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济南456医院急诊电话济南长清区治疗妇科一般价格多少Astrophysics天体物理Dust to dust尘归尘,土归土A dramatic recent “discovery” in physics is looking rather dodgy近期,物理学中的一项戏剧性发现看上出非常模糊IN MARCH Chao-Lin Kuo, an astrophysicist at Stanford University, filmed himself knocking on the door of his colleague Andrei Linde. In the 1980s Dr Linde was one of several cosmologists who developed the theory of cosmic inflation, which holds that, in the first instants of its existence, the universe underwent a brief period of faster-than-light expansion.三月,斯坦福大学天体物理学家郭兆林拍下了自己造访同事Andrei Linde的一幕。上世纪80年代,Linden士是少有的几位发展了宇宙膨胀论的宇宙学家。宇宙膨胀论认为,在其出现的那一瞬间,宇宙经历了一段超光速膨胀。Because inflation neatly cleaves several knotty problems in cosmology, many astrophysicists (though not all) subscribe to the theory. But direct, unambiguous evidence for it has been lacking. That was why Dr Kuo was visiting Dr Linde—to tell him that, thanks to the work of a telescope in Antarctica called BICEP-2, such evidence had now been found. After digesting the news, an emotional Dr Linde broke open a bottle of champagne to celebrate. The has been viewed almost 3m times.因为膨胀论能完整解释宇宙学中的一些难题,许多天体物理学家都倾向于该理论。但是膨胀论仍缺乏直接、清晰的据。这正是郭士拜访Linde士的原因—在南极洲的BICEP-2天文望远镜发现了这种据。收到消息后,Linde士开了一瓶香槟来庆祝。这段视频已经被浏览了将近300万次。It now seems that Dr Kuo might have to make a new , informing Dr Linde that he has wasted a bottle of bubbly. A paper just released by the team behind Planck, a European space telescope, casts serious doubt on the BICEP-2 result. What looked like a clear window back into the earliest moments of the universe might simply have been a faint glow from the diaphanous clouds of dust that exist between the stars.现在好像郭士不得不再做一个视频,告诉Linde士他浪费了一瓶香槟。新近有文献报道称,欧洲的普朗克天文望远镜拍到了对BICEP研究构成重大质疑的结果。回溯到宇宙最初时间,看上去似乎是清晰的窗户的图像可能仅仅是恒星间的透明灰云折射的淡淡光芒。The BICEP-2 team, led by John Kovac of Harvard University, had been studying the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB)—a weak bath of radiation, left over from the Big Bang, that suffuses the universe. They were looking for evidence of primordial gravitational waves. These are ripples in the fabric of space, created, if the theory of inflation is correct, as the early universe was undergoing its post-creation growth spurt.由哈佛大学John Kovac领导的BICEP-2小组长期研究宇宙微波背景辐射,即一种由大爆炸产生的微弱辐射,弥漫在宇宙中。他们在找寻原始引力波的据。如果膨胀论是正确的的话,那么这种由宇宙在初创后迸发过程中产生的波会存在于空间架构中。A dusty trail布满尘埃的小径Such waves should have left a distinctive, polarised mark imprinted upon the CMB. And, in a press conference on March 17th, that is exactly what the BICEP-2 team claimed to have found. It was the biggest news in physics since the discovery, in 2012, of the Higgs boson, and it was widely covered (including in The Economist). Not only would the BICEP result have confirmed the theory of inflation, but studying the gravitational waves it purported to have found would have given cosmologists a way to look back to the very earliest moments of the universe.这种波应该在宇宙微波辐射背景上留下了一个独特的、极化的记号。并且,在3月17日的新闻发布会上,BICEP-2小组宣布发现的,正是这个记号。这是从2012年希格斯玻色子发现以来,物理学界最大的新闻,并广为传播(包括《经济学人》)。BICEP的结果不仅确认了膨胀论这么简单,研究他们宣称所发现的引力波,将为宇宙学家提供一条回溯宇宙最开始的时刻的方法。But gravitational waves are not the only things that BICEP-2 might have picked up. The Milky Way is filled with thin clouds of interstellar dust which, under the influence of the galaxys magnetic field, scatter and polarise starlight. The BICEP team were confident that the contamination from the dust was small enough not to affect their detection of gravitational waves. But the behaviour of the dust is poorly understood, says Chris Lintott, an astronomer at Oxford University, and not everyone was convinced.但是引力波并不是BICEP-2发现的唯一一件事情。中遍布的星级尘埃,在星系磁场的作用下,散射或极化星光。