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Devil's Point 02The night started like any other camping trip we had been on. We gathered plenty of wood for our fire and got it going. As the sun set we just sat and talked about a lot of different things. We talked for several hours. It was probably between 11pm and midnight when the unexpected events began to unfold. We had just started to curl up in our sleeping bags when we both heard a loud crack. As if someone or something had broken a large piece of brush. We didn't think a whole lot of it. We just wondered what it was. But beyond that we started to get comfortable again.   The next time we heard it, it was very loud and a little closer probably about 1/3 of the way from the bottom of the sloping sides. Now we weren't overly alarmed, since we did have a 12-guage pump with plenty of ammunition. But needless to say we didn't want to fall asleep if a bear was making it's way up to our sleeping bags while we slept.  We both stood up and added a little more wood to the fire. My uncle shined the flashlight down each side and behind us. We didn't see anything. We decided to talk for a little while before returning to sleep. A half hour passed. We were just considering laying down once more when we heard what sounded like footsteps and rustling. We also noted several loud sounds like brush snapping. Now it was a little closer. We figured it was halfway up the sides. We didn't do anything. We just stood and listened and shined our flashlight all around.  那晚起初和我们平时露营时没什么两样。我们捡了足够数量的干柴,将火生好。日落后我们便坐着闲聊。我们聊了几个小时,大约11点多快到午夜的时候,反常的事就开始初现端倪。我们正要钻进睡袋休息,忽然听到一声很大的噼啪声。就像是有什么人或什么东西将一枝大树枝折断了。我们没多想,只是好奇那是什么东西。除此以外,我们还是很舒的。  我们又一次听到这种声音时,声音变得非常大,而且变近了,感觉就在斜坡底往上1/3的地方。我们当时还没有完全警觉,因为我们有一把装满弹药的12口径散弹。不用说,如果我们睡觉的时候有只熊正向我们的睡袋走来,我们是绝不会睡觉的。  我俩站起来,往火里添了点柴。叔叔用电筒把每个斜坡和我们后方都照了一遍,什么都没看到。我们决定睡觉前再聊会儿。半小时过去了。正当我们刚要躺下休息时,又听到了类似脚步的声音和沙沙声。还听到好几声树枝断裂的声音。声音更近了。好像已经到了斜坡中部。我们什么都没做,只是站在原地仔细听,并用手电筒四处晃。 Article/200901/6025315In the eighteenth year of the reign of Jeroboam son of Nebat, Abijah became king of Judah, 2and he reigned in Jerusalem three years. His mother's name was Maacah daughter of Abishalom. 3He committed all the sins his father had done before him; his heart was not fully devoted to the Lord his God, as the heart of David his forefather had been. 4Nevertheless, for David's sake the Lord his God gave him a lamp in Jerusalem by raising up a son to succeed him and by making Jerusalem strong. 5For David had done what was right in the eyes of the Lord and had not failed to keep any of the Lord 's commands all the days of his life-except in the case of Uriah the Hittite. 6There was war between Rehoboam and Jeroboam throughout Abijah's lifetime. 7As for the other events of Abijah's reign, and all he did, are they not written in the book of the annals of the kings of Judah? There was war between Abijah and Jeroboam. 8And Abijah rested with his fathers and was buried in the City of David. And Asa his son succeeded him as king. 9In the twentieth year of Jeroboam king of Israel, Asa became king of Judah, 10and he reigned in Jerusalem forty-one years. His grandmother's name was Maacah daughter of Abishalom. 11Asa did what was right in the eyes of the Lord , as his father David had done. 12He expelled the male shrine prostitutes from the land and got rid of all the idols his fathers had made. 13He even deposed his grandmother Maacah from her position as queen mother, because she had made a repulsive Asherah pole. Asa cut the pole down and burned it in the Kidron Valley. 14Although he did not remove the high places, Asa's heart was fully committed to the Lord all his life. 15He brought into the temple of the Lord the silver and gold and the articles that he and his father had dedicated. 16There was war between Asa and Baasha king of Israel throughout their reigns. 17Baasha king of Israel went up against Judah and fortified Ramah to prevent anyone from leaving or entering the territory of Asa king of Judah. 