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Standing tall, feeling confident, believing in yourself — these are all important ways to feel your best. But as any woman who's ever stood in front of a mirror can tell you, beauty secrets count too!While the way we look may be only one part of who we are, it is still a part of us. And feeling that you look your best can be a real confidence booster.Looking your best doesn't have to be complicated or expensive, either. Experts say most of us really only need to pay attention to a few basic beauty secrets — essentials that can help you look and feel great without spending a lot of time or money.To help you find the beauty tips that really work, WebMD talked to top skin care and beauty experts, who parted with their personal tips for looking great:Beauty Tip 1: Never Underestimate the Power of MoisturizerWhether your skin is dry, normal, or even oily, if you can only afford one skin care product, experts say, your dollars will be well spent on a good moisturizer."Sometimes, all you really need is a good moisturizer and a mild cleanser, and you can take years off your face," says New York University professor Rhoda Narins, MD, president of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery. When skin is dry, says Narins, every wrinkle is accentuated, making you look older.If you're in your 20s or 30s, doctors say, moisturizers will give you some of the protection you need to keep skin from prematurely aging."In your 20s and early 30s, a good moisturizer can take the place of a lot of products," says Park Avenue plastic surgeon Darrick Antell, MD.So what exactly is a "good" moisturizer? Dermatologist Charles E. Crutchfield III, MD, describes it this way: "It's a product that will do anything from gently adding moisture, to sealing in the moisture you've achieved, to helping your skin produce more moisture — and which type you choose should be based on your skin's individual needs."If skin is normal to dry, look for moisturizers containing alpha hydroxy acids. They can help skin produce more moisture on its own, Crutchfield says. Such products include Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Daily Moisturizerand Anew Advanced All In One Cream by Avon.Products such as AmLactin XL — the over-the-counter version of the prescription cream Lac-Hydrin — not only contain alpha hydroxy acids, but also a new ceramide technology to seal in moisture."You put on when you skin is slightly damp, and it locks in all the water," says Crutchfield, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Minnesota Medical School.If skin is very dry, he also suggests products using a technology called vesicular emulsion."This technology uses microscopic spheres that are alternating layers of moisture and water that slowly release throughout the day, so you get continual moisturization," says Crutchfield. Products using this type of technology include Atopalm and Curél.If skin is oily, look for a light, gentle moisturizer — but don't skip this step, cautions Crutchfield."Oil is not moisture, and even if you have excess oil you still need moisture," he says. Recommended products include Aveeno with Colloidal Oatmeal, Vanicream Light, Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer, or Cetaphil Moisturizer.Beauty Tip 2: Sunscreen Is Your Best Antiaging Product.Before you see the plastic surgeon, before you plunk down half a paycheck on that pricey anti-aging cream, in fact, before you do anything, put on sunscreen.While most of us know it reduces the risk of skin cancer, did you also know it's an amazing beauty secret that can help keep skin looking young?The reason, say experts, is that when sunscreen blocks out the sun's damaging rays, it also blocks their aging effects."The sun impacts collagen production