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America struggles with race and those struggles are intensifying. As the white majority has been shrinking, racial tensions have been rising. You can see it in anti-immigration movements. Its in the feeling among some white people that theyre being oppressed.Meanwhile, a new generation of black protest organizations has been taking to the streets as black Americans feel a greater threat from white-dominated politics and police.Race relations have changed since the civil rights movements of the 1960s and they seem to be changing again.When many cities in the U.S. erupted in protest, riots, and uprisings in the 1960s, most white people were bewildered.President Lyndon Johnson appointed the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, known as the Kerner Commission. He wanted to know why the rebellions took place.White people were surprised by the findings. The Kerner Report indicated white attitudes toward black people led to the uprisings. White racism had built the society that suppressed the chance of equality for black people.Some scholars argue that Americans—white Americans—have not learned the lesson of the 1960s uprisings or the recommendations to correct the problems.;In the wake of the Kerner Report, we have created two societies that are deeply unequal. That is a fact,; said Heather Ann Thompson. She is a professor at the University of Michigan and wrote the book, Whose Detroit?;The inequality, the income inequality, racial inequality, suburban/city inequality, job inequality –we could just go on and on and on – is far worse and that is a deeply racialized inequality. So, weve done that. The question remains: What do we do next,; Thompson said.There is resentment surrounding issues of race has been building over those decades; resentment among blacks who still find themselves at the bottom of the economic ladder; and resentment among whites whove been knocked down a rung or two.Paul Lee is a Detroit historian whos written on the 1967 uprising in Detroit. He says things are not any better today than they were in the 60s and perhaps worse. He says the protests weve seen in the last couple of years are revealing.;Our situation, that is, the situation of African-Americans in Detroit and throughout the country, I think is much more precarious than its been perhaps in a century,; Lee said.He bases that on the loss of economic underpinnings of black neighborhoods. He cites the loss of black businesses as neighborhoods were destroyed by redevelopment. Added to that is the fact fewer blacks then and now own their own homes compared to white populations. Home ownership is a significant factor in building wealth.The relatively few middle-class black families who could afford to move followed white families to the suburbs.The relatively little economic power African-Americans had in the urban centers has slipped away.But, in cities such as Detroit there was optimism because political power grew.In Detroit, when the black vote grew in strength, Detroit elected its first black mayor, Coleman Young.Young worked to make sure black residents were better represented in city departments. Paul Lee says that greater political power did not mean the majority black population actually ran the city.;While I think black political power is important, I think if theres no economic foundation then black power is relatively meaningless; Lee explained.With recent investments by billionaires—white billionaires—in Detroits central business districts, there is a celebrated downtown revitalization. But that growth keeps investment in white hands with little benefit to Detroit residents.Many long-time residents in the neighborhoods dont feel theyre included. They dont feel theyre sharing in that new prosperity.While much of the American economy has been recovering, Detroit residents have been seeing a huge increase in tax foreclosures. Unemployment rates