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淮安一院宫颈糜烂多少钱江苏省淮安人工流产多少钱Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Jenny:I can’t stand being with you anymore. I’m sick of your drinking。我再也受不了和你在一起了,你酗酒让我烦透了。Michael:I swear never to drink again. Just give me another chance, please!我发誓我再也不喝酒了,求你再给我一次机会吧。Jenny:How many chances have I given you? I’ve given up on you!我已经给了你很多次机会了,我放弃了。Michael:You know how hard I’ve tried to quit. I’d be lost without you. I’ll not let you go。我知道我有很努力的戒酒的,没有你我可不知道怎么好了,我不会让你走的。Jenny:It’s not just for your drinking, but your lacking of sense of responsibility。不仅仅是因为你酗酒,还有你缺乏责任感。Michael:I have to make money to support the family, so I have little time left to share with you。我必须得赚钱养家,所以几乎没时间和你呆在一起了。Jenny:Even if I was seriously ill, you couldn’t spare a moment。哪怕是我病得很严重,你也没有抽点时间陪我。Michael:I’ve told you I happened to be on a more important meeting at that time。我跟你说过了,那次是正好有很重要的会要开。Jenny:I just don’t trust you any more。我再也不相信你了。重点句子:我受够了。I’ve had it。你故意伤我的心。You broke my heart on purpose。你用情不专,一直在外面胡来。You’ve been fooling around。我不想听!I don’t want to hear it!你一定是有意失约的。You must stand me up on purpose。我真后悔认识了你。I regret meeting you。你就是一个粗鲁的泼妇!You’re nothing but a vulgar shrew!我快要气疯了。I’m almost driven mad。你疯了吗?Are you insane?你真让我恶心!You make me sick! /201502/358454淮安治包皮过长哪家医院比较好 Joel: So, Mitchell, you talked about surfing. You surf of course. Do you have any good surf stories?乔尔:米切尔,你之前谈到了冲浪。当然你会冲浪。你有没有有趣的冲浪经历?Mitchell: Well, one day I was surfing and my friend said, ;Oh, I see a shark; so Im just like, ;Right, you didnt see no shark; so you know we keep on surfing and next thing you know, were surfing some more and it was like, ;Ah, Mitch. I promise I saw a shark. I saw a shark;. I was like, ;Man, youre lying. Just shut up; you know cause my friends tend to joke a lot when theyre surfing you know, cause we like to enjoy. So were surfing and the next thing you know, we hear this siren coming, and like 200 yards away, we see this girl like getting out of the water like franticly. Its like, next thing you know, since we go out, we see an ambulance, something happened, like commotion, and everyones going ;Oh, this girl got bitten by a shark.;米切尔:有一天我正在冲浪时,我朋友突然说:“哦,我看到鲨鱼了”,可当时我说:“你没有看到鲨鱼”,所以我们又继续冲浪了,一段时间之后,我朋友说:“米切尔。我确定我真的看到了一只鲨鱼了。我看到鲨鱼了。”可是我还是不信:“嘿,你在说谎。闭嘴吧”,因为我朋友们经常在冲浪的时候开玩笑,我们喜欢这样。所以我们继续冲浪,然后我们听到了警报声,就在离我们200码远的地方,一个女孩慌乱地从水里出来。我们上岸后看到了一辆救护车,肯定是发生什么事了,那里有一阵骚动,我们听到大家在说:“这个女孩被鲨鱼咬伤了”。Joel: She actually got bitten by a shark.乔尔:她真的被鲨鱼咬伤了吗?Mitchell: She actually got bitten.米切尔:对,她的确被咬伤了。Joel: Oh, my god.乔尔:哦,天哪。Mitchell: Well, not bad but like bit her toes or something. Its a reef shark. Theyre not very big but they tend to swim close to shore and in the rocks, cause like, a lot of people, they, we surf by the reef because the waves break nicely but it is also dangerous because you have the chance of hitting you head on the reef and getting scrapes and cuts.米切尔:情况不太糟,她被咬伤的地方好像是脚趾。咬伤她的是一只礁石鲨,这种鲨鱼个头不太大,一般在海岸附近和岩石间活动,有很多人会在礁石附近冲浪,因为那里很容易破浪,不过那里同样非常危险,因为你的头有可能会撞到礁石,或者会被擦伤。Joel: What other kinds of wildlife do you see in the ocean? I surfed in California and they have like, Pelicans and sometimes dolphins.乔尔:你在海里还见过什么野生生物?我曾在加利福尼亚冲过浪,那里有鹈鹕,有时还能看到海豚。