in the skin, and without collagen, skin won't naturally maintain that plump, moist, youthful, wrinkle-free look," says Antell. Get enough sun exposure, he says, and skin will wrinkle long before its time.Without the protection of sunscreen, just a few minutes of daily sun exposure over the years can cause noticeable changes in how skin looks and feels, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.Not only will you see more wrinkles and fine lines, but also more freckles, age spots, and spider veins. Skin itself can look rough and leathery or loose and slack — all thanks to the sun.Sunscreen can protect your skin from these damaging rays, so that even if you do spend time outdoors, your face is less likely to give away your age.Crutchfield advises choosing a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. Because sun breaks down its effectiveness over time, if you're going to be in direct sunlight for an extended period, reapply every hour or two.For longer-lasting results, he recommends Melashade, a sunscreen using new technology that remains in force hours longer than most other products.Another option: Use your regular sunscreen before putting on makeup (it should go on first, before anything). Then, for touch-ups, use a light, translucent mineral powder to add extra protection throughout the day."These powders contain a natural sunscreen, and since they generally don't build up on the skin you can keep adding protection all day long," says Crutchfield. Products include Glo Minerals Powder, Neutrogena Healthy Defense Protective Powder, and BareEscentuals Mineral Veil.Beauty Tip 3: Choose Your Cleanser WiselyIf you're a "soap and water" girl (or guy), you may want to rethink your cleansing strategy. Dermatologists say that one of the best beauty tips around is to use the gentlest cleanser you can find — and use it sparingly."While the temptation may be great to wash your face several times a day (or more if skin is oily), not only will over-cleansing not help you, if you're using a harsh product — particularly soap — you could be harming your skin," says Crutchfield.Wash your face too often — more than twice a day — and you can damage the natural lipid barrier, the protective mantle of lubrication that keeps skin looking and feeling healthy."Once that protection is lost, and the integrity of the skin barrier disrupted, skin becomes dry — which means it can crack, peel, itch, burn, sting, or any combination," says Crutchfield. It also means you can look older than your years.The solution: Wash skin no more than twice a day and choose your cleanser wisely. Crutchfield's three top favorites: Dove Unscented Bar, Cetaphil, and Vanicream Cleanser.Beauty Tip 4: Use the Right Tools for the Right JobYou can have the best eyeshadow money can buy, the world's most luxurious foundation, a bronzer straight from the cosmetic bag of a supermodel. But if you don't have the right tools to apply them, their benefits will be lost. That's the advice of Smashbox Cosmetic's director of global artistry, Holly Mordini."Using the right brushes, the right application tools — it's key to making the products go on the way they are intended and to give you the look that you want. For a professional makeup artist, the tools are as important as the products," says Mordini, who has painted and puffed some of Hollywood's most famous faces.What constitutes the "right" tools? Brushes should be soft and feel gentle on the skin, but also have substance so the product can be moved to the surface of your skin. If you dip a brush in shadow or blush and the color falls off before you make it to your face, that's a bad brush, experts say.If you don't know what to buy, you can't go wrong if you purchase the tools sold with a high-quality beauty line, Mordini says. Most, she