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长春治宫颈糜烂医院长春医科大医院有四维彩超吗If all proceeds as planned, the world’s biggest animal cloning center will open next year in the northeastern Chinese port city of Tianjin, taking factory farming to a new level.如果一切按计划进行,世界上最大的动物克隆中心将于明年在中国北方的港口城市天津开业,将工厂化农业提升到一个新水平。The center, being built by Boyalife Group, a Chinese biotechnology company, and Sooam Biotech, a South Korean company that specializes in animal cloning, will eventually churn out up to a million beef cattle embryos a year, as well as sniffer dogs, racehorses and other animals, its backers say. When completed, at a projected cost of 0 million, it will include a research laboratory, a gene bank and a museum.该中心是由中国生物技术公司雅控股集团(Boyalife Group)和专门从事动物克隆的韩国秀岩生命工学研究院(Sooam Biotech)兴建。它的投资者说,该中心最终能一年大量生产出上百万个肉牛胚胎,以及嗅探犬、赛马和其他动物。这个预计花费5亿美元(约32亿元人民币)兴建的中心落成后,内部的设施将包括研究实验室、基因库和物馆各一个。Public education appeared to be a concern of Xu Xiaochun, Boyalife’s chief executive, during a conference call with journalists on Thursday, in which he sought to quell anxieties over the technology.在周四与记者的电话会议中,雅控股首席执行官许晓椿似乎对公众教育相当重视。他试图平息公众对这项技术的各种焦虑。“Clone technology is aly around us,” Mr. Xu said. “It’s just that not everyone knows about it.” He added that many strawberries and bananas sold in Chinese supermarkets were the products of this technology.“克隆技术已经在我们日常生活当中,”许晓椿说。 “只是不是每个人都知道这件事。”他补充说,许多在中国超市出售的草莓和香蕉都是这项技术的产品。The process, he said, is just like “pouring a glass of orange juice into another empty glass,” meaning the cloned entity will be identical to the original.他说,克隆过程就像“将一杯橙汁倒到另一个空杯子里”,也就是说克隆体将与原体毫无区别。“And I call tell you all that cloned beef is the tastiest beef I have ever had,” he said.他说:“我想告诉你们的是,克隆牛肉是我吃过最美味的牛肉”But Mr. Xu must contend with skeptical consumers in China, where food safety is a near obsession after scandals like melamine-tainted baby formula and recycled industrial “gutter oil.” Online reaction to the project has been overwhelmingly negative.但是,许晓椿必须努力说持怀疑态度的中国消费者。当婴儿配方奶粉被三聚氰胺污染、“地沟油”被回收使用等丑闻传出后,他们对食品安全异常关注。网上对项目的反应一直是非常负面的态度。“Crazily evil!!!” commented the user No-Music-No-Life on Weibo.微用户No-Music-No-Life说:“邪恶到疯狂!!!”。A person with the handle Xingchen Miaoyu wrote, “Please serve cloned beef to leaders first!”微网名为“星尘喵语”的用户写道,“请先让领袖尝尝克隆牛肉!”A commenter with the user name Zhenwei Shusheng added, “China has become a major biotech research lab and Chinese are the experimental subjects.”微用户“真伪书生”补充道:“你国就是一个全球大型生物实验基地。你国人就是实验品。”Others questioned the decision to build such a plant in Tianjin, the site of a deadly chemical explosion in August that killed 173, fearing lax law enforcement could compound an aly complicated issue.其他人质疑将这样一个工厂建立在天津的决定。天津在8月发生了一场致命的化学爆炸,导致173人死亡。他们担心执法不严可能加剧本已复杂的问题。“The real-life version of ‘Resident Evil’?” asked the Weibo user Li Li, referring to the science-fiction film series that features a bioengineering company that produces bioweapons.微用户“李理64025”问道:“现实版‘生化危机’吗?”他指的是一个科幻电影系列,情节涉及一家生产生化武器的生物工程公司。The undertaking has also been clouded by a scandal that embroiled the head of the South Korean partner, Hwang Woo-suk. In 2005, Dr. Hwang was found to have fabricated research that he had claimed used cloning to produce human embryos and extract stem cells from them.