BICEP小组相信,灰尘的污染非常小,不足以影响其对引力波的测定。但是牛津大学的天文学家Chris Lintott称,对灰尘行迹我们理解不足,而且无法令所有人信。The Planck results suggest that they were right to be sceptical. The European telescope has just unveiled a map of dust density across the entire sky. It suggests that, contrary to the BICEP teams hopes, the signal from the dust is so strong that the telescope might well have seen no primordial gravity waves at all.Planck小组的结果说明,怀疑论者是正确的。欧洲天文望远镜最近提出了一份整个天空中的灰尘的密度分布图。分布图显示,同BICEP小组的假定相反,灰尘发出的信号很强,天文望远镜甚至无法检测到任何的原始引力波。That, at least, is the most likely interpretation, but it is not the only one. The Planck team are careful to stop short of saying that their results are fatal to BICEPs claims, pointing out that applying their data to the BICEP results involves considerable “statistical and systematic uncertainties”. There are, in other words, a couple of glimmers of hope that signs of inflation have actually been seen. One is that the precise behaviour of the dust is still mysterious, which means the mathematical transformations used to apply Plancks data to BICEPs results may turn out to be incorrect. And even if those maths are sound, statistics may ride to the rescue—for if the amount of radiation from the dust is at the lowest end of Plancks estimates, a small gravitational-wave signal may survive.至少这是最有可能的解释。但却不是唯一的。普朗克小组谨慎地不曾宣称他们的结果对BICEP小组的声明有颠覆效果,而是指出,将他们所获得的数据应用于BICEP的结论中会产生可观的“统计学和系统上的不确定性”。换句话说,有些闪烁有望作为膨胀论确实存在的据。一方面,灰尘行迹的精确表述依然是个谜,也就是说,将普朗克小组的数据转换为BICEP结果的数学过程可能是错误的。而且即使这些数学转换可靠,数据也可能出现问题。因为如果灰尘的辐射数量处在普朗克小组估计的最低端,可能会有一点点引力波信号留存。Rowing back on a triumphant announcement about the first instants of creation may be a little embarrassing, but the saga is a useful reminder of how science works. There is no suggestion that anyone has behaved dishonourably. Admittedly, the BICEP teams original press conference looks, with hindsight, seriously overconfident. More information-sharing between the various gravitational wave-hunters, all of whom guard their data jealously, might have helped tone down the triumphalism. But science, ideally, proceeds by exactly this sort of good-faith argument and honourable squabbling—until the weight of evidence forces one side to admit defeat.收回早期的胜利宣言可能有点尴尬,但是这个冒险非常恰当地提醒了我们,科学工作者的工作方式。没人会觉得谁的表现有愧其身份。固然,BICEP小组最初的新闻发布会,事后来看,过度自信了。在各种引力波守望者当中共享贡多信息可能有助于缓和这种胜利主义,可惜他们都视自己的数据如命根子。但是,想象中的科学,正是通过这种善意的争论和尊重彼此的吵闹,直到据的分量迫使一方承认失败。That could happen soon: the Planck and BICEP teams have pooled their data and are working on a joint paper, expected to be published in the next few months. Information from other gravity-wave hunting experiments—including some run by the BICEP team themselves—will shed extra light, too. It is not yet impossible that Dr Kovac and his colleagues will be proved right after all. But at this point it would take a brave cosmologist to bet on it.这一幕可能很快上演:普朗克小组和BICEP小组已将各自的数据凑到一起,并联合撰写论文,预计将于接下来的几个月中发表。通过其他引力波探测实验,包括BICEP小组自己的,将会摆脱多余的光。可能最终Kovac士及其同事无法自圆其说。但在这一时刻,需要勇敢的天文学家站出来孤注一掷。From the print edition: Science and technology原文出自《经济学人》 翻译:赵兴昊 译文属译生译世 /201501/351798商河县妇幼保健院检查白带多少钱 Usually a green, sour fruit is just a fruit thats not ripe yet.通常绿绿色,酸酸的水果只是表明水果还不成熟。If you left a lime on the tree longer would it eventually change color and become sweet, like an orange?如果你长时间不摘取树上的酸橙,它最终会改变颜色,变得甜甜的,就像桔子那样吗?Actually, limes do become much more yellow and less sour as they ripen.事实上, 酸橙会变得更黄,而且成熟后不会那样酸。Under ripe limes are darker green and quite bitter.熟透的酸橙颜色呈现黑绿,尝起来更为苦涩。There are other clues to their ripeness too.还有其他线索表明这些水果的成熟。Ripe limes are heavy with juice and more aromatic, with a fragrant “limey” smell.成熟的酸橙因为汁水会有些沉甸甸,闻起来更芳香,带有“酸橙”香味的味道。Most fruits we eat use similar cues to advertise ripeness.我们吃的大多数水果都是依靠类似的标志表明成熟度。Why would plants want parts of them to be eaten?为什么植物们希望自己的果实被进食?Fruiting plants have evolved a partnership with certain animals in order to increase the success of their seeds.水果植物因为某些动物成功增加播撒的种子已经得以进化。Tasty fruit pulp is the reward plants offer to animals in exchange for dispersing their seeds.美味的果肉是植物提供动物们以换取播撒自身种子的奖励。201501/356420济南阳光人流医院