says, are created to give your application a professional touch and to work best with each product in the line."It also makes putting on makeup incredibly easy, plus it's often what sets apart women who have the 'professional makeup look' and those that don't," she says.Beauty Tip 5: Update Hair and Makeup Every 2 YearsIf you walk into your high school reunion and hear a chorus of "You haven't changed a bit," run, run, RUN to the nearest beauty salon!Experts say that if you can't even remember the last time you changed your hair and makeup, it's way overdue."Ideally, your image, including hair and makeup, should be updated at least every two years — and sooner if the styles change dramatically," says Beverly Hills hair expert and QVC personality Nick Chavez.By keeping your look current, says Chavez, you also look younger and more modern. "Nothing dates a woman more than outdated hair and makeup," says Chavez.If it's been a while since you've had a change, visit the makeup counters at your favorite department or beauty store, and don't be afraid to ask for help. Most of the better lines are sold by makeup artists who can quickly catch you up on what's new.To find the best new hairstyle without commitment, try wig shopping! It's a fun, fast, and easy way to try on styles and even colors before making a hair appointment. /200804/36740



  People are at their most attractive entering their thirties according to new research which suggested women are ;most beautiful; at 30 and men ;most handsome; at 34.根据最新研究,人们在三十多岁时最有魅力——30岁的女性“最漂亮”,34岁的男性“最帅气”。The study of 2,000 people across the ed States found women were considered to have reached their peak at 30, start to show signs of ageing at 41, stop looking ;sexy; at 53, and are ;old; at 55.这项调查了全美各地2000名对象的研究发现,人们认为女性在30岁时最有魅力,41岁时开始变老,53岁起看上去不再“性感”,而55岁时就真正“老了”。Men looked their best at 34, start to show signs of ageing at 43, stop looking good at 58, and are ;old; at 59.男性在34岁时最有魅力,43岁开始变老,58岁时相貌不再吸引人,而59岁时就真正“老了”。According to the survey, carried out by Allure magazine, there was a discrepancy in the ideal age for women depending on who was looking. Men thought women were most beautiful at 29, while women themselves thought the best age was 31.根据《Allure》杂志的调查,女性的理想年龄也因人而异。男人认为女性在29岁时最漂亮,而女人自己则认为31岁最美好。High profile women currently aged 30 include Hollywood stars Anne Hathaway and Kirsten Dunst, and Mad Men actress Elisabeth Moss。现年30岁的卓越女性包括好莱坞明星安妮·海瑟薇、克尔斯滕·邓斯特,以及《广告狂人》的女演员伊丽莎白·莫斯。Men aged 34 include the actor James Franco, star of Oz The Great and Powerful which is currently dominating the UK box office。现年34岁的男性有《魔境仙踪》中的男演员詹姆斯·弗兰科。电影《魔境仙踪》现在在英国可谓是称霸票房。Jillian Mackenzie, deputy editor of Allure, told The Daily Telegraph: ;In the past it (the ideal age) may have been a little bit younger. Anti-ageing is such a huge topic now and people want to look younger for longer. You see celebrities who are looking amazing into their fifties。《Allure》杂志的副主编Jillian Mackenzie对《每日电讯报》表示说:“要是以前,‘理想年龄’或许还要更小。现如今‘抗衰老’是个热门话题,人们都希望能看上去更年轻。所以,有 些名人年过五十了还是相当迷人。”;Across the board the ages for men were quite a bit older than for women and it#39;s interesting that men get an extra four years.;“总体看来,男性的理想年龄比女性的还要晚四年,很有意思。”When respondents were asked to use a word to describe grey hair on men the top answer was ;distinguished,; but for grey hair on women it was ;old。;当受访者被要求用一个词形容白发男性时,得到的是“高贵”;而相应的白发女性则被形容为“老了”。Asked to name celebrities who have aged well, actor George Clooney was by far the top choice among both sexes and all ethnic groups, ahead of Sean Connery, Bill Clinton, and actors Brad Pitt and Richard Gere。当问及谁是“老来俏型”名人时,乔治·克鲁尼的排名遥遥领先于所有男女明星,然后依次是肖恩·康纳利、比尔·克林顿、以及演员布拉德·皮特和理 查·基尔。The top choice for women who have aged well was less clear, but actresses Meryl Streep, Jamie Lee Curtis and Julia Roberts all ranked high。而女性相应的排名并不十分明朗,但梅丽尔·斯特里普、杰米·李·柯蒂斯还有茱莉亚·罗伯茨的排名都很靠前。The research showed the average age people start using anti-ageing creams was 37 for both men and women, while 42 per cent of women and 18 per cent of men said they would consider anti-ageing injections or plastic surgery。研究发现,男性和女性开始使用抗衰老面霜的平均年龄为37岁。42%的女性和18%的男性表示,会考虑抗衰老注射或整容手术。Five per cent of those questioned said they had aly had plastic surgery or injections such as Botox。而5%被调查的人员表示自己已经整过容或注射过肉毒杆菌素等。 /201303/232485

