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山东千佛山医院地图山东省妇产医院收费好不好In fact, in the time of the long-neck Argentinosaurus, scientists could find no trace of any large meat-eaters stalking the continent.事实上,在阿根廷龙的时代,科学家们尚未发现大型食肉恐龙在这块大陆上的遗迹But all that was about to change.但这一切即将改变A few years after the discovery of Argentinosaurus,在发现阿根廷龙几年之后Rodolfo and his team started exploring a new fossil location near Plaza Huincul.Rodolfo和他的团队开始堪察普拉萨乌因库尔附近的另一个化石场Little did they realize what a fearsome creature they would uncover.不久他们便意识到他们挖掘的是一只多么可怕的动物Buried for 95 million years, a new monster began to emerge from its rocky grave.它埋在9500万年前的地层中,一只新的怪物即将爬出它的岩石墓穴When they put the bones together, they found they had uncovered their second record breaking dinosaur.他们把骨头拼在一起后,发现这是他们找到的第二只创纪录的恐龙This was a truly astonishing find.这是一个极其惊人的发现They found another giant, but this wasnt a long-necked plant-eater.他们又找到了另一只大家伙,但它并不是植食蜥脚类恐龙It was the skeleton of the biggest meat-eating dinosaur that ever lived.这副骨骼属于有史以来最大的食肉恐龙It was a completely new species of animal, unrelated to the tyrannosaurs.这是一种新的动物,与霸王龙没有任何关系And it was huge, the first giant carnivore ever discovered in South America.它巨大无比,是南美洲发现的第一种大型食肉动物They called it Giganotosaurus.他们把它命名为“南方巨兽龙”201611/479702济南哪家孕前体检 【视频讲解】Then worries about Uber’s culture mounted. A former employee wrote a blog post on how Uber’s human-resources department failed to act on her sexual-harassment complaint. Next, an Uber driver filmed Mr Kalanick arguing with him about fare cuts and uploaded the material, including the boss lamenting that “some people don’t like to take responsibility for their own shit”. The latest embarrassment was the revelation that Uber had secretly designed and used a software feature, called Greyball, to evade city officials attempting sting operations to catch Uber drivers violating local regulations.随后,针对优步企业文化的忧虑升温。一名前员工发表文称,优步人力资源部门对她遭性骚扰的投诉坐视不理。接着又有一名优步司机把自己与卡兰尼克就车费下调问题的争吵拍摄下来并上传到网上,卡兰尼克在其中哀叹“有些人就是不愿意为自己的屁事负责”。最新曝光的丑闻则是优步秘密设计并使用一款名为“灰球”(Greyball)的软件来逃避政府监管人员的执法钓鱼行动,使违反当地法规的优步司机得以逃脱。mount v.上升 (increase), 爬上(to climb up onto)- The troubles have continued to mount.- The cowboy mounted his horse.sexual-harassment complaint 性骚扰投诉lament v.叹息 (to express sorrow, regret, or unhappiness about something)embarrassment n.尴尬evade v.逃避 (to avoid)- The criminals have so far managed to evade the police.sting n.圈套 (a clever plan to deceive someone in order to catch criminals)Two questions face the company. One is whether Uber will continue prospering under Mr Kalanick’s leadership. Silicon Valley and its denizens may celebrate his type, but his public words and actions have made people close to the firm squirm. Bill Gurley, a venture capitalist and early Uber backer who sits on the board, is helping direct a search for a chief operating officer to keep Mr Kalanick in check and bring experience and discipline to the firm. It is certainly hard to keep on top of the firm’s growth: last year, its headcount doubled.该公司面临两个问题。一是优步在卡兰尼克的领导下能否继续繁荣发展。硅谷及其科技精英们也许对卡兰尼克这类人赞赏有加,但他的公开言论及行为却令与优步有切身利益的人困窘难当。风险投资家、同时也是优步早期的投资人兼董事会成员的比尔#8226;格利(Bill Gurley)正协助物色一名首席运营官来制衡卡兰尼克,并希望藉此将经验和规矩引入该公司。公司增长迅速,管理难度必然大增:去年,其员工数量翻了一番。prosper v.蓬勃发展 (to become very successful usually by making a lot of money)denizen n.居民 (a person/animal/plant that lives in a particular region)- The polar bear is an iconic denizen of the snowy Arctic.squirm n.不安 (show or feel embarrassment or shame)keep ... in check 约束discipline n.规矩headcount n.