该项目也因另一个原因而蒙上了阴影,因为韩国合作伙伴的负责人黄禹锡(Hwang Woo-suk)有丑闻缠身。2005年,黄禹锡被揭捏造研究,他声称利用了克隆技术制造人类胚胎并从中提取干细胞。But he has since focused his attention on animal cloning. His company worked with Boyalife to develop a rare Tibetan mastiff last year with a hefty price.但他从那时开始,他就专注于动物克隆。去年,其公司与雅合作,投入巨资培养了一种罕见的纯种藏獒。Beijing has watched with both envy and caution since the first cloned mammal, Dolly, a sheep, was born in Scotland in 1996. Since then, Chinese scientists have cloned cows and pigs, but they have largely limited such activities to experimental purposes.北京对此既羡慕又谨慎,因为在1996年,首只克隆哺乳动物,绵羊多莉(Dolly),在苏格兰出生。从那时起,中国科学家克隆了牛和猪,但这种活动很大程度只限于实验目的。Cloning is used in some farm animal breeding programs in the ed States, but in September, the European Parliament voted in favor of a ban on cloned animals and their products, arguing that current techniques inflict greater suffering on animals than conventional breeding.在美国,克隆技术用于一些农场动物的育种计划。但在9月,欧洲议会投票赞成了一项针对克隆动物及销售克隆动物产品的禁令,因为目前的技术,会比常规育种对动物造成更大的痛苦。Zhu Yi, an associate professor at China Agricultural University, said that cloning technology could help China reduce its reliance on cattle imports to meet its people’s rising demand for beef. “But long term, this is not a solution,” she warned, emphasizing the need to assess the risks of using such technology and to overhaul China’s livestock industry.中国农业大学副教授朱毅说,克隆技术可以帮助中国减少对牛进口的依赖,满足人们对牛肉日益上升的需求。她警告说,“但长期来看,这不是一个解决方法。”她还强调,需要评估使用这种技术的风险,也需要改革中国的畜牧业。The high costs of grain for feed and other items have squeezed profits for many Chinese cattle breeders and have depressed production, forcing a number of meat processors to turn to imports.饲料及其他项目成本高昂,挤压了许多中国养牛者的利润,也减少了产物,迫使一些肉类加工商转而使用进口牛肉。That situation presented an opportunity for Mr. Xu, who said he hoped cloning would help improve livestock production within China.这种情况对许晓椿来说是个机会,他说希望克隆技术将有助提高中国国内畜牧业产量。“One reason we have so much low-quality beef is because we haven’t applied clone technology,” Mr. Xu said. “This is the only way to allow Chinese and many other people in the world to enjoy high-quality beef in an efficient manner.”“我们有这么多的低质量牛肉的原因之一是还没有应用克隆技术,”许晓椿说。“这是让中国人和世界上的其他其他的人,能够以高效地享用高品质牛肉的唯一途径。”Before bringing cloned beef to the market, Mr. Xu said, his company must receive the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture and other government agencies. He did not elaborate. The ministry did not immediately reply to a faxed request for comment.许晓椿说,把克隆牛肉带进市场前,该公司必须先获得农业部及其他政府机构的批准。他没有详细说明。该部门并没有对传真过去的置评请求立即作出回复。Ma Wenfeng, an analyst at Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant, raised doubts over this approach for mass-producing beef. “I think clone technology can be used for endangered species, but it’s not very necessary for animal husbandry,” he said. “I don’t think this will be very economical, and I doubt this model will take off any time soon”.北京东方艾格农业咨询公司分析师马文峰,对于以此种方式大量生产牛肉表示怀疑。“我认为克隆技术可用于濒危物种,但对于畜牧业则不是非常必要的,”他说。“我不认为这样做很经济,而且我怀疑这种模式在可预见的未来能否推广开来。”On Thursday, Mr. Xu said the venture had aims beyond just profits. “Our priority is to do a good job,” he said, “so we’ll achieve greater social influence.”周四,许晓椿表示,合资公司的目的不仅仅是利润。 “我们的首要任务是要把这做好,”他说,“这样我们会获得更大的社会影响力。” /201511/412697长春地区治疗不孕不育多少钱 When the concept of “peer-to-peer” lending popped up a decade ago, libertarians and leftwing idealists alike cheered. For the idea of using the internet to match borrowers who needed cash with lenders seemed to epitomise the sharing economy.10年前“个人对个人”(peer-to-peer,简称P2P)贷款突然兴起时,自由主义者和左翼理想主义者都为之欢呼。这是因为,利用互联网为需要资金的借款者与贷款者牵线搭桥似乎带有“分享型经济”的特征。What made P2P sound doubly exciting — at least in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis — was that these platforms also appeared to thumb a nose at the banks. Or, to use the technical term, P2P threatened to “disintermediate” mainstream finance, in a democratic way.令P2P听起来更加激动人心的是——至少在2008年经济危机之后的一段时期里——这些平台似乎也对嗤之以鼻。或者,用专业术语来说,P2P以民主的方式威胁着将主流金融“去中介化”。But that utopian ideal is starting to be turned upside down. True, if you look at the profile of who is providing loans on America’s biggest P2P platforms today, such as Lending Club and Prosper Marketplace, you will still see wealthy “mom and pop” investors, attracted by the hope of good returns in a low interest rate world. Since 2009 loans on the big P2P platforms have generated yields of between 5 and 9 per cent.但是现在,这种不切实际的想法即将被颠覆。没错,如果看看美国各大P2P平台上——如Lending Club和Prosper Marketplace——贷款方的介绍,你还是会看到富有的“夫妻店”投资者——在当今的低利率时代,对高回报率的期待把他们吸引到互联网平台上。自2009年以来,大型P2P平台贷款产生的收益率在5%至9%之间。But those plucky individuals are in a minority — and a shrinking one. These days, four-fifths of the finance on P2P platforms [all of them? says just Lending Club in source i can find our story dated December 14.2014]comes from institutions, such as hedge funds, or arms of the established banks.但是,大胆的个人投资者毕竟是少数——而且越来越少。如今,P2P平台上五分之四的资金来自机构,如对冲基金,或者老牌的分。Indeed, hedge funds and banks are now moving into this sector with such a vengeance that they are not only repackaging those P2P loans into new instruments, via securitisation; they are lending via these platforms too.的确,对冲基金和正在大张旗鼓地进入P2P领域——不仅通过券化把P2P贷款重新包装为新的金融工具,还通过这些平台从事贷款业务。Earlier this year, for example, Citigroup agreed a 0m tie-up with Lending Club, to finance loans. Citizens Bank has bought 0m of loans from SoFi, a big student loan-focused marketplace lender, and committed to buy 0m more. Instead of thumbing their nose at banks, in other words, P2P lenders are co-opting them, if not being co-opted too. In financial terms, this is like Uber quietly cutting deals with established taxi companies.例如,今年早些时候,花旗集团(Citigroup)与Lending Club签署一项价值1.5亿美元的贷款融资合作协议。美国国民(Citizens Bank)从专注学生贷款市场的大型网贷平台SoFi购买了2亿美元贷款,并承诺再购买3亿美元。换句话说,P2P贷款平台非但没有对嗤之以鼻,反而要么拉拢、要么被拉拢。这就好比Uber与出租车公司悄然达成协议。Does this matter? The answer to that question depends on what you think the main priority for modern finance should be. If you think that the system needs to provide more credit to the economy, in order to to boost growth, this quiet transformation should seem welcome.这有关系吗?取决于你对现代金融的首要任务怎么看。如果你认为金融体系需要为经济提供更多信贷以刺激增长的话,这种悄然转变似乎应该受到欢迎。After all, the arrival of banks and hedge funds will enable the sector to expand more rapidly. And borrower demand seems sky high; PwC predicts that P2P lending will swell to 0bn by 2025, from .5bn in 2014.毕竟,和对冲基金进入有利于该行业更快扩张。而且借款人的需求似乎非常旺盛;普华永道(PwC)预计,到2025年,P2P网贷规模将由2014年的55亿美元暴增至1500亿美元。