remain about twice that of state or national numbers. Poverty is widesp with about 40% of the city at or below the poverty line.Under the same kind of circumstances, the 1960s and 70s saw a rise in protest organizations, some of them militant.Former Detroit City Council Member Sheila Cockrel was an activist alongside her husband, Kenneth Cockrel. He was with the League of Revolutionary Black Workers. She says the term ;Black Power; entered the national lexicon. ;For many people it was an expression of the necessity of being at the table, if you will. That when decisions are made, that the voices of black people are part of the decision-making,; she said.;Black Power; was an unsettling term for many white Americans. It challenged the racial dynamic of the time.Since that time, theres been a shift from ;Black Power; to todays ;Black Lives Matter.; The movements seem to be transforming from a demand to have a seat at the table to the request, ;Please dont kill us.;But, ;Black Lives Matter; isnt the only protest movement. In Detroit, dating back to at least the take-over by an emergency manager and then bankruptcy, new groups have been raising their voices in and around the city. Groups such as New Era Detroit, the Change Agent Consortium, the Detroit Water Brigade. There are protests for economic inclusion, against foreclosures and water shutoffs, and against police brutality.In nearby Dearborn, protests about the police shooting of Kevin Matthews. Among the chants heard in the street were ;No justice, no peace,; and ;No racist police.;;Im hoping that in that constellation of organizations and people that theres going to emerge the next generation of authentic grassroots leadership that creates, that has a set of ideas that motivate people to act.;Some of those ideas are based on the belief that government—especially state government – ignores the needs of people of color.;Were skeptical of government because government isnt serving us,; said Rev. Charles Williams II, president of the Michigan of National Action Network. He says people are frustrated that in many ways, life in Detroit is worse now than it was in 1967.;As we see our struggle today, we see that some of those same issues are ahead of us. So, this is the reason we must continue to organize and its the reason why we continue to organize,; Williams stated.Williams believes black voices are getting louder because white voices are getting louder. He says since Barack Obama took office, certain white groups have escalated the rhetoric of bigotry and given it a national stage. He thinks a lot of that has to do with the fact there is a black man in the White House.;I think it had more to do not with his character, not with his willingness to go and meet and do and work, but the matter of fact is hes African-American,; Williams said.And a black president is seen by some as the ultimate threat to white power structure and privilege.Many politicians who count on white votes are wary to do much to alienate those votes.Heather Ann Thompson—the U of M professor—says policymakers today largely are ignoring the issues in the same way policymakers ignored them in the 1960s.;The good news is that we now, I think, are really hearing from those people who have suffered this very directly. And thats why Ferguson has blown up and thats why Baltimore has exploded. And thats why people in cities across America are speaking out and saying, No. We need a different civil rights movement. We need a different moment of change.;And to be effective, that change will have to negotiate opportunities for African-Americans to be included in both political and economic power.(You can see all of our Detroit Journalism Cooperative coverage here.)Support for the Detroit Journalism Cooperative on Michigan Radio comes from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Renaissance Journalisms Michigan Reporting Initiative, and the Ford Foundation.Assistance in reporting this piece came from Bill McGraw with Bridge Magazine, a DJC partner, and Michigan Radios Sarah Cwiek.201603/431199Dont care about your kids,huh?,I got two,Alright.