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(一):What is it that you want to say?您想说什么?What is it that you want to say?您想说什么?At a word, the cost is too high.简而言之,成本太高。What do you mean by...?Could you explain what you mean by that?(二):If you dorfl nnfnd, well leave questions to the end.如果您不介意,我们将把提问放在最后。If you don’t mind, we’ll leave questions to the end.如果您不介意,我们将把提问放在最后。Theres no problem.没问题。Now it’s time for today’s question.现在是今天的提问时间。There will be a few minutes for questions.将会有几分钟的提问时间。 /201412/347944The first of our regular business English news podcasts for English learners looks at how people communicate at work and the different factors that can affect how communication takes place. The news story is followed by a discussion of the key English vocabulary and an explanation of the meaning of the words in the context of this article.商务英语新闻客的第一部分是向学习者展示工作时人们是如何交流的,以及影响交流的各种因素。新闻故事后是重点英语词汇以及对文章中生词的解释。 /201012/120601

Meeting a book keeperA: Excuse me, Alex?B: What can I do for you, Kim?A: I was wondering if you could get together with me to go over the payroll.B: Sure, anytime.会见出纳A:对不起,阿利克?B:有事吗?金姆?A:我不知道你是否有时间能和我一起审查一遍工资表?B:可以。随时都行。 /200704/12400

第一句:I want to report a crime, sir.我要报案,警官。A: I want to report a crime, sir.我要报案,警官。B: What do you want to report?您要报什么案?A: I witnessed a robbery five minutes ago.五分钟前,我目睹了一起抢劫案。第二句:She is scared to death.她快被吓死了。A: Where did it happen?在哪里?B: On the Fifth Street.在第五大道。A: We will be there in 5 minutes. Is the victimstill in the criminal scene now?我们五分钟后到。受害人还在现场吗? B: Yes. She is scared to death.在,她快被吓死了。背诵句型:I was cleaned out.我被洗劫一空了。Please describe the suspect.请描述一下嫌疑犯。 /201310/259817

  1.雇员有机会到调到设在海外的分部工作吗?Are there chances for employees to be transferred to overseas branches of the company?2.我曾经在一家外贸公司做过兼职翻译。I used to work as a part-time interpreter in a foreign trade company.3.我负责东南亚的市场营销。I'm in charge of marketing activities in Souuth-East Asia.4.我的专业是商务英语。My major was business English.5. 这是我第一次来外资企业工作。This is the first time I have come to work in the foreigh capital enterprise.6.我想谈谈如何扩大公司的出口业务。I'd like to talk about how to expand the export business of this company.7.很好的顾客关系对公司的发展很重要。Good customer relations are very important to the corporate development.8.因为你们公司的运作是全球化的,我觉得在这样一个环境中工作会收获最多。Because your operations are global, I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of environment.9.我的专业和工作经验使我能胜任这个职位。My major and work experiences make me qualified for this position.10.我想了解一下你们的主要产品和市场份额。I'd like to know about you major products and market share. /201106/139422

  He who seizes the right moment is the right man.谁把握机会就能心想事成。the right moment直译过来就是:“正确的时刻”,这个短语的正确意思是:“适当/合适的时机”。因此,当美国人说;He who seizes the right moment is the right man.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是: ;Your dream will come true if you grasp the chance.;、;What you want to do will be done if you seize the opportunity.;。情景对白:Jane: Guess what? I will be transferred to the sales department next week.简:知道吗?我下周就要调到销售部去啦。Shirley: Oh, thats great! Youve grasped the chance. He who seizes the right moment is the right man.雪莉:哦,真是太好了!你抓住这次机会了。谁把握机遇就能心想事成。搭配句积累:①She seized the chance to work in the headquarters but I didnt.她抓住了去总部工作的机会,而我没有。②Jack has been promoted twice this year.杰克今年都升了两次职了。③The boss is going to send an employee to study overseas.老板打算送一位员工去国外学习。④I hear that there is a chance to work at the head office in London.我听说有个去伦敦总部工作的机会。单词:1. grasp vt. 抓住She was trying to grasp at something.她正试图抓住什么东西。His hand was taken in a warm, firm grasp.他的手被热情地紧紧握住了。She allowed victory to slip from her grasp.她让胜利从手中溜走了。2. headquarters n. 总部The building is the headquarters of the family firm.这座大楼是该家族公司的总部。Our headquarters is in hongkong.我们的总部设在香港。3. promote vt.提升,升职I was promoted to editor and then editorial director.我先是被提升为编辑,然后又晋升为编务总监。In fact, those people have been promoted.事实上,那些人已经升职了。 /201211/210559。

