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成华区妇幼保健院引产需要多少钱广安市妇幼保健院开展无痛人流吗Alipay, China#39;s largest digital payment service, run by e-commerce giant Alibaba, has begun to provide consumers with a simpler and more secure login method - facial recognition login, the Beijing Daily reported.据北京日报报道,电商巨头阿里巴巴旗下的中国最大电子付务付宝,现在已开始为消费者提供更简单安全的人脸识别登录方法。The technology has achieved a success rate of over 90 percent during the experimental beta phase, although it now only works with iOS and some Android smartphones.新登录方法在灰度运行阶段的识别成功率达90%以上。目前;刷脸;登录仅限在iOS和部分安卓智能手机上操作。Users can enable logins by scanning their faces with a smartphones in a place full of light.在一个阳光充足的地方,用户可以通过用智能手机扫描面部来实现登录。A team in Alibaba#39;s subsidiary firm and finance affiliate Ant Financial is developing the face recognition technology for use with the Alipay online payment service and Alipay Wallet as well.阿里巴巴旗下的金融务公司蚂蚁金的一团队正在研发将人脸识别技术应用于付宝在线付和付宝钱包。Chen Jidong, a senior data expert responsible for the team, says it is a trend to replace traditional identification measures with biometric technology.该团队资深数据专家陈继东表示,利用生物特征识别技术代替传统的识别技术已经是大势所趋了。 /201512/417039四川省看妇科炎症多少钱 成都第四医院有四维彩超吗

成都省第七医院门诊电话遂宁市治疗妇科哪家医院最好的 Alibaba has a fakes problem.阿里巴巴有假货问题。On Wednesday, American trade officials said that they had added Taobao, the Alibaba Group’s sprawling online shopping bazaar in China, to their list of the world’s most notorious markets for counterfeit goods. 本周三,美国贸易官员表示,他们将阿里巴巴旗下的淘宝——中国一个庞大的在线购物市场——列入全球假货泛滥最严重的恶名市场名单中。The addition — an embarrassing setback four years after Alibaba successfully lobbied American officials to drop the platform from the list — comes as the owners of brands increasingly complain about the proliferation of fakes on the company’s sales platforms.四年前,阿里巴巴成功地游说美国官员将其从这份名单中移除,随着品牌拥有者越来越多地抱怨其销售平台上假货泛滥,它再次被列入名单,这是一个令人尴尬的挫折。It also comes as Alibaba moves to satisfy increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers who want higher quality goods — a shift that has also drawn intensifying competition from Alibaba’s rivals.而且如今中国消费者正在变得日益精明老练,对产品质量提出了更高的要求,阿里巴巴开始迎合这种需要,而它的对手也在加大竞争力度。Alibaba says it has increased efforts to find and eliminate counterfeit goods. 阿里巴巴表示,它已经做出了更大的努力来寻找和清除假货。In its report on Wednesday, the Office of the ed States Trade Representative acknowledged those efforts — but said they were not enough.美国贸易代表办公室(Office of the ed States Trade Representative)在周三的报告中承认了这种努力——但表示这还不够。Taobao is an important concern due to the large volume of allegedly counterfeit and pirated goods available and the challenges right holders experience in removing and preventing illicit sales and offers of such goods, said the agency,淘宝备受关注,因为那里可以买到大量假冒和盗版商品,权利持有人在清除、防止此类商品的非法销售和提供上遇到了挑战,该机构表示。 citing complaints from brand owners about the proliferation of fakes on Taobao.他们提到了一些品牌的拥有者抱怨淘宝上假货泛滥。While recent steps set positive expectations for the future, it added, current levels of reported counterfeiting and piracy are unacceptably high.虽然他们最近采取的一些做法让人期待一个积极正面的未来,报告说,目前遭到举报的假冒和盗版商品仍然多到令人无法接受。Alibaba, which maintains that counterfeit goods are an industrywide problem, called the move counterproductive and questioned the motives behind the agency’s decision. 