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Disgruntled Ex Cuts Belongings in Half前男友分割财产A disgruntled German man was recently ordered by the court to give half of his belongings to his ex-girlfriend. The man took the order literally. A YouTube shows him cutting their joint possessions in half with his power tools. Some of the objects that he divided in half were a flat screen television, a mobile phone, a car, and a bed. The man is selling his half of the possessions on eBay. Each item comes with a witty description. example, the motorcycle helmet claims to offer good visibility on one side, while the car has some notable signs of wear.今日,一名愤懑的德国男子接受了法院传唤,并命令他与前女友分割财产这名男子照字面上的意思实施了YouTube上的视频显示这名男子用电动工具将其共同拥有的财产一分为二这些被他分割的物品有平板电视、手机、汽车以及一张床该男子将他的那一半在eBay上销售每件商品都配有诙谐的描述例如,托车头盔一侧的能见度良好,汽车有明显使用过的痕迹译文属原创,,不得转载 383。

B. Keywords. a national water plan, endangered, reptile, aerial offensive, threatened, plants, directory. Vocabulary. demity, salamander, alligator, eradicate, herbicide, saw grass, xeriscaping, World Conservation Union, Boulder County Green Pages. Youre going to hear 5 brief news items. Focus your attention on who, what, when, where, why and how in each news item, and then answer the questions. 1. Australia is the world driest continent. There is a general agreement that the country has to use water more efficiently. In many parts, supplies are in crisis. At meeting in Canberra, the council of Australian governments has approved a national water plan. It attempts to balance environmental concerns and the needs of the commy. The amount of water taken from rivers commerical use is to be cut and farmers will be compensated. . The disappearance and demity of amphibians such as frogs and salamanders from rain est and mountain lakes worldwide has attracted wide-sp scientific attention over the last decade. Now a new study says reptile species including turtles, snakes and alligators are in even greater trouble, Twice as many reptile as amphibian or some 0 species, are currently listed as endangered by the World Conservation Union. The study says habitat loss and degradation, pollution, disease, climate change and over-collection food, pet and drugs are the major threats to reptile. 318。

你有没有那种时候,突然想不起来、记不起来?是人老健忘的缘故吗?本期做客的专家为你揭晓;暂时失忆;的秘密,更有演艺界和政界那些名人也突然想不起的瞬间;;And now, all of us, is there any way to keep it from happening? You are under pressure, people watching, and your brain freezes, you cant remember a name or a phrase you know by heart.现在,我们所有的人,有什么办法可以不让它发生?你承受巨大压力,人们在看,这样你的大脑就会被冻结,你不能回忆起烂熟于心的一个名字或一个短语When it happened to Rick Perry last night at the debate, we started asking questions: what do the experts say about when and why our brains betray us like that? Here is A John Berman.当它发生昨晚辩论中的里克;佩里身上时,我们不禁要问:当我们的大脑背叛我们时,专家会怎么说,为什么这样?这里是A的约翰;伯曼为您发回的报道There is nothing worse than completely getting your point in a televised debate.没有什么比在一场电视辩论中完全忘记自己的观点还要糟糕的了;Sorry, oops.;;糟糕,对不起;Well, except seemingly loosing the ability to talk at all in a televised debate. That happened to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. How about getting the words to the national anthem in a televised NBA game? And getting words may be not as bad as getting your wife. Did that happen to Christian Bale at the Academy Awards?当然,除了在电视辩论中似乎失去了说话的能力外亚利桑那州州长简;鲍威尔也发生了这种情况他在NBA电视比赛中忘记了国歌然而忘记词可能没有忘记你的妻子那么差劲这种情况在克里斯汀;贝尔的奥斯卡颁奖典礼上到底是如何发生的?;And of course, mostly, my wonderful wife, ah....; Yes, Rick Perry has joined an illustrious club of those who suffer from brain freeze.;当然,最重要的是,我可爱的妻子,哎....;是的,里克;佩里也加入了这种病症的行列We use our frontal lobes to sort our memories, the problem is that part of the brain is sensitive to anxiety.我们的大脑前庭负责对我们的记忆分门别类,问题是大脑中的一部分对焦虑很敏感;If you start to freeze up, then you get more stressed. And the stress hormones got even higher and that shuts down the frontal lobe and disconnects it from the rest of the brain and makes it even harder to retrieve those memories. Which explains how chief justice John Robers could flub the oath of office:;如果你开始冻结,你就更感受到压力压力荷尔蒙变的更高,其余的大脑中前庭被关闭及切断连接,所以它就更难以找回那些回忆这就说明了美国最高法院首席大法官约翰;罗布森在宣誓就职时候犯的错;...that I will execute the office of the president to the ed States faithfully.;;我将对总统办公室和美国贯彻忠诚While George W. Bush could flub this:;Fool me once, shame on... shame on you. Fool me, you cant get fooled again.;而乔治;w;布什犯的错则是:;这是对我的欺骗,这是;的可耻,你真是可耻骗我,你就不会再受骗了;But of all the famous embarrassing cases of brain freeze, the absolutely most perfect example of all time is...eh...I cant remember. Oops.但所有的著名的脑冻结尴尬的情况通常最完美的例子是;嗯;我不记得了太糟糕了John Berman, A news, New York.约翰;伯曼,A新闻,从纽约为您发回的报道词语解释:frontalsensitive a. 敏感的 39。

