与台湾的外交关系,包括肯尼亚在内的绝大多数国家则遵重北京方面的“一个中国”政策,拒绝承认台湾是一个独立的实体Taiwanese-Chinese phone fraud gangs targeting victims at home have established themselves in a range of overseas territories with weak law enforcement from Southeast Asia to Africa. 以同胞为目标的中国大陆和台湾电信诈骗团伙,已经在从东南亚到非洲的多个执法力度较弱的海外地区建立据点In a similar case in 2011, the Philippines deported 14 Taiwanese who were suspected of involvement in phone fraud to China. They were returned to Taiwan after several months of negotiations between Beijing and Taipei, which signed an agreement on joint crime-fighting and cross-strait judicial assistance in . 011年的一宗类似案件中,菲律宾曾将14名涉嫌卷入电信诈骗的台湾人遣送至中国大陆。经过北京和台北几个月的磋商,这些人被送返台湾。台海两岸曾009年签署一份共同打击犯罪和两岸司法互助的协议(文首图为台湾立委陈亭妃展示一份两岸司法协议)Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, which manages relations with Beijing, said the Kenyan deportations “ignore the rapport built between both sides since 2011 when dealing with similar cases 负责与北京方面关系的台湾陆委Mainland Affairs Council)表示,肯尼亚遣送事件“罔顾双方自100年(即公011年,译者注)起处理类似案例所建立之默契”Given that the eight deportees were found not guilty by the Kenyan court, it said their transfer to China “violates the basic rights of our peopleand that “the mainland side should take full responsibility of the serious impact on the cross-strait relationship 陆委会表示,考虑名被驱逐者已获肯尼亚法庭宣告无罪,他们被遣送大陆“严重侵害我民众基本权益”,“对于两岸关系的严重影响,陆方应负完全责任”The dispute over the deportees from Kenya comes at a sensitive time for cross-strait ties, with Tsai Ing-wen to be sworn in as president next month after winning a landslide election victory in January as she rode a wave of anti-China feeling. 围绕肯尼亚遣返者的争端,发生在两岸关系的敏感时期。下个月,蔡英文(Tsai Ing-wen)将宣誓就任台湾总统。今月,得益于一波反大陆情绪,蔡英文在选举中取得了压倒性胜利Beijing has long been hostile to her Democratic Progressive party, which wants the island to cut its economic reliance on China and has historically called for Taiwan to become fully independent. 长期以来,北京方面对蔡英文所在的民进Democratic Progressive Party)一直怀有敌意。民进党主张台湾切断与大陆的经济联系,并曾呼吁台湾完全独立Ms Tsai has pledged to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan strait but will not find it easy to reassure Beijing about her intentions without upsetting hardliners in her own party. 蔡英文曾承诺维持台海两岸的和平与稳定。不过她会发现,在不得罪民进党内强硬派的同时让北京方面对她的意图放心,并不是件容易的事。来 /201604/437348 惠州友好男子医院治疗龟头炎多少钱惠州市男科电话




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