阿里巴巴坚称假货是一个行业性的问题,他们说此举将适得其反,并质疑该机构做出这个决定背后的动机。In a statement from Michael Evans, the president of Alibaba, 阿里巴巴总裁迈克尔#8226;埃文斯(Michael Evans)在一份声明中说,the company said the decision leads us to question whether the U.S.T.R. acted based on the actual facts or was influenced by the current political climate — 该公司认为这个决定令我们质疑美国贸易代表是在根据实际情况行事,还是受到了当前政治气候的影响——an apparent reference to the negative language about China that Donald J. Trump espoused during the campaign and as president-elect.显然指的是唐纳德#8226;J#8226;特朗普(Donald J. Trump)在竞选期间和胜选之后提到中国时使用了消极措辞。In an email to the group that oversees how Alibaba’s platforms are governed, Daniel Zhang, the company’s chief executive, pushed the group to continue fighting counterfeiters, whom he described as being like bacteria in the air that we breathe. 阿里巴巴首席执行官张勇(Daniel Zhang)向监督该公司平台治理状况的部门发了一封电邮,敦促他们继续打击假冒者,电邮称假冒者像空气里的细菌。But he also compared the American move to trade protectionism and said Alibaba would face similar efforts elsewhere as it expanded abroad.但他也把美国此举和贸易保护主义联系起来,表示阿里巴巴在进行海外扩张时,在其他国家也会面对类似的举动。It wouldn’t come as a surprise if we encounter other situations similar to that of ‘Notorious Markets’ in the future, where protectionism leads to malicious acts to players in the market, 他在电邮中写道:将来用类似‘恶名市场’的事情,来自贸易保护的‘市场恶意’行为,可能还会发生,也许会越来越多。he wrote in the email, which the company shared publicly.这封电邮在公司内部公开传阅。The decision by the agency, which does not come with any official punishments, will have little practical impact on Alibaba’s main China operations. 没有任何官方惩罚措施与该机构的决定一同发布,它对阿里巴巴在中国的主要业务也没有实质影响。The company is enjoying rising sales as Chinese consumers shrug off the country’s slowing economic growth and continue their online buying spree. 该公司的销售额正在增长,中国消费者并未受到该国经济增长放缓的影响,继续在电商上大买特买。In after-hours trading on Wednesday after the announcement, its shares fell less than 1 percent.周三这个消息公布之后,阿里巴巴的股价在盘后交易中下跌不到1%。But the listing could complicate the Chinese company’s ambitions to move into other markets. 但这件事可能会让中国公司进入其他市场的努力变得更加复杂。Alibaba has made forays into the ed States, Southeast Asia and elsewhere, and it is moving into industries like entertainment that could take it further abroad. 阿里巴巴已经进入了美国、东南亚和其他地区,目前它正在进军的业等行业,可能会让它进一步走向海外。The listing is also a blemish for a company that symbolized China’s rising sophistication when it held a landmark initial public offering of stock two years ago in the ed States.而且,两年前阿里巴巴在美国进行了里程碑式的首次公开募股时,它成为了中国日益复杂老练的一个象征,对于这样一家公司来说,此事也是个污点。The listing represents a stumble in Alibaba’s lobbying efforts in the ed States. 这次被列入名单,意味着阿里巴巴在美国开展游说的努力遇到了挫折。Four years ago, American officials removed Taobao from the list, citing its efforts to fight fakes. 四年前,美国官员从这份列表中移除了淘宝,理由是淘宝在打击假货。The move came after Alibaba tapped a former official from the trade representative’s office, James Mendenhall, to work on its behalf. 在那之前,阿里巴巴请来贸易代表办公室的前官员詹姆斯#8226;门登霍尔(James Mendenhall)为其奔走。Since 2012 it has spent .4 million lobbying the American government, according to lobbying data compiled by Opensecrets.org, a website run by the Center for Responsive Politics.