你是不怎么关心你家的孩子吧 我有俩呢 好吧iPhone users,this is in the news, iphone users are reporting that新闻报道 iPhone用户报道称Siri will correct them if they try to say Bruce Jenner instead of Caitlyn如果他们说布鲁斯·詹纳 会被Siri纠正为凯特琳In an alleged story,Siri is now asking to be adressed as Steve.相关新闻 Siri要求别人称他为史蒂夫Time,once again, ladies and gentlemen,for something that America cant get enough of.女生们先生们 又一次到了美国欲罢不能的节目的时刻了Something we call, shut up.something we call fan correction.我们称之为 闭嘴 我们称之为 粉丝纠错This is a segment where viewers try to find mistakes on our show.这一节中 观众们将试图找我们节目的错误Real viewers try to find real mistakes.现实中的观众 真来挑错We are the only show that Dares our viewrs to find an error.Ok?只有我们节目敢让观众们来挑错 好吗That has the courage to do it.只有我们有这个勇气So far hundreds of challengers over the last several years, not one winner.几年来已有几百人挑战 但无一人成功Not one. No ones found a mistake.无一人 没人挑到过错误Tonight a fan named Braxton Anderson thinks he caught a mistake.今晚一名叫布鲁克斯顿·安德森的粉丝 自认为发现了错误He said it happened during one of our shows at Comic-Con last week.他说是发生在我们上周漫展节目的一期上Hey Conan, Last weeks episode you had a segment where you dressed a killer whale as Yoda from Star Wars. 嘿 柯南 上周的一集中有一节 你把一只虎鲸扮成了《星战》的尤达大师Pretty cool costume for Comic-Con. who are you? who are you supposed to be? 好酷的漫展装啊 你是谁 你扮演的应该是谁You gave him all-red life savers.Everyone knows volda carries a green lifesaver.你给了他一根红色电光剑 人人都知道 尤达大师的电光剑是绿的This is why I rcommend you go home,isolate yourself from friends and family所以我建议你回家 跟家人和朋友隔离开来and , watch, the trilogies and may the force be with you.好好把三部曲重新看一遍 愿原力与你同在201606/451675

But it was hard for wolves.但对狼而言却是难事。Wolves that have been raised by people should have had the same success at finding the sealed container, but they didnt.被人类所抚养的狼应该和一样找到密封容器,但它们却未能成功。Even chimpanzees, which are very smart animals indeed, werent as fast at finding the food as dogs.甚至是黑猩猩这种非常聪明的动物也无法像那样能够迅速发现其中诀窍。What does this mean?这代表着什么呢? One interpretation is that dogs do, in fact, have a natural ability to understand forms of human communication.一种解释是们事实上有一种天然理解人类交流形式的能力。Even nine-week old puppies found the food, suggesting the skill is there before training.即使出生刚满9周的小也可以找到食物,这表明未经过训练就已经拥有天生技能。Wolves dont have the skill, suggesting that it has developed in dogs since the time they branched off from their evolutionary predecessors.而狼并不具备这种能力,这表明自从从先祖中分离时狼已经从类中得以进化。There is debate about this idea.关于这个想法存在着争论。But Tomasello thinks that in the past fifteen thousand years, as human beings and dogs have evolved together, the basis for fidos ability to understand what you mean may have become encoded in his genes.但是托马塞洛认为在过去的15000年里,随着人类和一同进化,理解人类意图的能力可能已经融入到自身基因当中。201502/358581

Polands government波兰政府After Tusk继图斯克之后Donald Tusks replacement has a chance to revive his party唐纳德·图斯克的接班人有机会复兴他的政党THE choice of Donald Tusk, Polands long-serving prime minister, as the next president of the European Council is rearranging Polish politics. He will be replaced by Ewa Kopacz, Speaker of the parliament. Ms Kopacz has two weeks to assemble a new cabinet and gain the approval of parliament, which should be easy. She has the opportunity for a “velvet cabinet reshuffle”, says Wojciech Szacki of Polityka Insight, a political-analysis firm. That gives her the chance to reverse the misfortunes of Civic Platform that have left the party lagging behind the right-wing Law and Justice party, led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski.长期担任波兰总理的唐纳德·图斯克选择担任下届欧洲理事会主席,而这一举动是要重新整理波兰政治。总理一职将由国会发言人埃娃·科帕奇接任。科帕奇有两周时间重组新内阁并获得议会批准,这对她而言并非难事。她有机会“重新梳理内阁的丝路”,政治分析公司政策观察的Wojciech Szacki如是说。公民纲领党一直被雅罗斯瓦夫·卡钦斯基领导的右翼法律与公正党甩在后面,而这次重组内阁使得科帕奇有机会反转这个霉运。