Mitchell: Yeah, we see dolphins, we see manta rays, We see a lot of turtles.米切尔:嗯,我们也看到过海豚,我们还看到过蝠鲼和很多乌龟。Joel: Turtles, like the green sea turtles.乔尔:乌龟,是绿海龟吗?Mitchell: Green sea turtles. Like back in the days, it was legal to eat turtles,米切尔:是绿海龟。以前吃乌龟是合法的……Joel: So, the what?乔尔:什么?Mitchell: It was legal to eat turtles.米切尔:以前吃乌龟是合法的。Joel: Oh, legal to eat turtles.乔尔:哦,吃乌龟曾经是合法的。Mitchell: So people made like turtle soup, cause the meats like real tender, juicy, white, but they kind of got like extinct so they made a law saying that you cant eat turtles so now, right now, you can see a lot of turtles when youre surfing or in general in youre in Waikiki beach, some of those famous beach, you can see a lot of turtles.米切尔:人们以前会做乌龟汤,乌龟肉是白色的,而且鲜嫩多汁,不过乌龟已经濒临灭绝,所以他们制订了一项法律禁止食用乌龟,所以现在你在冲浪时能看到很多乌龟,一般来说,在威基基海滩等一些著名的海滩能看到很多乌龟。Joel: By the way, what kind of board do you surf on, a long board or.乔尔:顺便问一下,你冲浪时用的是哪种冲浪板?是长板还是其他的?Mitchell: A long board or short board, or tankers, like it matters how the wave is, where in, what part of the beach Im at. I usually surf, like 7-foot boards. Short boards or long boards.米切尔:长板、短板还有小长板都会用,这要取决于海浪的种类还有我在海滩的哪个地方。一般我会用7英尺长的冲浪板,短板或长板。Joel: So you check the weather forecast before you go?乔尔:你冲浪前会查天气预报吗?Mitchell: yeah, call the surf hotline, the surf hotline saying, wheres good, how strong the trade winds are, how deep the buoys are.米切尔:会,我会打冲浪热线,冲浪热线会告诉你哪里适合冲浪、信风的强度和浮标的深度。Joel: I see. Oh, you make me want to go surfing. Lets stop.乔尔:我明白了。你说的我都想去冲浪了。我们就聊到这里吧。 译文属 /201505/372798淮安中山妇科医院宫颈糜烂多少钱

金湖县人流手术多少钱Warren: Hey, Antoinette, why dont you tell me about growing up in New York?沃伦:嘿,安托万内特,和我谈谈你在纽约的成长经历吧。Antoinette: New York. Warren, why do you want to know about that? Well, growing up in New York was lots of fun. I loved growing up in New York. I couldnt imagine growing up anywhere else.安托万内特:纽约。沃伦,你为什么想知道这个呢?在纽约成长很有趣。我喜欢在纽约长大。我无法想象在其他地方成长会怎样。Warren: Really?沃伦:真的吗?Antoinette: Yeah, really. The fun things I did – well, lots of movies to go see but I guess you can see movies anywhere in the US. Anywhere in the world for that matter. I enjoyed being able to go to Lincoln Center for concerts or Carnegie Hall and even play in Carnegie Hall. So I did play in Carnegie Hall.安托万内特:对,真的。我做了很多有趣的事情,我去电影院看了很多电影,不过我想美国任何地方都可以看电影。就这点而言,世界任何地方都可以办到。我喜欢去林肯中心和卡内基音乐厅看演出,我甚至还在卡内基音乐厅表演过。我真的在卡内基音乐厅表演过。Warren: Wow. Well, thats exciting.沃伦:哇哦。那真人兴奋。Antoinette: Have you ever been to New York?安托万内特:你去过纽约吗?Warren: I have.沃伦:去过。Antoinette: You have.安托万内特:你去过。Warren: Yeah. Ive been there twice.沃伦:对,我去过纽约两次。Antoinette: Okay. What did you do when you were there?安托万内特:好。你去纽约哪些地方游玩了?Warren: The first time, I was with my mother. I was 12 years old. And we went to Central Park and we saw some museums around Central Park.沃伦:我第一次去纽约是和我妈妈一起去的。当时我12岁。我们去了纽约中央公园,我看到纽约中央公园周边有一些物馆。Antoinette: You didnt go into the museums?安托万内特:你没进物馆吗?Warren: Yes, we did go into the museums.沃伦:进了,我们去物馆参观了。Antoinette: Oh, okay. Yeah. Thats my park, Central Park. How did you find my park? Did you like my park?安托万内特:哦,好。纽约中央公园是我的公园。你是怎么发现我的公园的?你喜欢我的公园吗?Warren: It was great. I was surprised how big it was.沃伦:那里非常棒。那里的规模让我非常吃惊。Antoinette: It is a big park. Thats what I like about it. You can get lost in the park and almost forget that youre in a city.