But if you think that the main goal of finance should be to create safe, clear rules for capital flows, then this pattern might also make you weep. If you ask bankers why they are moving into P2P lending, some will point to the high returns they hope to earn (since the average loan commands an interest rate of around 13 per cent, margins are high). Others will cite the need for banks to copy clever technology ideas and become more entrepreneurial.但是,如果你认为金融业的主要目标应该是为资金流动制定安全、明确的规则,那么这种模式或许会让你失望。如果你问家为什么要进入P2P网贷行业,一些人会说想要获得高回报(因为平均而言贷款的利率为13%左右,息差很高)。其他人会称,需要学习聪明的技术理念并更具创业精神。But there is another, grubbier motive: regulatory arbitrage. “We like P2P because we can do things there that we can’t do in our main bank,” as a senior New York banker recently (and sheepishly) explained at a conference.但是,还有另外一个更卑鄙的动机:监管套利。“我们喜欢P2P,因为我们在那里可以做一些我们在没法做的事,”纽约一名高管最近在一次会议上(带点不好意思地)解释称。Sharp-eyed ers might feel a sense of déjà vu. The idea of using innovations to dance around tough capital rules is hardly new: in the early years of the past decade, banks used structured investment vehicles and collateralised debt obligations in the same way.眼尖的读者或许会有一种似曾相识的感觉。利用创新在严格的资本规则下打擦边球的想法并不新鲜:在过去十年的头几年,以相同方式利用结构化投资工具和债务抵押债券(CDO)来规避监管。They also took advantage of cracks in regulatory structures to create products that policymakers could not easily monitor or control (it was unclear, for instance, who was supposed to oversee mortgage derivatives).它们还利用监管结构中的漏洞,创造了政策制定者不易监管或控制的产品(抵押贷款衍生品由谁监管在那时并不明确)。A sense of fragmentation is hampering policymakers again. And as Kara Stein, a commissioner at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, has observed: “We can’t afford a fragmented regulatory architecture.”一种分散的感觉再次困扰政策制定者。正如美国交会(SEC)委员卡拉斯坦(Kara Stein)所说的:“我们负担不起一个离破碎的监管体系的后果。”It is unclear whether the regulators’ remit covers all the upstarts.现在尚不清楚监管部门的职责范围是否覆盖所有新平台。Perhaps this does not matter. The P2P sector is a tiddler compared to the overall financial world (or the pile of mortgage derivatives which sowed havoc in 2008). And unlike the pension funds which were exposed to mortgage-backed securities in 2006, for example, the banks and hedge funds understand the dangers of credit losses. So even if P2P loans turn bad in the future, this should not pose wider risks.也许这并不重要。与整个金融世界(或者引发2008年灾难的抵押贷款衍生品的规模)相比,P2P行业就像一条小鱼。比如,与在2006年存在抵押贷款持券相关敞口的养老基金不同,和对冲基金知道信贷损失的危险。因此,即使P2P贷款在未来变成坏账,也不会构成更大范围的风险。Nevertheless, history suggests that whenever innovation and regulatory arbitrage are combined in an era of ultra cheap money, it often ends in tears — somewhere. If nothing else, that suggests that policymakers need to find ways to stop activity falling between the regulatory cracks; not least because financiers are endlessly creative at dancing in those gaps.尽管如此,历史表明,在资金极其廉价的时代,一旦创新和监管套利结合在一起,通常会以眼泪收场——在某个地方。这至少表明,政策制定者必须想办法阻止某些活动偷偷钻了监管漏洞;尤其是因为金融家在钻空子方面拥有无限的创造力。 /201510/404890长春妇科炎症治疗