响应性政治中心(Center for Responsive Politics)旗下网站Opensecrets.org编制的游说数据显示,自2012年以来,阿里巴巴游说美国政府的花费达到了240万美元。In recent years Alibaba has de-emphasized Taobao, 近年来,阿里巴巴不再把淘宝作为一个重点。a vast platform where sellers big and small can set up online stores, resembling eBay. 淘宝是个庞大的平台,有点类似于eBay,大大小小的卖家都可以在该平台上开网店。Analysts say its growth prospects are limited, and a growing number of Chinese consumers say they want to buy from sources they can better trust.分析师认为其增长前景有限,而越来越多的中国消费者也表示他们想从更加可信的渠道购买商品。The problem is that anybody can open a Taobao shop and sell anything, said Shaun Rein, founder and managing director of China Market Research Group.问题在于任何人都可以开淘宝店,卖任何东西,中国市场研究(China Market Research Group)的创始人兼董事总经理雷小山(Shaun Rein)说。Yu Yang, a 36-year-old information technology engineer in Beijing, said he started using Taobao more than a decade ago. 北京36岁的信息技术工程师于洋说他十多年前就开始用淘宝了。But I almost stopped completely about three or four years ago, he said, 但三四年前,我几乎完全不用了,他说。adding that it had become difficult to tell fake from real basketball sneakers, which he collects.收藏篮球鞋的他接着表示,球鞋的真假很难区分。Fakes are getting more and more real, said Mr Yu, 假货变得越来越真,他说。who said he had switched to shopping on JD.com and also buys more when he travels to South Korea or Japan. 于洋称自己转向了京东,也会在去韩国或日本时多买一些。Unless you compare a fake with an authentic, it would be almost impossible to tell.除非把真货和假货拿在一起对比,否则几乎分辨不出来。Alibaba said its core Chinese retail business had 439 million annual active users during the year that ended in September, though it does not break out how many of them are Taobao users. 阿里巴巴称在9月份结束的年度里,其核心的中国零售业务年活跃用户达4.39亿,但它未透露其中有多少是淘宝用户。That business makes its money by charging fees to, and providing advertising for, vendors.这项业务通过向商家收费和为其提供广告赚钱。Alibaba has tried to steer business to its Tmall platform, which is geared toward larger sellers of higher-end name brands like Nike and Estée Lauder. 阿里巴巴试图将业务引向自己的天猫平台,后者面向的是耐克(Nike)和雅诗兰黛(Estée Lauder)等规模更大的高端品牌卖家。But that business faces intense competition from JD.com 但这项业务面临来自京东和其他公司的激烈竞争。and others that manage their own inventory and act more as curators for finicky customers.这些公司自己管理仓储,充当的角色更像是为挑剔的消费者提供务的监督者。Tmall is the dominant player in the business to consumer segment, as Tmall and its rivals are called, with a little more than half of the market, according to figures from the data firm iResearch. 天猫及其竞争对手所在的领域被称作B2C(商家对消费者),数据公司艾瑞咨询(iResearch)的数据显示,天猫在该领域占据主导地位,市场份额略超一半。But the data also shows that it has slowly lost market share to others.但相关数据额也表明,天猫的市场份额正在慢慢流向竞争对手。Last year, in a warning to Alibaba, the ed States Trade Representative also mentioned Tmall as a source of complaints about fakes, though the platform was not mentioned in this year’s list. 去年,在对阿里巴巴的警告中,美国贸易代表也提到天猫是假货投诉的源头之一,不过该平台没有出现在今年的名单中。Alibaba has also defended Tmall’s efforts to fight fakes.阿里巴巴也为天猫的打假行动进行了辩护。The American government’s move adds to mounting pressure on Alibaba to do something about fakes. 美国政府的举动增加了阿里巴巴应对假货的压力。Last year, the owner of the Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent brands sued Alibaba in New York federal court, claiming that the company encouraged sales of fakes on its online platforms. 