  察觉说谎的20个基本步骤你想有没有觉得自己在与别人交流时自认为观点十分清晰,然而还是他人还是会误解,获取错误的信息,或者完全不知道你的观点呢?Have you ever thought you were being utterly clear in your communication with someone - and yet somehow they still managed to misunderstand, get the wrong message or completely miss your point?或者你不遗余力的与人为善,可他们却毫不领情,不去感激你呢?Or have you ever gone out of your way to do something nice for someone but they just didn't seem that appreciative or thankful?1. 一个说谎者通常是不自在的,他们会在你们两人之间设立一道屏障。所以当你们坐在一起时,他会在自己左边或者右边的桌上放一些简单的小东西,例如铅笔之类。1. A liar tends to be uncomfortable and will build a wall by placing an object between the two of you. So when sitting down place something simple on the table to their left or right side like a pencil.2. 普遍而言,说谎者的身体关节处显得僵硬,会做出一些呆板的举动,尤其在他们的腿部。然而他们会极力保持手臂的自然放松。2. Often a liars body will become rigid with stiff movement in the joints. Especially their legs and will struggle to keep their arms still and relaxed.3. 通常而言,双手张开的姿势表示对方和你在一起很舒适,就如和兄弟或者配偶之间会有这样表现。而说谎者脸部表情局促不安,时不时的用手指搔他们的太阳穴或者鼻子。我们回到第一点来看,当你询问对方的时候,我们将第一点提到的简单的小东西变成搔太阳穴和挠鼻子这两种无意识的举动,可以看出对方在说谎。3. They fidget with their face, like scratching the sides of their temples or nose. Usually open hand gestures mean they are to comfortable around you. Most likely a sibling or spouse will be like this. Go back to number 1. And change the subject before coming back to the question. It will be an unconscious movement.4. 当说话者完全失去如何处理真相以及如何保卫事实或者相对事实的现实可能性时会说谎。4. They completely lose reality with how to deal with the truth and will go on the defensive fighting for the truth or rather their truth. A lie.5. 说谎者以一种幽默的方式或者粗鲁的,一如既往的将问题抛给你来处理。5. Becomes humored by joking or making a rude comment most likely they usually throw the question back at you.6. 当与之交谈时,他们经历着一系列情感变化。只有改变话题才能让他们感到自在,当然前提在于你不进行深层次的追问。正常来说,如果说谎,他们耳朵和前颊处会泛红。6. They go through a series of emotions when talking to them, change the subject and make them comfortable again before pursuing further. Watch the color of their ears and front cheeks. They will normal out again if lied to.7. 如果你问对方今夜在哪里过夜,对方向左上方看去,说明在说谎。7. If you ask about their location that night and they look up to the left.8. 如果你们闲聊关于其他人或者事情的时候向左上方看。如果这个人是右撇子,他会改变看的方向。8. If they gossip or ramble about other people or things they heard they look to the left. If the person is right handed this will change the direction they look.9. 当对方会迅速回答:“我不知道。”表明这不是一个值得思考的问题。9. Will give short brisk answer, “I don't know.” Not a question of thought.10. 观察对方脖子上的动脉,特别是男士,留意对方被提问之前脉搏跳动的规律,在对方回答的问题的时候是否加速。10. Look for the artery on the neck, especially men, note how it pulses before questioning and on whether it quickens when asked.11. 一个情绪激动的谎言者可以会不停的摆弄他的拇指和食指。这是一个不知道如何更好的处理话题的标志。11. A hard emotional lie is detected by whether their thumb and forefinger touch briefly. A sign on not dealing well on the subject.12. 说谎者看着你考虑的时候,脑袋会向左倾斜。12. They lean their head to the left when looking at you and thinking of an answer.13. 说谎者交叉双臂,以这种无礼的姿势自我保护。他们呼吸紧促,常常会瞪着你或者试图看穿你。13.Crossed arms is a defensive offensive gesture, looking for fast breathing, usually they tend to stare at you or through you.14. 口吃,通常出现于配偶间的欺骗以及当被询问每晚的常规时。当某人迅速回答说11:00或者其他时间在做什么,如果再问一遍同样的问题,他们可能会结巴着说出另外一个时间,也许是一个模糊的时间段,但是和第一次的时间相当的接近。他们为了明没有欺骗。14. Stuttering is a given, often done by cheating spouses and their nightly routines. A quick answer of 11:00 or another time. Ask if they are sure and they will stutter a different time maybe not an exact time but pretty darn close to the first time. Trying prove exactness.15. 