长春市吉林大学四院好不好In a bare office in downtown San Francisco, European bureaucrats wearing suits and ties cleared their throats and spoke about the glory of European innovation and American investment. They were launching a new Silicon Valley hub that they hoped would get European start-up talent American funding.在旧金山市中心一间空旷办公室中,一众西装革履的欧洲官员清了清嗓子,开始谈论欧洲创新和美国投资的荣耀。他们打算建立一家全新的硅谷中心,希望让欧洲的创业天才得到美国人的资助。To celebrate, they snipped a ribbon unfurled across the stage and assembled a foam puzzle showing the European Union and US flags. The audience checked their cellphones.为了庆祝中心的成立,他们在台上举行了剪仪式,并用泡沫拼出了欧盟旗帜和美国国旗。不过观众都在玩自己的手机。The event, with its long Chamber of Commerce-style speeches, highlights the disconnect between Europe and Silicon Valley. Although Europeans are trying to emulate the U.S. tech industry’s success, they still have much to learn – starting with the need to loosen up, in keeping with the region’s free and easy vibe.这场充斥着商会式长篇演讲的活动,凸显了欧洲和硅谷之间的脱节。尽管欧洲人试图模仿美国科技界的成功,但他们仍然要学许多东西——首先,他们需要放松自己,还要保持这一行业轻松愉快的氛围。“If Europe took a selfie, it would be an old lady,” Mauro Battocchi, Italy’s consul general, said on stage.意大利总领事莫罗·巴托基在台上表示:“如果欧洲来张自拍,那一定是个老太太形象。”The new tech hub, which formally opened in September, is intended to showcase the best of European innovation at a time when American technology by the likes of Google, Facebook and Apple dominate. The overseas start-ups will need to prove that they have something new to offer Bay Area investors who have plenty of other options to choose from.这一全新的科技中心于9月正式开放,意图在这个由谷歌(Google)、Facebook和苹果(Apple)统治的时代中展现欧洲最优秀的创新成果。来自海外的初创公司需要向旧金山湾区的投资者明他们的确有一些新创意,因为投资者还有许多其他选择。There’s a good reason for the Europeans to look for money in the Bay Area tech scene. In 2013, venture capitalists invested billion in US companies, according to Dow Jones Venture Source. That’s more than four times the amount invested in companies in the entire European Union.欧洲人有充分的理由寻求旧金山湾区科技界的投资。据道琼斯旗下的市场研究机构Dow Jones Venture Source统计,风险投资家在2013年对美国公司投资了330亿美元。这是欧盟所有企业同期获得投资额的4倍以上。The gap is even wider in the tech industry. Total venture capital invested in the US tech industry reached .67 billion last year compared with just .44 billion in Europe.而在科技界,这一差距甚至更大。去年,美国科技公司获得的风投资金为86.7亿美元,而欧盟的同类公司仅有14.4亿美元。The new European hub is hosted in a co-working office in downtown San Francisco called Rocketspace, which is aly home to incubators for Canada, Brazil and Spain. Start-ups from all over Europe will be invited to work out of the office, get training and participate in events, at no charge.这个新的欧洲中心设在旧金山市中心一家名为Rocketspace的联合办公室内,那里已经是加拿大、巴西和西班牙公司的孵化中心。来自欧洲各地的初创公司都会受邀前往这里,免费接受培训,参加活动。In typical bureaucratic fashion, the organization sponsoring the hub has a mouthful of a name: European Institute of Innovation and Technology Information and Communication Technology Labs. The hub, itself, is known by the acronym, EIT ICT Labs, which shows just how desperately the organizers could use help from Silicon Valley’s marketing gurus.为这家中心提供赞助的机构有着一个极具官僚作风的冗长名字:欧洲创新与科技研究院和通信科技实验室(European Institute of Innovation and Technology Information and Communication Technology Labs)。这个中心自身则使用了一个缩写名称:EITICT实验室,由此可看出组织者多么需要得到硅谷营销专家的帮助。A number of countries aly have start-up incubators in Silicon Valley including Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. They offer services ranging from mentorship, education classes, and networking opportunities. However, EIT ICT Labs says it will distinguish itself by drawing from start-ups all across Europe, and this rather than any other major program offerings seems to be their major selling point.