济南处女膜修复大概要多少钱In a survey that will be published on Thursday, almost two-thirds of Americans would support roadway user fees to help fix the countrys deteriorating transportation infrastructure. 在周四将公布的一项调查中,近三分之二的美国人持对道路使用者收费,以帮助解决美国日益恶化的交通基础设施。Over 1,000 Americans over 18 years old were surveyed between March 14 and 22. The survey was conducted by transportation consulting firm Kelton Global. 3月14日至22日间,对超过1,000名18岁以上者进行调查。调查由交通咨询公司Kelton Global执行。Many feel that the countrys roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure is in desperate need of repair. 许多人认为国家的道路、桥梁和其他交通基础设施急需修复。Last year the U.S. Government Accountability Office said that it would cost ;hundreds of billions of dollars to upgrade and repair the nations transportation infrastructure.去年,美国政府问责局表示,将花费“数千亿美元”来升级和修复国家的交通基础设施。译文属。201604/440385平阴县中心医院属几甲 Finance and Economics财经商业Private equity and the Arab spring私募股权和阿拉伯之春Tentative steps投石问路Investor interest in the Middle East and north Africa remains cautious投资者对中东、北非的兴趣依旧谨慎THE hot money may rush in and out—Egypt’s Case 30 index has posted a 29.3% gain so far this year, for example, after shedding 49.3% in 2011. But a more meaningful gauge of investors’ perceptions of the Middle East and north Africa is the flow of longer-term money.依埃及的情况,中东-北非可能有热钱忽进忽出。例如,埃及目前公布的30项指标在2011年下跌49.3%,今年涨幅为29.3%。而投资者则根据长期资金的流动这一更有意义的指标来感知中东和北非。The private-equity industry is still a long way off its pre-crisis peaks. The high point was 2007, with .1 billion of deals (these figures exclude Turkey, a hot destination which counts as European in the industry data, and Israel, an entrepreneurial ecosystem all of its own). Many of the regional funds that operated back then have closed, and only the most intrepid investors, most of them local, remain active. The average deal size has dropped from 2m in 2007 to m last year.中东-北非的私募股权业若想重归危机以前的峰值,仍有漫漫长路要走。2007年,私募股权业凭41亿美元的交易攀至业界巅峰,土耳其和以色列则不在计算之列,前者虽为投资热点,但业内数据将其视为为欧洲国家,后者则有自己独特的企事业生态系统。彼时运转的大多数区域基金,现今都已结束营业,唯有最具胆识的投资者活跃至今,其中多为本地人。平均交易规模已从2007年的1.72亿美元,跌落至去年的3000万美元。If the glory days are very much in the past, the numbers suggest that investors are slowly regaining their appetite after the initial shock of the Arab spring. Deals worth 5m have been done so far this year, according to Dealogic. That aly outstrips the 2011 tally of 7m.如果说,辉煌荣耀已属于昨天,那上图的数据显示,在经历过阿拉伯之春带来的最初的震撼后,投资者们已慢慢重拾对私募股权业的偏好。Dealogic的数据显示,今年以来的交易总值已达4.75亿美元,早已超过2011年2.37亿美元的记录。Egypt, whose 85m-strong population helped make it the most popular destination for private-equity investments in the region between 2003 and 2008, has suffered from both the financial crisis and the revolution last year. But the prospect of lasting change in the aftermath of Egypt’s presidential election excites many. “Egypt is not very different from Turkey before Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Brazil before Lula da Silva,” says Ahmed Heikal, who heads Citadel Capital, a fund in Cairo. “If there is some stability, we will witness significant growth.”在2003年至2008年期间,埃及依靠着自己8500万的庞大人口,一度成为北非-中东一带最热门的私募股权投资地。但如今,却深受金融危机和去年革命的双重冲击。然而,埃及总统大选的余波预示着持久的改变,如此前景让许多人心潮澎湃。开罗基金公司Citadel Capital总裁Ahmed Heikal说,“现今的埃及,同雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安执政前的土耳其,和卢拉·达·席尔瓦上台前的巴西有很多相似处。如果埃及能稳定些,我们将见埃及的强劲增长。”