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郴州第四医院割包皮手术价格郴州治疗慢性前列腺炎多少钱Floating fortresses, straight from the pages of George Orwell and favoured by evil geniuses with a penchant for white Angora cats, may soon exist outside the world of post-apocalyptic fiction and James Bond films.源自乔治攠威George Orwell)的小说,被酷爱白色安哥拉猫的邪恶天才所青睐的“浮动堡垒”,或将很快存在于末日后科幻小说和詹姆斯邦德(James Bond)电影之外。Two Chinese companies say they are to build platforms as long as 3.2km that could host airstrips, docks, helipads, barracks or even “comprehensive security bases in the words of one company executive.有两家中国公司表示,它们将修建长.2公里的平台,上面可容纳飞机跑道、码头、直升机停机坪、兵营甚或“综合保障基地”——这是其中一家公司的高管的用词。For now, the structures remain within the realm of computer graphics, plastic dioramas and PowerPoint presentations. The companies emphasise their more peaceful potential as duty-free shopping centres and exotic tourist destinations.目前,这种浮动平台仍仅存在于计算机图形、塑料模型和幻灯片演示中。两家公司都强调它们在和平用途方面的潜力,比如作为免税购物中心和具有异国情调的旅游目的地等。But executives are open about the fact that there are also military applications for their projects, known as very large floating structures, which could one day become part of China’s naval armada.但两家公司的高管并不讳言这些项目也具有军事用途,所谓的“超大型海上浮动平台”可能终有一天能成为中国海军“无敌舰队”的一部分。The structures are dual-use, said Feng Jun, chairman of Hainan Offshore Industry, a company developing the technology. “So far these are only in the design and research phase.The technology, still being developed worldwide, has been used mainly in the area of oil and gas, by companies such as Shell.开发这一技术的海南远海实业(Hainan Offshore Industry)董事长冯军(音)称,这种平台体具有双重用途,“到目前为止,还都只是在设计和研究阶段。”这种技术在世界上尚属于发展之中,主要被壳牌(Shell)等公司用于石油和天然气领域。Structures akin to the floating fortresses of Nineteen Eighty-Four could be a fearsome complement to half a dozen newly created islands that Beijing has dredged out of the floor in the South China Sea. With airstrips, harbours and other facilities, these are aimed at buttressing China’s claim to 90 per cent of the sea, which is disputed by its neighbours as well as the US.与《一九八四Nineteen Eighty-Four)中的“浮动堡垒”类似的平台,将对中国政府在南中国海通过吹沙填海新造的六个岛屿起到强大的补充作用。拥有飞机跑道、港口和其他设施,这些浮动平台的建造目的是增强中国对南中国0%海域的主权主张,周边的邻国以及美国均对中国这种主张持异议。While floating islands would be granted none of the sovereignty of real islands by international law, they could nonetheless be used to station aircraft or buttress the defences of the artificial islands.按照国际法,“浮动岛屿”并不能获得真正岛屿所享有的主权,但它们可以用于停放飞机或加强人工岛屿的防御。Hainan Offshore’s website refers to the potentially strategic use of its wares. “Under the increasingly complicated South China Sea situation,it says in a company introduction, “Hainan Offshore Industry adheres to the principle ‘when the sovereignty of the state is challenged, time and tide wait for no man”海南远海实业的网站介绍了其平台的潜在战略用途。公司简介中写道:“面对日趋复杂的南海局势,海南远海实业股份有限公司秉承‘国家主权受到严峻挑战,战略需求时不我’宗旨。”Deployment of a VLFS could test aly tense relations in the region. “Planting one of these in the middle of the South China Sea would be a terribly provocative act,said Richard Bitzinger, an authority on maritime security.部署此类超大型海上浮动平台或对本已紧张的地区关系造成考验。海洋安全问题专家理查德毕辛Richard Bitzinger)说:“在南中国海的中间位置放置这样一座超大型浮动平台将是一种极具挑衅性的行为。”China’s military appears to have shown interest in VFLS projects. Hainan Offshore showed plastic models of a VLFS oil-drilling rig at a closed-door conference for military industry in July, hosted in Beijing by China’s State Administration of Science Technology and Industry for National Defence. In April, a photo of a closed-door forum sponsored by the China National Defence University and Peking University showed a People’s Liberation Army officer speaking at a podium in front of a large poster of a VLFS featuring an airstrip, though no information could be found on who he was or what he said. A spokesman for China’s defence ministry this week said he had never heard of any plans for procuring or using such structures.