包括德国、法国、西班牙和意大利在内的许多国家都已经在硅谷设立了孵化中心,提供导师、培训课程和社交机会等务。然而,EIT ICT实验室表示他们将从所有欧洲初创公司中挑选最合适的推销对象。这一点,而不是提供某种重要务,似乎是他们的主要卖点。“We can pick the best of the best and make the selection process more streamlined,” says Paul Campbell, the Silicon Valley advisor for the hub.该中心的硅谷顾问保罗·坎贝尔表示:“我们可以优中选优,从而进一步简化筛选过程。”Yet, others aren’t quite sure of that will be enough of a distinction.然而,其他人并不确定这是否足以成为区别。“It’s hard to say if this is another European outpost,” said Bernd Girod, associate dean of online learning at Stanford University and who also teaches electrical engineering. “It could be big if they get some excellent smart people. They have the money to succeeded, but money is not all that success takes.”斯坦福大学(Stanford University)在线学习副院长兼电气工程教授贝恩德·吉罗德表示:“很难说这是否将成为欧洲的另一个前哨站。如果他们能够招揽到一些充满智慧的杰出人士,就能发展壮大。他们拥有获得成功所需的资金,但光有钱并不能确保成功。”EIT ICT has a 2014 budget of 0 million Euros (1 million), but won’t discuss its specific investment in the San Francisco hub. So far they have leased four desks for European start-ups to use but haven’t specified how they intend to choose the start-ups or who will fill the desks.EIT ICT在2014年的预算达到3亿欧元(合3.81亿美元),但还没有开始讨论他们将如何在旧金山中心展开具体的投资。到目前为止,他们只是借来了4张桌子供欧洲的初创公司使用,但还没明确究竟要如何选择初创公司,或是让哪些公司来使用这些桌子。“We need to show that we’re a strong ecosystem to invest in,” Willem Jonker, the CEO of the European group, said in his speech at the event.欧洲集团(European Group)首席执行官威廉·琼克在会议上发言表示:“我们需要明自己有着强大的生态体系,是合适的投资目标。”However, the event’s formality made attendees skeptical of EIT ICT Labs’ ability to bridge the cultural gap between Europe and Silicon Valley. During the speeches and panels, most of the entrepreneurs mingled at the bar where, their chatter making it difficult to hear the speakers.然而,这次会议的形式让参与者们怀疑EIT ICT是否有能力跨越欧洲和硅谷的文化鸿沟。在发言和座谈期间,大多数企业家坐在一边聊天,嘈杂的声音让人们很难听清发言人究竟在说什么。“We’re quite embarrassed,” said Dr. Anne Bruinvels who came to pitch her Dutch start-up Px Healthcare which uses cancer patients’ data to create personalized treatment plans. “We believe that Europe is far more dynamic than how it was represented today. I hope they are open to listening to feedback. With our input they could possibly create a lot of impact. Without it, it could fail and that would be a terrible waste of the investment.”与会者安妮·布鲁因韦尔斯来自荷兰初创公司Px Healthcare,特地前来展示该公司借助癌症患者数据进行个性化治疗的方案。她表示:“我们非常尴尬。我们认为欧洲要远比今天这场活动给人的印象更加生机勃勃。我希望他们抱着开放的心态倾听反馈意见。有了我们的参与,中心也许能产生很大的影响力。如果没什么影响,这个中心可能会失败,那会极大地浪费投资。”Yet despite the lackluster enthusiasm for the speeches, the energy perked up during the pitching session. Start-ups were given a few minutes to present their business ideas to a board of judges who gave them feedback,American Idolstyle. And, like onAmerican Idol, attendees cheered whenever someone made a particularly good pitch.不过尽管人们对发言了无兴趣,但在展示环节上他们还是充满热情。初创公司拥有几分钟时间来展示他们的商业理念,评委会则会予以反馈,这是真人秀节目“美国偶像”(American Idol)的形式。同“美国偶像”一样,只要有人表现得十分精,与会者都会发出欢呼。“I love the vibe in San Francisco,” said Glenn Bilby, an Australian based in Sweden who came to pitch his start-up, Quick Posture, a tool that lets doctors diagnosis a patient’s movement and posture problems. “It feels like anything is possible. This must succeed.”