去年,古驰(Gucci)和圣罗兰(Yves Saint Laurent)品牌的拥有者将阿里巴巴告上了纽约联邦法院,声称该公司鼓励在其在线平台上售假。In October an industry group, the American Apparel and Footwear Association and others openly called for Alibaba to be added to the government’s notorious markets list, saying its members saw little change despite the company’s efforts to fight fakes.10月,行业机构美国装与鞋业协会(American Apparel and Footwear Association)和其他一些团体公开要求将阿里巴巴加入政府的恶名市场名单,称尽管该公司采取了多项打假行动,但该协会的成员几乎没有看到变化。In May, the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition backed away from a plan to give Alibaba membership in its ranks as part of a united effort to fight fakes, after other members objected and raised questions about financial ties between Alibaba and the group’s leadership. 5月,国际反假联盟(International Anticounterfeiting Coalition)在其他成员反对并对阿里巴巴和该组织的领导层之间的经济往来提出质疑后,放弃了让阿里巴巴加入联盟,这本来是一项联合打假行动的一部分。The group defended its leadership but said it had hired an outside firm to review its internal controls.国际反假联盟为自己的领导层进行了辩护,但表示已聘请一家外部公司对其内部管控措施进行审查。 /201612/485567成都前列腺炎医院

邛崃市中医院人流要多少钱Chinese hedge funds are providing margin finance for leveraged bets on the country’s booming commodity futures market, in an echo of the practices that led to last year#39;s stock market boom and bust.中国的对冲基金正在提供保金融资,使投资者可以对该国火爆的大宗商品市场进行杠杆化押注。这跟去年曾导致股市繁荣与萧条的做法很相似。Futures prices for the so-called ferrous complex of steel, iron ore, coking coal and coke have risen sharply this year as Chinese fiscal and monetary stimulus has produced a revival of construction activity in real estate and infrastructure. 由于中国的财政和货币刺激政策导致了房地产和基础设施建设活动的复苏,所以今年钢材、铁矿石、焦煤和焦炭等铁相关商品的期货价格大幅上涨。Rising commodity prices have in turn fuelled speculation in the futures markets. Turnover for front month coking coal futures traded in Dalian hit Rmb1.2tn in October, the second-largest month on record behind April, when China was first gripped by a commodities mania.这些大宗商品价格上涨反过来刺激了期货市场的投机。10月,大连商品交易所即月焦煤期货成交量达到760万,为今年成交量第三大的月份,排在3月和4月之后。三、四两个月份,中国第一次出现大宗商品热潮。Commodity trading has surged in China as retail investors, rich individuals and wealth managers use the sector as a quick and easy way to place leveraged bets on the domestic economy or government reforms.中国大宗商品交易量发生激增,因为散户投资者、富裕人士和财富管理机构都把该行业作为对国内经济或政府改革进行杠杆化押注的一条快速、简捷的途径。The surge in speculation activity has rattled global commodity markets, causing a sharp run-up in the price of raw materials such as steel and iron ore futures. That has astonished western trading houses and analysts accustomed to following the fundamentals of supply and demand.投机活动激增为全球大宗商品市场带来了波动,造成原材料(如钢铁和铁矿石期货)价格的大幅上涨。这让习惯于追踪供求基本面的西方交易机构和分析师感到震惊。Some hedge funds are also using structured investment products to provide margin loans to investors looking to ride the futures boom. Hedge funds generally buy the senior tranche, which promises a fixed return. Others buy the subordinate tranche, putting up some of their money as margin and borrowing funds from the senior tranche to enlarge the investment. 有些对冲基金也在使用结构化投资产品,为期待从期货繁荣中分一杯羹的投资者提供保金贷款。对冲基金通常购买承诺固定收益的优先级份额。其他人购买劣后份额,使用他们的部分资金作为保金,从优先级份额中借入资金,以扩大投资规模。Providing financing for retail investors also represents a change of tack by Chinese hedge funds which in 2015 roiled global commodity markets directly with several well timed attacks on metals such as copper.