中国军方似乎已经对超大型海上浮动平台项目表现出兴趣。在中国国家国防科技工业局(SASTIND)今年7月举行的一次军工业闭门会议上,海南远海实业展示了一款大型海上浮动石油钻井平台的塑料模型。今月,一张中国国防大China National Defence University)与北京大Peking University)联合主办的闭门论坛的照片显示,一名人民解放军(PLA)军官在讲台上发言,身后的巨型展板上是一座拥有飞机跑道的大型海上浮动平台,尽管我们不知道这位军官是谁,说了什么。但中国国防部发言人日前表示,他从未听说过任何有关中国军方获取或使用此类平台的计划。Jidong Development, a state-owned company listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange, confirmed it was contributing most of the Rmb3.7bn in research funding to the joint project.在深圳交所上市的国有企业冀东发Jidong Development)已实,该公司将为这一联合项目所需7亿元人民币研发经费提供大部分资金。The first VFLS is being built at dry dock in Caofeidian near Beijing, Wang Shuyong, manager of a Jidong subsidiary, told local media. This VFLS would be used as a “deep sea comprehensive security base Mr Wang declined to comment when contacted by the FT.冀东发展下属一家子公司总经理王术永对当地媒体说,首座大型海上浮动平台正在离北京不远的曹妃甸的干船坞中建造。这座浮动平台将被用作“深海综合保障基地”。英囀?金融时报》记者联系到了王术永,但他拒绝置评。The Caofeidian Industrial Zone mentions in its 2014 annual report that it is “helping the companies engaged in the VLFS project to file paperwork for factory planning and construction and use of the industrial coast, and promptly taking action to prepare for construction曹妃甸工业区在其2014年年度报告中提到,该区正在帮助参与超大型海上浮动平台项目的企业提交有关厂区规划和建设以及工业海岸使用的申请文件,并将快速采取行动为工程建设做好准备。Still, experts say the structures if built are more likely to be large oil drilling rigs. But even then, they could change the maritime power dynamic. Last year China parked an oil-drilling platform in a section of the sea claimed by Vietnam, sparking a heated confrontation at sea between Chinese and Vietnamese fishing boats. The rig was later withdrawn.尽管如此,专家称这种平台(如果建成的话)更可能像是大型石油钻井平台。但即使是这样,它们也能够改变海上力量对比。去年,中国在南中国海一处与越南存在争议的海域部署了一座石油钻井平台,引发中越渔船间的一场激烈对峙。该平台后来被撤回。In any case, Mr Bitzinger doubts they would have much military value in a conflict. They would be “expensive and hard to move around he said, adding that China would be better off with more aircraft carriers.不管怎样,毕辛格怀疑这种浮动平台在冲突中能发挥多少军事价值。他说,它们“造价昂贵、移动困难”。他认为,拥有更多航空母舰对中国来说可能更好。来 /201508/393772郴州治疗慢性非淋需要多少钱 MADRID A dog named Excalibur who belonged to an Ebola-infected nurse was euthanized on Wednesday, even as protesters and animal rights activists surrounded the Madrid home of the nurse and her husband. A online petition calling for the dogs life to be spared had drawn hundreds of thousands of signatures.马德里——周三,一名感染埃拉病毒的护士的被实施了安乐死,尽管抗议者和动物权益活动人士包围了这名护士及其丈夫在马德里的住所。这条名叫埃克斯卡利伯(Excalibur)。网上一封呼吁放这条一条生路的请愿书,目前已获得了数以万计的签名。The furor came amid questions about whether dogs can get and transmit the disease.群情激奋之时,有人质疑是否会感染以及传播这种疾病。In the ed States, a spokesman for the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Thomas Skinner, said Wednesday that studies had shown that dogs can have an immune response to Ebola, meaning that they can become infected. But he said there had been no reports of dogs or cats developing Ebola symptoms or passing the disease to other animals or to people.美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,简称CDC)发言人托马斯·斯金Thomas Skinner)周三表示,研究表明,能对埃拉病毒产生免疫反应,这意味着它们可能也会受到感染。但是他说,目前尚无或猫出现埃拉病症或者把这种疾病传播给其他动物或人类的报告。The death of Excalibur, a 12-year-old rescue dog, was confirmed to reporters by Javier Rodríguez, an official from Madrids regional government, and the body is expected to be cremated.埃克斯卡利伯是一2岁的搜救犬,马德里地区政府官员哈维尔·罗德里格Javier Rodríguez)向记者实了它的死亡,它的尸体将被火化。The nurses husband had pleaded publicly with officials in Madrid to change their minds about euthanizing the dog. He told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo that there was no indication that Excalibur had been infected with Ebola. The nurse has been identified as María Teresa Romero Ramos.这名护士的丈夫曾公开请求马德里官员改变主意,不要对埃克斯卡利伯实施安乐死。