员工数量If Mr Gurley and the rest of the board cannot find an experienced candidate willing to work with Mr Kalanick, calls for him to step down may grow louder. But that is his decision to take. Uber is a prominent example of founders’ power at fast-growing tech firms. On its own, Uber’s board does not have the clout to change the CEO, because of his super-voting shares and those of his co-founder, Garrett Camp: together they control a majority of the voting stock.假如格利及董事会其他成员找不到愿意与卡兰尼克共事的资深人选,要求卡兰尼克下台的呼声可能会高涨。但这个决定却是要由他本人来做出。在创始人掌控高速增长的科技公司方面,优步是个突出例子。优步的董事会单凭自身力量是无权更换CEO的,因为他和另一创始人格瑞特#8226;坎普(Garrett Camp)都拥有超级投票权股份:两人控制了大部分的投票权股份。prominent adj.突出的clout n.影响力 (the power to influence)The second question concerns Uber’s longer-term business prospects. One of the firm’s early-stage investors says that recent events have been a series of “body blows”, but he worries that there could be a “knockout blow” that would permanently damage Uber’s momentum. So far, he says, it looks as if Uber is merely bruised.第二个问题事关优步的长期业务前景。该公司的一位早期投资者表示,最近的事件是一连串的“沉重打击”,而他担心优步可能会遭到“致命一击”,令发展势头受到永久性伤害。他说,目前为止,优步看起来还只是受了点皮外伤。concern v.关于(be about),使担心- The book concerns 3 soldiers.- Her health concerns me.prospect n.前景 (the possibility that something will happen in the future)blow n.打击knockout n.打晕momentum n.势头bruise v.擦伤- bruise n.淤青201705/510408济南省中医药大学第一医院地图

济南做早孕检查要多少钱要多久Calleigh, that outfit, let me guess—karate.卡莉,你这身打扮让我猜一下,空手道。Its not karate. What I just saw...Its kung fu. Oh, Im sorry, okay. Kung fu.不是空手道。那我看见的是...是功夫。哦,抱歉,是功夫。Okay. Whats...好的,什么...Either shes really interested or Im boring aly.我想她是感兴趣我,亦或是我非常无聊。Whats...whats the difference between karate and kung fu?空手道和功夫之间有什么不同?Karate is when you use your feet.空手道用脚。Kung fu is when you use your hands and your feet. Really?功夫用脚也用手。真的吗?I have a question for you.我有一个问题问你?Yes? Why you dont have any hair?说吧?你怎么没头发?Cause Im a taekwondo master,因为我是跆拳道大师,and when you graduate with a fifth-degree black belt, they shave your head as part.黑带五段时,他们把我的头发剪成了这样,当作...And also, I have another question.我还有另外一个问题。Youve got another question.你还有问题。Why you have a beard?你为什么有胡须?Well, see, thats really a mustache.其实这是胡子。Are you interviewing me? Yes. Yes.你是在采访我吗?是的。是的。Why are you staring at me?你为什么盯着我看?This is actually called paying attention.这个叫做集中注意力。Cause youre so, youre so pretty.因为你太美了。Does your sisters and brothers have mustaches like you? Do my sisters and brothers have mustaches?你的兄弟有你这样的胡子吗?我的兄弟有胡子吗?Well, none of my sisters do.我的们是没有的。And if I said they did, I could never go back to Cleveland again.如果我说她们有,克里夫兰我可就回不去了。Show me some moves.给我们展示一下你的招式。Where is the staff at? You have a staff? Yes. There.你的武器呢?你有武器吧?有,在这里。Okay, hold tight, hold tight there. Hold tight.抓紧它,抓紧了。Too close, too close. Okay, hold it, hold it. Turn around this way.太近了,太近了,拿住它,拿住。面向观众。We gonna do the moves. Show the people.你将向他们展示。Yeah. Are you supposed to...Get all this out the way. Thats good.非常好,你应该...把这个拿那边去,不错。Are you, are you supposed to, like, hyah! Dui! Sho! Shwe! Too close, too close.你是不是应该这样,哈!Dui! Sho! Shwe!太近,太近。Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!哈!哈!哈!哈!哈!哈!哈!哈!哈!哈!哈!哈!哈!哈!哈!哈!哈!Okay, thats close. Yeah, yes.好了,太近了,好了,好了。Why are you staring at me again?你为什么又盯着我?Okay. Come on. Let me see what else you got. Okay.来这里,看看你还有什么招式。好的I like that.我喜欢这个。The final move, Im supposed to hold some wood.最后一招,我要拿一些木板上来。Okay. Okay, here we go.好了,在这里。So...Youre supposed to hold it like this.那么,你应该这么拿着。Okay. Okay. Now, okay. So stay right there.好的,你站在这里。Let me get my arms out so we dont have nothing going on.等我拿稳它,要不然该出事了。Youll be fine. Focus, focus. Im gonna be...Okay! Hold on. Let me get it right.你会没事的。集中,集中注意力。好的,等一下。让我拿稳它。Let me get nice and long. Thats good.让我拿稳它。这样就很好了。That it? Yeah, there we go.好了,非常棒。Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for Calleigh!女士们先生们,为卡莉鼓掌!201706/514679济南阳光女子医院妇科检查怎么样 山东大学第二医院预约电话

