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Hi, everybody. Im speaking to you today from Springfield, Illinois. I spent eight years in the State Senate here. It was a place where, for all our surface differences in a state as diverse as Illinois, my colleagues and I actually shared a lot in common. We fought for our principles, and voted against each other, but because we assumed the best in one another, not the worst, we found room for progress. We bridged differences to get things done. In my travels through this state, I saw most Americans do the same. Folks know that issues are complicated, and that people with different ideas might have a point. It convinced me that if we just approached our politics the same way we approach our daily lives, with common sense, a commitment to fairness, and the belief that were all in this together, and theres nothing we cant do. Thats why I announced, right here, in Springfield that I was running for President. And my faith in the generosity and fundamental goodness of the American people is rewarded and affirmed every single day. But Ill be the first to admit that the tone of our politics hasnt gotten better, but worse. Too many people feel like the system is rigged, and their voices dont matter. And when good people are pushed away from participating in our public life, more powerful and extreme voices will fill the void. Theyll be the ones who gain control over decisions that could send a young soldier to war, or allow another economic crisis, or roll back the rights that generations of Americans have fought to secure. The good news is: theres also a lot we can do about this, from reducing the influence of money in our politics, to changing the way we draw congressional districts, to simply changing the way we treat each other. Thats what I came back here to talk about this week. And I hope you check out my full speech at WhiteHouse.gov. One thing I focused on, for example, was how we can make voting easier, not harder, and modernize it for the way we live now. Here in Illinois, a new law allows citizens to register and vote at the polls on Election Day. It also expands early voting, which makes it much easier for working folks and busy parents. Were also considering automatic voter registration for every citizen when they apply for a drivers license. And Im calling on more states to adopt steps like these. Because when more of us vote, the less captive our politics will be to narrow interests – and the better our democracy will be for our children. Nine years after I first announced for this office, I still believe in a politics of hope. And for all the challenges of a changing world; for all the imperfections of our democracy; choosing a politics of hope is something thats entirely up to each of us. Thanks, everybody.201602/427987Today,I wish to report to you that my talks with the government have been aimed at normalizing the political situation in the country. We have not as yet begun discussing the basic demands of the struggle. I wish to stress that I myself have at no time entered into negotiations about the future of our country, except to insist on a meeting between the ANC and the government.今天,我希望能向大家通报:我同政府进行的一些列会谈,其目的一直是使我国的政治局势正常化。迄今为止我们还没有开始讨论本次斗争的基本要求。我愿意强调一下,就我国的未来前途,我除了坚持要求在非国大和政府之间进行磋商以外,本人决不会介入和政府的谈判。Mr. De Klerk the has gone further than any other Nationalist President in taking real steps to normalize the situation. However, there are further steps as outlined in the Harare Declaration that have to be met before negotiations on the basic demands of our people can begin.在采取切实可行的措施使局势正常化方面,德·克勒克先生比以往任何一位民族主义总统走得都远。但是就如同《哈拉雷宣言》规划的那样,在就我们人民的基本需要展开谈判之前,我们还有更多措施需要实施。 /201305/242227Class of !届的同学们,I dont think I hurt you.我不认为这伤害了你们。First I’d like you to stand up, and wave and cheer your supportive family and friends!首先我希望大家都站起来,向持你们的亲朋好友挥手致意!I’m sure you can find them out there.我相信你们都能在人群中找到他们。Show your love!把你们的爱表现出来吧!It is a great honor for me to be here today.今天来到这里我很荣幸。Now wait a second.请稍等一下。I know: that’s such a cliche.我知道,对于刚才那句陈词滥调,You’re thinking: every graduation speaker says that — It’s a great honor.大家可能会想:每一位毕业典礼的演讲者都会说——很荣幸。But, in my case, it really is so deeply true--being here is more special and more personal for me than most of you know.但就我而言,的确字真意深——我来到这里发言有着你们诸位并不知道的更特殊、更个人的意义。I’d like to tell you why.我愿意告诉你们这背后的故事。A long time ago, in the cold September of 1962,很久以前,1962年的寒冷9月,there was a Steven’s co-op at this very university.这座校园里有一家史蒂文消费合作社。That co-op had a kitchen with a ceiling that had been cleaned by student volunteers probably every decade or so.此合作社有一间厨房,那里的天花板由学生志愿者打扫,大概每十来年才一次吧。Picture a college girl named Gloria, climbing up high on a ladder, struggling to clean that filthy ceiling.想象一下,画面上有位名叫格洛里亚的女大学生爬上了高高的梯子努力地打扫那脏兮兮的天花板。Standing on the floor, a young boarder named Carl was admiring the view.