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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441507长春大学第二医院治疗不能怀孕So much saccharine drivel has been written on the subject of Anne Boleyn,以安妮·林为题材 撰写下无数甜腻的宫闱野史so many Hollywood movies made,so many bodice-buster romances produced亦有数不胜数的好莱坞电影 与情色文学流传下来that us serious historians are supposed to avert our gaze from the tragic soap opera of her life and concentrate on meaty stuff,作为严肃的历史学家 我们本应将视线 从悲惨的肥皂剧上移开 去关注更具价值的东西like the social and political origins of the Reformation or the Tudor revolution in government.比如宗教改革的社会与政治源头 或是都铎王朝的;政府革命;But try as we might, we keep coming back time and again to the subject of Anne,而尽管如此 我们的视线却不断回到安妮身上because on close inspection it turns out that she was, after all,historical prime cause number one.因为愈审慎的研究 愈让我们认识到 她正是这一切的始作俑者At the time of the Field of the Cloth of Gold,Anne would have been a teenager.在金缕地的时代 安妮只有十几岁Shed been away from England off and on since the age of 12,从十二岁起 她断断续续的离开英格兰when her well-connected diplomat father, Thomas,她人脉颇广的外交家父亲 托马斯arranged for her to become maid of honour to Margaret of Austria安妮排她进入奥地利的玛格丽特众多宫室之一at one of her many courts,this one here at Mechelen in Flanders.做一名侍从女官 而这宫室便是佛兰德斯的麦哲伦宫Margaret was recognised as the world authority on courtly love,玛格丽特被公认为宫廷式恋爱的典范that theatrical form of aristocratic flirtation around which a whole culture had grown up.那戏剧般的贵族式调情 围绕于此 一种文化得以发端Desire endlessly deferred,sexual passion transfigured into pure selfless love,从追求冗长而无休止的情欲 转而寻求纯洁无私的爱情troubadours, masks, silk handkerchiefs, a lot of sighing.That was the theory anyway.游吟诗人 面具 丝质手帕和唱咏 当然照理应是如此While underneath the stage-managed surface,the old basic instincts seethed away.然而在这戏剧般的华丽外表下 原始的本能暗流汹涌 /201612/485322长春哪家医院治疗乳腺病In many ways the late Jurassic is really the golden age of dinosaurs.从许多方面来讲,晚侏罗世都可以算是恐龙的黄金时期We have a tremendous diversity of different kinds of dinosaurs, meat-eaters and plant-eaters, forms with armour.各种各样的恐龙种类非常之多,食肉恐龙、植食恐龙、有盔甲的恐龙All around the world we see these dinosaurs.世界各地都能见到这些恐龙But it wasnt just the variety of dinosaurs that made this their golden age.可是它成为恐龙的黄金时代并不只是因为种类繁多The late Jurassic was also the era of the giants.晚侏罗世还是巨龙的时代We have dinosaurs of tremendous size, we have plant-eaters 40ft tall,我们发现了体型极其庞大的恐龙,有40英尺高的植食恐龙we have animals that must have weighed 50 or 60 tons,有重达50~60吨的恐龙so these are immense animals and theyre everywhere.所以那时有许多巨型恐龙,它们遍布世界各地But the dinosaurs didnt start off like this.不过恐龙刚登场时可不是这样50 million years earlier in the early Jurassic they were very different.在5亿年前的早侏罗世,它们非常不同We have many fewer different kinds of dinosaurs, theyre relatively primitive looking dinosaurs恐龙的种类数非常少,它们是长相比较原始的恐龙and compared to what we see in the late Jurassic, theyre much less spectacular animals.与晚侏罗世的那些恐龙相比,这些动物就相形见绌了We dont see the sizes and shapes and diversities that we see at that time.我们没有见到与这个时期一样的体型、模样和多样性Theyre relatively dull looking animals compared to what we see later.与我们后来见到的那些相比,这些动物显得很不起眼And there was nothing to suggest that these early dinosaurs would grow and diversify to so completely dominate the planet for so long.没有什么能解释这些早期恐龙如何壮大并多样化,成为长久以来地球上的霸主。201704/502924The cats welfare is the first priority.猫猫的舒适度是第一要义The cameras are very light,相机非常轻and will be fitted onto quick-release collars装在一个可以快速解开的项圈上in case they get caught up.防止他们被拌住Hes a good boy!他是个好孩子Well give him a bit of fuss, thats lovely.我们要逗逗他 不错And well play with him.跟他玩一会儿Theres a good boy, such a good boy.真是个好孩子Youre a good boy! Are you wanting to go outside好孩子 你想出去吗and we can see what youre doing with that camera on?我们可以通过相机看到你在做什么The cameras are then made smaller,之后相机被做得更小able to film in the dark,可以在黑暗中拍摄even record sound...甚至可以记录声音..And then connected to the GPS collars然后与GPS项圈相连so that we can see exactly where cats are这样我们就可以确切地看到猫在哪里and exactly what they are looking at.他们在看什么重点解释:1.catch up 赶上例句:Old age and infirmity had begun to catch up with him.他开始显出年老体衰的样子了。2.in case 以防例句:Write the telephone number down in case you forget.把电话号码写下来以免忘了。3.look at (仔细地)看例句:Please raise your head and look at the blackboard.请抬起头来,看黑板。201607/456837长春哪家人流做的最好

长春做人流手术痛吗长春白求恩医科大学一院治疗妇科怎么样栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/454225TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/478373长春医院治疗妇科An aura of invincibility began to cling to him.他渐渐成了不败的象征He became the driving force of the Godly Revolution.成了清教革命的中流砥柱When the vanquished king defied Gods judgement,his blood was needed to expiate the crime.当落败的国王反抗上帝的审判 他的罪恶只能通过鲜血来洗清But it became obvious that doing away with the monarch was no guarantee of doing away with the monarchy.但显而易见的是 江山易主 并不代表着君主制的废除For if Charles couldnt be among his subjects in person,his proxy could.因为即使查理一世本人已逝 他的代替品仍与民同在The Greek word icon means both an image and a copy.希腊语中的;象征; 既代表图像 也代表复制品The ;Eikon Basilike;, the spitting image of the king,appeared within a week of his execution.;圣容; 即国王的画像 在其被处死后一周内问世It was an instant bestseller,going through 35 editions in a year,并立刻为人争相购买 一年之内加印35版and it made Charles an imperishable martyr,a latter-day Christ sacrificed for the sins of his people.使查理一世成了不朽的殉道者 一位为其人民献祭赎罪的现世基督Like Christ,Charles, too, would be resurrected wearing his heavenly crown与基督一样 查理一世亦将头戴圣冠复活and made flesh in the person of his son, Charles II,awaiting the call from exile in France.以他儿子 查理二世的身份重降人间 后者流亡于法国 期待着祖国的召唤The poet John Milton,an ardent champion of the Parliamentary Commonwealth,诗人约翰·弥尔顿 英联邦议会的积极倡导者was hired to attack the cult of the king martyr as so much wicked idolatry,受雇抨击对国王的狂热崇拜 称之为罪恶的偶像崇拜to persuade the fearful and gullible they didnt need a Charles I.劝导那些心存恐惧和轻信谣传的人 放弃对查理一世的依赖In fact, they didnt need any Stuart monarch.声称他们不再需要任何斯图亚特家族的君主 /201703/501531长春市看妇科哪家好

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