18Asa then took all the silver and gold that was left in the treasuries of the Lord 's temple and of his own palace. He entrusted it to his officials and sent them to Ben-Hadad son of Tabrimmon, the son of Hezion, the king of Aram, who was ruling in Damascus. 19"Let there be a treaty between me and you," he said, "as there was between my father and your father. See, I am sending you a gift of silver and gold. Now break your treaty with Baasha king of Israel so he will withdraw from me." 20Ben-Hadad agreed with King Asa and sent the commanders of his forces against the towns of Israel. He conquered Ijon, Dan, Abel Beth Maacah and all Kinnereth in addition to Naphtali. 21When Baasha heard this, he stopped building Ramah and withdrew to Tirzah. 22Then King Asa issued an order to all Judah-no one was exempt-and they carried away from Ramah the stones and timber Baasha had been using there. With them King Asa built up Geba in Benjamin, and also Mizpah. 23As for all the other events of Asa's reign, all his achievements, all he did and the cities he built, are they not written in the book of the annals of the kings of Judah? In his old age, however, his feet became diseased. 24Then Asa rested with his fathers and was buried with them in the city of his father David. And Jehoshaphat his son succeeded him as king. 25Nadab son of Jeroboam became king of Israel in the second year of Asa king of Judah, and he reigned over Israel two years. 26He did evil in the eyes of the Lord , walking in the ways of his father and in his sin, which he had caused Israel to commit. 27Baasha son of Ahijah of the house of Issachar plotted against him, and he struck him down at Gibbethon, a Philistine town, while Nadab and all Israel were besieging it. 28Baasha killed Nadab in the third year of Asa king of Judah and succeeded him as king. 29As soon as he began to reign, he killed Jeroboam's whole family. He did not leave Jeroboam anyone that breathed, but destroyed them all, according to the word of the Lord given through his servant Ahijah the Shilonite- 30because of the sins Jeroboam had committed and had caused Israel to commit, and because he provoked the Lord , the God of Israel, to anger. 31As for the other events of Nadab's reign, and all he did, are they not written in the book of the annals of the kings of Israel? 32There was war between Asa and Baasha king of Israel throughout their reigns. 33In the third year of Asa king of Judah, Baasha son of Ahijah became king of all Israel in Tirzah, and he reigned twenty-four years. 34He did evil in the eyes of the Lord , walking in the ways of Jeroboam and in his sin, which he had caused Israel to commit. Article/200809/48548

“回来!”毛毛虫在她身后叫道,“我有几句重要的话讲!”这话听起来倒是鼓舞人的,于是爱丽丝回来了。 “别发脾气嘛!”毛毛虫说`Not a bit,' said the Caterpillar.`Well, perhaps your feelings may be different,' said Alice; `all I know is, it would feel very queer to ME.' `You!' said the Caterpillar contemptuously. `Who are YOU?' Which brought them back again to the beginning of the conversation. Alice felt a little irritated at the Caterpillar's making such VERY short remarks, and she drew herself up and said, very gravely, `I think, you ought to tell me who YOU are, first.' `Why?' said the Caterpillar. Here was another puzzling question; and as Alice could not think of any good reason, and as the Caterpillar seemed to be in a VERY unpleasant state of mind, she turned away. `Come back!' the Caterpillar called after her. `I've something important to say!' This sounded promising, certainly: Alice turned and came back again. `Keep your temper,' said the Caterpillar. Article/201012/121866