他告诉西班牙报纸《世界报El Mundo),没有迹象表明埃克斯卡利伯感染了埃拉病毒。这名护士被认定为玛丽亚·特雷莎·罗梅罗·拉莫María Teresa Romero Ramos)。The fate of the dog ignited a frenzy online. More than 350,000 people signed the petition to save his life. By comparison, about 150,000 people have signed a petition urging the Food and Drug Administration to fast-track research on a potential vaccine and treatment for Ebola.这条的命运引起了网民的愤怒。共5万人在请愿书上签名,希望能挽救它的生呀?相比之下,大约15万人在一封请愿书上签名,敦促食品与药品(Food and Drug Administration,简称FDA)加快对埃拉疫苗和治疗方案的研究。Twitter erupted, with pleas in both English and Spanish to save Excaliburs life.Twitter上的反应也很强烈,人们用英语和西班牙语发表请愿,要求拯救埃克斯卡利伯的生呀?saveexcaliber SAVE THE DOG...OWNER HAS EBOLA...QUARANTINE THE DOG TOO...DONT MURDER HIM#saveexcaliber 救救这……主人感染了埃拉……把也给隔离了……不要杀害他Then, after Excalibur was euthanized, came tweets using the hashtag #RIPExcalibur.随后,在埃克斯卡利伯被实施安乐死后,有推文开始使#RIPExcalibur 的标签RIPExcalibur hating this world so damn much today.#RIPExcalibur 今天无比厌恶这个世界。Some also suggested that more attention was being focused on the dog than on Ebolas human victims.有人则提出人们把更多的注意力放在了上,而不是埃拉病毒的人类受害者。Nearly 4,000 people in West Africa have died during the current Ebola epidemic, and global health authories expect to see thousands more infections there. The Spanish nurse became the first person to become infected outside West Africa. The only case diagnosed in the ed States has been that of a Liberian man who had traveled from Liberia to Dallas and died in a hospital there Wednesday. Three infected American aid workers were transferred from West Africa to American hospitals and treated successfully, and a freelance cameraman for N who became infected in Liberia has been transferred to a hospital in Nebraska, where he is undergoing treatment.在西非,共有将近4000人在目前的埃拉疫情中丧生,全球各地的卫生官员认为,将来还会有数千人会受感染。这名西班牙护士成了西非以外地区受感染的第一人。美国的唯一确诊案例是一名利比里亚籍男子,他曾从利比里亚去往达拉斯,并于周三在那里的一家医院死亡。有关部门把三名受感染的美国救援工作者从西非转移到了美国医院,他们在那里得到了很好的治疗,一名在利比里亚受感染的N自由摄影记者被转移到了内布拉斯加州的一家医院,目前正在那里接受治疗。Mr. Skinner said the disease centers were recommending that Ebola patients with dogs or cats at home ;evaluate the animals risk of exposure,; meaning they should assess how likely it is that the animal has ingested bodily fluids like blood, vomit and feces from the patient. If the animal has been exposed, it should be monitored for 21 days, the incubation period for the disease. Mr. Skinner said the C.D.C. was working with the American Veterinary Medical Association to study the issue and develop guidance for pets in the ed States.斯金纳称,疾病预防和控制中心正在建议家中有或猫的埃拉患者“评估动物的接触风险”,也就是说他们应该评估动物摄入患者的血液等体液,以及呕吐物和排泄物的可能性有多大。如果动物已经接触了病毒,应将其观察21天1天是埃拉病毒的潜伏期。斯金纳称,CDC正在与美国兽医协American Veterinary Medical Association)合作,研究这个问题,并制定针对美国宠物的指导意见。In a 2005 study of dogs in Gabon done after an Ebola outbreak in 2001-02, researchers found that dogs can be infected with the virus, but that they show no symptoms.埃拉在2001年至2002年期间爆发后,研究人员在2005年对加蓬的进行的一项研究中发现,可能会感染该病毒,但它们未表现出症状。The study, published in Emerging Infectious Diseases, a C.D.C. journal, tested dogs in two villages in the heart of the Ebola outbreak, as well as dogs in a city with some human Ebola cases, dogs in distant villages and a control group of dogs in France. Of 159 dogs tested from the two villages, 40 had Ebola antigens in their blood. This rate was significantly higher than the prevalence of antigens found in dogs in the city with some human cases, three times higher than the dogs several hundred miles from the outbreak, and much higher than the dogs in France. Two out of 102 dogs tested in France had antigens for Ebola.发表在CDC期刊《新生感染性疾病Emerging Infectious Diseases)上的该研究,对位于那一轮埃拉爆发的中心的两个村子,以及出现了一些感染埃拉病例的一座城市、偏远村庄和法国一个控制组的进行了测试。那两个村子共有159条接受了测试,其中40条的血液中含有埃拉抗原。这一比例,明显高于出现了人感染埃拉病例的那座城市的,是距病毒爆发地几百英里的的三倍多,同时也远高于法国的。法国有102条接受了测试,条体内发现了埃拉抗原。