为散户投资者提供融资,也体现了中国对冲基金的策略变化。2015年,中国对冲基金对铜等金属发起了几次时机把握得很好的攻击,直接搅动了全球大宗商品市场。A hedge fund manager in Shanghai said: “These are hedge funds looking for fixed returns. They’re not familiar with commodities, so strategy looks good to them. Someone else takes the big risk.” 上海的一名对冲基金经理说:“这些是寻求固定收益的对冲基金。他们不熟悉大宗商品,所以策略看起来很合适他们。让别人去承担巨大的风险。”But this form of margin lending, known in Chinese as peizi, mirrors the type of shadow bank-style margin financing that helped fuel the Chinese stock market boom last year. Once the market turned, margin calls amplified losses as investors were forced to liquidate their holdings to repay loans. 但是这种形式的保金贷款——中文称为“配资”——类似于去年推动中国股市繁荣的那种影子式融资。一旦市场转向,追加保金的要求就放大了投资者的损失,因为投资者被迫平仓以偿还借款。Regulated margin lending through securities brokerages for stock market investment caps leverage at Rmb2 of borrowed funds for every Rmb1 of the investor’s own money. The 21st century Business Herald reported on Wednesday that peizi for commodity futures investment can reach as high as 4:1. 用通过券商获得的合法保金融资来投资股市,最高杠杆为两倍。《21世纪经济报道》(21st Century Business Herald)周三报道称,通过配资渠道投资商品期货的杠杆可能高达4倍。An official at the National Development and Reform Commission, China’s top economic planner, told state media this week that recent increases in coal prices are “irrational”, citing speculation as one explanation. 本周,中国最高经济规划机构国家发改委(NDRC)的一位官员对国有媒体表示,近期煤炭价格的上涨是“非理性的”,并把投机引述为其中一个原因。A trader at a futures brokerage in Shanghai said: “The speculative element in the market is very big right now. End users and those trying to do hedging are getting killed.”上海某期货经纪公司的一名交易员说:“目前市场上的投机色非常重。最终用户和那些试图做套期保值的人被害惨。”Margin finance is not the only reason for the rise in futures prices this year. The government’s campaign of “supply-side reform”, which is focused on shutting down excess capacity in steel, coal and non-ferrous metals, is also playing an important role. Regulators are controlling issuance of structured investment products more tightly given the role of peizi in last year’s stock boom. 保金融资并不是今年期货价格上涨的唯一原因。中国政府的“供给侧改革”举措也发挥了重要作用。此项改革的重点是去除钢铁、煤炭和有色金属的过剩产能。鉴于配资在去年的股票繁荣中所起的作用,监管机构已开始更严格地控制结构化投资产品的发行。Equally important, say analysts, is the wave of money sloshing through the financial system in search of decent returns. The mainland stock market has mostly traded sideways this year following last year’s boom turned bust, with the appeal of equities also undermined by sharp rises in bonds and real estate. 分析师们说,同样重要的是,金融体系中存在的那股正寻找像样回报的资金潮。今年中国内地股市基本都在横向盘整,债券和房地产价格的急剧上涨也削弱了股票的吸引力。Wang Hong Ying, director of the China Financial Derivatives Investment Institute, said: “Interest rates are in a downward cycle. Lots of idle funds can’t fund good investment channels. When this money enters a market where supply and demand are aly out of balance, it will push up prices for ferrous complex futures.”中国金融衍生品投资研究院(China Financial Derivatives Investment Institute)院长王红英表示:“当前利率处于下行周期。大量闲置资金找不到好的投资渠道。随着这些资金进入一个供求原本就已失衡的市场,它将推高铁相关商品的期货合约的价格。” /201611/475965 温江区看男科好吗内江妇幼保健医院龟头炎症



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