Civic Platform has appeared listless for months. It was rocked by the recent “waitergate” scandal, in which several senior ministers were illegally recorded in Warsaw restaurants and their indiscretions splashed in the newspapers. The halo of Mr Tusks new job has aly given Civic Platform a boost: one poll found it leaping by ten points to overtake Law and Justice, for the first time in a while.公民纲领党这几个月一直处于倦怠期。最近“务员门”的丑闻震撼了整个党派。在这个丑闻中,数名高级部长在华沙餐厅被非法录音,而他们的言行也随即在报刊上曝光。图斯克的新工作带来的光环已经推动了公民纲领党的发展:一项民意调查显示公民纲领党的持率一跃领先法律与公正党10个百分点,这是这段时间来公民纲领党的首次领先。The government has big gaps to fill. Mr Tusk will be joined in Brussels by his capable deputy, Elzbieta Bienkowska. After doing an excellent job of disbursing the billions of euros Poland gets from the European Union, she is to become European commissioner for the internal market. There is no obvious candidate to take over from her. There could be change at the foreign ministry, which Radek Sikorski has headed since 2007. He is said to be in the running for Speaker of parliament, but changing a well-regarded foreign minister in the middle of the Ukraine crisis may not seem wise. More certain to go is Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz, the interior minister, whose dinner-table talk made such lurid ing.波兰政府还要补很多课。图斯克将通过他的得力助手Elzbieta Bienkowska加入布鲁塞尔。在出色地完成了付波兰从欧盟得到的数十亿欧元这一工作之后,Elzbieta Bienkowska即将成为欧洲内部市场专员。对于她的接班人,并没有明显的人选可以接替她。而拉德克·斯考斯基自2007年开始领导的外交部可能会出现变动。据说他会担任国会发言人,但在乌克兰危机时期更换一名广受好评的外交部长似乎并非明智之举。内务部长Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz在餐桌上的交谈为这一爆炸性消息更增添了可信度。Ms Kopacz will have to hold Civic Platform together in the absence of Mr Tusk, who was one of its founders and has used a blend of charisma and ruthlessness to keep rivals in check. The party has several barons and there are ideological splits between conservatives and liberals. Ms Kopacz lacks Mr Tusks charm, but she was an effective health minister, a job that is often a graveyard for ambitious politicians.图斯克是公民纲领党的创办人之一,并且曾靠自己的魅力与冷静来压制竞争对手,如今科帕奇将在没有图斯克的情况下将公民纲领党团结起来。党内有几个大佬,并且保守派与自由派在党内有政见分歧。科帕奇缺乏图斯克的魅力,但是她曾是一个极具效率的卫生部长,这个职位经常被视作政治家雄心壮志的政客的养老院。She also has at least one momentary advantage. Mr Kaczynski was caught flat-footed by Mr Tusks promotion, seeming uncertain whether to congratulate him or denigrate his achievement. With a hand-kissing old-world approach to women, he has tended to be clumsy in attacking female rivals. Civic Platforms new hope is that it may win Novembers local elections. Next springs presidential vote is a forgone conclusion, with the Civic Platform incumbent, Bronislaw Komorowski, likely to romp home. That gives Ms Kopacz just over a year to shore up her party before she tries for an unprecedented third general election victory.她至少有一个短暂的优势。卡钦斯基对图斯克的晋升感到措手不及,似乎不确定是要恭喜他还是贬低他的成就。对于女性卡钦斯基就像古代行吻手礼的绅士,这使他在攻击女性对手时显得尤为笨拙。公民纲领党最新的愿望是可以赢得11月份的地方选举。明年春天总统选举因为对于公民纲领党的现任领导人布罗尼斯瓦夫·科莫洛夫斯基来说犹如探囊取物,因而毫无悬念。这使科帕奇在她为前所未有的第三次大选胜利努力前只有一年多的时间来巩固她的党派。 /201409/329210

According to research conducted at the University of Colorado, living in low-income neighborhoods puts young people at a higher risk of obesity.根据科罗拉多大学的研究,生活在低收入地区的年轻人有更高患肥胖的风险。Dr. Adam Lippert, an assistant professor at Colorado University in Denver says The research demonstrates that the long-term residential experiences of teenagers can affect their life-long health.丹佛科罗拉多大学助理教授亚当士称,研究表明青少年长期居住的经历会影响他们的终身健康。Researchers examined census data for 12,164 adolescents in grades 7 through 12, who were then followed for 13 years.研究人员考察了12164名7至12岁青少年的人口普查数据,他们随后被观察13年。The data showed adolescents living in poorer neighborhoods were more likely to be obese, or to become obese, than those living in higher-income areas. 数据显示,相比于生活在收入高的地区,生活在贫困地区的青少年更可能肥胖,或变得肥胖。Even just moving to low-income neighborhoods was shown to increase the risk.甚至仅仅是移居到低收入地区都会增加风险。Over longer periods of time spent living in destitute areas, the researchers saw a correlation between a lack of exercise amenities, healthy food sources and increased stress with the higher risk for obesity.在贫困地区度过的时间越长,研究人员发现缺乏锻炼设施、健康的食物来源以及增加的压力与高肥胖风险的相关性。译文属。201603/431773

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