济宁医学院附属医院治疗不能怀孕TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480365 原味人文风情:Making Your CV More Effective—a Monster guide让你的履历更成功--一份 Monster 指南Youve got the basic elements of your skills and experience down. Now you need to fine-tune your CV to ensure its got the X factor that will have employers queuing up for your services. Your CV must make the er believe youre a worthwhile product. Business people generally have the same objectives: profit, bigger market share, developing their business, and creating new products for their customers. They will look for candidates who will help them to achieve these objectives.你已经将你的技能和经历的基本要素写下。现在你需要调整你的履历来确保它有那 X 因素,让雇主排队等你来上班的因素。你的履历必须让读者相信你是一个有价值的商品。商人通常都有同样的目标:利润、更大的市占率、拓展事业,以及替顾客创造新产品。他们会寻找能帮助成就这些目标的候选人。Whether you have two months or 20 years worth of experience, the rules are the same: Show what youve done or have the potential to bring to the table. Achievements come in all shapes and sizes and are different for every job. For some, youll be able to show concrete evidence, such as percentage increases in sales or money saved by streamlining; for others, you will need to work harder to show that the influence you had on a project or task made a major impact.无论你有两个月还是二十年的资历,规则都是一样的:秀出你过去的成就或有潜力提供什么帮助。成就有各种形式和规模,而且每个工作都不一样。有一些成就,你能展示出具体明,例如销售百分比成长或提高效率省下金钱;其它的,你会需要更努力表现出来,给人看你在一个企划或任务上的作用造成很大的影响。 Try to pick at least one specific example per job youve held and explain briefly how it improved the business. It cant be stressed often enough that your CV is designed to get you the interview, not the job. So remember not to delve into too much detail. Provide enough information to entice your potential employers to call you in so you can explain face to face the exact details of the tasks youve undertaken and the skills youve learnt. Be careful not to give valuable space to insignificant achievements. As you refine your CV, discard any content that is not selling you in the right way.试着从你做过的每份工作中挑出至少一个特定案例,并简单说明那如何提升生意。有一点再怎么强调都不够,履历是设计来让你有面试机会,而非得到工作。所以记得不要过度着墨小细节。提供足够信息吸引潜在雇主请你去,这样你才能当面解说你经手过的工作的精确细节,以及你学到的技能。注意不要留宝贵的空间给不重要的成就。在你润饰履历时,舍去任何没有正确推销自己的内容。From management talk to obscure abbreviation, the world of business is packed full of cliches, and most of us hate them. Phrases such as team player, results-orientated, and good communicator are worthless without evidence. Be very careful of using abbreviations, especially if youre changing industry. The first person who evaluates your CV is usually somebody in the HR team, who may not be an expert in your field.从管理用语到难懂的缩写,商场上充斥着陈腔滥调,而我们大多数人都厌恶那些。像是善于团队合作的人、结果导向和擅于沟通者这样的词要是没有据都是没用的。用缩写时要非常小心,特别是若你正在转换跑道。第一个检视你的履历的人通常是人资团队的某个人,他可能不是你那个领域的专家。Technology has made everyones life easier when it comes to recruitment. From uploading your CV to an online database so employers can pick out your skills to recording a CV that gives employers a visual overview of what you can offer their company, your only limitation is your own creativity.提到征才时,科技使每个人的生活变得更容易。从上传履历到在线数据库让雇主能挑选你的专长,到录制影音履历让雇主用眼睛一览你能为他们公司提供什么,你唯一的限制是你的创意。This guide was brought to you by Monster. For more advice, jobs, and career tools, visit monster.co.uk.这份指南由 Monster 带给您。想了解更多建议、工作机会、还有职场工具,请上 monster.co.uk。201611/478800济南超导人流费用价格山东省妇女医院属几甲



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