澳大利亚人格伦·毕尔比借此展示了他在瑞典新创的公司Quick Posture,这是一个帮助医生诊断病人运动和姿势问题的工具。他表示:“我喜欢旧金山的气氛。这里让人觉得一切皆有可能。这个孵化器一定能成功。”And perhaps, if the agency manages to lose the tie and roll up its sleeves, it will.如果这个中心能够松开领带,卷起袖子大干一场,也许它真的会成功吧。 /201411/343195长春哪里有打胎的 Samsung will try to revive its stalling premium smartphone business with the launch of a new flagship range of Galaxy devices, while plotting a new future in consumer virtual reality products.三星(Samsung)将试图重振其陷于停滞的高端智能手机业务,推出新旗舰系列的Galaxy设备,同时在消费者虚拟现实产品领域为新的未来布局。The Korean electronics group unveiled the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones on Sunday night at a glitzy event at Mobile World Congress, the consumer electronics show in Barcelona.周日晚,在巴塞罗那举办的消费电子展——移动通信世界大会(Mobile World Congress)的一个令人瞩目的仪式上,这家韩国电子集团发布了Galaxy S7和S7 Edge智能手机。Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone vendor by units but has had its once stellar growth curbed in the past two years by the arrival of cheaper, but still technologically advanced, rival devices from Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi.按数量计算,三星是世界上最大的智能手机厂商,但过去两年来,来自华为(Huawei)和小米(Xiao)等中国制造商的竞争抑制了三星一度迅猛的增长;中国产品价格更便宜,技术含量也不低。Both groups are also unveiling new phones at Mobile World Congress, alongside scores of other devices from a wide range of manufacturers, which will highlight the saturation of similar products in a now mature market.华为和小米也将在移动通信世界大会上发布新手机。总计将有多家厂商发布数十款新设备,突显一个成熟市场上同类产品的饱和度。Samsung’s last range of Galaxy phones was acclaimed by tech enthusiasts but failed to reignite sales growth as had been hoped.三星上一个系列的Galaxy手机得到科技爱好者的好评,但未能重新点燃期望的销售增长。However, the Korean company is this time not relying just on growing its smartphone business by also building on its range of devices in the promising market for virtual reality.然而,这家韩国公司这一次并不仅仅依靠其智能手机业务的增长,它还在前景广阔的虚拟现实市场打造自己的设备系列。 /201602/427714吉林大学四院专家

长春治疗宫颈糜烂较好的妇科医院The world#39;s most human-like robot has begun work as a university receptionist as scientists predict the new technology will eventually provide childcare and offer friendship to lonely elderly people.世界上最逼真的人形机器人“纳丁”已经开始了她作为大学接待员的工作。科学家预计这种机器人最终将能承担保姆和护工的工作,为幼儿和孤寡老人提供务。With her soft skin and flowing brunette hair, Nadine does not only meet and greet visitors, smile, make eye contact and shake hands, but she can even recognise past guests and spark up conversation based on previous chats.纳丁有着细嫩的皮肤和柔顺的深褐色头发,她不仅会跟参观者打招呼、微笑、进行眼神交流和握手,甚至还能认出老熟人,并与他们继续上次未聊完的话题。Unlike conventional robots, Nadine has her own personality, mood and emotions. She can be happy or sad, depending on the topic.不同于传统机器人,纳丁有自己的个性、情绪和情感,她可以根据谈话内容表现出高兴或是悲伤。Powered by intelligent software similar to Apple#39;s Siri or Microsoft#39;s Cortana, she is the brainchild of scientists at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and is based on her creator Prof Nadia Thalmann.纳丁是新加坡南洋理工大学(NTU)科学家们的智慧结晶,其运行机制类似苹果Siri或微软小娜,她的外貌完全是按照其创造者纳迪娅·塔尔曼教授的样子为蓝本。Prof Thalmann, the director of the Institute for Media Innovation who led the development of said robots such as Nadine are poised to become more visible in offices and homes in future.塔尔曼教授是媒体创新研究所主任,她负责领导此次的机器人研究项目。像纳丁这样的机器人未来会在办公场所和居民家中扮演越来越重要的角色。