一位名叫卡尔的寄宿生站在地上,为该情景钦佩不已。And that’s how they met.这就是他俩的初次邂逅。They were my parents,他俩就是我的父母亲,so I suppose you could say I’m a direct result of that kitchen chemistry experiment, right here at Michigan.所以我想你们会说,我就是这里——密歇根大学那个“厨房化学实验”的直接成果。My Mom is here with us today,我的母亲今天也来到了这里,and we should probably go find the spot ,也许我们应该去找到他们相遇之处,and put plaque up on the ceiling that says:;Thanks Mom and Dad!;并在天花板上镶嵌一块铭牌,刻上“谢谢爸爸、妈妈!;201308/251944Because what had become clear to me and I want you to know it isnt always clear in the beginning because as I said I had been on television since I was 19 years old.但我想让你们知道,任何事情的一开始对于我们未必明朗,正如我所说我19岁就开始上电视。But around 94 I got really clear. So dont expect the clarity to come all at once to know your purpose right away, but what became clear to me was that I was here on earth to use television and not be used by it; to use television to illuminate the transcendent power of our better angels.然而到了94年我才渐渐清楚,所以不要期待一下子就想清楚、并马上明白自己的使命。对我来说,我最终清楚,我要利用电视而不是被电视利用,利用电视来照亮我们内在天使的一面。So this Angel Network, it didnt just change the lives of those who were helped, but the lives of those who also did the helping.这个“天使网络”,它不只是改变那些我们帮助过的人们的生活,同时也改变那些提供帮助的人们的生活。It reminded us that no matter who we are or what we look like or what we may believe it is both possible and more importantly it becomes powerful to come together in common purpose and common effort.它提醒我们,无论是谁,看上去如何,或者我们相信什么,更重要的是它成为了我们为共同目标走到一起的驱动力。I saw something on the Bill Moore Show recently that so reminded me of this point. It was an interview with David and Francine Wheeler.我最近在“ 比利尔秀”上看到一些东西再次提醒了我。那是一个采访戴维和弗朗辛·惠勒的节目。They lost their 7 year old son, Ben in the Sandy Hook tragedy.他们在Sandy Hook惨案中痛失了他们的7岁幼子Ben。And even though gun safety legislation to strengthen background checks had just been voted down in Congress at the time that they were doing this interview they talked about how they refused to be discouraged.尽管在此次访谈时国会已经否决了加强背景调查的安全立法,他们谈到他们拒绝被国会的否决所打击。Francine said this, she said ;Our hearts are broken but our spirits are not.弗朗辛说:“我们的心都碎了,但我们的精神没有垮。Im going to tell them what its like to find a conversation about change that is love, and Im going to do that without fighting them.;我想告诉他们关于变故的对话是怎样的感觉,那感觉就是爱。我将会接受它而不是抵触。”And then her husband David added this, ;You simply cannot demonize or vilify someone who doesnt agree with you, because the minute you do that, your discussion is over. And we cannot do that any longer.然后她的丈夫戴维继续说:“你不能诋毁或妖魔化那些持有异见的人,因为如果你这样做的那一刻,就不再有下文,我们不能再那样做了。The problem is too enormous. There has to be some way that this darkness can be banished with light.;问题已经很严重了,总有方法能用光明驱逐黑暗。”In our political system and in the media we often see the reflection of a country that is polarized, that is paralyzed and is self-interested.在我们的政治体系和媒体视角下,我们经常看到人们的两级分化的、近乎瘫痪、追逐自我利益的国家的反思。201507/389021

Thank you for your warm welcome.It is a privilege and honour to be invited to address this prestigious academicinstitution. I would also like to thank the other co-hosts, the City of Leidenand the Leiden University Medical Center.Leiden University is aninternationally renowned hub of learning and research with a history thatstretches back many centuries.Indeed, one of the pioneers ofinternational law and the principles that guide the ed Nations began hisstudies here more than 400 years ago, the legendary jurist Hugo Grotius.Many distinguished scholars havefollowed. Today, each of you is carrying forward that proud tradition.I thank you for your commitmentand want to single out for special praise your University’s global focus andapproach to education.Ladies and gentlemen,We are here to talk aboutfreedom. I can think of no better time or place.Leiden is synonymous with freedom.Leiden University’s credo is“Bastion of Liberty”, and the city itself carries the motto “for the sake offreedom”.This is also a very special day.Earlier today, I took part in events marking the 100th anniversary of the PeacePalace in The Hague. And on this date fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. delivered his monumental “I Have a Dream” speech.Dr. King spoke of the “riches offreedom and the security of justice”. He reminded the world that the rights ofany minority should be the cause of all.As he said, “their freedom isinextricably bound to our freedom”.In other words, we share a commonfuture with shared responsibilities.That understanding is even truertoday.Our freedom … our possibilities…. our perils … are linked like never before.The ed Nations Charter speaksto our shared fate – and highlights the need “to promote social progress andbetter standards of life in larger freedom”.The word “freedom” suffuses theUniversal Declaration of Human Rights.Our work to deepen the meaning offreedom is built on three pillars: development -- or freedom from want; peaceand security -- or freedom from fear; and