PART FOUR - LIFE AT MOOR HOUSECHAPTER TWENTYGetting to Know the Rivers FamilyI thought for a moment. This work was not as good as working for an important family, but [-----1-----]. "Thank you, Mr. Rivers, I would be happy to teach in your school," I said."But you do understand?" St. John asked, a little worried. "It will only be a village school. The girls in your school will be poor and uneducated. You'll be teaching ing, writing, counting, and sewing.""I understand, and I'll be happy to do it," I answered.He smiled. He seemed very pleased with me."And I'll open the school tomorrow, if you like," I added."Very good," he said. "But I don't think you'll stay at the Morton school for very long.""Why do you say that?" I asked. "I am happy to stay here, although I think you are not."He looked surprised. "You're right. I'd like to leave here. But how did you know that about me? No, I think you won't like living in Morton, because [-----2-----]." He said no more.When it was time for everyone to leave Moor House Diana and Mary were sad."You see, Jane," Diana told me, "St. John will leave England soon, to travel in other countries and teach people about God. Mary and I won't see him for many years--maybe we'll never see him again! [-----3-----]. I know he's doing God's work, but it will break my heart to see him go!" And she began to cry. 填空 :1、at least I would be independent但至少我是独立的。2、you need people around you因为你需要你身边有人。3、He's a very determined and brave person他是一个非常坚定勇敢的人。 隐藏Vocabulary Focusteaching ing, writing, counting and sewing:teaching与will be构成简单将来进行时结构,writing, counting及sewing作teaching的动名词。 Article/200906/73693Two bombing attempts in London failed last night. A Mercedes was parked in front of a popular nightclub before closing time. There were at least 500 patrons inside the club. The Mercedes contained 11 full gasoline cans and 7 containers of nails. Apparently, the car was to be exploded by a call from a cell phone, but someone, or something, goofed. The cell phone call didn’t trigger the explosion. Instead, some smoke started spewing out of the car.An ambulance happened to drive by. The driver, seeing the smoke, called the police. The police arrived quickly, and a bomb expert immediately entered the car and started disarming the vehicle. A few minutes later, the police were notified about another car, also full of explosive material, parked behind the nightclub. That vehicle was also disarmed. Twice in one night, deadly explosions had failed to occur. The bad guys had lost--this time.A new prime minister had just taken over in England. He said that God was watching over London. Scotland Yard believed that terrorists were behind the bombing attempts. When one patron at the nightclub found out how close he had been to death, he said, “I’m so happy to be alive! Last night I was dancing all night near the windows next to the street, and I would have been one of the first to die. It’s scary to think about. I won’t be coming to this club for another week or so.” Article/201104/132233The Royal Star 皇族明星After a year at Oxford University, Edward went to fight in the First World War.He wrote:在牛津大学学习了一年之后,爱德华参加了第一次世界大战。他写道:I lived in a house with twenty-five other soldiers. At night we talked about our lives and our families.It was very inter-esting.我和其他25名士兵住在一间房子里。晚上,我们就谈各自的生活和家庭。谈话十分有趣。I could speak freely to different people-rich and poor,young and old. But I also saw the blood and noise of war.我可以和各种各样的人随意交谈——无论是富人还是穷人,年轻人还是老年人。但我也领略了战争的血腥和喧嚣。One day in 1916 my driver took me to the town of Loos in Belgium.I got out of the car and walked to the top of the hill.Down below me there was heavy fighting and I felt very sad.1916年的一天,我的司机送我去比利时的卢斯镇。我下了车,往山顶走去。山下正进行着激烈的战斗,我心里十分难过。An hour later I returned to my car.I#39;ll never forget what I saw.My driver was dead. While I was away,some-body shot him in the neck.一小时后,我回到汽车上。我永远也忘不了我看到的那一幕。我的司机死了。我离开的时候,有人射中了他的颈部。When the war finished in 1918, Edward returned to Bucking-ham Palace. One night he was talking to his father in the din-ing room.1918年战争结束后,爱德华回到白金汉宫,一天晚上,他在餐厅里同父亲交谈。#39;I don#39;t understand why countries fight,#39;the Prince said.#39;The war has finished, but nothing has changed.There are still millions of poor and hungry people. It#39;s not right.Somebody must do something!#39;“我不明白国家之间为什么要打仗,”王子说。“战争已经结束了,但一切依旧。还是有许许多多的人生活在贫困中,忍饥挨饿。这不公平。总得有人做些什么!”#39;Well,#39;King George replied,#39;you can#39;t change the world if you sit by the fire. You must travel.Meet people.Talk to them.Listen to what they say. And then, when you are King, you can make the world a better place.#39;“嗯,”乔治国王答道,“光坐在壁炉旁是不能改变世界的。你得出去走走。去和人们结识一下,与他们谈一谈,听听他们说些什么。这样,当你成为国王的时候,就可以把世界变得更美好。”