The researchers said the possibility that pet dogs could become infected and transmit the virus to humans could not be ruled out. They noted that pet dogs in Gabon, as in many parts of Africa, probably have greater access to the wild animals that are the source of Ebola infections because African dogs often scavenge for food, eating small animals and organs from carcasses of wild animals killed by hunters, some of which were sources of human Ebola cases in Gabon.研究人员称,不能排除宠物感染病毒并将其传播给人类这个可能性。他们指出,和非洲许多地区一样,加蓬的宠物接触野生动物的可能性更大,因为非洲的经常觅食,吃小动物和被猎人打死的野生动物的器官。野生动物是埃拉感染的源头,其中部分野生动物正是加蓬人感染埃拉病例的根源;We observed that some dogs ate fresh remains of Ebola virus infected dead animals brought back to the villages and that others licked vomit from Ebola virus-infected patients,; the researchers reported.“我们观察到,一些吃了感染了埃拉病毒的动物的新鲜遗骸——这些动物尸体被带回了那些村子——其他一些舔过感染了埃拉病毒的患者的呕吐物,”这些研究人员通报称。None of the dogs in the study showed symptoms, unlike wild animals. In gorillas and chimpanzees, Ebola infection is often lethal, the study said. Still, it is possible that dogs exposed to Ebola could be a potential source of human infection if people come in contact with viral particles in dog urine, feces or saliva through ;licking, biting, or grooming,; the study said.不同于野生动物,研究中的那些没有一条表现出了症状。该研究称,在大猩猩和黑猩猩身上,埃拉感染通常是致命的。但研究称,接触过埃拉的可能是潜在的人类感染源头,因为人可能会通过“的舔、咬或给其梳毛刷洗”,接触的尿液、排泄物或唾液中的病毒颗粒;Given the frequency of contact between humans and domestic dogs,; it said, ;canine Ebola infection must be considered as a potential risk factor for human infection and virus sp.;“考虑到人类与家里的的接触频率,”研究称,“必须将犬类埃拉感染视作人类感染,以及病毒扩散的一种潜在风险因素。”来 /201410/335711郴州市儿童医院看泌尿科怎么样

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郴州有什么生殖医院 Russia sharply escalated its military campaign against Syrian rebel groups yesterday, launching 26 long-range cruise missiles from ships in the Caspian Sea to support a land offensive by the regime of Bashar al-Assad and its allies.俄罗斯昨日大幅升级打击叙利亚反政府组织的军事行动,从里海(Caspian Sea)的军舰上发射26枚远程巡航导弹,以此持巴沙尔阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)政权及其盟友发动的地面攻势。In the single heaviest day of bombing since Moscow’s air campaign began last week, Russian aircraft also struck anti-Assad forces as part of the first fully co-ordinated military operation with Damascus and Tehran against rebel forces.这是自莫斯科方面上周开始空袭以来火力最强大的一天,俄罗斯战机也打击了反阿萨德武装,这是俄军首次与叙利亚和伊朗全面协调打击反政府武装的军事行动。Even as Russia upped its military efforts, however, President Vladimir Putin signalled willingness to restart diplomatic negotiations over Syria’s future albeit on his terms.然而,在俄罗斯加强军事行动的同时,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)表示愿意就叙利亚的未来重启外交谈判——尽管是按他开出的条件。“We understand that such conflicts must end with a political solution,Mr Putin said at a meeting with Sergei Shoigu, his defence minister.“我们明白这类冲突必须以某种政治解决方案结束,”普京在与俄罗斯国防部长谢尔盖绍伊古(Sergei Shoigu)开会时表示。It was the first time Russia has used its cruise armoury in conflict. “The attacks show our missiles are efficient at long range, up to 1,500km,Mr Shoigu told Russian media.这是俄罗斯首次在实战中使用巡航导弹。“攻击表明我们的导弹在长500公里的远程打击中是高效率的,”绍伊古向俄罗斯媒体表示。The announcement, which followed two incursions of Turkish airspace by Russian jets this week, will unsettle Nato ahead of its quarterly meeting of defence ministers in Brussels today.俄方作出这一宣布之前,俄罗斯战机本周两次闯入土耳其领空,这些事态将使北Nato)感到不安。北约各国国防部长今日汇聚布鲁塞尔举行季度会议。The use of high-tech munitions marks a shift in Russian military posture, reflecting Moscow’s ability to project power. “It has been a long-term ambition by Russia to develop this long-range capability,said Doug Barrie, analyst at the Institute for International and Strategic Studies.利用高科技武器装备标志着俄罗斯军事姿态的转变,反映出莫斯科方面投射实力的能力。“发展这种远程作战能力是俄罗斯的长期野心,”国际战略研究所(International Institute for Strategic Studies)的分析员道格巴里(Doug Barrie)表示。来 /201510/402418郴州临武县泌尿外科郴州东方医院生殖科排班



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