安托万内特:那的确是一座大公园。所以我非常喜欢它。在纽约中央公园可能会迷路,几乎会忘掉自己身处城市之中。Warren: Yeah. Thats what I found really neat about it is sometimes I felt like I was in the countryside. But then I would see large buildings.沃伦:是的。我发现那里非常整洁,有时我感觉我好像在乡村。不过我能看到大型建筑。Antoinette: Yes. Yeah, I enjoy that, too. Did you know that you could ride horses in the park?安托万内特:对,没错。我也很喜欢这点。你知道可以在纽约中央公园骑马吗?Warren: No, I didnt.沃伦:我不知道。Antoinette: Did you know about the skating rink in the park?安托万内特:你知道纽约中央公园里有滑冰场吗?Warren: Yes. Ive seen the skating rink on TV.沃伦:我知道,我在电视上看到过那个滑冰场。Antoinette: Okay. What time of year did you go? What season was it?安托万内特:好。你是什么时候去的?什么季节?Warren: Ive been there in the summer and in fall but not winter.沃伦:我在夏天和秋天去过纽约中央公园,不过没在冬天去过。Antoinette: Its beautiful in any season, I think. I love Central Park.安托万内特:无论什么季节,那里都很漂亮。我爱纽约中央公园。Warren: Yeah, me too. It was very – it was a memorable experience.沃伦:我也是。那真的是一次令人难忘的经历。Antoinette: Im glad to hear that. What other places did you go to?安托万内特:我很高兴听到你这么说。你还去哪些地方游玩了?Warren: Well, when I was older, I went with my friend and we went on top of the Empire State Building.沃伦:我长大以后,又和朋友去了纽约,我们登上了帝国大厦顶楼。Antoinette: Okay. Im not sure if they allow you to go up there now.安托万内特:好。我不确定现在还让不让上到顶楼了。Warren: That was around 2004 that we went.沃伦:我们是2004年去的。Antoinette: Okay. Were you able to look over the edge?安托万内特:好。你能从顶楼往下看吗?Warren: I dont know if I was looking over the edge. I think its inside but youre at the top.沃伦:我不确定我有没有往下看。我记得当时我们在里面,不过那的确是顶层。Antoinette: Okay. So yeah, things have changed a bit since I was a little girl.安托万内特:好。我小的时候去过,看来那里变了。Warren: Did it use to be outside that you could go?沃伦:之前是能到外面去吗?Antoinette: You could go outside. There were these binoculars or I dont know what theyre called but you put a little change in and you could see the city.安托万内特:可以去外面。外面有双筒望远镜,我不确定是不是这样叫,放些零钱进去,你就可以欣赏纽约的景色。Warren: Yeah. They had those as well. Yeah.沃伦:嗯。我也看到了那些望远镜。Antoinette: Okay.安托万内特:好。Warren: Yeah. We could see Central Park and you could even see the Statue of Liberty from there.沃伦:嗯。用望远镜可以看到纽约中央公园,甚至还能看到自由女神像。Antoinette: Oh well, Ive been there.安托万内特:嗯,我去过那里。Warren: Yeah. Actually, I never got to go. Both times I went to New York, we wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty but we didnt have enough time.沃伦:嗯,实际上,两次我都没能去自由女神像。我去了纽约两次,每次我们都想去看看自由女神像,可是我们的时间不够。Antoinette: Oh well, you should plan another trip.安托万内特:哦,你应该再去一次纽约。Warren: Id like to, yeah. Sounds great.沃伦:我很想去。听起来太棒了。 译文属 /201706/513959淮安三院月经不调多少钱 外教带你学地道口语 第58期:能不能借我一些钱? 缺钱吗?那么只好从别人借点。在英语中“借钱”的说法挺多比方说:Spot me! 看看今天的视频就能学更多。本期关键词:To spot someoneSorry about this but …You know Im good for it文化点:在西方借用 /201510/402591淮安妇保院妇科

淮安中医院男科挂号小咖实用英语口语 第57期:埃拉ebola /201506/360531 play soccer玩足球play football玩橄榄球play basketball打篮球play volleyball打排球play golf打高尔夫球play tennis打网球play ping-gong打乒乓球play rugby玩西洋双陆棋play backgammon玩英式橄榄球play mahjong打牌play chess下棋do a workout做一个锻炼do exercise做运动do athletics做运动do aerobics做健美操do yoga做瑜伽do tai chi做太极do martial arts做武术do 25 laps跑25圈go climbing去登山go jogging去慢跑go swimming去游泳go running去跑步go hiking去远足go sailing航海go diving去潜水go skiing去滑雪 /201606/444530盱眙县妇幼保健院挂号淮安市妇幼保健院网上预约



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