Turbulence today also gives brave investors useful negotiating leverage. “We see Egypt as more favourable than before the revolution because the competition has backed off,” says Romen Mathieu of EuroMena II, a Beirut-based 0m fund that has just invested in a chain of eye clinics in Egypt. Mr Mathieu reckons that it is easier to win concessions about the level of control funds have over portfolio firms.当下动荡的市场也成为大胆的投资者手中有用的谈判筹码。EuroMena II是一家设在贝鲁特的一亿美元基金,该基金刚在埃及投资了多家眼科门诊。EuroMena II的Romen Mathieu说,“革命将埃及的竞争一扫而光,所以革命后的埃及对我们更有利”。 Mathieu先生预计,基金在对投资组合公司的控制等级上将更容易赢得让步。Saudi Arabia is the only other country in the region with comparable heft to Egypt. Algeria has huge potential but the regulations change too often for it to appeal. Other countries are small or, like Syria, off-limits for obvious reasons. So funds often look for portfolio firms with regional potential. “The Arab world is only 350m people so we go for businesses that can capitalise on this by being regional or expect to expand regionally,” says Mustafa Abdel-Wadood of Abraaj Capital, a .5 billion emerging-markets firm based in Dubai. That requires expertise many funds lack. “Most funds realise they need operational managers who know how to grow a business in the region,” says one local analyst. “But they can be hard to find.”沙特阿拉伯是中东-北非地区唯一与埃及实力相当的国家。阿尔及利亚虽潜力巨大,怎奈频繁变动的监管机构令其吸引力大打折扣。其他国家或为小国,或如叙利亚,受限制原因显而易见。于是,基金常常寻找具有区域潜能的投资组合公司。新兴市场公司Abraaj Capital总资产75亿美元,总部设在迪拜,公司的Mustafa Abdel-Wadood说,“阿拉伯世界仅有3.5亿人口,所以我们投资的是能够利用这一特点具备地域性,或有望在区域内扩张的企业。” 这所要求的专业知识也恰是大多数基金所缺少的。当地某分析师称,“大多数基金意识到,他们需要熟知如何在这一地区发展生意的运营经理。但这样的人才寥寥无几。”None of which makes an immediate uptick in Western funds’ activity seem likely. The potential for further political upheaval remains great, and there are many obstacles to private equity’s growth. Most businesses are family-owned and it can easily take a year to earn the trust needed to complete a deal, says Mr Mathieu. There are barriers to taking controlling stakes in portfolio companies, particularly in Saudi Arabia. Exit opportunities are not obvious. An investing revolution to follow the political one will take time.要想凭借以上几点立刻提高西方基金的活跃度的可能性不高。中东北非地区继续发生政治动荡的几率巨大,私募股权的成长之途障碍重重。Mathieu先生说,阿拉伯世界绝大多数企业都为家族企业,如果交易需要,他们可以轻松用一年时间来赢得基金的信任。而若想在投资组合公司中获得控股权,也要面临层层阻碍,尤其是在沙特阿拉伯的公司。抽身机会并不明显。如此看来,若想紧跟政治革命发动投资革命,还需要些时日。 翻译:王葭苇译文属译生译世 /201606/451547聊城中医院有微创手术吗

肥城市中医医院门诊部电话Southwest airlines in the news.Southwest airlines has widened its seats by almost one inch.西南航空上新闻了 西南航空将座位加宽了近1英寸I dont think thats going to help because during the announcement,Americans widened their asses by over 10 inches.但我觉得这没什么用 因为在消息宣布期间 美国人的屁股加宽了近10英寸This all happens in one second.It just pops out.Thats the sound it makes when your ass explodes.Katai!Thats right,write it down.1秒钟的事 一下就大了 那就是你屁股爆炸的声音 卡擦 没错 相信我A Wisconsin woman recently got a high school diploma at the age of 103 and says she is now considering going to college.一名威斯康辛州女子最近拿到了高中毕业 她已经103岁高龄了 并称在考虑上大学Friends are recommending a two-year college.朋友们建议她上两年制的学校A new report just came out.I cant make this stuff up.一项新报告刚刚出炉 这都不是编的A new report shows that the typical tourist in Las Vegas,according to statistics,一项新报告显示 的普通游客 这是统计学数据a typical tourist in Las Vegas is a 45-year-old married person from California.的普通游客是45岁的加州已婚人士That explains the new motto what happens in Vegas probably also happens in Fresno.怪不得他们的新座右铭 是维加斯发生的事 大概也会在佛雷斯诺上演Theres a woman over here,but also the 45 year old married guy.A women just went,that sounds right.那边有个女人 45岁已婚人士 那女人说 是啊 差不多I can hear you.That sounds right.That sounds right.You can continue now,conan.You have my permission.我听得到哦 是啊 差不多 差不多 继续吧 柯南 恩准你了201610/474107 济南治疗不孕不育的医院济南妇保医院网上挂号



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