human rights -- or simply the freedomto enjoy and exercise the full body of human rights.These pillars are interdependentand mutually reinforcing.There can be no peace withoutdevelopment … no development without peace …and neither can be achieved withoutfull respect for human rights and the rule of law.Today I would like to addressthose three dimensions of freedom.Let me begin with freedom fromwant.At the dawn of this newmillennium, the international community set out on an unprecedented journey totackle freedom from want around the world.The Millennium Development Goalsare our touchstone for this effort. The eight goals and associated targets makeup our blueprint to fight poverty and hunger, expand education and health,empower women and girls, and ensure environmental sustainability.Thanks to combined efforts fromgovernments to the grassroots, we have made important progress.The proportion of people livingin extreme poverty has been halved. Fewer children are losing their lives tomalaria and tuberculosis. And more than 2.1 billion people gained access toimproved sources of drinking water – a challenge on which the Netherlands andKing Willem-Alexander have been global leaders.But there is much unfinishedbusiness.Nineteen thousand children underage five still die each day, most from preventable diseases.Two and a half billion peoplestill lack access to sanitation.201412/349671

If we can make this point that Im making如果我们能够做出这些论点,我说这些,to powerful men and women in our society是对于全部有权力的男人和女人在我们的社会中,at all levels of institutional authority and power,在各阶层的有权力人物,its going to change, its going to change这将会改变,这将会改变the paradigm of peoples thinking.人们的想法。You know, for example, I work a lot你知道吗,比方说,我和很多in college and university athletics throughout North America.北美的学校和大学的运动员做过工作,We know so much about how to prevent我们知道很多防止domestic and sexual violence, right?家庭和性别暴力,对吗?Theres no excuse for a college or university没有借口可以给学校和大学说,to not have domestic and sexual violence prevention training不做防止家庭和性别暴力的训练mandated for all student athletes, coaches, administrators,给全部运动员学生,教练,工作人员as part of their educational process.作为他们一部分的教育系统。We know enough to know that we can easily do that.我们已经知道很多,我们可以很容易的做。But you know whats missing? The leadership.你知道缺少什么吗?领导能力。But its not the leadership of student athletes.但是这不是学生运动员的领导能力Its the leadership of the athletic director,这是运动教练的领导能力,the president of the university, the people in charge大学会长的领导能力,who make decisions about resources做资源决定的负责人,and who make decisions about priorities in the institutional settings.和做校园决定的负责人。Thats a failure, in most cases, of mens leadership.这是一个失败,在很多的例案,在男人的领导能力Look at Penn State. Penn State is the mother看看宾州州立大学。of all teachable moments for the bystander approach.宾州州立大学是很多旁观者方法可以学习的母亲。You had so many situations in that realm你会发现很多真实的情况中,where men in powerful positions failed to act很多有权力的男人无法保护to protect children, in this case, boys.他们的儿子,在这案子中,小男孩。Its unbelievable, really. But when you get into it,这是很难被相信的,真的。但是当你深入了解时,you realize there are pressures on men.你会发觉有很多压力施于男人。There are constraints within peer cultures on men,有些束缚发生在于男人的文化中which is why we need to encourage men所以我们必须鼓励男人to break through those pressures.去突破这些压力。And one of the ways to do that is to say其中一个方法是说theres an awful lot of men who care deeply about these issues.有很多男人真的关心这些话题。I know this. I work with men,我知道这。我和这些男人一起工作。and Ive been working with tens of thousands,还有我已经和一万个,hundreds of thousands of men for many, many decades now.十万个男人工作了很多很多年代。Its scary, when you think about it, how many years.其实停恐怖的,当我想想已经多少年了,But theres so many men who care deeply about these issues,但是还有很多男人真的关心这些话题。but caring deeply is not enough.但是仅仅关心是不够的。We need more men with the guts,我们需要有勇气的男人,with the courage, with the strength, with the moral integrity有胆量,有能力,有道德的to break our complicit silence and challenge each other去破解这些沉默然后挑战他们。and stand with women and not against them.然后和女人站在同一阵线,不是对抗她们。By the way, we owe it to women.但是,我们欠女人的。Theres no question about it.这是无可否认的。But we also owe it to our sons.但我们也欠我们的孩子。We also owe it to young men who are growing up我们也欠成长中的男孩,all over the world in situations where they didnt make the choice在世界各地的男孩,那些没有得选择的男孩,to be a man in a culture that tells them作为一个男人在一个文化中告诉他们that manhood is a certain way.男子气概是肯定的。They didnt make the choice.他们没得做选择。We that have a choice have an opportunity我们有机会做这个选择。and a responsibility to them as well.同时我们也对他们有责任。I hope that, going forward, men and women,我希望,往前看,男人和女人,working together, can begin the change一起工作,可以开始做出改变,and the transformation that will happen然后转变会发生。so that future generations wont have the level of tragedy然后未来的时代不会有同样的悲剧,that we deal with on a daily basis.就好像每天在我们的生活情况下发生。I know we can do it. We can do better.我知道我们可以做到。我们可以做得更好。Thank you very much.谢谢。201509/396678

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