说谎者在交谈中咳嗽或者叹息,为了寻找出路并且希望你放弃盘问。15. Coughing during the conversation or sighing is looking for a way out and is hoping you'll give up.16. 当对方双手不停擦膝盖显示出坐立不安,他们会吸鼻并且往下看。主要是因为他们正在不停的出冷汗。16. Sniffling and looking down while fidgeting around their knees with the hands. Mainly because of the sweat buildup.17. 说谎的人在被询问的过程中不断的要水喝,试图使你疲倦。17. Will need water during questioning, lying dehydrates you.18. 有些人不得不说谎,他们甚至会用眼前的事物作为谎言的据。这种人需要心理咨询,他们可能有过一段不愉快的往事。了解一下他们的背景也许有所帮助。18.Someone that cannot control their lying will still lie with the proof sitting in front of them. This person needs counseling and may have issues in their past. Do a back ground check.19. 与习惯说谎的人保持距离,避免谈及个人问题。没有隐私掌握在他们手里就不会害怕,就意味着不受欺骗。19. Keeps you away from certain people or avoids talking about certain individuals. No fear means no lie.20. 说谎者会过度真诚的握紧你的手寻找一种舒适的感觉。他或她会为你制造下一个谎言。他们希望你看着他们的眼睛,微笑着对你说:“看,我从来不欺骗你,过去没有,将来也绝对不会。”回到上文提到的第一点,问:“这是真的吗?”(这是我最喜爱的一点。)20. Becomes needy and over affectionate by trying to touch your hands for your comfort. Another lie, its for his/hers. Will want you to look at them in the eyes, smile at you and say, “Look, I would never cheat on you, I never have before and I never will.” Go back to number 1 by changing the subject and the ask. “Really?” (This ones my favorite) /200803/31803布兰妮最淘气 茱丽最乖When Britney Spears and Paris Hilton open their stockings on Christmas Day, they shouldn't be surprised to finda lump of coal.A poll of American children released on Wednesday found that the two high-profile celebrities should top Santa's naughty list.By contrast Disney star Hannah Montana was overwhelming deemed the "nicest" celebrity among children aged 2 to 12 while actress Angelina Jolie was the choice for teenagers 13 to 17.The online survey of 1,107 children was conducted by E-Poll Market Research, which specializes in celebrity and brand research, to gauge children's attitudes about nice, naughty, and the seasonal question of who makes Santa's list.Spears, whose stint in rehabilitation, panty-less pictures, and custody battle for her children has won headlines globally, was awarded top "naughty" honors with younger and older children.She was followed on the list by heiress Paris Hilton who spent three weeks in jail this year on a probation violation.The two women beat out Swiper the Fox from the television show Dora the Explorer, the Grinch from the book "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" and Darth Vader from Star Wars among children 2-12.For teens, Spears and Hilton topped Lindsay Lohan, who spent 84 minutes behind bars this year for a drunken driving and caffeine possesion conviction, and Beyonce.When asked what makes someone nice, children mentioned "cleaning up and doing chores," "sharing" and "being honest and polite" as ways to impress Santa.On the flip side, they mentioned "not listening to parents," "being mean and bullying" and "being snobby" as behaviors exhibited by those headed for the naughty list. 如果“小甜甜”布兰妮和帕丽斯#8226;希尔顿今年圣诞节打开长筒袜时发现一块煤渣,她们应该不会感到惊讶。本周三公布的一项针对美国儿童的民意调查发现,今年“圣诞老人淘气榜”的冠亚军应该非这两位“名媛”莫属。相比之下,迪斯尼明星“汉娜#8226;蒙塔纳” 倍受青睐,她被两岁至12岁的儿童评为“最乖巧的”名人;而13岁至17岁的孩子则最青睐影星安吉利娜#8226;茱丽。该项在线调查由专门调查名人及品牌的E-Poll市场调查公司开展,共有1107名儿童参加。调查主要为了了解儿童对于乖巧和淘气的理解,以及他们认为谁该入选圣诞老人今年的“两榜”。“小甜甜”布兰妮今年因几次进出戒疗所、被拍到未穿内裤的“露底照”以及(与老公)争夺孩子监护权风波而频登世界各地媒体的头条,因此被孩子们评为“淘气王”。其次便是帕丽斯#8226;希尔顿,今年,这位豪门女星因在缓刑期违规驾驶而入狱三周。两人击败电视剧《爱探险的朵拉》中的捣蛋狐狸“斯维伯”,《圣诞怪杰》小说中的格林奇,以及《星球大战》中的达斯#8226;瓦德,成为2岁至12岁孩子眼中“最淘气”的名人。在十几岁的孩子们看来,“小甜甜”和希尔顿比林赛#8226;洛翰和碧昂丝更淘气,今年,林赛因酒后驾车及携带咖啡因入狱84分钟。在被问及如何评价一个人是否乖巧时,孩子们认为“打扫卫生和做家务”、“懂得与人分享”以及“诚实懂礼貌”都能给圣诞老人留下好印象。至于“淘气”,孩子们认为“不听父母话”、“小气、爱欺负人”以及“势利傲慢”都是淘气鬼们的“招牌行为”。 /200803/32399