“Robotics technologies have advanced significantly over the past few decades and are aly being used in manufacturing and logistics,” she said.塔尔曼表示:“机器人技术在过去几十年里发展迅速,并已经开始应用于制造业和物流工作中。”“As countries worldwide face challenges of an aging population, social robots can be one solution to address the shrinking workforce, become personal companions for children and the elderly at home, and even serve as a platform for healthcare services in future.“当全球都面临人口老龄化的挑战时,社交机器人可以成为解决劳动力萎缩的工具之一,可以是家中老人孩子的陪伴者,甚至未来还能充当提供卫生保健务的平台。”;Over the past four years, our team at NTU have been fostering cross-disciplinary research in social robotics technologies -- involving engineering, computer science, linguistics, psychology and other fields -- to transform a virtual human, from within a computer, into a physical being that is able to observe and interact with other humans.;“过去四年,我们团队致力于社交机器人技术的跨学科研究,涉及的技术包括工程学、计算机科学、语言学、心理学等领域。我们的研究将计算机里的虚拟人物变成了现实里客观存在的机器人,她能够察言观色并与人类交流。” /201601/422447 Mobile devices have changed the way how films and television programs are created and presented in front of the audience, said Chris D. Nebe, CEO of Monarex Hollywood and director of ;Mysterious China; at a sub forum in Wuzhen on Thursday.周四,在中国乌镇互联网大会的一个分论坛上,蒙纳瑞克斯好莱坞电影公司的CEO, 同时也是《神秘中国》这部片子的导演克里斯蒂·里比说,移动设备已经给电影和电视节目的创作方式带来了改变,它们呈现给观众的方式也与以前不同。Taking the documentary ;Mysterious China; as an example, he said people have trouble watching documentary on mobile phones if it is more than 10 minutes, which requires them to shorten the length of the program.以纪录片《神秘中国》为例,他说,如果超过10分钟的话,人们在手机上观看纪录片就有麻烦,这就要求他们缩短节目的长度。Portable devices show its evident features and filmmakers need to take them into consideration when planning and making the films, he said.他说,便携式视频设备显示了其明显的优点,电影制作人在规划与制作影片时需要考虑到这个因素。Gong Yu, founder and CEO of iqiyi.com, one of China#39;s biggest stream website, thinks mobile devices influence filmmaking when they create their exclusive shows.而作为中国最大的视频网站爱奇艺的创始人和CEO,龚宇认为,在制作独家节目时,移动设备会是影响影片制作的一大因素。He said the viewers of mobile phones are more focused if they are holding their phones to watch s, which means they can understand the story line quicker than when watching TV with friends at a dinner table.他说,如果用户是拿着手机看视频,比起那些和朋友一起边吃饭边看电视的观众,移动手机用户会更专心,这也意味着他们能更快的理解剧情。In addition, viewers can pull the progress bar as they wish when they watch s online which means they can go back if they miss something, Gong said ing research on users#39; behaviors.此外,龚宇引用对用户行为的研究报告表示,如果是在线看视频,观众可以随意的拖动进度条,这意味着如果错过了什么他们可以回看。Reed Hastings, CEO of Neflix Inc, said the key to win audience is telling good stories and good content as Internet makes more good business models possible.Neflix公司CEO黑斯廷斯说,赢得观众的关键是讲述精的故事和精的内容。互联网让更多好的商业模式变得可能。Until the end of 2014, there#39;re 5.2 billion mobile phone users around the world and its popularizing rate reaches to 73 percent, according to Wang Xiaohui, vice chief of China National Radio at the sub forum in Wuzhen. In China, 354 million people are internet users with the average 9.9 hours for watching s online.据乌镇互联网大会分论坛主持人,中国广播电台副台长王晓辉介绍,截至2014年底,全球有52亿移动电话用户,普及率达到73%。在中国,有大约3亿5千4百万互联网视频用户,在线观看视频的平均时长是9.9小时。 /201512/417038吉林大学第一医院在线长春市第一人民医院口碑好不好



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