Takagi:Bee we disseminate this report, I need you to fact-check it.高木:在我们公布这份报告之前,我需要你进行核实I dont want a repeat of what happened last year.我不想再发生去年的事情Ellie:What happened last year? I wasnt working here then.爱丽:去年发生了什么?那时我还没在这里工作Takagi:Last year report had a lot of small inaccuracies and a few major errors.高木:去年的报告有很多小错误而且还有一些大错We ended up having to issue a second version of the report.我们最终必须出具该报告的第二版本Ellie:Okay, but I thought it had aly been signed off on by the department heads.爱丽:好的,但我认为这份报告已经由部门主管签署Takagi:It has, but those are the same department heads who skimmed the report last year and didnt catch all those problems.高木:的确如此,但去年同样是草草读了这份报告的那些部门主管也没发现其中的问题I want you to go through it with a fine-tooth comb.我想让你彻底的进行核查Ellie:What should I check?爱丽:我该怎么检查?Takagi:Everything. I want you to verify the facts and figures and to flag anything that is outright wrong or even a little suspect.高木:从头到尾细细核查我希望你验事实和数字, 标记完全错误的东西,甚至质疑的也标记出来Ellie:Okay, Ill do that, but this will take some time.爱丽:好的,我会去做,但这需要一些时间Takagi:What are you doing this weekend?高木:这个周末你在做什么?Ellie:Nothing, now.爱丽:什么也没安排,至少现在是这样 译文属 36。

TSA Will Find Him运输安全局会找到他Kevin James is a lawyer. He has a popular name. Many men have that name. Kevin James is also the name of a major criminal. The Transportation Security Agency is looking this major criminal. TSA wants to put him in prison. When Kevin James the lawyer flies to meetings, TSA pulls him aside. TSA questions him. TSA asks him if he is the criminal. He usually misses his flight. ;I always fly a day ahead of time,; said Kevin. ;That way, after I miss my original flight, Ill still be on time the next day.; Kevin told TSA, ;Compare my picture to the picture of the criminal Kevin James. Youll see that I am not him.; TSA said, ;We dont have a picture of him.; Kevin asked, ;How can you capture him if you dont know what he looks like?; TSA said, ;Dont worry. We have our ways.;凯文·詹姆斯是一名律师他的名字非常流行许多人都叫这个名字凯文·詹姆斯还是一名罪犯的名字运输安全局正在找寻这名罪犯运输安全局希望将他绳之以法就在律师凯文·詹姆斯要坐飞机参加会议时,运输安全局把他拉到了一边运输安全局询问了他运输安全局问他是不是罪犯他经常错过航班凯文说:“我总是提前一天到达要是我错过了第一架航班,我也会在第二天准时到达”凯文对运输安全局说:“与我的照片和罪犯凯文·詹姆斯的照片作比较,你就会知道我不是他”运输安全局称:“我们没有他的照片”凯文问道:“你不知道他长什么样子,那你们怎么抓他?”运输安全局说:“别担心我们有自己的方法”译文属原创,,不得转载 39977。