  Bad habits are among the worst enemies of living life to the fullest. Why? Because habit is something we do over and over again. While we do other kinds of mistakes occasionally, bad habit is something we do consistently over time. If even one mistake can drag your life down, you can imagine what kind of damage bad habits can do.To make matters worse, often we don’t realize that we have bad habits. We think that we just live our life as usual while we are actually making mistakes again and again. It’s like having leaks in our ship without realizing it.So breaking bad habits should be among your top priorities to get the most out of your life. If you do it right, and you are on your way to make significant improvements in your life.The first step to breaking the bad habits is to identify them. Only after identifying them can you decide to do something about them. Here are two tips for identifying the bad habits you might have:1. Compare your life with your value systemDo you live according to your value system? Or do you deviate from it here and there? Your value system acts like a compass that guides your life. When you do things that are not according to your life compass, you know that you have a problem. So look for things you consistently do that deviate from your value system. Those are your bad habits.2. Compare your life with a role modelSometimes it’s easier to compare your life with someone else’s life than to compare it with an abstract value system. So find people whose life you want to emulate and find the details of how they live their life. Is there anything they don’t do that you consistently do? For instance, perhaps they are never late. You, on the other hand, are perpetually late. That’s a bad habit you should stop.The next step after identifying the bad habits is to break them. I’m glad I found some good tips for it in the book Become a Better You by Joel Osteen. While the book is based on Christian principles, many lessons in it are universally applicable including its suggestions on breaking bad habits. Here are four tips to stop bad habits based on the book:1. Quit feeding the bad habitThere are two “wolves” inside us that fight each other. One wolf represents good habits while the other represents bad habits. Which wolf will win the fight? The answer is the one you feed. So breaking bad habit is actually simple: just stop feeding it. Leave the bad habit starve and you are on your way to get it away from your life.2. Replace it with a good habitQuit feeding the bad habit is essential but it’s not enough. You must also replace it with a good habit. Otherwise there is an empty space in your life where the bad habit could go back to anytime.So develop a good habit to replace the bad habit. For instance, if you have the habit of thinking negative thoughts, you should replace it with the habit of thinking positive thoughts. Whenever negative thoughts come, use it as a trigger to start thinking positive thoughts. Or if you have the habit of eating unhealthy food, you can start developing the habit of eating healthy food. Just don’t leave the space empty.3. Press past the initial pain and discomfortWhen breaking a bad habit, the beginning of the process is the most difficult. Just like getting a space shuttle lifted off the Earth takes enormous amount of power, it also takes enormous amount of willpower to break a bad habit. And just like moving a space shuttle that has escaped the Earth’s gravitational pull takes little energy, it also takes only little amount of willpower to continue doing your new habit.The initial phase is the most difficult, but it will become easier and easier over time. So whenever you think that it’s too difficult to stay on course, just remember that it won’t be so for long. You just have to keep moving forward.4. Make “no exceptions” policyOnce you decide to break a bad