And so,in 1920,Edward left England again. During the next five years he travelled 240 000 kilometres and visited 45 different countries.于是,1920年,爱德华再次离开英国。在随后的5年里,他行程达24万公里,访问了45个国家。He saw India, Argentina, Nigeria, Mexico, New Zealand, Germany, and Japan.When he came to Toronto,in Canada, there were 500 000 people in the streets to meet him.Everywhere thousands of people waited to see him—there were crowds of 190 000 in Cape Town, 300 000 in Paris, 500 000 in New York, and 750 000 in Melbourne.他访问了印度、阿根廷、尼日利亚、墨西哥、新西兰、德国和日本。当他到达加拿大多伦多时,受到50万人的夹道欢迎。每到一处,都有成千上万的人盼着一睹他的风采——在开普敦有19万人,在巴黎有30万人,在纽约有50万人,在墨尔本有75万人。#39;Edward is the first royal star,#39;one newspaper wrote,#39;and he is now the most famous man in the world.In the old days princes were cold and bored.But Edward is different.He gets out of his car and walks down the street.Every two or three minutes he stops and speaks with the crowd.He laughs.He smiles.He shakes a thousand hands.He is a man of the people with a heart of gold.#39;“爱德华是第一位皇族明星,”一家报纸这样写道,“他是目前全世界最有名的人。以前的王子都态度冷漠而厌烦。但爱德华不同。他从汽车里出来,在街上走。每隔两三分钟,他就停下来和人们交谈。他有时开怀大笑,有时面露微笑。他和上千人握手。他平易近人,有颗金子般的心。” /201204/177345

Correct 很对Teacher: Jimmy, what are the three words which pupils use most often at school? Jimmy: I don't know. Teacher: Correct.教师:吉米,学生在学校里经常用的三个字是什么? 吉米:不知道…… 教师:很对。 Article/200804/35893她们刚回到家里,班纳特就接到一封从尼日斐花园寄来的信。信立刻拆开了,里面装着一张小巧、精致、熨烫得很平滑的信笺,字迹是出自一位的娟秀流利的手笔。伊丽莎白看到读信时变了脸色,又看到她全神贯注在某几段上面。 The discussion of Mr. Collins#39;s offer was now nearly at an end, and Elizabeth had only to suffer from the uncomfortable feelings necessarily attending it, and occasionally from some peevish allusions of her mother. As for the gentleman himself, HIS feelings were chiefly expressed, not by embarrassment or dejection, or by trying to avoid her, but by stiffness of manner and resentful silence. He scarcely ever spoke to her, and the assiduous attentions which he had been so sensible of himself were transferred for the rest of the day to Miss Lucas, whose civility in listening to him was a seasonable relief to them all, and especially to her friend.The morrow produced no abatement of Mrs. Bennet#39;s ill-humour or ill health. Mr. Collins was also in the same state of angry pride. Elizabeth had hoped that his resentment might shorten his visit, but his plan did not appear in the least affected by it. He was always to have gone on Saturday, and to Saturday he meant to stay.After breakfast, the girls walked to Meryton to inquire if Mr. Wickham were returned, and to lament over his absence from the Netherfield ball. He joined them on their entering the town, and attended them to their aunt#39;s where his regret and vexation, and the concern of everybody, was well talked over. To Elizabeth, however, he voluntarily acknowledged that the necessity of his absence HAD been self-imposed.;I found, ; said he, ;as the time drew near that I had better not meet Mr. Darcy; that to be in the same room, the same party with him for so many hours together, might be more than I could bear, and that scenes might arise unpleasant to more than myself. ;She highly approved his forbearance, and they had leisure for a full discussion of it, and for all the commendation which they civilly bestowed on each other, as Wickham and another officer walked back with them to Longbourn, and during the walk he particularly attended to her. His accompanying them was a double advantage; she felt all the compliment it offered to herself, and it was most acceptable as an occasion of introducing him to her father and mother.Soon after their return, a letter was delivered to Miss Bennet; it came from Netherfield. The envelope contained a sheet of elegant, little, hot-pressed paper, well covered with a lady#39;s fair, flowing hand; and Elizabeth saw her sister#39;s countenance change as she it, and saw her dwelling intently on some particular passages. Jane recollected herself soon, and putting the letter away, tried to join with her usual cheerfulness in the general conversation; but Elizabeth felt an anxiety on the subject which drew off her attention even from Wickham; and no sooner had he and he companion taken leave, than a glance from Jane invited her to follow her upstairs. When they had gained their own room, Jane, taking out the letter, said:;This is from Caroline Bingley; what it contains has surprised me a good deal. The whole party have left Netherfield by this time, and are on their way to town--and without any intention of coming back again. You shall hear what she says. ; Article/201109/151994

