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llX7(sZw7n;0gT*VHZ1ZPkx;B,v3_gH8DedB!P(kjks~ZZrYOne of four baby Asian small-clawed otters is seen at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. Born just three weeks ago to parents Simon and Sophie, the pups are nursing and will open their eyes in about a week.lMN*PdkClC%b]XGb在佛罗里达的奥兰多水上世界,四只亚洲小爪水獭刚刚降生,其中一只已与游人见面8O@CaV.zDYWt_NDFzdt它们是Simon和Sophie的孩子,刚刚生下来三周ZnDINW37J1现在这些小家伙正被精心照顾,预计一周内它们就能睁开眼睛了eiTD8c9^E5#jQDZmdh,W#96rrH[~I[ZAsian small-clawed otters live in the rivers, creeks, estuaries and coastal waters of Southeast Asia, from northern India to southeastern China, the Malay Peninsula and parts of Indonesia. SeaWorld breeds the otters as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquarium Species Survival Plan, which aims to preserve, in zoos and aquariums, animals that are threatened or endangered in the wild.~Oik@ofp^uY这种亚洲小爪水獭生活在印度北部,中国东南部,马来半岛和印度尼西亚部分地区的河流,小溪,河口和沿海水域HON^MRY1t6jw作为动物园与水族馆动物保护计划的一部分,奥兰多水上世界正帮助繁衍并照顾这些水獭,该计划旨在通过动物园和水族馆保护世界濒危动物~X]O%DB,peO-C~KE|sEdY[WocTL_-9Y((aVJMzv0T~SX(-q%Dqg.@IOlS.81#,^LLI 75。

  • 1. When you first get home and see a stocked refrigerator and pantry.一回家就看见满满当当的冰箱和食物柜Because the memories of binging on boring college food like this are still fresh.大学里吃的无聊食物还记忆犹新 18。
  • TINY terrier Belle is causing a real storm in a teacup - as one of Britainsmallest dogs.英国最小的之一—小贝拉(Belle)在茶杯里掀起风暴At six weeks old she is around eight times smaller than the size she should be and has only survived thanks to the careand diligence of her devoted owner Karenza Cruse.六周大的时候,她的体型比正常体型小了8倍,多亏主人KarenzaCruse辛勤投入照料她才活了下来And the pocket-sized pooch has become so asked-after in her hometown of Great Yarmouth she now has her own Facebook page- BelleJourney - with all the latest updates.这只只有口袋大小的杂种已经成了家乡大雅茅斯备受问候的对象,她现在已经有了自己的脸谱网页面——贝拉(Belle)的旅程——页面时时更新Benefiting from the kind of constant attention usually reserved newborn babies the tiny puppy is hand fed using a pipette day and night.她经常获得通常是新生儿才会得到的那种关注,主人日夜借助移液管给这只小喂食She is about to take her first wobbly steps- a developmental milestone that is applauded and photographed the familyalbum.她即将迈出踉跄的前几个步伐——家庭相册记录下了这一具有里程碑意义的成长阶段,并为之喝Miss Cruse, , said she was amazed by herpet fighting spirit, shrugging off every gloomy prognosis to battle through to the next stage.现年岁的Cruse女士说,宠物的战斗精神让她感到惊讶小不屑于每一个沮丧的预后,向下一个成长阶段冲刺She was rejected by her mother Darcy andhad to be resuscitated soon after she was delivered.贝拉被她的母亲Darcy遗弃了,她是在出生后没多久被救醒的Initially guesthouse owner Miss Cruse was caring both her and her brother but the boy sadly died.最初,招待所的业主Cruse女士照料着她和她的哥哥,但很遗憾的是,她的哥哥死去了Determined that she should have the best chance and inspired by her pluckiness the mother-of-two has kept constant watchover the miniature York shire terrier, sleeping nearby on the sofa every night.由于决定让她存活下来的可能性达到最大,还受到了贝拉勇气的鼓舞,这个有着两个孩子的母亲已经寸步不离地照料着这只小型约克郡犬,她每晚都睡在附近的沙发上Thanks to her efts the dog has doubled in size but is still vanishingly tiny and cooed over wherever she goes.由于她的努力,这只杂种体型长了一倍,但仍然小得罕见,小不管走到哪里都会发出咕咕声;I take her everywhere with me,;she said. ;But once people see what is in my handbag they cant get enoughof her. She is quite a celebrity round her and even in the local pub. Sheamazes me. I still just smile at her even if it is am or am. She reminds meof a little clockwork toy. Everyone just assumes she is a newborn.;她说,“不管走到哪里,我都带着她但只要人们看到手袋里的她,大家就会爱不释手她已经成了附近的名人,甚至是在当地的一家酒馆里她让我感到惊讶,即使是在凌晨点或者是凌晨四点,我都会朝她微笑她让我想到了小发条玩具,大家都以为她是新生的小” 96。
  • 接着昨天的文说瑞士除了在洛桑乘坐地铁时所感到的“慢半拍”的小小诧异以外,那天去麦当劳付完钱看着销售小票着实被雷了一下这倒不全是因为这里的价格很贵(比如麦香鱼要9.8瑞郎,相当于63元人民币),而是这张小票上最后一行印有toilettes(厕所)字样,“toilettes”后面还有位数码:9731原来,这里麦当劳的厕所仅供麦当劳的顾客使用,门上设置了密码锁所以,内急不要紧,只要买麦当劳系列产品,就可以知道进入厕所的密码得以方便一下,正如这里人常说的一句话Il y a pas de souci(没啥可担心的)在洛桑办事,除了Il y a pas de souci这句话以外,最常听见瑞士人说的另一句话是:Je vous envoie un courrier( “我给您寄信”);或者是其变体:Vous allez nous envoyer un courrier(“您给我们寄信”)洛桑人真的好像依然生活在19世纪的某个年代,稍微要紧一点的事情就要写信,再重要一点的事情尤其是涉及法律的事情就要挂号信,哪怕是门对门的两个机构,互相之间的往来联系也要通过邮局寄信。
  • K5~9zNvrTB]8a6WXx^jiUiOJs-LhNlkND_53tDress Made of Fruit, Vegetables(-Hv]t^]Zl5HNc^pE水果,蔬菜,小礼!.7eS[KEAEa昨天的趣图妙语向你展示了饰配饰,一领蔬菜水果们的时尚风范,今天更牛,直接裁衣上身,快来看看这几件小礼,你猜得出它们是什么材质的吗?yT_B+fN0,Br%FbJwMade of eggplantsjGF#+6eI]gK5(1u[-茄子小礼GHvIgQ7_i)FO0~9PSwck%jeEfZ.f1u1%c!*V。
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