habit, stick with your decision. Make no exceptions to come back to it for whatever reason. I know it’s not easy (at least for me), but this step is essential if you want the process to get easier over time. Making exceptions is like taking a space shuttle back to Earth; you need another enormous amount of power to lift it off again. So be careful not to make exceptions when you are dealing with bad habits.These four tips are simple but powerful. Using the feeding analogy, the tips to break a bad habit boil down to this:Quit feeding the bad habit. Feed a good one instead.What do you think? 坏习惯是阻碍生活变得充实完美的最大杀手。为什么呢?因为习惯是一件我们不断重复的事情。一些错误我们偶尔会犯,然而我们的坏习惯是不间断的。即使是一个错误都可以拖累你的生活,你可以想象一下坏习惯能带来多大的危害。更糟糕的是。我们通常不会意识到我们的坏习惯。我们认为我们只不过和平常一样地生活,然而我们的的确确,一次又一次地在犯错。这就好像我们没有意识到我们的船有漏洞一样。因此改变你的坏习惯必须成为你生活的重中之重。一旦你纠正了坏习惯,那么你就为改善你的生活走出了极其重要的一步。改掉坏习惯的第一步是发现它们。只有意识到坏习惯,你才能针对它们有所行动。以下两个小窍门就是教你如何发现你可能有的坏习惯。对比一下你的生活和你的价值观你是否按照你的价值观来生活呢?又或者你的生活方式常常与价值观有所出入?你的价值观其作用如同导航你生活的罗盘。当你的行动与你生活的罗盘方向不同时,你可以知道你出了点问题。因此寻找一下那些与你价值观不符却又常常发生的行为。那些就是你的坏习惯。对比一下你的生活和模范的生活比起拿你的生活和抽象的价值观对比,有时候和其他人的生活作比较更容易。因此找一下你理想生活的典范,并分析他们生活的细节。看看有什么事是你常干他们却不做的。比如,也许他们从来不迟到。而你,正相反,一直会迟到。那就是你必须改正的坏习惯。意识到坏习惯后,第二步就是改掉它们。很开心我在Joel Osteen的《完善自我》一书中找到了几个对付坏习惯的方法。这本书基于基督教的教义,其中许多是经验教训示广为适用,包括如何改变坏习惯的建议。基于这本书,以下给出四则贴士,教你如何改掉坏习惯。1.停止“饲养”坏习惯我们体内有两匹“狼”,它们争斗不休。一匹狼代表了好习惯而另外一匹代表坏习惯。哪匹狼会在争斗中胜出呢?由你决定。所以停止坏习惯其实很简单:只要停止“饲养”坏习惯。让坏习惯自生自灭,这样你就可以让它从你的生活里出局。2.用好习惯替代坏习惯不再养成坏习惯很重要但这样还不够。你必须用好习惯来替代坏习惯。否则你的生活中会多出一个空档,坏习惯随时又会回到那里。因此要养成一个好习惯来替代坏习惯。比如,如果你有思考事情消极面的习惯,你必须通过思考事情积极面的习惯来替代。每当消极的思想出现时,就以此为契机开始思考积极的事情。又或者你有吃垃圾食品的习惯,那么你就要开始养成吃健康食品德习惯。千万不要留出任何空档。3.坚持度过最初的痛苦和不适但你要纠正一个坏习惯,最初的过程是最难的。就像太空飞船离开地球时需要巨大的推动力,改正坏习惯也需要强大的意志力。就像太空飞船一旦脱离了地球的引力,移动起来只需要花一点点的能量,继续养成好习惯也只需要不多的毅力。最初的阶段是最难的,但随着时间的推移将变得越来越容易。所以一旦你觉得继续改变太难的话,只要想想这样的阶段不会太久的。而你只有继续前进才行。4.立下“没有例外”的规矩一旦你决心要改变坏习惯,就要坚持你的决定。不论有什么理由都不能例外。我知道这不是件容易的事情(至少对我而言),但这个步骤很关键,如果你希望随着时间的推移能让这个过程变得容易的话。搞特殊情况就如同把太空飞船拉回地面;你需要又一次花同样大的精力让它再度升空。因此在对付坏习惯时千万小心,不要有所例外。这四则贴士说来容易但却十分有效。通过“饲养”坏习惯这个类比,纠正坏习惯的这些贴士可归结为:停止“饲养”坏习惯,相反培养一个好习惯。你认为怎么样呢? /200806/42277这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:时代高速发展,科技日新月异,我们已经不封建了,不过还是有一点迷信……幸运数字、颜色,甚至姓名……我现在就有点背,用什么可以转运啊?白猫?!译者:koogle


  德国作曲家巴赫“旧貌换新颜”Experts have digitally rebuilt the face of 18th century German composer Johann Sebastian Bach -- and say the results may surprise his fans.Using his bones and computer modeling, they have come up with an image of athick-setman with closely-shorn white hair.The new Bach face, the creation of Scottish forensic anthropologist Caroline Wilkinson, will go on display at the Bachhaus museum in the eastern German town of Eisenach, Bach's birthplace, next month.Eighteenth century portraits show him very differently. "For most people, Bach is an old man in a wig, it is a stylized image, we have no realistic portrait of him," Joerg Hansen, managing director of the museum said."We know he was a physical man, that he danced, that he stamped his feet when he played, that he sang. He was a very dynamic man -- with this reconstruction you can see it."Bach's bones were excavated in 1894 and sculptors first used them to help create a bust in 1908.But it was mainly based on a portrait of the composer and contemporary critics said it was so inaccurate that it might as well have been the composer Handel."It's not really that important to know what he looked like, we love Bach through his music, that is why people come to the museum, but they are also interested in the man," Hansen said. 近日,有关专家利用数字技术还原出18世纪德国著名作曲家约翰·塞巴斯蒂安·巴赫的容貌,并称这个新形象可能会让他的乐迷们大吃一惊。专家们利用巴赫的颅骨和计算机建模技术合成出了他的新形象。从新形象可以看出,巴赫体格健壮,留着一头短短的白发。巴赫的“新颜”出自苏格兰法医人类学家凯罗琳·威尔金森之手,并将于下月在巴赫出生地——东德小镇埃森纳赫的巴赫故居物馆展出。这个新形象与18世纪的巴赫画像差别很大。巴赫故居物馆馆长乔格·汉森说:“在多数人心目中,巴赫是一个戴着假发的老人,这是一个程式化的形象,其实我们并没有他的真实画像。”“我们知道,巴赫体格健壮,能唱能跳,演奏的时候还会跺着脚。他活力四射——这从他的新形象可以看出来。”巴赫的遗骨于1894年被掘出。1908年,雕塑家们首次利用这些遗骨塑造出了巴赫的半身雕像。但这尊塑像主要还是以巴赫的一副画像为样本,现代批评家们认为这尊塑像不够逼真,看上去倒是更像作曲家亨德尔。汉森说:“其实知道巴赫长什么样并不是那么重要,我们热爱巴赫主要是因为他的音乐,这也是人们来物馆参观的原因,不过人们对巴赫本人还是很感兴趣的。” /200803/30365。