A floating head and a cat 6(漂浮的女头,神秘的夜猫 06)The next day, I kept my promise to him about telling the others about the head, but I mentioned seeing the cat to my sister in law and my nieces as a cat isn’t as scary as a floating head. My nieces then confessed that while in that room, they always felt as if they were being watched and our son, who was later in that room after my brother and his family left and before we told him about the head, said he felt as if he was being watched as well.   For the rest of the visit, nothing else happened. After our visit, my sister in law and I had a talk and tried to figure out where these ghosts were coming from and we guessed that maybe they were attached to this old organ. My father doesn’t have much history on it except for what I mentioned earlier in the story. My theory is his business partner gave it to him because it creeped him out and he wanted to get rid of it. My father said it is a very valuable antique and now wants to leave it to me some day since I was asking questions about it. (I didn’t tell my dad about what I had seen, as he does not believe in ghosts and I didn't want to freak him out) I told him thanks but I really couldn’t accept it and I told him he should donate it to a church or something. I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but I don’t want it!!  第二天,我遵守我的诺言没有向任何人提起这颗头的事,不过我还是将我夜半遇猫的经历告诉了弟和外甥女,毕竟这没有那颗飘浮的人头那么恐怖。而外甥女此时无忌地说当她们在自己那间屋子里时,老感觉是有什么在一直盯着自己,在我弟弟全家走了以后,我儿子就搬到了她们房间,他也说好像是感觉到老有什么在一直看着自己,而这时我和丈夫都没有告诉他关于那颗头的故事。  不过在接下来的这段时间里,倒是什么也没发生。在看望结束后,弟和我又谈论起这件事,努力想找出这鬼到底是从何而来,据我们猜测,鬼也许就附在那把老古董的风琴上。其实我父亲对这把风琴的历史没有多少了解,他所知道的就是我在故事开头所提到的那几点。据我猜测,这位生意伙伴之所以将这把风琴送给我父亲,那是因为这把风琴也曾经让他惊悚过,因此他想摆脱掉这把风琴,于是就送给了我父亲。而我父亲还把这风琴说成是价值不菲的古董,说是将来哪一天还要留给我,因为他发现我对它一直是非常好奇,老是问这问那(我并没有告诉父亲我所看到一切,因为他也不信鬼神,而且我也不想让他担惊受怕)。我向他表达了我的谢意,但是我着实无法接受这份礼物,我劝他可以将风琴捐给教堂之类的组织。我不想伤害他的感情,但同样,我也不想得到这把风琴!! Article/200810/51295有声名著之远大前程 Chapter4 远大前程Great Expectations英语原版下载 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比 Article/200809/48719PART FOUR - LIFE AT MOOR HOUSECHAPTER TWENTYGetting to Know the Rivers FamilyI stayed one month at Moor House. In that time, I came to love the little house, and the wild, beautiful fields around it, just like Diana and Mary did. We books together and talked about them. Diana began to teach me the German language, and I helped Mary with her drawing. [-----1-----], so we spent the days and nights very happily together.But St. John hardly ever spent time with us. He was usually visiting poor and sick people in a little village called Morton, near to our house. Even if the rain fell and the wind blew, he always went there. I did not think St. John was a happy person. Often, [-----2-----].I knew that Diana and Mary were planning to leave Moor House soon, to work as governesses. St. John and Hannah the old lady would go back to the church man's house in Morton. I knew my time at Moor House was almost over. I asked St. John if he had found any work for me."Yes," he said, "but it is a job with little money, so you may not want it. I would like to open a girls' school in the town of Morton. I have a building for the school, and there is a small house for the teacher to live in. A lady named Miss Oliver has kindly paid for the house's furniture. Will you come to Morton, and teach at the school? [-----3-----]. But you would receive thirty pounds a year, and no more." 填空 :1、We were very much alike我们三人非常想象。2、I would see him staring out the window with a sad look on his face我常常会看到他呆呆地盯着窗外,神情忧郁。3、You would pay no money to live in the house你可以免费住在小房子里。 隐藏Vocabulary Focuseven if... 即使……,引导让步状语从句。if也可以用though来代替。 Article/200906/73488

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