  1.Bending 弯曲 A: What kind of parts do you usually need to bend?B: Tubular parts or stampings.A:什么样的零件一般需要进行弯曲加工?B:管状零件或冲压件。 2.Cycle time 工作周期A: What is the cycle time of the injection molding machine?B: Three minutes.A:这台注塑机的工作周期是多少?B:三分钟。 3.Sampling 抽样A: There are certain rules for sampling, right?B: Right. You'll get scrap without following the rules.A:抽样有一定的规则,是吗?B:是的,不遵循这些规则就会出废品。4.Broaching 拉削A: Can you use broaching to make a gear?B: Why not?A:你能用拉削技术制作齿轮吗?B:为什么不能。5.Casting 铸造A: What is the best process to make complex metal parts?B: Casting. No matter if the part is large or small. A:制造复杂金属件的最好工艺是什么?B:铸造,零件大小都没有关系。 /200809/47680

  Q:Why do you want to work here?A:I lost a bid several years ago to your company.I realized then that products in the computer industry are becoming increasingly similar.They?re so similar now,and retail prices are so competitive,that service is the best way for a company to distinguish itself from the competition.This company has the best service record of all its competitors,and I believe it will dominate the business in the long run.?问:为什么你想在这里工作?答:我几年前就错过了你们公司的一次招标,之后我意识到电脑产品变得越来越相近了,且零售价格的竞争愈趋激烈,以致务成为了一家公司在竞争中脱颖而出的最好的方法。贵公司在所有的竞争者中享有最好的务记录,而我相信从长远看,它将主宰这个行业。你的准备和调查研究工作应在这里明显表现出来。给出一到两个你对该公司感兴趣的原因,并表明什么最激发你的兴趣。什么是你可以叙述来表明你个人对该公司的认识的最有说力的事情呢?它的产品还是它的员工?包括公司的信誉、对该工作本身的描述,或者是跻身于该企业的欲望。 /200803/30818

  claim to fame 成名的原因英文释义 What makes someone or something famous.例句Its beautiful hot springs are the tiny mountain villages claim to fame.美丽的温泉是让这座小小山村出名的原因。 /201402/275168第一句:Could you tdl me the most significant dianges that have takra place in the banking procedures brought about by electronic banking?您能否告诉我电子给工作程序带来的最重大的变化是什么?A: You have been working in this bank for over thirty years.您在这家已工作三十多年了。B: Yes.是的。A: Could you tell me the most significant changes that havetaken place in the banking procedures brought about by electronic banking?您能否告诉我电子给工作程序带来的最重大的变化是什么?第二句:It is quite different to be a teller now when I first started working.现在做一名出纳与我刚开始工作是完全不同了。A: Thats a good question.这个问题问得好。B: Thank you.谢谢。A: It is quite different to be a teller now when I first started working.现在做一名出纳与我刚开始工作是完全不同了。背诵句型:The most striking change is the use of credit cards.最显著的变化是使用信用卡。 /201309/255782

  星级典句:第一句: The new computer software is driving me crazy!这个新的电脑软件快要把我逼疯了.A: The new computer software is driving me crazy!这个新的电脑软件快要把我逼疯了.B: Whats the matter?怎么了?A: I really need a break!我真的需要休息了。B: I know what you mean. Ive had nothing but trouble with it. They say its supposed to be easy!我明白你的意思。它净给我添麻烦了。 他们说它应该是很容易使用的。第二句: As far as Im concerned, the computer takes a genius to figure it out.让我说只有天才才能弄清电脑是怎么回事。A: As far as Im concerned, the computer takes a genius to figure it out.让我说只有天才才能弄清电脑是怎么回事。B: Try to relax.试着放松一下。A: Can you pass the sugar, please?你能把糖递给我吗?B: Sure, Why dont you sit down for a minute? You havent taken a rest all morning.当然。你为什么不坐下来歇会呢?你一上午都没休息。其他表达法:Well, dont think any more about it.好啦,别再想它了。No cause for alarm at all.根本用不着大惊小怪。 /201305/238786


  ,。,。。,。,。。,。, /200804/36402

  【Trancript】Work taboosA:May I ask whether we are allowed to wear casual clothes in the office?B:Sure, company rules are not very strict at this point.A:Thank you for telling me that.B:But remind you, there are some forbidden activities.A:What are they? I’ll be careful.B:Don’t use office phones for personal matters. A:I got it.B:Never ever come to work drunk, also smoking in the office is not allowed.A:I see. /201006/107709


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