  The personal fortunes of those who would become president of the ed States have ranged from extremely wealth to distinctly middle-class incomes, but is does pay to be president, especially in these days of personal speaking engagements.美国总统们在当选之前的个人财富多少不等,有的极为富有,有的则是典型的中产阶级收入水平,但是当选总统还是很值得的,特别是在这一个人演讲盛行的时代。A 24/7 Wall St. report, out for President#39;s Day, reveals the country#39;s 10 wealthiest presidents in history. Only one currently living president, Bill Clinton, made the top 10 list. Clinton makes millions of dollars in speaking fees, and now has an estimated net worth of million.美国财经网站24/7 Wall St.在总统日发布的一份报告中披露了美国历史上最富有的十大总统榜单。跻身榜单的在世总统只有一位,那就是比尔#8226;克林顿。克林顿靠演讲赚了数百万美元,现在他的净资产估计达5500万美元。His popularity has only grown in the years since he left office. For example, in January, Clinton sent an email to supporters, and shortly after, his wife#39;s 2008 campaign debt was paid off.克林顿在离任后持率开始大涨。举个例子,克林顿在一月份给持者们发了一封电子邮件,不久后他就还清了妻子在2008年总统大选时欠下的债务。Barack Obama#39;s net worth will likely increase once he leaves office as well. It went from million in 2010 to a current million, primarily from book sales, but if Clinton is an indication, Obama will become far wealthier once he is out of the White House.贝拉克#8226;奥巴马一卸任,他的个人净资产也会增加。奥巴马的资产从2010年的500万美元增加到现在的700万美元,这些增加的财富主要源自卖书所得,但如果克林顿可以引以为鉴,那么一旦奥巴马离开白宫,他会变得比现在富有得多。The 10 wealthiest presidents, with assets adjusted into modern-day dollars, were:最富有的10位美国总统(个人资产换算为现行的美元)是:10. John Kennedy: He had a net worth of billion, when including the entire value of the Kennedy family#39;s holdings. Kennedy was born into great wealth and his wife, Jacqueline, was an oil heiress.10. 约翰#8226;肯尼迪:加上肯尼迪家族的股权总值,个人净资产达10亿美元。肯尼迪出生于一个十分富有的家庭,他的妻子又是一名石油大亨的继承人。9. Bill Clinton: Clinton#39;s net worth is at million. He earned most of his money from speaking fees.9. 比尔#8226;克林顿:个人净资产为5500万,主要收入来自演讲费。8. Franklin Roosevelt: His net worth was million, earned mostly through inheritance and marriage. He owned properties in Georgia, Maine and New York.8. 富兰克林#8226;罗斯福:个人净资产6000万美元,主要源自遗产继承和婚姻所得。他在佐治亚州、缅因州及纽约州均有房产。7. Herbert Hoover: His net worth was million, after making his fortune as a mining company executive with holdings in several companies.7. 赫伯特#8226;胡佛:个人净资产达7500万美元,这些财富来自他担任一家采矿公司的总裁的收入,以及在几家公司持有的股份。6. Lyndon Johnson: He had a net worth of million. Johnson accumulated property in Texas, owned a television and radio station.6. 林登#8226;约翰逊:个人净资产9800万美元。约翰逊在德克萨斯州拥有多处房产,还拥有一家广播电视台。5. James Madison: With a net worth of 1 million, Madison was the largest landowner in Orange County, Va., with a holding of 5,000 acres and the Montpelier estate.5. 詹姆斯#8226;麦迪逊:个人净资产1.01亿美元,麦迪逊是弗吉尼亚州奥兰治县最大的土地所有者,拥有5000英亩土地和位于蒙彼利埃的房产。4. Andrew Jackson: Old Hickory had a net worth of 9 million. Jackson married a wealthy woman and his homestead included 1,050 acres of real estate.4. 安德鲁#8226;杰克逊:“老山胡桃”(杰克逊的昵称)个人净资产为1.19亿美元。杰克逊娶了一位富家千金,他名下有1050英亩地产。3. Theodore Roosevelt: With a net worth of 5 million, Teddy was born into a wealthy family and had a sizable trust fund.3. 西奥多#8226;罗斯福:个人净资产1.25亿美元。“泰迪”(罗斯福的昵称)出生于一个富裕的家庭,而且拥有一家庞大的信托基金会。2. Thomas Jefferson: He had a net worth of 2 million based on the 3,000 acres and property left by his father and his home, Monticello, which was located on a 5,000 acre plantation in Virginia.2. 托马斯#8226;杰弗逊:个人净资产2.12亿美元,他的财富包括父亲留给他的3000英亩土地和财产,还有他位于弗吉尼亚州蒙蒂塞洛的住所周边的5000英亩种植园。1. George Washington: The First President had a net worth of 5 million. He owned the Virginia plantation of Mount Vernon, which had five separate farms on 8,000 acres.1. 乔治#8226;华盛顿:这位美国第一任总统的个人净资产为5.25亿美元。他拥有位于弗吉尼亚州的种植园弗农山庄,这一占地8000英亩的种植园中有五个独立的农场。 /201302/226165



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